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The tall, mirrored glass doors parted with a gently swish and allowed Mrs. Maria Burke--the former Maria Dwyer-- to be greeted with a cool rush of conditioned air as she stepped into the plain, yet stylish foyer. To her right, Maria recognized the comfortable waiting area, to her left the discreet security kiosk, and, directly ahead of her, the semicircular reception desk, itself a study in refined and understated elegance. As Maria advanced along this well known path, a reassuringly familiar face came into view, a face belonging to a mature woman with a gentle tan, blue eyes and jet black hair. Maria’s slim, denim clad legs reduced their stride as the reception desk came within close proximity and she instinctively smiled at Yvonne, the welcoming face of the Dyson Institute for Female Android Robotics.

“Good morning, Mrs Burke, it’s lovely to see you again.”

“Hi, Yvonne, you look well, as usual. Nice to see you too, if a little sooner than expected. I believe I have a 1030 slot with my team,” said Maria, politely engaging Yvonne much in the way she had done dozens of times before.

“Yes,” replied Yvonne, “Rebecca asked me to tell you to block out the remainder of the day and she apologises that you’re only being informed of this now.”

“Oh that’s absolutely fine, Yvonne, I had anticipated we may need more time today so I’ve made no plans until late this evening.”

“That’s wonderful,” replied Yvonne with an almost maternal smile, “why don’t you take a seat and I’ll page Rebecca right away," she said with a broad smile.

“Oh indeed I do,” answered Maria with a knowing smile.

Turning around, Maria then made her way over to the low key, yet wonderfully comfortable waiting area, already occupied by a number of ladies, from an attractive nineteen year old in a short summer skirt to a pair of full-figured moms busily discussing something, each looking deeply engaged in the comments of the other. As Maria arrived in their midst, she smiled and elected to sit roughly between both parties. Maintaining a dignified demeanour as waited, Maria became aware of the specifics of the ongoing discussion…

“I’m absolutely delighted with it, Judy. The fact that they are prepared to invest in the hardware which gives me this level of system redundancy really makes me feel good about myself. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I always knew that becoming a machine would raise these kinds of issues, and of course that series of spurious Code 576s did unsettle me, but Dr. Dyson really put me at ease when she explained the fix I am going to have installed today.”

“Well, Sara, I am so happy to hear that, and as you point out, it really does inspire confidence that the Institute see the value in our project.”

At this point, it seemed likely to Maria that Judy and Sara must be involved in the Chassis Life Extension Project (CLEXP). These units, and a number of others, were being operated as relatively old VX9000’s in order to better understand the technical challenges of extending the operating life of the Institute’s female androids. Maria had read in a recent copy of Informer, the Institutes newsletter, that the project was intended to demonstrate that excellent standards of performance could be obtained for women who had become machines up to five years previously and were kept operating in their original chassis instead of the normal six-monthly or annual upgrades. It was a voluntary project, of course, and aimed at helping the Institute improve efficiency by reducing the amount of materials used to assemble new bodies for units who could function perfectly adequately in their current chassis. Another, most important benefit was that the project could really prove the reliability of key components by running them far beyond their standard design life. Maria knew that Judy and Sara were directly contributing to helping women like her – who occupied the very latest android chassis – would be designed and built to the very highest standards. She almost felt compelled to thank them, when she became aware of Yvonne calling her name from the reception desk.

"Mrs. Burke, Rebecca asked me to tell you she's ready for you, and you can go right on back. You'll be in bay 323 today.

Momentarily catching a nervous, slightly anxious look from the pretty nineteen year old, Maria directed her smiling face towards lovely raven-haired receptionist. "Thank you, Yvonne! I'll see you later!" Leaving the sexy moms chatting intently, and the nervous teenager shifting restlessly in her large leather chair, Maria made her way across the lobby.

