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My name is Greg Philips, a 20 year old with a Master’s Degree in Advanced Computer Engineering and Programming, with a minor in Philosophy. I can be best described as moderately handsome: six feet tall with brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. I considered myself lucky, since my genius level IQ allowed me to graduate much quicker than most other people and I quickly netted a high paying job that allowed me to work from the comfort of my nice apartment in downtown San Jose, CA.

After working with computers, and spending little time with people, I slowly came to the realization that I was fantasizing about robotic women. After my curiosity reached a certain point, I started surfing the net and found several forums where there were people like me. As I perused the forums of their stories and artwork, I befriended another new member in a small thread that had formed; more accurately, she befriended me after viewing my profile. While I was skeptical at first, having been shot down before, I decided to take things slow.

After moving from the threads, we both started communicating through the private messaging feature the forums provided, and I found that she was intrigued by the insights I provided in several of the threads other users started. She thought my viewpoint that androids should be treated more like people rather than as appliances made me seem more honest and likeable, as opposed to the majority of users who preferred their androids docile and submissive. I told her that my job involved working with computers, and any device so advanced enough as to mimic a human should be treated as such.

After a few months of exchanging messages, she seemed eager to try and meet me in person, so I decided to overcome my doubts and arrange a date. Since she was still in school, going to my alma mater no less, we waited until her Spring Break. We ultimately decided to meet at a neutral location halfway between our residences, and we both agreed to bring our laptops so we could play around afterwards. When the day finally arrived, I rushed to the Starbucks that we had selected to find her already waiting for me.

Her name was Becca, and was, to put it mildly, extremely cute looking, but in a beautiful way. She had a cute, playful smile on her round face, and her face was framed by her deep, reddish-brown hair; she had long bangs which occasionally fell down over her eyes. She was about 5”6 and she had remarkable amber colored eyes which entranced me. I could feel my pulse racing and I could tell by her expression that she was as pleased with my appearance as I was of hers.

After we recovered from the slight awkwardness usually associated with meeting a person face to face for the first time, we both ordered and then sat down in a corner, hitting it off almost immediately. It turned out that we shared more interests than just robots. We both disliked sports, we were both atheists, and, while I was obviously smarter than her, she was still a lot smarter than the average person. We liked most of the same TV shows, watched a lot of the same movies, and even read a few of the same books. We stayed and discussed our brief life stories for almost two-hours before we realized how long it had been. Since we had both forgotten to show off our laptops, we decided to go to my place for the rest of the day and continue getting to know one another. It only took 15-minutes to get back to my place…

“Wow, you have a nice place,” Becca said, putting her laptop case down.

“Yeah, the company I work for pays me really well since I improved the efficiency of their computer systems by over 150%. I get to work from here most of the time, unless something needs to be physically repaired."

“Lucky! I still live with my family."

“So, why don’t we set up our computers in here,” I suggested, walking her into my man cave. The man cave, which was where I worked, was equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems, a large TV, and a variety of video games, consoles, and movies.

“Okay,” she said, and we both sat down at my large desk and powered our laptops up. Since Becca was majoring in computer science as well, we both had a lot to talk about. But, in the midst, we still chatted about our shared fetish. “So, what got you addicted to robots?” she asked, showing off her computer’s specs.

“Not Quite Human, I knew when I watched it that I had a thing for robots, and it was confirmed when I watched A.I."

“Mine was Star Trek, seeing Data all the time."

“You know what I find so frustrating? It’s that I keep hearing rumors about there being real androids out there, but I wouldn’t even know if I’ve met one already because they would look too real,” I said on a whim.

“What would you do if you met one?”

“I would try and get to know them in the hopes that I might be able to take a look at their systems, and if it was a female, I would probably try and date her."

“Interesting, and would you tell anyone about your discovery?” she asked, looking strangely intent.

“Not if the android didn’t want me to."

“That’s sweet, so can I tell you a secret?”


“I…I am an android."

I just stared at her for a few seconds before replying. “Really, you’re not just screwing with me are you? Because that wouldn’t be cool."

“I am, and the reason you've been hearing rumors is because they've started releasing androids into the population to collect data before going public."

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but could you show me some proof that you are an android?"

“You mean open a panel,” she smiled slyly, since she enjoyed the stories as much as I did.

“Of course," I begged.

“Alright,” she smiled playfully, standing up in front of me and removing her t-shirt. I could now see that she was wearing a black shoulder strap bra which was covering her rather modest sized breasts. Once she put her shirt down on the desk, she turned back to me and said, “Press my belly button."

“Seriously, they actually made that the button?!”

“Yes!" she giggled, "it's the most logical place, after all."

I shook my head mockingly. “Figures." I then inserted my finger into her navel and pressed in. While the inside did feel like a belly button, I also felt a click and then a section of her abdomen starting just under her bra, ending just above her pants, appeared. After the panel appeared, it lifted out a bit and allowed me to completely remove it. “Wow!" The panel I still held was completely realistic on the outside; I could still see her navel and the outline of her abs. On the underside, I could see her artificial muscles and fat. After I carefully placed the panel down on the desk, I leaned in to get a better look inside of her.

