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Aptitude Test By BA

After taking her details, Suzanne showed Teresa through to the candidate testing area where she left her to undress behind a small fabric screen. The hopeful applicant quickly stripped off and pulled on the long white gown provided over her thong and hold-ups. She hung her clothes neatly on a hanger; suit jacket over crisp white shirt and pencil skirt with her generous black lacy bra tucked underneath.

Once satisfied she glanced around. The screen didn’t afford much privacy and she was aware of calm activity around the large room behind it, glimpsing people passing by through the gaps and overhearing a subdued hubbub of conversation. Beside the curvy blonde was a small table with a laptop and several cables. Suzanne had left the clipboard behind, covered in carefully handwritten notes and checked boxes all about her. Teresa took no notice of the document and stood waiting patiently, feet braced slightly apart in her black heels, arms relaxed at her side.

After several minutes a rumpled looking girl in a sweat-top and glases walked around the screen and reached past Teresa to grab the clipboard. “Hi, I’m Becca from Tech Support, I’ll be testing you for employability; Teresa right?” The IT girl glanced over the clipboard.

“Yes, hello Becca; nice to meet you.” Teresa acted naturally enough, still with her ‘interview technique’ over-politeness, but there was something odd about the way she still stood in her place as the other girl moved past to sit at the table beside her.

“Assuming you’re found suitable here you can go forward to down-selection at the final interview…” Becca opened the laptop and entered some details from the clipboard notes before standing in front of her candidate. She reached out and calmly parted the loose hanging gown so that the front hung wide open from Teresa’s shoulders then stepped back. Teresa simply carried on smiling her interview smile as the younger woman looked her bare body up and down.

The candidate under selection had prepared carefully to make a good impression today. Her dark blonde hair was scooped up on the back of her head, not too severely leaving wisps free to frame her pretty, subtly made-up face. Her slender neck tapered to her bare collar bone and further down her pale smooth chest sloped out to where her full breasts swelled through the open gown. Her nipples protruded from the soft smooth curves which dropped only a little without a bra. Despite her soft curvy figure, Teresa’s body tapered in tightly at the waist giving her a voluptuous hourglass figure; the silky fabric of the gown hugged her hips as they swelled out and her firm thighs tapered back down to the smooth curve of her heel-taught calves under sheer black stockings. The tiny black thong left little to the imagination regarding Teresa’s smooth sex. Recessed about an inch into her flat abdomen was a comprehensive brushed metal control panel, the display glowed dully casting a pale blue light onto the underside of her bare breasts as she waited patiently.

Becca made some notes on the clipboard. “Do you not have a panel cover or did you remove it ‘specially for the interview?”

“Oh no, I do have it. I don’t usually wear it except for sex or maybe on the beach…. Is that a problem?”

“No, not really but you’ll be required to wear one on flights. We can test it later work if you get the job…” She made another note. “I guess lots of androids don’t keep up the illusion these days. Well, you look okay apart from that so let’s get on with it!”

Becca put the clipboard down and prized open a smaller panel just under Teresa’s controls. She examined the connection ports inside then selected a cable which she plugged into both her laptop and the robot girl beside her. Teresa’s reaction was barely detectable but, as the connection was made, her lifelike animation stopped for a fraction of a second causing a tiny jerk as she came back to life. Otherwise unaffected the android continued to stand patiently as her assessor ran some test applications and started a data log; she reached up to brush a strand of hair from her eyes then relaxed to let her arms hand back at her sides. Her nipples stiffened visibly, exposed to the cool air as her artificial skin faithfully replicated a human female’s.

Becca bent in front of Teresa to study her controls. The power indicator glowed dully and the Default mode button was lit showing that the robot woman’s power and system resources were spread evenly between the various requirements of motors, CPU and simulation functions. The blue LCD above the input buttons showed remaining power and CPU usage figures, the second being quite high considering she was just standing still. Further down were the physical and personality level settings; the first read medium but the second was set on high. Not surprisingly for an important interview Teresa was set to run the most developed character simulation she was programmed with which would account for her overactive CPU. Noting these start-state settings carefully, Becca glanced briefly at the scrolling lines under the heading Teresa 3.1.7. They detailed all the personality application processes as they occurred; little thoughts, mood state changes etcetera but she paid little attention; all the log data was being written to the test file on her laptop in any case.

