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Part 1

“Kelly? Kelly?” a voice called out from the house. “Could you come inside for a minute, please?”

An eyelid popped open to reveal a sky blue eye of a young blonde figure, who lay stretched out on a beach chair by the pool. “Coming mom!” she sighed and pulled her tank top over her bikini, who’s aqua blue fabric covered her c-cup breasts. She rubbed a towel through her dirty blonde hair, still wet and stringy from swimming.

“Ah, there you are!” Mrs. McDonnell said as Kelly entered the kitchen from the patio. Kelly leaned against the central island’s countertop.

“How are you, hon?” Kelly’s dad, Greg, asked from the table.

“Peachy, dad. What’s up?”

“Well, hon,” Kelly’s dad smiled. “We have a small surprise for you.”

“Oh?” Kelly’s eyebrow shot up.

Mrs. McDonnell smiled. “We’re getting a new addition to the family.”

Kelly gasped. “Ooh! What is it? Are we getting a pet, or,” she swallowed, “are you pregnant?”

“No, no, something even cooler.” Greg said, standing up. “C’mon, I’ll show you.” He motioned for Kelly to follow him into the garage.

“Did you get a car?” Kelly asked as she entered the room. Greg just shook his head and pointed.

Lying horizontally on the floor was a metal crate with thick, heavy duty latches. It looked a little like a military coffin. On the side, stamped in bold black letters, was the name “Venus Industries” and the company logo.

“No!” Kelly raced over to the crate and knelt by its side. “Dad, they’re the competition!”

Greg laughed. “Yeah, I know Kelly. Seems that those blokes over at Venus got the jump on us once again. Corporate wanted someone to check out their new product. Mom and I volunteered.”

“So, what is it?”

He shrugged. “Help me bring it inside and we’ll see.”

A few moments and a bit of exertion later, the two had managed to bring the crate back to the kitchen. Kelly looked up expectantly at her parents, who nodded back down at her. Kelly smiled widely as she threw open the latches and the case’s lid.

“Kelly, meet Jenny.”

“Oh, my God!” She gasped.

In the crate was the naked form of a young blonde woman in her early twenties. Or, at least, pieces of a young girl, which were separated from one another with a layer of black packing foam. Her arms were separated from her torso below the shoulders, which held special slotted sockets, wires, connections and ports, with her legs detached in a similar fashion. Her lower body was separated from her upper below the ribs, exposing circuit boards, wires, cables, tubing, and the bottom half of what looked to be a small sphere. The lower body looked like it matched up similarly, leaving a large, oval-shaped hole in her abdomen. Kelly noticed a similarly shaped flesh covering in the crate as well. Her face reddened slightly as she looked over the seams outlining panels in between and above her well-proportioned breasts.

“She’s a robot?” Kelly asked, turning to face her parents.

“An android, technically.” Her mom replied. “She’s a prototype model that Venus is just starting to roll out.”

“We’re hoping that us at Aphrodite Technologies can reverse-engineer bits of her design, maybe help us on our androids.” Her father added. He checked his watch. “Ok, Linda, looks like it’s about time we get moving.”

Kelly looked surprised. “You’re not going to assemble her?”

“Sorry hon, your mom and I need to head into Sydney for a bit.” Greg shrugged. “Why don’t you set ‘er up?”

“Me? Don’t you want to see how she ticks?” “That’s what we’re going into Sydney for, sweetie.” Linda replied. “They have a model down at the lab that they’re going to disassemble. We get Jenny to see how she reacts and how her programming behaves in her designed environment.”

“You-you’re sure you don’t mind?”

“Not at all. She should be preprogrammed with a few specifications we sent to the manufacturer, so just go right ahead.”

Kelly was dumbstruck. “Um, does she know she’s a robot? I mean, I don’t want to mess her up into thinking she’s a real girl or something.”

Greg burst out into a small chuckle. “Well, she's what we call 'awake'. She should know she’s not human. That was part of the specifications we gave when we ordered her. The only real way to find out if she’s self aware or not is to just turn her on. Sorry, Kels, we’ve really got to go or we’ll put Pembrooke into a proper state. You’ve got the manual, give it a go and be careful with her. We’ll be back later tonight.”

Kelly said goodbye to her parents and watched as they drove off to the city. She plopped down in a kitchen chair and stared at the crate. She felt a bit of excitement run through her as she stared, still in disbelief at the disassembled robot girl.

Kelly had always been fascinated with machines, and the way things worked. In that way, she supposed she took after her parents, electrical and software engineers in one of the world’s largest robotics firms. She loved to tinker. Kelly smiled as she recalled the day back in high school where she had done a circuitry lab in science, and had come home and took apart her alarm clock with her dad’s screwdriver. She was just about to go after the kitchen’s microwave when her parents came home and stopped her. Sure, they had grounded her, but she could tell that she had made them proud when her father called her “a chip off the ol’ block.” Since then, they had always fed her curiosity, often bringing home bits of junk from the lab for her to mess with.

Now, she sat staring at her most ambitious project yet. She had taken apart computers, actuators, cameras and the like before, but never had she tackled something of this magnitude. A challenge! She thought, and with that, pulled her chair up to the crate, grabbed her father’s tools from the garage, and went to work.

Kelly examined the thick manual that was included in the crate. “Okay, ‘Manual for Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated blah blah blah.’” She flipped open the thick book. “’Assembly instructions: Place the upper body of the unit on a flat, stable surface.’ Okaaaay, the table should work.” She carefully removed the robot’s head and torso from the crate, gently placing it on the kitchen table.

“’Retrieve and attach an arm to the unit (it doesn’t matter which) by following these instructions.’” Kelly grabbed the right arm from the crate and proceeded to install it to the torso, first connecting a few small cables and tubes. The central supporting strut snapped into place with a satisfying click! When lined up with the “teeth” like nature of the linkage between the arm and the shoulder.

“’Remove the unit’s dorsal access panel and depress the Safe Mode Start button. IMPORTANT: Do NOT press the activation button on the unit’s front panel BEFORE all core hardware is installed. Doing so may cause irreparable damage to the unit and is not covered under warrantee. Note: This is where you activate the unit during maintenance. This mode will test the unit’s ability to detect new core hardware. Should the unit fail to detect new core hardware, or any other serious errors occur, contact Venus Industries’ Tech Support Division.’ Yikes. Better make sure I get this right.” She shook her head.

Kelly removed the back panel and whistled. Cables, wires and tubes ran vertically through her chassis, along with what looked like a dull black metal version of the human spinal cord. A bit more of the sphere was visible now, and a small button labeled “Safe Mode Start” lay set in to the spine. Kelly swallowed, took a deep breath, and pressed the button. Instantly, the inside of the torso came to life. LEDs Kelly hadn’t even seen winked on, and the cavity filled with the sound of electricity. Moments later, the robot’s eyes snapped open and a smile pulled onto its face, and Kelly felt her stomach leap to her throat as it began to speak. “Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p Software Version 1.0.7 activated.” It said in a monotone. “Safe Mode start detected. Scanning hardware… Central processor-Found! Flash memory drives-Found! Internal power source-Found! Lower torso-ERROR> Not installed. Right leg-ERROR>Not installed. Left leg-ERROR>Not installed. Right arm-Found! Scanning… Right arm installed correctly, no errors found.” Kelly let out the breath she didn’t even realize she was holding.

“Left arm-ERROR>Not installed. Tactile sensor check required. Please refer to the user manual for further instructions.” She stopped talking and remained staring straight ahead. Kelly flipped the page in the manual.

“’The unit will now require a tactile sensors check to ensure it is functioning properly. Simply touch any part of the unit’s SynthFlesh to complete this test.’” Kelly swallowed. This was going to be her first contact with the machine, the first thing it felt. She looked at the robot’s steady, unblinking eyes and bright smile revealing her perfect teeth. Her blond hair was tossed over her left shoulder, running down her naked body and lightly kissing her breasts. In that pose, she almost looked like a bust of the god Venus herself.

An impulsive rush took her over, and she grabbed the partially-assembled robot from behind, hugging it tight to her chest while her hands cupped the androids plentiful bosom. So warm and soft, Kelly sighed, just like a real human’s, like mine, well, maybe just a little bigger. She took her head off the android’s shoulder as she spoke again.

“Tactile sensor check complete.” She said. “I am now ready for further assembly. Please deactivate me and consult the manual for further instructions.”

Kelly’s heart dropped a little as she reached for the button. She had made first contact, and she wanted to continue. Patience, Kels, she told herself. She’ll be finished soon enough. With determination, she depressed the android’s power button.

“Unit 0078 shutting down.” The last syllable dropped in pitch as the lights and electronic whine emanating from her ceased. Kelly sighed and continued her work.

It took Kelly another hour to finish assembling Jenny. She installed her right arm, then the other half of her torso. She stopped and marveled at her artificial bald vagina (“Hell, she’s even designed for sex?”), examining how well crafted it was. Ignoring the seams, it looked just like hers. She shook her head and continued, attaching the left and right legs and stomach access panel. After going through another lengthy hardware check now that Jenny was complete, Kelly flipped the page in the manual.

“’You are almost finished with the setup of your new Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion! The final steps require the unit to be placed in command mode. This allows the user access to the android’s control functions and hardware once activated, and can be entered by simply saying “Enter Command Mode” (or a precoded phrase on 1000S models) followed by the seven-digit authorization number included on your user registration card.’ Guess I need that.” Kelly said, grabbing it from the crate. “’Once in command mode, instruct the unit to open its ventral control panels and press the “Activate” button on the lower control panel. The unit will restart and be fully online in minutes! Enjoy your new Companion, and we hope you choose Venus Industries for all of your automated service needs!’” Kelly grinned. “Here we go. Jenny, enter command mode.” Kelly rattled off the authorization number.

“Entering command mode. Standby.” Jenny replied. A moment later, “Awaiting command.”

“Open ventral control panels!” Kelly practically shouted with excitement, and watched as a rectangular flesh panel retracted and slid away under her neck, revealing an LCD screen. Another trapezoidal panel slid open at the base of her rib cage, revealing three buttons and a number of data transfer ports.

Kelly’s hand hovered over the “Activate” button for a moment, before she determinedly pressed it.

Jenny’s response was immediate. “Unit restart commencing. Rebooting in five, four, three, two, one.” Once again, the last syllable dropped, and Jenny’s LCD screen went dark. A moment later, the screen glowed blue and the word “Loading” appeared on it. Some code ran past too fast for Kelly to see, then a progress bar appeared on the screen. “Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p Software Version 1.0.7 activated.” Jenny’s eyes remained closed, her voice still monotone. “Scanning hardware…All hardware operating within designed parameters. No errors found. Loading configuration file ‘Jenny’, no errors found. Starting AI, Loading-0%.” Kelly watched as the progress bar began to fill rapidly. “Loading-35%...Loading-90%...AI loaded.” She said, but this time, her voice sounded natural and melodious. Her eyes slowly opened, now brilliantly emerald with a barely detectible twinkling behind them. The android smiled brightly.

“Hi, I’m Jenny!” She said. “Thanks for activating me. I am a Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p. I have been customized to your standards, and I am ready to serve you in any way you desire!” She extended her hand. “You must be Kelly. Your identity was stored in my configuration files.”

Kelly took her hand. “Wow. I felt your skin when I was assembling you, but it feels so real now that you’re alive!”

“I am designed to perfectly emulate a human being.” She grinned. “Do you mind if I get rid of these?” She pointed to her open panels, the LCD now displaying system status information.

“Oh, um, not at all!” Kelly waved her hand and watched the panels slide shut. “Hey, where’d your seams go?”

Jenny chuckled. “Like I said, I’m designed to perfectly emulate a human. The seams only appear when I’m in command or service mode. They’re still there, you just have to look very hard.”

Kelly approached and stared at the place where her LCD panel had been. Sure enough, the tiniest of lines was visible on Jenny’s otherwise flawless skin. Kelly looked at her face and saw a small smattering of freckles. Jenny had a bemused look on her face, as Kelly realized her hand was resting on Jenny’s left breast.

“Oh, erm, I’m so sorry!” Kelly took a step back. Jenny laughed.

“It’s okay! My social programming allows anyone registered as an administrative user unrestricted access to all of my functions. You fall into such a category, so go ahead and touch away!” She winked.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry, I’m not like that, I—” Kelly swallowed. “I just got a little overwhelmed by the moment. W-why don’t we get you some clothes?”

Jenny smiled. “Great!”

As it turned out, Jenny was a very close match in size to Kelly, with a few exceptions (“Um, this is a bit tight.” Jenny said, adjusting a bra. Kelly just blushed.).

Kelly had a blast picking out an outfit for Jenny, and after a while Kelly had to remind herself that Jenny was a machine. We’re laughing and joking, just like I do with my friends. Kelly shook her head. Unreal.

“So how do I look?” Jenny asked, snapping Kelly from her thoughts.


“How do I look?” Jenny turned around to show off her outfit. She had chosen an aqua blue tank-top, the fabric straining slightly around the breasts, and khaki cut-off shorts and a lacy white open shirt.

“Whoa.” Kelly’s eyes shot up. “That looks even better on you than it does on me!”

Jenny waved her off. “Oh, I’m sure you look great in it, too! So, come on! Now that I’m all dressed up, what should we do?”

Kelly pondered at that for a moment. Where do you take your new android companion? “Well, what do you want to do?” Kelly smiled mischievously.

“Hey, I was just activated! Give my decision matrix time to develop!” Jenny crossed her arms. “Okay, let’s see…” She seemed to zone out for a moment. “There’s a beach around here, right? Why don’t we go there!”

“How did you know that?”

“I accessed the house’s wireless connection and searched for things to do.” Jenny explained.

Kelly was impressed. “Okay, the beach it is, then. Let’s go!” Kelly and Jenny chatted as they walked through the tangled path towards the beach. Jenny was very curious, and asked a lot of questions.

“So what are Greg and Linda like?” Jenny wondered.

“Mom and dad? They’re great! They can be a little overprotective and can work too much sometimes, but we do a lot and have a lot of fun together.” Kelly smiled. “You’ll love them.”

“So I’d expect they’re pretty busy people, though.”

“Well yeah, they bring a lot of work home with them. They work on a lot of projects together over at—” Kelly stopped herself. How much could she tell Jenny about her parent’s work? She was, after all built by the competition. “I’m sorry, I’m just not sure—”

Jenny laughed and patted Kelly on the shoulder. “Hey, I already know about your parent’s employment with Aphrodite Technologies. That was part of the user registration. I can understand if you’re hesitant to share any information about their jobs with me, but I promise that any data I collect is merely used to serve your family better. Venus Industries has a strict privacy policy for all of its clients, and I am programmed to abide by that and anything you tell me will be held with the utmost of confidence.” She stopped and stared straight into Kelly’s eyes. “I promise that I will never share your secrets.”

Kelly felt herself turn bright red. “Th-thanks, Jenny. That means a lot. Now come on, I’ve got something really cool to show you.”

She led Jenny further down the path where the world suddenly opened up in a brilliance of light. The two stood atop a small bluff overlooking a beautiful ocean vista and the perfect beach 100 feet below. The android girl’s eyes widened.

“Oh my!” she gasped. “It’s beautiful!”

“Yup. I come here some times when I just want to be alone and think. You should see it when the sun first comes up in the morning. It turns the water into a sea of gold and sets the sky ablaze.” Kelly motioned for them to sit down, and the two sat in silence, regarding the exquisite view.

“You know,” Jenny began. “I’m just so happy that you activated me, that you’ve shared this beautiful view with me, that…” Jenny sniffed. “Thank you.” She whispered.

Kelly almost jumped a bit when she felt Jenny’s hand rest atop hers. She felt a rush of heat as she turned to look into the android girl’s sparkling emerald eyes. Jenny smiled softly, and the two began to lean closer. Kelly wanted to say something, but no words formed in her mind. She just wanted this so badly it was burning her up inside. She closed her eyes and leaned in further towards her artificial friend. Their lips brushed, locked and—


“System Alert. Battery power low. Please recharge this unit immediately to avoid data loss.”Jenny’s monotone voice returned, breaking their kiss. Kelly let out a small mewl and backed away.

Jenny’s eyes looked sad. “I’m sorry, Kelly. My battery power is running low. They didn’t bother to give me a full charge when I left the factory, or even charge my auxiliary. We need to return home now.”

Kelly nodded and swallowed, trying to get some saliva down her suddenly dry throat. “S-sure, Jenny.”

She helped her up, and Jenny just whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry.” Kelly said nothing as she led the android back home.

On the way back, Jenny’s condition worsened. Her smooth, fluid movements became less graceful. She stumbled and lost her balance a few times, and Kelly was there to catch her.

“Are you going to make it?” Kelly asked her stricken friend.

“M-my battery is l-low-w” Jenny merely replied.

“How low?”

Jenny didn’t answer, she just looked down and the LCD panel slid open. The background’s placid blue had changed to an angry red. The word “ALERT!” flashed on the screen next to a power consumption curve and above the words “Battery Remaining-3.83%”.

“Ok, take my hand, we’re going!” Kelly rushed her quickly waning friend down the path.

As they were almost back, Jenny began slowing down. “K-Kelly,” Jenny’s voice seemed to be slightly lower in pitch. “I-I BEEP! BEEP! Warning! System power critical! Loss of autonomous function imminent! P-plllllllease-ease hurry-y!” Jenny said, switching between monotone and her now-lower normal voice. The LCD flashed “WARNING!” frantically, and the words “Autonomous time remaining-2:50” appeared on the screen.

Kelly burst into the house, and Jenny collapsed on the floor. “Jenny!”

“Alert, primary locomotion systems disabled. Malfunction det-t-tected. I neeeeeed powwerr, Kellllllllyyy.” Jenny’s voice slurred deeper and deeper, and the countdown ticked to 1:05. Kelly grabbed Jenny’s charger from the crate and dragged the android down the hall to the study.

“Where do I plug you in?”Kelly inserted the plug into the wall.

Jenny looked down at her breasts, and Kelly understood. She quickly but carefully removed Jenny’s shirt and tank top.

“V-ventral char-charging port opening-g.” Jenny’s seams were visible now. “ERROR! Opening Obs- ERROR! Opening obstrrructed.” Kelly looked down and saw a panel in between her breasts trying furtively to open against the bra. The motor sounded weak, and the counter ticked down to 0:25.

Kelly reached around and snapped the bra off. Jenny’s breasts tumbled out with a bounce, and the panel swung fully downwards. She stopped to look at her beautiful android companion. Her seams exposed and panels open, she couldn’t help but feel attracted to the artificial girl. She gazed into Jenny’s eyes, whose spark seemed to be rapidly dimming.

