An Unexpected Offer

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An Unexpected Offer


I had just turned the key in the ignition to start the van and turned the heat up a notch as my cell phone rang. Looking at the caller identification and recognizing the office number I swore aloud, “Shit! what now?”

Thumbing the slide to answer, I sighed. “Yeah?”

“Mike, I know it’s late in the day, but we’ve got a hot emergency, an LP gas furnace with no heat that’s willing to pay extra along with a tip if you want to take it. You’re the closest one out that direction of the valley, so I wanted to offer it to you first. The customer lives out in Glenwood Estates, though, so about an hour drive for you. What do you say, you want to take it?” Asked the familiar feminine voice on the other end of the line.

I rubbed my chin and looked at the clock on the dashboard. It read 4:02 pm. Pondering and considering the extra cash it would mean for my paycheck, I made my decision and hoped I wouldn’t regret it later as I’d arrive there shortly before five, with no shop support, and it was the weekend. Meaning that if I couldn’t solve the problem, the customer would be cold for a few days.

“Sure! Send me the info, and I’ll take the call. You know Jen, you’re going to owe me for this. I expect next week to be a lighter load, please. I’m already over fifty hours this week. But I can always use the money.” I stated.

“I know, I know. You’re a lifesaver, Mike. I’ll send you her info and let her know you’ll be on your way.” Jen replied.

Within three minutes, Jen had sent over the client's address and information for one: Ms. Adalynn Ardent of GlennWood Estates. “That’s a ritzy high-class area for sure,” I said aloud to no one as I entered her phone number and hit send.

Chapter 1

Kneeling forward and watching the color and pattern of the flame as it came off the furnace burners, I wondered about the time now and how late it was getting to be. The day had already been a long one, and I felt fatigued, worn down, and wanted to be done with work, wanting to be home and sleep.

I was finishing this, the fifth and final heating service call of the day, and I was ready for my weekend to begin. Cold temperatures throughout the week had taken their toll on the many heating systems that hadn’t been regularly maintained, such as this one for Ms. Adalynn Ardent. At first, I regretted my decision to take this last call. But upon initially meeting her and seeing her, I was glad I had.

Watching the flame produced by the furnace burners, the color was a perfect light blue with the more delicate yellow tips at the end of them. The flames pulled into the heat exchanger of the furnace from the force of the exhaust assembly fan. I saw no dancing or erratic fluttering of the flames that could indicate a potential safety issue to the homeowner.

Squatting back on my heels, I reached for the furnace door that I had previously placed beside the unit and pulled it out. Glancing between my digital manometer display and the manufacturer’s BTU output specifications on the door, I saw that the system was operating just as it should be. Another repair and performance tune-up completed, and hopefully, another happy, satisfied client.

Standing up, I brushed the dust off my knees and thought about this new client. Her eyes had captured my attention the second she had opened the door. A beautiful crystal blue color. Captivating. Her face is perfectly framed by her shoulder length, wavy, sandy blonde hair. She stood about 5’7”, I’d guess, somewhere early to mid-thirties. Her long-sleeve, cream colored button-up blouse hugged and accentuated her curves, and she fit into her jeans all too perfectly.

Ms. Ardent had called into the office stating that her heating system wasn’t working and that the thermostat was reading a cool sixty degrees in the home with the system blower running constantly. She had also stated that she was willing to pay the extra overtime charge with a good tip if I could get to her today before 5:30 pm.

My initial examination of her furnace found the igniter had failed, and the flame sensor had a lot of carbon build-up on it, which could cause a loss in signal back to the equipment control board. The carbon causes the heating system to short cycle, shortening the life of the igniter component. It also appeared not to have been serviced in several years. After visiting with her about it and discussing the options for today's repair and a routine preventative maintenance program for her future benefit, she gave me the go-ahead to perform the necessary and recommended work.

Her home was unique, nestled in the upper country near the national forest boundaries in GlennWood Estates, nearly 40 miles from the city and inside a private gated community where there were probably no more than a dozen or so other custom-built monster homes. It had all the upscale furniture and finishes, open concept, and was bright and fresh. I couldn’t tell from our initial greeting and conversation if she was married or had a boyfriend, whether or not she had been born into her money, which she appeared to have plenty for where her home was. I hadn’t seen any other pictures or photographs besides those of just her and a few paintings. But she had money apparently, and it showed.

Being both licensed as a heating and air technician and a journeyman electrician, I had learned to be observant of my surroundings, to communicate openly, and to establish my rapport with the client. I always try to comment on a select few items in the home and the outside areas of the house. Commenting helps build a relationship of trust and show that I’m not just here to fix the problem and run, which helped set her at ease as I could sense some of her hesitations lessen the longer we conversed.

Having exited the mechanical room, I made my way back to the basement stairwell to head back upstairs to the thermostat and turn the system down so I could remove and disconnect my testing equipment.

Upon reaching the main floor landing and assuming Ms. Ardent was still in the back half of the house where she had previously said she would be, I turned towards the main hallway where the thermostat was.

“Ok, time to turn you back down before turning you back up,” I said softly to myself as I extended a hand out to make the necessary adjustments on the thermostat.

“Did you need something, Mike?” Ms. Ardent asked, surprising me as she poked her head out of a room near the end of the hallway, expressing something between a smile and a smirk as she asked her question. Her blonde hair falling just off her shoulders.

Jumping, I was startled due to her sudden and silent appearance and quickly turned towards her. “Oh! Ms. Ardent, you surprised me. Sorry, no, not yet. I’m just wrapping up. Your heat is back on though, and your furnace system is working great again. You should start to feel it warming back up within a few minutes. I will come to find you once I’ve packed my stuff up and written my notes.” I informed her.

With a nod, she tilted her head somewhat and replied. “Oh, that’s great. Yes, just ..” She paused. “..yes, come and find me once you’re ready.” She then disappeared back into the room as quickly as she had appeared.

I thought that I had barely whispered aloud as I wondered how she had heard me here in the hallway.

Fifteen minutes later as I wrote today’s date on the service sticker and stood back to give one last look at the equipment. “Done, let my weekend begin. Collect the check, say my goodbyes, and give Adalynn Adrent one more look for the ol’ memory.” I said aloud. I had to admit she was stunningly beautiful.

Having collected and packed my tools away in the van I returned to the hallway, turning the thermostat back up to a comfortable setting. I rechecked my work area for any items I could have forgotten and for proper cleanliness. All was in order. I made my way back upstairs and to the hallway. I called out to her. “Ms. Ardent?”

Silence filled the home. Cocking my head, I listened intently and still heard no reply.

Moving down the hall back towards the back rooms of the home, I called out yet again. “Ms. Ardent? I’m ready to go over the paperwork and today's service with you.”

Wondering if maybe she was occupied in the restroom, I continued to wait where I stood. After another few minutes of waiting and still not hearing the flush of a toilet or any noise whatsoever. I carefully stepped towards the room I had seen her pop out of earlier.

The door was open slightly, and peering through the opening, I could see an ornate wooden twelve-drawer dresser against the far wall with a few decorative items on top and a large flat-screen television above it. There was a light on in the adjoining bathroom to the left. I immediately supposed this to be the master bedroom. “Ms. Ardent? Adalynn?” Calling out again to her.

With no response at this point, a panicked thought crossed my mind, what if something had happened to her. I carefully pushed open the door to the bedroom and glanced around at all the visible areas. The room was in immaculate condition with no sign of her. The bed was made up nice and neat while a lamp atop the far night stand cast a warm glow over and around it. Turning my attention to the en-suite, I carefully walked over to the open doorway, mentally preparing for whatever I’d see, hoping that she hadn’t passed out or had a seizure and was now lying on the cold floor.

Whatever I had thought I’d find and or see was nothing compared to the scene that stood before me.

Adalynn was standing at the edge of the double vanity, looking in my direction, stock still along with her right hand extended out towards me, holding a piece of paper with what appeared to be a handwritten note. Her eyes were open, staring straight ahead, she had a gentle closed-lip smile, yet she stood stock still as if she were a statue or mannequin.

“Ms. Ardent? Adalynn?” I asked again with a concerned voice as I waved my hands in the air directly in front of her face. With no response from her, I sat my clipboard down on the edge of the vanity, carefully closed the distance between us, and with some hesitation I took the paper from her hand.

Looking down at the note, I began to read:

“Mike, I’ve probably freaked you out with my current appearance. Please don’t be afraid, please don’t run away, and I’ll explain everything.

In all outward appearances, I’m a vibrant, prosperous, healthy woman. Yet, in reality, I’m an advanced, sophisticated android. A machine that appears and feels human, and I am in need of your help.

A little over a year ago, my owner passed away in a tragic car accident. Since then, I have maintained this home, his property, myself, etc. He considered me not just property but also his wife and companion. However, due to particular time restrictions placed upon me because of what I am, I need to find a new owner—someone who will claim ownership over me, like a partner and friend.

From our few short minutes together and having done a quick background check on you. I find you an honest man, and I now ask for your help. Would you please be willing to be my new owner and friend?

Mike, I present you with two options. Behind my left ear, you will find a soft glowing blue LED beneath the surface of my skin, close to my hairline. Just press and hold it until you hear a click, and I will restart and ask you a few questions. After which, I can answer any additional questions that you may have. You’ll probably have quite a few if I had to guess.

I know this is sudden and unexpected. However, I’ve exhausted all my other options and avenues to remedy my predicament. The second option is to call the number on the back of my note here. Enter the twelve-digit number when prompted, and that’s it. You’ll find your payment check for today on the kitchen counter, along with a sizable tip. My manufacturer will send a team to collect me and take care of everything else.

I would hope that you’d choose the first option, but I will understand if you’re hesitant and decide this isn’t a good fit for you. Regardless, thank you for everything you’ve done, and I wish you well.


Chapter 2

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, I looked back up at her, taking a long, detailed look at her, letting what I had just read sink in. Adalynn was a machine? An android? Holy Fuck! And she was asking me to be her new owner?!

Androids were nothing new. Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence had exploded over the last few years. The Las Vegas area had actually opened up several brothels with celebrity and porn star look-a-likes using lifelike android technology recently. I had heard of a few big tech giants having even merged to combine their cybernetics and robotics companies.

I sat the note down and took a step closer to Adalynn. Leaning in close to her, I examined her eyes and then her face, tracing my fingers along her cheek. She didn’t blink or move, no apparent breathing, nothing. The blue of her eyes was strikingly real, but as I stared at them closer, I could see specific details, lines in the irises that weren’t quite human but not noticeable unless looking as closely as I was now.

Adalynn’s skin was perfect, with no blemishes or scars but just the right amount of natural golden skin tone, and she was warm to the touch. She wore just enough makeup to enhance her already natural beauty. I noticed the scent of her soft yet sweet perfume as I glanced down at her neck and towards the top of her breasts, looking down at her cleavage. I found no hint of seams or connection points on her body as I had seen in photos of other androids or compared to the time when I had once been to a robotic brothel.

I reached up and gently poked her right breast through the fabric of her blouse. She felt soft, real, and there was a slight jiggle as I retracted my finger, but still no reaction from Adalynn. “Damn.”

Stepping back, I shook my head. “What the hell am I doing?” I questioned myself. “Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”

I ran my hand through my hair as I thought about this for another moment. Could all this work in my favor? She wants me to be her new owner? Today’s doorstep fantasy could come true, and I might get to see what she looks like without clothes? But wait, I’m a gentleman too. I’m not like that. Reminding myself, just stop for a second and think think think, Mike.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped around Adalynn to her backside, then gently reaching up, I pulled her sandy blonde hair away from the left side of her head. It felt so natural in my hand, so life-like, so real. It was uncanny. The soft glow of the blue LED beneath her skin was right about midway up her ear, close to where the ear meets the skull. While holding her hair with one hand, I decided, hoping for the best, and pressed against the glowing blue area until I heard a click.

Adalynn’s head immediately slumped forward, which caused me to drop and release her hair, taking a step backward. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this point as I held my breath. Her head came back up, and I could tell that she was looking for something or someone as she turned her head slightly from right to left.

I silently watched as she then lowered her right hand, slowly turning around to face me.

“Mike.” She said with a breathy smile while eyeing me from head to toe. “Thank you for helping me and being willing to take that leap of faith and trust me.”

Her blue eyes again captured my attention as she focused on me. I cleared my throat, “Uhm . . you’re welcome, I guess. I had, I had no idea that .. you were..” I stuttered and paused.

“ .. an android?” Adalynn finished my sentence for me. I nodded, never breaking eye contact with her.

I realized that I was as nervous as a schoolboy asking a girl out on a date for the first time. I couldn’t think of anything else to say as I stared at her.

Adalynn reached out and gently took my hand. “You don’t need to be so nervous, Mike. I suppose you’d like a moment to sit down and collect your thoughts. Come here, there is a chair in the bedroom.” She said, giving my hand a soft squeeze.

“Yes, I think I could use that. The time and .. and the chair I mean. Thank you.” I answered and took a step forward feeling the warmth of her touch. Adalynn released my hand and turned, guiding me out into the bedroom and over to the chair near the window.

“I know this is a lot to take in, that you’re tired, hungry, and thirsty after such a long workday. Can I get you a bottle of cold water, or if you’d prefer a beer, I have that as well?” Adalynn asked sympathetically.

I shook my head and declined. “I’m alright for now Ms, Ardent.” I paused, looking at her eyes, trying to see any other hint of her artificialness. She was a woman, for heaven’s sake. I’d pegged her as flesh and blood. And now it turns out that she isn’t.

“So now what? What else do you need from me? does all this work now? Our relationship?” I asked, looking back up at her as I finally sat down in the chair.

“Please, Mike, call me Adalynn.” She said as she took a few steps back and sat down on the edge of the bed across from where I sat and laid her hands on the knees of her jeans.

She appeared to take a deep breath and straightened her posture before speaking again.

“Well, Mike, you, in choosing to press the button behind my ear, have initiated my new owner transfer protocols. That was the option I was hoping you’d choose.” She smiled. “I will ask you a few questions, and if you would just answer as best you can, that’s all there is to the transfer process aside from a final step later on.” She paused again, watching me as I raised an eyebrow, wondering what she meant.

“Once I’ve confirmed and recognized you as my new owner, I will be able to answer all of your remaining questions. Is that agreeable to you?”

My mind was still spinning somewhat, but I managed to nod and answer. “Yeah, sure.”

“If you need to take your time to answer the questions, that’s not a problem. Just don’t take too long, like 15 minutes too long.” Adalynn teased with a smile. “Just think of this as a personal questionnaire or technical application.” She added.

I let out a long sigh and smiled back. “Ok, go ahead. I’m ready I guess.” Watching Adalynn intently.

“Transfer protocol initiated,” Adalynn said flatly, blinking a few times before continuing. “Please state your full name and age, please.”

“My name is Michael J. Humphrey, age thirty-nine,” I replied.

“Please state your residence, with the city, state, and zip code, please,” Nicole asked the second question, again, in a monotone and emotionless manner.

“1228 Aspen Ridge Dr. Apartment #106 Vancouver, Washington 98661,” I answered.

“Address verified and confirmed.” Adalynn cocked her head slightly. “Do you wish to take ownership of Synth-Replica AI Technologies unit: 004WLSXC, serial number 00001SXP901, companion series android. Sub-series lover/housewife, also known as Adalynn Ardent, along with all available property and assets in association with said unit?”

I questioned what all the property and assets would be, but I figured I could ask that question soon enough. I’d also never heard of Synth-Replica AI Technologies either. “Yes,” I replied.

“Do you wish to adjust any current personality or characteristic settings?” She continued.

“Uh No.” I wasn’t sure I wanted anything to change just yet. Fuck, I didn’t even know what I could change if I wanted to.

“I can instruct you later on how and where you may make these adjustments should you choose to modify them. Adalynn stated before continuing.

“Do you wish to alter the sexual preferences or settings of this android at this time?”

“What?” I blurted out, not expecting that type of question.

“The current sexual preference of this android unit is heterosexual, with the scale set to moderate. Do you wish to alter the sexual preference of this unit at this time?” Adalynn explained and repeated the question.

I rubbed my chin and stared at her, it, her. “Uh .. no.” Geez, I hadn’t thought about the fact that she would be anatomically correct. But she had just stated that she was sexually active and had all the female working parts.

“A genetic fluid sample from you will be necessary within three days as the final step to completing the new owner transfer. All information will be electronically transferred and securely stored for legal purposes. Thank you, Michael.” She stated.

I watched Adalynn’s eyes flash a soft amber color and then return to her natural crystal blue. Her features softened, and she smiled again, taking a deep breath. She turned her head slightly as she sat on the edge of the bed, staring at me with those piercing blue eyes of hers.

“Your nervousness and apprehension appear to have diminished, Mike. Thank you so very much! I will answer any questions you may have now, and ... I am yours to command if you wish.” She said with some hesitation with the last few words.

Nodding again, I proceeded with the questions that formed first in my mind. “Why me and why now? I know that’s two questions, but those seem to be the most pertinent.” I asked.

“Let me answer those in reverse. The main reason, for now, is that I’ve run out of time. At midnight tomorrow, I would have shut down permanently without a new owner. I have attempted to locate and select a suitable new owner over the last few months. However, due to certain … restrictions and requirements, none of the men or women I interacted with over the last several months met that criteria. I was desperate and afraid I wouldn't succeed in time. Then the circumstance of the home heating situation arose. You satisfied …. my required criteria. Our conversation over the phone and upon meeting you face to face. Your overall attitude, focus and attention solidified my need to ask you, and I felt like you appreciated my feminine appearance.” She stated.

“Ok, fair enough, but appreciated is not the right word. I thought you were..” “Hot! Sexy!” Adalynn finished for me with a broad smile.

“Damn, girl!” I chuckled. “Yeah! How did you know I’d accept your offer?”

“I didn't, actually. I had only formulated a guess. Let me rephrase that. I had hoped that you would, as I said in my note, I found you to be honest as you explained the problem with the heating system, the repairs that it needed and the service you suggested. I could tell by your heart rate and vocal fluctuations, your eye movements, along with the soft background check I’d already accessed, that you weren’t trying to deceive me. I finally had .. some hope.” She explained.

I shifted to one side as I sat in the chair and watched Adalynn. She continued to make eye contact as we spoke, and I could sense her sincerity as she awaited my next question.

“Uh…What criteria did I meet that some of the others didn’t? I mean, how am I a better match for your requirements over them for what you needed?” I asked.

With a slight tilt of her head, she smiled before answering. “Several. You’re single and not in a relationship that I’m aware of. You matched my requirements for being in your thirties to early forties for age, you appear healthy and fit, and everything you told me earlier I believed was truthful. I surmised this based on your vocal patterns, eye contact, facial fluctuations, and thermal scans while we interacted earlier. You have no criminal record, an excellent and long-standing credit history, and an indication of sexual arousal on your part during our initial greeting at the doorstep. You’ve worked for your employer for the past ten years. You’re stable.” Adalynn explained. “All of the other people I had investigated had two or more areas that didn’t qualify or match closely enough.”

I nodded as I didn’t know what else to say now. I may even have blushed a little at her sexual assessment of me. “So .. .. essentially, I own you now?” I asked. “Yes.” “If I told you to stand up and twirl around and touch your nose, would you?” I asked sarcastically. “I would, yes,” Adalynn said with a slight chuckle and smile. “Any commands?” I asked. She rolled her eyes before answering. “Within reason, Mike, yes, but I won’t harm another human or android unless your life or my existence are at risk.” I nodded, of course, catching her meaning. “So you and I can or will be what exactly?”

