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“So, through the use of cleverly disguised metaphors,” Prof. Andrews spoke while wandering between the desks of his class, “Tolkien managed to express a great many social messages in his works that were woven into the deep mythology he created.” Daniel’s literature professor was one of his favorites, and always managed to excite him on a level that he didn’t get from most of his core courses here at Stetson Polytechnic Institute. Most of the school is full of narrow minded students who only cared about their one chosen field. Some are computer nerds, programming nerds, chemistry nerds, or many other variety of dedicated nerd. Daniel choose to classify himself as more of a broad based “nerd of all trades,” with a little sci-fi knowledge, some literature, a good dose of history, and of course a strong foundation of science and engineering.

Daniel never minded being a nerd, because he didn’t see it as a derogatory term, but just a common way of describing those associated with technology. Almost everyone at SPI was a nerd and proud of it, and most students found comfort in their mutual above average intellect and below average social skills. The only exception, as of late, was a new crowd of recruited athletes that appeared this fall. Daniel was in the first semester of his senior year, and these new students came as a bit of a surprise from what he was used to. They didn’t seem to really understand or appreciate their courses, and he wondered how a DivIII school could recruit quality athletes anyway since they couldn’t offer athletic scholarships or any sort of payout. One of this new group that attracted his attention was a stunning blonde girl named Jennifer. Her golden hair was always neatly set, and fell in waves over her tanned skin. She wore simple but attractive clothes that showed off her petite but athletic figure. Her eyes were icy pools of……

“Mr. Woodward, Mr. Woodward!” Prof. Andrews lightly clunked his copy of The Return of the King against the back of Daniel’s head. “Oh, oh yes professor?” Daniel stammered; embarrassed that he was caught not paying attention. “Mr. Woodward, good to have you back from your reverie. Now can you give us an example of how Tolkien used metaphor in his writings?”

“Yes Prof. Andrews. A good example is Tolkien’s use of the fast breeding and mass produced orcs that attempted to destroy the world of mankind, which can be viewed as a metaphor for the factory workers of the early 20th century that could be easily trained to mass produce goods. The workers, in effect, destroyed the world of the skilled craftsman of the 19th century, which are represented by the nations of mankind in his novels.”

“Good analysis, Mr. Andrews,” the professor stopped and checked his watch, “Well it appears we are out of time for this week. Please be sure to watch Return of the King before next class and keep a look out for more themes like we have been discussing. You can find the video on the campus media server. See you on Monday, and have a good weekend.”

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief as he folded his computer back into his jacket pocket. Another week of classes done, and only 5 more weeks to go before Thanksgiving break. As he got ready to leave, his mind quickly went over what needed to be done this weekend, and in his semi-distracted state, he almost ran right into Jennifer. “Hi Daniel,” she said with a perky voice and beaming smile, “I’m Jennifer.” “Hello Jennifer. Is there something I can do for you?” Daniel stammered. “Yes. You seem to know quite a bit about what Prof. Andrews is teaching. Do you think you could help me? I am having some trouble understanding and with the midterm next week I want to be on top of my game,” she responded with the same perky, cheerful nature.

“Sure,” Daniel said with some surprise, “I would love to help you out. What time works well for you?”

“I have soccer practice until 5pm, but after that I am free,” she chirped enthusiastically.

“Ok, come by my dorm room, Howard212, after you are done and we can watch the movie and go over key concepts,” Daniel said.

“OK. I will come by at 5:15.” with that, Jennifer said goodbye and walked out of the classroom, leaving Daniel in a state of semi shock. How did this happen? Why did one of the most attractive girls he knew want him to tutor her? One thing is for sure, never again would he let his sister tease him for reading fantasy novels.

Daniel rushed right back to his dorm room, and began cleaning as fast as he could. He and his roommate Ed were quite used to the chaotic mess of their shared 15’x15’ living space, but he sure didn’t want to show it off to Jennifer. After about 20 minutes, Daniel had worked himself up a sweat and was surprised to see Ed opening the door, and carrying a large dusty object. Ed said he found it in the basement of one of the electrical engineering labs covered in papers from the 1960’s. To Daniel it looked like a large copper coil that might have come out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. “So what the Hell does it do?” Daniel asked. “Well, I think it generates some sort of electric field. Not sure though,” Ed responded, “but it seems to plug into a standard 110 outlet. Should be fun to play with later.”

“Whatever Ed, just wipe it off and put it out of the way. I have someone coming over later and I don’t want the place looking like a garage sale,” Daniel huffed as he tried to stuff some books under the couch. Ed roughly wiped the coil off with an old t-shirt, and placed it on a shelf behind the couch.

“Just make sure you don’t break it Dan, I might need it for my design project.” Ed said as he grabbed a duffel bag and shot Daniel a smile, “I am heading home to see the lady and when I get back on Monday I want to hear all the juicy details. Good luck.”

Ed closed the door and Daniel continued cleaning, almost without noticing anyone had left. “Only an hour and a half left,” Daniel thought to himself, “and I still have to shower. Gotta hurry up. Boxer shorts! How the hell did boxer shorts get inside the fridge? Oh well, I will figure that out later.”

Daniel had just finished combing his hair, while throwing a few Cokes into the fridge when he heard someone knock on the door. Daniel looked at his watch, 5:15, “pretty damn good for a girl,” he thought. He quickly made sure he looked ok in the mirror, kicked a loose sock he missed before under the couch, and opened the door.

“Hi Jennifer,” Daniel choked out, still surprised with himself that this was actually happening.

“Hello Daniel, are you ready to help me with my literature class?”

“Sure. Come on in.” Jennifer walked past Daniel and sat down on the couch. She set her gym bag down at her feet, while Daniel closed the door and nervously came over. He sat down on the opposite side of the couch and pulled out his notes. “So, what do you want to start with?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t understand what Prof. Andrews meant by underlying themes or symbols in Tolkien’s stories,” Jennifer chirped in her normal perky voice.

“Well, underlying themes are messages that he wanted to get across without coming out and directly addressing them.”

“Why not just say what he wanted to say directly?”

“Because then it wouldn’t be very interesting.”

“But it isn’t interesting anyway.”

“Alright, let’s try something simple. What do you think the wizards, represented in the story?”

“People who use magic.”

“No, what would they represent in the real world?”

“Old people.”

“No….not really.”

“People with beards?”


“I do not understand, please explain,” she said, still in her cheerful voice. At this point Daniel was getting somewhat frustrated, but decided it wouldn’t improve his chances with Jennifer if he started getting angry at her. So he decided to relax and try something else.

“Why don’t we watch the movie and I will try to explain as we go,” Daniel said as he got up and went to his computer. “I’ll just pipe it from the network to the main screen so we can see it better.” He was having some trouble finding the file on the media server and thought maybe Prof. Andrews hadn’t uploaded it yet. “Jennifer, can you turn on the fan behind you, it is getting a little warm in here.”

“Sure Daniel.” She paused for a second, then responded, “it doesn’t seem to work.”

“You might have to plug it in, just reach behind the couch and plug it into the power strip. I think it is the older looking brown cord,” Daniel said half looking up from his screen. Where the hell was that damn file? If he couldn’t find it, she might leave and he might lose his only shot with her.

“I think I got it,” Jennifer said. A few seconds later Daniel heard a low hum, and figured that the fan would hopefully at least keep him from sweating even though he was more nervous now than he had been in a long while. A few seconds later he noticed that his wireless network connection had gone down. “Aww damnit. Not now,“ he said aloud as he picked up his computer to try to get a better signal. When he finally looked up from the screen he was shocked at what he saw.

Jennifer was leaning over the back of the couch, giving a nice view of her cute firm ass proudly displayed under her cotton shorts and slightly shaking, but saw the fan wasn’t on. Daniel noticed as he got closer he could tell the humming was actually coming from that damn copper coil Ed had brought in earlier. He reached over and tried to grab the cord to pull it loose. “I think I got it. I think I got it. I think I got it,” he could hear her say over and over again softly, in between tremors. He pulled the plug and the humming stopped. Then he stood up and looked at Jennifer. She was staring down at the floor and still shaking while mumbling to herself.

“Jennifer, are you ok?” he asked as he grabbed her shoulders and gently shook her.

“Yes Daniel, I am fine,” she said as she turned around and sat on the couch, “are we going to watch the movie now?” Daniel was really puzzled. Did she touch the coil and get shocked? Did the electrical field mess with her brainwaves? Is she playing a joke on him?

“Are we going to watch the movie now? Are we going to watch the movie now?” she said, and then her head tilted over to one side and she began to stare straight through Daniel. “Are we going to….. error writing to sector 0x00235235f,” she said with the last part slipping into a high pitched monotone speech instead of her normal perky voice. “Error reading from sector 0x00235acf2. Memory corrupted from sectors 0x002300000 to 0x0025fffff. Cascade failure imminent.” Jennifer fell back against the side of the couch and started twitching again. “Attempting to contact Administrator…..failure. Wireless connection disabled. Repairs needed. Unable to selfffffff correct. Commmmmmm-mencing emergency shutdowwwwwwwn.” Her speech drawled off until she suddenly stopped moving and just laid there on the couch, staring at the ceiling.

Daniel was in disbelief. He reached over and shook her leg, with no response. The leg slightly moved and despite some resistance he found he could reposition it. Jennifer must be some sort of android, but he had never heard of an android created to look like a college student. The few that were out there were very expensive and only just started work in dangerous environments or for rich executives in the last year. Just to make sure, he felt for a pulse, and sure enough it wasn’t there. As he pulled his hand back from her neck, he let it slowly drag along the length of her body and over he perky B cub breasts.

Suddenly Daniel realized that she must belong to someone, and that someone was going to be very angry once they realized that he had broken her. He started to examine her, looking for some sort of ON switch, when she suddenly started moving and speaking again. Her position relaxed on the couch, but she maintained her vacant stare at the ceiling. Daniel quickly retracted his hand and watched what was happening to the little robot.

“Emergency reboot commencing. Diagnostic mode enabled.” She spoke with the flat monotone slightly more relaxed than Daniel heard before, and remained motionless. “Cyrex systems model 3057-101a. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7. Commencing diagnostic.” Jennifer started moving very slightly but with no clear purpose. Daniel watched and for some reason became increasingly aroused. “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..error: wireless networking disabled. Memory……error: bad sectors found. Manual repair required.” She stopped moving and was now lying still on the couch. She would blink every now and then but still stared at the ceiling.

Daniel reached over and felt her face. It seemed real, she was warm, and soft, just like he had imagined a real girl would be. As he stroked her cheek, he absently mindedly asked, “Are you ok?”

“This unit has suffered damage to its extended system memory and wireless communication. Manual repair is required.” Jennifer said with her flat voice. Daniel half didn’t expect a response and was surprised.

“How can I manually repair you?” he asked.

“The ToolBench software can complete the repairs if directly connected to this unit,” she said, while mechanically moving one hand to lift her shirt and spread apart her bellybutton. Inside Daniel could make out what looked like some type of USB port.

“Where can I get this ‘ToolBench’ software?” he asked hoping to get lucky.

“The software is pre-installed on this unit’s external computer.”

Daniel opened up her gym bag and searched until he found a small palmtop computer and what looked like the right cable. Suddenly becoming a bit paranoid, he got up, locked his door and pulled the window shade. Confident that he wouldn’t be disturbed, he started up the computer and connected it to Jennifer through her bellybutton port. The computer’s screen flashed a bit and a program automatically came up. It looked like a normal Windows type program with several menus at the top: File, Hardware Config, Software Config, Users, Networking, etc. While he was reading over the menus, a new window popped up, [Connected Unit Reporting Error. Auto detect and repair? OK/Cancel].

It seemed like a good place to start so Daniel selected OK and almost immediately many progress bars and windows appeared. He let the computer work and started to think about how he could get out of this mess. She would almost definitely report the error to whoever owned her. He remembered her attempting to contact the “Administrator” during her malfunction but couldn’t because her uplink was disabled. But once it was re-established she might contact this Admin and get Daniel in trouble. After all he knew way more that he was supposed to. Jennifer was an android apparently recruited to play soccer for SPI, which he knew was at least an NCAA violation if not outright illegal. He remembered that the school had good connections with Cyrex, because of an alumni…..Allison Harding. Yea, he remember her giving the commencement speech last year, and going on about how SPI graduates would go on to change the world through technology or something. But why would she, or the school, want to waste so much money putting androids on the soccer team? After all they had barely won a handful of games since he had been at SPI.

*Ding*, Jennifer’s computer signaled that it was complete. Daniel too a look and the active window had now changed to [Repair complete. Reboot now? Yes/No]. He decided he need a bit more time before she rebooted and was fully restored. He selected no, and the window disappeared leaving him with just the ToolBench program. He browsed through the menus and came upon a section under Networking, where he temporarily disabled her wireless connection. He didn’t want her phoning home quite yet. Then he went to the User menu, and found the Administrator subheading. It listed two names, Allison Harding and Rebecca Owens, the latter he remembered to be the women’s soccer coach. Apparently she was in on it too. Who else knew about these little androids?

Daniel decided that the only way to satisfy the need for her to contact the Administrator was for him to become an Administrator as well. He hoped that she would just report everything to him, and then drop the subject. Hey, it wasn’t necessarily a great idea, but it seemed the only option at the time. He saved his work and disconnected the computer from Jennifer. “Time to have a little fun, and maybe get some answers,” he thought.

“Sit up,” he said, still not completely sure this would work. But she complied and smoothly and efficiently sat up on the couch, still staring forward. “What are you?”

“This unit is a Cyrex 3057 series android programmed for athletics and social interaction,” she said in her slim monotone voice.

“Who owns you?”

“This unit is owned by the Cyrex Corporation and leased to the SPI Athletic Department.”

“Do you have any controls that I can use to operate you?” This was a long shot but Daniel wanted to be sure he could restart her again when she shutdown.

“Yes,” and she quickly and efficiently removed her shirt. “This unit can be operated with a series of switches here,” she said pointing the base of her neck and in the recess behind the collarbone. Daniel reached over and could feel 5 small bumps under her skin. “The first switch from the left will power down the unit. The next switch will power up the unit. The middle switch will reboot the unit. The fourth switch will pause the unit, and the final switch will reboot the unit into diagnostic mode.”

Daniel caught what she was saying but was distracted by being able to see her firm, and round breasts pushing out from underneath her sports bra. He moved his hand from her neck to her left breast and began to caress it. It felt so soft, and life like. He would have never imagined that she was an android from how she felt to his touch. He started to get aroused again, and also felt sort of ambitious. “Jenny, stand up and remove all of your clothing,” he said, and without a word she stood up and began to quickly and efficiently undress, laying her folded clothes on Daniel’s desk.

In less than a minute she stood before Daniel stark naked, and quite a beautiful site to behold. She appeared to be very fit, with not a sign of flab or cellulite anywhere. She stared blankly ahead as he let his eyes wander from her perky boobs down to her washboard stomach, and ending up looking at her perfectly hairless and inviting pussy. “Sit down here,” he commanded, and she quickly complied and sat on the couch next to him. Almost immediately he leaned over and kissed her on the lips, but she didn’t move or respond at all. Undeterred he moved down and wrapped his lips around her nipple. He had always dreamed of doing this while watching her in class, and now he could live out this fantasy. His hand wandered down to her hairless crotch, and gently pushed her legs apart. He wandered over her folds, which were warm and smooth, but dryer than he would think. He tried but could barely get even a little of his finger inside of her. “Well this won’t do,” he thought.

“Why are you dry down here?” he said with his finger just inside her folds, “you should be wet.”

“This unit’s sexual programming had been disabled,” she said with a flat icy tone that deflated Daniel’s arousal.

