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Nameless, she floated inside a sea of lightning. The constant discharges touched her, triggered flashes of a life that almost seemed familiar. They came faster, but each seemed smaller, as if the sea were shrinking.

No - she was growing, filling the sea, becoming one with it. Awareness began to return, and with it an identity - Susan, Dr. Susan Lane, cyberneticist.

All systems active.

Susan opened her eyes. It had worked - she could hear the quiet clicking of her eyelids, the delicate hum of her power source. Her robotic hand, sheathed in synthetic flesh, rose in answer to her thought. The transfer had worked!

Breathing, 3.2 meters North. Human.

Her old body! She turned towards the other slab ... and looked into her own eyes.

"It didn't work", said her original self, breathing heavily. "I'm still stuck in here".

"Then why am I ... in here? This was supposed to be a full mental transfer".

"Apparently, I know how to copy but not cut and paste. Another failure".

"I - we almost got it this time". The job would go much faster with the speed of her new thought processes.

Her biological double sighed. "I'm too excited to think about it - probably some side effect of the process. Right now I just want to play with myself".

"In that case, I'll go upstairs so you can have some privacy". What an odd situation.

"Oh, no you won't. Override Bee-Why-You, Pattern Test-Four-Two.

Initiating behavioral changes.

The panic code for the body! She'd forgotten to remove it in the excitement, maybe there was still ... there was ... there ....

New pattern established. State designation and function.

"I - am - Beta - Unit; current - function - human - cyborg - relations. May - I - serve - you - Mistress?".

Dr Lane smiled. "If I can't be a sexy robot, I can at least play with one".

To be continued?

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