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Part 1

On my day off, I was feeling like opening up my laptop and do a bit of web browsing. As always, I was checking my vdo-mails first, and as always, many spambots filled it with sex and cheap drug ads, and I had to clean up the mess before I could read the sole good message in the hundreds in there, my friend Matt was simply linking me something with a plain text message "Have some spare time since the bitch is gone? Click this up buddy". I guess he was referring to Deana, my ex, and yes she played the double game with me for about six months. Well, I sincerely have no regrets, maybe she played a game on me, but dang that she did know how to take care of a man. Real girls that are not engaged are so rare those days, I don't see any trouble to take care of one when the mate is away. That's better than those one night stands with all those too pretty to be true robots, that are just looking for someone to pay their loan. I really hate robot makers for that, they are flooding the bars and dating boards with those sexy machines, catching all those poor guys looking for a good girl. Anyway, I did click that link, and howe dee howe!

Matt is a nice guy, he's living strait with the same girl for over 8 years now, have two lovely kids, and I think he got the same car for about the same time too. He used to be my roommate at the campus, we did all the parties together, we did all our white nights together, and now he's sending me this? I opened my vidphone and gave him a call, he answered. "Matt, is this a joke or what?" I yelled, I think he caught that I was not in a mood for humour. "No buddy, just fill up the e-form and wait for their call, they are really going to pay you to do that if you're selected". I took a second to look at his face's expressions to be sure he wasn't joking, I pointed my finger at him and said "You better not kidding me boy, or I'll jump into the next plane and come kick your sorry butt in Seattle personally" and I hang up. We are working for the same finance company, I’m managing the Detroit district, he’s running the ball in Seattle, funny enough, we did choose the same robot secretary model without talking to each other.

6 weeks later, and not thinking about that anymore, I received an vdo-mail from Integra Robotics Research, explaining to me that I had to take an appointment with a technician that will explain me exactly what the research is all about. I took an appointment at their office on my next day off. On that day, I arrived a bit late, the GPS in my car need a map update for that new industrial sector of the town and couldn’t spot the directions from their address, so I had to take off the autopilot and drive the car manually.

At the parking gate, a security guard checked if I had an appointment, and directed me to a precise parking slot for visitors. I entered the complex after another security clearance, this one punctuated with a metal detector test. One of the security guards accompanied me to the meeting room, where I was welcomed by the same woman that sent me the vdo-mail. Do I need to mention that all those people are robots? They all wearing the mandatory tag under their chin, and my interviewer has her one too. So what this is all about? Testing robots.

“You know mister, I’m a robot, an imitation of a human, and I have no real feelings, no real emotions, I’m only emulating them”. She told me. Of course, I already know that.

“What you should know is that a new version of the software is actually brought to test, and we need testers. We have an entry test for you if you are interested by our offer”. She paused.

“If you decide to sign our agreement, there’s two ladies into the next room, one is a real one, one is a robot. You’ll have to spot the robot one and tell us how you came to that conclusion, there’s 500$ for you whatever the result is.”

I signed up, and my robot interviewer started the disclaimer blabla, when it was finally over, we raised from our chairs and went to the next room where we met the two girls. Both appeared to be in her twenties, had slender sexy figures that their clothes put in high values. One is with half long bobbed blonde hairs, acid blue eyes and had a very light and natural make up. The other is with long curly red hairs, green eyes with black mascara and orange gloss lipstick.

The robot interviewer presented me the girls “This is Beth and Louise” pointing the blonde and red heads respectively, “the robot one don’t wear her chin badge for the purpose of the tests only, and you have 30 minutes to run your interview, I’ll come back at that exact time” and on those words she left the room, leaving me with the two girls.

“Hi girls, my name is Tom, you know what we are here for, don’t you?” They both answered yes. “I’ll start with you, Beth. Are you a robot?” Both girls laughed, and Beth told me she wished it was that simple. Eh, what do I know. I asked them where they do came from and what they do for living, both gave plausible answers, so I had to do better than that.

“One of you is a robot, is this freaking you out a bit?” Beth took the lead, and said that she don’t see anything bad about being a robot, as long as she is what she is as a person. Louise was more grounded and rejected Beth's statement. For her, being a robot with no real self identity, being all fake, would be a shock if for one day or another she was discovering that she is a robot.

I was making progress.

“Louise, would you have sex with a robot guy?” She looked into my eyes with a corner smile and answered “Who said you I haven’t tried it yet?” I really started to love the attitude of this girl, robot or not. Beth agreed with Louise “Yeah, robot guys don’t let you down on performances, but they don’t have much to say, even lesser than real guys do!” .

“Girls, you have bodies to die for, you are so sexy, are you happy with your body?” Louise waved her hairs behind her ears, and wished she could have a slightly rounder butt. Beth said “I’m perfect the way I am, so yes I’m happy with my body”. I had to agree with Beth, oh what I would do to have a night with her, in fact, both of her!

“Beth, I think you’re the robot between the two, I don’t know any girl that is perfectly happy with her body and don’t talk about a diet too. I caught you, did I?” She put her hands on her face and said “Well, let’s wait for the interviewer to come back, you’ll see”. Louise said “There’s 10 minutes left, how about a coffee break?” looking at her watch. A bit irritated by my remark, Beth said “Robots don’t need to drink coffee, Louise, and don’t need a break either”. Louise raised from her chair, I did too, and we went together at the next room where the coffee machine was, leaving Beth where she was.

Louise whispered in my ear between two sips of coffee “Beth is the robot” while looking around. I asked Louise the same way “How much are you paid to be here today?”, she answered back “500$” in my ear again. Me too, I said.