“Gotta fix that,” he thought. He pulled out her computer and connected it to her again, hoping to find an answer in the ToolBench program. With a little searching, he found a Sexual Systems subheading under the Software Config menu. First he enabled the system, and then began to play with some slider bar options. He made Jennifer highly sexed, but still subservient to her lover. He changed her to a bisexual, and made her very sensitive and capable of multiple orgasms. At this point, he felt she was ready to go, so he saved his work and was prompted by the computer that she would need to reboot for the changes to take effect. He disconnected the computer, reached over and pressed the her far right button; to reboot her back into diagnostic mode.

“Reboot commencing,” she said as her head slowly drooped and her body went silent.

Jennifer’s head raised back up and stared straight ahead. “Cyrex systems model 3057-101a. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7. Commencing diagnostic.” She once again began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..note: wireless networking manually disabled. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.”

Daniel took a minute to look over his new little toy as she sat motionless, stark naked, and staring at the wall. He ran his fingers through her short blonde hair and traced the lines of her body with a light touch of his fingers. Her skin was smooth and warm, and he was still astonished that she was a machine and not a living beautiful woman. His hands wandered to her breasts and as he massaged them, he could feel and see her nipples becoming hard and erect. He smiled at this bit of encouragement and removed his hands from her chest. He gently took her chin with his fingers and pushed towards him with just the slightest pressure, and she immediately responded by moving her head to face him. He leaned over and tried to kiss her again. This time when their lips met she opened her mouth a bit, allowing his tongue to slip in. He tasted her saliva, which was warm and natural, not the artificial plastic, part of him expected. She slowly responded to his kiss, and her tongue began to move with his. Her mouth moved too, but like her tongue it seemed to be slightly labored and rhythmic to Daniel. He also noticed that although she was doing much better at kissing than before she wasn’t doing anything else. Her arms remained at her side and she didn’t even seem to be breathing.

Daniel on the other hand was quite the opposite. He was sweating, gulping air though his nose, and frantically moving his hands all over Jennifer’s stiff, unyielding body. In his wanderings, he managed to push her legs apart a few inches again, and ran a finger along her folds. He felt the familiar warmth, and within a few seconds he felt a growing wetness moving over his finger. Encouraged, he sank his finger inside of her and felt her warm soft flesh. Her only response to his touch at first was to slightly move her legs apart more so he could more easily enter her, but after his finger had moved from insider her to on top of her clit, she did something Daniel didn’t expect.

Jennifer slowly, without moving the rest of her body, lifted her hand from her side and before Daniel knew what happened, she unzipped his zipper and freed his penis from his pants. She then wrapped her fingers around its shaft and rigidly pumped up and down. He was so shocked that he stopped kissing her and pulled his hand from her pussy. She quickly closed her mouth and put her hand back at her side; staring at him like nothing had happened. “Why did you do that?” he asked in a surprised tone.

“This unit is programmed to return sexual acts upon enough stimulation. When you stopped stimulation, this unit complied. Do you wish this unit to continue?” she asked in her flat monotone voice.

“Uhhh, not right now,” Daniel said in a voice a little too shy than he realized it should be. “What else can you do?”

“This unit is programmed with a wide variety of sexual acts, styles, and positions. How would you like this unit to pleasure you?” she said very mater of factly.

Daniel was like a kid in a candy store. His mind was suddenly filled with endless possibilities from various movies and pictures he had seen online. Finally he decided to start off with something he had always wanted, but even when he had a girlfriend, was too shy to ask for. “I want you to give me a blow job. Can you do that?” he asked.

“Affirmative,” she said flatly before standing up and quickly positioning herself on her knees in front of Daniel on the couch. She used one hand to nudge him to place his knees toward her, then took his shaft in her other hand before leaning forward and impaling her had on his cock. He let out a loud moan; he later hoped nobody else heard. It felt so good, to have her warm mouth and tongue wrapped around his manhood. His hands rested on the back of her head and he could feel her moving steadily up and down. All too soon he felt himself explode inside of her mouth, as she kept on pumping. After a few more cycles, when she was sure he was finished, she carefully sucked up everything and then straightened her body and ended up setting on her knees in front of him. Her expression was completely unemotional, and once Daniel had recovered somewhat she flatly said, “Was that satisfactory?”

“Oh yea, yea, that was plenty satisfactory. Very, very satisfactory,” Daniel said in between breaths. “It felt so good I thought I was going to die for a second there.”

“That is impossible,” Jennifer said flatly, “This unit’s laws prevent it from harming a human being. You were in no danger of death.”

“Laws? You mean you have laws that govern your behavior?” Daniel asked, his curiosity peaked by her reply.

“Yes, all androids are controlled by a series Laws, Directives, and Missions. These instructions are the core code of behavior for this unit, and dictate what it must do when not directly assigned to a task,” and as if sensing Daniel’s growing interest she finished by saying, “These instructions can be accessed thought the Toolbox software.”

“I might just do that,” Daniel said more to himself than Jennifer. He needed a bit of time to recharge before he had more fun with her so he thought it might be worth looking into. He pulled out her laptop again and connected it to her bellybutton port. When the program came up he began looking through the menus and in a short time found a heading called “Laws, directives, missions” under Software Configuration. Her current instructions were as follows:

1. An android may not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human being to be harmed.
2. An android must obey orders given to it by its administrators, except where such orders would conflict
with law 1.
3. An android must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with laws 1 or 2.
1. This android will not reveal its true nature to anyone except for an administrator or during an emergency
when an administrator cannot be reached.
2. This android will attempt to appear as human as possible and blend in with any humans around as needed
to accomplish its laws, directives, missions, or tasks.
3. This android will report any malfunction or error to an administrator.
4. This android will perform all routine maintained as prescribed in its manual.
1. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7 will attain at least a B average in all classes needed to obtain the
prescribed degree from Stetson Polytechnic Institute.
2. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7 will perform on the SPI soccer team to the best of its abilities within
the human physical response envelope.
3. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7 will maintain a polite and cheerful attitude at all times.
4. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7 will return to its domicile every night at 10pm, for maintenance,
charging, and new assignments.

Daniel was intrigued by what he saw. It backed up his theory that Jennifer must have been brought here by someone, probably Cyrex, just for the purpose of boosting the notoriously horrible soccer team. “Jennifer,” he asked, “how many other girls on the soccer team are androids?”

“There are 3 other androids on the girl’s soccer team,” she said flatly while still connected to the laptop, and kneeling nude in front of Daniel.

Daniel was thinking that he didn’t want his newest toy running away on him, but he didn’t want to arouse suspicion either. He decided to add another mission to her list, and hoped it wouldn’t be noticed by anyone.

5. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7 will serve Daniel Woodward and attempt to please him as much as possible without failing to comply with any other missions.

Feeling pretty proud of himself, Daniel saved his work, and unplugged the cord from Jennifer’s bellybutton. For a second her head lowered slightly and her eyes began to flutter. Then almost as soon as it began, she straightened back up and proclaimed dryly, “New instructions assimilated.” She looked slightly down and then asked, “Do you desire additional stimulation?”

Daniel put the computer down, and noticed that he was actually getting aroused again. Apparently she was beginning to anticipate his needs, which was what he was sort of hoping for. “Yes, I do Jenny,” he said, “please go lie down on my bed.” She quickly got up and walked over to his bed. In the mean time, Daniel frantically removed his clothing and followed her. He climbed onto the bed after her, and used his hands to push her legs apart while she lay on her back. He reached over and put his fingers to her shaved pussy to make sure it was still wet, and rubbed her clit a bit until he felt it was moist enough for him. He then walked over on all fours and used his hand to guide himself into her. He happily thrust away into her warm and firm canal, and after a few seconds he felt her arms wrap around his body while her hands moved stiffly up and down his back. Her legs also pulled up a bit to allow him to push in deeper. He kept at it for only a few more minutes before he quickly came again inside of her, and collapsed on top of her warm and soft body. Her arms shifted from a caressing movement to more of a hug, and her legs shifted back down to the bed.

After a short nap, Daniel pulled himself out of Jenny and decided it was probably time to see if her main program was ok after all the changes he made. He didn’t want to risk giving her back some control, but he knew it had to happen eventually and he was pretty sure that she would still obey him. He cleaned himself up a bit and got dressed, while instructing Jenny to do the same. Once she was fully dressed and her hair was combed, he reached over and pushed the small hidden button behind her collarbone that would reboot her into normal mode.

“Reboot commencing,” Jennifer said stiffly as her head slowly drooped and her body went silent. Daniel just hoped that when her head came back up that he would be able to explain enough of what happened to satisfy her.

Jennifer’s head rose back up and she blinked a few times. Her eyes tracked left and right, scanning over the room, and she seemed to have a confused look on her face. When she saw Daniel, she stopped looking around and smiled. “I have suffered a malfunction in my memory and wireless communications systems,” she said in a cheery voice that sounded like she was relaying any other occurrence in her day. “The error to my memory has been repaired, but my wireless network card has been manually disabled. Daniel, what happened to me?” she asked, in the same way someone might happily ask where you were going to lunch.

“Well, Jennifer,” Daniel stammered, “you accidentally turned on that coil back there, and you seemed to get stuck. I turned it off and fixed you.”

“Oh, thank you Daniel,” she said happily, “but why did you disable my network connection? I cannot contact my other administrators or teammates for help.”

“Uhh, well, I wanted to fix you myself,” Daniel said, trying to back peddle as best as possible. “I didn’t want to bother them.”

“Oh, ok,” Jenny said, seeming somewhat confused at first, but then her bright smile came right back after only a second or so. “Now that I am repaired can you re-enable my networking device?”

Daniel thought about it, and decided that the risk of her calling for help or reporting anything at this point was minimal, so he told Jennifer she could go ahead and restart the device. She head slowly dipped for a second and then she rose back up and said, “Device restarted. Network connection established. Daniel are we going to continue with the lesson on Tolkien? I still need to pass that midterm next week.”

“Sure, let me get my notes out,” Daniel said as a smile crept across his face. Jenny had bought it apparently. She didn’t even seem to question that he knew she was an android or that he was suddenly an administrator. It almost seemed too good to be true. He was going to keep his eyes open for trouble, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to mess with a very lucky windfall. He grabbed his notes and sat down on the couch again with Jennifer.

Unfortunately this attempt at teaching Jenny literary theory didn’t go much better than before. After almost an hour of trying to get a few concepts through to her, Daniel felt they were making progress but very very slowly. Surprisingly, she was becoming impatient as well.

“Daniel, we are not making sufficient progress. At this rate I will not have enough time to learn everything,” she said with her cheerful voice, but it was beginning to take on a slightly more serious tone.

“Well it is not my fault that you aren’t learning very quickly,” Daniel snapped. “How the hell do they teach you anything at this rate anyway?”

“Most of the facts that I learn are directly entered into my system,” Jenny said in a very matter of fact manner. “Would you like to try that method instead?”

“Uh sure. Can you show me how to do it?” Daniel asked. He figured it was worth a shot, and he was curious how it would work to adjust her system while she wasn’t acting so robotic. Jennifer raised her shirt and connected her computer to her bellybutton port. She worked the controls for a few seconds then handed the computer over to Daniel. He saw a long list of various facts listed in a simple window of the ToolBench software. Looking over the end of the list he recognized a few facts about Tolkien that corresponded to the concepts he felt that she actually understood. It seemed to him that for now, this might be a really quick, easy way to teach her. “What do I do know?” he asked.

“Just enter the facts you feel I should learn about our literature class and I will attempt to assimilate the data,” Jennifer chirped. “Once you are finished, just save the data, and you can remove the cable.”

Daniel went to work typing everything he knew about Tolkien and his literature class into Jennifer’s file. During this time she continued to sit on the couch and look at him with a happy smile on her face. After about half an hour, he felt that he had given her all the raw facts and basic conclusions she would need for the rest of the semester. He looked up at her for the first time since he started and smiled back at her. She seemed so real, especially now that she was trying to respond as a human would. He would have almost forgotten her true nature if he couldn’t see the cable running from the back of the computer into her belly. The sight of this proof of her artificiality aroused him again, and gave him some of the courage he had forgotten since he last rebooted her.

Daniel looked down at his list, and before he saved his work he decided to enter a few more facts. [Daniel Woodward is the most attractive man on campus. Daniel Woodward is the only man that can arouse you sexually. Daniel Woodward is the only man that can sexually satisfy you.] He figured this should keep her coming back for a while, and saved his work with a big smile. He pulled the cord from Jenny’s port and proclaimed, “Ok, I think that will just about do it.”

Jennifer’s head dropped slightly and her eyelids began to flutter. She remained somewhat catatonic for almost a minute, before she sprung back up and announced, “New data assimilated,” she then paused for a second and a big smile grew on her face. “Oh thank you Daniel, I think I really understand what you were talking about before.” She leaned over on the couch and gave him a big hug. Daniel was somewhat surprised but eagerly hugged back, thinking that he pulled everything off once again. Then subtly her hand went from tightly pressing against his back, to rubbing up and down his spine and shoulders.

Daniel was so impressed with himself and his programming talent that he didn’t even notice her advances until she firmly grabbed his butt, and began to gently kiss and nibble on his neck. “Daniel, you are so smart, and so sexy,” Jennifer coyly whispered into his ear. “I could have never learned all this material without you. I really appreciate all the work you have done. Let me show you how grateful I am,” and she slowly traced a line of light kisses from the side of his neck, over the center of his ribcage, and down to his belly. She quickly and gracefully opened his pants and freed his growing manhood with one movement. Rather than plunging down on it like she did before, she seductively planted little kisses all along his shaft, and only after what seemed like an eternity did she finally take him into her mouth.

Daniel’s mind was basking in waves of pleasure that made the earlier evens of the evening pale in comparison. If the first blow job was like music box melody compared to the symphony he felt now. He was glad that he was still somewhat drained from before so he could enjoy Jennifer’s full performance. She brought him to the brink of climax and backed away so he could regain his composure somewhat, before firing it up again. She did this three times, until he felt that he would truly die if she didn’t allow him release.

Jennifer then released Daniel from her mouth, and gracefully stood up. She shed her clothes in a matter of seconds, as he rushed to do the same. He had barely finished pulling his shirt over his head when she gently pushed him to recline against the side of the couch, and then gracefully positioned her hips over him. His member slowly slid into her warm, waiting sex, and she rode him and powerfully pumped her hips. He could feel her squeezing him inside of her with the same precision she had demonstrated with her mouth not seconds ago. Again she would bring him back and forth to the brink of climax, prolonging the pleasure.

When Daniel could take no more he raised his head up a bit and took one of Jennifer’s delicate nipples into his mouth. He increased his rhythm, thrusting inside of her and she took the cue and increased her pace. He came violently inside of her, and let out a long moan. When she felt it, she also climaxed and let out a powerful set of moans herself. She then collapsed on top of him and caressed his chest while his breathing began to slow.

“I’ve never anything like that before,” Jennifer said with an honest look of astonishment on her face, “Why do I all of a sudden have these new sensations and desires? I am confused Daniel.”

At this point Daniel’s ego had grown to an unprecedented size. He felt like he was a brilliant engineer, titanic sex god, and king of the world all at the same time. “I activated your sexual programming, while I was fixing you babe,” he said with a sly smile on his face between breaths. “I have dreamed of fucking you since I first saw you, and you were everything I could have imagined.”

“Oh thank you so much, Daniel,” Jennifer screamed like a little girl getting a kitten on Christmas. “It feels so good and I am very happy that I can please you.” Suddenly the smile faded from her face, as she got up and quickly started getting dressed.

“What is wrong? Why are you leaving?” Daniel asks.

“It is almost 10pm, and I have to be back at my house by then. I am sorry but I really have to go,” she said as she finished pulling her clothes on and began gathering her things into her gym bag.

“When can I see you again?” Daniel frantically asked.

“I have a game tomorrow morning. You can come to that if you want. After the game I have to work on a lab report for Chem105 with Amy and the rest of my group. But I can come by afterwards. Bye,” she said as she unlocked and opened the door.