“So, now do you believe me?” she asked, looking down at me with a shy look on her face.

“Of course! Do you mind if I poke around a bit inside of you?"

“Not at all."

“Thanks!” I leaned back in and got a closer look. From the looks of things, she had a basic skeletal structure to give her humanlike movement and appearance. Her panel was just below her rib cage, so I had an unimpaired view of her interior. There were a few tubes heading into her lower body from higher up, most likely her waste and blood. I could see down below was a series of bladders, one marked ‘lubrication’, and the other marked ‘waste’. Higher up I could see where her power system was located, just where the heart would be. There was also a pump exactly where the heart would be, and it appeared to be pumping blood. I could also see her stomach and her lungs. Finally, in the middle of the panel was a large complex of microcomputer components.

“Becca, what is this?” I asked, her, pointing at the computer.

“That’s my main CPU, or my brain to put it simply."

“Your brain is in your abdomen?”

“Yes, there isn’t enough room in my head for my brain, so they put my brain where my intestines would normally be."

“Interesting, does that feel weird, having your brain in your stomach?”

“No, I don’t feel any different,” she shrugged.

“Wait, how would you know the difference?”

“Oh, I'm a copy of a real girl. I have all of her memories, personality, and experiences."

“Wow, there are companies building copies of people?”

She shook her head. “Not exactly. I was built by my grandpa to replace his granddaughter, who was killed in an unfortunate accident. My little brother and mother are also androids like me, but my dad was too far gone to be rebuilt."

“Wow, how long ago did it happen?”

“About seven years ago, when she was 11, my little brother was eight, and my mom was in her early thirties."

“So, you've been an android for quite some time then."


“May I take a closer look at your brain?”


“Thanks,” I said, and I dove back in and got a closer look at her brain. Her brain was a large cluster of computer components with a multitude of wires leading in and out of it from all over her body. It seemed that there was a cluster of microprocessors behind it, possibly accessed through a rear panel, but in the middle of the cluster was a box shaped device that protruded from the rest slightly. It appeared to have a small monitor on it, as well as a speaker. “Becca, what is this box shaped thing in the middle here?”

“Well, that’s actually my brain, the rest is just a processing station which translates the sense information from the rest of my body to my A.I., and the commands from my A.I. to the rest of my body,” she explained, "Basically it's like a disc player, and my brain is the disc."

“Can it be removed?"

“Of course, otherwise it would be much harder to transfer me to a new body. I’ve had three different bodies, so far, as each one ages to a certain point, a new body is then created,” she explained, and then she stopped, “Would you like to remove it?”

“Is it safe?” I asked, quite taken aback at her question.

“Yes, my brain isn’t hot to touch,” she assured me, “and don’t be afraid to examine the rest of my body while I am out…just don’t take any of my clothes off."

“Alright, if you say so,” I said, and I carefully reached in and then pulled the box until it came loose. The second her brain came out, a few lights blinked red and then her body stopped moving. Aside from that, nothing else happened. “Wow, this is cool!” I said, looking at the small box that was now in my hand. It was roughly the size of several portable hard drives put together. On the front was a screen with a speaker and microphone next to it, and all along the sides were a series of fiber optic connection points, as well as a next-gen USB port on the front. The back appeared to house a complicated power pack, allowing her brain to still be online despite being disconnected from her body. Although it was not hot, it was still quite warm since Becca’s mind was inside of it.

“Wow, this feels weird,” Becca’s voice sounded perfectly from the speaker.

When I heard her voice, it shocked me so much I nearly dropped it. “In what way?” I asked, staring at the screen which now showed a few readouts.

“Almost total sensory deprivation, except I can still hear you and I can access all of my data."

“Interesting, well, I'm going to put you down and take a look at the rest of your body, okay?”

“Okay," she replied innocently.

Smiling, I gently placed her brain down on the desk and then swiveled back to face her frozen body. I was amused to see that she still had a cute smile frozen on her face. I was also pleased to see that I could still move her body around a bit, and that her skin was still warm and lifelike. Aside from the bra she was wearing, she was also wearing a pair of blue shorts and a pair of sneakers with calf socks. I ran my fingers across her legs and arms and was surprised to see that the skin reacted as a human’s would.

“How are you doing so far?” she asked, still on the desk.

“Fine, I’m just feeling your skin…it still reacts even though you're unplugged,” I said, feeling the area around the panel now.

“Yeah, that’s because my body isn’t powered down," she explained, "you should also be able to move my arms and legs too."

“Good to know, I was about to try that next…how are you doing?”

“Fine, I’m just looking through all my data files and running a few maintenance programs to keep me busy…don’t worry, I can still interact with you while running the tools."

“Good, I don’t want you to be bored."

“Thanks, that’s really sweet!” she said, “Now why don’t you get back to my body?"

“Okay,” I said, and I swiveled back and then stood up so I could better manipulate her arms and legs.