Now back to the room with Beth, the robot interviewer was already there with Beth. Louise and I sat back at our places. “So Tom, what is your verdict?” She said, as direct as a machine could be. I looked at Louise and said “her” pointing my finger a the lovely red head. Louise was in shock “Nooo, that can’t be! Beth is the robot, I told it to you in the coffee room!”. The interviewer took out a remote control from her pocket and gave it to me “So let’s see if you’re right, press the pause button on the remote, please”.

I took a moment of hesitation, and asked the interviewer if there’s another way to know which one of the girls is a robot. “Yes, you could remove her face mask by inserting your finger into both her left and right ears at the same time”. Louise said “Do it with Beth first!”. Beth said “ Mind your own business, stupid robot bimbo”. “I’ll start with you, Louise.” I said, while I moved behind her. I slowly inserted my fingers into her ears, the interviewer was carefully looking at how I was doing it. Suddenly a loud click was heard and the face of Louise came off from her head socket. The interviewer took the face in her hands, Louise found back her calm and said “Well done Tom, I’m the one, well spotted”. Beth said “Well, I’m glad this is all finished” as she raised from her chair. The interviewer asked me “So, how did you figured it out?” I said “Louise whispered at my ear that she wasn’t the robot at the coffee room, and she didn’t blew any air into my ear while she was speaking”. Louise said from her internal speaker “You got me right there”. “Well, maybe Louise is a robot, but we honestly hope that you wouldn’t find her to be the one” the interviewer said, as she put the face mask of Louise on the table to grab the remote. She pressed the pause button an Beth froze instantly. “You see, Beth is the one programmed with the older software, the same I’m running on, and we hoped that you spot her as being the robot between the two, I think we miserably failed with you."

I took Louise’s hand in my hands and said “No, you didn’t failed, Louise is my kind of girl, and I hope you’ll make tons of girls like her.” I was starting to change my view about robots, Matt will be happy I think, and I finally leave the complex after signing up another agreement, just in case I’ll be selected for a test in the field.

Two days after, I received an envelope through priority mail, containing a cheque of 500$, a formal thanking letter and a souvenir photo of the two robot girls I’ve met. And that was about it for 6 months, and then I received a coded vdo-mail from Integra Robotics, where I needed to logon at their website and view and accept a confidential agreement before I could finally read it. I’m proposed to test a robot unit equipped with an updated but similar software that Louise was equipped with in the entry test I’ve done six months ago. All what they ask is to let her live with me for a month. Hey, where do I sign!?

My cell phone ran almost 2 minutes after I sent the answer, it was Integra Robotics automated voice mail, announcing the arrival of my test sample in 2 days, if I agree, I had to say yes, well I almost shouted it. “Drop ship ETA 47 hours 59 minutes, friday 5:50 PM.” The automated voice said at the other end of the line, and asked me if this was ok or if I wished to complete the order as is. Oh yes complete it right away if you wish. Those 2 days seemed so long, I could hardly sleep because I was too excited, my friend Matt came over from Seattle and gave me a hand to complete the clean-up of my house and guess room for my very special guess. He had some work to do also at the head quarter here for a full week, so he stayed at my home too.

The day finally came, Matt and me leaved the office earlier to be sure that we don’t miss the robot’s arrival. At exactly 5:45 PM, a car manoeuvred to park just in front of my house, 4 minutes later, a woman got out of it, carrying a luggage and heading to my door. Matt said “She’s coming!” and I opened the door before she knocked it. A stunning blonde haired woman in her late twenties was standing there, I took charge of her luggage and invited her to come in, “You must be Tom, right?” She said, looking at Matt. “No, he’s Tom, I’m Matt. What’s yours?” “I’m Natalia, I’m glad to meet you guys” and we showed her the guess room where she will install herself for the month.

In the following week, we hold ourselves me and Matt to mention the word “robot” in front of her. After all, she was acting perfectly human like, she ate with us, appeared to sleep, and visited the town during the day. When Matt left to get back at Seattle, I was now alone with her, and now the stupid questions came over, I couldn’t help myself.

At the diner time, she sat at the table and start eating what she just did for the two of us. Stupid question #1 ”Natalia, why are you eating?” After all she’s a robot, she probably don’t need to eat. She dropped her fork and finished what she have into her mouth before answering “Because you didn’t told me you don’t want me to, and to be honest, that will save me some clean up time if I don’t eat”. Dumb question #2 “What do you do when you go to sleep? Machines don’t need to sleep, no?” and again, she gladly answered “I don’t move and close my eyes, it’s about it, I don’t really sleep, no, and I would rather do something else during that waste of time”. I was getting good at this, really stupid question #3 “Would you mind having sex with me?” And with that last word of mine, she started to undress herself! I was growing in excitement, and came to a peak when she was with only her slip and her bras on. And then she removed them, that was a total turn off, she had no crotch and no nipples on her boobs! She said “I’m sorry Tom, I’m not equiped for sexual intercourse, so don’t ask again please.”

Oh man, what a pain, they're making so much beautiful machines and they ask me to stay calm? Maybe I could control myself, but my little buddy down there is not. I kept wondering about what she could do with those nice lips up to the last second before she got back at Integra Robotics. Natalia kept saying to me all this time that testers are elected to receive a sex enabled robot, and it's mostly based on the score she will give me about the quality of the treatment she'll receive on her sejour with me. Well at the end, that was fair enough in my view, I enjoyed the presence of a beautiful synthetic woman in my home for a full month, and it didn't cost me a penny.

After I filled the final tester's report into the secured area of the website, I was feeling about Louise, the sample unit of my entry test, and this feeling held on me until I went to bed that night to sleep all alone in my house for the first day since a month.

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