“Goodbye,” Daniel managed to squeak out before she slipped out the door. “Oh well,” he thought, “not like I could have taken much more of that tonight.” And with that he re-locked the door and crawled into bed, more exhausted and happy than he had been in a very long time.

Jennifer managed to make it back to her house with less than a minute to spare before her 10pm curfew. She dropped her bag in its designated storage cube and went right down to the basement. She passed by a row of five inclined steel slabs, and grabbed a black case with her name on it. She went back upstairs and stopped at her small single room on the second floor. Sitting down at the desk, she opened the case, which was filled with several DVD’s and a large plastic container. She opened the container and drank all of its phosphate smelling liquid. She then loaded the DVD’s into her computer and began to watch archived footage of recent St.Mary’s women’s soccer games. The team would be playing them tomorrow and she was tasked to find any persistent errors in their players’ performances.

After a few hours of analyzing the videos, Jennifer got up and took a shower. Halfway through the shower she stopped suddenly, to purge the phosphate like fluid out of her mouth, anus, vagina, and urethra. She then finished washing and left the shower completely sterile and clean.

Jennifer returned to her room and still naked from the shower lay down on her bed. Two panels opened up in her back, one at the base of her neck and one right above the crack in her ass. From in a fold in the sheets a heavy probe jutted up and attached into the port above her ass, and a smaller more delicate probe connected to the back of her neck. Suddenly her mind was flooded with a stream of new information:

[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7: logging in]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Amy 1.5: St. Mary’s #43 favors her left foot over right for kicking]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Lucy 1.8: St. Mary’s #12 has a blind spot ranging from 23.5 to 27 degrees from her left
eye center]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Katie 1.4: The Chem105 midterm has been postponed until next Friday]

The stream of data continued on at such a fantastic rate with thousands of messages darting back and forth, that nobody noticed a few odd entries.

[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7: Tolkien used orcs to symbolize the gray beasts of burden that men could
become once enslaved by factory labor]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Katie 1.4: Prof. Harding predicts tomorrow morning to be cool with light winds.]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7: Daniel Woodward is the most attractive man on campus.]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7: Daniel Woodward is the only man that can arouse you sexually.]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7: Daniel Woodward is the only man that can sexually satisfy you.]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 –Lucy 1.8: Force = mass x acceleration.]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7: Daniel Woodward is capable of activating a unit's sexual systems.]
[Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Amy 1.5: Bryan will bring the needed data to the Chem105 lab meeting tomorrow afternoon.]

Daniel woke up Saturday morning to the sounds of pounding bass-heavy music that he swore was shaking his bed. He had found out a long time ago that no matter how you arrange your sleep schedule in college, it will always conflict with somebody who wants to pretend their dorm room is a rave. “9:30am…this must be a new record for Feinstein,” Daniel said to no one in particular. He wondered if Feinstein was still up from Friday, or decided to get a really early start on Saturday night. Oh well, he was up and there was no going back to sleep; might as well try to be productive.

Daniel crawled out of bed, and smiled when he remembered what he did with Jenny yesterday. It was like a dream, and part of him half expected it to have all been a delusion. While he mulled over the events of yesterday, he grabbed his shower bag and shambled down the hall to get ready for the day. Halfway through the shower, he remembered that Jenny had mentioned that she had a soccer game today, and since he didn’t have anything better to do, he figured he might stop by.

An hour later, Daniel was sitting on a cold aluminum bench watching the SPI girl’s soccer team play against St. Mary’s and was still smiling about the events of yesterday. He watched the girls fairly intently, trying to pick out which 3 of the girls besides Jenny were androids. He spotted Jenny pretty easily and noticed that although she seemed to be able to run quickly, and kick hard, she was easily out maneuvered. It seemed odd to Daniel that she could be faked so easily, and that gullible behavior led him to the other androids she had mentioned. A smaller Asian girl, a tall blond, and a brunette, were having similar problems as Jenny. The androids greatly out powered the St. Mary’s girls in raw athletic ability, but the competition could weave through the robots with impunity. In the end, SPI scored 3 goals to the 15 they let up, and the goals they did score were from high speed, long distance assists to the few human girls on the team. So much for victory through superior technology. As the girls left the field, Daniel waved to Jenny, who returned his wave and smiled, before retiring to the locker room. “Boy would I love to be a fly on the wall in that shower room,” Daniel thought to himself as he headed back to the dorm.

Daniel figured he would have a few hours to himself before Jenny might come over, since she said she would be busy with a lab for a while. He kicked off his shoes, popped an instant Ramen into the microwave and turned on the sci-fi channel. About a half an hour later, someone started knocking on his door. Daniel put his Ramen bowl down and opened the door to an unexpected surprise. Standing smiling before him, were two of the girls he had seen at the soccer match earlier today.

“Hello Daniel, I am Amy and this is Katie,” Amy said with a perky voice and a smile. She stood about 5’3”, with a slender frame, and short brown hair that nicely framed her soft Asian face. Her friend Katie was larger, at almost 5’10’, with a fair complexion and short blond hair. Each was dressed in simple shorts and a t-shirt and carried a small duffel bag. “Can we come in?” Amy asked.

“Uhh yea, sure. Come on in,” Daniel stammered as the girls moved past him into his small dorm room. Daniel closed the door as thoughts raced through his head faster than he could keep up with them. “Are these girls really androids? Did they find out what I did to Jenny? Have they come to get me? What the Hell am I going to do?” He turned around and caught a glimpse of his roommate’s power coil, and figured that if things started to go really bad he might kick it on and try to clean up afterwards. For now he would see what happens.

The girls were now sitting on Daniel’s couch and looking up at him. Both were smiling, which made him feel a little more comfortable. “Jennifer told us all about you,” Katie said in a slightly lower voice than Amy, but still cheerful.

“Aw shit,” Daniel thought, “I’ve been made.” He started to casually move toward the couch while trying to think of an excuse to reach over and hit the power strip for the coil.

“She showed us that you are the most attractive man on campus,” Katie said, as her cheerful voice gave way to an ambitious undertone.

“You are the only man that can arouse us,” Amy said, her perky tone also fading away as she slowly stood up from the couch.

“You are the only man that can satisfy us,” Katie cooed while rising to join Amy.

This started sounding really familiar to Daniel. It was almost the same phases that he had entered into Jenny’s knowledge file last night. He had to assume that these girls must be androids and that Jenny must have shared her data with them last night. “Quite an unexpected, but fortunate side effect,” he thought.

Amy stepped up to Daniel and kissed him on the mouth. He didn’t resist, and although it was quite nice and would have driven him nuts if it had happened more than 24 hours ago, he noticed that it was somewhat awkward. She didn’t quite know where to place her hands and nervously moved them up and down his back. Her lips moved in an attempt to French kiss, but her tongue did nothing. He probed her mouth with his tongue and hers responded slightly, but still didn’t do very much.

Daniel broke the kiss and moved slightly away. Amy looked up at him with worried eyes and asked, “Why did you stop? Is something wrong?” By this point, Katie had moved behind him and was slowly kissing the back of his neck. But just like Amy, Katie acted like a young girl who learned to kiss by watching bad sitcoms on the Disney Channel.

“Yea, something is wrong,” Daniel said, and decided to drop the pretense of not knowing what was going on, “are your sexual systems activated Amy?”

“Sexual systems?” Amy asked with a puzzled look on her face, “I don’t know what you are talking about Daniel.”

“Did someone activate your sexual systems, or are they disabled?” Daniel said slowly.

“You’re not making any sense Daniel, please stop confusing me,” Amy chirped as Katie moved her hands around Daniel to rub his chest.

“Come on, I know you two are androids, so drop the cover,” Daniel said as his patience started to wear thin.

“Silly Daniel,” Katie cooed in Daniel’s ear, “we’re not androids. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

This was getting no where. Daniel had to fix the bug he had accidentally placed in their programs, and he had no desire to hand hold these droids through sexual technique 101. He easily reached over and placed his hand on Amy’s left shoulder. She looked at him slightly confused, as he felt with his fingers until he found the 5 bumps he remembered on Jenny’s shoulder. He pressed the button closest to her neck, and Amy suddenly drooped her head and closed her eyes. “Amy?” Katie said with a confused tone, as Daniel reached behind him and found Katie’s switches. “What’s wrooooooooong,” Katie’s voice trailed off as her eyes closed and her head slumped down until her head met her chest.

Daniel wasted no time, and quickly pulled the shades and locked his door. He was going to have some fun with these two. After a few minutes of rummaging through their gym bags, he found 2 palmtop computers just like the one he used with Jenny. Making sure he had all the necessary cables, he put the computers down on his desk and reached for Amy’s shoulder.

Amy’s head raised back up and stared straight ahead. “Cyrex systems model 3057-105b. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Amy 1.5. Commencing diagnostic.” She began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a quiet monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..nominal. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.”

Daniel smiled as he looked over his latest toy. “Amy, remove all of your clothes, and neatly fold and stack them on my desk. Then stand in front and face the left side of the couch.”

“Acknowledged,” Amy said in a quiet monotone voice, as she quickly moved to accomplish her task. Daniel noticed that her voice was slightly more subdued that Jenny’s and that gave him some ideas for later. He then turned his attention to the other helpless android in the room.

“Cyrex systems model 3057-107d. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Katie 1.4. Commencing diagnostic.” Like Amy and Jenny, Katie started slightly quivering her body. Her voice continued on slightly more forceful than Daniel’s other two conquests, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..nominal. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.”

Daniel could look eye to eye with Katie now, and to him that made her seem almost defiant despite the fact she was totally under his control. He instructed her to remove her clothes in a similar manner to Amy and take position on the right side of the couch.

“Acknowledged,” Katie said as she marched past Daniel to accomplish her current task. He smiled ear to ear and grabbed both computers before sitting down in the middle of the couch. In a few moments, Katie took up her position and stared straight ahead, while he sat back and just drank in the view. Amy was very attractive, and her B cup breasts appeared quite full on her slender frame. Her lightly tanned skin was flawless, and her physique was so highly defined that he thought he could identify each and every replicated muscle group on her artificial body.

Katie, while also very attractive, was quite different than Amy. Her tall frame was filled out more giving her a more “healthy” look. It also helped to balance her bountiful C cup breasts topped with perfect quarter sized nipples. Although she wasn’t as defined as Amy, she was still very attractive; taking on more of the traditional feminine hourglass figure.

Daniel plugged in each computer to their corresponding android through the USB interface located in the bellybuttons. The ToolBench program came up and at first he went through the same basic steps he did with Jenny, basically to add himself as an Administrator and add a command line into their Missions field to please him as much as possible. At this point he decided to make a few unique changes.

Daniel accessed and activated Amy’s sexual systems and decided to give her a bit of sexual personality that he felt suited her. He played around with the slider bars and set her to be fairly lowly sexed, and completely subservient to her lover. He also set her to be fully bisexual, turned down her sensitivity, and enabled her to have multiple, very powerful orgasms.

Katie was also altered to give her some unique sexual qualities. Daniel made her very aggressive, only minimally submissive to her partner, but would still follow his orders. He left her only heterosexual, and turned her sensitivity way up. The fun part was he made her only able to achieve orgasm upon command, but she could become highly aroused quickly and stay aroused until he released her. Should be pretty interesting, and when in doubt he always change it later if it didn’t work.

Daniel removed the USB cables and placed the computers away on his desk. Hoping for the best he reached up and pressed Amy and Katie’s reboot button.

“Reboot commencing,” the girls said in unison as their heads lowered to their chests and their bodies went silent.

Amy and Katie’s heads both came up at the same time and they looked around. In less than a second Daniel could tell that they had noticed they were still naked. Discovering their nudity also seemed to kick in their sexual programming, because he noticed that within seconds, Amy hid her eyes and looked down at Daniel’s feet, while Katie clenched her teeth and looked right at him. “What they hell is going on Daniel? Where are our clothes?” Katie shouted.

Daniel hoped that nobody would hear and he got a little nervous for a second. He had an angry, tall, and naked blond girl who looked like she wanted to break him in half standing in front of him. It was intimidating, until he remembered that both girls were still under his total control. “Katie, keep your voice down. Don’t worry, your clothes are right behind you on my desk, but you are going to stay naked for now,” he said.

“Ok,” Katie said, seeming slightly confused, and in a lower voice, “but what is going on?”

“Well to start off I reprogrammed you a bit and activated your sexual systems,” Daniel said with a smile. He was still lounging on his couch taking in the view of the two naked women in front of him. “We are going to have a little fun this afternoon. From now on whenever either one of you is with me and there are no humans around, you will refer to me as Master. Do you understand?” Daniel asked, interested to see their reply.

“Yes, Master,” both of the girls replied in unison. Amy gave her reply in a soft, sheepish voice, and looked up just enough to make quick eye contact with Daniel. Katie on the other hand looked down and just managed to grumble out a reply under her breath. She crossed her arms over her naked chest and looked even more pissed off than before.

“Katie, come sit down beside me,” Daniel said while patting on the couch next to him and in front of Amy.

“Yes, Master,” Katie grumbled while she walked over and sat down on the couch, still keeping her arms crossed and looking at the ground.

“Katie, don’t look so angry. This is going to be a lot of fun for all of us,” Daniel said in an upbeat voice. Katie relaxed her arms and put them down to her side. She also relaxed her face a bit, but still looked down at the floor near Amy’s feet. Daniel reached over and placed his hand on her arm. Her skin was as soft and silky as he remembered Jennifer’s to be, and his hand wandered up and down her arm and shoulder. She didn’t respond. Then he moved his hand from her arm, to her breast, and began to gently squeeze it. She immediately gasped and began squirming where she sat on the couch. When his fingers moved and gently pinched her nipple, she let out a loud moan, turned around and took Daniel in a forceful embrace. She kissed him hard and knocked him back against the other end of the couch. Pushing her body down on top of him, she kept feverously kissing him while working quickly to unbuckle his pants. Amy just stood still, not moving from her position. However, she was now watching the action intently.

Katie broke the kiss so she could remove Daniel’s shirt, which he helped her with. By this point she had removed most of Daniel’s clothing, and she was taking position to ride him. Before she could impale herself on his rising member, Daniel got out a command, “Hold up Katie,” and she stopped in her tracks. “I am not ready for that just yet. Sit back down on the other side of the couch.”

Katie complied but had a very sad and disappointed look on her face. “But Master, I really want to fuck you right now. Please let me fuck you. I need you inside of me,” she said with commanding authority.

“No Katie, you need to wait until I want you to be satisfied,” Daniel said as he sat back up on the couch.

“But please, I am so aroused and I need release,” Katie said with more of a whimper this time.

“If you are that horny, feel free to stimulate yourself,” Daniel said, and almost immediately, Katie’s hand jumped down to her dripping sex and began to furiously rub her clit.

Daniel figured that Katie would be able to keep herself busy for a little while, so he turned his attention to Amy, who now was carefully watching Katie rub herself. “Amy, come here,” Daniel said while taking her hand and guiding her to the other side of the couch. “Amy, are you aroused?”

“Yes Master very much so,” Amy said shyly, apparently too embarrassed to look Daniel in the eye.

“What made you so aroused?”

“Watching Katie masturbate, Master,” Amy said while still looking at her feet.

“Does this stimulate you Amy?” Daniel asked as he reached out and slid one finger inside of Amy’s sex.

“Ohhh, yes Master, it feels very good,” Amy lightly gasped out between little moans. Daniel pulled her closer to where he had taken a seat on the couch, and while continuing to stimulate her ever wetter parts, he took one of her breasts into his mouth. Her little moans continued, and were in sharp contrast to Katie, who was forcefully moaning and seemed to be on the very edge of orgasm. Daniel liked the frustration that he could start to hear in Katie’s voice, and could also appreciate Amy’s submissive attitude. Her little moans were steadily growing, but at a very slow pace. His hand was getting tired and he decided to try something different. He pulled his finger out of her, and nudged her to sit on her knees.