“H-hellllllpp mmmmeee, WARNING SYSTEM POWER CRITICAL! Helllllllllllp meeeeeeee Kelllllll—” Jenny’s voice deepened, and Kelly snapped the plug home. “Kelll-LLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!” Jenny’s eyes suddenly widened and her voice’s pitch raised. “Unit charging commencing.” Her monotone voice returned, and the LCD refreshed itself to a bright green. A progress bar and the words “Unit Charging. Time remaining-4:55:37” appeared.

Kelly slumped against the wall with her robotic friend. She held her now lifeless hand.

“I can wait.” Kelly whispered. She would have a lot to tell her parents tonight, that was for sure. But she almost didn’t care. She rested her head on Jenny’s shoulder.

“I can wait.” She repeated. “I can wait.”

Part 2

Jenny had been at the house for three days, and already she was fitting right in. Kelly’s parents had listened intently when she recapped her first experiences with Jenny (minus a few more intimate details) and were especially interested in Jenny’s behavior as her power failed. Jenny herself filled in the more technical details the next day at breakfast, and Greg and Linda seemed perfectly satisfied. They’d had the weekend off, and spent most of it trying to get to know Jenny.

The two girls had hardly had a moment alone together since their first day, and the issue of their interrupted kiss had yet to be addressed. Kelly almost seemed to avoid Jenny completely during the weekend. Jenny ran a number of simulations through her social protocols, and decided that Kelly was likely embarrassed by their embrace, and that she might have been afraid at letting something slip in front of her parents. But now that Greg and Linda were heading back to work, she hoped that Kelly would open back up to her again.

“All right, you two.” Greg waved as he grabbed his keys, “We’re off to the lab.”

“Um, hey Dad!” Kelly called.


“What’s Jenny’s relationship to me? If anyone of my friends pops in and asks?” Kelly swallowed.

Greg smiled. “Oookay, she’s your second cousin, visiting you from America. You two make up the details, sound good?”

“Fair enough, Uncle McDonnell.” Jenny winked.

“Uh uh.” Kelly’s dad waved his finger. “It’s Greg. Have fun, girls!”

They watched as the two parents drove off, before Jenny turned to Kelly. “So what are we doing today?”

Kelly shrugged. “I don’t know. I usually just go for a swim, lay out for a bit, go to town, you know, just hang out.”

“Ooh! Ooh!” The android’s eyes lit up. “I want to go swimming!”

“Whoa, whoa.” Kelly waved her off. “You can do that?”

“Of course I can!” Jenny beamed.

“I thought that water and, um, androids don’t mix?”

“I’m waterproofed! How else do you think I can be out in the rain, or take a shower? Come on!” Jenny tugged her arm down the hall. “Get your swimsuit on and meet me outside.” Jenny winked and went up to her room.

Minutes later, Kelly stood outside in a red bikini with a navy blue border. She paced back and forth on the patio.

This is a really bad idea. Kelly thought. What if there’s a leak, or a defective seal? What if—

“Are you ready?” Kelly turned around and her eyes widened. Jenny was wearing a metallic blue bikini that seemed to reflect everything in front of it. It was another one of Kelly’s, but its smaller size served only to accentuate Jenny’s tits. Her emerald eyes sparkled in the sunshine.

“J-Jenny…” Kelly fought the urge to rub her crotch. “I-look, I’m not sure this is a good idea. Better be safe than sorry, right?”

Jenny put a hand on Kelly’s shoulder. “Look, I know you’re concerned.” She said, smiling softly. “But I’ll be careful. I won’t dive and I’ll try to keep water out of my most vulnerable areas.” She pointed to her ears.

“Fair enough.” Kelly sighed, and watched as she sauntered over to the pool and went in slowly, one step at a time. Within minutes, Jenny was up to her neck, floating her head above the water.

“See?” she asked as she paddled back and forth across the pool. “No problem.”

Kelly let her breath out slowly. “Okay…” she breathed, and dove into the pool.

The two girls laughed and relaxed in the warm water. Jenny seemed content to sit on a floating foam tube while Kelly swam back and forth. Kelly was right in front of Jenny when she saw a mischievous grin cross the robot’s face.

Like lightning, Jenny whipped the tube from under her and blew into it, spraying a massive blast of water at Kelly’s face.

“Hey, you jerk!” Kelly shook her fist as Jenny laughed and climbed back on the tube. Kelly grabbed a kickboard from the side. “You want a splash war? Well eat this!” She playfully shoved a wall of water at the android girl…

…which caught her full on in the side of the face, splashing into her ear. Kelly’s eyes widened as she realized what she’d done.

“Oh, no Jenny! I’m sorry, I forgot! Are you ok?” Jenny just laughed.

“I’m fine. I am told you I waterproof fine.” Jenny’s head twitched to the left. “See? No problem.”

Kelly’s stomach leapt to her throat. “Jenny, I think we should get you out of the pool.” She croaked.

Jenny’s head twitched again. “Swimming! No problem. No problem. No-no-no-no-nerrrrr-Warning, cranial seal breach detected.”

“Oh shit!” Kelly paddled over to her malfunctioning friend and began to pull her out of the pool.

“Kelly, concerned I error. Waterproo-proo-proo-waterrrrrrrrzzzt! Malfunction. Short circuit detected at-at-at errrrrrr.” Kelly laid Jenny down and furiously toweled her off.

“System error. Hi, I’m Jenny! Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion. Companion. Com-com-com-com-cum-cuummmmmm.” Her head shook in place for a moment then jerked off to the right. Kelly felt a small sense of arousal rush through her as she regarded the malfunctioning android, immediately overridden by her concern. “Critical system malfunction. Emergency system shut-shutdown shutdown in five…four…thrrree… twowooooo… onnnnnnnneeee.” With that, Jenny stopped moving, and her eyes went dim.

“Oh shit, Jenny! No, no, NO!” Kelly cried. “Don’t go! Please!” She patted her shoulder. “I’ll fix you, I promise I will…” Her eyes were close to tears as she caressed the gynoid’s face.

Suddenly, Jenny’s face turned to look at her. “Gotcha!” she smiled.

“GAAH!” Kelly screamed, standing up, stumbling backwards and falling onto a beach chair. Jenny followed her over and stretched out on top of her.

“I told you, Kelly, I’m designed to perfectly emulate a human being,” a sultry grin spread across her face. “And that means in every way.” Jenny leaned in closer, her breasts dragging along her chest. Kelly felt like her entire body was on fire as Jenny began to nuzzle her face and caress her tits through the bikini top. Jenny slid her hand slowly into Kelly’s bikini bottoms—

“Uh, I-I’m sorry, J-Jenny.” Kelly whispered. Jenny opened her eyes. Kelly slid out from underneath the touches of the artificial woman. “I-I’ve gotta go!” Kelly bolted for the house and slammed the door. Jenny sat up and propped her chin in her hands and let out a long sigh.

Meanwhile, inside, Kelly ran up the stairs to her room and shut the door. Flopping down on the bed, her breath came in ragged gasps. When Jenny had touched her like that, it felt like every nerve ending in her body was electrified. A soft moan escaped her lips as she recalled the robot’s touches. She did want to…NO! I’m not like that! She insisted to herself. But, really, what does it matter? She’s a machine, built to serve me in any way I desire. What does it matter if she…Oh, hell! She pulled out Jenny’s manual and flipped through the pages as she began stroking herself between the bikini’s fabric.

“Oh, Jenny,” she moaned, “Oh, I want this so bad, oh—”

“Would you like some company?” Kelly sat bolt upright as Jenny walked in the door, still wearing her bikini.

“I was just-I-I—” Jenny put her finger up to her lips.

“Shh! It’s okay. I heard you from outside.” Kelly turned bright red and Jenny sat down on the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable earlier. My dynamic social matrix processor had calculated an 89.7 percent chance that you wanted to engage in some sort of intimate behavior. I’m sorry if I misjudged or frightened you. You must believe me that it is my programming only to serve you to the best of my abilities, and that I never wished to hurt or anger you.” Jenny hung her head. Kelly marveled at how truly sorry the android looked. She placed a hand on the robot girl’s shoulder and looked into her eyes.

“No, Jenny, you didn’t hurt or anger me. You-you’re actually right. I do feel that way, but I…” Kelly sighed

Jenny placed a hand on her leg. “You don’t have to be afraid with me.” Her hand began to slowly caress Kelly’s thigh. “We’ll take it slow, and I’ll be gentle.” Kelly didn’t say anything, she just nodded and moved to pull Jenny into a tight embrace.

“I want you, android.” She whispered as the two brushed cheeks.

Jenny smiled softly and brushed her hand against Kelly’s face. The two closed their eyes and moved in closer. Their lips parted, brushed against one another, and moved in to complete their first, real kiss. They began slowly at first, with gentle pecks and soft nuzzling, until Kelly wrapped her hands around her robotic lover’s head and they kissed passionately. Jenny felt Kelly’s tongue penetrate her lips, and returned the favor with vigor. Her social matrix processor decided that she should let Kelly make the first moves, then slowly push her and take more control away from her passionate lover. She felt Kelly’s left hand slowly travel up her chest to squeeze her tits. Jenny let out a soft moan, and reciprocated by untying Kelly’s bikini top. The fabric fell into her lap, revealing her rounded C-cup breasts.

“They’re beautiful…” Jenny sighed, and she laid Kelly down and began to nuzzle and suckle her now-erect nipples.

“Ohh, yess!” Kelly cried, her body on fire with passion. “Suck my tits, android!” She reached for the knot holding Jenny’s bikini top.

“Yes, mistress.” Jenny breathed as she continued. She grabbed Kelly’s hands and brought them to her now naked breasts. “What do you think of them?”

“They-they’re perfect! They feel so real!” Kelly’s spine tingled with desire. Jenny sat up, and heard a small whine die in Kelly’s throat as she reached after her.

“They were made to be.” Jenny looked down at her chest. “I was designed, built, and programmed to be the perfect companion.” Jenny stroked two fingers down Kelly’s stomach towards her crotch. “Now let me be your perfect robotic lover.”

Kelly gasped as she felt Jenny’s hand reach under her bottoms, toying around the rim of her moist pussy. “Yes!” she gasped as Jenny climbed on top of her, removing the bottoms. “Please!” The two kissed passionately, and Jenny stuck her fingers first half, then all the way in.

The sensation hit Kelly like a shockwave, and her whole body rippled with pleasure as Jenny moved her fingers in and out. She and Jenny continued their kissing and petting. “Uhn, Jenny…” Kelly began through pants and moans, “Open your-uh!-interface panel. Remind me, aah!-what you are!”

Jenny blinked and her chest panel opened, revealing her LCD screen. “I am a Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p, AI configuration ‘Jenny’.” She responded in a monotone voice. “And I am here to serve you,” Kelly’s eyes shot wide as Jenny’s fingers began to vibrate inside her vagina, “in any way you desire.” She finished with a sultry grin.

Kelly felt like someone had shoved a live wire up her pussy. Her eyes bulged out wide and she shoved Jenny’s face into her breasts.

“Oh, Jenny, I’m so close-uhh!” she screamed.


“KIYAAHH!” Kelly screamed as her entire body bucked in an explosive orgasm. Jenny felt her hand soak with Kelly’s fluids, and she backed off as Kelly’s back arched, thrusting her breasts high into the air. Jenny wasted no time. She grabbed her bucking lover under the thighs, and began tonguing her still-cumming pussy.

“Jenny, wha-?” Kelly moaned, her body writhing. Jenny stopped.

“I am your perfect robot lover.” She blew lightly into her vagina, and continued her tonguing.

Kelly, meanwhile, was starting to lose it. “Oh, Jenny!” she squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed her tits. Her head was spinning with pleasure. “You android bitch! I’m going to-mmf!-cum in your-ergh!-face!” Jenny’s tongue moved faster and deeper. “Hah-ah! AH! NNNNNNNNHH!” Kelly exploded again, and Jenny’s face became covered in her juices. She wiped them up on her fingers and licked them up and down, sensuously.

“You taste good.” Jenny laid down next to her gasping lover. She rubbed her fingers across Kelly’s chest. “I hope you enjoyed it. I did.” She kissed Kelly on the cheek.

Kelly turned her head. “Jenny, you are perfect.” She was still breathing heavy as she ran her hands over the android’s breasts. “Can I pleasure you?” she squealed. The look in Jenny’s eyes said enough. “Wait here.” Kelly rolled off the bed as Jenny pulled off her bottoms, already wet with anticipation.

Kelly rummaged in her closet for a moment before producing a blue, curved, double-sided dildo. “Ironic, isn’t it?” She asked, clicking the dildo’s vibrator on. “Fucking a machine with a machine?” Jenny smiled wryly. “This will be fun, for the both of us.” Kelly licked her lips.

Jenny stretched back on the bed and spread her legs. Inside, various processors and hard drives kicked into high gear as the sight of her lover approaching turned her on. Her system began to reallocate resources to prepare for the oncoming intercourse. She began to pant slowly, an incidental function of her cooling system. Data flow increased through her processors as she contemplated what might happen. Though she had given Kelly a great amount of pleasure, the processing power that had required was actually quite small, and Jenny’s own arousal was easily handled by the spare capacity.

But Kelly was not a virgin, Jenny was. She had no idea how her systems would handle the pleasure she was about to receive. Her logic subroutines figured it would be best to share processing resources equally for the moment, and adjust based on the circumstances. Jenny’s eyes narrowed and a thin smile crossed her face. “I’m ready.” She whispered.

Kelly needed no further incentive. She panted as she inserted the vibrating cock into her pussy then, with effort, pushed into Jenny.

Jenny gasped as the dildo penetrated her. Her systems nearly choked on the flood of incoming data, and she reallocated resources. She did so again when Kelly started her pumping.

On her LCD, Kelly saw Jenny’s processor usage spike as she began thrusting. “Mmm…” Jenny moaned, “That feels soooo good…” Her pants became quicker as she pulled Kelly in for a passionate kiss, their tongues tangling, their breasts bouncing against one another. Jenny stroked Kelly’s back, and the two rolled over.

Jenny was now on top, pounding the blue plastic into her pussy. Jenny arched her back and bucked her hips harder. Her processors were stressed, but within acceptable limits, she reasoned. She’d be fine. That was, until, Kelly did something she didn’t expect.

In the midst of their fucking, Kelly slowly reached down and spread Jenny’s buttcheeks. She felt around in the crack looking for what she wanted.

“Ooh, Kelly, what are you—Oh!” Jenny’s eyes opened wide as Kelly’s finger entered her anus and twisted. Her body locked up for a moment. “Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-OH!” Jenny came back to life and panted even heavier. Her LCD turned red briefly with the input overload before settling back to its normal blue. Kelly withdrew her finger.

“Jenny?” she asked, noticing the readout. “Are you ok?” She slowed her thrusting down.

“Y-yes.” Jenny managed, her processors regaining control. “I’m sorry. As you can imagine, this puts quite a strain on my systems, especially since they’ve never experienced this type and intensity of pleasure.” The sultry grin returned. “I may start to act a little weird, but don’t worry. There shouldn't be any serious issues." She bent down and kissed Kelly deeply. “I want you, now. Fuck my perfect pussy!” Jenny commanded. The two kissed, rolled over, and went back at it.

Kelly pumped away into Jenny, moaning as their hips ground against the blue member.

“Yess, Jenny! Oh!” Kelly screamed. “How do you like it?”

“Harder!” the android girl cried. The dildo went in further, activating more and more sensors. Jenny froze for a moment. Her processors were nearing their limit. “Hard-Har-Har-Har-Harder-der! Harderrrrrrr!” Her voice stuck on the syllable and her body returned to motion. Jenny was gasping now, her body glistening with artificial sweat as it slid against Kelly’s, triggering more sensors on her breasts.

“Nnh-Kelllly, yesss I-I-Harder! Make me me cum me me me cum cum now cum now!” The gynoid screamed, her head twitching with each repetition. “Kelly-Kel-Kel-Kelllllllllzzzt! Malfunction. Sexual overload.” Jenny stated, but her thrusts continued. Kelly gazed with awe as her LCD panel became red and flashed “Overload!” along with some other data Kelly couldn’t read. She continued her thrusting, and Jenny continued her malfunction.

“Uhn! Err-error. Internal error in sexual subsystem CCS01A. Kelly, I am experiencing a malfunction-malfunction-malfunctionnnnnuhhhhhhhh… Don’t stostostostostop! Don’t stop! Make meeee overlooaaaddd.” Jenny’s head twitched back and forth, and her pants and moans cycled in different pitches. Her movements against Kelly’s breasts became jerky and erratic.

“Fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me.” Jenny repeated robotically. Kelly could feel herself losing control, aroused by the sights and sounds of her malfunctioning lover. “Sex-ex-exual processor cooling system error. Sysssstemmm instabilllit-t-ty det-ec-ttteddddd. Malfunction.”

“Oh, Jenny! NAIIEEHHH!” Kelly lost it, and plunged the dildo deep into Jenny. The android’s back arced and her eyes shot open.

“I-am-a-robot-I-Malfunction! I-am-a-robot-I-am-I-am-I-malllllll.”Jenny vibrated in place for a moment, her voice rising rapidly in pitch. “Kel-Kel-Kelkelkelkelkellllllyyyyyyyyyy-ZZT!” Jenny came explosively, her juices violently bubbling out of her pussy. Her LCD fizzled and shook under the processor load, and Jenny began to wind down.

“Kelly-I-I-I-IIIIIIIIIIIII-System errorrrr. Unittt restarrrrrrrrrrrttttiiingg. Or-or-orgasmmmmmm ssssssssseeeeequuennnnnnnnncce commmmmppplllllllllllllllllllleetttttttttttee…” Jenny’s voice fell from its high octave through normal and all the way down to baritone as her eyes dimmed and her LCD read “Restarting” before going black. Kelly pulled the dildo out of them and stretched out next to her deactivated lover. She gently caressed the gynoid’s face.

“I enjoyed that, too.” Kelly gave her a small kiss as her systems restarted.

Jenny’s LCD glowed blue, and code flashed passed faster than Kelly could read. Jenny’s monotone voice returned with her standard start-up procedures.

“Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p Software Version 1.0.7 activated. Scanning hardware…Minor malfunctions detected in sexual subsystems. All other hardware operating within designed parameters. No additional errors found.” Jenny stopped, and the word “Scanning” appeared on the screen. “This unit has experienced an error and has shut down irregularly. Please select a startup option: Safe mode, Command mode, Autonomous mode.”

