Apartment 7

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Written by Mirage

Apartment 7

Part 1

Roger was waiting for Angel to come out the main door. He had been waiting for a few minutes for her in front of their work place. He started thinking about Angel, how no one notices her but him.

Angel, the nerdy ugly girl that everyone avoids. Everyone avoids but him. Since he met her a few months ago, he enjoyed working with her, being so smart and serious but sometimes, she would laugh at his bad jokes. He knew, being smart and handsome, most women at work wanted him, but he didn't care for the others. Angel was somehow different from the others, and today, he was determined to find out if his suspicion was right.

"Angel!" he yelled to her as she came out the building.

She looked at him surprised that someone was waiting for her.

"Yes, Roger?" she asked quickly.

"Can we walk and talk a bit?" he asked her with a smile.

"Err... Sure... I guess... I don't live too far from here." She replied, unsure why this young good-looking man wanted to talk to her.

"Angel, we have been working together for about eight months, right?" he nodded to her.

"Yes... 8 months, five days, six hours and 13 minutes," She replied in a monotone way. She blinked quickly and then said "err, that was a joke... No one can be this precise... just a joke," she cracked a smile.

Roger chuckled and look ahead up the street, "Do you want to stop somewhere and have coffee or something to eat?" he then asked.

"I don't like coffee and I am not hungry. Thank you anyway," she politely responded.

"Okay... so, let's just talk then," he smiled to her.

"Sure... what do you want to talk about?" Angel quizzed him, still not sure why he wanted to talk to her.

"We work well together, right... and I was wondering if we could get along well together outside of work too," Roger said nervously.

Angel looked at Roger and smiled, "I don't think so... I have a really private life outside of work." she replied to him.

"Really... what do you do?" he reacted.

"Err... none of your business..." she snapped back.

Roger gave her a serious look to Angel and grab her by both arms and kissed her deep. Angel was in shock, she could not move or respond in any way. His lips pressed hard on her, his body pressed hard against hers, he continued kissing her until he could not breathe any more. He released her and look at her reaction.

She was frozen like a statue, under her glasses, her eyes gave a wide-open empty look. He smiled and whispered her name to her right ear, "Angel . . . are you okay?"

Angel started to quickly blink and answered him, "I don't know how to respond. I am confused,"

"Where do you live?" he asked her.

"309 Timothy Street, apartment 7, third floor." she answered him in a dull voice.

"Let me take you home. You need to rest," Roger said, holding her right hand and started walking with Angel.

"Yes... I need some rest..." she responded with a blank look.

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