Since she was six inches shorter than me, I had no trouble reaching her arms, so I carefully took hold of both her arms, which at the moment where hanging loosely at her sides. Once I had hold, I lifted them up until they were straight up. With her arms up, her shaved armpits were revealed and I noticed a slight bit of moisture there, so I leaned in and sniffed. “Wow, her sweat smells real,” I murmured, not wanting her to hear me. I also licked it a little and tasted the expected saltiness. Once I was finished with her armpits, I lowered her arms back down to her sides and then sat back down so I could examine her hands. Her hands were just as movable as the rest of her body, and I spent a great deal of time playing with her fingers and examining her fingerprints. I was also pleased to note that her fingernails were a little long and untrimmed, attesting to her realism. There was even a little bit of dirt and grime under them.

“Becca, do your fingernails grow?”

“Yes, and so does my hair."

“That’s truly fascinating,” I said, sniffing her hand and smelling the remnants of the coffee and pastry that she had at Starbucks.

“Yeah, it took the designers years to perfect it."

“I thought you said your grandpa built you."

“He did, but he used a general design blueprint made by the companies that do build androids," she explained, "Once he had us custom built, he developed the means to transfer memories and data from the human brain."

“So, are you just a copy, or are you the real Becca?” I asked, my Minor in Philosophy making me curious.

“I’m a copy," she replied bluntly, "unfortunately, the only way to truly transfer a living person into a robot body would be to put a human brain in a robot body, but unfortunately there simply isn’t enough room, not to mention the technology could never be totally fail-proof."

“So, you're basically a piece of Artificial Intelligence which has assumed the life of a real person?”

After a brief pause in which I assumed she was thinking about my question, she finally answered. “Yes, grandpa basically created an artificial intelligence from the ground up, using a few templates, and instead of creating his own preset memories and personality that most people would usually do, he came up with an ingenious way of adding the actual memories, experiences, and personality of a real person…I can assure you, I feel exactly as I did when I was alive."

“Your grandpa must be a genius."

“He is, and to tell the truth, he's been nagging me about marrying a fellow computer genius for the last few years."

“Well, I’m sure it's pretty early in our relationship, but I am a computer genius."

“How lucky for me, still, I knew I would like you when I read your posts online."

“So, is your fetish real, or was it a way to meet guys?”

“It’s real, I kinda had a thing before I died and being reborn as a robot affirmed it."

“So, do you turn yourself on in that way?"

“That’s an odd question, but I suppose I do sometimes get aroused by my mechanical nature."

“Are you aroused right now?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, kind of sounding strange.

“I mean, you're essentially a high tech paperweight on my desk right now, and you're speaking through a tiny speaker with a little monitor which shows the vital stats of your A.I."

There was a rather lengthy pause before she replied again. “You know what, I think I am getting aroused now just thinking about it…thinking about it…thinking about it…thinking about it…” she said, beginning to repeat herself.

“Um, Becca, are you okay?” I asked, knowing something was wrong.

“Thinking about it…thinking about it…” she continued, I also noticed, after feeling her brain that it was starting to heat up a little.

“Becca, are you okay?” I said again, starting to get worried.

“Yes, I just feel really good right now…right now…right now…error, A.I. is in danger of overheating, recommend immediate reboot,” she said, starting in her voice and then going into a robotic voice.

“Becca, can you still hear me?” I asked, seeing that the vital stats were showing her CPU was approaching critical.

“It feels so good…good…good…error, A.I. rebooting in five, four, three two, one…rebooting,” she said, and then the screen went dark and the brain began to cool down a bit. After about 30-seconds, the screen lit up again and started showing text. After showing a few generic pieces of text, a quick diagnostic ran at a high rate and showed no errors, so it began to boot her A.I.

A few seconds later, the screen showed that she was booted, so I spoke. “Becca, are you okay?”

“Yes Greg, it seems that getting aroused while being disconnected from my body made me overload…fortunately, there's no damage to my systems."

“What did it feel like?”

“Well, normally when I get aroused, my A.I. sends arousal signals to the sexual centers of my body, and then my body sends the arousal signals back to me so interpret. Apparently, without my body, the arousal signals merely got routed directly to me, and they were quite intense."

“How intense?”

“Well, I have masturbated before and this felt about 10 to 20 times more intense than a regular masturbation. I’ve never felt better in my life."

“Wow, so you had a robo-orgasm,” I laughed.

“I suppose so…suppose so…suppose so…”she said, repeating herself again.

"Not again!" I sighed, face palming.

“Suppose so…error in A.I., self-diagnostic program initiated………..autocorrect successful, resuming A.I…Suppose so,” she finished, laughing, “Oops, I guess I’m still getting aroused,” she giggled.

“Would putting you back in your body help?”

“Yes, because then the arousal is more reduced."

“Alright, get ready,” I said, and I picked her up and carefully reinserted her into her body.

After a few seconds, the text on the screen started running a few diagnostics and then the lights in her body stopped blinking red and turned a solid green. Finally, her body slowly started moving. “Wow, you have no idea how good that felt!” she said, finally regaining control and smiling at me.

“Well, it did kind of make me feel a little good,” I said, looking down at my pants which now had a noticeable bulge in the crotch.