Maria walked through the maintenance bay as she had so many times before. As she passed the scores of partitioned bays, she glanced with interest at the many female androids being serviced and maintained by female engineers. Occasionally the 'servicing' took on a slightly different nature, of course, usually when the client had become intensely aroused by being exposed as a totally robotic woman... here a pretty young technician had her face between a client's thighs; there, a tech lovingly tongued an erect nipple while burying two fingers in the client's beautifully-sculpted SynGina. Such casual lesbotic stimulation was not at all unusual here in the maintenance section. Maria had certainly enjoyed the attentions of her maintenance team from time to time.

Some very intense moaning was coming from the next bay on the left; Maria paused to regard the scene, which she found quite intoxicating. Two very attractive, mature, voluptuous blondes were engaged in an extremely eager, passionate, and skillful sixty-nine. Numerous cables ran from the units' open paplexus interfaces to the diagnostic terminal next to the couch; several cables connected the two units directly. The two machines were sharing each other's pleasure data--data which, the display on the terminal made clear, was enormously powerful. Next to one android's reading, an icon appeared, winking bright green. Orgasm sequence threshold reached.

At that moment, the android on top jerked her head up abruptly from between the other machine's legs. "Ohhhh! Oh, fuck, yes, UX2K-3421... that's it! Ohhhh... ohhh yes, just like that, right there... I'm... I'm coming! Ohhhh! Ohhh, fuck, yes, yes, YES!"

Maria smiled in recognition. The mature blonde android in the throes of digital orgasm was Dr. Judy Smythe, one of the senior maintenance units. She was part of Dr. Dyson's inner circle... indeed, she was in charge of Dr. Dyson's personal maintenance team, although she also oversaw most of the Institute's service and maintanance operations. Maria also recognized the designation of the machine on the bottom, who was evidently tongue-lashing Judy for all she was worth; UX2K-3421 was Mrs. Christina Logan, wife of Senator Logan. Maria had sampled Christina's ample charms many times in the past, and she knew that Judy was enjoying a truly spectacular climax right now: Christina was a phenomenal lover.

Judy was far too deeply awash in digitized pleasure to notice Maria, however; quite understandable. Maria, not wishing to keep her own technicians waiting, hurried along toward Bay 323.

Two technicians--a sexy, petite blonde and a stunning, voluptuous brunette--spoke quietly over the motionless naked artificial body on the examination couch. Maria's thoracic panels, including her synthetic breasts, were swung out to either side; numerous cables ran between the flashing circuitry packed into her thoracic bay and a portable diagnostic unit. As ever, Maria felt very much at ease under the attentions of the two beautiful android technicians... at ease, and more than a little bit aroused.

The brunette moved to lean in over Maria, and began delicately disengaging a circuitry module while the blonde unpacked a matching component from its storage case. Presently the brunette had the module free of its housing, and she disconnected several power, data, and control cables. She then accepted the new part from the blonde, handing over the old module, and began to install the replacement within Maria's circuitry bay.

A running series of notifications in Maria's field of view informed her that the module--a secondary power management controller--had been removed, and updated her on the progress of the new one's installation, noting each connection as it was made. The process was exciting Maria more and more by the moment. A faint moan escaped her vocalizer. The blonde met Maria's eye, and smiled sympathetically.

The sound of high heels clicking on the floor reached Maria's auditory pickups. The sound grew closer, ultimately heralding a tall, glamorous, professionally dressed woman as she entered the bay. Maria's system flagged the mature, buxom, auburn-haired beauty--Dr. Elaine Dyson UX2K-3050--but it was scarcely necessary. She was very familiar with the lovely android.

"Hello, Dr. Dyson," the brunette technician said with a smile. "We've nearly completed swapping out this unit's secondary power management module."

"Excellent," Dr. Dyson replied. "Once you've finished, could you ask her to come to my office? I was hoping to speak with her about something..."

"Of course, Dr. Dyson," the mature brunette nodded.

"Thank you, Rebecca," Dr. Dyson said, and turned to go. At that moment, another involuntary moan issued from Maria's vocal module.

Dr. Dyson looked over to a diagnostic screen and studied the figures and graphs displayed there. She stepped over to the couch. "Hello, UX3K-3655," she smiled. "I can see that you're intensely aroused... I'd be happy to take care of that for you!"