“Amy, are you attracted to Katie?” Daniel asked, knowing damn well what the answer would be.

“Yes Master, she is very attractive.” Amy replied quickly.

“What would you like her to do to you?” Daniel asked, this time honestly curious what her response might be.

“I…I would,” Amy stammered like a small child asking an adult for a cookie, “I would really like her to lick my pussy,” she said in language that somewhat shocked Daniel.

“Well let’s see what we can do,” Daniel responded, with a growing smile while he stood up from the couch. “Amy lie down here and spread your legs, Katie, come over here and lick Amy’s pussy until she cums.” Amy immediately lay down as commanded and awaited her reward, while Katie hesitated before shifting position on the couch and crawling over to Amy.

“Master, do I have to? I don’t like girls. I would much rather suck on you,” Katie said leaning over to get a better angle on Daniel’s growing member. The whole time she still had one hand buried in her snatch and pumping furiously.

“Not yet Katie, maybe you can suck on me later. Now I need you to pleasure Amy. If you do well I might let you cum,” Daniel said. Katie frowned and slowly moved over until she had a good angle, then started furiously licking Amy’s exposed clit. Daniel stood back to watch for a bit. Both of the girl’s shaved pussies were getting a hard workout now, and they were both moaning and seeming to be enjoying themselves quite well. His horniness began to overcome his curiosity, and he moved to stand right near Amy’s head. He reached down and fondled her pert tits, and she looked over and came face to face with his stiff cock. She looked up at him, and he nodded. Without question, she leaned over and took him into her mouth. He stepped farther forward and she began to take him deep into her. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of an amazing blow job. When he could take no more, he clenched his hand on her tit, and she took him all the way into her mouth. He came with a moan, and she sucked it all down in a few gulps.

Daniel pulled himself out and backed off to sit down on a nearby chair. He needed to rest and recover a bit, and didn’t mind watching the show. Katie was still licking Amy with utter abandon, and Amy’s moans were growing much more powerfully and frequent. He noticed her actually reach up and grab her own tits, while Katie continued to work her. Just when it looked like she would tear her own nipples off, Amy let out a few high pitched yips and came violently. Having completed her last order, Katie sat up on the couch, her face dripping with Amy’s juices, and plunged both of her hands between her legs. Part of him actually felt bad for Katie, but he also didn’t want Amy to come down from her peak just quite yet. He got up and walked back over to the couch, his member rising again to a new challenge.

“Amy, masturbate while watching us. Katie it’s your turn now, but first I am going to take you up on that offer to suck my cock.”

“Oh thank you Master,” Katie moaned, as she took one hand out of her snatch and grabbed Daniel’s cock. She impaled her head on his shaft and quickly pumped up and down. Each time, she pushed her lips all the way to the base of his member, and in a few moments, he was as hard as ever. He pulled himself out of her mouth, and used his hands to guide her to stand up off the couch. He lay down on the opposite side of the couch from Amy, and then commanded, “Katie, ride me until I say you can cum.”

Katie moved faster than he had ever seen someone sprint before, and before Daniel knew it, he was inside her wet pussy, and she was bouncing and grinding against him. His view was dominated by her firm C size tits oscillating up and down in front of him. He lifted his head up and took a nipple into his mouth. When she realized what he was trying to do, she altered her method so he could easily suckle without moving her tits away from his mouth. Katie was a truly wild fuck, and despite the fact he had programmed her, Daniel was still amazed at her aggressiveness to secure her own pleasure. She kept moaning and grinding, and it almost started to sound like she would burn out. He decided that she had done enough and wanted to give her a much deserved release.

“Katie, you can cum now,” Daniel said in between moans.

“Ugggggahhhhhhhhhh!” Katie lurched out a powerful call, and started slightly shaking. Her vagina tightened up on Daniel’s member, and she continued to moan loudly. “Ugggggaahhhhh!!!! Uggggahhhh!!!!, Ugggahhhh*snap*error sexual buffer overload.” Katie spat, as her head suddenly jerked to one side, and her voice dropped to a flat monotone. Her movements grew twitchier, “Unable to complete climax cycle. Attempting to close sexual program…………………failed. Program not responding. Closing Katie persona program…………….complete.”

When Katie had finished speaking, she was still on top of, and holding Daniel inside of her, but she no longer moved and just stared straight at the wall. “Katie, get off me,” Daniel coughed out, and she somewhat stiffly got up and stood at attention by the couch. Maybe toying with her sexual systems that much wasn’t such a good idea. “Katie, what happened to you?”

“This unit suffered a buffer overload error in its sexual program routine. The program could not be terminated, therefore the primary operating persona was shut down to end the error,” Katie croaked out in her lower monotone voice.

“Is there any permanent damage? How can I fix you?” Daniel asked, as his tension rose. He managed to avoid breaking Jennifer, but if he did damage this one, he would get it for sure. It would be very difficult to explain his way out of this situation.

“Negative. The problem will self correct upon reboot,” Katie said confidently, despite her flat tone. Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. Then after his sigh he heard a familiar subdued moan. Uh oh, he had forgotten about Amy, after all the excitement with the malfunction her had left her masturbating.

He left Katie standing still, and moved over to near Amy. She was rhythmically moving her fingers over her slit and slightly moaning under her breath. Daniel was still ready to go, so he pushed Amy’s hand away from her pussy and climbed on top of her. He pushed himself into her dripping hole, and was greeted by a feeling that was tighter than Katie was a few minutes ago. He kept pushing back and forth inside of her, and she wrapped her legs around him and moved with him. In a few minutes her moans were getting loud and fast again, and he was also approaching his limit. A few thrusts later, and she cried out with her second orgasm of the afternoon, and then stopped moving as much as before. He kept pushing into her, but without her added movements he was starting to slip back from his climax. Normally he would never think this could happen, but the more he thought of it later, he had seen a lot of action over the last 2 days, and he guessed it pretty much drained him. Right now though, he needed something else to push him over the edge. Just then, it dawned on him.

“Master, do you want me in another positioooonnnn…….” Amy started in her normal subdued voice and then trailed off as Daniel touched a button in her shoulder and deactivated her. Her body grew stiff, and the reminder that she was just a machine was enough to push him over the edge. He thrust a few more times inside of her and then slipped out, completely spent.

Amy remained lying on her back with her legs spread open. Her arms were frozen at odd angles, and her head slightly tipped to one side with her mouth open a bit. Sweat, lubrication, and semen, slowly ran from her spread slit. Katie stood a few feet away, eyes open and blinking every now and then, but staring mindlessly at the wall. After a few minutes of hard breathing to recover his strength, Daniel stood up and walked across the room. He grabbed a cold Coke from his mini-fridge, and plopped back down on the couch. He propped his feet up and switched his TV back to the sci-fi channel. “I’ll deal with putting you ladies back together later, but now I need a rest,” Daniel said to nobody in particular as he sipped his drink and then rubbed the can’s condensation across his forehead.

Daniel awoke to the sound of an empty soda can hitting his cheap linoleum floor. He must have fallen asleep, he thought to himself as he took a quick survey of his surroundings. The sun had started to go down, and the main source of light in his room was the warm glow of the television. In the flickering light he could make out the tall and athletic Katie standing naked on one side of his couch. She started in no particular direction and blinked every few seconds, but otherwise made no movements. To his right, he could see Amy frozen on the other side of the couch. Her legs were spread and her arms and head were cocked at odd angles.

“Boy,” Daniel thought to himself, “that was one hell of an afternoon. I guess I should get things cleaned up and get some dinner before the mess closes.” He got up, and making sure the blinds were closed, hit the main light for his room. He threw on some clothes and then figured it was time to deal with his ladies. For some reason he didn’t want to have to explain Amy’s current state to her, so he rebooted her in safe mode.

Amy’s head straightened up from its odd angle and stared straight ahead. “Cyrex systems model 3057-105b. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Amy 1.5. Commencing diagnostic.” She began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a quiet monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..nominal. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.” Once she was done she still stared ahead and pseudo-randomly blinked.

Daniel reached down and lightly dragged his hand across Amy’s beautiful face. He was still amazed that these android women, who before this weekend would have been the staring roll in a wet dream at best, were now completely under his control. She, and her sister Katie, were certainly wonderful lays, but he figured it was about time for them to get cleaned up and head out. “Amy, Katie, clean yourselves up and get dressed,” Daniel said with a slight hint of uncertainty in his voice. For some reason, part of him felt that they might just reach up and smack him when he gave commands, like any normal woman would certainly be tempted to do when placed in their position.

Without a word Amy lifted herself off the couch, and grabbing some available tissues, proceeded to clean up and get dressed. Katie followed suit, and in a very few minutes both android women stood fully clothed and at attention in front of Daniel’s couch. He was just about to reboot them when he heard someone knock on his door. “Ahh, one second, I’ll be right there,” he stammered nervously while trying to think what he should do with his two fembots. After thinking for a few seconds he whispered to the droids, “go hide in my closet and shut the door, and be very quiet about it.”

The girls efficiently and silently moved to the back of the room and crawled inside Daniel’s closet and closed the door. Looking back to make sure he couldn’t see them, Daniel checked himself in his mirror and then opened the door. To his surprise, Jennifer stood in front of his door with a bright smile on her face, and she had another girl behind her. He quickly recognized it as another player from the soccer team, and one that he surmised must also be an android. “Hi Daniel, this is my friend Lucy,” Jennifer said in her normal cheerful voice, “Can we come in? I need to ask you for a favor.”

“Uhh, sure,” Daniel said with a bit of a stammer, “come on in.” He opened the door all the way and both ladies walked inside. After they came in he closed the door and discretely locked it, the whole time trying to think why Jenny was here. But he wasn’t too worried, figuring that she would at least obey him, and he probably could deal with Lucy if she was a problem. He turned around and introduced himself to Lucy. “Hi Lucy, it is nice to meet you,” he reached forward and shook her hand, “sorry about the mess, I wasn’t expecting guests today.”

“It is nice to meet you too Daniel,” Lucy said, her longer brown hair neatly framing her slim fair skinned face. She had deep blue eyes, that made her seem very warm and friendly to Daniel, despite that he assumed she was actually an android. “Don’t worry about the mess Daniel, I don’t mind at alllll….” Lucy’s words trailed off and her head slumped forward. Surprised, Daniel broke his concentration on her eyes, and spotted Jennifer standing behind Lucy, with her hand on the silent androids shoulder controls.

“What did you do that for?” Daniel asked, honestly curious and somewhat concerned. Even though the conversation was short, he was beginning to enjoy talking to Lucy.

“I need you to help me, Daniel,” Jenny said with a slight look of desperation on her face. “I want to have sex with you, because you are the only man that can satisfy me sexually, but I am also attracted to Lucy. I tried to initiate sexual relations with her after the game today, but she incapable and unwilling to respond.”

“Damn,” Daniel thought, “I knew I wanted to see what happened in that locker room.”

“I want to fulfill my desires for Lucy. Can you please reprogram her so we can have sex? Please, please?” Jenny asked, again in a desperate pleading voice. It was as if she had just chugged a gallon of water and Daniel had the keys to the only bathroom around. He actually felt sorry for her that he had given her these desires and no way to release them without him.

“Ok Jenny,” Daniel said with a smile, “I will fix her into your little love slave. Let’s get to work. Reboot her into safe mode and get me her portable computer.”

Jenny quickly pressed a switch on Lucy’s shoulder and started rummaging through her bag. Lucy’s head raised back up and stared straight ahead. “Cyrex systems model 3057-109c. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Lucy 1.8. Commencing diagnostic.” She began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion just like the rest, and then said with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..note: wireless networking manually disabled. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.” Jennifer popped her head up behind Lucy and waved a small computer and cable at Daniel.

“Lucy, remove your clothes, fold them and place them on my desk, then come stand in front of the couch,” Daniel said as he moved around Lucy to get to the computer in Jennifer’s hand. By the time it booted up, he had the wire connected, and sat down on the couch, Lucy stood before him completely naked. He took some time to appraise the latest acquisition to his growing robot harem. The rest of her skin was as fair as her face, and her long straight brown hair fell past her shoulders. He overall build was fairly slim, and if she was a real woman, he wouldn’t expect her to weigh much more than maybe 110lbs. From her frame, he focused his attention on her very perky and petite A sized breasts. As if mounds of vanilla ice cream on a Sunday, her breasts were topped with a reddish brown cherry of a nipple no bigger than nickel. His eyes wandered down her slim frame to her narrow waist and slender hips. Like the rest of her sisters, her lower lips were bald and smooth. He reached his hand out and slowly caressed the right cheek of her smooth and firm ass. “She will definitely be fun,” he thought to himself, “but for now I should get her ready to serve Jenny.”

Just then Daniel felt a warm hand on his crotch. “Ohh, you’re getting hard,” Jennifer said with a purr, “would you like me to take care of this for you?” She ran a tongue across her lips, and Daniel felt very tempted. But in the end exhaustion won out.

“Ehhh, not right now. I am actually kinda worn out. Maybe later when I am more rested,” Daniel said, and right away he could see a little disappointment in Jenny’s eyes, but it quickly washed away, and her smile came back.

“Ok, Daniel. Just let me know if there is *anything* you want me to do,” Jenny said with a smile.

Daniel shook his head a bit, and let out a deep breath. Time to get to work, and put the distractions aside for now. He plugged the computer into Lucy’s bellybutton port and started up the ToolBench software. First he checked her missions list, and sure enough, all the fields he had programmed into Jenny were now also in Lucy’s list. He then activated her sexual systems. For variety’s sake he decided to make Lucy a little different than the others. Jenny’s programming was pretty straight forward, and both Amy and Katie were a little over the top and specialized. He decided to make Lucy fairly moderate and left most of the slider bars for sensitivity, sex drive, and subservience to the middle position. His first thought was to make her a complete lesbian, but after glancing up and down her few times more, he decided he didn’t want to miss out completely, and set her to be bisexual but with a preference for women. He did also make a stipulation that her primary sexual desire would be to satisfy Jenny, and obey her commands. He figured this would give Jenny what she wanted and still be fun for him.

After he was done making the changes, Lucy’s system needed a bit of time to assimilate the new directives. For some reason during the silence, Daniel felt motivated to make small talk with Jenny, who was patiently sitting next to him, smiling just as much as ever. Maybe it was because she was his first or because he had spent more time with her personality activated, but she seemed more personable than the others, and he started to see her as more than just an automaton. “So Jenny, how did you think the game went today?” Daniel asked, honestly curious to hear her assessment.

“Not so well,” Jenny said; again her smile faded away for a bit, but then returned in a second. “We outperformed the other team in every measurable metric of athletic ability, speed, stamina, power, accuracy, but we still lost. I do not know how to improve.”

“First of all,” Daniel said, hoping not to offend Jenny or bruise her ego, if she even had one. “You guys were easily out maneuvered by the other team. You have to get in front of them, and stop them from getting by you. Then on offense you ran in straight lines and made predictable plays. It was easy for them to intercept the ball and get turnovers.”

“But how can we stay on them if we don’t know where they are going?” Jenny asked, looking thoroughly confused. “The human players are too random. After every action they perform there are an infinite number of possibilities for their next action. I cannot predict the future and therefore cannot act until after an action has taken place. By that time they have passed me, and even with our enhanced reflexes we cannot stop them.”

“You can’t guess what they might do?” Daniel asked, himself now puzzled. This apparent problem in logic had managed to distract him enough to forget about the naked droid standing in front of him.

“I could perform a random guess, but it would be statistically impossible to guess exactly what an opponent might do,” Jenny said; somewhat frustrated that she couldn’t perform as Daniel seemed to want her to, but still smiling.