“I can see, although we’ll have to deal with that later,” she said, sitting back down.

“Yes, so could you better describe the sensation now that you are back in your body?”

“I’ll try,” she said, and then she sort of froze up for a few seconds, in the meanwhile I could see the word ‘processing’ flashing on her brain monitor. Finally, a few seconds later, she said, “It was like instead of just my vagina feeling pleasure, my whole mind was and it was essentially raw sexual data."

“I wish I could feel that…by the way, why did you freeze up just now?”

“Oh, sorry about that, I guess my brain's still recovering from the near overheat."

“Oh, okay."

“It’s nice to see that you're still treating me like I'm a person, and not just a machine."

“Well, I did Minor in Philosophy at school, so I can tell that you are most definitely real enough to qualify as a real person, the only difference between us is that I'm organic, and you're artificial now."

“That’s comforting to know, however not all androids are like me…some just have enough personality so you can talk to them, and that’s it."

“Figures, so I was wondering, do any of your body parts detach from your torso?”

“Yes, my arms, legs, and head detach."

“Have you ever tried removing your head?”

“No, but to be honest, it's because I’m afraid I might shut off or something."

“Well, it figures that if your brain is in your torso, that you should still be able to function without it. Would it be alright if I decapitated you?”

“I guess so, besides, if anything goes wrong, at least you can just reattach my head,” she laughed, standing up in front of me.

“Before I do this, may I ask why you are so eager to let me examine you? I thought you liked how I preferred to treat androids as humans."

“Well, to be honest, I would always be aroused, and interested, when my grandfather had to fix me, but he was all business and no play."

“I see, now how do I do this?” I asked, also standing up.

“There should be a mole or something on the back of my neck, just below my hairline."

“Okay, although your hair is a little long back there."

“I know, but it fits my personality,” she laughed.

“Yeah, a wild personality,” I laughed, parting her hair in the back until I located a small mole, “Found the mole."

“Good, now just press in on it for three seconds, and that should do it."

“Alright,” I said, and I pressed my finger onto the mole and held it there for three seconds. After three seconds, a seam appeared just below the mole and I could hear a whirring sound inside of her neck. “Can you still hear me?” I asked, moving to her front to get a look at her face, but her face was stuck on her usual smile so I carefully lifted her head from her neck. There was a sudden hiss of air and then her head was completely clear of her body and safely in my hands. It was odd to be holding her head in my arms, even more that is was still blankly smiling at me. Even with the blank stare, she still looked incredibly cute with her wild hair partially covering her right eye and with the little bit of teeth she was showing. I did not get to stare into her lifeless face for long, because a few seconds later I heard something near her neck and saw a small panoramic camera with a microphone stick up from her open neck.

“Wow, this is cool!” she said, her voice now coming from somewhere inside her throat and her body once again moving.

“See, I told you that you would still be able to move,” I said, looking at the camera.

“And I can still see and hear too, although this camera isn’t quite as good as my eyes are, and this microphone is hardly any better, and I can’t smell or taste."

“Well, at least you can still see and hear, although the time it took for you to regain control really needs to be faster,” I said, sitting down and putting her head on my lap.

“Yeah, maybe it’s because this is the first time or something,” she said, also sitting back down.

“Maybe, so did you want to look at your head before I do?” I asked, wanting to be polite.

“Sure, thanks for the offer,” she said, and she carefully lifted her head from my lap and set it down on hers. “Wow, my head's heavy!"

“Yeah, the average head weighs about 10lbs."

“I didn’t know that,” she said, gently feeling her own face and playing with the lips.

“Well, you’ve just been learned…anyway, I’m going to take a look at your neck while until you are done,” I said, getting up and walking behind her.

“Okay,” she said, now tweaking her nose.

The area where her head used to be was now a robo-fetishist’s dream. The real skin of her neck suddenly ended with a metallic alloy which seemed to be able to stretch easily. Inside of the opening were what looked like a few tubes, which I assumed allowed for food & water, and for air. Also, there was a large metallic cord which I assumed was the equivalent of her spinal cord. Finally, there were also tubes on each side serving as her main carotid artery. Right when I finished looking at her neck, she finally said she was done.

“So, how did it feel?” I asked, sitting back down and taking her head back from her.

“Strange, I mean I’ve seen myself in the mirror, but the way my face is still frozen is kinda creepy,” she said, “I do have a nice smile though."

“Yes you do, it's one of your best features."

“Thanks, if I still had my face it would be smiling more,” she said, “So, is there a mirror I can use to take a look at my neck?” she asked, rising to her feet.

“Sure, the bathroom is at the end of the hall,” I said, pointing over to the hallway.

“Thanks, I might be a while so feel free to do what you please with my head,” she said, and she started walking away.

