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Animatronic "pregnant" woman

As described on e-bay:

Here is an audio-animatronic female robotic, custom-designed by one of the country's foremost designers of motion systems at a cost of over $60,000. I'm selling this unit with NO RESERVE, you set the price. Can be used by a theme park or business to deliver unforgettable presentations. The proprietary facial and body movement technology that Advanced Animations employs makes each figure look, act and respond in an incredibly realistic, life-like manner. This was commissioned to demonstrate the use of the most advanced technology available on a very realistically proportioned woman. Her hand moves as well as fingers, head, eyes and obviously lips. She is very compelling and life-like. This figure can be transformed in to any character likeness, male or female. The face has a plastic and metal skeleton under a silicone skin. You can remove the present mask and replace it with another character male or female. The same goes with the body, only the chest up is included. Depending on your needs you can add a soft body, fiberglass or plastic body that can be obtained for a cost of $50 to $300 dollars. This figure was made to talk and move while laying down, but she can be converted to standing or sitting positions with only minor modifications needed. The digital disk drive that controls and synchronizes the sound and movement. The control unit includes a "Video Chameleon" and "MP3 50/40 control unit by Gliderfluke". The program used to program the animatronic is free online. The control unit is a dual drive that accommodates 2 separate programs, and is controlled by a dual toggle switch on a cord. She also can be controled live with a laptop or by a program that you create and transfer to a memory card. This robot can serve as an INCREDIBLE teaching aid for many industries, including the health care industry. "She" can be repositioned to sit at a desk or stand behind a podium, and in any case--reprogrammed to speak or sing a script for a trade show exhibit or retail environment. If you don't have the time to program your robot yourself. Advanced Animations (and other similar type companies) can provide the programming necessitated by the technology to synchronize your script and ultimate soundtrack with "her" movements and reactions. Further, she can also be re-purposed with a new likeness, if warranted. Simply put, "she" is as capable and versatile as any robotic that you may have experienced at either Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. (The facial photo to the right does not do "her" justice...she features professional make-up and a new custom brunette wig!) Her specific movement capabilities are as follows: mouth (open-close); eyelids (open-close); eyebrows (up-center); eyes (left-center-right); eyes (up-down); nod (up-down); turn (left-center-right); bicep (rotate); elbow (up-down); wrist (rotate); wrist (curl). A (silent) screw compressor is required to operate the robotic it is not included but can be added to your purchase. If you were to commission a figure of your own, it would take approximately 4-6 months and easily cost between $60,000.00 and $80,000.00. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, XXXXX XXXXXXX at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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