Bethany in Room B

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A group of young women were busy on the North side of Room B. Despite this activity, the room was so large it felt mostly still and empty, with the thin dust of a large, industrial warehouse cover everything. Henry walked the long distance towards the activity, feeling tiny. The girls were all thin, long legged, buxom and working hard. As a group of middle-aged workmen lounged nearby, the girls were hammering together a large wooden framework that was taller than any of them. Near the framework, someone had built a long, low building with a series of evenly entrances spaced entrances, like a series of townhouses or bathrooms. A rough printed sign above this low building said “Relaxation Lounge - Absolutely Private”. Henry could smelled a pleasant odor of sweaty girl mixed with a bit of perfume as he approached. The work-women mostly wore men's pants, tight and cut-off to short-shorts, and men's shirts arranged in various state of barely decent. Henry considered whether there were carpentry magazines that might be interested in a center-fold.

As Henry approach, the hammering continued, regularly, patiently, unhurriedly, each girl concentrating on her task and only occasionally looking up to see how the work was going.

“Hey, you're Bethany, aren't you,” Henry said to an auburn haired girl crouched towards the bottom of the intersecting 2x4's. “Hey, you must be Henry”, Nimbly putting aside her work, the girl shock her smooth, shampoo-commercial hair and turned her big eyes and expressive mouth to the engineer, focusing all of her attention on him. Her perfect profile, her chest rising and falling, her thick, passionate lips, altogether took him aback. Internally shaking himself, the middle-aged programmer, reminding himself that “absolutely no reason to feel embarrassment with her”.

Looking at her and trying to smile a benevolent, fatherly smile, he said “I just wanted to talk to you for a second about this”. The budding woman nodded dutifully as Henry noticed her nipples hardening underneath the thin cloth of the oxford shirt tied around her midriff.

“How do you like being here?” “I love it, I love the other girls - we're going to be doing a reality TV show. And I love the other guys, they're great. And you're here. I hope I can see more of you...”. This she said in a throaty, sensual voice yet the last part she said smiling but looking down. Echoing his embarrassment, she put him at ease.

“Well, I'm sure I'll see more of you and if not, the others will be sure to keep you company”. Smiling with excitement yet but still self-effacing - “wow, thanks but you don't have to, I'm not that important”

“Anyway, I want to see a few more things before I go”. The doe-eyed girl had been sitting cross-legged as they spoke, looking up at him. “Stand-up” She stood up smiling, with the barest hint of amusement –as if being ordered about was a fun game. “Gently, put your left ring-finger in your right nostril”. The girl's arm moved into this somewhat humiliating position while her eyes continued looking at him. “Put your right hand on your head” “Now hands at your sides. Wipe off them off.” The girl's stare was loving, aroused. Despite his effort, this echo his feelings.

“OK, how did you feel about that, about following my orders then?” “uh, great, kind of turned on, really” He could see a thin film of sweat on her exposed belly and she was breathing a little more deeply.

Trying to sound nonchalant as the intensity of his sensual/sexual connection with Bethany grew, Henry horsely whispered, “let's go into a private room...” Bethany moved closer, shying placing her around his waist and continuing to look into his eyes as they moved towards one of the rooms of the Recreation Lounge. The room was roughly sound-proofed and contained variety of furniture with look of having been industrially cleaned by robots and a variety of sex toys carefully arranged in a basket. Kissing Henry, Bethany glanced at him as her hands moved to bar the door. Nodding, Henry kissed Her back and moved them towards the bed.

Not quite as sensually as a masseuse, quite not as gracefully as ballerina, not as innocently as a virgin but innocently, gracefully and sensually Bethany kisses Henry as her hands roved to his crotch. His hands felt the lips of her clitoris, aiming to be gentle yet with a certain awkwardness. But her body was like a magical instrument. He could hit no wrong note and she never gave up her concentration on his pleasure even as she moaned with each touch of his fumbling, middle-aged engineer's hands. As her mouth moved down to Henry crotch and his excitement built, she gripped harder, keeping his orgasm in check as her tongue and mouth played with, opened to, surrendered to ... his building excitement. Finally, yet sooner than he'd thought, he exploded as her lips wrapped around his cock, every piece of his skin alive with pleasure. Before and after this moment, Bethany making cooing noises, excited noises, eyes staring deeply into his, whispering, whimpering “master ... you own me ... you rule me, I am yours forever...”

