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Hi, I'm Mary. I'm a salegirl of Carlsson beer. Last Sunday I joined the company's sales function at next town. We went there early by company's car. On the site, my colleagues and me were busy to deal with the crowd. The selling seems good. After I finished my shift, me and my partner, Sandy returned to the hotel rent by the company to take a rest. In the room, we were relaxed. Sandy wanted to took off her clothes in the sitting room. Both of us were women, of course this was not a problem. When she removed her pantyhose, oh! Those were not legs inside, at least not human legs------they were metals! I heard something about robot like human being several times, this become real now? Sandy pushed the socks more. Her knees, lower part legs and feet revealed, all were robotic. Her great smooth legs were just stockings. I was scared, I wanted to shout, but a thought was flashed in my mind, "Maybe you are too tired now, if you shout, what will people outside do? If you tell other there is a robot, they will think you are insane." So I held myself, but I stared on her. Sandy looked at me, and said, " I'm scared you? Yes, I'm a robot. I'm made for helping the selling of the beer. I will not harm you. In the function before, I helped you many, right?" I think a while, she seems reasonable, without her, my job would be more harder. I walked to her, put a hand on her cold hard thigh, "The function at night will be more hot, you sell the left, I sell the right! " I said.

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