Automaid Fighter Kimiko Prelude

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Name: Dan 'The Man' Snowhart Age: 22
Height: 6'
Weight: 200
Hair: Purple (Very Short)
Eyes: Purple
Complexion: slight Tan
Build: Athletic

I am writing this not merely as a historical record of the Snowhart family. I thought that this was solely my story. But I was wrong this story has more than one person. My name is Dan 'The Man' Snowhart and I am the narrator of this chronicle. Some background must be in order. I had a normal childhood until I was 13. Up until that time I was playing Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. I was heavily into sports. However my happiness was short lived when my family fell in a horrfic plane crash in mid winter. I was only 13 and I was almost alone. My aunt April and uncle Silas took me in (my paternal side of the family) and I was able to attend the same high school in which I wanted. It took me a long time to get to get thru the pain. When I was 16 uncle Silas introduced me to Lulu, our family's new domestic servant. She was more than a maid she was a cook and driver.

Name: Lulu
Age: 28 (appearant)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: ?
Hair: Red (mostly in a bun)
Eyes: Purple
Complexion: Silver with a slight Olive tint
Build: Petite

I first thought about Lulu as a replacement sister. She assisted with my homework, played video games with me when my friends at the time were busy. She even showed up at my games when my aunt and uncle couldn't make it. It was like every day she understood what I went thru how I felt my eating habits and the like. She sometimes locks her door at certain times and I never understood why at the time. I asked my uncle all he can say is that she gets very tired at times. Lulu filled a void that I had at the time. I was grateful that Lulu saw me graduate from high school. A month later I was told by aunt April that Lulu was afflicted with a very strong virus. The next day I was at her bedside. It was then that I found out the real story about her. Uncle Silas looked at me and then nodded.

Silas: Lulu insisted in seeing you Dan.

Dan: I understand.

Entering her room was one of the most scarest moments I felt. Her hair was no longer in a bun. If she was attractive with her hair in a bun it was even more attractive now. She sat up in bed when I approached I can see her in her favorite nightgown she looked at me. I could see sadness I hesitated but I sat on the edge of the bed. Lulu broke the silence with a confession.

Lulu: I have a confession. I have kept this secret for almost 2 years. Dan, I had such a great time here on earth. I'm not real Dan.

Dan: Not real? What do you mean Lu?

Lulu: Place your fingers at the base of my neck Dan.

As I did so I can hear a mini hissing sound and some kind of panel became visible. Inside I can see circuits and lights but I can also see sparks and smoke. Lulu closed it immediately and she looked at me for a reaction.

Dan: Youre really a robot?

Lulu: Android....or in my case gynoid would be the more appropiate term.

Dan: Who built you?

Just then aunt April and uncle Silas stepped in almost on cue.

April: We are responsible for Lulu's construction. It was at our request that Lulu's true nature was kept secret.

Dan: Can you do something?

Silas: This computer supervirus was so strong it overpowered Lulu's anti-virus software. Even the latest upgrades are ineffective. It is beyond our ability...I'm sorry Dan.

April: Dear they need to be alone.

They left and I was alone with Lulu. I managed to muster up some words.

Dan: Circuits and metal or skin and cells I don't care Lulu. You were there for me when no one else wasn't.

Lulu: At first I thought that I can replace the family you lost but in time I was wrong. You needed someone other then your aunt and uncle. That was the primary reason I was built and activated. I served my purpose.

Dan: ...........

Lulu: I was able to get this off my chest.

I kissed Lulu and we had our first and only romantic moment. She closed her eyes and I left her room. I kept that moment only to myself. The following week the family lawyer showed up I expected a hidden debt but the news was the opposite effect. It seems that I inherited the family home and and any and all taxes were already paid. Now I was able to move back to my home. Something I couldn't do as a kid. However it took me a month just to restore the home to what I remember as a kid. I decided to completely change my parents room. Since I'll be residing there I wanted to start over. Aunt April came and we had a talk she showed me a pendant.

April: Lu wanted you to have this. It was her last request.

The pendant was a small box about 1/3 the size of my hand the box was tranlucent and inside I could see a red heart with circuits intergated in its surface it attached to a chain. It was a bit bulky I was under the impression that I was to wear it I did for the rest of the day it was too weird. So I left it in my room. The last area of the home I had to organize was the basement. It was there that I found a surprise. Half the basement had storage washer, drayer and all the elements I expected for a typical basement but the rest of it was walled off. I decided to organize the first half since it was the most visible there wasn't much there no family keepsakes or anything just outdated records that needed to be shreded. It took me the rest of the day. It wasn't until the following morning that I got a chance to see the other half the walled off session. I saw the door and I walked in. What awaited it was a wonderful sight. Computer..tables...and human-sized capsules. It was clearly a lab however as I approached the core of the lab a male voice was heard.

male voice: Heart circuit not found access denied.

I put the two together and went back to my room. I figured that Lulu's gift was a key. So I returned and attempted to the lab again.

male voice: Scaning heart circuit......Welcome....1 new holomessage.

The image was of Lulu I just stood there and waited.

Lulu: I figured that you made it here. I gave you a gift as well as a key to the next chapter of your life Dan. You see I was built by your aunt and uncle but it was your parents designs that was the key to all this. However my successor Kimiko was built in this very lab. Her services would be valuble in more ways then one. This is my final gift to you.

She seems to cry and so did I.

Lulu: Use the heart circuit and install it into Kimiko her capsule is right behind me. Dan, I'm sorry that this had to happen I was a fool. Now I paid for my mistake but I'll always remember and love you Dan. Goodbye..

With that the image was gone and I can see Kimiko and I found out her stats in a nearby folder.

Name: Kimiko Watabe Age: 28 (appearant) Height: 5' 9" Weight: ? Hair: Purple (mostly in a bun) Eyes: Purple Complexion: Fair Build: Petite

She was wearing a red shirt with matching shorts but no shoes. But her upper torso was visible and I can see some kind of access hatch. I opened the capsules and almost by instant install the heart circuit it seemed to fuse with the rest of her body. The hatch then closed and she roared to life.

Kimiko: Installing new hardware and software......time deactivated...2 years....activating higher functions.

It was then that she became the real Kimiko. I looked at her first the first time. She didn't notice me at first however a minute later.

Kimiko: You must be Dan 'The Man' Snowhart I'm yours to command. It was also the wish of Lulu the unit that I took over for. I am going to make sure that I protect and care for you.

Dan: Just call me Dan. I want to know you better.

Kimiko: We can talk upstairs.

So we did just that I wanted to know everything about Kimiko whatever fate decided she is remaining silent for now.

End of Prelude

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