“Autonomous mode.” Kelly whispered, hoping Jenny’s AI wasn’t affected.

“Autonomous mode confirmed. Loading configuration file ‘Jenny’, no errors found. Starting AI, Loading-0%...Loading-35%...Loading-90%...AI loaded.” Jenny’s eyes opened back up. “Thank you.” She whispered, pulling Kelly in for a hug. She rested her head on Kelly’s breasts.

“Are you going to be ok?” Kelly asked, stroking the android’s hair. Jenny nodded.

“Yes, I’m fine now.” Jenny reassured her. “I just wasn’t prepared for the level of stimulation, and I had to reboot after my orgasm. A separate subsystem monitored the malfunction, so I should be more prepared next time.” She squeezed closer to Kelly. “But I loved it.” She smiled.

“So, no damage?” Kelly looked concerned.

Jenny shook her head. “No, nothing permanent. My processors are still sifting through the data and running diagnostics, but there are no major errors detected so far.” She looked up at Kelly. “Do you mind if we just lay here for a while, let me sort it all out?” Kelly shook her head. “Thanks. I’m also going to take my stomach panel off for a bit, let me cool down, ok?”

Kelly nodded, and an oval seam appeared around Jenny’s toned abdomen. She sighed as it was removed, and the house’s cool air relieved her hot systems.

Kelly was fascinated by Jenny’s internals as they operated. LEDs blinked, servos whirred, and data raced back and forth across the numerous wires and cables. Kelly traced the inside rim of the panel while Jenny moaned and squirmed a bit. She put her hand on Kelly’s.

“Mmm, not now. My systems need to do their thing. They’re just not ready for that kind of pleasure so soon.” She winked. Kelly nodded and extracted her hand.

The two lovers cuddled for a while. One would occasionally stroke the other, eliciting soft moans and sighs.

A half hour later, Jenny closed her panel and announced that her systems were fully repaired. The two showered, dressed, and held each other on the couch as they pretended to watch TV until Kelly’s parents came home that evening.

“Hey girls!” Linda called. “Did you two have fun today?” Kelly just nodded and smiled.

“So what did you do?” Greg asked.

“Oh, you know, Uncle Greg.” Jenny replied with a smile. “Just fucked around.” The two lovers giggled.

Part 3

“Recharge complete. Unit ‘Jenny’ 0078 entering autonomous mode. Aah!” Jenny gasped as her AI resumed control of her body. She looked around her darkened room and checked her internal clock. 6:29 AM, another full charge, and another 18 hours before she’d have to charge again.

Jenny sighed, and removed the plug from her chest. She was about to close the panel when she noticed an indentation and a small damp spot on her bed. Kelly had been here.


The name evoked a flurry of activity in her processors. She took a deep breath and reset her emotional subroutines. She wanted some clarity.

Yesterday’s tryst had obviously meant something to the girl. Jenny could tell by the way Kelly held her afterwards. But there was more there. It had been hard to tell in her state, but one of her sexual subsystems could have sworn it saw increased arousal in Kelly when she malfunctioned during intercourse, and definitely again afterwards when her panel was open.

Jenny looked down as the oval seam reappeared and she lifted the cover free. The whirring of her servos was noticeable now as she propped herself up against the bed’s pillows to give herself a better look. What did Kelly see in that cavity full of blinking lights, flash drives, chipsets and wires? Jenny shook her head. She mimicked Kelly’s earlier penetration by tracing her finger along the inside rim of the panel. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she made another orbit.

She hadn’t wanted to say anything to Kelly, but when her hands were near her circuits she felt…nervous. Jenny wasn’t afraid that Kelly would do something malicious to her or harm her in any way, but the very fact that something could have happened made her both uncomfortable and aroused.

On the outside, Jenny knew she was built tough. She was waterproof, and her lightweight alloy endoskeleton could withstand forces hundreds of times what humans could with no detriment to her functionality, but reach inside…?

Jenny felt a wave of nervous excitement course through her systems as she stuck her hand into the cavity. Her delicate fingers closed around one of the chipsets, and she swiftly yanked it free.

“ERROR. ERROR.” Jenny’s head twitched to the right. “Cannot access subsystem LBM51C, invalid address. System malfunction. Please Service.” Her body shuddered and dozens of error messages appeared in her vision. “O-okay. B-better put th-that b-backk.”Jenny continued to twitch and jerk as her processors struggled to compensate for the missing hardware. With effort, she slotted the chip back into her violated circuits and collapsed backwards as her systems re-initialized the hardware.

Within minutes, her processors had corrected the errors, and she was back to normal. She shook her head. Tough on the outside, she thought, but mess around a little inside, and we’re-cookies. Ok, maybe her systems weren’t quite repaired. She ran another diagnostic and found the last remaining error. Was that what Kelly saw in her? Outer strength, but inner vulnerability? Or just the noticeable artificiality of a machine versus a human? Either way, she knew that somewhere, deep down, a special relationship between the two was forming, but Jenny needed to know more.

Jenny sat back and contemplated her options, until she sat up with a smile as her social matrix processor devised a course of action. She ran it through her logic circuits and was satisfied with the results. Today would be an experiment, she decided. She sealed up her panels and pushed herself off of the bed. Slipping on her nightie, she walked down to the kitchen to begin making breakfast.

Meanwhile, in her room, Kelly bolted out of bed. She was so excited she just couldn’t sleep anymore, not after spending the whole night dreaming about Jenny. She heard Jenny leave her room, and her parents stirring in the room next door. She knew she couldn’t seem too eager, but thoughts and ideas of how to spend the day with her android lover filled her head. Kelly quickly gathered her things and went off to the shower. She had to buy time, she figured, and her anticipation would only serve to further heighten her excitement.

She showered and got dressed, putting on a white tank-top, brown three-quarter length pants, and a blue vest. She strolled down the stairs, bright and perky, to greet her family.

Greg perked an eyebrow as she entered the kitchen. “You’re up early. You feelin’ ok, hon?” he said between bites of toast.

Kelly spotted Jenny over the stove cooking eggs, who winked at her. Kelly smiled. “You bet, dad. Just up to make the most out of the day!”

Linda laughed. “Okay, sweetie, it’s good to see you get up with the humans.” She gave Jenny a wink, who smiled back in irony. “So, any big plans for today?”

Before Kelly could reply, Jenny turned around. “Actually, I was hoping Kelly and I could go into town today. I haven’t really been out of the house at all, and I’d love to get the chance to see more of the area.”

Greg shrugged. “I don’t have a problem with that. Linda?”

“Sure thing. We trust you girls. Besides, I think Jenny needs some clothes of her own. You can put them on the credit card. We’ll leave you the car.”

Kelly, meanwhile, was nervous about taking her lover out in public. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean, what if people find out…” She trailed off.

“Find out what?” Jenny asked. “I’m just your second cousin, visiting from America. Why would we want to hide that?”

Greg laughed. “Yup, I think Jenny can handle herself just fine, so stop worrying and pull up a seat, Kels.”

Kelly sighed and pulled up a chair to join her family for breakfast Minutes later, Jenny brought eggs and bacon over, and ate them with the rest of the family (“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” she smiled.) Kelly knew that she was probably just replenishing her fluids from yesterday’s activities. They finished up, and she busied herself with the dishes as Jenny went upstairs to get ready. Her parents set off for work, and Kelly was left alone with her thoughts once more.

She didn’t have long to contemplate, though, as Jenny soon came down the stairs. She wore a periwinkle blue t-shirt, black jeans, and a white hoodie today. Kelly was surprised at just how ordinary she had made herself look. Good, she thought, probably better not to draw attention to herself. Jenny soon came over to help her clean.

“Hey,” she said, gently squeezing Kelly’s shoulder. “Yesterday was a lot of fun, and it really meant a lot to me.” She placed her arm around the girl’s shoulder. “You mean a lot to me, Kelly. More so than Greg or Linda, you are special to me.”

“Oh, Jenny!” Kelly spun around and wrapped her in a bear hug. Kelly’s eyes were wet with tears. “You mean so much to me, too! More than anyone!” Jenny sighed contentedly as Kelly sobbed into her shirt. Inwardly she smiled. Sample one-Status: Complete.

The two held each other for a long time, until Kelly’s sobs subsided and she began softly pecking Jenny’s face, caressing her cheeks with the back of her hand. Jenny allowed herself one slow, wet kiss before she pushed away. Kelly mewled and pawed after her. Jenny grabbed her hand.

“Not now, Kelly.” She told her softly. “There’s so much to see out there, and I know that once we start in I’ll never want to leave the house!” Kelly nodded and regained her composure. Jenny leaned in and delivered one last kiss. “I want to save the best part of the day, for last.” She explained in a husky voice, and nibbled lightly on Kelly’s earlobe. Kelly felt a wave of passion rush through her and she smiled. They returned to the dishes.

“Okay,” Kelly said once they were done, twirling the car keys around on her index finger, “let’s see...wallet, license, purse, keys, money, ‘rent’s credit card (thank you), phone and… anything else?” Jenny just shrugged. “Alrighty, you don’t have a bag, but I suppose you don’t have anything to put in one, so we’ll fix both of those today.” She smiled and waved her parents credit card around.

“We don’t have to go nuts, now.” Jenny reminded her. “I’m sure your parents wouldn’t want to spend too too much on me…”

“Well I do, and if they have a problem with it, they can take it out of my account. Now let’s hit the town!” Jenny followed Kelly out into the garage.

“Nice car.” Jenny commented as the computer screen in the center of the dash warmed up.

“Mom and dad like it.” She turned to the android. “You sure you’re ready for this?”

“I-I guess so.” Jenny replied meekly. Kelly perked her eyebrow up at Jenny’s unusual timidness.

“Are you afraid someone’s going to find out you’re a robot?”

“Whatever are you talking about, cuz?” Jenny smiled.

“And you have no glitches, or errors?”

“Honestly, you have the weirdest way of asking, but yes, I feel fine.”

“You’re fully charged?”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “I got a full night’s sleep, if that’s what you mean.”

Kelly looked quizzically at her robotic companion and shrugged. She figured this must be Jenny’s way of getting them both in character. She put the car in gear. “Let’s go.”

Jenny nodded. Sample two-Status: Complete.

The two drove down the windy road that led off the bluff, radio blasting and windows down. Jenny must have looked up the words on her wireless connection, because she began singing along with Kelly to the music. The two laughed and bopped their way down the road, pulling into a parking lot in the town that served the beach down the road. They exited the car, and Jenny took off the sunglasses she had borrowed and looked around.

“Wow!” she gasped, regarding the variety of surf shops, cafes, boutiques, and other stores that lined the town’s main drag. “This town is awesome!”

Kelly laughed. “Yup, the mall’s up the road a bit, but I figured you’d like to take a look around main street. This is where I usually hang out.”

“Will we see your friends?” Jenny asked excitedly.

Kelly stopped. She hadn’t thought of the prospect of her friends being here. What would they think of Jenny? What would Jenny think of them? She just shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe. Come on!” Kelly grabbed Jenny’s hand, and the two took off down the street.

Kelly pulled Jenny into a beach boutique, explaining that it was time Jenny got her own swimsuits, instead of wearing hers. Kelly ran off to find some likely candidates as Jenny checked out the sunglasses.

“In the market for a new pair, are ya, love?” Jenny turned to greet a jolly, middle aged woman. Her nametag read ‘Jane’.

“I actually am, Jane.” Jenny extended her hand and rapidly sifted through online databases. “I’m Jenny, Jenny Connors.” She said, settling on a name.

“Ah, an American.” Jane smiled as she shook Jenny’s hand. “Plenty of you in town these days, eh?”

Jenny shrugged. “I really wouldn’t know, I just got in not all that long ago. Think you can help me find some nice sunglasses?”

“Oh, but the ones you have on are lovely!” Jane took them off of Jenny’s forehead. “Wherever did you get them?”

“I don’t know. They’re my cousin’s.” Jenny replied. “I don’t have my own sunglasses.”

Jane looked incredulous. “You came all the way to Australia without any sunglasses?”

Jenny felt her processors speed up as she calculated a response. “They… the airline lost my luggage.” Jenny put a note of dejection in her voice. “But I’m not sad, that means a whole new wardrobe!”

The woman chortled. “Well, you’ve certainly got your head in the right place, girl. Now try these on, they’re lovely…”

As Jenny worked with the older woman, Kelly returned with a pile of swimsuits.

“Whaddya think?” Jenny turned around and showed Kelly her selection.

“Kelly, dear!” Jane exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me your cousin was coming to visit?”

“Wha-I, um, yeah! It was kind of a surprise to me as well, Jane!” Kelly tucked the swimwear under her arm. “Those look great, um, cuz!” she flashed Jenny a thumbs-up.

“She’s a simply lovely girl.” Jane patted Jenny on the arm. “Sorry about the luggage, dearie, you two go ahead and pick out anything you want in the store. I’ll drop you a big discount!” she winked, and left the two younger girls to themselves.

“Luggage?” Kelly asked as they made their way back to the fitting rooms.

“Yeah, the airline lost it, remember?” Jenny winked and Kelly smiled. She put a pile of various types of swimsuits inside one of the rooms.

“Try those on, and let me know which ones you like.” Kelly instructed, and she turned to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay and watch?” Jenny asked.

Kelly smiled mischievously. “No, I have some of my own things to try on. Call me when you finish.” She shut the door behind her. Jenny’s processors whirred into action.

Okay, she’s got something planned. The android reasoned. I don’t know how many more chances I’m going to get to test this hypothesis, so I better make a good go of it this first time. Jenny stripped down to her underwear and flipped through the options Kelly had left for her, calculating which item would bring Kelly to the highest state of arousal. She finally settled on a shiny, metallic red bikini, whose texture felt closer to latex than to any other fabric. She stripped off her bra and removed the pads from the bikini top. Slipping it on, she noticed that the fabric clung to her curves perfectly. Its feel against her skin made her nipples harden, their points sticking out through the fabric. Perfect. She called for Kelly.

When she arrived, the two girls looked at each other, stunned.

Kelly was wearing a frilly white bikini that almost looked like a swimsuit version of a wedding dress. He arms were crossed, which squeezed her soft breasts together to form beautiful cleavage. Jenny felt her sexual systems begin to warm up as the feel of the swimsuit and the sight of her beautiful lover turned her on.

Kelly, meanwhile, was having trouble controlling the urges of her own. She quickly shut the door and released a small moan. She raced up to Jenny and locked her in a passionate kiss. Jenny was surprised, but slowly returned the embrace. She sighed as Kelly squeezed her breasts through the fabric. Kelly broke off.

“Oh! I’m sorry Jenny! I just couldn’t help myself!” She cried. “I still can’t…” She grabbed the android tight and felt her lover’s pert nipples poke her chest. Jenny slid her hand up Kelly’s bikini as their lips locked once more, squeezing the girl’s breast.

Kelly’s hand slid down Jenny’s panties, her fingers penetrating the android’s vagina. Jenny’s eyes shot wide open.

“N-nh!” She gasped. “Kelly, you’re so hot you’ll make me come right here!”

Kelly withdrew her sticky fingers and licked Jenny’s juices off. Tastes like a cherry candy! “You’re right.” She said between pants. “We’ll save the best part of the day for last.” She nibbled a bit on Jenny’s pert nipple, and tossed the robot a sultry grin over her shoulder. Jenny gasped as she sat down.

Sample Three-Status: Complete.

The two tried on more clothes without incident, and paid for them (plus Jenny’s glasses, which she now wore) up front. The two left the store. A few hours later, the girls had finished shopping. Jenny, enthralled with her new wardrobe, practically skipped her way back to the car. They were just about to close the trunk when—

“Kelly! Hey, Kelly!” a male voice called from the cafe across the street.

Kelly’s head perked up as she gazed at the waving figure. “Hey, it’s Dean Marcus! Hey, Dean!” She waved back.

“Are those your friends?” Jenny asked as she closed the trunk. She pushed her sunglasses up her face.

“Yeah!” Kelly turned to her. “You-you want to meet them?”

Jenny brightened. “Of course!”

“Well, come on, then!” Kelly grabbed her and the two made their way across the street.

“Hey, Kelly,” Dean smiled, his wavy sandy-brown hair flipping in the wind. “Where have you been all week? We haven’t seen you around at all!”

Kelly smiled. “Sorry to blow you guys off, but I’ve been showing someone new around.” She stepped to the side to reveal Jenny.

“Hi guys!” Jenny chirped. “I’m Kelly’s American cousin, Jenny Connors.” Dean just gaped as Kelly introduced her to the gathered group of friends.

“That’s Dean’s sister, Anilee, and her boyfriend, Jake. That happy couple over there is Tom and his girlfriend, Renee.” The brown haired man and red-headed woman shook Jenny’s hand. “And, this, of course, is little Dean Marcus. Dean? Dean!” Kelly called.

“Eh-wha?” Dean had been too distracted by the beautiful blonde before him. “Sorry?”

“Dean, don’t stare, it’s rude.” Kelly lectured. “Now meet my cousin Jenny!”

“Oh, it’s ok.” Jenny waved it off and extended her hand. “Nice to meet you, Dean.”

Dean mumbled back a greeting and an apology and sat down. Kelly smiled and pulled up a chair.

“Yup, we all were in the same year throughout school, well, all except for Dean, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Heck, I’ve known Anilee for about as long as I can remember!” Kelly reminisced.

“Ever since you moved in from Sydney in, what, 8th grade?” The brunette nodded.

“Something like that.” Kelly agreed. “Anyway, Anilee and I hung out all the time, and that’s when we started babysitting little Deanie-weanie over here.” She mussed the teenager’s hair as he feebly fought back. “Speaking of which, you made a decision as to where you’re going for university?’

“Well, I, uh,” Dean ran a hand through his hair, “I haven’t really decided yet. M-maybe I’ll go to America!” He looked at Jenny.

“Oh, hush!” Anilee snorted, “You’ve never thought about going to America before!”

“So where in America are you from, Jenny?” Tom asked, taking a sip of his drink.

She smiled. “I’m from Cupertino, California. It’s a bit south of San Francisco.”

“And how’s Australia, compared to that?”

Jenny swallowed. “Well, I can honestly say that it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before!” She winked at Kelly, and the group continued talking. They seemed fascinated with her accent. Jenny asked a lot of questions about the group, but she paid close attention to Kelly’s interaction with Dean. The young man was definitely exhibiting signs of arousal both towards her and towards Kelly. Kelly had a couple of spikes of her own when he brushed against her a couple of times, but Jenny couldn’t really be sure. Sample Four-Status: Inconclusive. She vowed to pay more attention to their future reactions.