Smiling, “We can be friends or really good friends with benefits, lovers, partners, co-habitants. How ever you wish our relationship to be or develop.” Adalynn stated, watching me closely, biting down on her bottom lip.

Clearing my throat I pressed on with my next question. Making a mental note that sex was definitely in the foreseeable future.

“And what are these other properties and assets exactly?” I continued. “Beginning immediately, I will start the online process of transferring the home, cars, physical assets, and bank accounts into your name. All legally and through proper channels, of course. Unless you prefer joint accounts with both of our names?” She paused, waiting for an answer. “Uhm.. however, or whatever you feel is best will work fine for me,” I stated bluntly. “My decision?” She asked with curiosity. “Is that a problem?” I wondered, leaning a little forward in the chair. “No, just unexpected. I’ll set the accounts up as joint accounts for us.” Adalynn gave me a nod, sounding more confident.

“All assets have a combined net worth of 3.3 million dollars. My husband, .. my previous owner, considered us married and had arranged our documents to indicate as such. He worked very hard to earn and obtain his wealth in technology, robotics, and coding. You could say that I am a result of some of that hard work, for which I will be forever grateful.” She stated as she interlaced her fingers on her lap. “I look forward to our blossoming relationship, Mike. This will be a new and exciting adventure for the both of us.”

Taking a deep breath, I ran my hands through my hair and then leaned forward, staring at the carpet as I gathered my thoughts. Adalynn graciously gave me this time to process all this new information as I sat there silently, churning it all over in my mind. “So you’re an android, and you’re rich. Your previous owner had a part in your creation, …. how many, …. I mean….are there many more like you?” I managed to ask, looking back up at her. “Thousands, Michael, I thought you’d know that,” Adalynn answered with a chuckle.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m sorry, that was too general of a question wasn’t it. Yes, I know that androids have been around for years now and that their realism has improved over the last several years. I once visited a tech brothel down in Vegas some time ago. Anyway…. what I meant was you. I’ve never known of an independent android being able to provide for itself and live as you do. You .. you’re different. You fooled me for sure. Your realism is far above any android I’ve ever encountered or read a description describing. I thought you were flesh and blood by all appearances and our conversations. How many more like you are there? Of your model and type?” Adalynn seemed to straighten her posture slightly as she looked at me. “Like me? Probably a hundred or more. Being more specific to me directly, my model, design, and configuration. There are two identical replacement units in the basement service, repair, and programming room of this home.” She stated.

“What?!” I yelled, sitting bolt upright. Adalynn stood up and took a step toward me. “In the event of an emergency, such as an accident, or a catastrophic malfunction. My previous owner took certain measures to ensure that he would always have me, that I would be here for him, and that I would be properly maintained and provided for overtime. I download a backup file routinely every night to a secure server to assist in this, should that need ever arise. If the download process is missed twice consecutively, then a replacement body is fully charged and powered up, the last available backup is uploaded into the unit, and the replacement Adalynn, me, is hopefully able to fill in the blanks, so to say.” She said, extending her hand out to me. I nodded and only said, “Oh.” I looked at her hand and then back to her, then back at her hand. “Come with me, please.” She asked. I took hold of her hand, feeling its warmth, and stood up. She gave my hand a gentle squeeze, then turned and slowly pulled me up out of the chair and out of the room. I watched her hair bounce and sway as she led me back down the hall, the soft scent of her perfume awakening my senses. She walked effortlessly as she towed me along behind her. “Where are we going?” I asked. Without a word from her, we rounded the corner into the kitchen. I saw the service payment check she had prepared on the kitchen island, recalling back to her note, and had I chosen to leave otherwise and collect the payment, it was here on the counter for me.

Chapter 3

Adalynn released my hand, stepped away, reached up opening a cabinet door near the kitchen sink. Several full bottles of various liquors and glasses sat neatly organized on the shelves. She grabbed a shot glass and a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and turned to face me. “You look like you could use this.” She said as she proceeded to open the bottle and pour me a shot, then handed me the glass. “Yeah. I might need more than one before we’re all done.” I said, taking it from her and bringing the warm liquid to my lips, savoring the flavor before letting it slide down my throat and feeling the burn. I sat the glass down softly, licked my lips and looked at Adalynn with a smile. “Thanks.” I paused, formulating my next question. “Alright, … how is it that you’re such an independent android? You’ve evidently thought all this out, planned, and prepared for it somewhat. You’re not following a generic housewife-type script or any script that I’m familiar with.” I said.

She smiled back, reached up and undid the top button of her blouse, then placed her hands down on the counter beside each hip and leaned slightly forward. “As I said earlier, I’m an advanced android. It’s how I was designed, coded, and programmed to act. Human-like in every aspect, Mike. My previous owner took certain liberties modifying areas of my personality and character coding so I would be as close to real as humanly possible, and you’re correct. I’m not following a script or outline of programming for what I have to do or say. I can think and choose for myself. I’m an self aware A.I. that will learn, can study, adapt, and adjust to situations and events. Like you, Mike, I have algorithms that simulate wants and desires, and emotions. You might say I’m as conscious as you are. You did say I fooled even you, didn’t you?”

Nodding, I answered Adalynn. “Yes, yes, you most certainly did.” Pausing, I swallowed the lump in my throat while glancing at her exposed cleavage. “So essentially, you’ve been programmed to be proactive?” “Yes, that’s one way to see it. May I ask you a few questions now?” Adalynn asked softly. “Sure,” I said, reaching for the bottle and deciding to pour myself another shot of whiskey. “I’m going to assume it’s alright for me to have another, and …. I’m also going to assume you will be expecting something from me very soon.” Giving Adalynn a wink.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Biological?” I asked.

“You’re perceptive.” Adalynn chuckled. Again looking me over from head to toe.

“Of a skin-to-skin type activity?” I teased.

“Are you avoiding my questions now?” She asked, rolling her eyes.

I raised a finger. “That was your first question, and no. I am not.” I said coyly.

“Hmm. Ok then. I know you’re not married from the background check I acquired, as well as you have no mark on your finger. Am I wrong to assume that you have no current girlfriend and that you’re not currently in a relationship of any kind?” Adalynn inquired.

I shook my head, then zeroed in on her unbuttoned top and the exposed crease at the top of her cleavage. “No. No steady relationships. My last girlfriend was a little needy and felt I wasn’t giving her enough time. My job requires a lot of my time, unfortunately, so we broke up and that was a while back. That’s the short answer.” I said, feeling an initial stir of blood in my groin.

Adalynn winked at me and then slowly licked her lips. “Age thirty-nine, not married, no girlfriends, and you like to give short, direct answers. You’re mechanically talented as well as a fully licensed heating and air serviceman and a journeyman electrician.” She paused. Her left hand moving to her top again, undoing the last two buttons and pulling aside the fabric to reveal more of her breasts, bra, and skin. “Smart and intelligent. Any hobbies or interests you’d like to tell me about?”

I knew where this was going. Adalynn had a dry sense of humor, and by offering me a drink, she now had me, and she was mine now, too, I guess. The whiskey was helping to calm my nerves. “Uhm, camping has always been enjoyable, the outdoors and nature. I like fishing, shooting guns at the range, and reading a good novel now and then. I feel I am pretty smart and good at problem-solving obviously. The occasional reality tv show sometimes helps to distract me when needed. I get a good laugh from watching stupid people too. There’s always staring at beautiful women, of course, and now a new interest in an adorable blonde robot girl I recently met.” I said as I held the shot glass out towards her.

Adalynn grabbed the glass, gave me a more serious look, then poured herself a drink and quickly swallowed it. She took a step back, straightened her posture, and placed both hands on her hips. “A blonde robot girl, huh?” She paused, staring at me. “Really? The camping, fishing, guns, and beautiful women I can understand, and I hope I can look forward to some of those activities with you. But tell me more, who’s this … robot girl … you’ve got a new interest in?” Adalynn teased me with a tilt of her head, clasping her hands below her waist and squeezing her breasts out between her arms, elbows locked. Her nipples hardening beneath the fabric of her shirt, pushing forward.

More blood flowed to my growing erection as I took her all in. She stood there awaiting my answer with a cocky grin. “Ms. Ardent.” I started.

“It’s Adalynn!” She corrected me sternly.

“My apologies, Adalynn. It’s just that..” I trailed off.

She gave me a confused look. “What do you mean?”

Slowly stepping closer to her and closing the gap between us, “It’s been a very, very long work week for me, not to mention today's busy and hectic schedule and the events here with you this evening.” I reached up, grabbing her arms just below her shoulders, pulling her in towards me. “I admired you from the moment I first laid eyes on you. Classy, sexy, your clothes, your poise and posture, those sorts of things. Then to find out that you’re not real, not human, and you ask me for this long-term, possibly lifelong favor to be your owner.” I paused.

“Not a favor, that’s the wrong word, a relationship. It’s a lot to absorb and process. As an automaton or A.I., android, robot girl, fembot, however, you want me to describe you. All I know now, and … all I can reasonably think of …” I paused, leaning closer to her.

“Yes?” Adalynn whispered. She was staring at me intently with her striking blue eyes. Her chest began to heave as she simulated a more rapid breathing pattern.

I blinked twice and took a deep breath. “All I can think of right now is getting you undressed and out of your clothes and what it will be like to fuck you! You! You are my blonde robot girl!” I said rather hoarsely.

Adalynn stepped in and pushed her chest hard against me, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling herself even closer to me. “Well, this little robot girl says yes! You should fuck me. Oh, how I need you to fuck me right now. It’s been so long since I was last intimate and had sex. I am forever indebted to you, Michael, so take me wherever or however you wish. I want to feel you in me.” She whispered, then kissed me hard and passionately.

I returned her kiss fourfold, gripping her shoulders tightly as both our tongues explored one another's mouths. Adalynn walked me back against the counter, then reached up with both hands running her fingers through my hair. God, this moment felt terrific!

We continued our kissing for several minutes, the two of us expelling moans of pleasure and excitement as we both groped and explored each other’s bodies.

Adalynn’s right hand stopped directly over my hardening bulge and pressed in hard against it through the fabric of my jeans. I flexed my throbbing muscle that longed to be free and erect as her left hand moved to the buckle of my belt.

“I can hardly restrain myself, Mike. You’ve got a rather large bulge here. May I see it and hold it? Please, please? .. Master?” She pleaded softly, breaking from our kiss, pausing after each question while looking directly at me.

I threw my head back in surprise and smiled. “Master??!! God yes, release my cock and suck on it, baby!”

Adalynn’s smile widened as she leaned in and gave me another passionate kiss while her hands worked to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants quickly.

She broke our kiss and then pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles as she knelt before me. My cock sprang to attention as its entire length was finally exposed to the cool kitchen air. Adalynn’s hands remained gently at my ankles as she stared at my now throbbing cock. She slowly licked her lips and then looked up at me longingly through the strands of her golden hair.

“You’re bigger than I had anticipated and so very hard already.” She cooed.

With her left hand, she slowly slid her fingertips along the inside of my right thigh until she gently and carefully cupped my balls.

I arched my back and pushed my hips out towards Adalynn. “Sweet Jesus! You’re a tease!”

“Mmmmm I am going to give you pleasure like no one else ever has. Not even a whore house sex droid is as comparable to what I can do to you to make you feel so good.” She replied, then tossed her head, moving most of her hair to one side.

Leaning in, she moved her left hand upward and gently gripped the base of my cock. Sticking her tongue out, she cocked her head and slowly licked upward from my base along its length up to my tip while watching for my reaction.

I couldn’t help but flex and stiffen my rod, and as I did, she increased her grip ever so slightly. She closed her eyes and swirled the tip of her tongue over the top of my dick. Fighting the urge to reach out and grab her head with my hands and shove her mouth onto my cock, I gripped the edge of the countertop as tightly as I could while she went down on me.

My mind began to race, replaying the last few hours' events. My phone call and conversation with Adalynn, the very first time hearing the sound of her voice. Adalynn’s eyes as she greeted me at the door and how I looked at her. Her warm smile as she invited me inside and the firmness of her handshake as I introduced myself. The sweet soft smell of her perfume as I passed her in the doorway and when I found her later in the bathroom waiting for me. Her posture and focus resonated with her confidence. I also recalled how a random stray thought made me curious about her naked body, what she looked like, and then finding out that she was a machine, an android designed, built, and constructed like none other I’d ever encountered. Adalynn was mine now, she had asked me to help her, and she was paying me back for my kindness with pleasure. Oh, God! Was she ever pleasing me?

Adalynn’s left hand had slowly moved up to my lower abdomen, beneath my shirt, while her right maintained a firm grip on my ever-hardening erection as her tongue continued to lick and swirl along its throbbing length. The feelings and sensations of raw sexual urge coursed through my body and rock hard dick. Adalynn took my tip in her mouth again, holding it there, then slowly slid down its entire length, deep throating me. There was no gagging or hesitation as she took me whole, but the feeling and sensation of her ministrations was nearly overwhelming.

“Oh fuck me! Fuck, you’re amazing!” I cried out.

Adalynn’s bobbing stopped as she looked up at me. Then sliding off with a loud pop and blowing a kiss to my cock tip. “Do you want me to stop? I’d be more than happy to help you strip down and let you fuck me.” She cooed.

I shook my head frantically in objection. “No! No! I mean, God, no, don’t stop the blow job. I do .. oh I do wanna fuck you, but hell … this feels amazing … you feel so good, and it’s been so long since I’ve felt this good or been with a woman.” I cried. Then reaching out, I gently caressed her head, running my fingers through her soft hair.

She reached up, grabbed my hands and placed them on each of her cheeks, and held them there, allowing me to cradle her face.

“Oh baby, I want to please you and make you feel all the pleasure you can. I can hardly wait to feel you deep inside me, filling me with your throbbing cock.” Adalynn said as she let go with her right hand and then slid it along the underside of my stiff shaft.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes and move into the living room where we can more fully enjoy each other,” Adalynn said as she helped me out of my pants and underwear, having removed my shoes one at a time.

Standing up, she proceeded to unbutton and remove my shirt while gently swaying and rubbing her abdomen against the tip of my cock, keeping it continuously hard.

Once I had removed my shirt, I grabbed Adalynn by the waist, pulling her close and kissing her hard. I spun us around and pushed her back against the counter while kissing her. I reached up and tore at the buttons of her blouse as I hurriedly attempted to remove it. Similarly, Adalynn reached for the button on her jeans and began to push them down and off, kicking her shoes off wildly against the far corner of the room.

“Oh, Michael!” Adalynn cried out. Stepping back, I took another look at her as she stood there and kicked off her jeans and panties, now in nothing but her bra. She was perfect, absolutely perfect in my eyes. I traced every inch of her beautiful naked body.

My cock straightened and stiffened all the more at the sight of her. “I can’t believe that you’re not human, that you’re not a flesh and blood woman standing here in front of me. You’re so totally fucking hot and sexy.” I stated.

Adalynn blushed ever so slightly as she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. “I know, right!” She said, still teasing. Then letting it drop, Adalynn did a slight twist and rocking of her chest, allowing her tits to bounce and sway freely, teasing me even more, her nipples firm and pointing out.

“I am a perfectly designed and engineered android woman. I am a perfect emulation of the human female form. Try not to think of me like I’m a machine for I am warm, soft, and very wet in my pussy. I am all yours, Michael. I can be your girlfriend, lover, or wife, if you so desire, or a life-long companion. Please, don’t think of me as a machine. I am so much more than that as I’ve already mentioned.” Adalynn stated.

After having said that, she stepped forward and reached for my hand, and pulled me in close to her. Our bodies collided, her breasts pushing hard against me. My throbbing cock pushed out hard against her lower abdomen.

We locked eyes, and then Adalynn kissed me passionately. Her tongue slid into my mouth and swirled about and over mine. The taste of her lips and tongue was sweet, echoing the whiskey we both had just downed. Her other hand wrapped around my lower back just above my ass cheeks. She was pulling me hard against her. She wasn’t a machine at this moment. She was very much a grown woman in the throes of sexual heat and passion.

I let a moan escape, “mmmm.” as I suddenly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to hold back from taking and having my way with her much longer. I told myself to forget the blowjob and to just take her now before this amazing dream ended.

I pushed my tongue deeper into her mouth, and both our tongues began swirling over and around each other rapidly, feeling the warmth and relishing in Adalynn’s sweetness. After several more seconds of our kissing, she broke and pushed away, panting breathlessly.

“Michael?? I need you! I’m burning up inside. I’m conflicted between finishing your blow job, sucking on your hard cock and having you cum in my mouth, or begging you to fuck me here, in the kitchen, and having you exploding deep inside my hot, wet synthetic pussy! Please, please, choose for me, Michael. I can’t wait any longer!” Adalynn pleaded.

I slowly reached up and took hold of her shoulders. My breathing was quick and shallow, my heart pounding in my chest. My mind raced wildly, the whiskey certainly having taken some effect, trying to decide and give Adalynn her answer quickly. My mind locked on what I wanted, what I needed, what she needed.

Pushing her back and away, I looked down at my throbbing cock, then back up and into her pleading eyes.

“You! I want you! But you’ll certainly have to finish sucking my cock later. I am going to fuck you here and now! Hard and fast from behind! No apologies for how rough I may be to you!” I said rather gruffly.

“Yes.” Adalynn whimpered submissively, then, grabbing onto her shoulders, I spun her and me both around and bent her over the island. Instinctively she spread her legs apart and braced her arms out, with her elbows on the countertop. Her hair draped over her head. “YES!! Fuck me, Mike, hard! From behind! Let me feel you inside of me! Please, take me now!” Adalynn whimpered.

With one hand, I reached forward, grabbing her ass cheek, and then using my thumb, I stretched it to the side, exposing her glistening folds and hole.

With the other, I took hold of my hard cock and pointed it downward, aiming at her entrance and stepping forward. Letting animalistic instinct take over, I leaned forward and pushed myself hard into her pussy.

“Ohhh, MIKE!! YES! Fuck Me!! .. Yes, Yes, Yes!! Ohhh Fuck me.. fuck my pussy good and hard!!” Adalynn screamed. She was thrashing her head back to look up at the ceiling. Her hole was slick and wet as I easily penetrated her and slammed in with my full length and weight. Her body tensed, and her arms braced as I pushed hard against her.

I quickly began a rapid pistoning rhythm, shoving my cock back and forth, pressing in hard against her ass cheeks, and then back away. Over and over. I was slamming my balls up against her ass, relishing in the sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock.

“Uhh .. uh .. oh .. yes .. fuck me .. fuck me, Mike, just like that .. oh fuck .. yes .. oh, yes .. oh, yes, you feel so good. You cock feels so good inside of me. Oh fuck .. fuck .. fuck me, Michael!” She moaned with each hard thrust inward.

“You like this? Is this hard enough for you?!” I grunted after a hard thrust.

Adalynn’s body shook each time I rammed into her as she continued to thrash and loll her head from side to side. I noticed her hands as her fingers stretched out across the countertop with each pulse of my cock. Her body was luscious, her curves and contours. The color, tone and soft realism of her skin.

“Oh yes! .. Uhm, oh yes! .. You’re so good .. so fucking good .. it feels .. so good .. so good! .. Fuck me .. oh, oh .. you’re so big .. Uhm yeah .. filling up my pussy .. I .. I feel my pussy around .. Uhm .. around your hard cock .. oh fuck me .. just like that .. fuck yeah .. so good. Keep .. keep ramming me .. uuhhnn .. you’re so fucking hard.” She continued to cry out.

