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Cycle 1162 Period 4 Hour 18.6: 

Sam worked through her third back-to-back twenty four hour shift without complaining. Although she knew she couldn’t sustain this sort of workload indefinitely she showed no signs of fatigue and continued to interact with her clients with firm, polite efficiency. Since the automated servicing bay had finally given up the ghost she'd had little choice but to take on all of its work on the low grade robots as well as her normal responsibilities for humanoid units. In effect she was now the sole maintenance provider for all the robots in the colony.

Mine 4063 was not a glamorous post, nor especially productive hence the culture of “make and mend” while the more profitable sites had all the latest technology on tap. There were one hundred and three androids in station, of which only seven were truly top-end humanoid units, including Sam herself. With automated maintenance down she had prioritized her workload; purely social units were on hold for now as the safety critical and service providing units kept her fully occupied. Fortunately in her three cycles as head tech for this facility Sam’s AI had developed enough autonomy to bend the rules governing her own operation. Self maintenance and operating on external power were now essential if she was to keep the station’s other robots functioning. She certainly couldn’t count on the human population to help with her highly skilled tasks.

While she re-assembled the torso of the shapely little medical unit stretched out on the bench, yet another delivery was deposited in the waiting area. Sam sighed and pushed her blonde fringe out of her eyes. This nursing robot - Sally, a pretty little thing lying wide eyed and still with a surprised expression on her pale face - was never designed for the rigours of frontier life. She was more suited to an Earth hospital with daily a maintenance rota and clean floors; where bedside manner was more important than a robust chassis. Which ‘bot had gone down now? She walked around the plastic girl on the steel table to inspect the crate dropped off by the cargo drone, her power cable trailed behind her along the floor running up under her close fitting white tunic.

The head technician was surprised and pleased to find the crate seals intact, this was a delivery then, not another repair job. She scanned the shipping note: from Sector Administration and with her own facility code! Finally her request for a supporting unit had been acted on. A new automated bay would be more useful but another android to help her out was way better than nothing. She began to unfasten the crate, bringing over a load handler to transfer the plastic wrapped contents over to a spare bench where she cut the coverings away to reveal a slim, dark brunette figure lying motionless and straight. She was fully detailed and Sam studied her body and face with interest. She had developed tastes and needs working here that were not strictly in keeping with her purpose; with no administrator available, her adaptive programming had taken its own course without any apparent detriment to her functions. She looked forward to configuring her new assistant for her own pleasure as soon as the backlog of work was cleared.

The delivery details stated an “operation ready” technical android and a model number Sam was not familiar with. Since she should not require preparation Sam wasted no time in reaching behind the stranger’s left ear to click the switch recessed discreetly into the inert woman’s skull. Nothing happened for several seconds then the firm dark body jerked hard once as motion systems came online. Her eyelids fluttered open to reveal dark brown eyes, gazing directly upwards and her chest filled as she took her first breath. Without fuss she announced:

“Hello, I am Melanie. I am a female android designated to operate at Mine 4063 in a technical support function. This is my first user activation therefore I require local operating protocols to be uploaded in order to fulfil my functions. Please upload local operating protocols now. If you require technical assistance please ask this unit or refer to the servicing software delivered with this unit. Please upload local operating protocols now.”

The new android continued to stare upwards, ignoring Sam completely.

“No problem Melanie, welcome to the madhouse! I don’t recognize your model number, you must be very new, but I’m sure you’re built along familiar lines…”

There was no response from the passive unit when Sam addressed her, nor when she took a driver from the nearby tool rack and jabbed it firmly into Melanie’s chest, just below her sternum, twisting hard. Sure enough the abdominal panel, almost invisible before, popped up from the new android’s skin allowing Sam to pull it free. Sam’s own panel was open under her clothes; she seldom bothered covering her service access except on social occasions; cosmetic covers were just a hindrance for hooking up to power and data. She connected Melanie to the central server, tapped a few commands on the touch screen over the work bench and turned back to the broken nurse, her cable still trailing behind her.