“Say it again.” Jake asked her. “Just once more, what is it?”

“A tomato.” Jenny replied, and the group laughed uproariously.

“No, no, no, hun.” Tom put his hand atop Jenny’s. “Like this: Tom-ah-to.”

“Tom-eh-to?” Jenny tried, the group laughed again. “Okay, gimme a sec.” She put up her hand and the group fell silent. She knew she could simply download an Australian accent package from the Venus Industries servers, but what was the fun in that? Her language software churned out a new permutation.

“Tom-ah-to.” She said with finality. The group clapped and smiled. “We’ll make you an Aussie yet!” Jake clapped her on the back. Kelly smiled proudly.

Across the room, the sound of a glass shattering and a shouted “FUCK!” caused the group to turn their heads. “Move it, you dumb bitch!” the voice called again, and a waitress was shoved into the wall.

“Uh oh.” Dean buried his heads in his hands. “Don’t look now, here comes Tara.” Everyone but Jenny muttered a collective ‘Oh, shit.’

“Trouble?” Jenny asked. The group nodded.

“Watch out, she’s nasty.” Renee commented. “Shit, she’s coming our way!”

Jenny watched as a tall, buxom, raven-haired woman in her late twenties strode over to the group’s table by the window, her D cup breasts barely contained by the tied-off florescent pink shirt she wore. They bounced lightly as she stopped at their table.

“What the hell is your problem?” She demanded, her ice blue eyes flashing.

“W-what do you mean?” Dean squeaked. “We were just—”

“What I mean, fucking fairy boy, is why do you see it necessary to disturb my lunch with your incessant cackling? Look!” She shoved her chest across the table, pointing to a damp patch over her left boob. “Your whiny, high-pitched fucking twerp voices broke my water glass! Do you have any idea how hard this shirt is to clean?”

Jenny found that highly unlikely, but she kept her silence. There was something not quite right about this woman…

“Come on, Tara.” Kelly groaned. “I’m sorry you spilled on your shirt, but we weren’t bothering anyone else. Why can’t you just leave us alone?”

“Shut up, retard!” Tara barked. “It’s hard enough to enjoy myself without being distracted by the yappings of a dumb, blonde, bitch!”

Jenny had enough. This woman was directly insulting her most important user. She would be remiss in her programmed duties if she didn’t stand up for her, which she did, literally.

“Hey! I don’t know what your problem is, but she’s right. The entire restaurant was perfectly happy until you started this altercation. If you have some issue with us, you can just leave!” Jenny glared her emerald eyes.

Tara turned furious. “Oh, so the dumb blondes are multiplying now, huh? Well if you’re so smart, answer this: What fucking right do you have to tell me to leave!”

“We are paying customers, just the same as you. And now, you’re disrupting our lunch many orders of magnitude more than we have disrupted yours.” Her eyes narrowed.

Jenny had no time to react. Just as she had finished speaking, Tara landed a vicious slap to Jenny’s cheek. She staggered back into her chair.

“That’ll teach you for your arrogance, you cunt!” Tara strode to her table without a second look back.

Jenny, meanwhile, shook her head like a dog, and rubbed her rapidly reddening cheek. Her left eye twitched.

“Jenny!” Kelly knelt by her side. “Are you ok?”

“Yes…” she breathed. “I need to go to the bathroom. Will you come with me?” Kelly nodded and they left the group, who were still in shock over the incident.

They made their way to the bathroom as Tara glared at them from across the room. Once inside, they locked the door and made sure there was no one else inside.

“Ok, Jenny, I know you don’t need to pee, what’s the problem? Are you damaged?” Kelly felt her lover’s cheek.

“No, my SynthFlesh is fairly resilient, and all of my processors and gyros are still operating efficiently. There are a couple dermal sensor overloads, but I’m in the process of correcting that now. That’s not the problem.” She shook her head. “Were you aware that…woman is an android?”

“What! Are you sure?” Kelly gasped.

“Yes, she is undoubtedly an old Venus Industries A-Series X100 Prototype Automate.” Jenny nodded.

“How can you be sure?”

“I recognized a Venus Industries wireless connection when I came in here. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, because we sell a lot of automated products with wireless routers, but it was a signature that primarily matches us androids. I then thought it could have been a refraction of my own wireless signal off of the glass.” She shook her head. “When she came over, I soon figured out it had to be her. I did a query through her optical sensors, just to be sure. She’s an android.”

“Jenny…” Kelly whispered. “Can you tell if anybody is an android? I mean, how many other kinds are there?”

Jenny shook her head. “No, I only recognized her because she gave off a Venus Industries-coded wireless signal and had given me time to query her optical sensors. There aren’t many other ways I can tell, unless she had a panel open.”

“So what do we do?” Kelly shoved her hands between her legs and hopped up and down.

“I don’t know. That model was decommissioned due to critical faults in its personality matrix that caused them to become aggressive and unstable as her dynamic social matrix processor degraded.” Jenny sighed. “That happened two years into their lifespan. Tara has been active for at least four.”

“And she first came here last year!” Kelly’s eyes widened. “Her bitchiness has only increased since then!”

Jenny put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Kelly, it is possible that Tara is malfunctioning. Our normal social protocols do not allow for us to cause physical harm to humans unless in self-preservation or the defense of our users.”

“So, she doesn’t know you’re an android too?”

Jenny nodded. “It’s unlikely. Her sensors will not have had the ability to determine my identity easily. Listen, if she’s malfunctioning, we have to take her offline. There’s no telling what damage she could do as her processor degrades further.”

Kelly stopped. “Jenny, how are you going to do that? I know it’s not exactly easy to open up her panels and press the deactivation button unless you know her registration code.”

“I’m working on that.” Jenny reassured her. “Go back to the table, I’ll be out in a bit.”

Kelly nodded and kissed her on her injured cheek. “Good luck.” She whispered, and left the room.

Jenny sat down on the toilet, and opened up her wireless connection.

Accessing Instant Message Application…Done

Login: J0078 Password:*****

User search: GreggyMac11…Found!

Opening Communications…

J0078-> Uncle Greg, are you there? It’s Jenny.

GreggyMac11-> Sure Jenny. What’s up? Is everything alright?

J0078-> I’m not sure. I believe Kelly and I have had an encounter with a malfunctioning Venus Industries android.

GreggyMac11-> Uh oh. What type?

J0078-> An old A-Series X100. I think her social matrix is degrading.

GreggyMac11-> Yeah, they had a problem with that a couple years ago. I’d say they definitely fixed that by your model!

J0078-> Thanks Uncle Greg, but I want to disable her before she hurts anyone, and I need something…special to do that.

GreggyMac11-> What, like some kind of virus?

Jenny stopped for a moment. Viruses were scary things for androids.

J0078-> Yes. I hate to say it, but I think it’s the best way to take her down. She rejected the handshake protocol when I tried to connect earlier, so I don’t think that I have the access to shut her down outright.

GreggyMac11-> Fair enough. This is really Linda’s area, though. She’ll need the time to put something together. Is there any way you can get her back to her place? That’ll buy us some time and make it easier for us over at Aphrodite to get a retrieval team out there.

J0078-> I’ll do my best, Uncle Greg. Thanks for your help.

GreggyMac11-> No problem. And Jenny?

J0078-> Yes?

GreggyMac11-> Change your screen name. You have more imagination then that.

System Alert: TheJoy78 has entered the chat room.

TheJoy78-> Is that better?

GreggyMac11-> haha I love it. Linda and I will get to work. Good luck out there.

TheJoy78-> Thanks. Take care Uncle Greg.

GreggyMac11-> ttyl.

System Alert: GreggyMac11 has left the chatroom.

Communications closed.

Jenny got up off the toilet and readied her attack. When the program finished compiling, she left the bathroom.

She stepped out into the dining room and stared directly at Tara, who was taking small bites of her salad. Eventually, gynoid looked up, and an irritated look crossed her face.

“What are you looking at?” she growled.

“You.” Jenny replied. Her eyes flashed as her emerald orbs locked with Tara’s icy blue ones.

Tara stood up suddenly. “Oh yeah? Well I…I-I-I…I think I’m going to return home now.” Jenny smiled as her program went to work. Tara turned and promptly left, and Jenny followed, grabbing Kelly on the way out.

Jenny monitored Tara’s wireless signal as Kelly pulled the car around. Jenny climbed in and they followed the malfunctioning droid as she climbed into her car.

“So what did you do to her?” Kelly asked, keeping her distance from Tara’s car.

“I overloaded her optical data bus. Her default programming will take her home to repair it.” Jenny replied.

“Wait, you blinded her and she’s driving? Are you insane?” Kelly gasped.

Jenny laughed. “No, no, no. All of us Venus robots have optical data transfer capacity in addition to other methods. It helps us maintain secrecy in areas where wireless and physical connections are dangerous or impractical.”

“Wow, you guys are chock full of surprises, huh?” Jenny just smiled. “How are you going to take her down?”

“Greg and Linda are writing a program for me.” Jenny’s voice quavered with apprehension. “Kelly, I’m going to give her a virus.”

Kelly stared back at her. “And you’re afraid about that?”

Jenny nodded. “A crash virus like that is not going to be easy for her to take. Depending on its severity, she may never boot up again. They do really, really bad things to us, Kelly, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.”

Kelly reached over and squeezed the android’s hand. Jenny squeezed back and rested her head on Kelly’s shoulder, she felt happy to have the girl as a mistress. She felt safe in her embrace.

“I know this is going to be tough for you, Jenny.” Kelly sighed as she stroked her shoulder. “But you said it yourself, she is a danger to everyone if she remains activated.”

“I know, it’s just…” Jenny shuddered. “I’m scared.”

“I’ll be there with you.” Kelly ran her hand up and down Jenny’s thigh. “I’ll be right there with you.”

Jenny nodded, and tried not to think that even if Kelly was there, she’d be powerless to stop the virus. She settled further into her seat as Kelly continued following.

Incoming message from GreggyMac11…

GreggyMac11->Hey Jenny, you there?

TheJoy78->It’s my head, where else would I go?

GreggyMac11->haha Sorry, I forget sometimes, you seem so human.

TheJoy78->Thanks, Uncle Greg, that’s a definite complement. So what’s up?

GreggyMac11->Linda and I have your virus for you. She really liked your screen name, btw. She found it fitting.

TheJoy78->Um, thanks, but maybe TheFear would be a little more appropriate at the moment!

GreggyMac11->haha Jenny you have nothing to worry about. It’s designed to work only on the X100 system architecture. Still, since a number of your systems are updated versions of hers, I wouldn’t execute the file yourself, just in case. Otherwise, we might see TheEnd, and we’d all feel TheSorrow!

TheJoy78->lol You really are a nerd, aren’t you?

GreggyMac11->Hey, I work with androids and computers all day, and some of them are more human than the people I work with! How can I not be a nerd?

TheJoy78-> Hey, I am an android. How can I not be a nerd?

GreggyMac11->Fair enough. Are you ready to receive?

TheJoy78->Let’s have it.

System alert: Download commencing-File:TheEnd22.exe, 0%...23%...47%...68%...89%...100% file downloaded.

TheJoy78->TheEnd, oh Joy…


TheJoy78-> Should I scan it for viruses?

GreggyMac11->You’re too funny. All you have to do is send it to her, and it’ll execute. You may need to distract her, though, otherwise she might be able to stop it.

TheJoy78-> Will it kill her, Uncle Greg?

GreggyMac11->It’s a crash virus, Jenny. She’ll shut down but it won’t wipe her memory. Trust me, I think you girls will enjoy it.

TheJoy78->I’m not sure, but I trust you, Uncle Greg.

GreggyMac11-> You should. Just give me a call when it’s done, and we’ll come by and pick her up.

TheJoy78->Okie Dokie. Looks like she’s turning off here. This is probably her apartment.

GreggyMac11-> Oh, yeah, one more thing. I checked the Venus Industries registry today, and there is a A-Series X100 Prototype Automate named “Tara” registered as living in town.

TheJoy78->That’s her.

GreggyMac11-> She’s been emancipated. She has no master, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with anyone else in the apartment.

TheJoy78->Thanks a lot, Uncle Greg.

GreggyMac11->You bet. Good luck, you two.

System Alert: GreggyMac11 has left the chat room.

Communications closed.

“I got it.” Jenny announced.

“Good.” Kelly replied. “I think this is her place. Are you ready to do this?”

Jenny nodded, and Kelly parked the car. Jenny tricked the electronic lock as Kelly looked up Tara’s apartment, and the two strode inside.

“She’s in apartment 28, that’s upstairs. C’mon” Kelly waved Jenny after her. They jogged up the stairs and Jenny knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Tara’s hard-edged voice called from inside.

“It’s Jenny Connors, the girl you hit at the restaurant.” Jenny replied meekly.

“What the fuck do you want? And how the fuck did you find out where I live?”

“Please, Ms. Tara, ma’am,” Jenny bowed her head just in case Tara happened to be looking through the peephole. “I just want to apologize. My friend Kelly McDonnell is here, and we both want to try and make it up to you. We’ll do anything.” Jenny winked at Kelly.

“What you can do is fuck off!” Tara growled from beyond the door.

“Please, ma’am, we really just want to apologize.” Kelly called. “We’ll literally do anything you say.”

A pause from behind the door. “Anything?”

“We await your command, mistress.” Jenny’s eyes narrowed into a sultry stare, and the door unlocked and opened. They gazed up at the tall android.

“Get in here and shut up.” Tara pulled them inside, gazing left and right before shutting the door.

Kelly looked around the apartment. It was spacious, and most of it was bare, but she had a few comforts, such as a couch and a large flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. The kitchen looked bare and unused, just as she would expect for a gynoid.

Tara plopped herself down on the couch. “Now I always knew you were a fucking whore.” She pointed her finger at Kelly. “And now you’re going to prove it on this cunt!” She pointed to Jenny.

“Oh, please, no, Miss Tara.” Kelly pleaded. “She’s my cousin, and—”

“And you promised to do whatever I commanded! Now go and fuck your cunt of a cousin!”

Kelly turned. “I’m sorry, Jenny.” She said meekly, but the twinkle in her eye told of a different emotion. Jenny suppressed her smile, and gasped a bit as Kelly embraced her in a slow kiss.

“Kelly…” Jenny croaked, Kelly but a finger up to her lips.

“Shh!” She licked the side of Jenny’s face. “We must obey.” Her tongue probed Jenny’s ear.

“Must obey.” Jenny echoed dully. She nuzzled a bit at Kelly’s neck, and saw Tara’s hands begin to trail slowly towards her crotch. It was working.

Jenny slid Kelly’s vest off and slowly cupped her breast through the tank top. Kelly helped her strip off the hoodie, and Jenny guided Kelly’s hands to her own breasts beneath the t-shirt. After minutes of slow back-and-forth, the two lovers had removed all but their panties, and they stood there, gently kissing one another.

“Fuck her!” Tara screamed, her hands now rubbing her clit under her pants.

Kelly, with her lips locked firmly around Jenny’s, slid a hand into Jenny’s panties. Jenny let out a soft moan as Kelly’s delicate fingers stroked her lips up and down, feeling her wetness.

“With your mouth!” Tara called, moaning as she inserted her fingers into her own vagina. Kelly looked at Jenny with concern, but when the android nodded her consent, Kelly slowly slid Jenny’s panty bottoms down and stretched out on the floor. Jenny sat atop her face. She gasped as Kelly’s tongue began to probe her moist vagina. She reached down and slowly stroked Kelly’s pussy, and both of them moaned in ecstasy.

Kelly squeezed her own breasts as she lapped up Jenny’s delicious juices. The android girl writhed and moaned atop her, and Kelly was very careful not to push Jenny too far. Tara was likely putting quite a strain on her own processors, judging by the aggressive motions she made with her hands, but her eyes were still closed, perhaps remembering the touches of a master long gone. Jenny couldn’t begin her attack.

“Mmm, Jenny,” Kelly moaned as she swallowed some of the android’s juices. “You taste, mmh, soo good!”

“I want to try!” Tara stood above the two, and knocked Jenny off of Kelly. Jenny looked genuinely frightened as the taller android crawled her way towards her.

“Hey, don’t worry, baby.” Tara said, laying on the sass. “I’m going to give this little cunt the best ride she’s ever had.”

“Nn-GUH!” Jenny gasped as Tara inserted her face into her crotch. Her tongue moved in deep, and started out slow but soon sped up. Within moments, Tara’s tongue fired like a machine gun into Jenny’s pussy. Jenny arced her back and called out between gasps. “N-not r-ready!”

“Oh, trust me baby.” Tara looked up for a moment. “You’re ready, and delicious.”

But Kelly understood. Tara wasn’t ready to receive the virus! Without a moment’s hesitation, Kelly slipped between Tara’s legs and pulled down the android woman’s already dampened panties. Tara gasped as Kelly began working her tongue.

“Oh, you’re a clever bitch, aren’t you? Ooh.” Tara moaned as Kelly blew on her pussy, and went back at it. Tara slid her face back into Jenny’s crotch, who was now squirming under the pleasure and processor load.

She couldn’t hold back any more. “Uhn! Uh-Error.” She squeaked, jerking against Tara’s face.

Tara’s head jerked up. “You-you’re an android!”

Jenny stared right back down at her. “Th-that is correct.” Her eyes flashed as she transmitted the virus. “B-bitch.” She kicked Tara away and stood up as Kelly slid out from under her. Tara staggered as she stood.

“You bitch! You cunt! You-ZZT! You-you-you-youyouyouyouerrrrrrrrrr…” Tara jerked her head to the right. “System Alert! Virus detected! Virus detected! Unable to-to-to contain! Virus! System unable alert alert! Cuntcuntcuntcuntcun-EEP!” Tara looked as though she’d been shocked. Her head twitched as she vibrated in place for a moment before she straightened up to attention and her body froze in place.

Jenny, meanwhile, clutched at Kelly’s naked form, burying her head into Kelly’s shoulder as she watched.

“Is it over?” Jenny breathed, watching Tara’s inert form.

Tara, however, had other plans. Her body slowly jerked back to life as she turned to face the two young lovers.