"Oh, God, Dr. Dyson, yes... please!" Maria gasped.

Without further deliberation, Dr. Dyson moved to the foot of the couch. She nodded to the two technicians. Each gently grasped one of Maria's toned calves and lifted them into the air, spreading her long legs wide.

Dr. Dyson leaned in and began to lick Maria's very warm, very wet synthetic pussy. Maria moaned loudly as the woman--the machine--who had manufactured her delivered intense, direct stimulation to her overheated quim.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" Maria moaned. It was not the first time she'd had Dr. Dyson's tongue on her clit, but it was no less incredible an experience for that."Ohhhh... ohhh, yeah... ohhhhh... oh, Dr. Dyson, yes, yes... oh, please make me come! Oh, please, please, yes!"

Dr. Dyson's lithe tongue stabbed deep inside Maria's sex, alternating with rapid flutters against her digitally-sensitized clitoris. She did nothing to prolong the pleasure, as she might while making love under more casual circumstances. Every motion of her tongue was precise, robotic--deliberately stimulating sensory clusters in an exacting sequence. She was so clearly a machine, operating with unforgiving efficiency to provoke a specific response in another machine.

Maria was immediately cognizant of this fact, which was the last factor in the equation. It exposed Dr. Dyson as a machine, it reinforced Maria's identity as a machine, and it could not fail but to cause her to explode with pleasure. "Hmmmmmmm! Oh fuck, oh God, yeah, yeah--oh, I'm coming...! Ohhh! Oh, fuck, YES! YES! YES!Yesssss....."

Dr. Dyson continued to lick, sustaining Maria's climax, and then trailed off her efforts. She rose from between the other android's thighs, running her tongue across her lips and savoring the synthetic lubricant fluids. She smiled. "I hope that was satisfactory...?"

"Ohhhhhh... oh, thank you, Dr. Dyson... it was perfect... hmmmmmm...."

"My pleasure," Dr. Dyson said. "I'll see you shortly!" With that, she turned and strode off toward the exit, the sound of her heels clicking on the tiled floor receding after her.

Maria entered Dr. Dyson's sumptuously appointed private office suite. She was clad only in high heels and black leather thong panties; as she was entering the office from the Institute's private areas, she had felt no need to dress fully. She knew that Dr. Dyson would certainly not stand on ceremony.

Indeed, as Dr. Dyson rose from behind her desk, Maria saw that she had likewise stripped down to panties and heels. It was the older machine's habit; as an android, in an area off limits to all but other female androids (and perhaps a few prospective clients being shown the Institute's true nature), she felt no need for clothing. Indeed, the fact that she'd been fully dressed in the maintenance bay earlier suggested that she'd probably been on her way back from the public areas of the Institute.

"Hello, 3655," Dr. Dyson said warmly, leaning in to briefly kiss Maria's lips. She gestured to a guest chair. "Please, make yourself at home."

"Thank you, Dr. Dyson," Maria smiled at the other android as she sat.

Dr. Dyson casually leaned back and perched on the edge of her desk. "How are you enjoying your new 3000 series chassis, 3655?"

"It's wonderful, Dr. Dyson," Maria replied. "You know, honestly... I've been an android for so many years now, and I've been through so many upgrades... and every single time, I am just astounded! I can't believe that you and your team have managed to improve so much on the UX2000!"

"That's what we're here for, Maria," the other android said. "It's really my only priority... to provide the most perfect bodies possible, for you, and for women like you... women who've chosen to become machines. I want to be sure that every woman we rebuild gets the ultimate in female android robotics... to be the most perfect machine, the most perfect woman that she can be. So when we clear a new model for general service, it's only after we've ensured that it will be a completely new experience for our clients--that it will be a clear improvement over the previous design. After all, you--all of my clients, all of the androids we've manufactured--you're women, not iPhones!"

Maria laughed. "Well, I can assure you, I appreciate the hard work!"