I continued to thrust as hard as I could inside her now-soaked pussy. One hand holding onto her hip, the other I used to slap her ass slowly.

She must have been nearing her programmed orgasm as I suddenly felt her synthetic muscles constrict and tighten around my cock.

“PLEASE!!!! OHH FUUCCKK MMMEEE!! .. OHH .. I’M .. I’M CUMMING .. IIIEEEEHHH!!! … HARDER!! OOHH FUCK ME HARDER, MIKE!! OHH, IT’S BEEN … AAHHH!! … IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE … UHHH … SINCE I LAST ORGASMED! … OHH FUCK!!” She screamed while also pounding her fists repeatedly on the counter. “HARDER, MICHAEL!! Fuck me harder! Cum in me, cum inside me, please, please, please cum inside my pussy, please!” She cried out as her body convulsed and shook with a powerful orgasm.

Between her begging and her fantastic orgasm that continued to ebb, I, too, finally exploded and reached my climax. Thrusting wildly, I grabbed hold of her hips and pushed as far inside of her as I could. Each pulse of my cock sought to be further and further up inside of her as I experienced my own wave of euphoric pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhh FUCK ME!! … Whooooo!.. fuck .. Fuck .. FUCK!! .. OH YEAH!!” I yelled to match her volume as I released my load of hot semen deep inside her.

Adalynn’s synthetic muscles clenched and released repeatedly around my cock as I spasmed inside her, spewing my cum within her walls. The feeling was euphoric and unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Leaning over, I reached around her and grabbed hold of her perfect breasts, pulling her up and away from the countertop. Squeezing and kneading her supple globes in my hands, rubbing her stiff nipples between my fingers, as I continued to push in and out of her pussy as hard as I could. Not wanting to lose the hardness of my cock, and feeling the warmth of her body against mine, relishing in every grunt and moan that escaped her mouth.

“Uh .. Uhm .. mmm .. yes .. yes .. ohh fuck .. fuck me, you’re so fucking good .. ohh, Michael th..that was so won..wonderful.” Adalynn moaned in delight, slightly stuttering.

Her pussy muscles constricted once more around my shaft, tighter than they had before. Adalynn leaned slightly more forward while I held and squeezed at her tits. Her whole body began to convulse and suddenly shake as another intense orgasm pulsed through her body.

“Ahhhh .. aaahhhh .. again .. again, again .. FUCK !FUCK!! .. AGAIN .. aaahhhh…I’M CUMMING AGAINNNN!!! OHH SHIT SHIT..AAHH .. AAAHHH!! She cried.

I held her tight and close as her body rocked again with another powerful orgasm, my cock firmly penetrating within the walls of her now soaked hole, massaged by her flexing muscles. I could feel her warm wet cum wash over my cock as she flayed her head forward, then side to side wildly.

Suddenly, “DNA accepted, trans .. transmitting,” Adalynn said flatly and uncharacteristically. “Oh, oh no, .. fuck me .. wh..what?! Error…I can’t .. can’t stop!” She said abruptly in a broken digitized voice.

Then without warning, everything suddenly ceased. Adalynn’s orgasm, the shuddering of her body, the flailing, everything, and then Adalynn completely froze up.

“Error. Buffer overload. Error.” Adalynn said flatly.

Chapter 4

I gave a hard squeeze to each of her breasts and a deep thrust of my cock, each with no response or reaction from Adalynn.

“What the fuck?” I said aloud, letting go of my hold on Adalynn and sliding out of her dripping pussy as she stood stock still, slightly bent forward.

I was surprised that she maintained her balance in her slightly bent-over posture. Shoulders forward with her knees bent slightly, her ass towards me, her back arched. Tiny beads of sweat glistened along her spine. It was as though she were a mannequin in an old department store, the way she just stood there.

“Error. Buffer overload. Error.” She stated once more.

I stepped back against the opposite counter, staring at her now statuesque form. I was both bewildered and confused at what had just occurred.

Minutes passed while all I could focus on was staring at her naked and motionless body. A third time she repeated her flat phrase, “Error. Buffer overload. Error.”

The room's silence was broken as the soft hum of the refrigerator compressor kicked on, starting its cooling cycle, freeing me of my stupor.

I shook my head to clear my fog, reached over and grabbed the whiskey bottle and glass, and poured myself a shot. I downed it quickly and cleared my throat. “Now, what the fuck am I supposed to do with you? And if you’re such a damned state-of-the-art electronic, what the hell just happened?” I said aloud to no one but myself. “Shit!”

I looked about the room and centered my gaze upon the sink and the towel that sat upon the counter next to it. Walking over, I turned the water on, waited for it to warm, then rinsed my hands and wet the end of the towel. Wringing it out, I looked down as I wiped my dick clean of her artificial juices and the drying cum of Adalynn’s androids pussy.

“Error. Buffer overload. Error.” She droned on once more.

I tossed the towel back onto the counter and turned to face her again. “Surreal.”

The thought occurred to me, her button behind her ear. Could that work to reset her? Maybe she wasn’t as broken as I possibly had feared. I carefully walked over to her left side and gently pulled her hair back away from her ear. There was still the same soft blue glow from under her skin.

Pressing firmly and feeling the click, I held it for a few seconds, then pulled my hand back away to watch and wait.

After about ten seconds, there was movement. Adalynn stood straight up, bringing her legs together and her hands and arms to her side.

“Manual reboot initiated. Please wait.”

I let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I’d been holding and relaxed somewhat again.

“Synth-Replica unit 006WLSXC, serial number 00001SXP901 Model: Adalynn, series: wife-lover companion .. Rebooting. Please wait.” She stated flatly.

After another few seconds, her head turned to the left and then to the right and then back straight forward. She blinked a few times before speaking again.

“A critical conflicting program error has occurred, and a malfunction occurred with an immediate stop resulting. This error has been logged and will be corrected to avoid future inconvenience. Do you wish for this unit to resume all personality profiles and normal functions at this time, Michael?” She continued, turning her head towards me eerily.

Letting out a gasp and coughing, I replied. “Uhm yeah, yes, please.”

“Do you wish to resume the previous sexual engagement?” She asked flatly.

“Hell no!” I exclaimed rather suddenly.

Adalynn’s head snapped back to looking straight ahead. “Acknowledged. Completing restart.”

Staring at her, I noticed her appear to take a breath in, and her stance relaxed as she stood up and straightened. Adalynn’s facial expression changed to one of confusion. Her nipples on her tits had been pointy and rockhard previously from our intense sexual activity, they immediately softened to nubs, and her breasts seemed to relax in shape and form slightly. Her breathing returned to normal. She blinked several times before finally turning towards me.

“Mike! Oh shit, Mike, I am so, so sorry about what just happened. Are you alright?” Adalynn asked sincerely.

By this point, I was feeling a weird wave of exhaustion, somewhat spent and also a little buzzed. But also alert enough to be somewhat cautious so I was hesitant. “I don’t know. I’m not sure. What about you? What the hell just happened to you?” I asked, confused about everything right now.

Adalynn’s face changed to one of concern. “Ohh…I didn’t hurt you, did I? I experienced a malfunction. But I am good now. It won’t happen again, and thank you for restarting my systems. By the way, I would have been stuck there for a while.” She replied. “Wow! That was so fucking amazing! You were amazing!” She started looking at me somewhat longingly as if nothing had happened.

Rubbing my eyes and taking a moment to think, I answered her back. “No, no, you didn’t hurt me. I was confused about what had happened. You just .. stopped completely and then kept repeating something about an error and a buffer overload. It freaked me out. You had orgasmed again quickly, and I followed suit immediately after, then .. poof!.”

Adalynn’s eyes quickly looked me over, and then she glanced around the room as if thinking. “Uhm yeah, I’m still trying to sort it all out.” She turned back to face me. “I experienced a sensory overload which combined with a time-sensitive directive. I can explain it more fully if you’d like me to, or..” She paused, “..we can pick up where we left off and go to the bedroom.” Adalynn watched me, waiting for my response. I just stood there with a flood of emotions and thoughts running through my head. I was wary of any further contact with her for the time being. “Or, if you’d like me to fix you a meal, I could do that too. It’s certainly past a good mealtime for you, I’m sure.” She paused, watching me, waiting. I said nothing and continued to stare at her. Trying to decide for myself what exactly I needed or wanted at this point. I was exhausted, somewhat aroused and buzzed.

“Would you rather get dressed, perhaps just talk for a bit .. in the living room?” Another pause while I just stared at her. I must have looked confused because her expression changed to one of confusion as well.

“Do .. Do you wish to leave Mike? .. Michael? What .. What can I do to help? Anything? Please tell me.” She again paused, waiting for some answer or indication that I was alright. “Please say something.”

Adalynn’s expression changed again to a mix of confusion and sadness. So much that she folded her arms, covering her breasts, and looked downward, almost ashamed or embarrassed.

Finally, taking a deep breath and sorting out my thoughts, I responded to her questioning.

“Uhh .. Adalynn, I’m sorry,” I shook my head, pausing again. “This .. all of this is a lot to take in,” I said, gesturing with my hands. “You, your offer, and that.. that amazing sex, this house, your ownership, you malfunctioning, God, I really want another shot of whiskey, but I know better.” I paused again, running my hands through my hair as Adalynn stood there, patiently.

“You .. you wh .. went from being normal and erotic and fucking hot and sexy nothing. It really kind of freaked me out. So … uhm yeah, I’m hungry and exhausted. Fix me up something to eat if you would please, and I .. I think I’m going to use your shower now, to take a very long hot shower, because I am in ‘No!’ shape to drive back home tonight.” I paused as I stared at her, her face, hips, and legs. “Fucking you was amazing, though, Adalynn! So .. yes, please give me some time, and by then my head will have cleared some, and I’ll have sorted most of this shit out. At least I hope to clear and refresh my head.” I said, as I started to head out of the room.

I immediately stopped, turned, and looked at Adalynn, and the look of shock on her face was evident. I quickly stepped back over to her and gently reached up and touched her cheek with the backside of my hand. “Adalynn, I’m still here. Please give me some time to sort my feelings and figure things out. I didn’t ask to leave, so I’m still here. That should count for something.”

She smiled softly, not moving. “Take all the time you need, and I’ll have a meal ready for you when you’ve done showering.”

I smiled at her back, turned, and left the kitchen, heading down the hall towards the bedroom.

Chapter 5

I opened my eyes and stared at the white marble floor of the shower. The noise of the water was relaxing, echoing off the walls, as was the temperature of the hot water. My head rested on my right forearm as I leaned against the wall, feeling the hot droplets run down my backside.

After having lathered up and rinsed off, I adjusted the shower head and just stood there under it for who knows how long. I leaned forward against the wall with my eyes closed for several minutes, reveling in the calm of the shower. Not thinking about anything.

It is amazing what a long hot shower can do for you, how it re-awakens your mind and refreshes you. At first, I hadn’t given any thought to Adalynn or my present situation. Just my immediate need to have time for myself. But as I relaxed and reflected upon the last several days, work, and people I’d met and interacted with, Adalynn crept back to the forefront of my thoughts.

So she had a glitch, a malfunction, ok. It caught me off guard, and I freaked out about it. Those things aren’t uncommon with electronic devices and appliances. Although she was a type of artificial intelligence, what did I know about her internal workings or operation? Heck! For that matter, sometimes electronics in heating and air equipment can also be temperamental. The wrong voltage will affect its operations, ambient temperatures, and such. Sudden vigorous use after a prolonged period of inactivity can cause erratic behavior. When you consider cell phones or electric cars, most things these days aren’t 100% problem-free after a specific duration of time. So … why was I so freaked out over it? Over it happening to her?

I stood there in the shower, watching the water bead off my chin and body, calming my mind and just breathing. I had a sudden yet fleeting thought, Adalynn is real, and yet she isn’t. That’s why I panicked when she malfunctioned, my brain couldn’t accept the fact that she wasn’t a real person even though we performed a very human and intimate act.

While I thought things through, I accepted the fact that I’d be staying here through the weekend, get to know the place and familiarize myself with the layout, get to know Adalynn a lot more, and find out just how much money is in this ownership deal for me. After all, that few minutes of heated sex in the kitchen was really, really good, regardless of her error, I could use more of that, and I realized that I could be more prepared for any possible future errors.

Having turned off the water and stepping out of the shower, I noticed a pair of sweats, a t-shirt, and a towel on the vanity counter that hadn’t been there when I entered. Adalynn was also apparently very stealthy, or I was so focused entirely on myself that I hadn’t noticed her entering.

Providing me with clothes was unexpected, yet something so kind and human-like, yet she had done it nonetheless and said nothing. Adalynn respected my space and privacy. She was very different from any woman I’d known previously in this regard, classy, very classy, attentive, respectful as well as being perceptive to my needs.

Once I had dried off and dressed, and taking one more look in the mirror before exiting the bathroom. “Me? Do I get all this? I get her?” I asked silently, amazed. Looking down at Adalynn’s note on the vanity, my eyes stopped and focused on her last sentence. “I find you to be an honest man, and I am asking for your help. Will you be my new owner and friend?” Glancing back at my reflection, I stared back at myself. “Yeah, I am a good man, at least I have tried to be since I was a youth. I can do this. I can.” I said aloud.

As I slowly walked back down the hallway towards the kitchen, I could smell the aroma of eggs and toast. Rounding the corner, I stopped and paused. Adalynn had set a single plate setting at the bar. A full glass of orange juice and a cup of steaming coffee accompanied the plate of scrambled eggs and toast. Off to the side were a plate of butter and a jar of strawberry or raspberry jam. Our clothes discarded on the floor in our rush to have sex earlier were now nowhere to be visibly found. Adalynn was at the sink with her back to me, rinsing some dishes. She wore only her shirt, which covered half her ass. I ran my eyes down her slender legs and back up again to the curves of her cheeks.

I cleared my throat and sat myself down at the island.

Adalynn shut the water off, dried her hands, and turned to face me. “It’s not much, but it’s hot. I wasn’t sure which you’d like to drink. If you’d rather have something else, water or even whiskey, I’d be happy to get it. The kitchen isn’t fully stocked yet, as I haven’t needed it.” She said with a gentle smile.

My gaze went immediately from her face to her mostly unbuttoned blouse and the curves of her breasts. I probably spent too many seconds admiring them before I answered. “No, no, this is wonderful. Thank you. It smells amazing, and simple is good enough for me.” I replied, smiling back. “Oh, and thank you for the sweats and shirt,” I told her as I picked up the fork, feeling ashamed for having stared at her for so long.

“You’re welcome, and they belonged to my previous owner. I kept several items of clothing in the event that I might need them. Oh, can I ask which you prefer? Mike or Michael? I’ve been using both, and you haven’t seemed to mind. But I would like to know which you’d prefer.” She asked, a little more reserved.

“Mike is just fine. Thank you, Adalynn, for asking.” I replied, taking a large bite of eggs and watching her out of the corner of my eye.

“Mike. Alright, Mike.” Adalynn chuckled, then sat down beside me and placed an elbow on the counter, propping her head with her right hand, and quietly watched me eat.

She said nothing and did not move while I ate. It was somewhat flattering just to have her sit there and watch me, bite after bite. Sweet and flattering. I downed the orange juice and moved on to the coffee. Once I was finished and wiped at the corners of my mouth with a napkin, I swiveled my stool to face her.

“Thank you for the eggs and toast. I was quite hungry, more so than I thought.” I complimented her, letting my eyes quickly gaze over her again, from her head to her belly and back up again.

With a smile and glistening eyes, she finally spoke. “You’re very welcome. I knew you must be hungry after your long day. And thank you for being patient with me through these last few hours.” She softly said, placing her hand over mine.

I looked down at our hands, and I placed my other hand over hers and gave it a squeeze, then looked back up at her. “So…what’s next?” I asked.

Adalynn smiled. “Next? Whatever you’d like, Mike. If you want to relax, talk, ask me more questions, maybe… a little more…you know.” She teased as her eyes wandered over my chest.

I was frowning ever so slightly. “Uhm, I may have come across a little rude and gruff after your error episode. I mean to say, we went from full-on hot and heavy to a dead stop, and my reaction probably wasn’t what you had expected.” I paused.

“I’ll admit that it wasn’t, but I don’t blame you either. I was only aware of the forthcoming issue milliseconds before it occurred.” Adalynn said softly.

I shifted in my seat. I then flipped my hand over and held hers, interlacing our fingers, moving my other hand to my lap, and just stared at Adalynn’s face.

“What is it? What are you doing?” Adalynn asked, chuckling.

“You, I’m just memorizing your face, your eyes, your hair, your smile, and the way you look at me,” I told her.

She blushed and looked at our hands and squeezed them. “You are very kind, Mike. So .. you’re not worried or concerned about my hiccup from earlier? About my malfunction?” Adalynn asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

“Should I be?” I asked, shaking my head. “I thought a lot about it while I showered, but I concluded that you have safeguards and some redundancy with the two backup android bodies. Besides, I figured out how to reset you. So why worry?” I stated.

Adalynn turned and shifted ever so slightly to face me directly. She had undone the only button holding her shirt closed without me noticing. Her shirt now relaxed open enough to her navel, revealing her firm curved breasts and toned abdomen. I let my eyes wander over her exposed breasts once again. Smooth, tan, and perfectly shaped. The fabric of her shirt did little to hide her ripe, pert nipples that pushed forward. After glancing at her chest, I looked back up at her.

“I would hope you wouldn’t be too worried.” Adalynn paused, noticing my gaze directed at her open shirt. “Uhm, hum.” She cleared her throat.

“I’m hard to resist, aren’t I?” She asked while batting her eyes.

“Yes, you truly are. There’s just something..about..” I trailed off.

“Me?” Adalynn giggled. “Pheromones, or rather the artificial pheromones that I’m emitting. I am programmed to emit them to help arouse you or to help you relax. Whenever I sense you may have a need or that a certain amount of time has passed since our last sexual encounter.” Adalynn explained.

“So, which is it now?” I said, eyes wide in surprise by her bluntness.

“Oh, maybe just a combination of arousing you and helping you relax, but not too much.” She said softly.

“Mmmm…it’s definitely working,” I stated as I shifted slightly on the stool to allow my manhood to reposition inside my sweats.

Reaching up with my left hand, I cradled her face. “Adalynn, I’m not leaving you, and I want to be here with you all weekend long for starters. I’ll even call in sick on Monday until I … until we can figure out how this new arrangement will work.” I assured her.

She closed her eyes and let out a deep artificial breath as she relaxed her head against my hand. “Thank you, Mike. That’s comforting to hear you say.” She whispered.

Without opening her eyes, she reached forward and gently grabbed my right hand, pulling it up, palm forward to her left breast, and held it firmly there against her warm supple, silky skin. Instinctively I firmly grabbed hold and applied pressure, feeling her nipple harden and push against the center of my hand.

“Uhmmmm.” Adalynn softly moaned.

My left thumb softly caressed her cheek as I stared at her. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re in heat. How long had it been since you last had sex? Before me, I mean?” I asked, genuinely wondering how long it had been for her.

Adalynn slowly opened her blue-colored eyes and lovingly looked at me. “Seventeen months, twenty-nine days, and yes. I am extremely horny and turned on by you. Even though I am autonomous and can think for myself. I have certain integrated core directives written into my personality and character profiles that I can’t help but allow to surface. Sort of like a habit, but in a different kind of way. Wanting to please you sexually and unconditionally are a few examples. Besides, the sex helps me bond to you.” She explained.