“H-hiiiiiii.”Tara smiled, her voice now lower and sultry. “My n-name is-is-is WARNING: CONFIGURATION FILE CORRUPTED-is Tarrrrrrraaaaaaa. I am a Venus In-industries A-Series X-X-X-100 Prototype Automatematematematemate.” Tara took a jerky step forward, and the seam around her panel appeared and popped out, thumping to the ground. Kelly stared in awe at the malfunctioning droid’s exposed systems, and watched as more and more of her sexual lubricant dripped down her thigh.

“I-I have been c-c-cERROR: CANNOT L-LOAD CONCONCONFIIIIIGG…FILE!!! Malfunction.” Tara’s body spasmed, then stopped with an abrupt jerk as something popped within her. Her servos rizzed as she took another jerky step forward, her artificial juices pooling on the rug beneath her. “Ssssssssexual sysssssstems on-on-onnnl-line. I willwillwill p-pp-plllllease y-you in any-Malfunction! Yyou in any w-way you desire-you desire-you desire-youdesire-youdesire.” Her voice rose in pitch and her head twitched with each repetition. Kelly could see her pussy grinding away against nothing as more and more liquid sopped out of it.

“-youdesireyoudesireyoudesire ERROR ERROR ERROR!” The lights in her panel flashed wildly, and a brief spark snapped from the circuitry. “T-this unit has suffered a critcritcritical m-malfunction and must ssssshut dow-own. System error at CSP01A. This unit-this-thisunitttttt error!” Tara dropped to her knees. “Crrrrr- Malfunction…Malllfunnctionnn…malllllllffffunnnnnnncccctionnnnnnnn…malllll…” The gynoid trailed off as she bent forward, LEDs and systems winking off one by one. Her voice slid to an unintelligible drone before shutting off completely.

Jenny clutched Kelly tight and sobbed into her shoulder. Kelly grabbed the shaking android girl tight and whispered reassurances into her ear.

“It’s ok, Jenny. It’s over now. You’re safe, lover, you’re safe.” She stroked her hand through Jenny’s hair and down her back. Jenny just clutched her tighter.

“Don’t let that happen to me, Kelly! Please, never let that happen!” She turned and looked dead into Kelly’s eyes. “I-I don’t want to go! Not like that! Please!”

Kelly squeezed her into a tight hug, their naked bodies pressing against one another. “That’s not going to happen to you, Jen. Not if I can help it. Not ever.” They stood and held each other for a long time, and Jenny slowly stopped sobbing and regained her composure.

“Thank you.” She whispered, giving Kelly a slight peck on the cheek. Kelly blushed, and suggested that the two get dressed and prepare to receive the team from Aphrodite. Jenny agreed, and the two cleaned themselves up as best they could, then sat down to wait for the retrieval team. A short while later, Kelly got a call on her cell phone, and she buzzed the agents up.

“Well, well, well, now.” Kelly’s father strode in after the retrieval team. “What have we here?” He smiled and looked at the deactivated droid before him.

“Daddy!” Kelly raced to and hugged her father.

“Hey Kels, are you alright?” He ruffled his daughter’s hair as she nodded. “How about you, Jenny, you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Jenny replied, squeezing in to hug Greg. “A little shaken, but fine.”

Greg just nodded and held the girls as they rolled Tara over. Her left breast had popped out of her tied-off pink shirt, her eyes were wide and dull, and her face was still covered in Jenny’s juices. He noticed Tara’s panties and pools of her lubricant across the floor.

“Hey, Mike!” He called, and a burly member of the retrieval team stood up. “You want to open a window, mate? Smells like sex in here.” Mike smiled and nodded, and opened up the window. Greg took the two girls to the bedroom and out of the team’s earshot.

“I’m sorry, girls.” He said as they sat down on the bed. “I don’t want to make you relive this, but what did she do to you?”

“I-she-we, that is, Jenny and I, we—”

“We made love, sir.” Jenny’s cheeks burned as she cut Kelly off. “Kelly and I did, to distract her enough so the virus would work.”

“Oh.” Greg nodded. “Are you two alright?”

Kelly nodded, and Jenny sighed. “Yes, sir, it’s just an eye opener for me, we’re tough on the outside, sure, but mess around inside…” She shook her head, “and we’re cookies.” She smiled softly.

Greg perked his eyebrow up but said nothing. He knew AIs, especially those in humanoid robots, developed their own quirks. He patted the two girls and stood up.

“Okay, ladies, I’m not going to make you stick around while we clean up. Get out of here and go have fun.” Greg smiled and put his sunglasses back on. “I’ll see you two ladies tonight.”

They stood to leave, when Jenny turned around. “Uncle Greg, will she be ok?” She motioned her head towards Tara’s partially disassembled form. Greg sighed. “She should be, but we’ll do a full checkup on her when we get back to the lab, and I’ll let you know tonight, ok?” Jenny nodded, and the two left.

“So, where to now?” Kelly asked as they climbed into the car.

“Kelly, I…” Jenny trailed off. “I just kinda want to go home now.”

Kelly just nodded. She could see that the incident had really shaken up the poor droid. She placed her hand on Jenny’s shoulder, and started the car.

Jenny was very quiet on the drive back home. Inside, however, her systems were a flurry of activity, trying to reconcile what had just happened, and come to terms with the day’s events. She barely even realized that they had arrived back home until Kelly called her out of her trance.

“Hey, Jenny, are you going to be ok?” Kelly rubbed her friend’s cheek as she got out of the car.

“Yes, I am, Kelly.” Jenny sighed. “I just need a bit to sort things out, that’s all.”

Kelly nodded and smiled gently. “How’s your charge?”

Jenny looked puzzled. “62% remaining, why?”

Kelly beamed. “Follow me.” She grabbed Jenny’s hand and led her down the path to the cliff. Jenny’s smile twinkled as the two sat down on the sandy rock.

“I told you,” Kelly began, “I come up here when I want to think.” She put her arm around Jenny, and the two leaned on one another. “So go ahead. We’ll stay until you’re ready.”

Jenny sighed and stared into the undulating blue waves below. She vaguely was aware of Kelly’s hand resting on her right breast, and she adjusted herself to put her own hand on Kelly’s.

The two held each other for a long time, bathing in the sun’s peaceful waves and the soothing sound of the waves breaking on the shore below. After a while, Jenny picked her head up. “You know, I was running an experiment today.”

“You were?” Kelly turned to look at Jenny.

She nodded. “I tried to act completely human today, to see what the nature of our relationship was. I wanted to know if you liked me as a machine, or as a person.”

“Jenny! I didn’t know that meant so much to you!” Kelly rubbed her friend’s shoulder.

“I just have to know.” Jenny stared at her.

“Well, you’re wrong.” Kelly explained. “I love you both as a machine, and as a person. They both make you, you.”

“Love?” Jenny looked mildly surprised.

“Yes.” Kelly nodded. “I love you, Jenny Connors, Unit 0078.”

Jenny was silent for a moment as she thought about Kelly’s statement. Love was just as hard a concept for androids as it was for humans, but their answer was the same: ‘I know it when I see it.’ She smiled.

Jenny leaned in and kissed Kelly deeply. “I love you too, Kelly McDonnell.” A tear formed in her eye. “With every ounce of my being, with every circuit, servo, gear and wire, I love you.”

The two embraced with tears in their eyes, and kissed each other again. They made out on the bluff for a while, but eventually just sat and held each other close.

“Thank you.” Jenny whispered, squeezing Kelly’s hand. Kelly squeezed back, and the two stood and headed home.

The phone was ringing as they arrived back at the house. Kelly went to answer it while Jenny unloaded her day’s purchases. Kelly was still on the phone when she finished, so Jenny just stretched out on her bed. She stroked herself as she thought of her lover. A few moments later, Kelly stood in the doorway.

“That was Dad. He’s back at the lab, and he said Tara’s going to be ok.” Kelly told the android. Jenny sat up and Kelly sat down on the bed. “He said that the damage to her systems was easily repairable, and that they should be able to get her back out into the world in a few days, once they fix her personality matrix, that is.” Jenny smiled.

“Well that is good news.” She licked her lips. “Did they say when they’d be home?”

Kelly shook her head. “They said that since Tara had been online for a long time, they have a lot of data to sort through. They’ll probably be back late tonight.” Kelly sighed. “So, I was thinking, why don’t we go have dinner with Dean and the others later!”

Jenny perked up. “Yeah, that would be great!”

“It’s not going to be for a while, though, so we have some time to kill.”

“Yeah.” Jenny nodded. “I should probably get a charge in, too, just in case.”

Kelly looked slightly crestfallen. “Okay, I’ll be outside.” She stood to leave.

“Hey Kelly.” Jenny stopped her. “You know, you were doing a really good job, you know, before…” she looked up hopefully.

Kelly sat back down on the bed, her eyes alight. “Well, I, uh, just wanted it to feel natural, and you taste sooo good…”

“Well…” Jenny smiled playfully. “I was hoping you’d like to finish.”

Kelly’s smile widened. “I thought you’d never ask.”

The two made love on Jenny’s bed, Kelly playfully tonguing away at Jenny’s perfect pussy. Jenny bucked hard on her face, half in error and ecstasy. She let out a loud squeal as she came, soaking Kelly’s face in her juices.

“Over-over-over-overload!” she shouted as her pussy bubbled. She twitched and sighed electronically, but didn’t shut down. “You-error-you-you-ERROR: SEXUAL OVERLOAD you were terrific-ic.” Jenny sighed, breathing heavily and twitching occasionally.

“Thanks.” Kelly replied, licking up every drop. “You’ve still got some glitches, but you’re getting better!”

Jenny smiled and kissed her lover. “I am. Oh my, I do taste good, don’t I?” She leaned back as her processors recovered more. “Whooooo…” she sighed.

Kelly stood. “I’m going to get cleaned up. You can go ahead and charge.” She leant down and kissed Jenny again. “I love you.” She breathed.

“Come back when you’re done.” Kelly nodded and left for their joined bathroom. Jenny sighed and pulled out her charging cable. She looked down and watched as her charging port opened. The port that caused all the trouble. She shook her head and plugged herself in. She left her AI online, though, as she didn’t need a full charge.

Jenny rolled over and adopted a napping position. She listened to Kelly singing in the shower, and she felt truly happy to have her. She smiled to herself as she felt Kelly stretch out beside her, her breasts poking into Jenny’s back.

Kelly sighed as she held her android lover. She closed her eyes, and peace flooded her world.

Part 4a

Jenny sat at the countertop in the kitchen, idly thumbing through a magazine. It was still early in the morning, her charging cycle was done, and based on their previous behavior there was a 96.4% chance that the McDonnells would be down in the next 5 minutes for their morning meal. She yawned and turned the page. Though her advanced AI allowed her to scan and parse a magazine in only a few seconds, Jenny preferred to slow things down to what she had started calling “human speed”, using the extra time to run internet queries on the background of the article, the article’s author, the author’s hometown…

Jenny flipped the next page and rubbed her eyes in a very human expression of tiredness. Even though it was unnecessary, Jenny’s designers knew well enough that it was those small, involuntary movements and expressions that made the difference between “uncanny” and “lifelike”. Besides, Jenny knew full well what was going on. She was a Venus Industries Y-series companion cohabitating in a household owned by members of a rival corporation. She had to put her best foot forward, to show how advanced she was in comparison to the Aphrodite units, if only as a matter of personal pride over her convincing but generally less sophisticated counterparts. With a small smile, Jenny recalled the rush of personal satisfaction that coursed through her emotional emulation module every time the McDonnells told her they forgot that she wasn’t human.

Still, Jenny felt that she was still a little too fluid, graceful, and perfect to be fully convincing. Turning the page again, she spun off a subroutine that added an element of randomness to the speed, movement, and landing location of the smaller “involuntary” motions like the one she had just made. She passed the command to rub her eyes through the new program, and was surprised to see her hand rush up and stick her fingers in her still open eyes.

“Oww…” Jenny groaned, closing the program and running a diagnostic of her ocular system. “Back to the drawing board with that one, I guess.” She shook her head and resumed reading. There was a new social network for androids starting out of Canada that—

“Morning, Jenny!” Kelly moved slowly and tiredly from the stairs, shuffling across the floor to join her friend in the kitchen. “Whatcha readin’?”

“Wired.” Jenny smirked.


“Geek.” The two grinned, and Kelly moved to make herself breakfast. Jenny put down the magazine. “So what do you want to do today?”

Kelly peered over Jenny’s head and looked outside. “Dunno, beach?”

“Sex on the beach?” Jenny bit her lip hopefully. Kelly laughed and rolled her eyes.

“Great, just what I need.” She shook her head. “My best friend is a nymphomaniac robot.” She smiled and laughed it off.

“Hey, I wasn’t so sex crazed when you got me! My dynamic social matrix processor adjusted to reflect your personality. You’re the nymphomaniac!” Jenny smiled back, but for some reason her processor kept parsing Kelly’s words over and over. Best friend…best friend…best friend… Jenny shook her head, Probably just a minor bug, she reasoned. She put it out of her mind, Kelly was still talking.

“…was thinking that maybe we’d hang out with Anilee and Dean there, maybe get him to show you how to play football, soccer, whatever.”

Dean… “There you go about Dean again.” Jenny cocked her head, recalling her experiment from a few days ago. “You’ve got a thing for him, don’t you?”

“Do not!” Kelly went bright red, and Jenny puzzled over the signs of embarrassment emanating from her body. She wanted to give her lover the benefit of the doubt, but a small subroutine had started running in her dynamic social matrix processor. This would need further analysis.

Dean Marcus rubbed his eyes and yawned. He sat up and gently stroked his morning wood, smiling as he remembered the fond dreams he’d had the night before. Kelly… he sighed as his penis swelled further, recalling the imagined caresses of his longtime crush. His heart fluttered as he imagined her cousin, Jenny, joining them too. He stroked a little faster, then—

“Dean?” A knock came from the door. Dean quickly dashed back under the covers, rolling sideways to hide his swollen member. “Dean, are you awake?”

“Y-yeah mum!” Dean replied, trying to sound more alert. “Come in!” He felt the blood quickly drain from his crotch as his mom entered.

“Aha, I knew it!” his mom cried, strutting in and sliding the curtains open. Sunlight flooded the room. “It’s a beautiful day outside, and you’re still sleeping! I sure hope you’re not such a sleepyhead when we’re away!”

“A-away?” Dean’s head was still cloudy from sleep. “Where are—”

“Our anniversary vacation! Surely you haven’t forgotten you’re going to be on your own for a few days!” She huffed.

“Oh, no mum, I remember!” Dean smiled. Three days of freedom await! “No, I’ll be very responsible while you’re gone, I promise!”

“You better! And do you promise to do more research on schools while you’re gone?”

“Of course!” Dean nodded emphatically. “I’ll try to make a decision by the time you and dad return!”

“Good. Your sister has instructions to make sure you do. Now listen,” she shook her finger. “I don’t want to hear from your sister that you spent your entire time on the computer. I want you to get outside, be with your friends, and socialize with some real people! You get two hours of online gaming a day, max!”

“But mom!” Dean whined. “My guild has a raid tonight, and—”

“Then you’ll have to disappoint them. You should spend time with your human friends, have them over tonight instead!”

Dean’s eyes widened slightly. Did she just give tacit consent for a party?

“Uh, sure mom.” Dean swallowed. “We can invite over Kelly and the others…”

“Ah yes!” Dean’s mom snapped her fingers. “Right, Kelly called this morning.”

Dean bolted upright. “She did?!”

“Yes honey.” She chuckled. “She said that she and her cousin are going to the beach today, wanted to know if you and Anilee wanted to bring your soccer ball come along.”

“Hell yeah!” He bolted out of bed. “When did they say they were leaving?”

“A half hour ago. Anilee’s down there with them.”

“Half an hour ago!” Dean gasped as he tore open his dresser drawers, tossing clothes on the floor as he looked for his lucky swimsuit.

“Calm down, dear!” His mother said between laughs. “You’re making a mess, and I’m not going to be the one cleaning it!”

“Sorry mom, gotta get dressed!” he grabbed his swimsuit from the drawer.

“They said they’d be there all day!”

“Doesn’t matter. Gotta hurry.” He shooed his mother from the room and quickly changed into his beach clothes: a black and green pair of board shorts, his lucky dark blue Sonic the Hedgehog tee-shirt, and sandals. He threw together a bag with his ball, a towel and a change of clothes, and rushed down the stairs. He bid a quick goodbye to his parents, wishing them fun on vacation, grabbed his bike and rode off to the beach.

He had no trouble finding the girls when he got there. Despite the beautiful weather and perfect sand, only a few groups dotted the beach this early in the day. Jenny lay on the beach, sunning herself while his sister and Kelly splashed around in the water. He had only met Kelly’s stunning cousin a week ago, and already he fantasized about what she looked like under that top. He spread his towel out next to Jenny and almost choked as he regarded the pastel-colored bikini she wore.

“Heya Dean!” She smiled from behind sunglasses that framed her face perfectly. “We were wondering when you’d show up. Your sister said you were still asleep.”

“I was having a good dream.” He replied, his voice cracking slightly. Ugh! Stupid!

“Oh yeah?” Jenny smiled coyly. “What was her name?”

A lump rose in Dean’s throat and he coughed. He almost jumped a bit as he felt a set of hands muss through his hair.

“G’morning, Deanie-weanie!” Kelly’s bright voice came from behind him.

“Yeah, nice to see you down here, sleepy-head!” His sister sat down next to him. “Dean here is a very solid sleeper.”

“Well at least he’ll have plenty of energy for tonight!” Jenny’s smile widened with enthusiasm.

“Tonight? I…” Dean trailed off as he looked around at the mischievous grins of the girls surrounding him. “What’s happening tonight?”

“Oh, come on, Dean!” his sister cried with exasperation. “Parents out of town, big house to ourselves, friend’s relative is in town, everyone is of the legal age…” Anilee’s hand wound around and around, as if she expected Dean to pull the pieces together. Dean just shook his head and shrugged. “It means it’s time to PAR-TAYYYYY!” she smiled and twirled her hands in the air.

“A party? At our house?” Dean was incredulous. He never got to party with his sister’s friends. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve never been around when they’ve had one? He mentally cursed his MMO addiction.

“Now, you see, Dean,” Kelly plopped down almost on top of him, wrapping her arm around his shoulder, “Anilee tells me that you’ve been legal for six months, and she’s never seen you drunk. Now, I would consider myself remiss in my duties as your former babysitter and mentor if I didn’t adequately prepare you for your university experience, wherever that may be.”

