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Part 1

This is a story that you may find hard to believe. Hell I wouldn’t even believe it if it hadn’t happened to me. One minute I was driving along the coast and the next I was in the future fighting a medieval battle against some very cute women with some equally cute ones. I didn’t find out until later that they were all androids plus I’m not even sure how this war started. I was told from the ones that found me but I still have no clue. Worse of all they think I’m the one to put an end to it. Well it’s a lot more complicated than that so I guess I’ll just have to start at the beginning. Now where should I start? I guess from the morning of how I got to this place would be the best place to start this tale. Let’s see that morning wasn’t much different. I got up had a shower, got dress and had breakfast, you know normal stuff. Being a nice day I thought about driving along the cliff road instead of the highway on my way to work. That was a bad decision on my part because it wasn’t long until an earthquake struck. The next thing I know I’m over the railings and heading for the wet rocks below.

Most people say that went something like that happens, your life flashes before your eyes. Well it didn’t for me. I only had one thing on my mind at that time and it was this is going to hurt when I hit those rocks. I remember time slowing down and the roof starting to cave in. The seat belt grabbing at my shoulder then everything went black. I vaguely remember going down a corridor with lights overhead but nothing else after that. I woke up on a pretty nice and pretty old looking bed wondering the usual things, How, What, Where and Why. It didn’t take long before I’d get my answer.

‘’Oh, vous êtes éveillé. Comment vous sentez-vous?’’

‘’Huh?’’ looking in the direction of the voice. I saw a very pretty looking redhead in an elegant blue robe.

‘’ Oh vous parlez anglais. Je vais installer le programme de langue pour vous.’’ I had no idea what she just said but she was still nice to look at.

‘’Oh you're awake. How are you feeling?’’

‘’Huh? Oh I feel fine.’’ Realising I was staring at her. Can you blame me she was very beautiful.

‘’Umm. Can you tell me how I got here?’’

‘’Oh we brought you here after a patrol found you in the woods. We had no idea how you got there so they brought you back here to fix you up because you looked pretty hurt. Do you have any idea on how you got there?’’

‘’I have no idea. I was falling off a cliff in my car and now I’m here.’’

By this time I’m trying not to stare at her too much but hey what can you do. I looked around for a bit but didn’t make much of it. I stayed in the room for a few more days as I slowly started walking around. The only time I saw the pretty redhead again, who I found out was called Mary was when she brought me food. On the second day I managed to make it to the well I wouldn’t call it a window as it had no glass in it so I guess an opening is as good as anything to call it. Anyway what I saw was an old style castle with battlements and people going about their business. What struck me as odd was that they were all women. Even the guards were women; I thought maybe the men were out doing something important. I didn’t know how wrong I was, but it’ll take me a few more days to find that out.

Part 2

I was woken up on my fourth day to the sound of fighting. Heading over to the opening I saw that the castle was under attack by an army. It still didn’t click that there were no men or children for that matter in sight. Anyway while I was watching an arrow flew up and cracked on the stone wall next to where I was. Still not paying much notice to what was going on around me I didn’t hear Marry enter the room behind me.

‘’You had better get away from the opening, if you don’t want to get hit by an arrow.’’

‘’Huh? Oh right. Why are they attacking the castle?’’

‘’Oh! That happens every few months or so. We have been at war with the neighbouring group for as long as anyone can remember. They attack us and we attack them. It is the way it has always been.’’

‘’Well why has it gone on for this long? Hasn’t anyone tried to make peace with them?’’

‘’We always fight with them. They are different to us so we fight them.’’

‘’Well that’s kind of stupid. Why would you fight someone just because they are different?’’

‘’Well the main reason we fight them is because they were the ones that killed of the last of the men.’’

‘’So this war is mostly for revenge?’’ That was where it finally dawned on me. ‘’Hang on you said that you’ve been fighting this war for as long as anyone can remember. So with no men around! How is it that you are even here?’’

‘’We are all androids.’’

Passing around the room but making sure to stay as far away from the opening so as not to get hit with a stray arrow. I was trying to get my head around with what she just revealed.

‘’Hang on a sec. Do you mean to tell me that you and everyone outside is a robot?’’

‘’Yes that is correct. Everyone in the world is an android.’’

‘’Wait the world! You mean that there is not a single human left on this planet?’’ I headed to the only chair in the room to sit down as I really had to sit. Hey wouldn’t you if you found out you’re the only human on the planet. It was shocking to say the least was an understatement.

‘’That is not true. There is one human that we believe will finally finish this war for us.’’

‘’So what you’re saying is that there is a human on this planet after all?’’ I remember thinking as I asked her, why she was still just standing there by the door. In fact she hadn’t moved since she entered the room and here I was sitting in a chair with a robot looking at me. Did I say how unbelievably cute and beautiful she was. Anyway when she said that there was a human it gave me hope. That was about to change when the next thing out of that gorgeous mouth was about as crushing as anything she said so far.

‘’Yes and we think that you will finally be able to stop this war.’’

‘’Me! You think I’ll be able to fight this war for you? I can’t fight. I’ve never been good at fighting.’’ Get up off the chair I started passing the room again. Anyway let’s skip ahead a bit. Mostly cause I was just rambling and trying to convince her that I’m useless at fighting and generally not making much sense.

‘’You would not have to do it alone. We have built something that would help you.’’ My mind was going at a million miles an hour at this point. ‘Oh great that’ll help’ was all managed to enter my mind at the time followed by ’I wonder if it’s a giant robot.’ My thought processes were interrupted by the sound of her voice once again.

‘’Follow me and I’ll show you I mean.’’ she turned and exited the room. Of cause my mind was elsewhere as she led me out of the room. I couldn’t tell you where we went or what was happening as I was just mainly focused on following the hem of her robe and thinking about what this something they had built was. Lots of ideas came to mind beside the giant robot like a laser gun or a flying car but none of those were anywhere near what it turned out to actually being.

Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself. We finally arrived at a room which looked like a high tech lab more than a room. As someone who was always mesmerized with technology this room made me feel like a kid again. It had monitors and computer banks all the way up to the ceiling. Naturally I went over and checked every monitor and computer that was on the right hand side of the room. I was really enjoying myself until Mary interrupted my excitement.

‘’Here is the equipment that will help you win this war for us.’’

Turning around I looked at what she was pointing to on the table in front of her. I was shocked at what she was pointing at. Who wouldn’t be shocked at that? What she indicated was nothing more than a pair of black leather gloves. How the hell can a pair of black leather gloves win a war?

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