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Bryan Henning was a delivery boy for a large software company named Autoworks. Bryan really loved what he did because his deliveries were usually to an incredibly successful fembot company called Autopia. Autopia made everythig from housemaids to even prostitutes! Bryan had always loved female robots ever since he was a kid , however they were very expensive and to own one you would have to be a millionair, so Bryan always admired from a distance and used his job to get as close as he could to his beloved fembots.

One day Bryan received a large package from his boss labeled VITAL. Bryan was glad to see this box was headed to Autopia, but he had never delivered such a large box before. "Its going to the program development department do you know where that is Bryan?" "yes I do" replied Bryan as he jolted out the door.

On the way to Autopia Bryan began to fantasize what it would be like to have his own fembot , what he would do with her, the possibilities were endless! As Bryan arrived he grabbed the box and jumped out of his truck happy as can be. A woman walked to him and asked him "are you making a delivery?" Bryan replied "yes ma'm its program development." The woman turned and motioned for Bryan to follow her. As bryan followed he couldn't help but stare at the womans great features, after all she was wearing a miniskirt!

Bryan noticed something on the back of the womans thigh...It was some sort of access panel.holy shit! she was a fembot! Bryan became very excited and started walking right next to the beautiful fembot. When the newly dicovered fembot and Bryan finally entered program development Bryan relized this was where all the newly constructed fembots were having their internal CPU programed.

Bryan was blown away he could no longer take it, he had to do something his fembot craving was becoming too strong to control! Bryan dropped off the packeage and started to walk towards the door, but bryan noticed no one was really keeping an eye on him so he quickly hid behind a large pallett and began planing how he can beat security and stay after the factory closes down.

Bryan found a large plastic covering and wrapped himself in it and hid in a back storage room, he was lying there patiently for about 4 hours when he realized everyone was gone! "Finally!" Bryan thought to himself as he hopped out of the storage room. "Now lets see where is my fembot?"

Bryan walked over to a beautiful 1800 series model. Her name was typed onto a production tag attached to her sleeve."Robin, what a pretty name." Bryan though as he stared at the lifless doll dressed in a leather miniskirt and white cotton tanktop. Bryan walked over to robin and decided he wanted to see what made her tick so he searched for some way to get her open. After searching for a good 3 mins he finally found a small portion of soft artificial skin Just under robins beautiful bcup breasts and started prying it open. To his amazement I opened right up exposing robins internal circuits and cpu.

Bryan couldn't believe how compact robins internals were! Bryan decided he would really like to put some life into robin so he flipped a small switch under her breast sensory unit. Suddenly robins eyes blinked and she sat up totally oblivious that her internal curcuitry was exposed.

" Hello I'm robin how are you?" she asked. Bryan didn't say anything he just stared at the beautiful fembot and started to thank god for this wonderful experience.

Robin walked over to him and asked him if she could help him with anything. Bryan didn't hesitate when he asked" may I touch your breasts?" Robin replied " of course silly your my master!"

Bryan placed his hands over Robins beautiful breasts and watched all her sensors blink and twitch as he squeezed and carressed." is it ok if I leave you open Robin?" "Yes anything you want master!" Bryan couldn't believe he was really experiencing what he thought he'd never see in his life.

Robin began rubing bryan's penis so he decided to play around with robins insides as she rubbed his cock, "Oh be careful master I am very sensitive I may malfunction." Robin looked at him with a caring but worried look.

Bryan ignored her warning and began sticking his fingers underneath her breast sensors and began pushing on some of her pleasure sensors underneath the covering of her breast, Robin twitched but continued to stroke Byans cock.

Bryan was having so much fun that he decided to play a little more, Bryan started to push much harder and one of robins sensors sparked and robin started shaking and looked at bryan."Please be careful master my my my my my sensssssss my my mast my" To bryans enjoyment robin began to jerk and twitch in all sorts of different positions. Robin was now chanting" please be be be be Malfunction be please hello Hello suddenly a spark and smoke emerged from underneath robins breasts and she began to Malfunction even more.

