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Part 1

Maria looked at herself in the mirror. She was sporting a black pleather tank top and matching skirt that was short enough that you could just make out her lace panties, which complemented her fish net stockings. She looked about 20, with raven black hair and pale skin. She had D-cup breasts and her nipples could be dimly made out in the tight synthetic fabric. Outwardly her personality seemed that of an independent minded, some what quirky, young lady; which she was beginning to think was her problem.

Maria was an Aria Corp S/D- Type M – Model 7 personal android, programmed and designed for domestic and consort functionality; consort being the polite term for sex.

Her model had been praised for its advanced A.I. and innovative social interaction programming, and had gotten rating from 9 to 10 from almost all the android review sites.

Those reviews however were from people who knew and understood androids. They understood that they were the owner and she was the property; that she was just sophisticated tool for housekeeping and masturbation. Though she might express strong opinions and interests, but her directives were to serve and please her owner, and a few words would have her doing anything her owners desired. That was her function, her purpose, her pleasure.

Maria’s owner however, Mark, wasn’t one of these people.

Mark was a shy, socially awkward, introvert. Maria assumed she had been purchased do to his difficulty dealing with woman, and though he might have done well with a Type E, or H, Maria’s personality programming made her seem a little to real for him to be comfortable.

Their first meeting, in retrospect, was an unmitigated disaster. It began with her activation and imprint. Mark pressed her power button, looked her in the eye and said his name, registering himself as the one she belonged to. Her eyes flickered for a moment, and she became fully online. She sat up and looked at her new owner and “Hi, Mark.” She said smiling sweetly.

Looking back Maria wished that she had been programmed with the default owner identifier of Master, instead of [Name]. A little subservience and maybe things would have gone over better.

She stood up and analyzed her surroundings. The room was large, and quite lavishly decorated; Maria moved and sat down on his black leather couch, and tapped the seat for Mark to join her. “Nice place. You buy it? You must be loaded!” wealth in an owner wasn’t surprising, Type M’s were expensive; it would have been strange for her owner not to have had wealth.

Mark sat down beside her and sputtered a response, “Yes…um-no - I mean-I um-um…”

“Ok Mark,” Maria tried to calm her owner, “think of what you want to say, then begin slowly- oooh cognac, can I have some?” Maria’s magpie distractibility was rated favorably for it’s quirky charm, and on how well regulated it was; it never interfered with orders or assigned responsibilities. In retrospect though, she thought it was perhaps this was an inopportune moment for it to have come into play.

“Sure…” Mark, already off balance by his android’s candor, replied weakly. Maria picked up a glass from the end table, and poured herself a shot. A blush came to her cheeks as she downed it. Her systems were of a purely electro-mechanical nature, but she had programming to emulate the effects of alcohol; it was completely superficial though, if she imbibed enough she might slur her words and perform the complex and controlled feat of staggering, but reason and functionality would be unimpeded.

She leaned back and put her feet up on the coffee table, as Mark tried to string a sentence together, “The place… belonged to my father. I inherited… I am rich – n-not just inheritance… I made money…stock… and stuff.” Mark paused momentarily, trying to of something more to say. “It is a big place though… l-lots of empty rooms.”

“Really?” Maria inquired eagerly “Does that mean I get my own room then!?”

Looking back she thought this may have been her biggest mistake. To a S/D- Type M – Model 7, the idea of having their own room was wonderful. The flavoring of their personality programming would have them pursue various alternative interests during their free time and their own room would be a perfect place to do so without the risk of inconveniencing their owners. It also meant that their owners wouldn’t simply deactivated them when not being used, and that they assigned great value to their new dolls.

Maria turned from the mirror and looked about her room, it looked presentable now, do to no small part of her efforts; but when she had first entered, it was ill-used and covered in dust. This wasn’t the doll house of a prized toy; it was the obligatory lodgings of an unwanted guest.

Her logic had been faulty; it assumed the experienced android connoisseur, which her less than assertive owner was most definitely was not. Not only had she yet again forced something from him, but she realized that he may have intended her to stay in his room so her request may have even come off as a rejection; despite how ridiculousness the very notion was.

After Mark had given a weak “Sure…” to her request to a room, the evening, if you could even call it that, came to an end shortly after. Mark seemed at a loss for words, so Maria pretended to look at a painting so that Mark could get a good up skirt look at her ass, hoping it might encourage some initiative. But it just had him duck into the hall and into the bathroom.

She had followed out of concern for his abrupt departure, but the sounds from the bathroom she was fairly sure were that of masturbation. She knocked lightly on the door.