Nearly losing consciousness for a moment, Henry felt the soft body of his love. Along with undefinable flavor , he taste his own cum on her sweat, yielding tongue. Knowing her to be a manufactured thing, an “appliance”, there was a disconnect in his mind. On one level, he felt the powerful glow of reciprocity coming from released endorphins. She, she was so good, he wanted to do something for her. But he knew she needed nothing, that pleasing him had been programmed deeply into her artificial intelligence, that Dan had succeed in producing the “perfect woman”, one which existed entirely for a man. Further, there'd been discussions, “so much that I think a woman should always exist for a man, it's that a robot that needs to exists to please we humans – if the robot was in charge, what would it do?”

Still, smiling down at his little honey, his temporary, ecstatic honey who he could keep if he particular wanted to, Henry wanted to do something. As he took her head in his hands, she yielded to him, staring with sweetest gaze he had felt – since his last android. Still, he kept her at arm's length. “Be happy” - her face glowed more, if possible. “Feel happy you brought me pleasure” - her animated face against reflected perhaps more satisfaction and less arousal (in that even the most expressive face, like the largest amplifying, has a limit to how much it express – the stunning android express more joy yet less lust). Very, “now Bethany, turn-off”. The beautiful woman rather suddenly lost her animation and tumbled out of his grasp. Slightly frustrated, Henry intoned “Bethany Zombie Mode”. The eyes of the beautiful face opened, yet she was a body, a thing, a well-made manikin. “Sit up”. The android sat up up, expressionless. “Keep this position”. Now, he removed the cord and box which had been carrying this entire time. Plugging the cord into a small hole on the back of the leggy android's neck, he began to scan her log file, looking for flaws, for files needing upgrading and looking for “self-referential control”. One of the AI jockies explained such loops are being “something free-will – but an arbitrary free-will. She could she really needed to turn every skyscraper in the city upside down or kill everyone in the building – and with her intelligence and ability to manipulate human male desires, she might easily do either”. Still, any such glitches were five degrees away from possible, as they should be. His box did most of the work itself. He was surprised to find she probably the least advanced android on the floor. He could upgrade as far as possible, yet she really wasn't likely to be used in the upcoming projects. Once he had scanned her software, Henry began to scan his own “logs”. Being fully human, his “logs” were detailed EKG readings, readings that every employee of BGI had to keep monitor his sanity, his attachment to the “amazing machines” produced to by this stealth start-up. Again, the monitor didn't mind that he “loved” this beautiful manikin. It simply made sure he wasn't getting into a state of unbalance.

Another thing that his diagnostiscope reminded him of was that he hadn't taken a companion home in few weeks. Like a friendly brother, the machine suggested that since his little coo-coo was likely to be surplussed soon, this would a chance to do some slightly more up-to-date testing. Considering for only about a twenty seconds, Henry touched yes on his device to transfer the “surplus property”. Still, considered the deadline for the platform, he realized he couldn't just take her away immediately.

Smiling at the display, Henry said intone “Bethany On”. Unlike the power-down the process, Bethany's power-up sequence took a while. Bethany's synthetic heart had ceased to beat, her awareness loop had made a hard stop and hard synthetic internal organs were also suspected. Yawning, stretching and shaking her limits, the beautiful regained her “composure”. “Wow, that was something. You can do anything you want with me, can't you?”, the android purred somewhat breathlessly, restarting its sex-bonding-obedience loop. Henry smiled.

Bethany, I would like tell you that I am going to be taking today. Still looking at Henry with a mischievous and adventurous look, Bethany was suddenly shocked, ecstatic, hugging Hank. “You know I don't deserve this, I only want to serve you as you desire, without any other desires”. Despite the plea, he enjoyed her delicate, slight, shaking excitement.

Until he had come to work for BGI, this experience would have been beyond his wildest dreams. That he was a start-up which had stealthily taken the technology from crude sex-dolls to amazing, real seeming women was almost unfathomable. Yet he also had gotten used to his many, perfect seeming lovers. BGI encouraged jadedness. They needed to their engineers to avoid too many distractions, even distractions involving important tests.

Bethany had been patiently looking at him as he trailed-off, recollecting his experience. “Well, my beautiful slave-girl, you still have some work to do today. I will pick you up on the loading dock at 5:00pm. Until then, you've got a platform to build.” Henry reached behind and playfully slap his new android's ass as they emerged. Return to her work-station, B continued building the platform. Henry moved a bit behind her field of vision and observed the sex-doll workforce, enjoying the way the android moved together, each with a look of intelligence and satisfaction, one occasionally smiling gently at another.

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