“Am I working properly?”, the text of Teresa’s polite enquiry scrolled past unnoticed as, without bothering to warn her, Becca began to run the full function test sequence. First she slid the keypad lock off then adjusted the personality setting, first to low then to medium, observing the CPU load drop right off then pick back up some as the android adjusted what system resources to dedicate to the Teresa application. The mode transition was seamless as it should be and Becca left the android woman set to ‘medium’ personality; this would give a more accurate impression at the final interview as the android would not be able to sustain high level simulation in the work environment.

Still leaving her subject’s question unanswered, Becca adjusted the physical setting through the full range which would affect Teresa’s ability to work hard against her power pack endurance. Again, test completed, she left it on medium; for a multi-role android such as this she could expect about eight to twelve hours online. Her current charge was 68 percent which was more than enough to complete the interview process and return home before she would need to plug in. Becca noted the standard power connectors for the TJ series FemTech android body; Teresa was designed to connect herself to external power and operate on an umbilical while recharging if required. This was useful so long as the appropriate care was taken, but in this organisation the robots were normally shut down to charge faster so it was not a big selling point.

“How long have you worked for Virgin, Becca?” Teresa did not seem at all phased by the technical assessor’s adjustments to her controls. Her reduced personality level was not apparent, only really affecting more complex interactions. As she made conversation her head moved naturally but her body remained still, not frozen but simply passive. Becca was pleased to see that this unit was correctly programmed to facilitate her properly authorised adjustments.

“About three years.” The technician’s reply was uninterested as she concentrated on her work, not really bothered about manners with just one more machine. She reached for Teresa’s mode buttons when her train of though was broken by another polite query.

“So, are you involved in maintaining the workfleet or just in-testing? Are we going to be colleagues?”

Becca sighed in mild exasperation; this was the eleventh android she had tested today. Instead of the mode controls she pushed the small mute button at the side of the panel. Teresa did not react but continued to stand calmly smiling down at the scruffy technician kneeling below her bare breasts. She didn’t seem offended when the woman ignored her and continued testing. Becca knew the assessment system would log the simulation inputs and she made a mental note to check weather the woman’s lack of reaction was due to deliberate maintenance suppression algorithms or a programming flaw. With an advanced personality application Teresa should exhibit the full emotional range; perhaps she was just on best behaviour to make a good impression….

Back to the mode buttons: working from left to right Becca began to go through each of Teresa’s seven mode options in turn, noting the responses on her laptop and the android’s own display. First after Default was Active mode; this optimised the FemTech android chassis set-up for efficient mid range activity such as walking, shopping or partying. The mode indicator switched from Default to Active but otherwise no change was visible. After checking the laptop had collected all required data the tech switched Teresa to Sport mode. A power intensive setting, this optimized her motor systems for extreme activity. These models were capable of athletic activity well above the human average but for multi-role androids this was an intense drain on power. Teresa would be good for only five or six hours in Sport mode and heavy use could push this down to less than three. She could manage a soccer match but would have to rush the shower afterwards and a day of tennis would need several long breaks.

In Sport mode Teresa’s body straightened slightly; she looked stronger and her expression hardened slightly as she looked down at the IT girl. She opened her mouth and spoke clearly but without making a sound as Becca looked up at her. The mute function simply deactivated Teresa’s voice coder but made no other changes; the standing woman seemed completely unaware that she made no sound but looked slightly puzzled that Becca did not respond. The tech support girl could have easily read the spoken words scrolling down Teresa’s readout but did not see any need. Sport mode tested she selected Real mode.

“How is this TJ unit doing, Becca? She seemed promising at our initial chat.” Suzanne stepped around the screen to check on her candidate. Her smart business suit looked out of place beside the scruffy tech and semi naked android woman.