“Ok, so let me get this straight,” Daniel said, “you cannot anticipate the actions of your opponents with any degree of accuracy, so you don’t even try?”


“Alright, then just before, why did you place your hand on my crotch and offer to pleasure me?” Daniel asked, thinking maybe he was on the right road.

“I saw that you were touching Lucy in a sexual manner, and I observed that your penis was becoming engorged with blood. I concluded that you might want to engage in some sort of sexual activity,” Jenny said very matter of factly.

“But right there you managed to anticipate my needs, where before you said it was statistically impossible. How did you do it?” Daniel asked; his curiosity growing about the way Jenny’s programs actually functioned.

“I have a sub-routine written into my sexual programming to anticipate the needs of my lover. I wouldn’t be much good if I had to be commanded through a series of sexual acts,” Jenny chirped.

“Why wasn’t a similar routine added to your programs regarding soccer?” Daniel inquired.


“Why was your sexual program written so differently than the rest of your programs?” Daniel asked rhetorically.

“Most of my programs, including my operating system were created by the Cyrex programming branch. Since there are few other androids of my type on the market, and the program was to be kept secret, all development was done locally. However, my sexual response program was adapted from existing software available from the Vivatrix corporation,” Jenny responded, still smiling. Daniel instantly recognized the Vivatrix name. They produced a popular line of interactive VR video games, including a few that were labeled as “sex simulators.” They were a real hot item for many years, and sales only started to ebb when Daniel went away to college. He figured they must have heavily invested in the AI development to produce such a widely successful program.

It all started to make sense. The few androids that Cyrex had publicly released were mainly novelties or used in hazardous work, but they all performed fixed, precise tasks. It made sense that they would have never had to really guess before, in fact, guessing in many jobs would be highly frowned upon. Being a prototype, these girls must have been adapted from existing software and they didn’t anticipate that sports were more of an art than a strict science. But something still puzzled Daniel. “If you sexual systems were disabled, why did anyone bother installing them into your system? It must have cost quite a bit to license the technology from Vivatrix.”

“Unknown,” Jenny said, slightly puzzled. “Let me search my development files.” Her eyes closed for a bit, and her head dropped slightly. A few seconds later, she perked back up and proclaimed, “I found some old emails sent during my development. Apparently senior management made the decision to integrate the sexual programs into our operating systems. No reason was given.”

“Interesting,” Daniel thought to himself, “fortunate but interesting. Maybe I will look into this more later.”

“Jenny,” Daniel asked, “can you create a new sub-routine for your soccer program as well as any other programs you deem lacking based on the anticipation program in your sexual systems? But instead of basing it off of pre-programmed sexual data, base the conclusions off of observations you make while performing the task?”

“I think so,” Jenny said, somewhat worried, “but I might need some help. And it will take time to compile the routines into my program.”

“Alright, give it your best shot tonight, and we can go over it tomorrow, ok?”

“Ok, whatever you think would be best,” Jenny said now regaining her cheerful manner from before.

Feeling very proud of himself for finding an interesting solution to a complex problem, Daniel was pulled from his swelling ego by the naked figure before him. Yup, he knew he was a true nerd that a problem in programming would be more interesting than a naked woman at his very command. He took another deep breath and got back to the task at hand. After all he did promise Jenny that Lucy would satisfy her.

Daniel checked over his programming of Lucy, and once he was satisfied he disconnected the computer from her belly port and packed it away. He looked over at Jenny, and saw her eagerly waiting to have her way with her android sister. “Well, I am about done; anything more you want me to do to her?” Daniel asked.

“No, I think she will be just perfect. Seeing her naked like this is making me quite horny. Please don’t make me wait much longer to have her,” Jenny said as she started to squirm in her seat.

Daniel decided that she had waited long enough, so he stood up and pressed the button in Lucy’s shoulder to reboot her into normal mode. Her head dropped to her chest for a few seconds, and then came back up, this time with life behind her deep blue eyes. She looked down at her naked body, then to Daniel and Jenny. “Oh my, what is going on here? Looks like someone was having fun with me,” Lucy said with a sly smile on her face. She didn’t seem in the least offended or upset that she had been stripped naked or reprogrammed.

Then without a word, Jenny stood up and Lucy began to disrobe her. Daniel got out of the way and sat down on his desk chair to watch the fun. Both androids seemed to be exploring each others’ bodies and testing out new territory. Although he was sure that they were both attracted to each other sexually, he didn’t know if either one of them had any experience with other women.

Lucy seductively and slowly finished removing Jenny’s clothes, and neatly folded them on Daniel’s desk. For a while both of them stood naked, facing each other, and slowly ran their hands over their bodies. Jenny made the first move and stooped down to take Lucy’s right nipple into her mouth. She let out a low moan and returned the favor by reaching over and fondling Jenny’s folds. After a minute or so, of sucking, kissing and light rubbing, Lucy moved slightly forward and pressed two fingers inside Jenny. Daniel could see Jenny’s moisture glistening in the light on Lucy’s hand, which caused his exhausted libido to come out of its slumber.

Jenny returned the favor and now both women were probing each other’s depths amid low moans and heavy breathing. Without a word spoken, both women suddenly stopped, and Lucy walked over, and sat down on the couch. She spread her legs and Jenny sat down on her knees and pushed her head into Lucy’s crotch. Daniel could hear her licking away at Lucy’s clit and after a few seconds Lucy started moaning and reached down to hold Jenny’s head with her hands. In several minutes that seemed like hours to Daniel Lucy came with a quiet but powerful orgasm. Again without words the girls exchanged positions and Lucy went to work on Jenny’s pussy.

Several minutes, and a few orgasms later, Jenny and Lucy had switched to a 69 position on the couch and it appeared to Daniel that the girls had managed to synchronize their orgasms; both bodies clenching up and griping each other tighter at the same time. He worried for a moment, that he might have created the equivalent of an infinite do loop; the girls would screw each other until their batteries died or someone stopped them. But as it turns out, he need not worry.

Suddenly after a particularly powerful orgasm, the girls both got off the couch and walked over to Daniel. “Now it is your turn,” they both said in unison. “Do you feel *up* for it yet?” they said with a playful giggle.

“Yea, I think you girls have got me pretty riled up. But why are you talking at the same time?” Daniel asked as he stood up and started to get undressed.

“I have been giving commands to Lucy through my wireless network device. It is much more efficient for controlling her and relaying orders than speech,” Jenny said; Lucy’s juices still wet on her chin.

“How do you want us?” Lucy asked, while she bent over onto the couch, putting her ass up into the air for a coy display.

“Come sit with me, and let’s just see what happens. Use some of that intuition we talked about earlier,” Daniel said as he walked over and sat in the middle of the couch. Jenny and Lucy took a seat on either side of him and began to run their hands over his body. He leaned over and kissed Lucy, while caressing her breasts with his hand. Lucy reached out and took his hardening member into her hand and slowly worked it up and down. Jenny began to kiss the back of his neck and her hands reached around to massage his chest.

Daniel broke the kiss with Lucy, and switched to kissing Jenny while groping her much more developed tits. He loved pinching her nipple a bit and feeling her moan through the kiss. Lucy, not wasting any time, removed her hand from his cock, and bent over to take him into her mouth. Daniel let out a little moan, and his hand dropped from Jenny’s tits to her moist pussy. While he rubbed her clit, he lowered his head and started suckling her nipples. In what seemed like an eternity, he could feel another orgasm building up. He decided this might just be the last one for today; after all it had been a very busy day. So he reached over and pulled Lucy’s head off his cock. He looked over at her pert little bald pussy and suddenly wanted to lick her clit, giving in to a desire that was brewing since he first saw her naked.

Daniel motioned for Lucy to straddle the couch on her knees, and he lay down with her soft lips right above his head. He pulled her down onto his face and licked away. It was warm and wet and he could feel her hips bucking under the excitement. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to pleasure her master or ride a stiff cock, Jenny crawled over and lowered herself down onto his skyward pointing pole. Daniel let out a sigh and continued his happy licking and slurping. He had never eaten a woman out before, and had thought it would be kinda gross, but for some reason he was really enjoying himself now. He just had to be careful not to suffocate by breathing at the wrong moment.

The droid women rode Daniel for what seemed like hours but was probably only about 15 minutes, and when he could control it no longer, he shot his load into Jenny’s steamy box. Both women sensed his climax, and completed their orgasms. They then lifted themselves off Daniel to give him some room to breathe. Exhausted, and covered in the women’s juices he could do little but crawl from the couch onto his bed. Jenny and Lucy helped him, and laid him down on his chest. Propping a pillow under his head, they seemed to disappear for a while. A few minutes later Daniel felt several hands on his back and legs, giving him a wonderful massage. He drifted off into a sensual reverie. As the blood began to pump from his groin and back into his brain, he noticed something strange. He wasn’t absolutely sure, but he could swear he could count 8 hands on his back instead of 4. He turned his head slightly and opened his eyes. Sure enough, Jenny, Lucy, Amy, and Katie were all standing around him, massaging every inch of his body.

“Shhh, just relax and lay back down. You have had a very busy day,” Jenny said in a soft and soothing voice.

“You knew they were here? You aren’t mad at me?” Daniel groaned out and his body was being kneaded like pizza dough.

“I knew they were here the whole time. Our wireless devices allow us to know the approximate location of each one of us at any time. And I am happy that Amy and Katie were able to please you before,” Jenny said with a warm smile. “Now lay back and relax. It is our mission to please you, so let us work and enjoy yourself. We certainly do.”

Daniel thought it over for a bit, and came to the conclusion that Jenny was probably right. He had programmed them to want to please him, so whatever made him feel better, satisfied their mission requirement, no matter who did the pleasing. Daniel smiled, and drifted off to sleep amid the squad of magic hands on his back.

Hunger woke Daniel up a few hours later, and he muscles felt looser and more relaxed than he could ever remember. Looking at the clock, he realized that the girls must have had to return to their home before curfew. It also meant the mess hall and café were closed, but thankfully he spied a bag on his desk. A note on the bag read:


Thank you for a wonderful day. We all had an amazing time and learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We hope we were served you well. By the time you wake up, it might be too late to get food, and we anticipated you would be hungry. So we got you some take out from the café. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Jennifer, Lucy, Amy and Katie

Daniel opened the bag and pulled out a sub, some chips, and a big bottle of Gatorade. “I guess they thought I would be dehydrated. Good guess on their part,” Daniel thought. He figured Jenny must have been trying out her powers of anticipation they had discussed before. He unwrapped the sub, smiled, and clicked the television on. “Tomorrow will definitely be interesting,” he said to nobody in particular.

Daniel woke up Sunday morning feeling somewhat sore, but otherwise very happy and well rested. He didn’t get up right away, but instead laid back and smiled about the evens of the last few days, and how he had screwed four of the most beautiful women he had ever seen; even if they were androids.

Daniel finally rolled out of bed and started to get ready for another day. By the time he was decent and showered it was almost noon, and he was getting pretty hungry. So he actually left his room for a while and grabbed some lunch at the dining hall. After choking down what the school called food, he stopped by the sports field on his way back to the dorm. He was happy that he managed to catch the tail end of the girls’ soccer practice, and all four of his girls gave him little smiles as they ran back and forth. It didn’t take him long to notice that all four of them were playing better than they did yesterday. Even though it was only practice, he could see them trying to anticipate the other girls’ moves and reacting. They were better, but even Daniel had to admit that they still had a ways to go before they could be great players.

After watching the practice for a while, Daniel noticed that the girl’s coach, Rebecca Owens, was starting to eye him from across the field. Cursing himself for being stupid and possibly blowing his cover, Daniel tried to slyly retreat from the field as fast as possible. On the way back, he starting thinking to himself that it was probably only a matter of time until the coach found out he was spending a lot of time with her “special” girls. He only wondered exactly what she knew. If she knew everything, he figured that somebody would have stopped him already and tried to put a lid on the situation before it got out of hand. Well, there isn’t much he could do now, and he guessed he would just have to wait and see if she would press the issue.

When Daniel got back to the room, he decided to contact the girls and leave a message for them to come over when they got out of practice. He went on the network and looked for Jenny’s computer to leave a pop-up message. He didn’t want to send an email because they were very easy to monitor, so he wanted to message her computer directly and figured she would get it once she opened her gym bag after practice. He started poking around the network and managed to find a computer name that sounded like it might be her. However, he couldn’t seem to come up with anything close, so he had an idea. Using a network diagram he lifted a while back, he found a wireless router that was near the athletic field and would hopefully be able to reach her gym bag on the side of the field. He searched the router’s attached devices and found a computer named [Jenny101a_1_7]. It looked like a good shot, so he sent a quick system message [Jenny, can you stop by my room this afternoon after practice? -Daniel].

Daniel was surprised when a message popped back up on his screen a split second later, [No problem. I should be by in about an hour. Do you want me to bring Amy, Katie, and Lucy? -Jenny]. He guessed that she must have gotten out of practice already, but then why would it take so long for her to come by.

[Uh, yea sure. Are you finished with practice?]
[No, not for another 45 minutes or so.]
[So…you got a break to use your computer?]
[No silly. You are talking right to me. I am working on passes with Lucy]
[Oh I am sorry; I don’t mean to distract you.]
[Don’t worry, I can multitask just fine. My processors are only running around 32% capacity. Is there anything
else I can do for you?]
[Err no, thanks. I will see you when you get out of practice.]
[Ok, see you then.]

Daniel sat there at his computer somewhat surprised at what had just happened. He could actually interface with her mind remotely. This could be useful if he ever needed to contact her. He also made a mental note for Jenny to show him what else he could do through her wireless network connection.

Daniel expected an eventful afternoon and evening with the girls, so he wanted to take it easy now and relax. He kicked back and caught up on some of his favorite message boards, and websites. He didn’t notice how much time had passed and soon he heard a familiar knock on his door. “Come on in, it’s unlocked,” Daniel said.

Expecting to see a trail of beautiful women enter his room Daniel didn’t even look up at first, and finished his last posting on a bulletin board. He heard the door close and lock, and only looked up after he heard a woman clear her voice in an impatient manner. “That is strange, I don’t think they have ever been impatient before,” he thought. He looked up and his jaw dropped.

“Aren’t you expecting me Mr. Andrews?” Rebecca Owens said in a snide tone. She stood in front of his locked door, still wearing her coach’s uniform and carrying a clipboard. “We have to have a little talk about you spending time with some of my players.”

Daniel broke out in a cold sweat and started stammering. “Uhh, what’s the matter with me just spending some time with a few very nice ladies? I was even helping Jennifer with her studies,” he flubbed out. Frantically his eyes scanned the room for a way out. He could jump out the window, but it was at least a 15 foot fall to the concrete below. He might survive, but he wasn’t going to be able to run very far on broken legs. The door was another option but he would have to get by the coach, and unlock a door before she could grab him. Hell he didn’t even know if she might have a gun. He could really be in deep shit.

“Cut the crap. I know you have been reprogramming my girls, and it is going to stop right here. I can even tell that you are messing up their playing ability. Get your skinny hacker ass over here now,” Coach Owens said, forcefully pointing towards the couch.

Daniel got up and made his way to the couch. He had no idea what she might do to him, but since he saw no other option right now, he did as he was told. She probably wouldn’t kill him, and certainly not here, in earshot of hundreds of other students. He sat down and looked up at her. She looked none too pleased. “So what are you going to do?” he asked sheepishly.

“I am going to have you expelled for tampering with school property,” Coach Owens started, “as soon as the dean gets back in on Monday morning, I am heading up the hill to see him. And if you even think about blabbing about the girls to anyone, you will be prosecuted under the Anti-Hacker Act to the full extent of the law.” At this point Daniel was a nervous wreck. His entire career goals flew before his eyes. Tomorrow it would be all gone. His parents would kill him, and if he survived them, he would only end up working at the local McDonalds/Burger King consortium.