" hhhhow maaa robin heeelllo please beeeee cccccarrful Warning !mmmmy my my I I Masterrrrrr mast my syst syste sytemmm isss se sever severrrlllyy dammagedddddd.

Then with a burst of fire Robin dropped on the floor twitched for about 2 minutes and then layed there lifeless on the floor. seconds later the police came and Bryan was sentanced to 20 years... but he didn't care he already fulfilled his dream!

Part 2

20 years later....

"Chachank!".... Barred doors clunk open as Brian looks up to see the Guards smiling and motioning Brian to come Forward.

"So.. finnally time to leave ey!" the guards snirk toward Brian.

Brian is escorted to the gates and is handed his belongings..

As Brian exits Burliuta Maximum security prison he notices the world is quite different!

A beautiful car approaches and stops. Brian notices the door open and a womans voice calles out to him " Hello Mr. Denning I am Sofia!" Brian was blown away by how beautiful and perfect this woman was! Secondly why she was even picking up an old run down felon like himself...

"Do I know you?" asked Brian.

"No I was ordered to transport you to a safe location Mr. Denning" Replied Sofia." Please sit back and enjoy the ride."

Brian hadn't been in the out side world for quite some time and noticed that there were robots everywhere. Garbage trucks, fast food vendors, even robot police officers! " Ican't believe I missed out on all this" Brian thought to himself as he decided to conversate with Sofia.

"So...are you from here?"

Sofia looks at him " We are both here Mr. Denning."

Brian laughs and replies "no no I mean were you born here?"

With a confused face Sofia replies.." I dont understand born Mr. Denning"

"What do you mean you dont understand born?"

The car stops and Sofia begins to stare at Brian " Mr. Denning it is best for us to get you to a safe location... You are confusing me and I am slightly out of it today.."

"Out of it? You seem fine to me!" Brian smirks "So why dont you understand BORN Sofia?"

" Sit back Mr. Mr.Mr. Denning and enjoy the ride please"

Brian knew it! he could tell she was just too perfect to be human

"So why do you malfunction Sofia?"

" Mr. Denning Im not sure I understand."

"You repeated (Mr.) three times Sofia " "Why did you do that?"

Knowing Sofia is an andriod he decides to stare at her beautiful body without her getting offended.."thats a lovely shirt Sofia" "And such a pretty White skirt too"

"Thank you Mr. Denning"

(Brian with a devious smile) "Seriously Sofia may I sit up front with you?"

"No Mr. Denning you must stay in the back.."

With a quick jump Brian lunges himself into the front seat.

"Ahhh thats better now we can talk to each other more intimately Sofia"

" Mr. Denning you must sit iiiiin the back!"

Brian sets his hand on her thigh... Her artificial skin is soooo soft!

"Stttop SSSS ssS I cannot AAALlaALlaow you TTo do that!"

Brian takes a nice handful of Sofias beautiful Android tits

Sofia starts to malfunction and begins to speak complete jibberish.

" Mr. SSSttOO VVVVVY vy Error errrorrrrrrr!"

Sofia is jerking back and forth as Brian completely Rapes this perfect Android babe!

Suddenly A tap on the window... Startled, Brian opens the door. It was one of those Robot police officers. The police officer Grabs Brian and cuffs him to the bumper of the car and then walks over to Sofia who is now Jerking uncontrolably and sparks are flying from her mouth. "You poor beautiful girl"..and turns her off. Suddenly the police officer becomes VERY angry and grabs Brian " So you think you can take advantage of one of my kind?"

" No No No officer I was trying to fix her!!!"

"You humans lie I Hate HUMANS! "She was so beautiful!"

Brian begins to beg the police officer but the officer picks him up with one hand.................AND PUNCHES HIS HEAD OFF! Brians head bounces off a wall and into a trash can.

"Fucking HUMANS!"

MORAL OF STORY- In a world full of robot chicks DONT FUCK UP ON THE FIRST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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