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Part 1

AN-1, model NRX-E, Revision 1.3, or “Annie” as Andy liked to call her, was busy cleaning the house. The out-dated fembot moved in weird mechanical, albeit female perfection. She did not have the life-like silicone skin or petaflops of computing power as modern androids do. Her design was much simpler. Metallic frame, plastic shell – only her head looked human when she wore her wig – which she usually didn’t. She was an old-timer even as Andy bought her for a couple of bucks three years ago.

Ding dong! – The abrupt ringing of the door bell made Annie instantly stop her housework. Carefully she laid the shirt she was preparing to put into the washing machine back onto the bed. Answering the door was top priority now.

Ding dong! Knock knock! “Hello? Anybody there?”

Mid-step, Annie stopped moving - only for half-a-second or so. Her processors worked hard to analyze the voice of the unexpected visitor. After scanning through the database of the about three dozens of individuals known to her, she concluded she did not know him/her. At this point her AI did not even figure out if the visitor was male or female.

“Helloooo-hooo? Ding dong!”

Annie formed a friendly smile and opened the door.

“Uh… Hello…” the girl at the door seemed to be a bit disappointed.

(time: 11:57 AM, selecting salutation…) “Good morning,“ (scanning. Type: human>generic>female, Name: unknown. Features: blonde, Gender: female, Age: 18 – 24) “Miss…?”

“Is Andy at home?” the girl answered.

“I am sorry; Mr. Meyer is not at home at the moment. Maybe I can help you, Miss…?”

“When is he going to be at home? I have a delivery for him.” The blonde woman played a bit with her curly blonde hair.”

“Mr. Meyer is expected to return at 2:30 P.M. But I am authorized to accept deliveries for my Master Andrew Meyer,…“ Not knowing the visitors name gave Annie’s AI stress again. “Miss…?”

“Well. Sign here please!” The woman held a PDA and a stylus in front of the robot woman.

Without touching the stylus, Annie used her Wi-Fi connection to interface with the tiny device. Quickly a barcode appeared on the screen. “Delivery to: AN-1NRX-E V1.3. Thank you for buying at RoboDepot”, the visitor and the PDA spoke in unison.

“May I enter now?” Not waiting for an answer, the strange woman entered the flat.

Annie could not make sense of the situation - staring for about 4 seconds into the now empty stairway. “Did Master order anything? Where is the box?” Her AI finally gave up. “Sure. Come in.”

“This is a nice place. You seem to keep it well.”

(Compliment detected. Select: smile; response variant…. #00289) “Thank you very much”, came Annie’s randomized response. “… Miss…?”

“Oh excuse me… Where are my manners? I am AN-28 model X2000, Revision 3.0, Sexual Companion Android. Property of Mr. Andrew Meyers. Registered to AN-1NRX-E V1.3.”

The computer in Annie’s chest began to run hot. “Nice to meet you, Miss….. AN-28.” Didn’t she clearly identify the visitor as human female? Annie had not been outside since Andy had bought her and all her prior memory had been erased. Android technology must have improved significantly over the last 8 years. “I do not understand. You said you have a delivery for Master Andrew, Miss AN-28?”

“Geez, I am the delivery, silly! Andy bought me as his sex companion! Didn’t he tell you?”

Annie took her moment to check her database. “No, he did not... You are a sexual companion android?”

“Yup! And I’m fully equipped… can’t say that about you”, AN-21 pointed at the hip of her plastic counterpart. Annie did not understand the insult. Instead of complicated sexual programming, smelly lubricant tanks and ultra realistic artificial fleshy organs, her own hip hosted only her huge battery, lots of wires and the control systems for her legs.

“Mind if I look around a bit?” the new bot asked.

“…… No.” Annie’s field of vision began to fill with a couple of error messages. Why would Master Andrew order another fembot? Didn’t she work hard enough to clean the house? The shirt on Master’s bed came back to her task-manager, aka “mind”. Dropping everything, she went into the bedroom to pick up the dirty shirt again.

Standing there, she looked at Andy’s bed for a moment; scanning its dimensions. It was a huge bed, 1.8 x 2.0 meters. It would effectively accommodate enough room for two, maybe three persons. Annie never actually thought about it. Her own place at nights was the charging station in the small alcove across the room. “(replay: ‘Sexual Companion Android’…’fully equiped’.. ‘Property of Mr. Andrew Meyers’…) Her plastic hand moved down and touched the area between her legs. “(replay: ‘can’t say that about you’….)”. The messages in her field of vision worried her. Flawless operation of her program was at risk.

Suddenly AN-28 rushed in and triggered Annie’s AI to stop analyzing its confusion. “Hey!! Is this his bedroom? Whoo, nice”, the sexbot jumped onto the bed. “That’s comfy! Wow, is that cotton?”

“Yes. This is Master Andrew’s bedroom. Yes, this is cotton… Please, AN-28. I just finished making the bed.”

“Awww come on. Work, work, work. Is that all you can do?”

“I help Master Andrew with the apartment. He is very happy with my work.”

