Blood Angel

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Written by Mirage

Blood Angel

“Let’s go, they’re all dead!” Angie screamed at me, in the pure darkness.

“No, I feel that one is still alive.” I screamed back at her, surrounded by about 30 bloody bodies, all wearing red thick capes with hoods.

“I’ll check, don’t make a sound.” she yelled back.

I watched her walking around, slowly, listening to the emptiness. “Shit! One is doing an incantation!” she barked out.

“Crap!” I said while gunning the bodies more until I made sure one by one they were died.

“This one! He’s still alive!” she yelled at me, pointing him out to me.

Quickly, I shot him in the back of the head, blood erupting like lava from an angry volcano. “Was I too late” I asked myself.

“Angie, get the sacrifice in the car while I take the wallets”

Angie grabbed a young, confused naked teenage girl, when out of the old house, and sat her in our black viper. While scavenging the bodies, I smiled at my findings. Demon worshipers are always loaded with money. I grabbed all of the wallets and anything that might help us in the future in a bag and ran to the car. I turned one last time to see the scene and I threw a big grenade in the old house.

“Aaaaaahh!!!” I screamed in fright, something grabbed by ankles.

“Michael!!! Zombies!” Angie screamed at me, tying the girl up with the back seat belts.

I looked down and saw rotten corps coming out of the ground all around the car. “Angie, fight mode!” I screamed at her.

She nodded and her arms opened up and became machine rifles. She started to blast away the zombies, with extreme precision.

I managed to wrestle myself from the zombie at my feet and kick his head away from his body.

“BLAAAAMMMMM!!!!!” roared the sound of the blast from my grenade, which just blew up the house, along with the cult I just massacred. I reached quickly for my shotgun and helped Angie finish off the rest of the zombies.

After a few minutes, I sat beside my female android companion. I kissed her softly and thanked her for the help.

She smiled and kissed me back.

“Can you call the clean-up unit now?” I asked her politely.

She smiled and closed her eyes and set the message.

“How are you?” I asked her.

“My battery is almost empty, need to recharge soon.” she gasped out.

I looked at the back seat, the teen was sleeping a dreamless sleep.

“Think she’ll be ok?”

“Maybe.... let the office deal with her.” she smiled at me.

I nodded and started the car, heading for home.

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