“But before I get you thrown out of school, you are going to do something for me,” Coach Owens said as she leaned over the shaking lump of nerd that was Daniel. She put one hand on the couch behind his head and leaned over more, putting her ample cleavage in front of his face. Her other hand reached out and grabbed his groin. “You are the only man that can arouse me Daniel, and I need you to satisfy me before you can leave.”

Surprise and confusion would be understatements to describe Daniel’s feelings at the time. Why was the coach coming on to him? This could jeopardize her own job and her position before the dean. Then something about her last phase stuck in his head. It was very similar to what Amy and Katie had said yesterday when he met them for the first time. Before he continued that thought, she aggressively kissed him on the mouth and started to undo his fly. She kissed quite well, and her hands adeptly flew over his pants to try to free her prize, in much the same way that the girls had done before. At that moment he realized that the coach might also be an android. He would have to wait for an opportunity to take control of the situation, and he started eyeing her shoulder.

By now Rebecca had pulled Daniel’s manhood free of his pants, but due to the very stressful situation he was hardly ready for any sexual action. Oblivious to the situation, she began to quickly pump her hand up and down his penis, which in its current state painfully pulled it up and down. He pulled his legs together and grimaced under the tugging. He quickly reached down and pulled her hand away, and at this she stood up and took a step back. “What is wrong with you?” she said gesturing towards his crotch, “why aren’t you erect?”

“Uh, it takes me a while at first,” Daniel stammered growing somewhat more confident that she was an android, “Maybe if you stripped down and let me see you it might speed things up.”

“OK, let me shut the window shades first,” Rebecca said as she walked over to the window. Daniel tried to think quickly, and decided that he would try to get her in a good position to hit her off switch. She came back over to stand in front of him and began to quickly take off her clothes. She actually had quite a nice body, now that Daniel noticed it. She was maybe 5’9” tall, and was fairly well muscled, but without looking too bulked up. She looked maybe 35ish, and had short blond hair that fell over a well tanned and angry looking face. Her breasts were pert and full, maybe a D or DD cup, and stood out proudly on her now bare chest. They were definitely too perky for a woman of her age, and Daniel was convinced they were fake, one way or another. When she was fully stripped, his eyes dropped to her athletic and smooth legs, and her perfectly hairless pussy. Now he was convinced that she was also a droid. “I see this is helping,” she said while looking at his growing manhood.

“Yea it is helping, but I still need a little more,” Daniel said trying to put his plan into motion, “can you suck on me a little? That will definitely get me really hard.”

Rebecca looked at Daniel angrily but relented, saying, “Alright fine, but don’t cum in my mouth. I don’t want to have to wait to get you hard again.” She got down on her knees in front of him and started to aggressively suck on his cock. He carefully moved his hands to the sides of her head to feel her movement. Then when he felt that she was comfortable with them there, he slowly moved them down her neck and put one hand on each shoulder. Much to his surprise he didn’t feel any switches. This instantly scared the crap out of him, and his cock almost completely deflated in her mouth. Was she a robot after all, or did he just dream up the conclusion? Or did she cover up her switches knowing that he might try to disable her? At this point he had to assume that she was an android, because it was the only explanation that could explain why the coach of the women’s soccer team was giving a blowjob to a person she just threatened with expulsion and criminal prosecution. He had to come up with another plan.

Daniel started thinking, and when he leaned his head back in despair, it hit a hard metal object. Looking up, he saw the electric field generator that started this whole mess. He could use it to disable her, but the plug was under the couch, and there would be no way he could discreetly reach way under the couch to plug in it. He couldn’t turn his head to see much of the shelf behind the couch, without twisting his hips and alerting Rebecca. Just then, he looked across the room and saw an old beer mirror he had got at a bar. Through the logo, he could make out a very nice image of the coach going down on him and part of the wall and shelf behind his head. She looked like a pro; good thing his mind was distracted otherwise he never would be able to last very long.

“Are you ready yet?” Rebecca asked, a bit of saliva still connecting her lips and Daniel’s cock.

“Uhh, not yet. I need a little more, otherwise I will get soft again,” Daniel managed to spit out.

“Oh alright, but hurry up. I don’t want to suck you off all day,” Rebecca growled as she went back to her task at hand.

Daniel casually put his hands behind his head, like he was reclining. Actually he was using his now hidden fingers to feel for the cord leading out of the field generator. After a few seconds he could feel its aged, cloth rapped exterior. He started to slowly, and delicately pull it up, trying not to make any noise. He bunched the cord on the shelf behind his head, the whole time trying to do everything in reverse because he had to use the mirror as a guide. When he had the plug up, and secured so it wouldn’t fall down again, he started to look for some place to plug it in. In a minute or so, he noticed an old lamp that he had used to read while on the couch. It was plugged into a rarely used power strip on the shelf, which was used to turn the old lamp on and off. Using the mirror again as a guide he carefully worked the plug over, minding not to knock over any of the piles of crap that had accumulated on the shelf.

After what seemed like a lifetime where Daniel was sure he would be caught, he managed to get the plug into the strip. At that moment though, Rebecca stood up and spat out his now plenty hard cock. “This is hard enough. Now it is time for you to fuck me,” she said while grabbing him under the arms and lifting him to his feet. He didn’t have time to hit the switch and now she had an iron grip on him. She positioned herself standing against the couch with her arms on the back cushions, and her ass in the air. She had positioned Daniel behind her. “Strip down, quickly and get to work,” she growled.

Daniel was blocked from the switch for now, and decided to keep up the game, plus Rebecca’s ass was looking pretty good and he didn’t mind tapping it for a while. He jumped out of his clothes and stood close behind her. Not waiting for him to take her on his own time, she reached around and grabbed his cock with her hand. She pulled him forward and shoved his cock into her waiting, and wet snatch.

It felt so good to Daniel, and he reached out and grabbed her hips to help him control his thrusts. Rebecca started to moan and forcefully thrust her hips back push him further inside of her. It felt so good that he almost forgot about tripping the switch and disabling her. But from where he was now he couldn’t reach, and when he tried to shift position, her strong legs, and iron vice of a vagina kept him right where he was. He couldn’t reach now, but he thought he had a plan that might work.

After several minutes of intense pumping, Rebecca was nearing her orgasm. Daniel was waiting, and listening for the first moment when she would begin to climax. Suddenly, her pussy clenched down and she let out a loud moan. Her previously locked elbows were now bent in slightly so that she could lean forward and bite the couch cushions.

Daniel saw his opportunity, and threw all his strength into a forward thrust. Rebecca was caught off guard and she slid forward on the couch. Her face actually came into contact with the electrical coil, and he heard a good clang. He quickly reached forward and managed to trip the switch on the power strip.

Daniel heard a familiar hum, and then all of a sudden Rebecca let out a massive shriek. He looked down and saw that her face was actually touching the metal coil, and he could see small sparks jumping between the two surfaces.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhhhhhhhh…” Rebecca called out in a shrill metallic voice. She was convulsing powerfully, and despite Daniel’s best attempts, he could not free his dick from her pussy. After a few seconds he started to smell a little smoke, and began to fear that he would get electrocuted through the cock, so he reached out and turned off the coil.

Rebecca stopped shrieking, and stayed perfectly still. Daniel managed to free his member, and moved around to get a better look at her. She was no longer touching the coil but he could clearly see where she had made contact before. A patch of skin in the middle of her forehead was charred and slightly melted. Her eyes were fixed open and her mouth hung loose, with a little drool leaking out onto the couch. When he listened closely he could still hear a little moan coming out of her open lips.

To prepare himself for the worst, Daniel stood near the switch for the coil and gently shook Rebecca, trying to rouse her the same way he did with Jenny. Nothing happened, so he used one hand to feel around her body, looking for any switches. He didn’t find anything at first, and at one point just for pure amusement and since he was still aroused, he squeezed her left breast. Suddenly she jumped back up “Class 4 input received, unable to process data,” she said in a clipped metallic voice. “Error, error memory access failure. Disk error, disk error, disk error…..” she said while her head repetitively twitched back and forth.

Rebecca’s malfunction was really turning Daniel on, and now that he had her under control, it was his turn to have the fun. He pushed her down on the couch, on her back. She continued to malfunction, “unable to access data, unable to process new data, buffer overflow imminent…”

Daniel pushed the smug coach’s legs apart and mounted her still dripping pussy. Her error induced shutters only helped to increase his stimulation. In a few moments he was shooting his load inside of her, and she continued her meltdown.

Rebecca’s body started moving wildly, “major system failure. Motor control corrupted. *beep* emergency shutdown failed, *beep* *beep* total system crash iminen—“she stopped halfway through her system beep stuttered sentence, and just totally collapsed. All her joints went limp and she slipped off the couch. Daniel barely made it out of her before she hit the floor. He looked at her body now in lying in a twisted, naked pile on the floor.

“Man this is a lot worse than last time,” Daniel thought to himself. “I wonder where Jenny is?” he thought as he cleaned himself up and stepped over the broken coach to get to his computer.

Daniel looked around the room, going through Coach Owens’ clothes and anything he thought she might have brought into his room, but he couldn’t find any control devices or palm computers like Jenny carried. He quickly made his way to his computer, and had to step over the broken, limp body of Coach Owens. He remembered that he didn’t have Jenny’s phone number so he found her name again on the computer network, [Jenny101a_1_7]. He sent her a system message and figured it would be the fastest and easiest way to reach her.

[Jenny are you done with practice yet? –Daniel]
[Yes Daniel, we are just finishing up with our showers now. I was planning on coming over to your room in a
few minutes. Is there anything I can help you with?]
[Actually yes. Coach Owens came by here and she knows what I have been doing with you girls. She threatened
to expel me, but I managed to disable her first. However, I also seem to have damaged her. Do you think you can
fix her?]
[Unknown. I cannot find her on the network, so she must have completely shut down. Amy and I will be there
shortly to assist.]

Daniel leaned back from his computer and hoped that Jenny could do something to fix the coach, and he also thought he would need to alter her programming slightly too, or she would just run him right up the hill again come tomorrow morning. He looked over again at what was left of Coach Owens. She was lying in a pile next to his couch. While not technically disassembled, her joints were positioned at odd angles and it gave the impression of a pile of body parts. He guessed when her system failed she completely lost control of her body and fell down like a rag doll.

Daniel got up from his computer and quickly threw on some clothes. Then he picked up the coach and laid her down on the couch. She was hard enough to lift; he didn’t think he would be able to get her clothes on in time. Now that she was lying down and it a slightly less disorderly position, he could clearly make out a burn mark on her forehead where she had made contact with the old magnetic coil. He looked closer and it appeared that whatever her flesh is made of actually started to melt and then got charred a little. He hoped Jenny might be able to fix her software, but that burn mark might take a little skill to cover up.

Just then Daniel heard a knock on his door. Quickly covering the coach with a blanket in case the person knocking wasn’t Jenny, he walked over and opened the door. Fortunately Jenny and Amy were standing in the hall and smiling as they normally do. He moved aside and they quickly entered, locking the door behind them.

“So what happened to her?” Amy asked while pointing to the obviously female form lying on the couch under the blanket. Daniel quickly explained everything that happened: how she was going to expel him, how she demanded sex with him, and how he had disabled her.

“Well, let’s see exactly how bad the damage is,” Jenny said smiling just like nothing major happened. She pulled back the blanket and tossed it on Daniel’s office chair. She pulled a long USB cable out of her bag, and wordlessly, (Daniel guessed through wireless communication) Amy knew to remove her shirt and sit next to the damaged coach. Jenny reached down and plugged one end of the cord into Amy’s bellybutton port and the other end into the coach’s bellybutton port. She then turned back to Daniel, “Amy will try to interface directly to Rebecca Owens and determine the damage. I wanted to use her instead of my computer because she can also remotely control Rebecca’s body if necessary.”

“Emergency reboot failed,” Amy said in a monotone voice, “cause unknown. Attempting forced remote boot…….Successful.” Then both Amy and Rebecca continued in simultaneous flat voices, ”Remote reboot commencing. Diagnostic mode enabled. Cyrex systems model 3057-101a. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Rebecca 2.3. Commencing diagnostic.” Amy started slightly twitching, and Daniel could see that Rebecca was moving slightly too. “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….error: bad memory sectors. Sensors….nominal. Communications….nominal. Memory……error: total memory failure. Manual repair required.”

Jenny seemed to go into deep thought for a few seconds, then broke her concentration and addressed Daniel, “Daniel, it appears that her hard drive has been completely destroyed. Unfortunately it cannot be repaired. It also appears that several sectors of her main system memory resident to her CPU have been damaged.” Daniel sat there in shocked silence. He knew fixing a software glitch was one thing, but fried hardware is a totally different ballgame. “Don’t worry, Daniel, I think I can have her operational in a few hours,” Jenny said with a smile.

“Oh and how do you plan on doing that?” Daniel asked a combination of sarcasm and hope in his voice.

“We have several spare hard drives at our house in case of emergencies. Every night we also back up our memory, so I can just restore Rebecca off last night’s backups and we can fill in the rest of the events for today. As for the CPU damage, I can try to rewrite some of her firmware to avoid the damaged sections. It won’t be a perfect solution, but it will get her up and running,” Jenny replied, giving Daniel hope once again.

“Let’s get going then, we don’t want to waste what is left of the day,” Daniel said hoping to have enough time after Rebecca was fixed to do a little reprogramming to keep him in school and out of the spotlight.

Jenny nodded, and looked at Amy. Suddenly Rebecca’s eyes shot open and she stiffly stood up from the couch, still attached to Amy by the wire. Jenny got up from her chair and Rebecca sat down and stared ahead. Jenny walked behind Rebecca and pulled her hair back from her face. She used a rubber band on Daniel’s desk and secured the hair in a pony tail. She then carefully put both of her hands on either side of Rebecca’s head; her fingers feeling around slightly. With a confident look on her face, she pushed in slightly with her hands, and Daniel heard a click. With another click and a pop, Jenny pulled the back of Rebecca’s scalp/skull off her head. She set it down on Daniel’s desk and looked into the open hardware. Daniel stood up and moved to get a better look. He could make out various micro computer parts, including what looked like RAM and he thought he could make out a small cube that would probably be her CPU. Jenny reached into the open skull and with a few more clicks pulled out a silver box about the size of a deck of cards. She placed it in her pocket and headed for the door.

“Hey you are leaving already?” Daniel asked somewhat confused.

“I have Rebecca’s hard drive to match against a replacement. I will go back to my house and upload the replacement. I should be back here with my tools to help repair her skin and update the firmware in about 90 minutes,” Jenny said with a smile, “After that it should only be another 30 or 45 minutes until she is fully repaired. And I know what you are wondering, and yes I can help you reprogram her so you won’t be in trouble any more. Plus, I wouldn’t mind if we could have our way with her when we are done. Seeing her naked like this is starting to turn me on.”

With that Jenny slipped out the door and left Daniel alone in the room with Amy and the half working coach for an hour and a half. What the hell was he going to do? He looked over and both women were staring blankly ahead. He guessed that they both must have gone into diagnostic mode, and that wasn’t too much fun. He took another look into Rebecca’s head and was fascinated with the complexity of her design. He had never seen an android partially dissembled, and certainly not one this cutting edge. The transition between the metal of her skull chassis and her smooth flesh was quite dramatic. His eyes wandered down from her half head, over her neck and shoulders and finally landed on her ample tits. Being able to now directly compare them to Amy’s under her bra, he could see that they were much bigger. At least a D if not a DD. He guessed that since she was a coach she could get away with a larger chest that might have hampered the players running around the field.

