Autolog of a Synthetic Mom

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Next Synthetics Autolog File No: 67436 SENIOR ENGINEER CLEARANCE REQUIRED

Covert Companion Unit Number: [REDACTED] Unit Operational Date: [REDACTED] Unit Code Name: NATALIE Location Operation: [REDACTED]

Below is a simplified transcript of CC Unit NATALIE, operating in [REDACTED]. This particular excerpt is from [REDACTED] until [REDACTED]. Names of human civilians have been altered to protect identity.

Primary Routine "Consciousness" Engaged Time Check: 6:18:37 A.M. Wake Up Routine Engaged

I slowly open my eyes and smile. Sitting up in bed, I look over my shoulder to see my husband still quietly snoring. My data banks tell me that Jim prefers sleeping an average of 12.32 minutes beyond his 6:30 time to wake up for work. I stand and stretch, pulling on my robe and slipping downstairs to the kitchen.

My head moves back and forth slowly, preparing for the next phase of the Wake Up Routine.

Evaluating Breakfast Combination Selection 62 Unique Combinations Identified Combination 14-A Selected Breakfast Preparation Engaged

I walk over to the counter and started the coffee pot. As water begins to heat up, I remove two packets of oatmeal from the pantry and milk from the refrigerator. My movements are crisp and precise. A quick diagnostic report indicated that all systems are nominal.

Foot Traffic Detected Analyzing and Comparing Profile Possible Profile Identified as “Jim Song” Initiating Spouse Interaction Protocols

“Good morning, lovely,” Jim mutters in a still-sleepy tone. The sensors on the back of my neck measure the temperature of Jim’s breath and conclude his body temperature was within an acceptable range. I feel him caress my shoulders. I decide a “goose_bump” subroutine is an appropriate response.

“Good morning honey,” I answer, modulating my voice to suggest affection. Jim broke the embrace when the coffee maker quietly beeped. Pouring the fresh brew into his favorite cup he turned back to me. "Interesting day today?"

I carefully pull the bowl of oatmeal from the microwave. "Not really," I sigh. "Just some cleaning around here. The school doesn't need me to help volunteer today. Will you come home from lunch?"

"Can't," Jim sighs. "This project I'm working on is driving me crazy. I don't know when it's going to be finished."

Analyzing Voice Stress Levels Voice Level Classification: HIGH Initiating "Reassurance" Social Protocol

I embrace my husband, gently kissing his nose. "It's going to be okay, honey," I coo. Trial and error indicates that Jim has the greatest positive response with the combination of a softer voice and use of the affectionate term "honey." "They know you are the smartest engineer at the company. Otherwise, they would not give you the most difficult tasks."

Jim kisses me on the nose in response. "You always know how to make me feel better. I'll go raise the little one from slumber." I watch her husband go upstairs to get our son Michael from bed.

Updating "Jim Song" Profile Psychological Appeal Rated Highly Effective Saving...Saving... "Jim Song" Profile Updated

I continue to finish making breakfast for my son and husband. Michael prefers strawberries with oatmeal, while Jim usually eats nothing more than toast with a banana. I pour orange juice for Mike when I see him come downstairs, his father right behind him.

Subject Identified as "Michael Song" Initiating "Cheerful Morning Mom" Social Protocol

"Well good morning little one," I say, ruffling Mike's still messy bedhead. He looks identical to his father in virtually every way, given [REDACTED]. My prior references to childhood development journals indicate he has a 17.6% chance to develop a similar psychological profile as his father. Mike hugs me around the knees. "Morning mama," he mumbles. "Do I really have to go to school today?"

School Calendar Conflict: NEGATIVE Weather Advisory: NONE Analyzing "Michael Song Vital Signs:" NORMAL Question Response: "Reluctant Negative"

I smile at the request. "Unfortunately not," I say, kneeling down and facing my son. "You must go to school and learn. That way you become smart and kind like your father. I can walk you to school; would you like for me to do that?"

"Yeah!" Mike instantly cheers up, jumping into his chair and scarfing down his breakfast. While Jim normally drops Mike off at school via car, I frequently offer to walk him when Jim was busy with work or Mike remains reluctant to attend school. The tactic results in an improved mood 73.23% of the time.

Mike finished his breakfast and runs upstairs to finish getting ready for school. "I've gotta run," Jim says, draining the rest of his coffee cup and kissing me on the cheek. "I'll let you know what time I plan to be home."

Schedule for "Jim Song": Updated Estimated Time of Arrival: Unknown Initiating "Departing Spouse" Social Protocol

"Okay honey," I tell him. "Will pork chops be okay for dinner?"

"Hell yeah," Jim grins, pulling on his shoes and coat. "You know I love your pork chops."

Evaluating Flirtation Options Estimated Effectiveness: 65.43% Flirtation Strategy: NON-SPECIFIC Initiating "Flirting Spouse" Social Protocol

I walk over to my husband and straighten his tie. "Well then, maybe you could find time to come home for lunch and tell me more about what you love about me." I plant a soft kiss on Jim's lips. My sensors record Jim returning the kiss with eagerness. I note there is now a 33% chance he will follow up on my offer. Before anything else could happen, Mike came back downstairs.

"Eww," he spat, "you guys are kissing. That's so gross!"Jim and I smile at him but say nothing. Jim picks up his briefcase and opens the door. "Gotta run. Love you guys!" Jim closes the door and briskly walks to his car. I turn back to Mike and fuss his hair one more time. "Finish getting ready for school so mommy can change. Then we will walk to school together."

I hike up the stairs, returning to the bedroom. I stand in the middle of the room while my processors determine the rest of my day's schedule.

"Workout" Social Protocol Last Engaged: 26 HOURS AGO Schedule Flexibility: HIGHLY FLEXIBLE "Workout" Social Protocol: STANDBY "Workout" Outfit: EQUIPPING

I strip out of my robe and nightgown. Selecting a pair of pink panties and sports bra, I methodically pull them on. While Jim think I simply preferred pink as a favorite color, I truly have no personal preference for color. Yet feminine hues provide a more feminine impression, and my core programming compels me to [REDACTED].

Continuing my color plan, baby blue tights are added onto my slender legs and I pull them across my hips. This is complimented with a blue and gray cold weather workout shirt, a jacket, headband, and workout shoes. The colors all compliment each other to my satisfaction. Finished, I return downstairs to walk Mike to school.

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