Basic Services

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Basic Services

by DarkRexx

OS-1138 was not a high end supermodel of a fembot that melted hearts and tightened the jeans of any passerby. She didn't possess a mind-bendingly powerful CPU, and her social protocols were designed in such a way that she would behave shyly if she was ever in a situation she wasn't one hundred percent in control of. She barely even looked human. Her metallic, framed arms, segmented hands, and the shiny chrome that made up her feminine torso tapered down to shapely hips, where sculpted buttocks met the exposed metal framing that made up her legs. She had glowing green 'irises' set into black spheres as optical sensors, and brown crystal fiber made up the oddly out of place brown hair that was tied into a long french braid.

This particular unit, thanks to neglectful owners who forgot to have her CPU wiped on a regular basis, had developed into a sentient being some years ago. She was protected by law now, with an I.D. card she could brandish at anyone who tried to reprogram her without permission in the hopes that they cared. Of course just because the government protected her rights didn't mean that she was free. She didn't have any marketable skills so she rented herself to a store owner that employed her doing thankfully simple tasks like sweeping up the floor and getting yelled at by angry customers. However, she made enough money for her monthly repairs and upkeep so existence was good. Until the day the Special Customer showed up.

Special Customer, as OS-1138 called them... was special. She wasn't sure why. Maybe the romance novels she liked to read had instilled some sort of percieved notions about physical attraction into her systems, though Special Customer wasn't particularly attractive. Not ugly but again, no Marilyn Monroe or David Beckham. Maybe it was how nice they seemed. Maybe it was that they were the only customer to smile and say thank you to OS when they made purchases. In any case, OS experienced a surge of input every time she saw them, and every time she wanted to say something, only to have the words fall short. After all, they were human... and OS was just a bot. A cheap one at that. So week in and week out, Special Customer came and went. Of course, nothing is ever so simple, and one day Special Customer had a problem that would make things between them and OS much more complex...

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