“Alright,” I said, and once she was out of the room, I once again looked down upon her frozen face. She still had the playful smile fixed on her face, so I decided to play around with her lips. They felt as soft and moist as I would have expected, and they even moved a little when I touched them. I found I could also move her jaws, so I opened her mouth and looked inside. From what I could see, her teeth were very clean and her mouth still smelled of coffee and the pastries she had eaten earlier. After closing her mouth, I tweaked her nose a little, and, upon closer inspection, was even surprised to see tiny hairs inside each nostril. After I finished examining each individual part of her face, I amused myself by manipulating her face into several different expressions. I found that each time I moved her face, I could feel, and hear, servos underneath making a low mechanical whining noise and her face was able to hold each expression after I finished.

“Having fun?” Becca said, her voice sounding right behind me, startling me.

“Jeez Becca, you scared the shit out of me!” I said, feeling my heart pounding in my chest, as I had almost dropped her head.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” she laughed, though her laugh sounded weird coming from her throat speaker.

“I understand, I used to sneak up on people all the time at school and the part time job I had,” I said, relaxing a little as she sat back down.

“So, what did you do while I was away?”

“I just played around a little with your face, changed the expressions, and looked inside your mouth."

“I see, did you want to see the inside of it…I mean, the components that are inside?”


“Alright, turn my head around and lift the hair up at its lowest point."

“Okay,” and as I did so, I heard a click and a small panel opened.

“That panel shows diagnostic information for my head, there should be a purple button, press it and the entire scalp panel will come off."

“Alright,” I said, taking a moment to look at the diagnostic panel. At the moment, it wasn’t showing any information since her head was in state of standby. After I took it all in, I pressed the purple button. There was a loud click and then a seam appeared around her entire scalp, ending at the hairline. I carefully pulled her scalp panel off and then whistled as I saw the extraordinary display of technology that lay beneath. The entire inside of her head was semi-hollow, but there were various areas containing components that clearly operated the different functions of her face and head. On each area near her ears were a series of cylindrical devices which clearly helped her to process auditory information. Not only were they linked together, but there were also wires heading to a central processing unit in the head, as well as deeper into her head and down to the neck. I also found, after touching the cylinders, that there were designed to be removed. After I asked Becca, she confirmed that all the components in her head were designed to be easily replaceable in case they were damaged, or in case an upgrade became available. After finishing with the ear components, I noticed a pair of sub-processors right behind where her eyes were, and they were also connected to each other and to the central unit.

“They come out too,” Becca said, noticing me looking at the ocular sub-processors.

“Cool,” I said, and after examining the mechanisms, I found a switch which disengaged the left processor. Not only did the sub-processor come out, attached to the other end was the entire left eye, still looking as real as it did when it was still connected. Upon closer inspection, I could see minute veins and capillaries. What surprised me even more was that, even though the eye was not attached to her head, the iris was still contracting with the change in light.

After I examined the other eye, I reattached both of them and moved to the olfactory sub-processor. After removing it, I saw it was relatively small, and contained only an intricate filter. I also noticed it was connected to the gustatory sub-processor just below it. The explanation for this was that the sense of smell enhances the sense of taste. When I removed the gustatory sub-processor, I was surprised to see that the entire tongue came out with it. “How often have you had to replace these components?” I asked, bending the tongue and examining the details.

“Not very often, my tongue had to be replaced once because I fell and bit the end off,” she explained.

“I bet that hurt,” I winced, reattaching the gustatory sub-processor and examining the central processing unit of her head.

“A little, but I shut off the pain receptors immediately."

“Wish I could do that,” I said, examining a small sub-processor attached to the cpu. “What's this?” I asked, seeing it was linked to the gustatory processor.

“Oh, that's my cranial somatic sub-processor, it interprets my head's sense of touch."

“Are there others?”

“Yes, there is a somatic sub-processor in each of my major limbs: head, arms, legs, hands, and feet. They all link up to the primary somatic processor in my torso; it is right next to my brain. The somatic processor system is the most advanced part of my body, as it lets me interpret all sorts of tactile information…especially sex…there is even a dedicated sub-processor designed for sexual contact."

“I see."

“Are you done examining my head yet?”

“I think so…does your face come off too?” I asked, turning the head around and marveling again at the frozen smile.

“Yes, it sort of peels off…press the pink button in the diagnostic panel,” she said, and once I did so, I heard a small hiss at the top of her face, and I saw the skin at the top of her forehead rise up a little. “Cool!" I grabbed hold of the skin and slowly started peeling it down. As I peeled it, I could see the cavities where her eyes were, and the servos that operated her eyebrows and forehead. The entire nose came off, but there was a small protrusion underneath which helped it to retain its shape and position. Pulling it down even further, I could see the cheek servo mechanisms and the lip mechanisms as well. Once I had the face peeled down to the chin, it separated from her head, and I could see all of the marvelous mechanisms that made her face express itself.

“Yes, in High School I had to remove my face to apply some intricate makeup for a play."

“I’ll bet that sight freaked out some of your classmates,” I laughed.

“Not at all, the classmate who helped me was also an android,” she explained.

“I see, well I’m done with your head now, did you want me to reattach it?” I asked, putting her face and scalp panel back on.

“No, not yet…to be honest, I was hoping you might want to remove more of my parts,” she said, shifting a little uncomfortably in her seat; if she had her head attached, I was almost sure she would be blushing.