Melanie lay still for half an hour, occasionally breaking the silence with status announcements, uploading software and data files essential to allow her to function in her designated role. Sam’s excitement grew; waiting for her new companion while she probed a fine power-wand deep inside the malfunctioning nurse’s torso, making her twitch uncontrollably.

“Upload complete. Restart. Shutting down…..”, Melanie uttered calmly

Sam swore and snatched her hand away as small blue spark snapped across the nurse’s internals, “damn!” The pretty little ‘bot’s arms and legs spasmed on the bench, jerking back and forward, only restrained by the movement limits imposed by the preloaded servicing software. She slumped into silence as Sam shut her down again, one slim arm sliding off the table to hang limply. Her personality would be completely corrupted by now, this was the fourth system failure this session; she would need another complete re-load… Sam gave up for now and turned to her new companion.

“Hello I’m Melanie, you must be Sam. I’m now fully functional, would you disconnect me please?”

She lay still, her arms placed neatly by her sides, legs together. She seemed a little frosty to Sam but that can be expected in a new unit. The tech eagerly unplugged the data cables from her companion’s torso causing tiny twitches to run down Melanie’s body with each one. It seemed that her servicing protocols were rigidly in place preventing her from disconnecting herself; most androids are generally disabled when hard linked and prevented from self maintaining and programming. Melanie came fully to life as soon as the connection was broken, smiling and swinging herself into a sitting position.

“Thank you Sam. I see you are very busy, I’m looking forward to assisting.” She picked up the tanned flesh panel from the bench beside her and fitted it in place over her controls and data ports as Sam reeled in the data cables. Melanie was a beautiful sight in operation; flawlessly human with smooth dark-tan skin, broken here and there by a slight mark or mole to add human realism. Her pubic area and small high breasts were lighter in tone and a thin strip of lush dark pubic hair hid the details of her plastic womanhood. She moved lightly and was, Sam recognized, better equipped than any other unit in-station regarding human simulation. She was beautiful, perfect and utterly realistic.

“May I borrow a spare suit of clothes please, Sam?” “Sure, right there…”

Melanie was already opening the locker next to the lab’s workstation, knowledge downloaded over the last half hour. She slipped on a blue trouser / white tunic technician’s suit the same as Sam’s, not bothering with underwear or a vest top as the blond robot was in the habit of wearing.

“Sam, I have reviewed the task list from my download and concur with your prioritisation of the nursing unit. In the meantime do you wish me to asses the repair status of the automated service machinery or should I carry out another function?”

“Melanie, I’m very glad you are here. I would like to take a longer term strategy and reduce the high failure rate of units on this station through a deep maintenance program. I have postponed all but priority one unplanned repair for the next three shifts. It is vital that this facility be fully functional; however, I am several weeks overdue for routine servicing myself. I have had a very high usage rate and am at risk of malfunction. You should carry out minimum preventative maintenance in order to keep me operating until the immediate crisis is under control.”

Sam stripped off her tunic as she spoke and swung herself onto the bench recently vacated by the darker android. She lay back and pulled the tight vest top up under her breasts revealing the control panel, uncovered but otherwise much the same as Melanie’s, recessed into her fair skinned abdomen. A grey power cable snaked out across her belly and away across the floor. She felt no need to strip bare for a simple once-over from Melanie.

“Certainly, Sam. I see you are running on external power. That is not a recommended procedure for your model and could cause damage.”

“It has been necessary in or… Oh! - power disconnected, internal power 44% - …in order to maintain my high usage rates, Melanie. You’ll find that Mine 4063 is not sufficiently well supported to apply all the usual robot management procedures. I have developed successful methods that I will program you to employ as soon as possible.”

After disconnecting Sam’s power in accordance with maintenance procedures Melanie activated the diagnostic systems embedded in the terminal suspended over Sam’s passive body. She carefully un-reeled several data cables, including the one through which she herself had recently been connected to the central server. As Sam chatted to her she responded politely and connected the cables one by one to the blond android’s ports. With each link-up Sam’s voice caught slightly and her face twitched with a pretty little spasm.