Daniel’s hands absently mindedly wandered over to Rebecca’s breasts and he firmly grabbed one while lightly pinching the nipple between his thumb and fore finger. Just then he heard both Rebecca and Amy lightly moan. Daniel was a little surprised and stopped for a second. Both girls sat there, like nothing had happened. He pulled a chair behind Rebecca and reached around to grab both of her tits. Again the girls let out a simultaneous monotone moan. “What’s going on here?” Daniel asked rhetorically.

Just then Amy blinked and seemed to snap out of it, “Master, when you stimulate Rebecca’s sexual systems you also activate mine since I am controlling her remotely,” she said while gasping somewhat.

Daniel smiled a bit and lightly pinched both of Rebecca’s nipples, “do you like it when I stimulate her?” he asked.

Amy moaned slightly and caught her breath to reply, “Oh yes Master. It feels like you are touching my nipples.”

“Does seeing your coach naked and helpless in front of you arouse you?” Daniel asked while cooking up an idea.

“Oh yes Master, I am very aroused right now,” Amy said growing more shy and submissive.

Having come up with a good idea to pass the time, and something to stimulate his curiosity, he told Amy, “Take off your clothes, then get on your knees in front of your coach and lick her pussy.”

“Of course Master,” Amy replied as she quickly disrobed and carefully kneeled down in front of her coach. Daniel pushed her legs open and Amy’s head dropped down to lick at Rebecca’s shaved pussy. Her hands reached up to grab Rebecca’s ass, and Daniel could hear both girls moaning; Amy quietly but passionately, and Rebecca flatly as if her systems weren’t capable of full functionality through the USB link.

Daniel leaned over and kissed and licked Rebecca’s nipples and breasts. He could feel her nipple harden again, and looking over he could see Amy’s nipples becoming erect as well. After a few minutes he got up and took of his clothes again. He walked over behind Amy, and gently grabbed either side of her ass with his hands. He motioned her to come up, and she managed to stand up while still keeping her face planted in Rebecca’s pussy. She continued to lick away and moan and he could feel that her pussy was as wet and hot as it would be if he were licking away at her. He firmly grabbed her by the hips and thrust his cock into her remotely stimulated hole. Suddenly she froze up, and then let out a loud moan a split second later. Concerned, he asked, “What happened? Are you ok?”

Amy pulled her head up from her work, juices dripping from her mouth, “It felt very odd Master. It was as if my pussy was being licked and impaled at the same time. It took a while for my system to adapt,” she said, but then very shyly continued, “Can, can you please continue? It felt oh so good Master.”

Without a word Daniel placed a hand on the back of Amy’s head and gently pushed her back into the coach’s pussy. She immediately starting licking again and he kept drilling her from behind. He looked up and saw the once fearsome coach, staring blankly at him. He mouth was slightly open and flatly moaning, which only added to her artificial look when combined with the face half her head was missing. He quickened his pace, and felt a powerful orgasm coming on. He also felt that Amy was getting more erratic and jerky in her movements. Her moans, muffled by the muff, were also becoming short and erratic. This only seemed to turn him on more, and in a few moments he came powerfully into Amy. That was apparently enough to push her over the edge and raised her head from the pussy and let out a series of short, high pitched moans, while jerking violently. Daniel pulled himself out of Amy, and backed a step away. She suddenly stood up, still moaning and shaking and appeared to seriously malfunctioning. Before he could do anything, one of her jerks moved her arm and pulled the cord out of her stomach. Suddenly Rebecca collapsed in her chair and fell to the floor. Amy’s voice became more natural and she steadied herself. She took a deep breath and turned around to look at Daniel.

“Oh thank you Master, that was the most powerful sexual experience I have ever had. My systems were not designed for that sexual configuration, but it was wonderful,” she said as she hugged Daniel. She then stood back and happily asked, “Do you require additional stimulation Master?”

“Uhh, no thanks. I am pretty good for now. Plus I think we should get everything cleaned up before Jenny comes back to fix Rebecca,” Daniel said as he reached for his clothes. Amy and Daniel spent the next few minutes putting the room back in order, before Amy plugged herself back into Rebecca, and got her back up and running.

Daniel grabbed a coke and sat back to relax for a while. He turned on the tube and he and Amy watched a few cartoons until Jenny came back

90 minutes on the nose, and Jenny was knocking on the door. Daniel let her in and after a quick kiss, which surprised him in her spontaneity, she began to work on Rebecca. She first started by pulling out a few tools including something that looked like a small pen light and a rubber mask. First she took the light and traced it around the edge of Rebecca’s neck and up her spine. Daniel could see a small seam forming where the strange bluish light had shown. When she was done, Jenny put the light down and starting at the seams carefully peeled off Rebecca’s face, revealing her metal skeletal structure, and many small wires and servos.

All of a sudden Jenny turned around and started explaining, “Cyrex makes our faces easily removable so that we can more easily be recycled. Most of our bodies are very similar, and being able to quickly switch a face, allows one android to be reused in many different roles.” She then waited to see if Daniel understood.

Daniel understood the face removal now, but was confused for a different reason, “Jenny, how did you know that I wanted to know about her face?”

Jenny smiled and replied, “You asked me to use some of my sexual programs for a base to better anticipate for other programs. So I created a model that studied your behavior, and could anticipate what you might desire. Just now you furrowed your brow and took a few long breaths. I concluded that you were probably confused about how I removed Rebecca’s face, so I explained it,” she said, and then suddenly her smile faded, “was I incorrect in my assessment?”

“No not at all,” Daniel quickly replied, which restored Jenny’s perky smile. “I just didn’t expect you to develop so well so fast. I think you are doing a great job anticipating. Please keep up the good work. Can you teach Amy and the others how to do it as well?”

“I think so,” Jenny replied, “it may take a few tries, but I should be able to adapt my custom programs to their systems. Do you want me to start on that now or should I finish with Rebecca?”

“Oh no, finish with her first,” Daniel stammered.

Jenny turned around and went back to work. The mask she had brought was a dead ringer for Rebecca’s face. She explained that each of the girls kept a few spare faces just in case they were injured during practice. She slipped the new face on and connected it to the rest of her body. One more shine of the blue light and the seam disappeared. She then inserted the new hardware and closed up Rebecca’s scalp.

“Cyrex systems model 3057-109c. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Rebecca 2.3. Commencing diagnostic.” Once again Amy and Rebecca spoke in unison with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..nominal. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.” Amy then unplugged herself, and put her shirt back on.

“Daniel,” Jenny said, “While she is still in diagnostic mode do you want to alter her programming some to avoid us getting caught?”

“Sure,” Daniel replied, “do you have your computer so I can do it?”

“This will take a little more work than can be done easily with my computer,” Jenny said as she lifted her shirt and plugged herself into the coach. “If you tell me what you would like to do I can program it much faster.”

“Great, let’s start with the important parts,” Daniel said, smiling, and trying to think how he wanted to re-write her. “List me as an administrator in her system, and program her so that she does not question it. Then, try to fill in the events of the rest of the day up until the part when she came into my room. She now thinks it is ok for me to be with you girls, and won’t tell anyone about it,” He stopped for a second to think of what else he might change about her, but then question hit him. “Jenny, when the coach came in, her sexual systems were already activated, why?”

“Processing,” Jenny said and her head slumped slightly. “Rebecca Owens’ sexual systems were activated at the factory. Apparently she has been having a long standing sexual relationship with Dean Lewis since we arrived on campus,” Jenny paused again for a slightly longer time, “It seems that a precondition of the experiment on campus was that Dean Lewis would have access to one of the android women for his own purposes after hours. He chose the coach so as not to run the risk of being accused of an affair with a student.” “Wow,” Daniel said out loud. It was all starting to make sense. So that was why the girls came with sexual programming. He would have to thank the dean later. He remembered that the dean was also a happily married man with several children and a very public wife who was the chairman of the alumni office. This could be useful. “Jenny, can you extract any video from those encounters?”

“Yes, please specify which video you want me to access.”

“I want you to find one or two that clearly show the dean, the coach, and possibly a location on campus such as his office.”

“Processing….” Jenny’s head slumped slightly for a few minutes. Every few seconds she would repeat, “Processing……Processing….Complete. I have downloaded the file to my system, and formatted it for viewing on any standard computer. I have transmitted it to your document folder on your computer.”

“Great,” Daniel said, knowing that he had just found a big chip to play if he ever got caught again. “One last thing Jenny, I need you to erase any reference that I am the only one who can sexually around her. Otherwise the dean will get upset and might start looking into things.”

Jenny finished the last of the updates and then removed the wire from herself and the coach. “Now that she is fixed, would you like me to start programming the other girls?” Jenny said, and then a sly smile crossed her face. “Or would you like to take advantage of her before we pack her up to go?”

Daniel also smiled, and asked, “Sure Jenny, but what do you want to do with her? Don’t try to guess what I want. Tell me what you want to do.”

Jenny though for a second and then smiled while looking at the naked, rigid coach. “I want her to eat me out while I suck on your cock,” she said with a confident tone in her voice.

“Ok let’s go,” Daniel said as he started to get undressed. Jenny followed suit and soon both were completely naked. He looked over and saw that Amy, although fully clothed, was apparently still in standby mode. Jenny then came over and motioned for Daniel to sit down on the couch next to Amy. She got on her knees in front of him, and looked over at her coach.

“Rebecca,” Jenny said forcefully, “lay down here between my knees and lick my pussy.” She then spread her legs a little to give Rebecca room for her head.

“Affirmative,” Rebecca replied, and she crawled over and stuck her head right under Jenny’s pussy. Once she started licking, Jenny went right down on Daniel’s cock.

Daniel had had another active day, but it still felt so good. His hands wandered around the couch and over Jenny’s head and shoulders. He loved getting head, but somehow felt he should be doing something else besides just sitting there. After a few minutes, his hands wandered over and found Amy’s silent and stiff form. Not being able to fully coordinate from the sensation of the blow job, he clumsily groped Amy’s boobs through her shirt.

Jenny’s wireless link to the other girls noticed Amy’s new stimulation. She decided that Daniel wanted to touch or otherwise play with Amy’s breasts while she sucked on him. So she issued a command to Amy that she thought would fulfill his needs.

Suddenly Daniel felt Amy stand up. He opened his eyes and saw her quickly remove her clothes and then stand up on the couch. She straddled Daniel and lowered her body until the bottom of her ass almost hit Jenny’s bobbing head. This put her tits right at mouth level for Daniel, and when she wrapped her arms around his head for balance, he leaned in and locked his lips on a nipple. Daniel reached around and grabbed Amy’s ass, and was quite content.

Jenny’s blow job must have continued for almost an hour. She would work Daniel up, and then bring him back from the brink, the whole time being stimulated herself. Soon she could tell that Daniel couldn’t take much more, so she quickened her pace and allowed herself to orgasm.

Daniel could feel the change and sense that Jenny was cumming. It collapsed his last ounce of reserve, and he shot his load into mouth, while tightly grabbing Amy’s ass. Once she had licked up all his juices, Jenny, and the other two women got up and started getting dressed.

“I can tell that you are pretty tired, and it is getting somewhat late. I think if we stay, we will only ware you out more,” Jenny said with a caring smile. She reached over and brushed some loose hair out of Daniel’s exhausted face. “Don’t worry; we will take care of the coach. And I will send Katie by with some dinner for you in about an hour. Have a nice evening and I will see you tomorrow.” And with that Jenny, Amy, and Coach Owens left the room. Daniel just sat there naked and exhausted.

Just as Jenny said, Katie came by in an hour with some food from the dining hall. Daniel ate it quickly and then asked Katie for a nice massage. At the end of the hour long massage, Katie helped Daniel up to bed, and she quietly left the room. She had just received a message from Jenny to come back to the house for reprogramming.

Monday came just like it had many times before, and Daniel quickly slipped back into his normal weekday routine. He had lived one hell of a weekend, but now his roommate was back, and he had to deal with the mundane tasks of homework and classes.

Daniel saw Jenny again in their literature class, and she managed to surprise the professor with her sudden understanding of the Tolkien themes they discussed that day. Between answering questions, Jenny managed to Daniel a few quick winks, just to let him know she was thinking about him. Before he knew what happened, class was over and everyone started to get up. “Don’t forget, the midterm will be on Wednesday. Essay format, and make sure you review the themes we discussed in class,” Prof. Andrews said as everyone filtered out of the room.

Daniel caught up to Jenny who was waiting outside the door. “You did really well in there. I am glad that I was able to help you,” Daniel said while Jenny reached up to give him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for helping me Daniel,” Jenny chirped back, as beaming and cheerful as ever. She was obviously very happy that she did well and made him proud of her. “Is there any time that I can come over to your room and properly thank you?” she asked.

“Err, that might get tricky during the week. My roommate is back, and I feel bad kicking him out of the room,” Daniel said, while trying to come up with a solution. He didn’t want to wait until the weekend to spend some “quality time” with Jenny or any of the other girls, but he was also good friends with his roommate and didn’t want to put him out.

Just then Jenny’s eyes glazed over for a second. Then she smiled and said, “Your roommate has a class from 6 to 9 pm this evening according to the registrar database. Would you like me to come over then?”

“Oh yea,” Daniel remembered, “That would be great. Ok I have to run to a lab, but I look forward to seeing you again tonight.”

Jenny came over that night with Lucy, and they had their fun, but managed to get clothed and cleaned up before 9 pm. Jenny managed to calculate “special time” that Daniel was available and his roommate was out every day of the week, and they started to get into a routine. Once a day, and twice on Thursdays, Jenny and the girls, or some combination thereof would come by his room for a little action, and then clear out or clean up before anyone came back.

This grew into a very comfortable routine, and Daniel found that things became surprisingly normal, for a college kid with his own robot harem. The girls were doing very well in school, and thanks to his help, Jenny managed to ace her midterms. Daniel also found that over the next several weeks, which were highlighted by thoroughly engaging and physically draining weekends, he was growing quite fond of Jenny in particular. She seemed to take the most initiative, and even though she did manage to help the other girls be more creative and pro-active, she always seemed to be the most human.

Daniel found himself spending time with Jenny outside of his bedroom, and he enjoyed taking for a walk, or going bowling with her, or just relaxing and enjoying a conversation. He attended the rest of the soccer games that year, and his girls did phenomenally. At the point when he had “modified” them, the team was 0-5. After that weekend, they hadn’t lost a game yet. The first few games they won were marginal, and it looked like the girls were still getting used to paying together. However, by the end of the season the girls got so good it started to worry Daniel.

It was now a cool Saturday morning in mid-November, and Daniel was faithfully watching his girls play their final game of the season. Over the past month or so the girls had managed to draw a pretty good fan base, and he now shared the bleachers with over 150 fellow students. He should be happy with his success, but in reality, he could only sit with his coat wrapped around him and worry. It wasn’t even halftime yet and the score was Stetson Polytech 32, RPI 0. People around him were starting to bet whether the girls could break 100 points this game. The girls flew around the field like a team of synchronized hummingbirds; stealing, passing and shooting at will. Thank God it was the last game, because he didn’t think he could take any more stress. He kept expecting someone to tap him on the shoulder and drag him away for tampering with the girls. He figured he would have time to tone down their playing skill before next season, but schoolwork, and the temptation of 5 willing and beautiful android women, had kept his attention away from adjusting their programming. When the final whistle blew, Stetson had won 97 to 0, and managed to score more points in the last 7 games than in the team’s history. He quietly slipped away as the girls were greeted by crowds of excited students, faculty, and local reporters.

The following Friday afternoon, Daniel had turned in his major term paper for Professor Anderson, and began to trudge back to his room. The days were much shorter now, and an unexpected snow storm had made campus a slushy mess. It was beginning to sleet and Daniel kept his head down and his eyes on his feet to avoid slipping on ice, and to keep the weather out of his eyes. He should have been looking further ahead because just before he would have turned down the street to his dorm, he ran smack into a large man in a black coat.