“So far so good Mrs Brook. These FemTech units are usually pretty idiot proof, I know someone that runs a maintenance shop staffed entirely by refurbished TJs. They may not be the most high tech units but they run forever…”

Teresa made some polite remarks silently to Suzanne who ignored her and peered at the laptop instead. She saw from the personality application window on-screen that the female unit had decided that she and Becca were not being rude but simply carrying out their tests, discussing her mechanical suitability before interviewing her as a ”person” later.

“Oh, Real mode… what year is this one?” Suzanne ran her fingers down Teresa’s body feeling the warmth and tiny simulations in the artificial skin: pulse, breath, flush, even simulated perspiration if the air had been warmer. Touching her lips and cheek she noted the clear grey-blue eyes, fake irises dilating as they met hers with only a hint of lens shine behind them; the faint pattern of freckles across her strong nose and the dimpling of her cheeks as she smiled back at her interviewer. In real mode these simulated details were given priority; normally maintained at a sufficient level to give the illusion of humanity for everyday contact, in Real mode Teresa could stand the closest scrutiny. With her cover panel in place only a few thin and discretely placed dermal seams at assembly points and access covers revealed Teresa to be a machine.

“Err… TJ-401, she should be about a late seventies model.” Becca read the serial number marked inside of the robot’s smooth thigh between her stocking tops and the lace thong. “This is a standard FemTech finish though; there must be thousands of units with this chassis / face combo.”

“Well, they’re popular for a reason! Don’t take too long, I’ve got candidate seventeen waiting and Mary’s got a malfunction to deal with…”

Teresa mouthed a comment towards Suzanne’s departing back, ignored by both other women. Becca selected Sex mode. In order to prevent inadvertent stimulation the TJ series’ sexual systems were tied to a mode selection; this maintained all the Real mode functions, enabled vaginal and oral fluid ducts and routed erogenous sensor input through a sexual response bus. Erotic contact would now trigger arousal responses in the Teresa 3.1.7 application and initiate fluid release as required.

As an android Teresa’s emotional response was purely a simulation and not sophisticated enough to negotiate the social complexity of sexual desire. Early ‘four-mode’ TJs had been fully enabled in their ‘Normal’ mode, governed by complex circumstance algorithms. Owners often re-chipped sex models to bypass these necessarily straight laced algorithms resulting in TJs gaining a special reputation. It was not uncommon for these older units to become uncontrollably aroused by spurious physical inputs such as maglev train harmonics or riding pillion on a speeder; even the mild stimulation of walking in tight jeans coupled with appropriate audio – visual inputs could result in an involuntary simulated climax, sometimes difficult to conceal. Four-mode units programmed with masturbation functionality suffered a particularly high overload failure rate and all TJ models invariably climaxed during online maintenance. Becca was half disappointed that Teresa was a later ‘seven-mode’ unit, though the older systems were no longer airworthy.

In Sex mode Teresa had flushed slightly and her breathing was quite loud. Stimulated by the exposure, her nipples had stiffened and jutted up hard from her rhythmically heaving breasts which Becca now took in each hand and squeezed. The bare soft woman moaned, the sound coming as a long exhaled breath with her vocals muted, and mouthed some words of encouragement and surprise. As well as bringing her sexual systems online, selecting Teresa’s Sex mode automatically adjusted her mood status for convenience. Becca’s hands left the android’s impressive chest and slid down to her lacy black thong. Slipping a finger inside she was pleased to find the hot smooth lips already damp and welcoming. TJ-401’s head went back in gaping pleasure as the scrawny technician rubbed her finger across the tiny plastic sensor-nub of her artificial clitoris; this unit’s sexual sensitivity was very high, even for an android. Although this was user configurable, Becca would not be accessing the setup menu for this evaluation, she would have to reconfigure her slightly if Teresa was accepted for service.

Satisfied with vaginal fluid function; after all flight crew have their privileges; the technician looked warily around before pulling Teresa’s head towards her for a deep kiss. The android squirmed sensually in her grip, pressing her hard little clit against Becca’s wriggling fingers and the geeky girl found it hard to break the embrace for many long seconds. When she finally did so Teresa gazed into her eyes with a look of complete abandon, face contorted in ecstacy. A glance at the laptop graphic showed she was close to her programmed climax threshold, further stimulated by her cold treatment as a machine. “Too bad”, thought Becca as she adjusted the data log and recorded satisfactory oral functions; she wasn’t bothered about pleasuring an android whose orgasm was purely a programmed response anyway.