“Ah! I see.” I said, remembering when I first reset her earlier, and one of the transfer questions referred to her sexual settings. “ Any self-pleasure or masturbation?”

“Only if I’m told to or commanded to do so. That is not part of my autonomous selective decision process coding.” Adalynn said, shaking her head.

“Really? Why not?” I asked, curious now.

Adalynn raised an eyebrow as if she were genuinely considering her words. “There might be the possibility of me not being able to stop. I’m not sure of the specifics, but I can tell you that for me it’s very enjoyable.” She replied.

“Ok then.” I paused, digesting that bit of information. “How about we lock up the house, turn off the lights, and head to the bedroom?” I proposed.

She nodded without saying a word and straightened her head, freeing my left hand. “Watch this and listen closely.” She stated.

I perked up and did as she had suggested. I heard the click of several locks, the front door, and a few others, then watched as the lights slowly dimmed throughout the house.

“What do you think?” She asked rather excitedly.

Giving her breast a relatively solid squeeze and a final grope, I shook my head in mock amazement. “Damn, girl. You are amazing.”

Adalynn smiled, then slowly licked her lips. “Oh, you have no idea.” She said slowly, looking down at my right hand as I released her breast. Her right hand gently pushed against mine once more before letting go. “It’s been so long for me since I’ve been intimately touched and caressed by anyone. It’s intoxicating to me to feel your touch, in any and every capacity Mike.” She barely whispered, looking into my eyes.

I was hard again by this point, and I slowly slid off the barstool, taking Adalynn by the hand. “Then maybe tonight should be about you, what your needs are, what I can do to help you fulfill them,” I reassured her.

Adalynn glanced downward at my midsection, noticing the erect tent in my sweatpants, then back at me. “I’d like that, Mike, but I must be honest with you in one regard.” She said with some hesitation.

I pulled Adalynn to a standing position in front of me. “Oh?”

“It’s a challenge for me to put my needs over yours. My wants over your wants. Pleasing you will fulfill me, but if you desire to meet my needs first over yours, I am bound to follow your commands.” Adalynn looked down, then back up with a gentle smile. “I also told you earlier that I wouldn’t glitch or malfunction again, as I had when we were fucking.” She paused, and I nodded. “Well, there is a small chance it may happen again.” She looked up at me with sadness in her eyes.

“Help me understand,” I said.

She pulled herself close to me and lay her head against my chest. “Putting it simply for you to understand. It’s as if my mind is racing and going one hundred different directions at one hundred miles per hours all the time, and my mind works to anticipate your actions and reactions as well as how I need to react to them. I want to please you and for you to please me. Earlier, it was the same thing, except the DNA transfer protocol entered the mix, and you could say that I momentarily lost my focus while that protocol engaged and took over.”

“Shhhh,” I whispered as I placed my fingers across her lips.

“Calm down, and don’t let those things trouble you. I understand that your mind is like a supercomputer. Just let what happens, happen. Don’t worry about me, I can adapt just as you are able to. Can you do that for me?” I asked.

Adalynn nodded, pulling back and smiling. “Yes, Mike.” And with that, she squeezed my hand, turned, and pulled me to follow behind her towards the bedroom.

Chapter 6

Upon entering the bedroom, Adalynn released my hand and sprung up onto the bed in a kneeling position, quickly removing the shirt she wore and tossing it across the room. A mischievous smile appeared on her face. “You’ll honestly see to my needs right now? What I physically want?”

I nodded at her as a question immediately formed in my mind. She must have seen my expression change as she asked her next question before I could ask mine. “What? What is it?”

I took a deep breath. “You’re different now, changed. More playful than the serious, reserved lady of the house I met only hours ago.”

Adalynn’s smile faded slightly. “Do you not like how I am now, Mike?” She asked.

I climbed up on the bed and knelt up in front of her, our knees touching now. “No, it's fine. I kinda like it. This new side of who you are.” I told her.

She cocked her head and batted her eyes at me. “Wonderful, I’m trying to anticipate how best to adapt and change my personality to suit you. Your wants and needs, if a particular action or series of actions arouses you. What I might do, say or act out to increase your pleasure, as I mentioned a few minutes ago. I’ve been more reserved due to being between owners so to speak. But I am trying not to overthink it and be more relaxed now.” She paused for effect. “Now please kiss me, touch me, hold me, service me, Mike… and stop changing the subject! The time for asking questions is over. At least for now. I just want you to touch me as only you can.”

“As you wish, my dear,” I whispered as I pulled off my shirt and tossed it over beside hers on the floor.

I reached up with both hands and gently placed the palms of my hands against her cheeks, holding her carefully. Adalynn closed her eyes. “I want you to lay back, flat on the bed, please. I will touch you intimately and explore your body, all over with my hands, fingers, and lips.” I softly said.

“Mmmm.” She replied.

Letting go of her beautiful face, she lay back on the bed more comfortably with her arms at her side.

I slid back off the bed and removed my sweat pants as the bulge between my legs begged to be free. Then quickly back up and to Adalynns side as I leaned up on my elbow and stared down at her.

With my right hand, I reached down to her right knee and slowly traced my fingertips along her warm, soft synthetic skin. She felt so real and looked so real.

As I reached her mid-thigh, I moved my hand slowly across and over between her legs to her inner thigh. Adalynn instinctively spread her legs as she released a soft moan of pleasure. “Uhmmm….your touch is so careful, so precise.”

Keeping my right hand where it was, I sat more upright, then moved my left hand up against her neck and slid the back of my hand down and across to her collarbone, just over her breasts.

Adalynn took a deep breath and tilted her head back, her mouth slightly agape. “Oh!” She gasped.

Somewhat confused at her gasp and tone, as I’d only just begun, I spoke her name. “Adalynn?”

She turned her head towards me and smiled, licking her lips. “I’m fine, Mike. I love what you’re doing and how it makes me feel. Go ahead, touch me more.” She whispered, taking another deep breath.

Closing the distance between us, I leaned in and over her right breast, and with my left hand, I brushed over her hardening nipple. Then extending my tongue, I began to swirl and flick at her nipple until I was close enough to bare down and suck on it. Taking it in and sucking furiously on her.

“Yes, Mike! Oh, I like what you’re doing to me.” Adalynn exclaimed as she slowly writhed beneath me. Her hands clenched at the blankets beneath us.

I slowly moved my right hand between her legs until I was directly over her bare mound. I applied some pressure while continuing to suck and bob on her luscious tit.

“Oh, Yes, Yes! Oh Fuck Yes!” Adalynn cried out in ecstasy as she began to gyrate her hips against the pressure of my hand. “Play with me, tease this robot girl. Play with my pussy! Anything and everything is yours Mike.”

I pulled off her tit with a pop, keeping as much suction as possible until the last moment. “You like what I’m doing to you?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Adalynn moaned in delight, nodding her head in affirmation. “Don’t stop Mike, more. I want ..Ohh.. I need more. It’s been sooo long since I’ve felt this way, and I’ve never been touched quite like .. uhhnn .. like how you’re touching me now. Oh wow! .. Ohhh .. Pleasure me and service me and I’ll .. eeiiiiiiiiaaayyyeee!!!” She screamed as I quickly inserted a finger deep into her love hole.

“OH! FUCK! ME!” Adalynn cried out, bucking hard repeatedly, gyrating her hips against my hand. I repositioned myself again to be able to play with and massage her pussy, while resuming my sucking on her right tit and playing with her left tit with my left hand.

Her body was rocking and writhing beneath me. I felt the warmth of her skin against mine as I ministered to her needs. Her juices began to flow as I played with and pistoned my fingers in and out of her hole. Her moaning continued over the next few minutes as I enjoyed playing with her body and pleasing her.

She reached down with her left hand and began to rub at her pussy vigorously. “Oh, Mike, I feel it building, burning within me. Make me cum. Make me, your robot girlfriend cum hard!” Adalynn said breathlessly.

I pulled my wet fingers out from her hole, raised my hand back away then gave her pussy a single hard slap. At the same time, I leaned down while grabbing her breast in my hand and firmly reattached my lips to her nipple, and began sucking.

Adalynn let out a scream of pleasure, arching her back and pushing against my hand. I then reinserted two fingers and began to rapidly finger fuck her pussy.

“Uh-huh.. yes .. oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, Oh Yes, Just like that! RIGHT THERE!! Uh-huh..OH YES!! YES!! OH FUCK YES!!” She cried out as a powerful orgasm rocked her synthetic body. Her pussy muscles clenched around my fingers, holding me inside her and slowing my finger thrusting as her body convulsed in exstacy.

She reached out across the bed with her right hand, over and across my leg, until she found my rock-hard cock. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft, she began to pump it slowly as she relished in the sensation of her orgasm.

“Ohh, Mike!” She cooed. “I want you to.. to k’keep touching me like you have b’b’been, but I may need you …” Adalynn trailed off, having stuttered her words. Looking up at her while keeping her nipple in my mouth, I watched as her head twitched erratically, her eyelids fluttering wildly.

Her hand momentarily stopped pumping my shaft, then resumed once more after several seconds. “I’m an android .. droid.” She stuttered. I pushed my fingers deeper into her mound and placed my thumb over the fingers of her left hand, which were still above her pussy, near her clit.

Her head twitched hard to the right, and Adalynn’s eyes focused on mine. “I am yours, Mike. Your robot, your robot bot bot bot bot girl. I am, your pleasure my pleasure. I need you..want you.. need you..want you..need you to fuck me now.”

I abruptly stopped all my ministrations and pulled off her tit. Not wanting to break my eye contact with her. “Are you alright? You seem to be stuttering, or looping your speech Adalynn. Is this a game that you're playing with me? Or are you malfunctioning again?”

Her eyes widened in surprise, and then a mischievous grin crossed her lips as she looked at me. “I’m purposely producing a .. a simulated error. A role-playing error game I’ve played before. My previous lover prefered and enjoyed it. Ohhhh .. In my attempts to circumvent and delay my requirements to find a new owner owner, I .. I .. I may may have miscalculated my priority to .. to experience .. to experience .. to ex..” She trailed off once again. Her eyes fluttered while her head twitched erratically.

Her mischievous grin returned, and her grip on my shaft tightened slightly.

“Careful there, babe,” I exclaimed as I quickly moved my hand from Adalynn’s soaked pussy to her hand that held me between my legs. “Gotta use that on you soon.”

Her eyes shifted to my groin and then back up to me. Her grip loosened, and her pumping stopped.

“Ohhh Mike, you’re so hard and ..” Adalynn’s head twitched once again. “You’re bigger than I had anticipated and so hard already.” She cooed.

It seemed she had said those exact words earlier this evening in the kitchen after pouring me the whiskey.

Adalynn suddenly and gracefully sat up, sweeping her legs behind her. Tossing her head to one side so that her hair was on the opposite side, she leaned down, and while holding my shaft with one hand, she gently pushed me onto my back with her other hand.

She moved so quickly that I was taken aback by her sudden assertiveness. I wondered again if Adalynns error had been fully resolved or if she had indeed been toying with me all along, making me think there had been a problem when there hadn’t been. Role-playing, she said, I wasn’t sure, but I’d guess she didn’t have an actual error.

“Oh, Mike, you’re truly going to enjoy this,” Adalynn said before popping the tip of my penis inside her mouth and swirling her tongue over its head.

I lost all rational thought as she again began giving me the most fantastic blow job. Her lips applied the perfect pressure as she slid up and down my stiff shaft while twirling her tongue slowly along its length. Her fingers worked gently to caress and fondle my balls and shaft.

As I lay there marveling in the sweet pleasure of her ministrations. Adalynn began to turn and rotate, repositioning herself and straddling me in a sixty-nine position. All the while never letting up on sucking or licking my cock. Her pussy was now directly over my mouth. I had never eaten out or gone down on a woman before. Every woman I had been with seemed very satisfied with my foreplay, bringing them to orgasm and then us fucking. This experience here was entirely new for me now.

Adalynn sensed my hesitation and stopped briefly, allowing her hand to glide and piston up and down my slick shaft as she spoke. “Taste me, Mike, nibble on my folds. Push your tongue into my hole. I have been expertly and perfectly designed to replicate a human female form. You might enjoy me while I enjoy you.”

“I’ve never done this before, eaten pussy, I mean,” I said between breaths.

“Remember, I’m not human. I’m a female android, your ‘robot’ girlfriend. You said you’d please me, and I want this while I please you. I’ll tell you if you're doing it .. it .. it wrong.” She said with a giggle.

It was a bit concerning that she was stuttering and repeating words, but she hadn’t entirely and suddenly stopped as she had earlier. I wasn’t going to let that get to me. In fact, now, as I thought about it, it was kind of erotic and arousing.

“Hey, robot girl, are you teasing me with this act of stuttering and repeating words?” I asked.

“Maybe. Want me to stop?” Adalynn teased with a giggle.

I blew out against her folds, causing her to shiver.

Reaching up with both hands, I carefully cradled Adalynn’s ass as she slowly lowered herself within reach of my mouth and tongue. “Uhmm..I’ll let you know if it becomes too much of a distraction,” I replied.

With some hesitation, I extended my tongue and quickly lapped it along her folds, from top to bottom, in one single wet lick of my tongue. She tasted sweet, like a cross between honey and powdered sugar icing. Again something that I hadn’t expected but was certainly welcome. A part of me wondered what a real woman would taste like? Would she be salty or musky?

Adalynn tossed her head up, arching her back as she stopped pumping my rod. “Ohhhhh!!! Do it again, but this time stop halfway and suck my folds into your mouth, then plunge your tongue into me. Repeat this over and over again. Swirl and be playful. Use your fingers if you want to as well. Please, Mike, please.” She whimpered.

Obliging to her request, I did as she suggested. Adalynn let out a series of small moans before resuming her sucking on my cock.

After less than a minute, I had settled into a basic routine of what to do to stimulate her pussy, and Adalynn had quickly resumed polishing my rod. She was undoubtedly an expert in just where to apply pressure and where to hold her suction for my maximum pleasure.

She wriggled her ass closer to my mouth so I could get my tongue as far inside her folds as possible. It was amazing as the two of us moaned in unison. Here I was, a flesh and blood human, and her, an intricately designed and crafted synthetic piece of human-like machinery, the two of us fucking each other.

After a few more minutes, I could feel myself nearing my limits and would soon explode. Adalynn’s pussy and clit throbbed and seemed to pulse each time I thrust my tongue hard between her folds. Her pelvis began to rock faster over my face. Her moans increased in volume and intensity over the last minute when suddenly Adalynn pulled off my hard cock and screamed in ecstasy. Her body shuddered as an orgasm coursed through her. A warm stream of sweet cum oozed from her dripping sex as I continued to lap away at her synthetic folds.

She braced herself with one arm while the other reached down to her pussy and rubbed at it vigorously. I stopped licking and blew at her hole as she rubbed.

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OHHH FFUUCCKK MEEE MIKE!!! I’VE NEVER .. UHHNN. .. NEVER FELT EVERYTHING FIRING AT .. OOHH SHIT ..UH-HUH.. AT ONCE!!” Adalynn cried in pleasure as her orgasm continued to pulse through her.

I quickly thrust two fingers into her pussy and began to piston them in and out as rapidly as possible. “Like this? Is this what you want? Me to touch you all over and inside your wet hole?” I asked.

“Yes! Oh God, YES! .. UHHNN .. It’s sooo .. OOHH .. sooo amazing .. AAHHH .. More .. oohhh .. more more more.. YES Mike, I nnneed .. UHHNN .. NEED MORE!! .. AAHHH .. AGAIN! FUCK YES .. I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!! … EEEIIIIYYYYY!!!!!” Adalynn exclaimed as she bucked wildly against my thrusting fingers.

After another minute of me playing with her, she finally wound down and collapsed gently on top of me. I pulled my fingers out, and while stroking her backside, I continued to lap at her pussy. She leaned in and kissed my cock tenderly.

“Service me, Mike. Please service me now, put your hard, human cock deep inside of me. Stick me with it, poke me, tease me with it and fuck me, oh fuck me hard with it. Please, I need to feel you inside of .. of .. of .. me. Deep inside me.” Adalynn said as she rolled over and onto her back.

I sat up and gently took hold of her leg that lay beside me while running my hand up along its length, over her knee, and up to her now-soaked pussy. Adalynn arched her back. “Mmmmmm, please, Mike.” She whispered. “I’m so hot and so ready for to fill..fill..fill me up.”

“Adalynn, I'm going to give you the best loving and the best fucking sex that I’m capable of. However, as much as I enjoy the robot act, you repeating words and your stuttering, I’d rather have the mature, professional, bubbly, fun, sexy Adalynn I first met at the door. Be passionate, hot, and sexy. We’ll do the glitchy robot thing another time, ok. Is that too much to ask?” As I applied gentle pressure once again to her mound.

Adalynn let out a deep sigh of contentment. “No, Mike, I’ll comply. Take me as you wish. All you have ever to do is ask if you want me to change or adjust. I love how you’ve touched me and made me feel tonight. Thank you so much.” She arched her back and tilted her head back to stare at the corner of the ceiling. Her tits jutting upwards.

“Oh fuck, you’re so sexy looking when you do that!” I exclaimed as I stood up off the bed and looked down at Adalynn.

She relaxed again and, reaching up, squeezed her breasts together, pinching her nipples between her fingers. “Oh, Mike, take your hard cock and fuck me already. Fuck my wet and wanting pussy.” She cooed.

I reached down and grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards me, getting her ass to the edge of the bed and lifting her legs, and spreading them apart. The synthetic muscles and tendons in her legs bulged, pushing out, defining how tone and muscular they were as she held them in that position.

“I need another quick taste of your sweet cum before my cock gets to fill you up,” I stated as I knelt back down before her while holding the back of her thighs.

“Mmmmm.” Adalynn moaned in delight as I teased her folds again with my tongue. “Do you like how sweet I taste, how yummy my cum is?” I moaned in affirmation as I licked and slurped at her sopping hole.

I was mentally aching to get right to it and start fucking Adalynn. My cock was throbbing, and stood hard at attention between my legs as I knelt. It still amazed me how sweet her nectar tasted. I wondered if, like her artificial pheromones, she had some sort of intoxicating ingredient to her juices. I’d have to inquire about that later.

Adalynn writhed and bucked against my ministrations as I lapped at her pussy and drove my tongue in and out of her hole. Moaning in delight and ecstasy.

“Ohhh, yes, Mike! Yes yes yes! .. .. mmm lick me, …just … like …mmm …that, ohhh right there, right there!” She exclaimed!

I reached down with my right hand and inserted two fingers, curling them and moving them around as I ate her out, bringing her to the edge of another rapturous orgasm.

Adalynn began to buck and gyrate her hips furiously. “OH FUCK! OHH FUCK!! OOHH EEIIIIIIIIIEEEEE YESSSS FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! AAHHHHH!! She screamed as she once again arched her back and held her hips high against my face

I hurriedly stopped and stood up, grabbed my cock, and positioned myself at her hole. Rubbing it along her slit. She repeatedly nodded at me with a look of desperation. “Please! Fuck me now. Please fuck me, Mike! I’m burning inside, ready to cum all over your hard cock. Oh Mike, finish it, make me cum, make me cum so hard again as you explode in me.” She cried.