“Really?” I asked, setting her head down on the table.

“Yes, I found when reading the stories online that I enjoyed the parts where the fembots were disassembled. I think I might enjoy it as much as you would."

“I think you’re right."

“So, where would you like to start?”

“Why not with your arms?”

“Alright, I’ll remove my left arm for you, then you can remove my right arm,” she said, and she grabbed hold of her left arm from just below the bicep, squeezed it, and then twisted it off from her torso.

“Wow,” I said, feeling my heart pounding again…also, I felt myself growing a little hard at this latest development.

“Here, be careful with it,” she said, handing me her severed arm.

“Of course,” I said, and I eagerly, and carefully, grabbed the severed arm and set it down on my lap. The first thing I looked at on the severed arm that now laid on my lap was the connection point. I could see where the main “bone” connected from the torso to the arm. Surrounding the “bone” was a series of complicated looking fiber-optics, which probably assisted the transfer of somatic information, and transferred the commands from the brain. Curious about how the arm worked, I grabbed a small tool from my workbench and gently probed one of the fiber-optics, which immediately resulted in a small spark, and the arm twitched in my lap.

“Careful! You just activated one of the motion controls."

“Sorry, just trying to see how everything works."

“Well, there is a small diagnostic port located in my wrist, just poke your little tool right here,” she said, leaning over and pointing at a small freckle on the wrist with her remaining hand.

“Okay,” I said, and once I did so, a seam appeared and then a panel opened up about an inch below her wrist. Inside the panel was a small monitor, approximately the size of an iPod Shuffle. There were also several rod-like devices which went up into the hand. After I counted five of them, I realized they must operate the fingers. Upon closer inspection, I found there were small holes next to each one; curious, I poked my tool in one and it made the rod activate, making her index finger close. When I removed the tool, the index finger straightened out again. “This is so cool!” I said, making the rest of the fingers move, as well as the wrist itself.

“I thought you might like it, I use that panel to check up on my hand every now and then,” she said, shifting a little in her seat.

“Yeah, I’ve always dreamed of doing something like this."

“And I’ve dreamed of having someone do this to me,” she laughed.

After I finished up with her left arm, she let me remove her other arm. It felt weird squeezing into her arm, but I could actually feel a small button underneath the skin. As nice as it was to remove her other arm, I did not spend as much time with it, since I had already gotten a good experience from her left arm. “Alright, I think I want to move onto your legs now,” I said, placing her right arm next to her left arm, which were both on the table next to her head.

“Okay, you’ll have to remove my shorts first,” she said, carefully standing up.

“Alright,” I said, and I approached her and slowly slid her shorts down, revealing a matching pair of black panties underneath.

“Don’t remove the panties yet…I’ll let you do it a little later,” she said, adding an emphasis to her voice since she had no face.

“Alright, now sit back down,” I said, once I had her shorts down to her ankles, and when she did, I lifted both her feet to slip them over her shoes.

“Okay, so to remove my legs, squeeze in just below the thigh,” she explained, not able to show me since she had no hands.

“Okay, here goes,” I said, and I squeezed her right leg where she told me, and then I twisted her leg off. Unlike with her arms, her leg was rather heavy and nearly caught me off guard. After I adjusted to the new weight, I sat down with it in my lap and marveled at the realism. I could see small hairs sticking out in random intervals. “Becca, do you have to shave your legs?” I asked, feeling them.

“No, I programmed myself so the hair won’t grow."

“I wish I could do that with my beard,” I said, bending the leg at the knee.

“Yeah, I suppose most men would like that…you could always die in some accident and be reborn as an android."

“I’d rather not…die, anyway,” I laughed, moving to the ankle. “Would you mind if I took your shoe and sock off?”

“Not at all."

“Thanks,” I said, and I started unlacing the sneaker and I carefully took it off her foot before slipping off the black calf sock, revealing her small and pretty foot.

“Do you have a foot fetish too?” she asked, watching me cradle her foot in my lap as though it were fragile.


“I see, well how does my foot look to you?”

“A little small, but perfect,” I said, seeing that none of the toes were longer than the big toe.


“Anytime,” I said, and I continued examining her foot. In addition to the realistic look, I could actually feel the moisture that had built up over the past few hours, and I could even smell the mild odor of the perspiration. I enjoyed bending the toes and the arch, and I could see a small amount of sock residue underneath the perfectly groomed toenails.

“It’s a good thing you waited until you removed my leg to examine my feet, I’m a little ticklish."

“I’m sure we could tweak your settings a little to compensate,” I said, now tasting the foot with the tip of my tongue and discovering a slightly salty taste.


“Are there any diagnostic panels on your legs?” I asked, pressing her foot bottom into my face and allowing it to adjust to the contours of my face.

“Yes, look for a small freckle above my knee."

“Alright,” and once I located the freckle, I pressed it with my small tool, and a panel opened above her knee. Like the wrist panel, this one had a small monitor, but it did not have any rods. Instead, it had a series of fiber-optics in it. I found that by tweaking the controls, I could make her toes move, her foot clench and unclench, and the leg bend at the knee. “How often do you have to open these panels?”