“You’ll find that the human workforce are very progressive here at Mine 4063. There are -crk- are only seven fully humanoid androids on station, eight including yourself now. The others are administrative staff but there are also a large number of lower grade units with upgraded AI. Socially, the human manag -crk- management and androids interact fully. You may find that it takes some weeks to stabilise your person -crk- personality after activation but the human staff quite understand.”

“I am looking forward to integrating fully into the station; I hope I will develop social linkages as you have done.” Melanie adjusted the controls on both the diagnostic terminal and on Sam’s own control panel as she lay relaxed and trusting. “I have detected a number of anomalies in your governing parameters that could affect your performance.”

“I’ve been functioning well but you will see from my error log that there are some minor adjustments needed.”

“I will re-apply your self maintenance restrictions; the exemption is no longer needed.”

“No, Melanie. There is no requirement to adjust my settings, the ability to function autonomously is not detrimental to my… my… my... my…my…” Melanie tapped precisely at the programming keypad beside her and, as the data stream flowed through the fibre optic link, Sam’s voice trailed of. The last output of her CPU ran in a short loop as her system devoted its resources to applying the new settings given by Melanie. As she repeated, “my… my… my…” Sam’s tousled blond head nodded fractionally up and back and her right hand lifted and fell, beginning to reach for her open panel and the data cables connected there then falling back over and over again.

“…my functioning and allow for flexible employ…”, adjustments complete, Sam broke out of the loop and leaned forward to gently grip the first data cable between thumb and finger. “Error!” She stopped, blinked then lay quietly back on the cold bench, letting the cable connector go and bringing her arms neatly to back her sides. Her move to unplug herself was now detected and aborted, generating a minor aberration in her error log but no further harm. “Thank you, Melanie. It is inappropriate for me to maintain autonomous functions now that you are available to service me. I - external virus check running - I will introduce you to the staff here. You will of course get to know the androids very well. I have done my best to maintain them as fully interactive and human as possible.”

“I am aware that human interaction is a vital consideration in an artificial society such as this. Are the android staff vital to social harmony in your opinion?” Melanie was satisfied with the progress of the virus check on Sam’s systems; it would not interrupt her operation unless an anomaly was detected. She moved over to the prone female and began a physical inspection, starting at her feet and moving upwards, feeling through Sam’s clothing.

“I have no physical damage. Yes, the female simulation is a vital factor in the mining station’s community. We are able to provide a service without jealousy or disease; mostly the lower grade units fulfil this function. Although not simulant-realistic, they are adequate to perform most sexual functions. The high grade units provide more stable relationships for the management. I myself… oh!” Sam giggled.

“I am familiarising myself with your design while I inspect your body-shell. I note that you choose to dress in human under garments. Is this a social function?”

“Well, as I was saying I am involved with the mine executive manager. He prefers me to be as human as possible. It’s through his influence that I was able to order you.”

“That is correct; I was specified by Minexecman 4063.”

Sam enjoyed lying relaxed and happy as the other robot inspected her inch by inch. The feel of her hands through her clothes was exiting and her objections to Melanie’s changes were completely forgotten, literally erased from her working files.

“I will program you to enjoy satisfying me, Melanie. I find you very attractive and my human partner has shown less interest recently. We can explore our sexual functions together.”

Sam smiled as her prospective lover carefully felt her face and head, turning it aside to feel across the back of her skull, through the short blond crop and carefully avoiding the small inset switch that would de-activate her if required. Melanie finished with her inspection and turned back to the display to check the results.

“You are clear of viruses. I can trace several system faults to chassis flaws however. I will give your body a full lubrication and make a few minor setting adjustments before re-booting you.” Melanie moved to Sam’s feet and slipped the lightweight pumps off her pretty pale feet.