"I do hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience to have that power management module swapped out," Dr. Dyson said. "The initial design was more than adequate, but some of our engineers came up with a few improvements after general production had begun. The new module can almost double your time between charges... and I felt that it would be more than worth it to recall the entire line for the upgrade. We actually were able to include the new module in new production, after about the first hundred units rolled off the line... but of course, since you were part of the very earliest production run, well..."

"It was no inconvenience at all," Maria said. "Honestly... it never is. I enjoy being serviced far too much for it to ever be any kind of hassle... I look forward to any chance to be worked on, to tell the truth!"

"I understand, of course," Dr. Dyson smiled. "I feel the same way!"

"What about you, Dr. Dyson?" Maria asked. "Are you going to be upgrading to 3000 soon?"

"Yes, very much so…" Dr. Dyson said. "You know, it's only been delayed by my involvement in the Program Launch phase, Maria, to be honest." She exhaled at length. "I cannot wait! I've had the delight of seeing my new heads and pelvic modules under test... you know, it never fails to inspire and arouse me, Maria...knowing that I am, quite simply, nothing more that a superbly engineered machine... just as you are, and as are the other several thousand women among my clients!"

"Oh, no doubt!" Maria replied. She inclined her head to one side, a little conspiratorially. "If I may ask... Have you taken a chance to test those heads and pelvic modules yourself?"

Dr. Dyson smiled broadly. "Actually, Maria, I had a divine masturbation session with one of the heads, armature-mounted, licking my older generation quim...! Hmmmm…. intensely satisfying... strangely, all the more so given the head's entirely neutral voice and passive expression..."

Maria gave a little moan. "That same head unit may soon be working my synthetic pussy... Hmmm...."

"Oh Lord yes, of that you can be sure…!" Dr. Dyson brought one hand up her toned belly, up the delightful curvature of the underside of her left breast, and brushed her fingertips across her nipple. "The idea of servicing that newly sculpted, manufactured cunt is oh so delightful, Maria...!"

"I'll bet," Maria said, rising from the chair and moving seductively toward Dr. Dyson. "Now you're looking very aroused..." She leaned in to gently place a line of kisses along the mature machine's collarbone and neck, leading up behind her ear.

"Ohhh, yes," Dr. Dyson breathed. "Hmmmm... please... keep doing what you're doing..."

Maria's left hand moved between Dr. Dyson's legs, just above the knee, and her fingertips began to trail along the inside of one thigh.

"The... the real reason I wanted to see you, though, Maria... hmmmmm... yes... I would like to ask a favor of you..."

Maria began kissing her way back down Dr. Dyson's neck, as her fingers moved higher. "Anything, Dr. Dyson..."

"There's a client... a former client, actually... that I'd like you to speak to..." Her head tilted backward as Maria's mouth reached her right nipple. "Ooh! Yes... that's... that's lovely, 3655..."

Maria's tongue teased Dr. Dyson's now very erect nipple, as her fingertips reached the tight, hot leather enclosing the mature android's synthetic quim.

"Oh! Ohhhh," Dr. Dyson's pelvis jerked relflexively toward the source of the stimulation. Within her subsystem, Dr. Dyson suspended the counter-grinding protocol that had been activated by Maria's stimulation; she attempted to free up some system resources, to devote to conversation, even as her rapidly-growing arousal consumed more and more runtime and memory. "She was a machine for several years, up to and following her wedding... and although she very much enjoyed her life as a highly advanced robotic wife unit--a fact of which her husband never bacame aware--they decided the time was right to start a family. So she returned to her... hmmmm! Her organic body..."

Maria was industriously stroking Dr. Dyson's vulva through her leather panties now.

"It's been a number of years now... and her children are older... and I think perhaps the time may be right to approach her. Now more than ever, she's at the time of life when she will benefit the most from being a machine... she'd be exactly the kind of android woman I got into this business to manufacture..."