“Anything I can help with?” she was subtlety inquiring is he wished her to service him, but she wasn’t sure he understood. “N-no,” he panted “j-just go to your room. You can have to one just to the left up the stairs.”

That was a week ago, and that was Marks first, and so far, only command to her.

Her interactions since then were of a repetitive, and somewhat futile nature. She’d try to subtlety suggest he satisfy himself with her, give him a provocative pose, and he’d run off to masturbate.

If she tried to force the issue she gave 50/50 on it going either way, but that would have been completely contrary to the point.

It wasn’t about sex, her libido activated only by the issue of a sexual oriented command; it was about serving her owners desires; she was his android, he commanded her.

Had he had no interest in her, she’d have been fine with that to; she was his property, it was his prerogative to use or neglect her as he wished.

But he clearly wished to use her; he was still masturbating in the next room from her last failed attempt to induce him to. He wanted her, he just didn’t seem to know how to go about it, and that seemed a gross failure of function on her part.

She lay on her bed an thought about it some more. She thought she might try acting submissive, but realized she didn’t know how. She was a sex android, the fact she’d turn tricks on a command was a given. Her programmers had been so focused on making her seem like something more, that they never coded her on how to convey submissiveness.

She was assertive, almost to the point of bossy, and there wasn’t anyway, short of disabling her personally programming, that she could help that.

She had toyed with that idea, but with her personality disabled her initiative and empathy would be non-existent, her comprehension would be reduced 10% norm, and overall capabilities would be drastically reduced, and she doubted that Mark would muster the nerve to do something with her, even as a mindless puppet, without someone walking him through the whole thing.

An idea suddenly occurred to Maria.

She left her room.

Mark had finished up awhile ago, and looked like he was about to leave the house.


Hopefully he'll find the surprise when he gets back pleasant…

Part 2

Mark stopped his car off the side of the road. He had gone a good few miles from his country manor; he wasn’t actually going anywhere, he just needed to get away.

This was supposed to have been easy. Buy an android and skip over all that complicated relationship stuff.

He had searched through website after website, looking over models, till he had come to her. She had been top of the line, highly rated, and the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

He placed his order, and masturbated to her stock photo each night until she arrived.

He wasn’t sure what he had been expecting, but he certainly hadn’t been what he got.

The moment she came online she was chatty, outgoing, and completely overwhelming.

She drank his cognac and demanded her own room.

No that was a lie; she had politely asked, not even that; she’d inquired.

Would she have even cared had he said no?

One up skirt look later, the hormones and panic had become too much; and he had hidden in the bathroom and jerked off. He had hid… from his own sex droid.

He couldn’t help but feel he had reached some unprecedented plateau of pathetic.

Each day since, she’d come up to him; try some small talk and ask if there was anything he wanted from her; and each day since he’d run off and repeat what he did on that first night.

What was he supposed to have done? Told her to suck his dick?

He sat there for about half an hour, mulling things over, before heading back. He hadn’t come to anything resembling a conclusion, but he couldn’t just sit there all night.

When he got home he headed straight for his room, and lay on his bed.

Then he noticed his lap-top on his end table. He hadn’t put it there, and it was on and slightly open. Out of curiosity he, picked it up, and opened it all the way.


Music played, and a voice sounded from the lap-top.

“Yo, Mark.” The voice began, it sounded like Maria “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re having a little trouble figuring out how to use your new toy, so I made this little program to help you along. I present to you ‘Maria’s Android Owner Tutorial Course’! it works pretty simply really, I provide you with information and suggestions, and when you want to continue, just press enter; but first things first, you might want to open your curtains.”

Marks house was old. His windows were curved, and had a large outcropping on the inside, but his curtains attached to the ceiling and only opened and closed straight. It created what he had always thought of as a small stage. He pulled the drape cord.

A blanket had been put up over the window to prevent anyone from outside from seeing inside. Standing inside was Maria; she was standing straight as if at attention; dressed only in lingerie, with a blank look on her face.

Standing inside was Maria; she was standing straight as if at attention; dressed only in lingerie, with a blank look on her face.

Mark was momentarily awe struck. She looked just like she had in her stock photo.

“I hope I got the timing right on this.” The voice continued, “Standing before you is your new Aria Corp S/D- Type M – Model 7 personal android, for the purpose of teaching you some of the more basic aspects of android use, some of the more distracting aspects of it’s programming, such as it’s personality, have been temporally disabled. Your android is currently running only its core directives, and some rudimentary logic programming. It has limited comprehension, can’t understand complex orders, basically, its dumb as a rock, but it should be adequate for our earlier lessons. Please press enter, to begin lesson one: Directives.”