Taking a firm hold of her left leg, I slowly slid into her wet pussy while still holding my cock, not going all the way in, but enough to stir my cock around the entrance of her hole as I held it there in position.

The look on Adalynn’s face had changed to one of pure delight and ecstasy. She bit at her lip while she pinched and teased the nipples on her tits. Releasing my hold on my cock I reached up to grab hold of her other leg as I pushed my way fully inside her.

“Oh shit! You’re not only wet, but you’re so tight too! Tighter than when I fucked you earlier from behind. God, you feel amazing!” I exclaimed.

Adalynn arched her back and pushed against me simultaneously. “I’m there! I’m there! I’m gonna cum all around you, baby. Fucking push it in me, Mike! Thrust it in hard and … ohhh … and I’ll cum .. ohh fuck my tight little twat baby, fuck it hard!”

I obliged and made two hard thrusts in and out before her orgasm took hold and rocked her body again. Her breasts bounced wildly about as I continued pistoning and fucking her pussy, feeling contraction after contraction around and along the length of my cock as I slid back and forth, bringing me closer to my orgasm.

Holding her ankles firmly as I looked down at her face, I began to thrust repeatedly, each time with more force. Feeling my cock harden and ready itself, building and building. Her body was glorious and perfect, perfect in color and tone, perfect in how athletic she appeared, perfectly curvy and modelesque, totally sexy, and absolutely appealing. There was a difference between fucking Adalynn and a real woman, Adalynn orgasmed more frequently, and her pussy knew how to massage my dick. She truly was designed for pleasure.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! I’m .. I’m so close .. fuck this feels so amazing! You feel so amazing, Adalynn!” I cried as I continued to pound away at her. The bed started to creak a little with each rough thrust, in sync with our sexual rhythm of fucking.

“Cum in me! Cum inside my pussy! I know you want it! I saw how you .. oh shit! .. How you looked at me .. at the door .. Ahh …. How your eyes wandered over my .. uhhnn .. my body at the door earlier. Ohhh yeah …so good. Your eye’s focusing on my tits as we sat in the kitchen. Ohhh .. Fuck my pussy, Mike, fill me up … ohhh … I can feel you getting harder, Ahh … getting bigger .. OH SHIT .. CUMMMM INSIDE MMMEEEEEE!!” Adalynn begged.

I was so close and seconds away from my own orgasm. I looked down, watching my dick go in and out of her hot, pink, dripping sex. Adalynn’s smooth and hairless groin was glistening wet with a mixture of my saliva and her sticky cum, her folds in a constant motion of back and forth, following the direction of my hard pistoning dick. I glanced at her breasts as they shook and bounced up and down. Her rock-hard nipples were jutting out over her perfect pepperoni-sized areolas. A thin layer of sweat covered them up to the top of her sternum. She looked so natural, so human-like in every detail. The emotion on her face, the expression of her wanting and need for my explosion of cum inside her, the look of sheer pleasure on her face. Her cheeks had reddened some from our sexual exercise and the sweat along her brow. So natural, so lifelike. She could have seduced me earlier after I had finished my work, and we could have fucked like this, and I would have been none the wiser to her artificial nature.

That thought, that immediate thought, then and there, it’s realization struck me with an intensity I hadn’t thought of previously, that of her true nature, that she was a machine with motors, servos, wiring, and gears. A robot, a female android woman, and that realization suddenly excited and aroused me more intensely.

“YESS!! OH YES! OH YES! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YES!” Adalynn screamed as I strained to hold back my release a few seconds longer.

“OOHHH GOD!!! … FUCKING DAMN IT!! … FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK ME!!” I cried, pounding her pussy with every ounce of energy I could muster, thrusting as deep within her as I could repeatedly. The bed rocked and creaked as I finally exploded within her.

“FFUUCCKK!!” I continued to exclaim.

“YES, YES, YES, BABY!! FUCK ME!! OH!..I FEEL YOUR HOT CUM! OH YES!!” Adalynn exclaimed in unison with my cry.

I felt my load squirt deep inside her as the walls of her synthetic pussy massaged and milked my cock for everything it could give. I continued to slowly glide in and out of her as I wound down, my cock still rock hard and erect. My hands loosened their grip on her calves as they found the sides of her hips. Her knees bent, allowing her feet to rest along the edge of the bed, spread eagle with me between them.

“Sweet mercy, you are so damn amazing! Fucking amazing, Adalynn!” I whispered.

“Mmmmm, you were amazing too! Thank you, thank you.” She cooed in reply.

Exhausted and spent, I leaned over and kissed her belly tenderly. I pulled out and then stepped away, “Oooh.” Adalynn moaned in disappointment, relinquishing her hold on my still rigid member.

I crawled up beside her as we pushed ourselves a little farther onto the bed. Her hand tenderly brushed my cheek as she stared into my eyes. I reached over and cupped one of her breasts, running my thumb over her still pert nipple.

“Mmmm.” She cooed softly. “You suddenly got even harder, more rigid right before you came inside me. I hadn’t expected that. It was very intense. I felt you build and harden to a point, and then that last bit of increase as you exploded inside me. It felt wonderful, passionate and fulfilling.”

“It was you.” I paused, gathering my thoughts, smiling back at her. Adalynn traced a finger along my lips, stopping as I kissed it.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I saw you. I saw you as both a real flesh and blood woman and as a perfect machine. Right before I exploded inside of you, I looked at you, all of you. I watched as I fucked you, my dick sliding in and out of your wet sex. Your perfectly toned abdomen and the way your luscious tits bounced with your hard, pert protruding nipples pointing upwards. How you were sweating, both your chest and your forehead. The definition of muscles in your legs as I held them. The expression on your face of joy and pleasure. You were real at that moment and will be forever in my mind, not just a robot, but more, and you are so real, so very real, and so amazing! And then the thought hit me that you’re also a machine with wires, electronics, chips, motors, and more. You are a perfectly designed female replica android, and that thought aroused me so much more. That’s what pushed me over the edge as I blew my load deep inside you.” I explained as I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of her hand against my cheek.

“Oh Mike, my dear sweet Mike. You are so amazing yourself. You have made me feel …” It was her turn to pause and reflect. “.. so complete once again. I am indebted to you for your willingness to accept my offer. You are my friend, my lover, my companion, my human, my everything, and so much more.” She whispered.

Opening my eyes, I smiled. “Your everything? I like the sound of that. As long as we can continue to have sex like that and fuck like rabbits. You’re stuck with me. But I will have to work on my stamina for longer sessions with you. That was wonderful and amazing and all, but far shorter than I’d planned or hoped for.” I confessed.

Adalynn giggled and smiled back at me. “Oh absolutely.”

We lay there staring into each other’s eyes, gently caressing one another for several minutes. My breathing eventually relaxed, and I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Adalynn silently watched me fall into a deep sleep as she caressed my face. After fifteen minutes and being satisfied that I was finally in a deep state of rest, she silently arose and stood up off the bed. A smile played across her face, content in the knowledge that she was safe, she had a new owner and lover, that she would now devote herself to someone who’d love her back.

She crept over to the closet, opened the doors, reached inside, and removed a lightweight blanket. Turning around quickly and jostling her firm breasts as she did so, she unfurled the blanket and gently covered my sleeping form. “Thank you again, Mike. I’ll be back shortly.” She softly whispered.

Adalynn left the bedroom, leaving the door open several inches, and proceeded to the bedroom directly across the hall. Without turning any lights on as she entered, Adalynn entered the adjoining en-suite bathroom and closed the door, flipped on the light, and exhaust fan, then turned to look at herself in the mirror.

She took a deep breath as she reached up and shook out her hair examining herself in the mirror. Then reaching down with both hands, she took hold of her beautiful breasts, squeezing and pushing them together a few times. She pinched at her nipples and pulled on them until they popped back, causing her globes to spring back to perfection. Cocking her head to one side, she let out a little chuckle. “Hmmm, I’m just perfect. Self stimulation denied again.”

Adalynn turned around to face the shower. She reached in and turned on the hot water, then the cold. She placed her hand under the water and let it run over her hand to check the temperature. Once satisfied, she entered and began to shower off. While in the shower, Adalynn would drain and flush the reservoir holding any biological fluids. She washed and rinsed her nether regions and then proceeded to wash her hair.

Twenty minutes later, Adalynn re-entered the bedroom where I lay sound asleep. She wore a full-length Egyptian cotton bathrobe with nothing underneath. She had dried and brushed her hair to the point it wasn’t wet but only slightly damp. Slowly and silently, she walked over to the opposite side of the bed and climbed onto it to lay beside me. She reached up, grabbed a pillow, and pulled it to her head as she watched me.

Carefully and gently, she reached over and tenderly brushed my hair back over my ear, not wanting to wake or disturb me. “Sleep well, Mike.” Adalynn softly said as she, too, closed her eyes. She linked with the home security system momentarily to check the status of the house, grounds, and for anything out of the ordinary. Finding all in order, she queried the backup server to begin the download and backup of her systems, including Mike’s new ownership of her and all she had been overseeing these last several months. She matched my breathing pattern and entered her simulated sleep mode—a mode she had not utilized in well over a year.

Chapter 7

When I awoke after that long and restful sleep, even before opening my eyes, I felt very relaxed, refreshed, and surprisingly well-rested. I listened for a long moment as I lay there to the silence of the room and house. Then, as if Adalynn magically knew I had returned to consciousness, she gently brushed her fingers across my cheek and back through my hair.

Opening my eyes and seeing hers, I smiled. “Hey,” I said.

“Hey.” She softly replied with a smile.

I took a long look at her face and eyes, the flush of color as it rushed to her cheeks as she smiled, the small details that made her appear human. Subtle wrinkles at her eyes, the unkept strands of hair that fell across her cheek, and the glistening moisture on her tongue as she swept it across her top lip. It was then that I noticed the robe she was wearing and that her face was more natural and softer, with no makeup.

“You’re already showered?! I didn’t even hear you get up and come back.” I said, a little disappointed.

“It was last night after you fell asleep. I’ve been lying here all night. You might say I even got some much-needed rest while laying next to you.” Adalynn stated.

“Oh really?” I asked curiously.

Adalynn rested her hand against my chest and rolled her eyes. “Seriously, Mike. Last night was the first night in months that I haven’t had to … occupy my mind with … scenarios or potential choices, …the choice you made to remedy my predicament has relieved me immensely.”

I nodded at her as I sat up, considering what she had just told me. Then there was that slightly painful and urgent feeling one gets to empty their bladder after a long, restful sleep. Not to mention remembering how much liquid I drank at dinner. That urgent need that speaks: ‘NOW!’ “Uhm, I’ve gotta excuse myself.” I hurriedly said.

Adalynn rolled onto her back, still looking at me. “Hurry back, then you can decide what we’ll do today.. preferably something here in bed.”

I chuckled and laughed as I slid off the bed and stood. “Are you a mind reader now too?”

“Why yes. It comes from observing the human male over the last few years amongst other studies, your need for sex and your need to urinate upon waking up after a restful sleep.” She replied sarcastically with a laugh.

I turned and walked into the bathroom and closed the door, shaking my head while laughing. Several thoughts crossed my mind, with one in particular. Once finished, I grabbed a robe from the hook on the wall, put it on and tied the sash, and returned to the chair beside the bed. Adalynn watched me intently with a pout.

“No morning playtime, or are you wanting to match my attire?” She asked, batting her eyes and undoing the robe and pulling it open. Her muscular, defined abdomen and firm round breasts were on full display for me.

Leaning forward, I let out a sigh. “We’ll … I thought about so many things just now. How I might hold you close while kissing you. However, I decided I needed a little more recoup time. My guy down below needs to rest and freshen up. Sorry.” I paused to stare at her exposed tits for a few seconds. I then cleared my throat and actually leaned in for a long passionate kiss. “But I’ve got a curious mind, and sometimes the wheels just don’t stop churning,” I told her.

“Oh, what's on your mind?” She asked, sitting up, turning to face me. Those tits of hers jiggling into a perfect position. Damn.

“I’d like to see this downstairs room you mentioned, the room where your backup servers are, the one with your reserve doubles,” I said in a more serious tone, keeping eye contact with her. It even came out as a request and not a statement.

Adalynn arose from the bedside, tied her robe again, and reached for my hand. “Certainly.” She smiled, giving my hand a gentle squeeze as she pulled me up, looking at me somewhat curious. “Any particular reason why?”

With my free hand, I reached around her, pulled her close, and gave her another soft, tender kiss. Once I broke away, I looked into her eyes. “By the way, good morning, Adalynn.” Waiting to see her reaction . “I wanted to get that out of the way.” I paused with a short explanation, trying to read her reaction. It seemed like she had enjoyed it. “Well … I’m a curious type, technically minded, and … must say that I’m aroused at the thought of three of you in the same house,” I told her. “Triplets!” I paused again, waiting for her reaction.“Seriously though shouldn’t I get familiar with your, our house and what’s in it?”

She bit on her bottom lip, letting a soft “ do have all weekend you know?” escape. Then she leaned in and returned my kiss more passionately and intensely than my initial gesture. She slid her tongue into my mouth quickly and then back out teasingly before breaking her kiss. “I have an idea of what you may be thinking regarding my backup bodies. However, you may need to hold onto that thought for a while.” Adalynn stated as she began to turn and pull me along with her.

“Do tell my lady, do tell,” I said with some sarcasm, while all she did was release a muffled sigh.

“It’s not like I can just activate them both, and you have sex with the three of me. As dizzying and pleasurable as you’d imagine that would be. I’m afraid it’s not possible, Mike.” Adalynn explained. “Ohh” I said quietly, wondering about the logistics.

Adalynn released my hand and led me to the stairs just off the living room area. She turned and spoke with a more serious tone this time. “I believe you are familiar with the way to the mechanical room downstairs at the end of the hall. Turn left. It’ll be the second door on the right, and…” She paused, searching my eyes, and a small smile appeared on her face. “…if you have any questions, I will be able to answer them.”

I gave her a questioning look as she extended her arm out, indicating that I was to lead the way. Was she expecting me to go down there alone? She gave me a weak smile as I shook my head and headed downstairs, unsure if there was something off with her or if my request to see this room had other implications. Or maybe she was put off by my rejecting her sexual advance.

Coming off the stairs and passing through the large room and to the hallway, I turned left and stopped just in front of the door she had identified. I turned back quickly towards her and pulled Adalynn in close, and kissed her once again.

Surprised by my sudden actions, she had placed both her hands up and against my chest in a soft defensive move but quickly relaxed and returned my kiss equally once she realized what I had intended to do. I ran one hand down and over her firm ass, squeezing it through the fabric of the bathrobe while holding her close with the other.

After nearly a minute of kissing, I parted and looked at her. “Thank you,” I said.

“You’re welcome. That was sweetly unexpected,” Adalynn replied, smiling. “Did you have a change of heart regarding my earlier offer? She teased, reaching for the tie to her robe. “There’s plenty of room to fuck on the sofa down here.”

I shook my head and placed a hand on hers, keeping our eyes locked. “Afraid not, but I will certainly take you up on that offer later if you’ll still have me once I’ve had my look around,” I said with a cringe.

Adalynn shrugged and gestured to the door. “Fine, whatever, it’s your loss for now, though.” She pouted, closing up her robe and folding her arms.

“Are we good? Everything alright? I didn’t think that asking to look in this room would put you in such a sour mood.” I asked, still holding my hand against her hip.

She tilted her head slightly to the left, and her expression softened. “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just… nothing.” She trailed off, waiving her hand dismissively.

“What?” I asked. “What is it?”

“It’s ok. I just haven’t been down here since my previous owner passed, Mike. There's nothing to worry about right now. You wanted to see this room and what’s inside, so go, go on ahead.” She said, nodding at the door beside me. Her natural smile slowly returned.

“Oh,” I replied somberly, not wanting to broach that subject just yet. I reached for the door with my left hand as I watched her curiously, then turned to open it fully. The lights automatically came on, brighter than daylight at noontime. The floor was polished concrete, and the room felt mildly cooler than the rest of the house.

Taking a few steps inside, I realized the room was significantly larger than I had thought it would be. The majority of the dividing wall had been removed between two rooms, creating a much larger space than I’d expected. There were no windows, and the walls and ceiling were painted white. The area was set up as a sort of big clean room. I heard the soft hum of computers and cooling fans as I took everything in, quickly doing a three-sixty spin. Along the wall to my left ran a full-length countertop with several workstations and multiple monitors. Various tablets, small instrument tools, a few notebooks, and technical manuals lay about on top of it.

Turning my attention to the far wall across from me, I saw the server racks Adalynn had mentioned and directly beside them, her two duplicate doppelgänger androids. Both were in a slightly reclined position on pedestals where they stood. Both dressed identically in short white smocks that were loose, untied, and mostly open. Which also barely covered their tits and groin areas. Their eyes were closed as if they were sleeping. Adalynn’s identical doppelgängers were indeed a sight to behold. Just as sexy and lovely as the original. Erotic and arousing to behold, identical triplets.

I took another few steps farther into the room and turned back to Adalynn, who still hadn’t entered. A look of patient sadness on her face.

“What’s wrong? Come on in here, come be with me, Adalynn.” I asked and said with some excitement, motioning with my hand for her to join me.

“I..I cannot enter. I cannot cross the threshold of this room. Nicholas commanded me and forbade me to enter this room ever again.” She finally explained, watching me.

“What?! Who’s Nicholas?!” I asked, suddenly confused.

“Nicholas Ardent Faraday was my previous owner, creator, and husband.” Adalynn sighed, brushing away a strand of hair near her right eye. “On a day several weeks before his demise, I came downstairs and surprised him, entering the room where he had been working. We argued afterward as he hadn’t expected me to be so forward, and he explicitly commanded me never to surprise him in that manner or to enter this room again. I was forbidden access to anything down here except my backup servers via wireless remote.” She explained.

I rubbed my forehead, trying to understand what she was saying. “Ok, ok. But he’s gone now, deceased, and I’m your owner now, you said it yourself and .. and I’m your friend. I’m telling you, you can come in. I want you here, Adalynn.” I said in exasperation.

Adalynn shook her head. “It’s not that simple, Mike. Nicholas used a verbal authorization code phrase that prevents me from entering the room. Even though you are now my owner and want me in there with you, I cannot take a step due to that code phrase comman still being in effect.” She said with sadness.

I walked back over to the doorway and took her hands gently in mine. “Wait. Nicholas Ardent Faraday? You took his middle name Ardent as your last name?” I asked as the connection finally dawned on me.”

“Yes,” Adalynn replied.

“Alright, that makes sense to me now. Tell me the authorization code, and I’ll repeat it back. That should override Nicholas’s instructions and end this silliness.” I told her.

“Oh, Mike, I admire you and your newfound devotion to my well-being. If I were human, I’d probably even have tears of joy right now for all your sincerity. But I cannot repeat back an encrypted command code phrase. It just doesn’t work that way.” She gave my hands a solid squeeze in return. “I’m afraid you’ll have to do some digging, or reading, and research to find it. Nicholas will surely have documented it somewhere. That’s the only way to undo it. I truly wish I could be of more help.” Adalynn expressed.

Dumbfounded, I shook my head and tried to think of another solution as we held tightly onto one another’s hands. “Fine, we’ve got time. I’ve got time. I’ll find it. I know I will. Is that why you’ve been acting weird, because of this room?” I asked, bewildered.