"It sounds like it," Maria murmured. She herself had been happily married for several years, but remained childless. She had happily revealed her android nature to her husband--who, after the initial shock, came to appreciate the appeal of having a totally robotic wife. He was even fully aware of the lesbotic dalliances Maria enjoyed at the Institute, and supported them, so long as she remained faithful to him in all other ways. As she pulled Dr. Dyson's panties to the side and began to stroke her clit directly, Maria smiled at the thought of relating this particular adventure to her husband.

"Ohhhh!" Dr. Dyson cried out. "Oh, God, Maria, yes... oh, God, do me... I need to come, too, Maria...! Make me come!"

Maria slipped a long, delicate middle finger deep inside Dr. Dyson's very ready robotic pussy. "Gladly," she said, as she alternated between Dr. Dyson's nipples.

"Oh, yeah," Dr. Dyson moaned. "Yeah... 3655... hmmmm... that's it, baby... I need it... I'm a machine, just like you... a machine! Hmmm! Oh, God, baby, yes, that's perfect.... hmmm... finger me while you... while you lick my tits... ohhhh, fuck...."

"Hmmm...." Maria moaned a little as she pleasured her manufacturer. "So... who is this former client? Someone I know...?"

"Ohhh, fuck, baby, yeah..." Dr. Dyson managed, through clenched teeth. "Hmmmmm! Yes, Maria... someone you... you knew very well... I believe... ohhhhhhh.... yes... yes! The.. the former Unit RX3598... she's... she's now... Mrs. Rachel Rivers... ohhhh! Baby, yes... yessssss... Oh! Make me come, baby, yeah, make me come..."

Maria now slipped her index finger within Dr. Dyson as well. She crossed her fingers and began to rotate her wrist as she pumped the sexy mature machine.

"Mmmm!" Dr. Dyson all but squealed. "God, yeah! So close... do me, baby, fuck me, yeah... yeah! Yeah, baby, make me come, make me come--OHHHHH! YES! YES! FUUUUCK... YESSSS...!" Dr. Dyson's box exploded at last; the execution of the digitized orgasm sequence terminated the pelvic overrides, and her hips bucked wildly as she climaxed.

Maria kissed Dr. Dyson passionately. The two android's tongues swirled sensuously within one another's mouths as Maria slowed the thrusting of her fingers, finally withdrawing them from Dr. Dyson's pussy.

"Hmmmmmm...." Dr. Dyson sighed. "Wonderful... thank you so much, 3655... ohhh, God..."

"My pleasure," Maria smiled.

"So... would you be willing to speak to Rachel, 3655?" Dr. Dyson asked. "You helped her join us once before... please... do it again. For her. She deserves to enjoy the benefits of being a perfect machine... a perfect woman... again..."

"Of course," Maria said, placing a brief, delicate kiss on Dr. Dyson's lips.

"Wonderful," Dr. Dyson said. "Please... keep me posted on your progress. I'll have preliminary design work begun for her new body...."

"Hmmmm... I can't wait to catch up with Rachel," Maria said. "I'll do my best, Dr. Dyson! I hope she'll join us..."

Rachel had grinned and laughed and embraced Maria warmly when she walked into the cafe, the same cafe they'd frequented years ago. She was very pleased to see her old friend, without a doubt. That had only served to increase Maria's confidence, as had the sight of Rachel--not Rachel the lovely, driven young attorney, but Rachel the busy wife and mom. She was still undoubtedly quite beautiful, but clearly older, a little tired; her figure was very impressive, too, though a bit fuller than it had been, and clearly the result of considerable hard work.

"I hope you don't mind me saying so Rachel, but you look absolutely shattered!" Maria had said, deliberately mirroring a conversation from long ago. "Everything all right?"

"Well... With the kids to take care of, and being back at the firm part-time... It takes its toll," explained Rachel. She sighed at length, her mind racing as she tried to recall everything on her to-do list for the afternoon. It was a small miracle that she'd been able to free up half an hour to catch up with Maria...

