Angelmech Battle Cheerleader Cherry

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Part 1

Somewhere high above Earth

(A figure clad in a white robe completely concealing his features looks on as a prism no bigger than the size of a man's fist rises out of a pool of light. It stood there floating at least 10 feet above the pool.)

Figure: It is done.

(Sounds of a battle is heard nearby.)

Figure: Follow me to your new life on Earth.

(As if a command is spoken the prism followed the figure after it claimed some more of the light in which it came from. Then it followed the figure who now spronted wings.)

Figure: You have much to learn of Earth. Some of the knowledge was given when you were formed. But you lack experience. Down below are humans attempting to create artifical beings called robots or androids. In your case gynoid since you will have an appearance of a woman in her mid 20s. I have found one virteous soul with our assistance we will aid him in his just cause.

(The winged figure and the prism flew to Earth to the place called Michigan. From there he located a young man and his gynoid who will soon to be given life.)

Figure: We have found them.

(Dan was in his basement lab checking out all the gynoid sites some fictional and some real. Behind the 25 year-old man was a featureless being standing there unmoving.)

Dan: All I can write about is my dream woman. The perfect fighter, protector, lover and sage. I guess I am a fool....

(On his desktop computer was that of an anime woman with medium-length red hair and baby blue eyes. An athletic build and a near pale complexion. She wears a white cheerleading outfit. The background was that of a soccer field and some stands.)

Dan: Oh Cherry.....(looks back at the figure without form.)

?: You can make her real.

Dan: Wha? (bolts up out of his seat.)

(Dan sees an old man in a white robe if THAT wasn't odd the object floating next to him was.)

Dan: How did you get in here?! You better start talking or...

(The old man waved his hand in front of Dan and he stopped talking.)

?: Now then you can call me Al. My last name won't matter and I don't have much time left. If you want to know the story you'll have to talk to your dream woman. This prism before before will be the life your gynoid will need to live as it were. Now hold still...

(The small clear prism emits a beam of light at Dan and in a few minutes the prism seemed to nod.)

Dan: !

Al: You are unharmed the prism you see before you is called an embodyment crystal. The mind and soul of your dream woman is contained in this crystal once merged with your gynoid. Cherry will begin her existence. Oh I almost forgot both of you will be given Angel powers.

(Al waved his hand again)

Dan: Why me?

Al: Simply put you have the soul of a paladin something that no longer exists in this day and age. Time is short and Cherry must awaken soon.

(The prism lands in Dan's hand it felt warm to the touch.)

Al: Now place the prism above the gynoid's head and watch.

(Dan does what Al asked. The prism disappeared into the robot and a bright light fills the room as soon as it dimmed completely the featureless shell was gone in its place was a woman that matched the picture on the computer exactly right down to the white socks and shoes! As on impluse Dan kissed Cherry on the lips and her baby blue eyes fluttered open. She turned her head slightly and looked at the short dark haired man with brown eyes.)

?: Dan, I am here for you. Your wish has been granted.

Dan: Cherry?

Cherry: Yes my love I am here. Thank you for this shell and I am forever in your debt.

(Dan looked at Al as he smiled then it became serious.)

Al: I wished we met under different circumstances listen well to this tale for it will change your life forever.

(Dan, Cherry and Al went upstairs to the family room as Al told his fantastic tale of the battle in the heavens.)

To Be Continued

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