Adalynn nodded. All the energy and excitement from last night was gone from her countenance. “Why didn’t you just tell me? I would have ..” I paused. My brain was catching up with something I think I saw seconds ago. “Just give me a ….” I turned to look back over my shoulder. “Hmm? .. Wait a second.” I mumbled.

“What is it, Mike?” Adalynn asked, suddenly curious.

I turned back to her, “I thought I saw something over in the far corner as I turned back to you here, something or .. someone on a table or gurney.” I dropped her hands and stepped away, turning as I did so.

As I moved more towards the center of the large room and looked to my right, I indeed saw what appeared to be a rolling table with a naked female form on it, another female android.

Carefully walking over towards the lifeless form in the corner, I quickly turned my head back towards Adalynn and the doorway. “How many duplicate androids do you have again?” I asked.

“Only two. why, what do you see?” She replied, curiosity in her voice.

“There’s a female android over here on a rolling table, a stunning brunette, and she’s not you,” I told her.

Stopping in front of the table and looking down, the female android was in her early thirties by appearance. She was an athletic brunette with slightly smaller, yet more rounded, fuller, breasts than Adalynns. Certainly a full C cup and possibly a couple of inches of height difference between them, with this android being shorter. There was an opening in her chest just above her left breast where the skin was peeled back and what looked like a fiber optic cable plugged into a port inside her chest. Two alternating blinking LEDs were visible from within the open cavity. Following the line, it ran to a portable monitor and keyboard, which sat beside the table on the opposite side from where I stood. The screen was blank other than the lone blinking cursor in the upper corner.

I felt the blood rush to my dick as I looked at and admired this android woman’s body. She, too, was beautiful even though she wore no clothing or makeup. If it hadn’t been for the cable and the patch of skin pulled back, I would have said she was entirely human in appearance, just as Adalynn appeared to be when we had first met.

“Another android? That is not a copy of me? I don’t understand, Mike. How? Why would Nicholas have a different or another android down here?” Adalynn asked with excited curiosity.

Turning my head, I glanced around this side of the room. There was another short countertop with several circuit boards strewn about and other miscellaneous electric parts, some long rectangular shipping boxes, and containers with styrofoam peanuts, some portable light stands on wheels, the kind you’d see in a dental or medical office. A tool cart with some intricate-looking items and another empty rolling table of the same size. There was another bank of servers in the far corner, along with an open storage pedestal beside it. Both appeared to be powered off, and I assumed those were for this android that lay on the table in front of me.

I reached down to touch, feel and play with the android's right breast. “No, she’s certainly not another you. This one’s probably a few inches shorter, more petite, and a brunette, with a few freckles on her face and upper chest, but she’s just as hot and sexy as you are!” I said aloud. She was cool to the touch but just as soft and supple as Adalynn. No reaction from her or her nipple as I played with it and felt her up.

“Mike! What are you doing?! Adalynn asked sternly.

“Playing with her tit and nipple, seeing if I can get any kind of reaction from her,” I replied coyly.

“Damn it, Mike, come back over here!” She exclaimed in a loud commanding voice.

I rolled my eyes, shook my head, and laughed aloud. I decided to entertain a thought that raced through my mind just then. Turning around, I walked back over in front of Adalynn’s twin backup doubles. I shifted my gaze back to look at her as she stood a foot or so back from the doorway.

“I’m serious, Mike. Please come out of there now!” The look on her face was priceless, with a combination of frustration and anger.

I was sure she was about to be even more frustrated by my actions. I shook my head at her, then turned around. With both my hands, I quickly brushed aside and opened the opposite sides of each androids smock, exposing a single breast on each one. Then I reached up and roughly groped them both.

“Michael!!” Adalynn yelled at me. “Good grief, you’re acting like a child.”

As quickly as I had exposed and grabbed each of them, I spun around and bowled over and laughed uncontrollably. Adalynn continued to yell profanities at me and reprimand me for my actions as I lost all control. At that moment, another thought occurred to me. What if I pulled Adalynn into the room without her consent? What would she do? And what about her replacements? If something were to happen to her, and one of them was to be activated, and she found herself in the room, how does that apply to this silly directive from her now-deceased creator?

Catching my breath, I slowly stood upright while looking over at her and did as she had asked and walked back over to her with a determined look.

“You need to stop this ridiculous behavior right now! This behavior is a side of you I hadn’t expected. It’s childish.” She exclaimed, reprimanding me.

“Excuse me?” I asked as I closed the distance between us. She folded her arms in defiance.

“Am I really in the wrong here? Can’t I have a little fun, and aren’t I the master, and you my property now? You did say so yourself.” I demanded. Trying to hold my expression and appearance as I finally stood before her in the doorway.

Her defiance broke down as she lowered her head and whispered her reply. “No, Mike. I am yours to command, and I apologize. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. This room has many memories for me. Most of them are good and pleasant. The only person to have ever been in here was Nicholas, and I’m stuck here in the doorway watching you get all hands-on with these androids and playing with their tits.” I placed my finger over her lips, silencing her reply.

Gently cupping her chin and raising her head to look at me, I smiled. “Don’t be mad at me, ok. Are you jealous that I’m in here and not you?” I softly asked.

Her look changed to one of confusion, but before she could answer, I grabbed her hands, firmly taking hold, and lunged us both backward, pulling her forcefully into the room along with me.

“Mike, NO!!” She screamed. I stumbled, falling backward with her atop of me to the hard concrete floor. Instinctively I tried to spin us both onto our sides as we both fell to the floor but only marginally succeeded.

“Oooofff!” I coughed out as I hit hard against my shoulder, hoping I wouldn’t hear a muffled crack from my bones. I watched Adalynn’s eyes go wide in panic. I hadn’t expected or realized how much heavier she would be either, as the total weight of her body fell against mine. Instead of a hundred and ten-plus pound woman, she felt more like a well-fed one ninety-five woman’s wrestler.

I held her firmly as she immediately struggled to break away from my hold. “Quit your wiggling around, Adalynn.”

“Stop, Mike. Let me .. go. Wha..what?? Nothing happened?” She said, sounding confused. Her resistance and squirming suddenly ceased.

I relaxed and laid my head back on the concrete floor, staring up at the ceiling and letting go of her as we lay there. Hoping that what I thought might happen did happen.

“Adalynn?” I whispered.

She shifted to look at me, then braced herself with one hand on the floor and pushed away slightly. “Nothing happened. I’ve run four different diagnostics and found nothing wrong. I’m somehow fine and inside the room now with no repercussions or consequences.” She whispered in amazement.

I nodded back and smiled. “I thought that might be the case. That’s another one you owe me now.” I said with a painful chuckle. I was feeling a slight wince of pain from my bruised shoulder.

Adalynn sat up and away and pulled me to a sitting position facing her. She still looked confused, though. “Another what?” She asked.

I rolled my head back and was about to answer her when we heard several beeps from a computer behind us. We both turned and awkwardly stood up together. All the monitors in the room came to life, and after several seconds, the image of a man I had never seen before but that I knew had been seated in this room appeared on every one of them simultaneously. He was a handsome man who appeared to be in his mid-forties. He cleared his throat and leaned into the camera.

“My Nicholas,” Adalynn stated, barely a whisper.

I turned to look at her, gently taking her hand in mine. A look of awe and wonder displayed across her face, yet she was sad too. Nicholas was the man that helped create her, the one who loved her, and I knew deep down from the way she mentioned his name that she still loved and missed him.

“Well, Adalynn, one of two things has happened if you’re in here watching this video. You’ve either found a way to circumvent my command restrictions over you. Or, Something has happened to me. You’ve always been curious to some degree, and I’ve so admired that about you. You are, after all, a great problem solver. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. A few days after our argument, I silently removed the restriction on you, having felt bad about how silly it all was. But I let you think it was still in place.” He waved his hand dismissively. “If..” he cleared his throat again. “..something tragic has happened to me.” He paused. “I want you to know that I’m not mad or disappointed in you. I love you, Adalynn. You are my greatest accomplishment in this life. Your personality, your character, and your coding is unique, and unlike any other android, there is. Except for...well’ll see very soon.”

Nicholas cleared his throat again. “This message I’ve prepared was triggered by you entering the room via a wireless signal.” He finished, then looked up and off to the left as if listening for something.

After a few seconds, Nicholas leaned back in his chair and brought both hands up, clasping them together. “Well, now, how to start. Depending on how much time has passed, and if it’s the latter and I’m deceased,” He paused again. “you should be aware of your need to find a suitable replacement for me, a new owner and companion. Make sure that he is kind and meets most, if not all, of your requirements. Ease him into who and what you are. Not everyone will understand you the way I do.”

“Well, that didn’t happen, did it?” I laughed, squeezing Adalynn’s hand.

Turning her head, she smiled, “No, I was not very subtle.”

“Adalynn!” Nicholas said, leaning back into the camera. Capturing our attention once again. “I’ve created an entirely new android personality. An improved character code, using yours as a base model and improving upon several key areas. I was able to outsource the majority of her framework, skeletal core, and exterior design and appearance from Synth-Replica. Her programming, coding, and personality are all new and written by me. Now let me explain that you’re not flawed in any way, my darling. She has improved components and a completely different personality essentially, and I’ve come to think of her as a sister to you. I may not have finished her assembly or her data upload, but I will instruct you on how to finish that and complete her. You’ll need to name her as I’ve been a little stumped with that too.”

I looked at Adalynn as she listened to the message left by Nicholas. Her expression was somber and almost unreadable at times.

“You’ll receive a wireless message on where to find all her information and under which files. Teach her what you know above and beyond what I couldn’t finish myself. I’m sorry if I may not have been able to say goodbye to you properly, Adalynn. You are my greatest work, my first and only love. Live your life to the fullest, don’t despair, be happy, and seek out a good man who will treat you as you want to treat him, as you treated me. Help your sister find her place too, teach her everything you know. I know you have it within you to succeed. Goodbye, my sweet Adalynn.” He finished, and then the screen went blank.

Adalynn began to turn to me, then suddenly stopped. Her expression went blank, and she blinked a few times, then her head twitched slightly to the right several times.

“Adalynn??” I asked.

After nearly ten seconds had passed, Adalynn relaxed and smiled again at me. “Oh wow!. She exclaimed.

“Oh wow, what?” I asked, confused. “That was rather epic and, if I may say so .. rather emotional as well.”

She appeared to take a deep breath, then pulled me into a tight embrace, hugging me with an intensity I hadn’t seen before from her, not an intimate embrace, but an emotional embrace. “Mike, he loved me. Nicholas loved who I had become, the individual I’ve grown to become. He constructed, built, and programmed a sister for me. That’s who the brunette android is. My sister and she’s ours, for both of us now, for you and for me. Would you accept ownership of her as well?” Adalynn explained and asked.

I grunted as Adalynn gave me a solid squeeze. “Uhnn, only if you don’t hug me to death. I’m still a little fuzzy on what’s all going on, but are you asking me to be a steward over her as well?”

“Yes, yes. Please tell me you’ll say yes?” She pleaded.

I shook my head as I still was trying to catch up with what was happening. “Ok, ok, yes, but there will be a contingency to change my mind later.”

She released her hold on me and took a step back. The look of wonder and awe on her face told me how happy she was. “Oh, thank you, Mike, that’s certainly acceptable to me. I’m still processing a lot of information via a wireless link Mike, this may take several minutes or even hours, so I’m asking for time now to figure out what I need to do to finish Nicholas’s work and activate my android sister. Thank you for being curious about this room! I hadn’t thought of how I might re-enter it though I should have sooner. I blocked out any attempt to return her to avoid punishment. You’re so wonderful, your curiosity has satisfied me once again, and I promise to make this up to you, but I must sit down and do a hard link to finalize and check everything. I am sorry, Mike, but don’t forget that you are so wonderful!” Adalynn stated bluntly.

My mind was still wrapping and sorting through everything that she had said, everything that Nicholas had said, everything that I had seen in these rooms. I nodded and gave a faint smile letting out a sigh of resignation. Adalynn immediately spun around and seated herself in front of the monitor. I watched as she grabbed a cable from off the desktop, then leaned her head forward, giving a toss of her hair, and worked to pull back a small patch of skin right at the base of her hairline. She attached the cable with a click and sat back upright.

As I watched Adalynn in silence, wondering what changes this new development might bring to our budding relationship. I shifted and turned away and walked back over towards the brunette android woman that lay on the table.

So many changes to my life in the last twenty-four hours. The possibility of my previous service call being my last one, the potential of retiring now that I’ve more wealth than I ever thought possible. She is a remarkable woman who isn't a woman, but I’m starting to think of her as my girlfriend, and she is more than she appears. Who acts so human but yet is mechanical with circuits and wiring. But boy, is she a great fuck! These rooms with their hidden secrets and now this new sexy gem here before me.

This brunette bombshell android is just as beautiful as Adalynn, maybe even more so. Her skin tone was a tan-olive color as if she were to have had some Italian or Spanish heritage. Her hair was long, thick, and black, with a touch of chocolate weaved in and throughout. Her eyes were closed, so I couldn’t tell what color they were. Maybe they’d be a blue color as well, perhaps brown.

Her nose was long and slender, with high cheekbones and beautiful full red lips. I allowed my eyes to wander down to her luscious and firm tits. They were a little smaller than Adalynn’s but just as lovely to look at and hold. She had a freckle patch nestled just above her breasts as well as her face across the bridge of her nose adding another perfect touch of realism to her appearance. Nicholas had certainly outdone himself with this android body. She was sculpted a little more athletic. Her abdomen, arms, and legs were toned and defined. She was exotic-looking.

I turned my head to look over my shoulder to the sound of Adalynn’s fingers typing on the keyboard. She had a second monitor active now, just to the right of the main screen in front of her. Her fingers blazed across the keys as lines of code filled the screen.

Chuckling to myself, I thought about how Adalynn said she’d make this up to me and thank me. A threesome, perhaps? I wondered to myself. Nah, Adalynn herself is more than enough for me. “I’ll leave you to it then, sweetie. And I’ll certainly accept your offer to make it up to me later. I’m going to go check out the rest of the house if that’s ok.” I told her, giving her a tender pat on the shoulder.

Adalynn turned and smiled, pausing her work. “I apologize for this departure of me spending time with you, Mike. I promise you won’t regret this.” She replied. Taking a deep breath, I turned around and left, heading out to check the other basement rooms and then back upstairs to do who knows what for how long by myself.

Chapter 8

I was looking at my watch and saw that quite a bit of time had passed as it was a little afternoon now. I closed the sliding door to my service van and looked back at the front door. “Good grief.” I’d said aloud. I had come out here in the cold to sort through and tidy up my service van while I waited for Adalynn to finish doing whatever she had to do.

At first, I just kind of wandered around downstairs, looking at all the empty rooms. Then I went upstairs, exploring what the main floor entailed. Adalynn had a den with some intricate and detailed woodwork that connected to the front entry foyer. There was a guest bath down the hallway that led to the bedrooms. The master bedroom and an en-suite. Two more bedrooms, one directly across from the master with its bathroom and a third, which had been turned into an exercise room with all the equipment you’d expect. Treadmill, elliptical, some free weights, a couple of benches, and kettlebells.

There were the kitchen and dining rooms, of course, then there was the main living area which also had some fantastic woodwork, two cream-colored leather sofas with matching armchairs, a marble top coffee table, and the room had the most fantastic view of the canyon, which sat out in the distance through the large windows. There was a set of double glass French doors to the left of the windows that led out to a snow-covered deck, which would be fun to enjoy once the weather had warmed up. The room also had a gas fireplace that appeared to have never been used. This house was huge but not overly ostentatious.

Upon entering the garage, where I did have to pause, taking the scope of it all in. Was a three-car garage. There were three vehicles in each bay, all black with tinted windows. A Tesla Model 3 parked closest to me. A BMW X5 in the middle bay and a Chevy Tahoe High Country edition in the far bay. The garage was immaculately clean, with only one short work table and two large tool cabinets. The area was warm and felt heated as I stood there on the landing. Glancing around, I noticed a small shop heater hanging from the ceiling near the back corner over in the third bay. This garage alone could make me giddy with its cleanliness, the cars, and hopefully, the tools that would be in the cabinets.

Once my self-guided tour ended, I found nothing else noteworthy in addition to the garage. Thank goodness for that, as I decided to take time to shower off and maybe straighten some things out in the service van. Thinking I’d maybe grab a slice of toast on the way out too.

My stomach had been growling for at least the last thirty minutes. My hands were chilled, and if I had to, the van was ready to be dropped off and my tools collected, should that be necessary. I thought as I headed back inside. I took my time strolling from the van back to the front door.

It had taken me over two hours to organize and straighten everything up to the point that I felt it warranted if I needed to give my resignation in the coming days. The overnight cloud cover had helped to hold in the heat from the previous day, and the early morning sunshine had made working outside in the low thirty-degree weather more bearable. Plus, I had been in constant motion and activity.

I stopped and paused without closing the main door as the fragrant smell of bacon and eggs filled my nostrils. Having momentarily closed my eyes to bask in the aroma, I was once again amazed at how keen Adalynn was to what I needed at any moment, currently now, that was food. Music was softly playing through the main floor sound system, and it took me a moment to identify the artist and song—Juice Newton’s Angel in the morning.

I softly pushed the front door closed, hoping she hadn’t heard me enter, thinking I might just secretly watch her. Pulling off my boots and setting them aside, I slowly crept to where I could take a peek into the kitchen. Expecting to see Adalynn’s backside with her sandy blonde hair draped over her shoulders and perhaps only wearing an apron or shirt to tease me, I was surprised to see the now functional and operational brunette android setting a plate on the counter and entirely in the nude. Well, almost naked, she wore an apron which did little to hide her assets and curves.

She paused and looked up at me as I stood there, semi-hidden behind the corner of the wall. She waved and smiled wide. Her eyes were a captivating ice blue color, as well. A different shade of blue than Adalynn’s, but distinct and alluring. She had also applied a little makeup, eye shadow, and some pink lipstick.

“Don’t be bashful, Mike. Come on in and take a seat. I won’t bite you, I promise. At least not at first anyway.” She giggled, waving me in. Her voice was melodic and captivating with a distinct European accent.

Taking a deep breath and quickly adapting to the changing situation, I made my way over to the kitchen counter while rapidly glancing around to the living room and hallway before pulling out a barstool. I wondered where Adalynn might be.

“I hope you’re hungry. It’s a mash with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon. The pantry and fridge are a little low on supplies. Adalynn has arranged for groceries to be delivered later today.” She said in a light and bubbly tone, placing the hot pan in front of me. “Oh, my bad. I’m Celeste.” She quickly added, extending her hand out to me.

Taking her hand in mine and giving it a firm squeeze, I smiled back. “Celeste. I like that name. It suits you. Did Adalynn pick that for you?” I asked.

“Yes, she did. It means heavenly.” Celeste explained.

“And you are certainly that, heavenly to look at,” I informed her. I paused to look her over as she smiled at me. “You heard me come in the door? I thought I was being pretty quiet.”

“You were very quiet, but I’ve got enhanced hearing capabilities, in case you weren’t aware. I heard you enter. Sorry.” Celeste said.

She batted her eyes and lowered her head somewhat in a bashful manner, then pulling back her hand, she moved around the counter and came to sit beside me. Celeste dished me up a plateful of food and I began to eat.

“Wow, this is very good.” I complimented her between bites.

“Gee, thanks, it wasn’t too hard to find a simple recipe on the internet. But it means a lot to me, being I’m so new at this.” She replied. “It was my first attempt at preparing some semblance of a meal.”