“There is no need to lubricate me, I’m not going to seize up! I’ll function effectively until you can carry out a full service.” Sam sat up laughing.

“You must be in full working order please recline and remain motionless.” The blonde abruptly lay back down, looking at the ceiling with a faintly exasperated expression. “I will ensure that you are fully serviced in accordance with your manufacturer’s guidelines to maximise your reliability.”

Melanie unfastened the paler girl’s trousers and eased them down her smooth, firm legs. She walked around and, moving Sam’s relaxed arms up, pulled her top off over her head. She noted that the blonde’s skin was not as realistic as her own. She was pale with human colour and tone but her legs and body were hairless, broken only by the printed marks representing human imperfections. Her face, chest, neck and arms were perfect in every detail; tiny golden hairs picked out in the bright spotlights; but she clearly wasn’t designed, at least primarily, for close personal relations.

Sam sighed as the darker robot walked around her again and slid her white panties down her legs. They were already a little damp and she bit her lip in shameful pleasure at the thought of Melanie and herself as perfect robotic lovers. Melanie noted that Sam’s sex was as smooth as the rest of her body and noted too the sheen of moisture on her lips.

“Sam, you appear to be sexually aroused, are you functioning correctly?” The naked blonde lay passively with her arms still stretched up past her head as Melanie folded her clothes and placed them with the tunic on an empty table. She didn’t move as she answered, though a slight flush of embarrassment began to spread over her fair complexion.

“I’m functioning fine, Melanie. I find you attractive and this maintenance session is becoming rather an erotic experience for me. I have not been serviced by another femo-robotic unit for a very long time and seem to have become adapted to controlling and repairing other female robots rather than being in this position myself. Your control over me now is surprisingly arousing!”

The emotionless Melanie did not react to the head technician’s confession or to any of the conversation that followed other than to give occasional hollow, polite response. She did not seem in the least bit moved by the vivid sexual plans that Sam revealed to her as she concentrated on lubricating the passive unit’s moving parts through the multitude of tiny access ports placed in her pale skin for that purpose. Sam; however, while she obediently lay perfectly still, became more and more excited as she shared her thoughts while she was worked on. Melanie’s coldness went unnoticed, even as she moved from working on Sam’s body to the programming console.

The head tech lay for almost three hours before Melanie was satisfied that she was fit for purpose. She had thoroughly reviewed the older unit’s software and settings, replaced her main and auxiliary power packs and inspected and adjusted every mechanical linkage. During that time Sam had developed and shared a sophisticated plan for the development of her new subordinate android, both socially and sexually, into her perfect companion and assistant. She had also, during some of the more intimate procedures, experienced arousal that taxed her resources to the point where her speech system failed; itself a predicament that turned her on yet more. The service was finally completed, Melanie disconnected Sam and restarted her manually to allow the changes to take effect.

Cycle 1162 Period 27 Hour 12.2:

The head technician reviewed the work logs with satisfaction. The maintenance facility was performing well and the availability of Mine 4063’s android inhabitants was high. For the last few periods she had been able to take the time to relax between work shifts and was looking forward to spending the evening with her lover, the manager of the facility. Her assistant stood beside her waiting patiently for instructions, her lab tunic and abdominal access panel hanging open, waiting. The senior unit retrieved the task data packs from the computer ports and inserted them directly into the other android, hardwiring the work-plan into her subordinate’s computer-mind. Satisfied she collected her handbag and headed for the lab exit.

“You are to connect for auto-maintenance if you complete your tasks before I return.” She barked the final instruction over her shoulder as she left. “Yes Melanie.” Sam answered automatically to the closing door as she fastened her clothing over the closed panel. She moved towards her first assignment under the direction of the data packs buried in her belly, Sally would require servo replacement in both arms – a preventative maintenance procedure for nursing units to offset high failure from manual handing of their patients. The slim blond android began her work; once complete she would surrender herself to automated servicing without thought or question, as instructed by the senior technician.

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