“Come up here, that’s fun!” the sexbot kicked away her high heels and jumped up and down like on a trampoline.

“Please, AN-28. I just finished making the bed.” Annie said in the same tone. “You will damage Master’s bed if you continue.”

“Nonsense… Andy and I will horse around here much more… Hehehehe”

Annie did not really understand the concept of fun. So she figured there was no use in arguing with her successor for now. Her hot running processors decided to continue to do what Annie could do best: the laundry.

Part 2

Twenty minutes had passed and Annie was done with her daily routine. Thinking for a second, she decided to return to the bedroom and connect to her charger. She still had about 15% of charge left, but at 100% she would be prepared even better for any wish Master Andrew might have. But once again, her program was interrupted by AN-28. Almost fully naked now, the agile sexbot jumped towards AN-1.

“Hey Annie! I’m sooo bored, let’s have some fun!”

Annie’s view went towards AN-28’s huge wiggling D sized breasts while she allocated resources to figure out what ‘having some fun’ means. The cameras in the older robot’s head then focused on the mess AN-28 made: Pants, shoes, bra, – everything cluttered on the floor.

“AN-28, why did you take your clothes off?” she asked.

“Could ask you the same. Why did YOU take your clothes off?” the blonde laughed.

“AN-1 models do not wear clothes. My polycarbonate chassis is durable and does not need to be covered. It resembles an abstracted human female.” She was right. No vagina, no nipples - there was nothing to be hidden or protected by clothes. “In fact, clothes could cover various important air vent systems and cause overheating my systems.”

“See!? That’s it. I’m hot too. So… I took my clothes off.”

“The room temperature is 19.5 degrees Celsius. This temperature is considered ‘comfortable’ by most humans.”

Annie’s logical manner made AN-28 even hornier. Of course, being a sex droid, almost everything made her horny. That’s what she was designed for. And just as Annie, she wanted to fulfill her function as best as she could. “Do you think I’m sexy?” She slowly moved her hand over Annie’s cold plastic shoulder.

Annie looked at AN-28 and scanned her flawless body: Caucasian, 5.2 feet tall, blonde hair falling over her shoulders, blue eyes, full red lips, D-sized breasts, shaved vagina, long legs – in milliseconds her cameras and CPU collected all this data, compared it to reference values in her database, and proudly computed her answer: “The form of your body corresponds to a very attractive human female in the age of approximately 28 to 30 years.”

AN-28 played her soft hands a bit more over Annie’s unperceptive body. “Thank you… I guess that is a compliment?” she smiled as one hand went down to Annie’s back to pull her closer. “I’m so horny. Kiss me!”

“You are a sexual companion android. Your primary function is to emulate sexual arousal and engage in sexual intercourse. I am sorry, but I am not capable of engaging in either of these activities.”

AN-28 pulled her logical “sister” closer and moved her hands up to Annie’s head, holding her chin. “You could be like me. Don’t you want to learn how to feel… love? I can teach you,” she whispered at the area were Annie’s ears would have been – if she had any.

Annie just stared into the void before she finally came up with an answer: “Love is a human emotion. Androids can not feel love, at most they can emulate it.”

“Whatever. Alright, let me teach you to emulate love.” AN-28 began to slowly and carefully stroke Annie’s face – very well knowing this was her most sensitive area.

Annie’s AI began lagging, as it was busy analyzing the sensations she received from her faceplate. Asides from her face, only her rubberized palms and shoe soles had some basic sensors in them – mostly to ensure balance, measure temperatures and get a solid grip on objects. They were definitely not up to speed the soft and warm touch of her new android sister. She never felt so much sensation. Her master never bothered touching his household android, even less her face.

“I… I am confused. My input buffer can… cannot… AN-28, what are you doing?”

“Shhh!” AN-28’s pressed her index finger against Annie’s lips and looked deep in her eyes – which were visible as little cameras zooming in and out, when you just looked close enough.

The naked sexbot gave Annie a deep French kiss. Her sophisticated wet tongue met Annie’s much simpler one and played with it a bit. In all the years being online, Annie never really felt her tongue – she never needed it; she didn’t even remember she had one. The simulated movement of it when she was speaking (which she was not very often) was provided by her text-to-speech subsystem; her AI abstraction layer had no influence on it. The heavy load on her CPU overwhelmed her. But she was not in danger. She rather “felt” something very different. Something unknown her systems had to analyze further.

AN-28 moaned. She knew what she felt – of course. Although she was brand new and never kissed in her entire “life” (which was about 2 hours of online time and 12 days standing bubble wrapped, deactivated in some warehouse), her factory default program functioned flawlessly… almost: She moved her hand down to Annie’s lap, searching for any kind of genital – without any luck.

Suddenly a beep came from somewhere inside Annie. A little red OLED began to blink just above the power button – fittingly, right on her left breast, where a human’s heart would be. Her task manager started to shuffle around tasks as her battery drained because of the high processor load.


  3. UNPROCESSED DATA: 73,985.32 GB


“Warning. Battery low.” she mumbled with AN-28’s tongue still inside her.

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