The clatter of crockery from across the café snapped Rachel from her contemplation and she restored eye contact with her glamorous friend across the table. It struck Rachel just how perfectly formed Maria's face still was. It seemed almost impossible that Maria could be closing in on forty. Not a single blemish, not a solitary flaw was present on Maria's face as she smiled warmly back at Rachel--or at least it seemed that way, at a glance. There were a handful of lines visible that hadn't been there before, that was certain; but they were almost artisitically placed, as if calculated to create the greatest aesthetic contribution to her features. No, Rachel decided, it was perfectly plausible that Maria was nearing forty... but it was a perfect forty.

Was it possible? Rachel wondered. She regarded Maria carefully. When Maria had texted her, suggesting that they grab a coffee and reconnect, it hadn't occurred to Rachel that Maria might be... might still be... a machine. Rachel had left that existence behind, returning to her organic body happily; there was nothing she could have wanted more than to start a family with John. And she honestly hadn't looked back. But Maria didn't have any children....

Rachel studied Maria's face even more closely. Maria simply smiled back, seemingly flattered by the attention. Or was it something else? Was there a faint hint of satisfaction there as well? Some indication that she'd expected, even hoped for such scrutiny?

"Maria," Rachel began. "Can I ask--are you still--?"

Maria was all innocence. "Am I still...?" she prompted.

Rachel fumbled for the right words. "Are you still... going to that Dyson place?" She looked at Maria significantly. "I mean, you look amazing--and I know how, uh, how well they... they take care of you there... I mean...."

Maria smiled. "Yes, Rachel. I've never stopped... going to Dyson. I couldn't imagine it, really... you can see how it's benefitted me, I'm sure."

Rachel looked a little shocked as she absorbed the full meaning of Maria's words. It couldn't possibly mean anything else. Maria was an android. Rachel was sure of it.

"You know, Rachel," Maria said casually, "You're still looking terrific... but, well, as you said, it takes its toll. You do look a bit drained. But Dyson could really help you out with that... you know firsthand what they can do!"

Rachel blinked. She was completely unprepared for this. It honestly hadn't crossed her mind, when she'd heard from Maria, that this idea might come up.

She found herself thinking back--back to when she herself had been an android woman. Several years of her life spent as something utterly synthetic... something manufactured. As a machine.

The memories were there, to be sure; indeed, they had an odd clarity to them; HD images, compared to the somehow fuzzier memories of her organic existence. It was a little unnerving for her to recall, really. Though the memories had such crystal clarity, such impossible detail, they... lacked... something. They didn't have quite the same emotional resonance to her as the rest of her memories. They weren't unpleasant in the least--indeed, she found herself contemplating them with no small fondness--but... She couldn't explain it, really. It put her in mind of an article she'd read online, not long ago, about the differences between CDs and vinyl records, between digital and analog recording. So many audiophiles maintained that analog records simply had a kind of warmth to them that was missing from their digital counterparts.

That was how these robotic memories seemed to her now.

She shook her head, dismissing the memories. "Oh, God, Maria, I don't know," she said. "I mean... my life is so different now! John, the kids... I just don't think..." she frowned. "God, I can't even imagine finding the time! Let alone... well..."

Maria smiled back serenely. "Well, it's something to think about," she said. "Dyson could really help, Rachel. You seem so tired, so stressed... Think about it. You could be a new woman, entirely..."

Before Rachel could form a coherent response the buzz of a vibrating mobile phone from within her handbag shattered the tension of the moment. She withdrew the phone and glanced at the screen. "The school... I'm so sorry, I have to take this..."

Maria nodded and, unknown to Rachel, literally tuned out the phone conversation. Her auditory system let Rachel's voice drown into the bustle and clamor of the busy cafe; simultaneously, her circuits busily processed the data flow caused by their subtext-laden chat. Would Rachel be agreeable to returing to the Dyson fold? There had been some hints of interest there, despite her reflexive dismissal of the idea. At the same time, Maria flagged several files--audio, video, still images--of Rachel, knowing that such data could be invaluable to the design and manufacturing specialists.

If Rachel could be convinced to return to the Dyson Institute....

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