Anniversary Present

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When Michael opened the door of his home after another tiring day at work, he froze for a second.

He saw her robot girl, Abigail, partially disassembled and lying on the couch. In the desk in front of it and on the couch were lying as well some of hers components. Abigail’s face was frozen in an emergency shutdown sequence.

He put down his jacket and came close to her. He saw that in front of her there was his old vintage videocamera, with a post-it on it that read “WATCH THE TAPE, HONEY <3”.

He took out the tape, rewinded it and loaded in the TV. He sat down beside his deactivated robot girl, beautiful in her frozen stare, and started watching it. What the heck was going on?

The tape started with her robot wife, nude but still assembled. She was waving at the camera.

“Good evening honey! I’m sure you remember that today is our anniversary!

I want to celebrate the beautiful moment you bought me and took me to your home, so… I’ve had an idea! Tonight you’ll play a small scavenger hunt, with a delicious prize for your patience!

So I’ll start to disassemble me, piece by piece. If I’m still able to move afterwards, I’ll hide my component around the house. You’ll have to find them and reassemble me… I know that you’ll love this part! I have a few ideas also for what we could do after I’m whole again… I think you’ll love that part too…

So? Are you ready to watch me disassemble myself, and hear me uttering errors until I short out? I know you are…

Let’s see… Where shall I start? Well, first of all <OPENING ABDOMINAL PANEL> That’s better… I’m really beautiful within, am I not? So… oh, I know! This enhanced computing memory you gifted me last christmas eve! Ok, here we <WARNING: CRITICAL HARDWARE REMOVED> Oh, here it is! Maybe I’ll hide <WARNING: MEMORY INSUFFICIENT> Hide hide hide I now Oh what is <ERROR 463: MEMORY OVERFLOW> <REBOOT IN COMPATIBILITY MODE> Oh Oh Oh here we are…

I already fell more errors coming in my systems… I think I’ll hide this in the bathroom… but I wonder… how many other pieces I’ll be able to remove before I short out? I think I’ll continue with the secondary systems now… so the game will last longer… “

Michael could already feel an hard erection coming. All the creativity selfware updates he had bought for Abigail were truly paying off!

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