Bad Dreams

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Written by Mirage

Bad Dreams

"Please sit down, Mr. Miller," the beautiful woman said to the frightened teenager.

The young man sat down quickly on the nice soft chair in front of the woman's desk. He glanced at her and looked down at the floor, "You're a machine, right?"

"How did you guess?" she asked quickly.

"No shrink is that perfect and beautiful. Except robot ones..."

The woman looked at him and smiled, "Yes, I am a machine, does that bother you?"

"You don't know lucky you are." He mumbled out to her, showing anger and fear in his eyes.

"Strange, in my experience, humans always say that being a machine, I am missing out on truly understanding on what being a human is like. This is truly a first someone saying to me that being a machine is a positive thing. Why do you say that?" she asked him confused.

"Because machines can't dream!" the teenager said angrily.

"Ah. Dreams. Is that what is bothering you, Tom?" she asked him back.

"More nightmares than dreams." Tom answered back.

"Yes, I start to see. From your profile, you have been having terrible nightmares for the last few weeks. Even to the point of self-mutilation to stay awake." She said in a somewhat lifeless voice.

"I didn't cut myself! He did it!" the teen screamed at her, angered.

"Him?.. Oh... the boogeyman. That urban legend from that past." she said, somewhat amazed that humans still believed sometimes in nonsense in this age.

"He's real! HE"S REAL!!! Why no one believes me!" Tom start sobbing.

The woman waited until the teenager regained his composure and continued on his session. "What happens in your dreams?" she then asks.

"He wants to kill me!!!" Toms cried out, frightened.

"Tom, why do think the bogey man is after you?" she asked next.

"I don't know.... he mentioned once about a street.... A place... where my ancestry came from," The boy sobbed, becoming more and more delirious.

"Tom, I think I can help you... You know, I can hypnotize you quickly right now. Let you forget about your bad dreams . . . We do it all the time now to humans. Makes them forgot about the guilt they might have inside them . . . control their inner demons." She smiled at him, staring at Tom.

"No . . . no. Don't make me go to sleep!" he yelled out.

But it was too late. His eyes were fixed on her eyes, but he could not stop looking at them.

"Tom, you are now asleep. You will stop having the nightmares," she said to Tom.

He started repeating what she was telling him, "I will stop having the nightmares. I will stop having the nightmares. SHUT UP BITCH!!!... YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!" suddenly Tom yelled out in a totally different voice from his own.

The female robot suddenly felt a deep shock to her A.I. programming. She could best describe it as fear itself.

"Tom?" she asked worried about her patient.

"The name is FREDDY!" Tom yelled out, his eyes wide open.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" in an instant, Tom screamed out so loud, the lights exploded in the lamps on her desk.

Now the room almost dark, except the few sparks from the broken lamps flickering.

The android woman moved to see Tom's frightened face closely. Suddenly, Tom's chest split in two, four huge blades coming out of it. Blood splattered everywhere, including the face of the female android.

"Tom???? This can't be happening... it makes no makes no makes no sense."

She just repeated over and over, staring at the burned man with the hat and red and green sweater coming out of what was left of Tom's chest cavity.

"HEY ROBOT BITCH! NEVER SEEN A 3D MOVIE BEFORE??? HAHAHAHahaha…" was the last words she ever heard before being torn apart by his right-hand bladed glove.

The end


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