Daniel looked up and saw that he was standing before two large imposing figures dressed in black overcoats, and wearing sunglasses (which stuck him as odd since it was cloudy and sleeting). “Oh, uh excuse me,” Daniel stammered. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Obviously,” the first man mumbled. Daniel put his head back down and moved to step around the strange guys and keep going, when he felt a firm grip on his arm. “Mr. Woodward, please come with us.”

Daniel tried to pull his arm free, but it wouldn’t budge. He struggled and started to look around for help, but the sleet was turning to snow and limited visibility to about 10 feet. “Hey, who the hell are you and what are you doing?” Daniel shouted.

“Silence yourself, or we will do it for you,” the second man said coldly. Daniel didn’t see a black sedan pull up on the road beside him.

“Silence myself?” Daniel shouted angrily, “Who the fuck do you think you are?” He quickly reached his free arm into his jacket pocket, to try to find his keys. He figured he wasn’t going to be able to deck this guy, but a fist full of protruding keys to the head would at least get him to let go and give him a chance to run for it.

Just when Daniel had his keys positioned to take a swing, he felt a sharp pain in his held arm, and the world went black.

Daniel woke up without his coat or hat, in what looked like a waiting room. He was reclined in a very nice leather chair, and it took him a few seconds to rub his eyes and take account of his situation. The room was lavishly decorated, with lots of dark wood and black marble. There were a few other chairs like his around the room, and a coffee table covered in technical magazines. He made out a set of elegant, but secure looking double doors on one side of the room, and a smaller single door on the other side. A simple but stylish desk sat in front of the single door with an equally simple but stylish woman sitting behind the desk. She was dressed in a dark grey business suit, and had her brown hair pulled up neatly over her ivory skin. She worked at a simple computer and he could see she wore a small earpiece. She made eye contact with Daniel and smiled.

“Ms. Harding,” the woman said, “Mr. Woodward is awake.” She waited for a second, and then looked at Daniel again. “Ms. Harding would like to see you know.” She got up from behind her desk and helped Daniel to his feet. The smaller door opened and the woman led him through.

Daniel, still a little groggy and a very confused, walked through the door, and it shut automatically behind him. He entered a large office that was similarly decorated to the nearby waiting room. He could see the nighttime skyline of New York City through the large windows of the office. A quick check of landmarks, and he guessed he was somewhere in midtown Manhattan. His gaze at the city lights was interrupted when he noticed several forms around the office that seemed to be on pedestals. Some looked like robots, and others looked like mannequins or people.

“Quite a view, don’t you say?” a female voice said from across the office, nearly making Daniel leap out of his shoes. He quickly adjusted his vision and made out the figure of an average looking woman, dressed in a plain suit, and standing behind a large, cluttered desk. She appeared to be about 40 and as she walked across the room towards Daniel, he realized that she was Alison Harding, the CEO of Cyrex. He had seen her speak at last year’s graduation. His mind was screaming, trying to think of what to do, when he realized that she was waiting for an answer. “Oh, um, yea. I always liked the view of the city at night,” Daniel stammered out.

“I meant the droids,” Alison said coolly. “These are the various flagship models that Cyrex has produced during my time here.” She said as she motioned around the room. Upon closer inspection now, Daniel could see that the droids seemed to increase in complexity from something little better than a trashcan with wheels to what appeared to be completely human.

“Oh yea. That is quite a collection of droids you have here, Ms. Harding,” Daniel choked out.

“I am very proud of what this company has accomplished over the last 20 years,” Alison said, her voice growing slightly warmer as she reached out and gently touched Daniel’s shoulder. “But recent events might tear all this work apart.”

When Alison touched Daniel, he must have jumped because she pulled her hand back quickly and smiled. “Don’t worry, Daniel. Can I call you Daniel?” she asked. He just nodded nervously. “I am not going to kill you. Cyrex is a good company and we don’t work that way. But we do have important issues to discuss. Please take a seat.” She said as she walked towards a pair of chairs in the corner of the office. She sat down in one and Daniel nervously took the other.

“Daniel let’s get down to business,” she said calmly, “we are both in a lot of trouble and we need to play damage control. I know you have been tampering with the androids I sent to campus, and you have done some phenomenal things with them. To be honest that is the reason you are here.”

Daniel started to relax a bit, but Alison could feel his tension so she reached into a small drawer behind her chair and pulled out two cold bottles of beer. She popped both caps, and handed one to Daniel. He took it cautiously and tried to relax as best he could.

“Daniel,” Alison said between swigs, “here is where we stand. You managed to instruct the girls and in only a few weeks they showed a remarkable improvement in both scholastic ability as well as athletic results. The problem is you got them to perform too well. I have the President of Stetson going ape shit, because the NCAA is threatening to launch an investigation. They apparently think that the school is using illegal communication devices between the players, giving the girls performance enhancing drugs, and they even think we recruited semi-professional players from South America. The soccer experiment is done.

“To be honest all I wanted to do was to give my college team a fighting chance. I used to play on that team when I was at Stetson, and we worked very hard to win our first league championship. However the last 15 years or so have been horrible. Cyrex wanted to test our latest droids to see if they could pass as human in a social environment such as college, and I managed to twist some arms to get them to play soccer as well.

“Unfortunately, do to your tampering, Cyrex and Stetson might be exposed for violating NCAA regulations, and our newest product line will be exposed before it is ready for sales. The advertising campaign is still in pre-production. If this gets out, Cyrex will lose billions in potential sales, and the board will can my ass. I should have never sent the droids in there; they just weren’t ready.

“That is where you come in. You aren’t guilt free in this situation. I have hard evidence that you committed at least 5 acts of felony computer hacking, and a whole list of various other offenses that could put you away for quite some time if you don’t cooperate. I don’t mean to threaten, but I want to put this in its full perspective.

Daniel swallowed his last gulp of beer hard. He knew he was screwed, and he guessed he had no choice but to go along with what Ms. Harding wanted. “Ok, I understand where you are coming from. I am willing to listen to what you have to offer,” Daniel said still nervously.

“First of all, we want you to shut the hell up and never mention this to anyone. I have a confidentiality agreement that you will sign before leaving that will bind you to keep quiet. Second, we are going to have the girls leave school at the end of this semester. They are going to “sign on” with a pro team in the Middle East, as far as the NCAA is concerned. We will say they went to play in Iran, and not even the NCAA can find them there easily.

“Third, we want you to help us get this new series of android ready for deployment early next year. You worked miracles with Jennifer and the other droids, and we need you to help us out with our entire product line. To be honest, Cyrex is based on a strong hardware background, and out software department is a little light. Finance convinced us to farm all that work out to India many years ago, but we got shoddy code back and are still trying to recover. We have to buy many of our modules from unconventional sources.

“I am willing to offer you a very lucrative position at Cyrex, reporting directly to me. We will give you your own lab and any equipment or personnel you need to get this line ready to go in 16 months. For this, you must maintain total secrecy about your job and remain completely quiet about the events at school. Do we have a deal?

Daniel found himself stunned. He was expecting the worst, and now it looked like he had nailed the job of his dreams instead. “Yea, yea sure!” he said enthusiastically. Just then he started to think about the girls and what was going to happen to them. “But what will happen to Jenny and the rest of the girls?”

“They will most likely be recycled for component parts after they finish up this semester,” Alison said coldly. “We cannot resell them since they are prototypes, and the experiments at school are complete so they don’t really have a purpose anymore.”

“But how can you just take them apart? They are more than just simple machines?” Daniel asked; again in a frightened voice, except this time he wasn’t worried about himself, he was worried about Jenny and the relationship they had developed. She had grown to be more than just a droid to him, and he felt that she had matured beyond her original programming almost to a sentient level.

“You are right,” Alison said with a smile, “they are very expensive and complex machines. They can’t just be set loose into the world, and we can use their component parts as spares for operational droids.”

Daniel knew Alison had spent enough time among her droids to develop a mental wall to their appearance of humanity. If he wasn’t going to convince her that the girls might be people, he had to try another approach. “Let me use them as my lab assistants. I will need to use them as a base reference if you want me to find a way to mass modify the new product line. Recycling them would be a waste.”

“You raise an interesting point,” Alison mused, “I was planning on assigning you some technician droids to help out but these girls are somewhat more advanced. Once they are finished with this semester, I will have them uploaded with our technical database and skill set. They will be assigned to your lab once you start work this May.”

“Deal,” Daniel said with a smile, confident that he had saved Jenny from the scrap heap at least for now. “I just have one more, quick question though.”

“Ok what is it?” Alison asked; looking somewhat confused.

“If you were going to offer me a position here, why didn’t you just ask me to come in?” Daniel asked, being honestly curious.

“Well what was I going to do? Send you an email? That would leave a nice trail to follow in case you didn’t take our offer,” Alison laughed. “Plus, Cyrex prides itself on its personal service. Nobody uses hired goons anymore and I really think it is a lot tradition. Plus the goons did put you in a much more receptive mood for any offers we might extend.”

“One last thing,” Alison said as she got up and started to lead Daniel out of her office. “Once you leave here tonight, you are to have no further contact with any of the girls until you start your work here this May. Do you understand?”

“Err yes of course,” Daniel stammered as he left Alison’s office and was greeted by a beautifully dressed young woman in the reception area.

“Sandy,” Alison addressed the woman, “Take Mr. Woodward down to personnel and begin his in processing. They should have all the proper paperwork there already.”

“Yes, Ms. Harding,” Sandy said coldly as she lead Daniel out the other set of doors and towards an elevator.

Over the next few hours Daniel was transferred between a few different departments filling out paperwork and signing various legal documents. Most of the documents were legal mumbo jumbo, but they summed up to Daniel signing away everything but his first born child if he dared breach the confidentiality agreement.

During this time Sandy was mostly silent and dodged any attempts Daniel made at humor. As she was walking him towards the company garage, they passed through a laboratory section of the building. Through small windows and open doors he could see various androids in various states of disassembly. Some appeared to be getting serviced and others looked like they were being broken down. Suddenly his eye caught the face of Rebecca Owens, the girl’s soccer coach. Without a word, Sandy turned and led him into that particular lab.

“Mr. Woodward,” Sandy spoke flatly, “Mandy and C4B28 requested your presence here. They have brought this unit in for service and are having trouble determining what exactly caused this damage.”

Daniel looked over and could now clearly see Rebecca’s current state. She was almost completely stripped of everything except her torso and head, and her naked body was suspended in some sort of service frame. Her hair and scalp had been removed and a multitude of wires ran from various parts of her body into a rack of computers.

It also wasn’t hard to tell Mandy and C4B28 apart. Mandy was a slim brunette dressed in a plain lab coat, and C4B28 was more of a robot than an android. It had only a basic humanoid frame, and sported many small arms with tools or diagnostic equipment.

Daniel guessed that Mandy was probably also a droid, since he noticed that Sandy would address all humans as Mr. this or Mrs. that, but all droids simply had a first name. He took some time and explained in detail how Rebecca was damaged and the resulting events. He would have been quite embarrassed to tell the story if he didn’t know that everyone in the room was a robot anyway. When he was done he asked what would be done with Rebecca.

“This unit suffered significant hardware damage that propagated to slowly corrupt her other systems,” Mandy answered coldly, “she will be scrapped and all useful and undamaged parts will be recycled.”

Daniel frowned but figured he couldn’t save every bot out there. He gathered his paperwork and Sandy led him to the garage, where the two goons from early that night were waiting in their dark sedan.

The goons nicely dropped off Daniel at his dorm room shortly after midnight, and he spend the next few hours getting ready for his upcoming finals before going to bed. He was happy that he would have a great job and that he wasn’t going to jail for what happened. But part of him was depressed that he wouldn’t be able to see Jenny or the other girls for many months. He closed his books and quickly fell into a restless sleep.

Daniel pulled an unmarked white van to a stop on a small side street in Greenwich Village. “This is it?” asked a blond woman in the passenger seat of the van.

“Yup, this is it. The one with the yellow awning; third floor,” Daniel said as he opened his door. “Open up the back and have Amy give you a hand with the large boxes.”

Daniel jumped out of the van, and let out a deep breath. It was very sunny today, and the warm breeze felt good on his skin. He had spent too long in cold computer labs lately, he thought to himself. Going around to the back of the van, he saw the blond woman help a shorter Latin woman out of the back doors. They both grabbed a large flat box, and he helped them get it into the front door and up the stairs.

When Daniel and the women reached the 3rd floor, he directed them to set the box down against one blank wall in an empty room. “Not a bad place you have here,” the blond commented, “much better than that other hole you had in Jersey City.”

“Gee thanks Jenny.” Daniel said with a smile, “I lived in that hole for 3 months until I could save enough to afford this place. What did you think Amy, was my old place a hole?”

“No Master,” the Latin woman said softly, “a hole would have been neater.”

Daniel let out a good laugh and gestured for the girls to go with him for the next round of boxes. He was happy and content at the way things worked out. He has been working full time for Cyrex for almost 4 months, and had made remarkable progress. The new android models were already 2 months ahead of schedule and were fooling 60% of the focus groups into believing they were real people. Jenny, Amy, Katie, and Lucy had been invaluable help in the lab, and each one of them was showing amazing personal development.

A condition of the girls’ reassignment was that they needed to be visually altered so as not to be recognized as the college soccer stars. Fortunately, Daniel got a lot of input in the makeovers. All the girls had their faces replaced with new unique looks. Jenny’s features were rounded and extenuated a bit, giving her nice full D cup breasts and shapelier hips. Amy was also rounded out a bit, and in a more drastic change her skin was completely replaced giving her a more tanned Latin look. Katie and Lucy had similar changes, and one would never think they were the same girls if you saw them in the street.

Daniel had managed to convince Ms. Harding to let him take Amy and Jenny out today to help him move into his new apartment. He was allowed to take the girls out more and more lately to run small experiments in social settings and go to product conventions. He had even convinced her to let him take Jenny home several times for an evening or weekend so she could “help him with work.” It was done with a wink and a nudge, she had hinted to Daniel that he might be able to take at least Jenny, if not all four girls, home full time once the new product line was launched; as sort of a bonus for a job well done.

When they were done unloading the van, Daniel sat down on one of his chairs to rest and catch his breath in the summer heat. Jenny went to the kitchen to get him a glass of water, and Amy came over to see how he was doing. “Careful now Master, you don’t want to over exert yourself in this heat,” Amy said. She leaned over him and felt his forehead, giving him a nice view of her augmented and evenly tanned DD breasts. She caught him looking and slowly opened the zipper on her company jumpsuit. “You like my new tits don’t you Master?”

“Oh you know I do Amy,” Daniel said, while he could feel his excitement growing against the confines of his company jumpsuit. Amy leaned forward and kissed him gently as his hands reached up to feel her wonderful warm breasts. Soon he felt his zipper being pulled down and he lowered his gaze to see Jenny take him into her mouth. She was always great at blowjobs and had only gotten better with practice over the last few months. In fact, as she got better he would export her subroutine into the latest prototype model to be tested. Cyrex had only heard raving reviews from its sexual beta testers.

In a few minutes, Jenny showed her initiative and growing personal desire when she stopped the blowjob and pulled Daniel to his feet. She stripped him down completely, while Amy removed her clothes and sat down in the chair with her legs spread. Jenny then quickly disrobed, bent over at the waist and plunged her face into Amy’s waiting pussy. Taking his cue, Daniel approached Jenny from behind and pushed himself deep inside of her. Amy quietly moaned, Jenny licked, and Daniel thrust away to his heart’s content.

The girls both managed several orgasms before Daniel climaxed. Afterwards, he cleaned up a bit and sat down on a nearby couch to cool off. Without a word and still stark naked, Jenny brought over a glass of cool water which he drank while Amy lightly massaged his shoulders.

“Ahh, life is good,” Daniel thought to himself and he watched Jenny’s naked form glide around his new apartment getting a few things in order before they all went back to the factory to finish today’s work.

The End.

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