“Only when I need to recalibrate my leg servos…so, whenever I trip or stumble."

“I see." After I examined her other leg and set it down next to her arms, head, and other leg, I looked back at what was left of her body, which was her torso. It looked odd, since she was still wearing her bra and panties, and her abdominal panel was still open.

“What now?”

“Is there anything else that comes off from your torso?”

“No, the only thing left is the maintenance port on my back."

“Alright, I’m going to have to lay you down on the table, alright?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind…I’m having as much fun as you are."

“Good to know,” I said, and I grabbed hold of her torso on both sides and carefully lifted her up. “Man, no offense, but you’re a little heavy,” I said, lifting her off the chair she was confined to and placing her chest down on my work table, next to her other limbs.

“None taken,” she said, her voice now muffled since her speaker was aimed down at the table.

“Alright, do I press this small birthmark?” I asked, seeing one in the small of her back.

“That’s right."

“Thought so, whoever designed you androids sure made you realistic, if I didn’t know this was supposed to be a button, I would just think it's a randomly placed birthmark,” I said, pressing in and watching the skin surrounding it unseal itself from the rest of her back, allowing me to remove it in a similar manner to the abdominal panel.

“That was the idea."

Inside the panel was exactly what I thought. I could see the microprocessors that were behind her brain, as well as a small diagnostic monitor which showed and overlay of her body. Since her limbs were removed, the arms, legs, and head on the overlay were blacked out. “What are these microprocessors for?” I asked, playing around with the monitor.

“Those comprise my primary somatic processing unit. From that panel, you could alter my sense of touch, and also perform diagnostics on my motor controls,” she explained.

“I’ll have to play around with it when I reattach your limbs,” I said, flipping her body over so she was laying on her back.

“Alright, would you like to remove the rest of my clothes now?”


“I thought so," she giggled, "why don’t you start with my panties? That way you can also access my vaginal panel."

“Alright,” I said, and I grabbed hold of the black lace panties and slid them down, revealing a lightly shaved pussy. There was also a scent, which kind of smelled like perspiration, but with the hint of something more tantalizing.

“Is this your first time seeing a vagina?”

“Well, first time seeing one up close and not in pictures."

“Thought so,” she laughed.

“Ever seen a penis up close?”

“Only my little brothers…he was being repaired though."

“Does he know how to fix himself?” I asked, feeling the area around the vaginal opening.

“Actually, at the moment, he's a sleeper."

“A sleeper?! Why?”

“Well, up until I was 16, I was a sleeper too, but my sleeper protocols malfunctioned one day and my grandpa decided to remove them after he discovered I was okay with what I was."

“That’s a relief, otherwise you and I might not be talking now,” I said, now feeling the opening.

“Oh, that feels good,” she said, “Why don’t you turn off my arousal down there?”

“Alright, I think I see the panel access,” I said, and I pressed in a small freckle just above the pubic hairline and opened a trapezoidal shaped panel. This panel had a monitor and a somatic sub-processor in it. There was also a few lubrication controls as well.

“All you have to do is turn down the controls," she instructed, "the panel should guide you through it."

“I see,” I said, and I navigated the simple user interface and managed to temporarily shut off her vagina’s somatic sub-processor.

“Wow, it’s like my vagina isn’t even there anymore."

“Don’t worry, it’s still here,” I laughed, moving my fingers back to the opening. I found that with a little pushing, I could slip my finger through the opening. It was rather warm inside, and wet. She must have gotten a little wet from the arousal she was experiencing from being disassembled. “So, is your mother a sleeper as well?” I asked, probing my finger even deeper.

“No, grandpa made her awake so she could help keep an eye on my brother and I."

“Interesting, do you think they would have told you eventually if your sleeper protocols hadn’t malfunctioned?” I asked, pulling my finger out and wiping it off on my shirt.

“Probably, I got the impression they were going to tell me when I turned 18, which would have been a few months ago."

“How do you think your brother will react when he comes of age in three years?” I asked, reactivating her vaginal sub-processor and closing her vaginal panel.

“I don’t know, he'll be shocked, of course, I know I was, but he might be as intrigued as I was, since he's fascinated with computers."

“Well, that’s good…maybe he and I can go into business together someday."

“What do you mean?”

“Well, now that I know that androids like you exist, I might go into the business of repairing and maintaining you guys."

“Cool, you’d make a lot of money that way."

“And it would be more fun."

“That too, now do you want to remove my bra now?”

“Why don’t I reassemble you first?” I suggested, starting to get a little bored.

“Alright,” she said, and then I slowly started reattaching her limbs, until I had all but the head reattached.

“Do you want me to leave your head off?”

“No, I think I want to be able to express myself again."

“I understand, hold on,” I said, and I carefully lifted her head up, still slightly caught off-guard by its weight, and brought it up to her neck. Once I was sure I had it in the right position, I brought it down and clicked it back in place.

“Ah, as much as I enjoyed being disassembled, it is so nice to be able to smile again,” she said, moving her face around and stretching her arms and legs.

“And it’s nice to actual talk to you and see your reactions."