The function window suddenly scrolled through a dozen lines of text as Teresa moved her hand across to her crotch, surprising Becca with her initiative. The IT girl watched as her chesty subject rubbed herself through the black lace over her clit. It seemed that with her sex bus online this TJ unit was just as over-responsive as the older models; the brief stimulation had aroused her sufficiently to initiate masturbatory programming. The android quickly rubbed her damp crotch, still standing beside the table as her face contorted. A convulsion ran up through her body matching the flurry of onscreen code that was her orgasm and she relaxed again, all inhibitions overridden by Sex mode programming, even at this important interview.

Shaking her head, Becca activated Economy mode which ended any sign of arousal. In this mode Teresa would terminate all simulation functions except for limited facial expression. Her body began to cool and her lifelike skin took on a slight unnatural evenness. Operating like this made her resources fully available for other functions and conserved power but she would appear slightly cold and artificial.

Economy mode appeared fully operational and Becca finally selected Standby. The android froze, a hard to describe change from standing motionless one moment to being completely inert the next. Her face and body did not react but simply stopped as Becca noted system activity and power usage dropping off. Teresa’s power indicator and screen still glowed showing her to be functioning but all activity was suspended.

After making more notes the technician moved behind the statuesque robot and slipped the white gown off her shoulders to slide down her relaxed arms to the floor. Close inspection revealed the fine dermal join lines around Teresa’s shoulders and upper thighs where her limbs had been assembled. Two faint rectangles were traced in the pale skin of her back, one just above her pelvis and one between her shoulder blades. Becca used a small tool from her jeans pocket to prize apart the skin edges and disconnect the upper panel which she left hanging loose. Inside were complex mechanical and electronic systems humming faintly.

The IT girl plugged another cable into the laptop and probed with the other end inside Teresa’s open back as the helpless robot stood motionless; staring ahead. Her pale naked body twitched slightly each time the probes connected with the various power junctions under test making her breasts wobble and sway. Eventually satisfied Becca closed the android’s back and reselected her Default mode. Instead of returning to her former relaxed but alive posture the naked woman looked concerned; she opened her mouth to speak but seemed confused about what to say and simply gaped for a moment before her pretty head jerked to the side.

Becca’s laptop showed the minor error as a failure to successfully start the Default mode run profile. She noted the malfunction on her clipboard, taking careful note of the error code while Teresa twitched in confusion; it was not too surprising that the internal probing had disrupted some of her delicate systems. Her notes finished, Becca pressed the robot’s reset button then began to disconnect and close down her equipment. Teresa’s face froze as her head sank to her chest and all her panel lights dimmed to black. She stood motionless for several seconds before a loud beep signalled her reboot and her head came up to stare ahead blankly. Code streamed across her panel and all her indicators blinked in turn as she ran through half a minute of startup sequence.

“FemTech Android TJ-401 online. Fully functional. Initiating Teresa 3.1.7….. Hello, I’m Teresa.”

She smiled at Becca, unconcerned at her nakedness or malfunction, as a machine there was nothing unusual about her being dismantled or programmed in this way and minor malfunctions during maintenance procedures were also to be expected.

“Well Teresa you seem to be in good working order. There are a few minor technical issues but we can easily resolve those if you are successful at interview. If you get dressed now and wait back in the lobby, Suzanne will see you shortly. Good luck!”

The technician gathered her things and left the android to slip back into her smart interview clothes and straighten herself out as best she could. Once together she slipped past the screen and through the room the way Suzanne had brought her in. Several other screens barely hid the activity behind them and the electronic beeps suggested she had several competitors for this job.

The last screen she past was pulled back; Becca and another girl were bent over a figure lying there on a steel trolley. Teresa could see she was smartly dressed like herself but with her blouse open, she twitched under a firm grip while Becca rummaged among the mess of cabling inside her belly panel. Teresa could see as she past that this woman was a spitting image of Suzanne as she lay staring wide eyed at the ceiling. She caught some muttered curses from the technicians as she left the room. She so hoped she would get the job…

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