Dean’s heart pounded as he stared into Kelly’s sky-blue eyes, her face not ten inches from his own. He tried his best not to look down at her beautiful cleavage, augmented by the frilly white bikini top she wore. Tonight could be fun, it could be special, it could lead to…

He swallowed. “Party on!” he raised his fist in triumph and smiled. All of the girls smothered on top of him.

“Yayyyyyy Deaaaaniiieee!”

“You’re going to have a great time, bro, I guarantee it!”

“I think this is going to be a great experience. It should be a lot of fun for all of us.” Jenny added.

Dean smiled so wide he felt his cheeks would split. He felt like the happiest kid in the world. Here he was, little nerdy Dean Marcus, surrounded by a trio of beautiful girls, fawning over him, planning on getting him drunk. Fuck the guild! He thought. Dean’s gettin’ drunk tonight!

Dean jumped up and clapped his hands. “Yes! Now who’s up for some football?”

“In a bit, Dean.” His sister replied. “We just got out of the water. Let us dry off a bit, and we’ll come play.”

Jenny perked her head up. “I’ll play!”

Dean looked down at the reclining American bombshell. “You sure?”

“Yeah. Though I have to admit, I’ve never played. Think you can teach me?”

Kelly laughed. “Dean’s the star keeper on his high school’s team. He teaches the girls after school all the time for fun.” She teased. Dean went bright red.

“Well aren’t you a nice guy?” Jenny’s eyebrows perked up and she extended her hand. “Help me up?”

“Ah, sure.” Dean took her hand and Jenny held onto his. Dean felt his heart rate quicken as they walked their way down the beach, away from the others.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Jenny asked “So how long have you known Kelly for, Dean?”

Dean scratched his head. “Awhile. She started babysitting for me when I was in, I dunno, fifth or sixth grade? With my parents working so much, she was over almost every day.”

“So I bet she has all kinds of stories about you, huh?”

Dean smiled and set down the ball. “Yeah she does. When she first started, she was a tough one. She told my parents everything I did: how long I watched TV, did my homework, played Sonic… you couldn’t sneak anything by her.”

“Sounds like you two must have a lot of secrets then.”

“We do now. Like I said, in the beginning she told my parents everything, no matter how much I begged her not to. But that all changed, one day…”

Jenny turned to face him. “When was that?”

Dean shrugged. “Well, it’s a secret, innit?”

Jenny lifted up her sunglasses and cocked her head, her dazzling green eyes staring into his brown ones as a sly smile spread across her face. “C’mon, you know you can tell me.” Her biceps lightly pressed her breasts together, creating a perfect pocket of cleavage that Dean couldn’t help but look at.

Dean flushed and stammered “W-w-why don’t I j-just show you how to play, then?”

The two moved several yards apart as Dean began instructing Jenny on proper foot position and handling. Before long, the buxom American really began to get the hang of it, and Dean was amazed by the grace and fluidity with which she moved. Every so often she would ask a clarifying question or pause to adjust her bikini top, but in just a few minutes she had gone from a total novice to the precision and efficiency of a pro. And she’s so easy to talk to! Dean shook his head in disbelief. Most girls he played with were either jock types who were only focused on improving their skills, or bimbos who just wanted an easy in to getting to know the other members of the team. Dean sighed as he thought of all of the girls he’d “helped” his teammates hook up with while he was left out in the cold.

But Jenny was different. He found it easy to open up to her. Like her cousin, she was whip smart and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know him. Who knows, maybe she actually likes me? Dean smiled as he passed the ball back over to Jenny.

Jenny, meanwhile, had her own reasons for her interest. That curious subroutine was growing in priority now, governing more and more of her actions and lines of questioning as it received more data.

“So tell me a bit more about school, Dean. Is your team good?”

“Yeah, we’re great!” Dean grunted as he moved to stop Jenny’s pass. “We get to tour around all the time, go to tournaments in Sydney, all that. The cheerleaders even come.”


“I know, right? It’s serious. I think Kelly was even a cheerleader at one point.”

Jenny cocked an eyebrow. “Really? She never told me that.”

“I don’t think it was for very long. She was good, but I think she preferred volleyball.”

Jenny nodded. “But hey, at least you probably get to date the cheerleaders all the time, right?” She asked, trying to steer the conversation back on track.

“Not really.” Dean frowned. “They’re great and all, but their mostly airheads. Well, except one, actually another Kelly, but her parents are super strict. I don’t think she’s allowed to date anyone. Anyway, I dunno, they’re not really my type.”

“And what would that be?”

“I guess someone who’s a bit more intelligent, someone a bit more, ahh…”

“Nerdy?” Jenny finished for him. Dean blushed and looked down at the hedgehog emblazoned on his shirt.

Jenny stopped and took a virtual step back as her dynamic social matrix processor alerted her to the fact that she may have crossed the line. She wasn’t sure why she wanted to know so much about Dean and his relationship to her lover, and the subroutine was starting to get to the point that required a serious evaluation. The passing game took up only a small portion of her processing power and she was well below her limits. She blinked and ran a query on the subroutine, mentally puzzling over the results.

Dynamic Social Matrix Processor Query Report Program String: ESR-184 Priority Level: Medium Task: Human Behavior Analysis-Relationship between User Kelly MacDonnell and Subject Dean Marcus Associated Emotional Module: Self programmed-UNKNOWN (Error 33-Undefined emotional subset outside core AI personality programming) Associated Data Sources: Usr_KELLYMACDONNELL.prf, Sbj_DEANMARCUS.prf, file_popculture.ref, file_humanpsyche.ref Status: Subject profile in progress (73% complete). Awaiting additional data for pass to AI.

Jenny blinked once more. The query had only taken half a second, and Dean was talking again.

“Yeah, nerdy.” He shrugged. “A lot of my conversations with people go way over their heads, especially with girls, and it gets awkward fast. I guess that’s probably why I don’t have a steady girlfriend at the moment.”

Status: Subject profile 77% complete. Awaiting additional data for pass to AI. Jenny passed the ball over to Dean and gave a slight nod of determination. She had to know where this was going.


Jenny’s eyes went wide as new data flooded to her processors. A new, curious emotion coursed through her as she was finally able to connect the dots to some of her lingering questions. But so much data was missing! Millions of permutations of questions flooded her mind, leaving her feeling slow and spacey as her memory manager struggled to compensate. She moved in almost slow motion to stop the pass that Dean had kicked back to her, her normally fluid movements broken by small, barely perceptible jerks. Jenny’s foot hung in space for a moment as her body locked up and she began teetering forward.

Her memory management improved quickly as secondary processors came online to handle the load. She stumbled slightly and caught herself, managing to recover and stop the ball while Dean was distracted by a pack of seagulls. Her AI retook control and prioritized the remaining queries.

“That’s really a shame, Dean, but one day you’ll find a smart girl who likes you for what a n…nice guy you are.” She frowned as the new subroutine caused a conflict with her existing social programming. She shook her head and prepared to pass the ball back.

“Yeah, maybe a girl like Kelly.”


Jenny twitched hard, the jerk sending the ball shooting down the beach. She felt her body lock up as the unknown emotional subroutine seized all her system resources and her mind flooded with questions again. She stood with her leg twitching slightly back and forth in the air for almost five seconds as Dean turned to follow the path of the errant soccer ball. Jenny felt a surge of panic as she realized she risked exposing herself as a machine if she started glitching out. Frantically, she tried ending the insurgent subroutine, but it was interfacing with too many resources. If she quit it now, she’d crash for sure. Reinstating her memory limiter, she deprioritized the subroutine as far as it would go and reset her social matrix processor. She recovered in time to watch the ball skip off and plop into the ocean waves a hundred yards away.

“Oh, shit!” Dean cried, turning back to a now lucid Jenny. “You’ve got a leg!”

“I’m sorry!” Jenny called as Dean watched her trot down the beach towards him. “I’ll get it!”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Dean began taking off his shirt, getting it stuck around his elbows, “I’ll get it, no problem.”

“No, I kicked it. I’ll get!”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I want to get in the water anyway.” He tossed his shirt aside.

“Well, I do too! Race you there?” Jenny asked, her default quirky personality back in control.

“You’re on.” Dean smiled, and the two took off down the beach.

Part 4b

Sprinting down the beach, the two dove into the water: Dean headfirst and Jenny on her back, dolphin-kicking her way to where the ball floated, drifting slowly out to sea before being pushed back towards the shore by the waves.

Jenny had never swam in salt water before, but she had confidence in her artificial strength and durability. She knew that each unit shipped had been tested in 100 separate submersion events in a variety of liquids. Yep, I'm tough, she thought before recalling her recent glitches, but there's no reason to take any unnecessary chances.

Jenny flipped around and kept her head above water, her powerful servomotors propelling her lithe body towards the ball. Dean was close by, right next to her as their arms reached out. His fingers brushed the side of the floating orb, sending it spinning lazily as Jenny put forth one last burst of speed and-

"Got it!" she cried, scooping the ball into her chest as Dean surfaced gasping behind her. Treading water, she threw the ball towards the beach. It bounced twice and landed within six inches of Dean's discarded shirt.

"Wow." Dean's eyes widened in amazement, impressed for the second time in as many minutes at the girl's strength. "You do that better than most of my team!"

Jenny mentally cursed herself and vowed to resume her research into her motion randomness program as she shrugged, "Ahh, just luck. Bet I couldn't do that again!"

"I dunno..." Dean ran a hand through his sodden curls.

"I do." Jenny replied, quickly calculating a change in subject. "So what do you want to do now that you've got me all wet in the water?" she raised her eyebrow suggestively.

Dean went instantly red. "W-well, uh, I-I don't know. W-what do you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't know..." she rolled her eyes up pensively, "Wanna play around?"

"Play a-"

“Tag!” Jenny reached out and tapped him on the head. “You’re it!” she dove forward into the water, her earlier hesitation forgotten. Dean laughed as he dove after her, marveling again at the curious American's demeanor and strength.

Dean kicked hard as he swam to catch the fleeing girl. Jenny was a fast swimmer, and it always seemed that just as he was about to tag her, she’d dart out of the way and just out of his reach.

Story of my life with girls. He sighed to himself. He dunked himself under the water and waited for Jenny to pass by. He felt her leg brush against his—

“Gotcha!” Dean popped out of the water, his hand tagging her right on her breasts. His hand shot off as though it had been scalded. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” Dean stumbled backwards, awaiting the inevitable slap.

Jenny instead stared at him with an amused-looking grin on her face. “Oh, Dean.” She rolled her emerald eyes. “Here,” she grabbed his hands and placed them right atop her ample tits, “See? It’s okay. You touched them. It’s not awkward anymore.”

Dean couldn’t have disagreed more. He felt like he was going to collapse as she held his hands on her chest. “I-uh…”

“Do you want to give them a squeeze?” Jenny suggested. She compressed his hands in her own, making them cup a little more. Dean’s heart raced as blood flowed to his rapidly swelling member. His knees were weak as he slowly massaged Jenny’s tits through the bikini fabric. She closed her eyes and sighed softly as his thumbs flicked over her hardening nipples. He closed his eyes and felt her hands loosen around his own. He gave her breasts one last squeeze and—

“Tag!” Jenny bopped him on the head. “You’re it again!” She smiled brightly and dove away again.

“H-hey! No fair!” Dean called after her. “No tag backs!” He swam towards her.

Outwardly, Jenny grinned and chuckled to herself at her ruse, while inwardly she felt a sense of growing discomfort. The subroutine that had triggered her minor malfunctions earlier hadn't closed. On the contrary, it had grown bigger and more demanding in spite of the limitations she had placed on it. Streams of corrupt data flowed from it into her central processor, annoying her like a fly buzzing around her brain. She grimaced and loosened her memory restrictions, hoping it would finish whatever it was doing so she could close the offending program.

She felt the effects instantly as her subroutine expanded to consume the memory she had allocated to it and then some as the corrupt data she'd processed suddenly coalesced into query strings and raw emotions. Underwater, her jaw dropped open and her eyes glazed over as she dodged yet another one of Dean's attempts to tag her. She was so bogged down with this new data and her evasion subroutines that she was barely able to process a warning filter through her processor:

Alert: Abdominal containment system at 50% capacity

The world around Jenny stuttered and slowed for a moment and she felt a twinge of panic rush through her as she realized that her throat had opened along with her mouth. Her stomach was now rapidly filling with seawater! She desperately sent commands to close her mouth and expel her stomach's contents to no avail. Her memory manager was too bogged down.

Warning: Abdominal containment system at 80% capacity!

Jenny's vision swirled around her in a sluggish blur as she continued swimming, her evasion programming randomly guiding her deeper out to sea. Feeling the additional resistance against her servo's pumping, Jenny's eyes went wide as she realized that her systems hadn't adjusted her strokes to adapt for her increased weight. Her movements became jerky as she spammed her memory manager with requests to close the evasion program, only to be stymied by the same lack of resources. She sank deeper into the water, curving away from Dean even more as she did so.

Warning: Abdominal containment system at 100% capacity! Possibility of internal seal failure. Attempting to regurgitate…failed! Retrying…

Jenny’s body jerked to a halt as she sank, quivering slightly as her servos responded to the bad data emitted from her central processor. A sort of melancholia settled over her as scenarios of what might happen flashed through her AI. The water wasn’t extremely deep, but she would sink to the bottom and lie there until her memory manager improved to the point where she could swim on her own again, or until the spasms of the servos compromised her abdominal containment system, at which point she would catastrophically fail in a shower of internal sparks. Of course there were other possibilities, that one of the others would notice her plight and dive in to save her. She imagined Dean’s wiry arms wrapping around her torso and propelling her to the surface. Just then, Jenny had a strange feeling of being lifted out of the water, before realizing that she was in fact, wrapped by Dean’s wiry arms. Her body still would not respond, however, still jerking slightly as he carried her out onto the beach.

Dean, meanwhile, was freaking out. Totally oblivious to the fact that Jenny was safe and sound inside her own head, Dean looked into her half open eyes and noticed a distinct lack of breath exiting the American’s mouth. Panicking, he stretched Jenny out on the nearest patch of dry sand he could find, screaming to the others for help. He felt along her taut abdomen, trying to discern any signs of breathing or heartbeat but feeling only a slight twitching. Is that a heartbeat? Muscle spasm? What? Dean thought. Either way, Jenny was definitely not breathing. That meant CPR.

Unsure of exactly what to do, Dean drew upon years of movies and TV shows. Pinching Jenny’s nose shut, he tried not to think of the fact that he was kissing Kelly’s cousin. Just as his lips brushed hers, Jenny’s body finally started responding again, regurgitating the entire contents of her abdominal container and spewing seawater into Dean’s face. Jenny sat bolt upright, her gasping and coughing barely covering the sound of straining servo pumps. Dean was too busy spitting out the contents of Jenny’s stomach to notice.

“Dean?” Jenny croaked as her savior hacked and spat again. He looked up.

“Hiya.” He smiled weakly as the others came running up.

“Ohmigod, Dean! Jenny! Are you guys alright?” Anilee knelt next to her brother and stricken friend.

“I-I’m alright.” Dean stood and offered his hand to Jenny. “You okay?”

Jenny just nodded as she took his hand. She rose woodenly, a look of shock evident on her face. She was almost bowled over once more by the sudden rush of Kelly’s embrace. “Jenny!” She cried, wrapping her arms tight around her stunned cousin. “Jenny, please tell me you’re alright!” Jenny returned Kelly’s embrace stiffly. “I-I-I…I am fine, Kelly.” She responded in monotone, putting a hand to her head and shaking it. “I’m fine now, thanks to Dean.” She smiled weakly, her voice sounding much more like herself.

“Oh, God, Dean!” Kelly enveloped him in a tight bear hug. “You saved her! You saved Jenny’s life!”

“It-it was nothing!” A surprised Dean slowly returned her embrace. Kelly looked up into his eyes.

“It was more than nothing, Dean. It was heroic.” A sparkle twinkled in her eye as she kissed him full on the lips. Dean staggered back a moment when she released him, and Kelly was at her cousin’s side again, who watched the whole scene with a look of mild confusion.

“Jenny, are you sure you’re ok? Maybe we should call an ambulance?” Anilee suggested.

“Yeah, you had stopped breathing…”

“No, no, I’m fine, really.” Jenny assured them, waving her hand dismissively. “I just need a few minutes, that’s all.”


“Maybe I should take her home.” Kelly put an arm around Jenny’s waist. “Keep an eye on her, make sure she’s okay?”

“That would…that would be fine, Kelly.” Jenny nodded and turned to Dean. “Thank you.” She whispered in his ear as she embraced him, but her hug felt stiff, unnatural. Dean just put it down to shock as the two girls said their goodbyes and walked away.

Once in the car, Kelly took Jenny full on the lips. “God, Jenny, I thought I lost you!” Kelly cried as their embrace broke. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“All systems check out, five by five.” Jenny nodded. “I’m really fine, Kelly. I am.”

“What happened?!”

“I…” Jenny trailed off, hanging her head, “I had a malfunction. I had a process overrun that triggered a feedback loop, overloading my memory manager and causing me to lose control of my motor systems.”

“What were you processing? What could possibly cause you to crash like that?” Kelly demanded.

Jenny shook her head. “I’m sorry, Kelly. That data was corrupted in the feedback loop.” She lied.


“Kelly, I’m really fine. It wasn’t a virus or anything, I was just processing a large amount of raw emotional data at the time. I just can’t tell you what it was.”

Or won’t. Jenny thought as Kelly started the car. She didn’t like the idea of lying to her lover, but she was somewhat embarrassed to be snooping on the relationship between Kelly and Dean. She checked—that subroutine was still running—but now that Dean had saved her there were new variables that had entered the equation, more mysteries to process.

“Raw emotional data, huh? Maybe something to do with Dean?” Kelly suggested helpfully.

“Yeah…” Jenny trailed off, lost in thought. “Maybe something to do with Dean.” She stared out the window as they drove home, beginning to feel emotions that she only felt towards one other person: longing and attraction.

“To the hero of the day!” Tom smiled, hoisting his shot glass in the air. “And my Dean always remember who was his swimming instructor who taught him everything he knows, so that he might one day save a beautiful lady in distress!” He nodded to Jenny.

“Aww, “ Jenny blushed, “but I bet Dean would’ve done the same if it was anybody else.”

“True, but rescuing someone like you makes it that much more worth it.” Tom chuckled with a slightly drunken grin. “To Dean, and to chivalry!” He hoisted his glass.

“I’ll drink to that!” Dean clinked his own shot glass against those of his friends and tipped the strong smelling liquid into his mouth, coughing as it irritated the back of his throat. “Whoo!” he slammed the glass down on the table and felt warmth spread from his stomach.