“Yeah, so now for the last article of clothing,” she smiled slyly, and she reached around her back to unclasp her bra strap and then let the bra fall to the floor.

“Very nice,” I said, finally able to see her breasts. While I did not have much experience seeing breasts, I would categorize her breasts as being slightly above average in size.

“I thought you’d like them,” she laughed, making them bounce around a little and making myself grow a little erect.

“I do…may I feel them?” I asked, breathing more heavily now that I was seeing her totally nude and assembled.

“Of course, be gentle though,” she smiled.

“I will,” I promised, and I slowly reached out both hands and cupped her breasts in each one. They felt just as I has always imagined they would; Soft, warm, and a little squishy as well. I found that as I felt the nipple in particular, I could feel the surrounding area hardening up, and I could also see Becca’s breathing deepen and her face redden a little. “Does this feel good?” I asked, playing with her nipples a little.

“Yes, you do know that is an erogenous zone, right?”

“I do now,” I smiled slyly.

“Good,” she laughed.

“So, now that I’ve gotten to play with you, is there anything you want me to do?”

“Well, you could start by taking your clothes off; it’s only fair, after all."

“Well, if you insist,” I said with mock hesitation, and I slowly removed my shoes & socks, shirt and pants, pausing to show myself off, much to her delight, before removing my underwear and standing before her naked. “Well, how do I look?” I asked, rotating around.

“Hmmm, you look alright, I suppose,” she said, holding her chin with her right hand as she mock scrutinized me.

“Well, I’m glad I meet with your stamp of approval,” I said, bowing to her.

“Kiss me,” she said suddenly.

“Excuse me,” I said, caught off guard a little.

“Kiss me, I want to see how compatible we are,” she said, sounding a little cryptic.

“Alright,” I said, and I walked up to her and put my arms around her back to lock us in an embrace. Once we got over the momentary awkwardness of being so close to each other in the buff, we moved our heads closer and kissed. The moment our lips locked, I felt what could be described as a minor electric jolt course through my body. It didn’t feel painful; on the contrary it felt quite good. Since we were so close, our naked bodies were also pressed up against one another, and I found her feminine figure felt nice pressed up against me.

After what seemed an eternity, we broke the kiss and stepped back a little, looking into one another’s eyes. Finally, she spoke. “That felt good,” she said, seeming to catch her breath.

“I’ll say…what was that small jolt I felt?”

“A scan, my grandfather built-in a small device to allow me to scan the biorhythms of those I kiss, that way I can tell if they're a good match for me."

“I see, so am I a good match?”

“Yes, a perfect match,” she smiled.

“Good, what next?”

“Why don’t we see how much more compatible we are…in bed?” she suggested, blushing a little.

“Are you sure, don’t you think we might be moving a little fast?”

“Maybe, but after messaging you for the past few months, seeing your posts, and now meeting you in person, I think I can honestly say that I like you…a lot,” she said, her cheeks flushing a little.

“You mean, you love me?”

“I think so."

“Alright, but I don’t have any protection."

“Don’t worry, for one I can’t get pregnant yet, not until I’m 24 at any rate, and for another, my vagina has built-in protection."

“Interesting, you’ll actually be able to be impregnated?”

“Yes, the eggs from the real Becca were salvaged when she died and put into cold storage until they are needed. They've already been using artificial wombs for years, though they had to adapt it a little to work in android like me."

“Alright then, the bedroom is this way,” I said, and we both left the man cave and entered my room.

Once we climbed under the covers, we both spent a little time feeling each other’s bodies before I finally penetrated her. Unlike the kiss, there was no jolt, but I could honestly say that while our act of sex was brief, it was the most pleasurable experience either of us had either experienced. After we recovered from the aftermath, we stared into each other’s eyes.

“Now I know for sure that I love you,” she said, finally breaking the silence.

“Good, where you able to test my sperm or something?"

“Actually yes, now I’ve imprinted on you."

“What does that mean?”

“It means now we are even more compatible. My body will now produce pheromones keyed for your biology, so you will feel more comfortable around me."

“Sounds cool, so what do you want to do with the rest of your spring break?”

“Well, I’d like to introduce you to my family."

“Will they be surprised that you suddenly have a boyfriend?” I asked, getting a little worried.

“A little, but they know that I’ve been friends with someone online for several months now…us meeting merely formalized our arrangement."

“Well put."

“I thought so…anyway, Grandpa might want to scan you, and interview you. The fact you know your way around computers will make him feel at ease."

“Good, maybe he can teach me how to fix you."

“I’m sure he will."

“And what about your mother, and little brother?”

“My mom will be glad I finally found someone. I'm very particular who I choose to be friends with, and as such, I had no real friends growing up. Dylan, my little brother, will probably like you…hey, you know what?”


“My brain can actually fit in his body…all we have to do is shut him off and then I could be him."

“Cool, that sounds like it would be a lot of fun."

“Yeah, and maybe my mom will let me inhabit her body as well," she mused.

“You know, the day is still young, why don’t we head over now?”

“Sure,” she said, and we both got dressed and headed out.


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