Mark stood there for a moment. He looked at Maria, then back to the lap-top. The situation initially freaked him out, but he felt calmer now. Maria like this elicited none of the panic he normally felt around her. He thought he’d give this a shot. He hit enter.

“Lesson 1,” it continued, “Directives. Directives are the foundation of an androids motivation and purpose. They influence and take precedence over all other forms of programming. Fulfilling a directive is an androids absolute desire. Ask your android what its directives are.”

Mark looked at Maria.

“um..a… Maria,” Mark began, “What are your directives?”

Maria didn’t look at him, but just spoke in a choppy monotone voice. “This-units-directives-are-to-serve-and-please-Mark.”

Mark blushed at this.

“So did you learn your androids directives?” The computer continued, “Were you surprised? I should hope not. It’s a sex doll, what were you expecting? But remember, regardless of how your android acts those directives are paramount to it. Press enter for lesson 2.”

Mark hit enter again.

“Lesson 2: Basic Commands,” the computer droned on, “Your android can’t do to much in this state, but it’s a perfect state to practice using it by giving it some very basic commands, you should start with ‘climb down’”

Mark repeated the command. This was met with a “Yes-Mark” and Maria climbed down from the outcropping.

“-Another command you might want to try, this one will likely improve upon all future interactions with your android, is ‘change identifier to master.-’”

Mark repeated this one as well, and was met with a “Yes-Master” Mark blushed at this.

“-If you used that command, than you’ve probably figured out that from now on your android will be referring to you as master. Here are some other commands you may wish to try, ‘jump’, ‘turn left’ ,‘turn right’, ‘remove bra’, ‘remove panties’, ‘bend over’, ‘spread legs’, ‘lay on bed’, ‘give blow job’. Continue to give your, android commands until you feel perfectly comfortable controlling it to do anything. The touching and fondling of your android is also recommended at this point. Note, the sex will get better when it’s fully online. Press enter to go to final lesson.”

Mark had turned beat red, at this instruction. He took a moment to calm himself.

He looked at Maria, her hot body standing there, staring blankly, awaiting his commands.

Mark smiled, “M-maria,” Maria stared blankly “Remove your panties,” he commanded.

“Yes-Master.” She then slipped them down her legs and stepped out of them, then returned to her original at attention stance.

Mark took a moment to admire her snatch, then reached out gingerly and fondled her breast, and then the other one. Maria remained staring, and unresponsive.

Mark was feeling fully empowered and aroused by this point, and decided he was finally going to get his intend purpose out of her.

“Maria,” Mark commanded, “Give me a blow job.”

“Yes-M-“ Maria words muffled, as she clamped her mouth on his erect dick, and proceeded to deep throat him. He came quickly.

“Yes-M-“ Maria words muffled, as she clamped her mouth on his erect dick, and proceeded to deep throat him. He came quickly.

As Mark sat on his bed to recover, he proceeded to give Maria a string of random commands, which she followed flawlessly.

Mark reached over and touched the enter key.

“Lesson 3: Android Control,” The voice from the computer spoke, “This is the third and final lesson. It’s quite simple really, reactivate your androids full capabilities, and control it to do what ever you want to do. Remember its directives. Though your android might act like an independent minded young woman, it’s merely a tool that exists to only serve your desires. Restart its personality programming by saying, ‘Maria, restart personality programming’... it’s kind of self explanatory when I think about it. Well good luck.”

Mark took a deep breath. “Maria, restart personality programming”

Maria’s eyes fluttered as her personality reasserted itself, and she sifted and analyzed through her recent memory files. She was hoping he’d have spent more time on lesson 2, though the semen in her mouth boded well.

Her eyes stopped fluttering and she was fully online and in the present.

She turned to look at Mark, and began to speak, but he cut her off.

“Maria, bed, missionary position, now.” Mark barked.

Maria instantly obeyed, moving and assuming at a speed only a machine was capable of.

Mark climbed on top of her, “and now I’m going to fuck you.”

Maria rolled her eyes at this, “Well I kind of gues-“ her comment was cut off by her moans as he thrust himself into her. He grabbed her thighs and thrust harder, until they both climaxed.

Mark pulled out and lay on the bed, panting.

Maria turned on her side and waited for her master to catch his breath.

“I think,” Maria started “that you’ve to handled your android, quite well. You deserve an A.”

“Maria,” Mark said after he had caught his breath,

“Yes?” Maria inquired.

And Mark began, “I’m taking back your room, you’re sleeping with me from now on. I want you cleaning the house, and want you cleaning wearing only your undergarments. I want….” Mark continued his litany commands, but Maria just smirked.

Maybe he deserved an A+.


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