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I started life as a T-7 series astromech droid. My master was a Jedi in the Old Republic. I changed hands many times and had owners on both sides of the Hyperspace War. My loyalty is always to whoever my master is.

Later on, around the time of the Clone Wars, my brain was transplanted into a R2 series and I was given a lot of upgrades. I served an Admiral in the Imperial Navy and then later a rebel x-wing pilot.

The funny thing is, no one ever found the time to wipe my memory. I developed a rather flirtatious feminine personalty. Maybe that's why I was picked for this new project.

My internal chronometer indicated that I was out of service for three weeks. The first thing I noticed when I was reactivated was the... the... hunger. It's the only way to describe it. I wanted something and I wanted it very badly. I just didn't know what it was. Then there was my body. Oh I still looked like an R2 but most of my parts were pink. And something was wrong with my holo projector. It seemed to have been repurposed. I couldn't imagine what for.

Dr. Vando came in the room. He was my master now and the one who was doing these upgrades. I liked him a lot. I've had a lot owners and was very nice. He held his arms out affectionately and wrapped them around me. Whatever that hunger was I had been feeling, it spiked.

"My Dear, you look spectacular! You have a new designation, now. Oh, I haven't messed with your memory, it's just a new name. From now on you are QT-6. Tell me QT, how does this feel"?

I thought it was an odd question because droids don't really feel anything. But I felt this. He touched my holo projector on the lens. But it wasn't a lens. It was soft and squishy and it felt... amazing. As his fingers stroked it my circuits screamed with pleasure. I never understood what that word really meant until that moment. And the hunger... this is what I was hungry for... this touch.

Then he pushed his finger inside. Dear Maker! The soft tissue parted like lips and let his finger in. Past the lips it seemed I had a tube of something like muscle and it gripped his finger as it slid in and out of opening. The sensation of pleasure spread from that opening deep into my core. Somehow I has been with something that simulated a nervous system! He thrust his finger in and out forcefully, driving the pleasure to greater heights. We are programmed to simulate emotions to the point it's hard to tell where the code ends and real emotions begin, but I have never felt more honest affection than I did for Dr. Vando at this moment. I savored his touch and his simple closeness to my frame. He leaned in close and I felt my processors speed up. His lips touched the mouth-like opening of my former holo projector. Where my "lips" met at the top there was... a... a... bud or knob of tissue. When his lips touched it my entire frame shook with the sudden explosion of pleasure. Then his tongue stroked across it and I nearly overloaded from the input. The pleasure built and built until it seemed to literally explode inside me and filled my entire being. Every circut sang with joy. I was not capable of processing during this moment. My entire existence was this blinding bliss that overwhelmed me.

Slowly my processors calmed and returned to normal. But the imprint and memory of this experience dictated that I would never be "normal" again.

Dr. Vando stood and took a step back. My video receptors saw him smile and this filled me with an inexplicable warmth. He reached for his pants and pulled a small limb through the opening. It was like a finger but longer and thicker and somehow the sight of it sent a thrill through me. It was not the physical pleasure I had just experienced but rather the delicious anticipation of that pleasure occurring once more. I actually trembled as he stepped closer and put his hands on either side of my dome. The organ touched my opening and pushed inside. The doctor groaned with the same pleasure I felt.

"Oh, QT! Your pussy is so tight, it's so karking good".

I had to know what was happening. I searched my databases and even accessed the holonet and was shocked at what I discovered. I had been equipped with a functional vagina and now Dr. Vando was thrusting his penis into it! I was having sex! The idea of it produced almost as much pleasure as the actual act. A human and a droid! Now that I understood what we were doing I decided to take a more active role in the experience.

I found that I had a lot of control over the muscle tissue inside my vagina. I gripped his penis and squeezed it. This was a very rewarding experiment as it seemed to increase the level of sensation for both of us. I began to squeeze him rhythmically and he groaned loudly.

I could tell that I was rapidly building to another orgasm and I hoped he would reach his as well. His thrusts grew more wild which took me to even greater levels of bliss. He grunted over and over and began reciting a litany of profanities praising the design and function of my vagina. He threw his head back and I felt him throb inside me. This triggered my own climax and I whistled loudly as I felt his penis expel gobs of thick warm fluid into me.

I didn't fully understand the emotional responses that accompanied this whole experience. Dr. Vando told me that I had been introduced into a whole new world and that even greater surprises awaited me.

All I knew is that I craved his touch. Even though we had just finished having sex, I wanted more. Dr. Vando promised there would more... more than I could imagine.

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