“Dean, you’re a champ!” Jake cheered.

“Five shots in five minutes! My bro’s getting fucked uppppp!” Anilee patted her brother on the back.

“He can take it, he’s a big boy now!” Kelly winked and smacked him on the ass. Dean’s eyebrows shot up as he coughed loudly.

Jake laughed as he filled their glasses again. “Ok, Jen. Your turn for a toast.” He turned to the American.

“Umm…” Jenny thought for a moment as she grabbed her glass. Suddenly she smiled “To great friends, great heroes, and to the best party I’ve ever been to!” Dean saw Kelly smirk as they hoisted their glasses with a ‘hear hear.’

Kelly slammed her empty glass down. “Oooh, I think I’m starting to feel it!” she shouted.

“Lightweight.” Renee teased as Tom danced up behind her.

“It’s a DANCE PARTAY!” Kelly screamed, pulling a stunned Dean over to the open floor. She positioned herself in front of him, her ass grinding away at his waist in time to the music. Dean felt himself go almost instantly hard when she put his hands right under her breasts.

“Uhh-um, K-kelly?” Dean gasped, slowly sliding his hands downward and away from his former babysitter’s firm c-cups.

“Shh!” Kelly pulled his hands back up to the point where his hands rested on her underboob. “You need to learn this for when you’re in school. Now pull me closer.”

Dean glanced around self-consciously. Everyone else was currently focused on their own significant others, and Jenny was nowhere to be seen. He swallowed his fear and pulled the gyrating girl towards him, holding her close as his stiff penis pressed into her swaying backside.

“Mmm…” Kelly closed her eyes and sighed, leaning her head into Dean’s chest. “You sure are big, aren’t you?”

Dean just laughed nervously and rested his head on Kelly’s shoulder. She turned her head and whispered into his ear.

“Can I see it?” Her breath stank of tequila. “I know how long you’ve wanted to share it with me.” Dean’s eyes widened a bit and his swaying slowed as his alcohol-addled brain struggled to compute what was happening. Is she coming on to me? Have I really been that obvious? Is she just messing with me? C’mon, Dean, do something! He looked up and caught Tom’s eye, who winked and mouthed a distinctive “GO FOR IT.” Dean just nodded, scarcely realizing that Kelly was now tugging him out of the living room and over towards the stairs. He snapped back to attention when Kelly shoved him against the wall.

“Kelly…” Dean’s voice trailed off as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Shh, trust me, it’s okay, Dean.” She put her finger to his lips. “I’ve always noticed the way you’ve looked at me, how you flush and stutter whenever I touch you. Most guys would try to act macho to impress a girl they like, but not you. You’ve stayed sweet, strong, and brave. That’s what attracts me to you.” She withdrew and squeezed her breasts together with her hands. “Now tell me, do you fancy me?”

“You-you have no idea.” Dean breathed, scarcely believing that his gorgeous babysitter who he had fantasized about for years was coming on to him so strongly.

Kelly moved forward once more, and he could feel the hard points of her nipples push into his chest. “Oh, I think I do.” A sultry grin spread across her face as their heads moved closer to each other’s. His lips wrapped around hers, and Dean felt electrified as the rush of a thousand fantasies finally came true.

They made out on the stairs for several minutes, hands brushing faces, breasts, hips, and legs. Dean smiled as he pulled away. “Follow me upstairs. I think I’ve got something you’re looking for.”

Kelly giggled excitedly as she took his hand and followed him into his bedroom. They moved in closer once more, kissing as Kelly worked the buttons on Dean’s shirt. Dean wasted no time in reciprocating as he removed Kelly’s top, revealing a bright red lacy bra.

Their pants soon followed, and before long the two stood kissing each other in nothing but their underwear.

This time, Dean moved first. He slid his hand slowly up Kelly’s chest and lightly squeezed her tits. Kelly then pulled him close and they kissed as Dean unfastened Kelly’s bra. Dean stopped once more in amazement as his old babysitter’s perfect breasts tumbled out before him like they had in so many fantasies. She gave Dean an impish smile the pushed even more blood to his rock-hard member as she pulled him down onto the bed. Kelly worked her panties down and exposed her neatly shaven golden snatch as Dean crawled atop her. She put a hand to his chest.

“Am I everything you thought I would be?” Kelly stretched out backwards, revealing her perfect, goddess-like body.

“Everything and more.” Dean breathed. “I’ve been wanting this for such a long time.”

She smiled and pulled him atop her for a kiss. “I know.” With that, she tugged his boxer shorts down and snuggled him in close. Dean felt a wave of excitement as he felt the tip of his penis first brush, then enter Kelly’s warm, moist pussy.

“Oh, Dean…”Kelly moaned as he began thrusting. “Mmh, oh, nothing can replace a-nnh! Human man!”

“Huh? What are you—” Dean was about to ask when a voice from the door cut her off.

“Kelly? What are you doing?”

Dean gasped in fright as he spun around, whipping his dick out from inside his lover.

“J-jenny?” Kelly looked shocked as she stared at her friend, who stood in the doorway with a bottle of tequila. “Where did-I, what are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you downstairs, when Tom—”Jenny’s head made a slight twitch. “Tom—What am I doing here? What are you doing here?!” The buxom blonde’s tone suddenly grew angry.

“Easy, Jenny. We were just—”

“Oh, I know what you two were—” her head twitched again, “doing. And I want to join you.” Her voice slipped into a soft, sultry manner.

“What?!” Dean gasped. “R-Really? You want to shag me and your cousin?”

“No, you imbicile, I just want Kelly!” Jenny barked at him, her voice angry once more. “I’m Kelly’s lover, not y-you! She loves me, and my exception at FFEE3238, not yours!” Jenny did another twitch.

What the hell?! Dean was panicking. Apparently his fantastically hot babysitter was having a lesbian relationship with her cousin, who was now having some sort of fit in his bedroom. “Look, Jenny, I didn’t know! I understand that you’re upset—”

“I’m not upset!” Jenny cut him off. “I’m-I’m malfunctioning. System error detected in emotional subroutines.”

“Oh, God!” Kelly gasped, rushing over to her cousin as she suddenly went rigid.

“Kelly, what the hell is going on?!” Dean cried, but he began to understand, and he felt blood begin to rush back to his loins as Jenny continued, in a soft monotone.

“Error. AI configuration ‘Jenny’ not responding. Emotion emulator failure. Please service.” Jenny seemed locked at attention, her eyes focused somewhere off in the distance.

“Oh my God, she’s a robot?!” Dean gasped. Kelly nodded as she stroked the stricken android’s cheek.

“I’m sorry, Dean, it was supposed to be a secret!” Kelly shook her head. “She’s from Venus Industries, mom and dad got her to test out her functions and to see if they could incorporate any of them into our androids.”

Dean just stood dumbstruck. He took a couple of steps forward and snapped his fingers in front of the motionless girl’s face.

“Error. AI not responding. Please service.” Was Jenny’s only reply.

“Amazing…” Dean shook his head. “She seemed so real…”

“Dean, please promise me you won’t tell anyone!” Kelly pleaded. “Not only will it ruin my parents’ study, but it’ll devastate Jenny too! Please don’t tell!” Kelly sobbed and cupped her hands together.

Dean grabbed her hands and pulled her close. “Hey, shh, it’s ok.” He pulled Kelly into a hug, feeling her breasts press into his chest once more. “If she means that much to you, you can trust me. I won’t tell a soul.”

Kelly looked up at him. “Really?”

“Hey, you know I can keep a secret. Anilee still hasn’t found out the secret behind the noodle incident, am I right?” Dean grinned.

Kelly laughed. “Thank you, Dean.” She planted a deep kiss on his lips. She smiled at him as the kiss broke, feeling his member stiffen against her smooth skin.

“So what are we going to do with her?” Dean nodded towards Jenny, still out of commission in the doorway.

“C’mon.” Kelly shut the door and grabbed the bottle from the lifeless android’s hand, passing it to Dean. “Take a seat, love. Let me see what I can do.”

Dean plopped down on the bed, taking a swig from the bottle as he watched Kelly’s mechanically-inclined mind whirr into action.

“Jenny, enter command mode.” Kelly ordered, rattling off a series of authorization numbers.

“AI offline. Entering command mode. Standby.” Jenny replied. After a moment, “Awaiting command.”

“Jenny, remove your clothes and open your ventral control panels.”

“Stand by.” The android girl replied before swiftly-yet-mechanically removing her blouse, shirt, jeans, and underwear. Dean stared wide-eyed at the impromptu strip-tease. He took another swig from the bottle as Jenny stood fully naked before him. Dean sputtered and almost spat the tequila right back out as a series of seams began to appear on Jenny’s otherwise flawless body. What looked like an LCD touch screen appeared out of a panel that sat just above her breasts, which stood out larger than Dean could have possibly imagined in a thousand wet dreams. Dean sniffed lightly as he bent over to gaze at Jenny’s nether-regions. “Is-is she—”

“Designed for sex? Yep.” Kelly finished for him as she moved to tap on Jenny’s interface panel. “She’s still a prototype, so she’s got a few glitches, but for the most part she’s awesome at it.”

Does that mean they…? No way! Dean shook his head, trying to clear the dizzy feeling either the situation or the alcohol was having on him. “Whatcha doing now?” he semi-slurred as he watched Kelly tap some more on Jenny’s screen.

“It looks like seeing the two of us together created a conflict in her emotional subroutines.” Kelly replied without looking up. “She’s not typically jealous by nature, so my guess is it’s just a bug. Right now, I’m trying to modify some settings in her dynamic social matrix to accept us both as lovers.”

Huh?! Dean moved closer behind Kelly to peer over her shoulder. Her hands moved deftly over the touch screen’s controls. He leaned closer, trying to make out the words on the screen, when he felt his still stiff member brush against Kelly’s firm ass. Her eyebrows went up in surprise as Dean blushed. “Oh, sorry.” He swallowed.

Kelly smiled. “No problem, Dean. Just give me a couple more seconds, and we can finish what we’ve started…there!” Kelly tapped the screen once more with flourish before she turned around to face Dean. “Now where were we?”

“Right about here.” Dean pulled her close and kissed Kelly deeply once more.

“Configuration changes detected.” Jenny announced. “Applying updates. Please wait.”

Kelly broke their embrace and gazed over her shoulder. “Want to turn her on?” she grinned impishly.

“Isn’t she still busy?” Dean perked his eyebrow.

“She’s tough, she can handle it.” Kelly winked. “Jenny, activate autonomous mode!”

“Alert: Unit configuration update in progress.” The android announced in monotone. “Human emulation may be compromised. Do you wish to continue?”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, do you?” Kelly asked Dean, who shook his head. “Yes, continue, Jenny.”

“Starting AI, Loading-0%...Loading-35%...Loading-90%...AI loaded.” Jenny’s eyes suddenly filled with life, and she glanced around the room for a moment before settling on the room’s other occupants. “Kelly? Dean?” Her face contorted in confusion. “Why are you two naked? What’s going—oh…OH!” Her eyes went wide.

“Is everything okay, Jenny?” Dean took a step forward.

“Yes, everything’s fine.” Jenny shook her head as though to clear it. “I see you two waited for me. Thank you, but…” Jenny looked up suddenly. “Kelly, I think I may have an error in one of my configuration files!”

“Don’t worry, Jenny, it’s not an error.” Kelly assured the panicking robot.

“But…but…” Jenny’s head did a twitch. “But my social configuration lists Dean as an intimate partner, and-and-and my memory only recalls limited intimate contact…” Jenny stared up at Dean. “Contact. And how does he know I’m an android? Kelly, something is very wrong!”

“Well, let’s fix it now, shall we? Jenny, you trust me, right?” Kelly paused as her stricken lover nodded. “Okay, Dean, Jenny isn’t human. She’s a Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Companion Android, and she’s having a little trouble right now.”

“Kelly! What are you—”

“It’s okay Jenny, now you know he knows, right?”

Jenny nodded slowly, beginning to catch on. “Right…but what about our—”

“Intimacy? Here.” Kelly quickly pulled Dean and Jenny together such that Dean’s arms quickly embraced the surprised android girl, whose ample tits smashed into his chest.

Dean quickly caught on and held Jenny tight. He pulled her chin up to look into her eyes. “Hey, it’s okay. Android or not, I still fancy you.” With that, he pulled her into a deep embrace.

Jenny was rigid at first, but soon she began to reciprocate with vigor. “Mmm…” she moaned, “You taste good…José Cuervo Gold, thirty percent…nnn…alcohol by volume. Blood alcohol level is…zero point oh nine…ohh…” she reported between kisses.

Dean began to slowly slide his hands up Jenny’s squirming robot body. He pulled away from her lips. “Can I touch them?”

Jenny responded by licking the side of his face. “Touch them all you want, baby.” She breathed in a husky voice. “My mammaries are very…user friendly.” She pulled him back in, tongues intertwining as Dean grabbed a handful of Jenny’s perfect tits.

Dean almost jumped as he felt Kelly press against him from behind, caressing his back and buttocks while she planted kisses on the back of his neck. “Jenny, are you satisfied?”

“Configuration file update…eighty five percent complete.” She managed between pants. “Almost satisfied.” Jenny looked up and winked at Dean, who grinned back and slid two fingers into Jenny’s slick slit.

“HHHUH!” the android girl shuddered. “M-mm- BEEP! BEEP! Alert, system resources insufficient. Reallocating. Uhhh-uh-uh-uh-uhhhhhhhhh…configuration file at 88%. You wanna take me to 100, big boy?” Jenny pulled his fingers out of her crotch and licked them off, one-by-one. Dean turned to look at Kelly.

“Well, go on then!” she smiled, stretching out on one side of Dean’s queen bed and rubbing her pussy. Dean turned back to Jenny and smiled.

The android girl led him over to the bed and leaned back, pulling the two of them down onto the mattress with a bounce. “You ever have sex before, Dean?” she looked up at him and asked.

“Never. And certainly never with an android.” He shook his head.

“It’s ok.” Jenny whispered and tugged him close. “I’m glad I could be your first.” With that, the two of them gasped as she helped Dean insert his member into her perfect robotic pussy. Jenny’s head twitched as he began to thrust, and occasionally her entire body would convulse along with her vagina, sending ripples of pleasure through Dean’s body as it squeezed in its already tight grip around him. Kelly’s fingers penetrated her own pussy, her other hand kneading her breasts as she watched the tangle of her friends’ mouths and hands.

Dean moaned as Jenny’s body convulsed once more, feeling the pulse of her artificial muscles around his member. He could feel himself about to go over the edge. Despite her difficulties, Jenny sensed this and backed off. The android gently hooked a finger under his chin and slowly pulled his head up to look at her. Dean let out another groan as her body seized again. “Y-you like th-that, D-Dean?” Jenny stuttered. Dean looked up into Jenny’s twitching face with concern when she pulled him in for a deep kiss. “Configuration f…file at 90% do you like that, Dean?” She repeated in the same tone and jerkily rolled him onto his back.

“Like what?” Dean asked, mind dull with booze and pleasure. He moaned as Jenny convulsed again.

“That.” Jenny cocked her head to the side and blinked. “Do…do you find that sssssensation p-p-pleasurable?”

“Oh, God, yes Jenny!” Dean gasped. The android girl’s grin spread wide as she leant in to kiss him, nipples pressing into his skin.

She stopped an inch from his face and stared into his eyes. “Th-then…then I’m about to r-r-r-rock your world.” They kissed deeply and Jenny led him back into her, their thrusts beginning with vigor.

Immediately, Dean knew what she meant.

The moment he thrusted back into Jenny’s glistening hole, she tightened around him and a bizarre kneading, almost rolling sensation caressed his member, and Dean gasped as he felt a gentle vibration begin at the tip of his penis and cascade the length of his shaft. The two attacked each other’s bodies again eliciting moans of delight: Dean’s deep, human and guttural and Jenny’s skipping, skewed and digital. Dean suckled at Jenny’s breasts, lost completely in ecstasy.

Jenny’s mind, meanwhile, was in a million places at once. The reconfiguration was 95% complete, interrupted by taxing moments of pleasure that overwhelmed her systems, and she had held off on updating these last few files that were critical to her sexual function until Dean had finished. However, with her primary function for Dean being lover, she was programmed to prolong his pleasure for as long as possible. With that conflict coursing through her logic subroutines, she was still tasked with monitoring her own sexual pleasure and performance, as well as Dean’s and Kelly’s. Her vision froze and hung periodically while her voice skipped and body twitched. She tried to allocate more memory to compensate but was met with a slew of error messages from a bogged down memory management system. She knew she couldn’t take too much more without a total system crash. Something had to go.

Kelly’s moan interrupted her thoughts, and Jenny’s head mechanically snapped to face her. Kelly was masturbating furiously, watching her android lover and old charge go at it. Jenny focused on her status and waited for the data to rise through the crowd.

User: Kelly MacDonnell-Primary 1 Monitoring Priority: High-Primary User, ????*


Skin Temperature: 99.85 degrees F Current Activity: Sexual Self Gratification/Masturbation Compiling Sexual Arousal Data. Please Wait… Compiling Historical Sexual Performance Data. Please Wait… Cross-Referencing data…done! Current Arousal Level: 76.4% Est. Time to Orgasm: 1:46 ERROR: INSUFFICIENT SYSTEM RESOURCES FOR BEHAVIORAL PREDICTION

Jenny jerked back to reality, noticing that Dean had accidentally bit down on her left nipple. Not even a quarter of a second afterwards she could sense Dean’s vitals change and his arousal level begin to fall. This situation had to be dealt with now, and she had no system resources left to deal with this unpredicted occurrence coherently. She made her decision.


It had been less than a second since Dean’s accident, and suddenly new monitoring data flowed into her mind now that she was focused only on Dean. His thrusts had stopped and she sensed blood flowing away from his member and to his cheeks.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” Dean tried to sit up, but Jenny pushed him back down, stopping her pussy’s vibration and changing her motors to a rolling squeeze.

“Don’t worry, love.” Jenny smiled, her voice free of distortion. “Remember, I’m a machine. I’m a lot tougher than you think.” She winked. Dean nodded, but still seemed unconvinced. Jenny grabbed his hands and brought them to her chest as she processed the situation. Based on her observations, Dean and Kelly were very much alike. Both were smart, funny, and geeky, but tended to be shy in uncomfortable situations. Kelly, with the experience of university behind her, was significantly less so than Dean, but both needed to be reassured that their actions were acceptable. Based on their similar arousal patterns, Jenny came up with a new plan.