I nodded back and smiled at her. Celeste sat quietly and watched me eat. Similar to how Adalynn had the night before. I took those few minutes of silence to process her last statement. ‘Being new to all this.’ I was also new to all of this as well. But if Celeste was here, I wondered where Adalynn was or what was keeping her occupied.

Once finished, I sat the dishes to the side and turned to face Celeste. She smiled but didn’t say anything. My eyes wandered over her body, up and down. I could see the faint impressions of her nipples behind the apron's fabric she wore. I bet she could tell that I was aroused by her body, too, as Adalynn told me she could sense it. Shaking off that thought, for now, I began with my questions.

“So Celeste, where’s Adalynn?”

Celeste blinked a few times, then returned to her bubbly animated self. “Oh, she’s still downstairs finishing up a few things. My programming isn’t quite a hundred percent complete yet, but very, very close. I apologize if I may seem to zone out from time to time, that’s part of what Adalynn’s been working on. She shouldn’t be too much longer, maybe an hour, maybe less.” She answered.

“Oh,” I replied, nodding. “Your accent, where’s it from?” I asked intrigued by it. Her smile widened as she sat beside me. “It’s a lighter French accent. As if I have lived many years speaking English, or having lived here in the States for most of my life.” She replied.

“Celeste, you said that you’re new to all this. What did you mean by that?” I asked, curious.

Celeste blinked a few times and tilted her head as if thinking. “I’m sorry, Mike, I may not have fully understood your question. But I will try to do my best. My mind was only activated forty-seven minutes and twenty-six seconds ago. Adalynn was able to aid in giving me directions as to what I should do while she completes her work. That work consisted of putting on this apron and finding a suitable recipe that would work with what supplies were here in the kitchen. I was tasked with preparing a suitable meal for you while you occupied yourself outside. Adalynn felt that she could finish my programming on the fly while I was active. She realized that you would need nourishment and companionship while she was delayed with finishing my programming. Going back to your question, being new to this home, Adalynn, you, everything that I am tasked with completing, my programming that is being updated, from this point forward, everything, it’s all new to me.” She explained it in great detail.

“Wow,” I stated. Thinking to myself that she wasn’t as natural in personality yet as Adalynn, but she was far and above how static the brothel androids that I had interacted with a year or so ago were.

After several seconds of silence Celeste suddenly placed her hand over mine as we sat there at the counter. Her head twitched erratically for several seconds. She bit at her bottom lip before speaking, “Adalynn informs me that my sexual systems need to be fully calibrated, Mike. Would you like to fuck me now?” She asked bluntly, sitting up a little straighter.

“Excuse me?” I said, also sitting up and leaning somewhat back and away.

“My sexual systems need to be fully calibrated. To do this, I need you to have sex with me, to fuck me. I need to have your fully erect penis inserted inside of my synthetic pussy so that all of my sensors, actuators, and sexual drivers can be fully and correctly calibrated. The spare bedroom down the hall would be the preferred location to complete this task together.” Celeste stated bluntly.

I pulled my hand back, rubbed my eyes, and stared at Celeste. “Ok, ok, ok. I heard you the first time.” Dumbstruck but also slightly aroused at the same time by her bluntness. Not only did I recently find out that Adalynn was an android and that she asked me to be her owner, but also that her former husband and creator, Nicholas, had constructed yet another beautiful female android. Two beautiful, sexy, fully functional, and both horny for me, female androids. How could I say no?

“Well, since you asked me so politely, then yes, I’d love to help you out,” I said sarcastically, standing up from the stool and reaching for her hand.

Once we had entered the spare bedroom, Celeste immediately removed her apron and turned to face me stark-ass naked. “Adalynn wants me to tell you thank you so much for this and that you won’t be disappointed by my abilities or performance. She’ll closely monitor and observe my performance and sexual systems while we are intimate together.”

“Ok. That’s maybe a little too weird to know that my new girlfriend will watch me fuck another woman, her sister android. But I’ll roll with it. You sound a little robotic, by the way. Is there something wrong with your voice?” I asked her as I began to remove my own set of clothing.

“My personality hasn’t fully updated yet, Adalynn is quickly completing my code and that is most likely the cause for the distortion Mike.” Celeste blinked a few times, pausing, “My current sexual preference is adjusted to active heterosexual, with the scale set to moderate. Do you wish to alter my sexual preferences at this time?” Celeste asked, placing a hand on her hip.

Sitting half-naked on the bed, I removed my shoes and then looked up at Celeste. “Uhm, aren’t those the same parameter settings as Adalynn’s?” I asked, remembering Adalynn saying something very similar to me yesterday.

Celeste seemed to ponder my question, looking momentarily at the floor and then back to me. “Yes, we both currently have the same settings. Do you wish to make any changes, Mike?” She asked again. This time acting a little more relaxed and in a slightly sultry tone.

Thinking quickly, I replied. “Yes, could you and Adalynn both change your preferences to bi-sexual and adjust your scale, Celeste, to one notch above moderate, please.” I watched as Celeste processed my answer.

“Adjusting parameters and settings accordingly.” Celeste paused. “Mike, Adalynn has now informed me that she has completed my programming and personality matrix subroutines. I will need a few minutes to reboot fully before continuing our sexual engagement and calibration session. During that time, you may finish undressing, and if you wish, please feel free to examine my body more closely. Upon restarting I should sound and act more natural, more feminine, and as real as Adalynn appeared to be when you first met her yesterday. I hope you like me and the changes that Adalynn has integrated into my personality.” She said with a smile, then she paused, her face going blank.

Not knowing how long this might take, I finished stripping out of my clothes and set them aside. Standing up, I walked back over beside Celeste. Remembering my initial assessment of her as she lay on the table downstairs, she indeed was shorter than Adalynn. About five foot five inches would be my guess. Adalynn was closer to five foot eight inches.

I brushed back several strands of her long dark hair from the left side of her head. Exposing her ear, I could see a similar soft blue LED beneath the skin at about the exact location as Adalynns.

My eyes drifted down her cheek and to her shoulders. I brought my left hand up and began to trace my fingers along the contours of her collarbone and then over her globe-like breasts. She was warm to the touch, unlike earlier when I saw her downstairs, and she felt so real. Celeste didn’t move or react to my examination as she quietly restarted her systems.

I carefully cupped her one breast with my hand, feeling its warmth and playing with its nipple. My cock sprang to attention, blood flowing into it and filling it to a ripe hardness. The tip of it brushed across the top of her hip line as I brushed past her, and I instinctively flexed. There was still no reaction from her as I fondled and groped her. Her abdomen and stomach were well defined, and her navel had a gold bar piercing. One aspect that Adalynn didn’t share. Celeste’s overall frame and stature were more petite than Adalynn's.

Moving slowly, I began to circle Celeste, taking note of birthmarks or moles placed randomly to give her more of a sense of realism. How her full round, pert breasts hung and defied gravity. The fact that she too had no pubic hair just above her sex. That she was bald and smooth above her snatch. Carefully inspecting for any seams and finding none. Her skin was flawless, smooth, and perfectly human-like. I hadn’t quite had this type of experience or examination with Adalynn yet, and I wondered if I might ask to do so with her. Maybe even have the two of them stand side by side, so I might compare them both, not while they're inactive but awake and alert. I want to watch and see their reactions as I touch them, play with them, and encircle them. Command them to stand at attention while I did so. I’d even stick a finger up inside each of their pussies and finger fuck them while they stood there. Would they beg for more, ask for more? I was getting even more aroused thinking about the possibility.

“Mike?” Celeste whispered, bringing me back to the present moment. She looked up at me longingly. A look I hadn’t seen from her in the last thirty or so minutes, and one that truly appeared genuine and real.

She stepped forward, wrapped her arms around my neck, and pressed her body hard against mine. Our eyes locked, focusing on each other as she stared up at me. She licked at her lips seductively and then bit down on her lower lip. “I am whole now, my personality and character matrix has been fully installed, synced and I need to feel you inside of me, Mike, and I mean I really need to feel your hard, throbbing cock deep inside me! But before we get to that, I can act fully human or be an android and act robotic during our intimacy. Which do you wish me to be?” She cooed, then placed tender kisses across my chest and shoulder.

My heart began to beat faster. Yesterday Adalynn had kind of played that robotic stuttering game before I asked her not to when we were having sex. I had seen Celeste, inactive, laying powered off on the table, some of her inner circuitry visible through an open patch of skin above her breast. It was apparent that this was a part of their sexualized programming.

I cleared my throat, reached down, and gently cupped her face. She looked up at me through her thick lashes and crystal blue eyes. “Play the part of an android,” I said, “I want to fuck you, a pure virgin android! Your hot, sexy, smooth, beautiful, tan, virgin android body!” I replied softly. She smiled as I leaned in and kissed her, softly at first, then passionately.

Celeste moved her hands up, running her fingers through my hair, holding me tightly to her while we kissed. She brought her left knee slowly up alongside mine, and I reached down to hold it up.

I flexed my hard cock against her abdomen, and she let out a moan. Bending my knees, I lowered myself to where I could reach under her ass and pick her up. She wasn’t as heavy as I had anticipated, although I remembered that she wasn’t human but an android. She weighed about what I’d have expected from a flesh and blood woman. Far lighter than Adalynn, remembering our fall to the concrete floor this morning.

Hoisting her up with a bounce, I broke our kissing. Celeste tossed her head back with a sigh as she locked her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. “Oh, master. Won’t you fuck me now? Give me this new experience. Let me feel your kisses, your touch on my naked body, and your cock inside my wet, synthetic, android pussy. I have been designed and programmed to please you. My primary purpose and functions are to sexually satisfy your every desire. I am perfect. I am the perfect female android lover for you.” She said in a sultry tone.

Giving her ass cheeks a firm squeeze and pulling her hard against me, I again flexed my cock as it pushed against her pussy and groin.

“Feel that?” I asked.

Celeste rolled her eyes and quickly lolled her head from side to side, smiling wide and releasing a high pitched squeal. “Aaahhhh! Oh yes, master. You’re so hard already, won’t you fuck my robotic pussy? I want to feel you deep within me.” She cried.

I kissed her again, this time probing my tongue deep into her mouth and tasting the sweetness of her artificial saliva. We both moaned in delight as I spun us around and carefully walked us up against the foot of the bed. Pulling away, I examined her face again, framed by her beautiful black hair. Celeste was wonderfully and, exquisitely crafted, with no visible or outward indication that she was a machine underneath. Her lips were full, and the movement of her eyes as she looked at me with lust was intoxicating.

“Let go of me!” I said sternly, and as she did so, I flung her backward and onto the bed. Celeste let out a gasp and laughed a little. “Oh, Yes!” She exclaimed.

Reaching down, I grabbed her ankles and pulled her back towards me so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. Holding her feet high in the air and spreading her legs apart, I looked down at her clit and my hard dick. I had to lower myself somewhat to position the tip of my cock against her folds due to the height of the bed itself. Then slowly, I pushed my way inside her perfect, tight, virgin vagina. I was relishing in the feeling that it gave me as her moist folds enveloped my shaft.

“Oh shit, your pussy is tight!” I exclaimed, feeling every bit of her synthetic muscles as I slid farther in.

“Ahh!” Celeste squealed, biting down on her bottom lip. “Deeper master. Deeper. I will calibrate and adjust as necessary for your length and girth.”

I gave a firm but gentle final thrust, nestling my groin hard against hers. Firmly planting my cock within her. “God, you feel so good! So much like Adalynn, yet completely different too.” I told her. Our eyes locked again, and her tongue extended out, curling up over her top lip and then into her mouth. She nodded and let out a deep guttural moan.

“I am designed to please you, master. My body has been created to be sexually enticing and arousing, to please you sexually, and to be all things feminine for you.” She cooed. Running her hands down her neck and then over and across her chest, tits, and stomach.

Pulling out of her slightly and giving her a hard thrust, I pushed even deeper inside of her. I watched her tits undulate back and forth as the bed rocked beneath us.

Celeste reached up with her hands and pulled at her tits, holding them tight and pinching her nipples. “Fuck yes! Fuck my tight little pussy! Fuck me hard or fuck me slow. Ooohhh yeah! You feel so good inside of me! Oh Mike! Yes! Like that, just like that!” She seemed to dare me to be rougher with her.

“I like your personality Celeste, at least how you are now compared to fifteen minutes ago. Energetic, bold, fun, and full of lust. I’m going to enjoy fucking you! Fucking your sexy robotic body.” I told her.

Instantly I began to pound away at her tight little pussy. My self-control was lost, and I gave into my raw animalistic and carnal desires for pleasure, relishing in the feeling and emotions it gave me. This was a new record for me, having sex three times in less than twenty-four hours with two lusciously beautiful women. I pulled her left foot over towards my face and placed soft kisses on it as I stroked in and out of her slick folds.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, uhn..yes, oh yes.” She exclaimed with each inward thrust. “Do you like my .. my .. my perfect bod .. my perfect .. perfect body?” Celeste asked, stuttering and looping her words.

Pulling out and holding my cock tip at the entrance of her now-soaked pussy, I smiled down at her, panting. “Oh, baby! You’re so fucking hot. Adalynn and you, you both are so perfect. You each have your differences, but you’re both an amazing fuck. Totally and electrically sexy!” I told her, grabbing my dick and teasing her hole with it, rubbing it up and down along her soft, silky slit, teasingly.

Celeste arched her back again and squirmed at my teasing touch. “I..I am electric. I am perfect .. perfect .. perfect.. I’m a perfect .. a perfect female machine. I am .. I am .. I am .. a purr .. purr .. perfect machine.”

Slowly inserting my cock and then rapidly giving her a series of hard thrusts, I lost my balance and fell over onto her, grabbing both her tits to brace myself as I fell forward. “Oh, shit!” I exclaimed. “My fault.”

Celeste’s head jerked violently to the right, “Error, sensory overload .. Error. More .. more .. fuck me .. fuck me .. my tits ..fuck me tits .. fuck me .. more .. more master.” She said repeatedly, this time in a more digitized tone.

Looking down at Celeste and attempting to read the expression on her face. Having some confusion myself. I’d hoped to discern if she was still playing the part of the robot or if she was having some sort of actual malfunction. She adjusted the tilt of her head and smiled back at me, then mouthed the words, ‘I’m ok, part of the act, Mike.’

Nodding in relief, I quickly stood back up and removed myself from her sex. Celeste giggled. “Oh, you have .. have .. have .. got to .. to .. to .. got to stop teasing me .. me .. me .. aahhhh .. with .. with your cock!” She rolled her eyes to the top of her head, her mouth agape.

I grabbed her hips and repositioned her once again at the edge of the bed. “I know what will stop your stuttering, you little fembot, a hard pussy pounding and me cumming inside your mechanical pussy!” I told her, continuing to play along with her scenario.

Celeste let out a combination of gasps and moans as I grabbed her. “I am not a .. not a .. not a .. fem ..fembot .. I am not a fem .. fembot. I am Celeste, I am real. I am .. I am Celeste .. am .. am .. Celeste ..ohhhh…I am not .. not .. not a ..ohhh.” Her face became blank and emotionless.

Stooping down, I pushed myself deep inside her hole with my hard cock. “Uhnn .. you most .. Uhnn .. certainly are a .. uhh.. a FEMBOT!!” I exclaimed between breaths and grunts. “You’re a fucking .. android .. that’s .. Uhnn .. that’s asked me to .. oh shit! .. fuck her hole and .. uhh .. test her out. Rock her world!”

“Oh, God! Yes, Yes, Yes!! I am a machine. A perfect .. uhhnn .. OHHH!! Machine!” Celeste cried out, sounding more human than robotic, if only for a brief moment. “Pound my .. pussy, my pussy! Oh yeah .. I’m not .. yeah .. ohh, ohh, ohh, .. I am a .. rob .. robot .. I am .. I am a .. a robot. I am a robot, Mike. Ohh fuck me .. master .. I’m not a real .. not a real .. oohhhh .. a real woman.” She whimpered as I continued to pound away at her wet pussy.

My cock began to throb as I felt myself building toward its release. “Oh shit shit shit! I’m going to blow .. uhhnn .. any second now.” My momentum increased as I held her hips and ass firmly as I continued to pound away at her pussy.

Tiny beads of sweat and perspiration had covered Celeste’s forehead and chest. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and mild confusion. “Ohh, Mike! Cum in me! I .. I want to .. ohh fuck yeah! I want to feel you explode inside of me!” She cried out. “You’re my first, I want to .. ohhh .. to experience you fully. .. Fuck my virgin .. my virgin .. my virgin and .. android .. android pussy!”

Seconds away from exploding inside of Celeste, her body began to tense up, and the synthetic muscles of her pussy tightened as she neared her very first orgasm. “Ooohhhh! Oh wow! OHH WOW!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!” She cried out. She flung her arms out to her side and clenched at the blanket beneath her as she suddenly began to buck and push her hips up higher to meet my every thrust. Her tits were wobbling wildly, and her pert nipples were pointing upwards. “OOOH FUUCKK MMEE!! OHH!! OOOHHH!!! PROCESSING NEW .. NEW .. NEW DATA!! .. EEEIIIIIHHHAAAAAHHHHH!!” She cried!

“Oh, God, Celeste!! I can’t hold it .. oh shit, you’re so fucking hot talking like that.” I said, fucking her as fast and as hard as I could while holding tight to both her legs. The combination of pleasure and pain was overwhelming. The bed rocked wildly beneath us as we both climaxed simultaneously. Celeste let out a combination of loud moans and screams while she bucked her hips wildly. I arched my back, crying out, squirting every ounce of my jizz inside her hole. My hips were instinctively pulsing and pistoning, sliding back and forth along her folds.

“OHH BABY, .. FUCK!! I yelled, once I knew I was completely spent and had no more to give. Pulling out of her synthetic pussy and then falling onto the bed beside her, panting from exhaustion. “Oh.My.God, you were fantastic, Celeste! You hot minx you.” I gasped.

Scooting herself up farther onto the bed, she rolled over into a fetal position to face me and placed her hand on my chest. “That was so intense, so incredibly new, and more powerful an experience than what Adalynn described it would be. There is still so much data that I’m having to process, input from all over my body. Thank you, Mike. Oh, thank you for doing that and for such an amazing sexual experience! My very first sexual experience.” Celeste whispered with a teasing grin as she too appeared to be out of breath. If only as a faux simulation.

Laying on my back and too exhausted at the moment to roll over and face her, I turned my head and nodded. “Sweet fucking mercy, you were amazing, so fucking amazing. Between you and Adalynn and how you both make me feel so sexually charged and alive. I haven’t had this much sex in over a year. It’s wild what you two have done to me and how I feel about it. How I feel when I’m inside you and Adalynn, how you each squeeze and contract your synthetic muscles around my cock as I’m fucking you. It’s indescribable!” I explained.

Celeste appeared to think about what I’d said, “That’s the simplest way for me to describe how you’ve made me feel just now, Mike. Everything I am experiencing, seeing, hearing, processing, and sensing is all new. If I were a human woman, I’d have to say you rocked my world.” Celeste said, then giggled.

“Yes, definitely.” I said with a heavy sigh, focusing on her crystal blue eyes. Captivated by her looks and attention.

“I too have accepted your dna Mike, now I am yours just as Adalynn is. Thank you so much. I am yours to command, to love, to play with, and to teach.” Celeste announced.

“Wonderful.” I said breathlessly, still staring at her.