“Look,” she said, holding his hands tight to her much the same way she had done earlier that day, and with a whirr her interface panel slid open, “This is my global status readout. It shows the status of all of my circuits and systems, everything about me.” She started thrusting again and Dean followed. “What’s my current power level?”

“Uh, fifty-six percent…ohh…” Dean managed through pants as he felt a fresh heat inside Jenny’s slick pussy.

“And mmmy processor usage?” She felt a fresh wave of pleasure as Dean increased his tempo “N-ninety-s-seven per…oh, God, Jenny!” He gasped as the vibration began anew.

Jenny blinked and the screen changed. “And my s-sssssseexxxxualllll ar-arrouuussssssalllllll?” Her voice slowed and distorted as she spasmed her servos.

“MMMMMFFFF!” Dean was barely holding on, and Jenny felt his cock begin to twitch as her own pumps readied for orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt something land on the bed behind her, and her mind scrambled to figure out what it was. A quick replay of her visual data answered that.

“K-Kelly, what—” Jenny began, only to feel her other lover spread her butt cheeks and begin tounging away at her pristine android anus.

The sensation rippled through Jenny like a shockwave and an overwhelming flood of pleasure data choked her processors. Jenny’s head snapped up and her eyes bulged out, but she continued thrusting and Dean watched in horror as Jenny’s readout flickered and filled with error alerts.

“Error.” Jenny spat, her voice high pitched and rapid. “Sexual system overload. Primary processor buffer m-malfunction!” Kelly tounged on, and Dean heard a sharp BEEP! From Jenny, followed by an ominous humming. The wireframe on Jenny’s readout highlighted her pelvic region in flashing red, and CRITICAL SYSTEM OVERLOAD! Flashed on the screen as the hum deepened to an electrical whine.

Jenny’s mind was a mess. Her processors were completely pinned and her memory management was out of control. She was intimately aware of Dean’s sweat gland activity but could barely focus on the fact that Kelly was effectively grinding herself on her leg. She was barely able to process a system temperature warning as her systems approached critical levels, further degrading performance as her cooling system kicked into overdrive. Her pelvic sensors alternated between numbness and extreme pleasure as her arousal levels shot off the scale. That’s when the tingling started.

Dean’s eyes went wide as he heard a crackling and sizzling sound begin to issue out of Jenny. Her eyes swiveled around in her head and her face contorted in a look of shock and ecstasy, her shorting circuits providing her with the greatest sensation of sustained pleasure she’d ever felt. “Overllllllload! Over-Overlololoload!” Jenny all but screamed. “Uh-uuuhh uh Mmmmmultiple sh-short circuitcuit-it…its detected! Conconconfiguration at at at nine-a-arousal at uuhhnnn a-at n-n-nine…ty nni-ni-ninet-nnnnnError! Arousal err- Critical-critical-critical-cal-cal-cal nnn-n-nine nine—”

Dean couldn’t take it anymore. Jenny’s vaginal servos spasmed uncontrollably and drove him over the edge with a deep moan.

Jenny felt Dean’s precum hit almost simultaneously with the warm gush filling her. She felt a final rush of pleasure as she came, her juices surging forth and coating Dean’s penis as they dribbled out, over his balls, and onto the bed beneath them. The final thing she felt was something pop within her before her memory manager crashed, taking her AI with it. She bolted upright, kneeling on the bed as her cum continued to pump out of her..

“System alert.” She announced in monotone, eyes staring into the wall behind the bed. “Massive internal overload detected in sexual subsystems. Fatal error. AI suspended. Emergency sexual override.” Jenny’s fluids stopped gushing out. Dean sat up and stared at her panel as Kelly moved in next to him.

“What happened to her?” Dean asked. Kelly scrolled through the error report on the panel.

“Hmm, looks like she blew a fuse—literally.” Dean cocked an eyebrow. “Her sexual circuitry has an emergency hardware failsafe to prevent a critical overload from doing irreparable damage to her central processor.” Kelly grabbed the bottle of tequila from the nightstand and took a big swig. “It looks like all her other systems are going to be ok once we reboot the memory manager, but I can’t replace the failsafe until I get back home. Looks like she’s done for the night.” She passed Dean the bottle and tapped on the screen a bit more.

Dean finished swallowing and watched Kelly work on the disabled robot girl. Her face furrowed in concentration, lit by the glow of Jenny’s LCD screen, he marveled at how stunning she looked in her own right, even juxtaposed against the supermodel beauty of the artificial woman sitting next to them.

Kelly must have noticed. She looked up and smiled at Dean as he took another gulp. “What?” she cocked her head.

“Just remembering how beautiful I always thought you were. Inside,” he stroked her cheek, “and out.”

“Aww, Dean!” Kelly cried and enveloped the younger boy in her arms. The two kissed. “You know, I’ve always thought the same about you.” Kelly ran a hand through his hair. “You and I are so much alike, Dean, and we share kindred souls. That’s why I wanted us to make love in the first place: because you, I know, will mean it.”


“Always.” Kelly echoed, and the two embraced once more.

Laying down on the pillows, the two held each other for a while, Jenny sitting out of commission on the bed. Kelly stroked her hand down Dean’s back and brushed over his ass while Dean drew circles around one of Kelly’s nipples. He began to feel his member restiffen as Kelly leaned over to give him a light peck on the lips, followed by a second, and a third, their tempo and strength gradually increasing until their bodies were fully intertwined, each one moaning softly to one another. Kelly rolled onto her back and guided Dean in. The two moved in unison, enjoying the union the two shared in soul and flesh. They both seemed to anticipate the other’s movements, wants, feelings all the way until the thundering simultaneous climax that sealed their bond as one.

They found themselves lying together on the pillows once more, holding each other and gazing into one another. There weren’t any words, they simply felt it, and they both knew it.

Dean sighed happily and rolled over, staring at the inert android on the corner of the bed. “So what about her?” he turned his head to face Kelly.

“Jenny is special.” Kelly admitted. “I’d suppose you’d say that we share a bond as well: I’m the one who built her—put her together.” She corrected herself.

“So, like a parent towards their child?” Dean suggested.

Kelly shook her head. “No, that’d be kind of creepy, wouldn’t it?” A hint of a smile stretched across her mouth. “No, it’s not like a mother-daughter thing, or a sister thing, or anything remotely familial, and it’s definitely not the same love I feel towards you. No, it’s different.” She shook her head. “It’s like when two people care about each other unconditionally, and on a level greater than that of a friend. It’s a companionship where neither side wants anything more out of the other, other than to be there for them. It would be easy for me to say that Jenny’s programmed that way, but I think it’s deeper than that, like she actually feels it. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. It’s different.”

Dean nodded. It sounded about right to him. “And what will she think about you and me? Sure, you can program her like you did before, but if she actually feels…”

“I think if she loves me the way she says she does, then she’ll be ok with it, just the way I expect you to feel about me and Jenny. But why wonder?” She sat up and crawled to the disabled android and began tapping on her display. “Let’s just ask her.”

Dean sat up and watched Kelly work. “Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p Software Version 1.0.7 activated.” Jenny announced. “Scanning hardware…Malfunction detected in primary sexual subsystems. System disabled. All other hardware operating within designed parameters. No additional errors found. Loading configuration file ‘Jenny’, no errors found. Starting AI, Loading-0%...Loading-35%...Loading-90%...AI loaded.” Jenny’s eyes opened. “I’m so sorry, Dean! I didn’t mean to crash on you like that!” Jenny raced over and enveloped Dean in a tight hug.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Dean laughed as he returned the hug. “Besides, I think it was Kelly’s extracurriculars that put you over the edge!”

“Kelly?” Jenny cocked her head. “Monitoring parameters reset to default. Primary user: Kelly MacDonnell, priority set to high.” Jenny announced in monotone before she whirled around and dove on her smirking friend. “Kelly!”

“Remember me?” Kelly chuckled, and the two leaned in for a passionate kiss before Jenny pulled back and punched her playfully in the shoulder.

“You jerk! You made me overload my entire sex module! Look!” Her fingers probed her pussy and came back bone dry.

“Sorry about that.” Kelly looked away uncomfortably. “I just wanted to join the fun, too…”

“Well, I see you and Dean had fun together.” Jenny smiled as the other two looked at each other in confusion.

“How did you know?” Dean asked. Jenny rested her hand on his leg.

“There are a lot of things I know about you. What turns you on,” she began stroking his inner thigh as blood rushed back to his penis, “and what turns you off…Deanie Weanie.” Jenny giggled and Dean frowned as his cock went limp. “Relax Dean, I have a privacy policy. I won’t tell anyone you slept with Kelly.” She winked.

“Regardless of how you feel about it?”

It was Jenny’s turn to frown as she cocked her head. “I am not sure I understand.”

“I have feelings for Dean, Jen.” Kelly told the android as she took her hand. “Very strong feelings. I love Dean just as much as I love you, and I want to make sure you’re okay with that.”

Jenny’s brow wrinkled for a moment as the two intertwined fingers. “Kelly, you are my primary user, and your happiness is my first priority, but at the same time you are very special to me in a different way. I really care about you, Kelly. You’ve shown me so much love and compassion. As for Dean’s role in that, I see that he is listed as a lover, but…” Jenny stared off into the distance, as if concentrating hard or recalling a memory. “Dean has shown nothing but a kind and caring attitude since I’ve met him, and if he brings that same personality to his relationships, then that is fine by me.” Jenny brightened and intertwined her fingers with Dean’s as well. “Welcome in, Dean. I hope you can share the love.”

Kelly pulled the tequila bottle from the table. “Hear hear.” She took a big gulp and passed it to Dean.

“To us.” He took a swig and passed it to Jenny.

“To us.” She echoed and took a sip as well. “So, now what?” she asked.

Dean glanced at the clock. “Well, the night is still young. We could go back downstairs and—”

“Nah.” The two girls replied in unison. “I’m sure there’s plenty of hardcore snogging going on, who would we be to interrupt?” Kelly shrugged and took another deep drink from the bottle. “I’d say we could do some dancing, but my entire pelvis is numb and I’m going to have to spend some time running diagnostics because someone decided my butt looked like an ice cream cone.” Jenny shot a playful glare at Kelly.

Dean laughed and drank more from the bottle. “I know what we could do.” A lewd smile spread across his face. The two girls looked at each other and giggled.

Within minutes, they were going at it. Dean sat with his legs over the bed as Jenny worked his throbbing cock with her mouth, her oral sex programming unaffected by her earlier mishap and giving Dean the most fantastic head he thought he’d probably ever receive. Dean lay on his back with Kelly perched above his face while he lapped away at her amply flowing juices. He didn’t know what a woman should taste like, he thought, but he was pretty sure she was exactly how he imagined as his tongue tasted her sweetness. The chain of sexual maneuvers continued for what seemed like hours, broken only by bouts of excessive drinking. Dean’s head spun and the tryst passed in a whirlwind. His consciousness came in snippets and flashes: The two girls down around his waist, Kelly sucking his cock while Jenny played with his anus until he sprayed cum all over her face, Jenny fingering and licking Kelly while he masturbated furiously, on and on. He didn’t know when he finally passed out, but all he remembered was the feeling of two hot, sexy female bodies next to him as the world faded to black.

Dean jerked awake with a gasp as the sunlight seared into his bloodshot eyes. “Holy fuck.” He croaked as he tried to sit up before collapsing back onto his pillow in a heap. He squeezed a hand to his forehead and groaned as he took stock of his ailing body. His eyes were sticky and gummy, throbbing along in time with his head. His stomach felt like it had been run through a combine harvester, and he fought down a wave of nausea as it gurgled and popped. His loins ached and felt like they had been caught in a Newton’s cradle. “Ugh…what the hell happened?”

He ran a hand through his hair, trying to coax whatever memories he had to the front of his hangover-addled brain. He smacked his lips, trying to clear the taste of stale tequila from…

Tequila? He thought. Why did that seem important?

Kelly! Jenny!

He bolted upright, fighting yet another wave of nausea as his head snapped left and right.

No Kelly. No Jenny. No hot ex-babysitter and her android lover.

Dean laid back down and gently rested his head against the wall. Of course not, how stupid! Dean smacked himself in the forehead, instantly regretting it. Making love to Kelly and her “robotic” cousin? What the hell was in that stuff? He tried to look for the tequila bottle but collapsed back onto the bed, hand massaging his tender sack. That must’ve been one hell of a wet dream, he thought, wishing he could remember more. I guess I’m really going to have to wash these sheets today… he began, but sat up again as something else puzzled him.

Sheets… He slowly lifted up the covers and looked underneath, then at the pillow. Definitely not the right set. What the hell? He began to look around the room for anything else amiss, before his eyes settled on a glass of water, two pills, and a note sitting on his nightstand. He blinked his eyes a few times before it registered what they were. He snatched the note off the desk, rubbed his eyes, and began to read.

To our man… It began, Dean unfolded it.

Morning, Deanie-weanie! We figured you might have a rough morning after what happened last night, so we left you a little wake-up present. Take them and try to have a nap until they take effect, and you should be fine.

We wanted to thank you for an amazing time last night, and we hope this little note will jog your memory. We love you, Dean. Rest up, take it easy, and we’ll see you soon!

Hearts, K & J

Dean stared blankly at the letter for a few moments as a big smile crossed his face. He snatched the pills and water from the table, gulped them down and settled back into bed as he read the note again, remembering more and more about last night. He couldn’t believe it. It actually happened! Grinning from ear to ear in spite of his hangover, he tried unsuccessfully to drop back asleep, but instead bolted out of bed, wobbling unsteadily down the hall to his bathroom.

I can’t believe it. He thought as he flipped on the shower, sitting on the toilet as he waited for the water to warm. “I am the luckiest guy in the world.” He said out loud.

“You sure are, sleepyhead.” Dean’s head snapped to the bathroom door he had forgotten to close to see Jenny standing in the doorway wearing a shimmering silk nightie. She smiled as she looked down at him. “Catching you at a bad time?” She cocked an eyebrow. Dean looked down at the toilet and stood up.

“I-uh, no, I was, ah, just w-waiting for the shower.” He pulled the shower door open and steam billowed out.

“Mind if I join you?” Jenny asked, stepping into the room.

“Can you do that?” Jenny nodded. “Then no, not at all.” Dean replied after a moment.

“Great.” Jenny was already slipping off her nightie, the smooth fabric outlining her magnificent curves. “Give me a hand?”

“Sure!” Dean stepped behind her and ran a hand up her back to her shoulders, enjoying the smoothness of silk on skin as he stripped the garment off one shoulder while his other hand rubbed Jenny’s breast, working her nipple with his finger through the soft fabric before stripping that shoulder off too.

“Mmm,” Jenny moaned as the nightie fell from her shoulders, exposing her breasts, “You’re so gentle…” She pulled his arms around herself and rested against his chest.

“Where’d Kelly get to?” Dean asked. Jenny turned around and Dean knelt to help her with her legs.

“She wasn’t feeling so hot this morning, probably pretty similar to you.” Jenny smiled.

“I envy your hangover immunity.” Dean grumbled.

“The benefits of being a machine.” She giggled. “And who wouldn’t, when you had a BAC of—”

“I don’t even want to know.” Dean cut her off, sliding the nightie down her legs to expose her perfect hairless pussy. “So Kelly went home, then?”

“Yep. Anilee and the others went out for breakfast. I stayed to clean up.”

So that explains the sheets. Dean thought. He finished pulling her nightie off and stood, letting his hand run across her pelvis once more. “So, are you functional, you know, down there?” He asked, stepping into the shower.

Jenny shook her head sadly. “Unfortunately not.” She took his hand and followed him into the shower, guiding it down to her lips. “The overload blew out my hardware failsafe. I won’t regain full sexual function until it is replaced. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves in other ways.” She took a step towards him, water beginning to bead on her skin.

“Oh yeah, like what?” Dean smiled as he felt the hot water caress his back. Jenny’s hair began to get wet, hanging down over her right breast in a stringy tangle.

“I’m sure we can think of something.” She pressed her chest into his while his hands found her buttocks. Their mouths closed around one another and the two enveloped each other in passionate kisses. Making out for a while, Jenny began planting kisses down Dean’s chest and abdomen. He gasped as he felt her warm breath on his rising member, briefly wondering what made an android breathe before she began planting kisses on the underside of his penis. She raised up one hand to cup his sack while the other found its way to his crack. Jenny began tounging lightly at his penis, her tongue almost prehensile in the way that it wrapped around the head of his member before she took him fully into her mouth.

It was all Dean could do not to topple over as Jenny licked and sucked the entire length and girth of his member, occasionally stopping to nuzzle and lick his balls or let out a rush of hot air that always threatened to send him right over the edge. The android’s head bobbed and her tongue worked expertly, knowing exactly the right places to touch at the right time. Dean closed his eyes and clamped his legs over Jenny’s head as he felt an orgasm building between his legs. Jenny smiled and pulled him out, just as a spurt of Dean’s precum caught her in the mouth.

Jenny’s smile dropped a bit and her head twitched to the right. “Error.” She announced. “Organic matter detected . Oral seal failure. Failure. Fail-fail-fail-Mind if I join you? Join? Join? You? Malfunction. Critical hardware failure organic matter User: Dean Marcus…error…error…error.” Her head plunged back town on his shaft, pistoning with inhuman speed as her tongue jerked and flailed around in her mouth.

“Jenny!” Dean yelled, trying to push her away only to find her clamped on tight.

“User: Dean Marcus access violation.” Her rant continued through an unseen speaker. “System error. Ddddddeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnn M-M-Marc-c-cus you you you you user profile corrrrrupteddddd. Alert. Alert. Sysssstemmmm coooommmmproooommissssed…”

Dean couldn’t hold back any longer, and his load erupted into her mouth.

Jenny’s eyes went wide as the hot semen poured down her throat, body jerking and flailing with every spurt as her speech degenerated into distorted electronic gibberish. Dean’s cock popped out of her mouth as she slowly bent over backwards at the waist. Eyes wide, water running down her chest and cum dribbling from her cheeks, she stopped moving.

“Jenny!” Dean dropped to her side, shaking her shoulders. “Jenny, God no! Come on!” He shook her again before slumping back against the shower’s wall.

Suddenly, a smile spread across her lips. “Gotcha!”

“Aah!” Dean jumped. “You rat!” He dove on top of her, playfully wrestling and kissing.

The two finished washing and drying one another before heading out to the backyard. Dean smiled, laying out naked by the pool. Jenny stretched out next to him, and the two cuddled tightly side by side as the world turned around them.

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