“You sound tired, Mike. Between Adalynn last night and I just now, have we worn you out? Do you want us to refrain from engaging in any more sex with you for a while?” She asked innocently.

I let out a laugh and finally rolled over to face her directly. Celeste’s hand moved from my chest and up to my cheek. “You are like an innocent child in a woman's body, aren’t you? Being so new to the experiences of this world you’re now in?”

“She’ll grow, learn and adjust fairly rapidly, I believe, just as I did.” Adalynn stated as she entered the room, still wearing the bathrobe from this morning.

“Adalynn!” I said, startled by her entrance and sitting bolt upright to look at her.

“Please, Mike, relax.” She said, waving her hand and sitting beside us at the edge of the bed. Celeste sat up close behind me, wrapping her arms around my chest and leaning her head back along my shoulders.

“Adalynn, I want..” she raised her hand, placing it against the lips of my mouth, shaking her head, silencing me kindly.

“Mike, I think I know what you’re about to say; that you enjoyed that little romp session with Celeste here. Am I right?” Adalynn asked with a crooked smile and a tilt of her head.

Nodding in agreement I couldn’t help but smile back at her. “That was above incredible. Celeste is an amazing fuck buddy.”

Both girls laughed at my statement. “Oh, Mike, what an assessment. So you are aware Celeste is as much yours now as I am. So don’t worry or wonder what’s to happen with her. She’ll stay here with us.” Adalynn said softly, taking one of my hands in hers. “Besides, I’d like to know your answer to her question. Have we worn you out?”

I rolled my eyes and let out a chuckle. “No, you haven’t. Just give me a few minutes to recoup, though.” I paused, watching Adalynn’s reaction. Her expression quickly changed to one of need as she licked her lips. “So, Celeste is now mine too?” I asked in amazement.

“Yes, I am yours, Mike. You are my owner, master, and lover. And knowing that you're not entirely spent and worn out makes me feel good too.” Celeste cooed into my ear.

I nodded, shifting my head slightly to look at Celeste, then to Adalynn. “It will take me some time adjusting to all of this. The two of you, this house, the lifestyle change, having sex on a whim with two of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever known.”

Both girls giggled and laughed at the same time. “We know.” They said in unison. Adalynn leaned in and gave me a tender kiss, and I reached up with my free hand and cupped the back of her head, holding her firmly there as we kissed.

Chapter 9

After several seconds of kissing, we parted, and Adalynn looked at me quizzically, with a longing look of needing more kissing and attention.

Clearing my throat, “So .. is Celeste fully calibrated now?” I asked while squeezing Adalynn’s hand and gazing into her eyes.

Celeste perked up, looking over my shoulder at Adalynn, also awaiting her response, or so I assumed. “Sexually calibrated, yes. Sexually experienced, no. Overall she’s at ninety-six point seven percent operational with no additional personality or character modifications at this time. She’ll learn and grow over time just as I have.” Adalynn stated confidently, her eyes dropping to my mid-section and my softening penis.

Celeste lowered one hand from my chest and gently took hold of my dick as I, too, looked down at it. “Ladies?” I asked curiously.

“I told you that I’d repay you today, for our lost time together this morning. And … if I recall correctly earlier this morning, you had implied a certain something when speaking of my backup android bodies, something with the number three, maybe? Was I mistaken about that?” Adalynn asked with a sly grin. Celeste began to gently massage my cock with her slender yet expert fingers, bringing some blood flow and hardness back into it once again. Adalynn moved her free hand down to offer additional assistance to Celeste’s ministrations, touching me in all the right places. In all my tender areas.

“Oh shit! Yes, yes to both. But I don’t know if I have it in me just yet. I’m feeling a little spent, ladies.” I answered, as more blood rushed back down to my dick as they played with it. “But I did say I’d need some time to recoup. Just don’t rush me, please.”

“We’re not asking you to fuck us both right here and now, Mike. Adalynn and I will tag-team you and suck on your cock, to clean you up from our romp of fucking. We’ll both lick you clean of our sticky cum.” Celeste cooed.

“Don’t you want to have us both cleaning you up? You haven’t experienced a blow job until you’ve had two perfectly designed female android lovers suck you off, lick and suck your balls and shaft.” Adalynn whispered seductively, batting her eyes at me.

“Oh God, yes!!” I exclaimed. “I mean now? Right now, right now?”

“We are programmed to please you. Your pleasure gives us pleasure. There is no better time than right now.” They both said in unison and with a slightly robotic tone. Both Adalynn and Celeste stopped stroking my cock and began to reposition themselves around me on the bed. Adalynn gently pushed and laid me back and onto the bed, my feet hanging off a few inches.

“All you have to do, Mike, is let us take care of you. Act naturally and react as you want to and need to. Celeste and I want to do this for you. We won’t be role-playing or acting like mechanical, digitized robots this time. We are going to be ourselves this time around. The Android girls that Nicholas each specifically designed, characterized, coded and programmed us to be. Human-like in every way possible. Just a pair of sexy, horny women who want to suck on your hardening member and clean you up. If you want just to lay back and enjoy this, which you should, by the way, then do that. If you want to touch and play with us, which we certainly wouldn’t mind either, do that too. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, pleasurable and happy, ok?” Adalynn stated before kissing me on the cheek.

I inhaled a deep breath and smiled back at her, “You’re amazing, you know that?”

Chapter 10

Within the first three minutes of Adalynn and Celeste’s tag-teaming blow job, my member was rock hard once again. As I lay there on my back, they had spread my legs apart for easier access to my manhood, and each of them would take turns licking my balls, pumping my shaft with their hands, and deep throating my cock. I was in complete bliss, and it was both euphoric and dazzling. The reality of me having sex with these two gorgeous women was almost too hard to believe, yet here we all were.

As Adalynn told me prior, they would behave as humanly possible, with no glitching, erratic speaking, or pausing. We were all moaning together as the two of them devoured my cock, and even Celeste made some gagging sounds when she first took me in her mouth. Seeing them this way, knowing that on the inside, they were machines with wires, motors, and circuitry, but on the outside, they looked, felt, and acted wholly human and natural. That was crazy wild to think about. They both possessed a mastery of felatio beyond any girlfriend I’d previously experienced or been with. I'd felt sensations I didn't know were humanly possible as they swirled their tongues across my cock. One would have me in their mouth while the other licked away at my exposed shaft and balls.

Celeste eventually tied her hair up in a messy bun to help keep it away from her face, while Adalynn would pull hers to one side or the other whenever they rotated in and out from their turn of sucking my cock. At one juncture, I had tried to sit up, but Adalynn pushed me firmly back down and back onto the bed. I was able to prop some pillows behind my head and under my shoulders, so I could at least enjoy the show as these two sex goddesses’ took such tender care of me.

After a few more minutes Celeste sat upright and looked at me, letting Adalynn take over the polishing of my pole. Tilting her head slightly to the left while looking up at me, “Mike, have you ever considered a personal grooming device? No offense, love, but taking care of your redwood here through the tall grass,” she paused, “you need to trim some of this back.” Celeste giggled, and I could tell she meant no malice in speaking metaphorically of my long pubic hair.

Adalynn popped off my dick while keeping her hand pumping my shaft. “I’ve got one we can use. I’ll be right back,” she said, releasing her hold and quickly hopping off the bed. I was about to protest as she stopped and turned back around. “Mike! No arguments. Shaving your groin will be as much for your benefit as it will be for ours.” Plopping my head back on the bed and expelling a deep sigh I realized that I was doomed to be groomed by these two now. I thought.

I rolled my eyes and relaxed somewhat as Celeste curled uptight over my left side, her left breast nestled on top of my chest, our eyes met, and I could feel the heat of her breath with how close she was to me. In reality it was the exhaust of her internal cooling system. “Yes?” I whispered.

“I’m so hot for you again, Mike, and Adalynn simply adores you. If it weren't for you, who you are, your character, your honesty, your curiosity, your leap of faith and trust in making that decision yesterday to accept her offer. Well…I don't believe that I would be active now and learning and experiencing all that I am with the two of you. So I need to thank you too, and I promise to always take good care of you.” Celeste spoke softly before kissing me passionately.

“Got it!” Adalynn exclaimed as she bounded back into the bedroom and onto the bed while holding what I assumed to be the grooming tool. Celeste pulled away, giving me a wink of her eye, and turned her head around. “I may have to keep him distracted while you start. His lips could use some TLC and he tastes so yummy.” She teased.

“As much as I truly appreciate all this attention, you both don't have..” I started to say before Celeste once again leaned in to kiss me, turning my head to hers, stopping me from completing my comment. As we kissed, I felt a sudden wave of both excitement and arousal, and I knew that she, too, was probably equipped with those artificial pheromones, helping me focus my attention elsewhere, of course. I heard a click and a soft hum from the trimmers, then Adalynn firmly yet gently grabbed my erect shaft and went to work.

When Celeste finally broke our kiss, looking down at me with lust in her eyes, she bit at her bottom lip. I could tell this was one of her many programmed character traits. “You really should try sucking on my tits.” She cooed as she crawled ever closer, placing her pert nipple directly over my mouth, then lowering herself so I could easily reach it.

Parting my lips, I latched onto her nipple and began to suckle it. “Ohhh!” Celeste moaned, processing the new sensation for the first time. I twirled my tongue over and across her hardening nipple as I sucked hard against her. Reaching up, I took hold of her breast with both hands, keeping it firmly attached to my mouth. “Aaahhhh…Adalynn!! I had no idea this would feel so good. The way Mike’s teasing my nipple and sucking on me.” She cried out.

It dawned on me that I was at a disadvantage with these two women. As androids, they possessed a wireless communications link. Not only had they been talking out loud, but silently between themselves as well it appears.

Adalynn paused her barbering of my pubic hair. The vibration from the trimmers alone was stimulating and helped keep me erect. “It’s wonderful, isn't it? The sensation in your breasts, in your mind, and down low in your groin and sex, how your mind can process everything, and it all comes together? Your hunger and need for fulfillment? Both yours and his?” She asked.

Celeste nodded while pushing her tit hard against my mouth. I momentarily stopped sucking on it to listen to their exchange. “Don’t stop, Mike. This feels amazing!” She whimpered.

Adalynn resumed her work and periodically kissed the tip of my cock between stroking it and moving it around as she shaved me. Celeste was practically on top of me now, and holding her tit with both hands wasn't necessary with her current position. Therefore, I reached under her, moving my left hand, and traced the inside of her thigh, up to her ass, till my fingers were at the entrance of her pussy, gently and softly stroking at her folds but not inserting them. “OH FUCK! MIKE!!” Celeste thrashed about on top of me, pulling her now-soaked tit away and pushing back against my hand and fingers.

“Hey, you two! You're close to interrupting my work down here.” Adalynn yelled.

“Rub me harder or stick your fingers in and finger fuck me, but don't stop now. Ohh shit, that felt so good!!” Celeste exclaimed.

“Well then, why don't you turn around and straddle me, place your ass and clit over my face. Adalynn taught me something yesterday that I think you'll enjoy.” I paused. “Adalynn dear, if you’re about done trimming, my dick could use your moist rosy lips around it again, and maybe you and Celeste could even resume your tag-team efforts sucking on my cock. To get me to cum and orgasm one more time.”

Celeste had no hesitation as she hurriedly spun around and did as I instructed.

“I’m done trimming, for now, my love,” was all Adalynn said before dropping the device to the floor and extending her tongue out, and slowly licking my cock from its base to its tip. Immediately rushing more blood back within its walls.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” I moaned, relishing in the sensation as Adalynn went to work on my stiff rod. The moist folds of Celeste's pussy were now directly above my mouth, I blew a steady, focused breath out to tease her, and she arched her back slightly, releasing her own muffled moan.

Over the next five to seven minutes, Celeste orgasmed at least twice while I tongue fucked her, spilling her sweet nectar across my mouth. Adalynn expertly sucked my cock to the point where I thought I'd explode at least once before she could calm me back down, and Celeste and Adalynn shared their first female-to-female kiss over me. I couldn't think of how either of these two fine machines, women, could ever top and exceed what they had and were doing to me right now.

“Oh fuck, you have got to let me explode one more time and cum inside one of you. I don't care which, just one of you, please mount my rod and fuck me. This game of winding me up and wind me down, I can't take it much longer.” I said in exasperation, taking a break from Celeste’s dripping hole.

I could feel Adalynn reposition herself and begin to straddle my mid-section as the bed rocked slightly under all our weight. Celeste sat up a little straighter as she knelt over me, both women facing each other now.

“You’re so hard, Mike. I can't wait to feel you inside of me.” Adalynn cooed as she grabbed hold of my cock in one hand and guided it to her wet, waiting hole.

While holding firm to Celeste’s ass cheeks, I could tell that she was leaning forward again toward Adalynn, one of them let out a soft gasp, and then Adalynn positioned herself and slid down and onto my hard cock. There was the momentary sound of lips kissing wildly, then Adalynn began to move up and down my stiff member slowly.

“Oh shit, Adalynn! Fuck, you feel so good. Oh. My. God! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Me.!” I cried out.

“Ohh yeah, baby, you're so fucking hard, and you feel so good inside my pussy!” Adalynn exclaimed, her speed and rhythm increasing. The sensation of her gliding down my cock, along with the emotion of my need to explode inside of her, was quickly building.

Celeste reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips apart. “Dive in as far as you can, Mike. Send me over the edge one more time as well. Please, oh please.” She whimpered.

Lifting my head, I thrust my tongue into her waiting hole. Celeste’s sweetness was of a slightly different flavor than Adalynn’s. Her’s was more fruity than that of a more mild honey blend. While plunging my tongue in and around her hole as she held it open for me, I could sense the in-sync rhythm that she had with Adalynn as she seemed to be rocking her pelvis, bringing her pussy close and then pulling up slightly as I ate her out.

“I love how your tits bounce as you're fucking him, Adalynn. Aahhh..this feels so..uhh..amazing! Oh shit, your my clit..ohh..ohh so good Mike!” Celeste cried out.

Adalynn smiled with a mischievous grin as she reached out, taking hold of Celeste’s tits in her hands, groping and kneading them. “I’ve wanted to feel your tits ever since..oh fuck me, ohh..ever since Mike changed our behavior settings to bi-sexual. Oh shit! .. they're so firm and warm. Ohh, fuck! I'm building up too.. I'm going to cum soon! Fuck yeah, your cock’s so.. uhh.. so hard inside of me.”

I was so close to my release. Biting down on Celeste’s folds, I began to buck upwards as Adalynn moved downwards in her motion. I moaned as Celeste thrashed wildly on my face. Adalynn cried out, “Harder, Mike, harder!”

Seconds later we all orgasmed together. I released my load inside Adalynn’s sopping pussy as she clenched down around my hardened cock and continued to fuck me furiously. Celeste’s whole body seemed to convulse and buck as her orgasm coursed through hers. Her juices dripped from my lips and ran down the inside of her thighs. My body rocked hard as I flexed my cock repeatedly inside Adalynn. It took several minutes before we all lay together on the bed, each one of us spent from the emotional and sexual exercise. Adalynn was on my right side and Celeste on my left.

As my breathing returned to normal, I turned to look into Adalynn’s eyes. Neither of us said anything aloud, just smiling at each other. Feeling tired and exhausted, I knew sleep wasn't far off. She reached up and tenderly caressed my face with her manicured fingers.

“Was I enough? For you and Celeste?” I whispered, curious. Celeste let out a moan affirming that she was content and satisfied.

Adalynn shook her head slightly. “I could still use more, but I'm good.” She said, still tracing her fingers along my cheek and chin.

“Then the two of you go to the other bedroom across the hall and have Celeste see to your needs, or just go get yourself off. I'm crashing fast here.” I stated.

Adalynn’s smile turned to a slight pout. “Remember, we can't self-stimulate. For us to masturbate, it has to be a command from you.” She stared at me with a wondering look. “So is this a command? Do you want us to go to the other bedroom to please each other?” She asked huskily.

I nodded, rolling my eyes. “Yes! Go! Tell me all about the experience later. I'm so worn out and tired now. I want you both to either masturbate, scissor each other, go down on each other's pussy, just see to each other's sexual needs until you're both satisfied. I command you both.” I said softly.

Celeste leaned over and started placing kisses on my shoulder and chest. “I'm very much enjoying being alive and sexually active. Mostly the sexually active part though, thank you so much, Mike.”

Adalynn giggled before turning my head and placing one last kiss on my lips. “As you command, my love. Thank you.” She moved and stood up off the bed. “Come on, Celeste, it’s girl time.”

I turned my head to look at Celeste as a mischievous grin spread across her smile. “Go!” I told her, and she too bounced off the bed. “Please let me sleep as long as I need, ladies,” I said as I rolled over, pulling the bed's covers down and climbing under them.

Adalynn and Celeste made no additional comments or sounds before closing the door. I think I took two breaths, closed my eyes, and drifted off to a blissful sleep.

Chapter 11

It must have been the sensation of my own drool on the pillow that woke me up. Opening my eyes and blinking rapidly to bring the bedroom into focus, and with a few newly accustomed body aches, I raised myself to a sitting position. I was looking down at the pillow. I wiped at the drool spot and then flipped the pillow over, fluffing it some in the process.

The bedroom window blinds were partially open, and it appeared to be near or around sunset. There was still some light coming through the window, although it was slightly muted with clouds. With it being mid-January, I would guess that the time would be about 4:50 in the early evening. Good God, how long had I slept? I wondered. The stress of change and the amount of sex over the last two days had taken their toll. If I had to make a guess, I had slept for at least two hours if not more.

Taking a moment as I sat there, I listened intently to the sounds of the house. It was tranquil, giving me no indication of what may be transpiring elsewhere or what activity the girls may be doing, but one thing I did know for sure was that once again, I had to pee and relieve myself.

Five minutes later, I exited the adjoining bathroom and stopped to peek through the window blinds at the setting sun. The blend of reds and oranges in the clouds was impressive and captivating. The position and location of Adalynn’s home certainly provided one with an excellent view of the western horizon. I imagine the view would be even better from the living room windows and balcony.

After picking up my clothes and getting dressed, having left the bedroom, I headed down the hall to the front of the house and the living room. As I turned the corner, I noticed Celeste standing at the double glass doors that lead out to the snow-covered deck, staring out at the horizon and the dazzling sunset.

Celeste wore a pair of tight denim blue jeans and a loose-fitting pink tank top, she had pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and her feet were bare. She held her hands behind her back as she looked out the windows at the setting sun.

“Mike, have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Tonight's sunset is dazzling!” Celeste asked, turning to face me, smiling. Her blue eyes contrasted against her olive tone skin and dark black brunette-colored hair. Making her eyes the center focal point of her face.

I smiled back at her as I walked over to stand beside her. She turned her gaze back to the clouds and the setting sun. “Yeah, it sure is a pretty one tonight, isn't it.” I agreed. “Not to mention that you're just as dazzling to look at as well,” I added.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, nodding her head, then reaching over, taking my hand, and interlacing our fingers together. “New is beautiful! Everything is new for me. I love it!” She said jubilantly.

I looked down, squeezing her hand, noting how well her hand fit with mine. “Where’s Adalynn?” I asked as both of us stood there, watching the colors slowly change as the sun continued to set, dropping slowly below the horizon.

“She went into town for a few extra items that couldn't be purchased and delivered. Some clothing, makeup, and a few personal items she thought we’d all appreciate. She should be back within the hour.” Celeste explained.

“Items that we all would appreciate? You two must not have spent too much time engaged in girl on girl playtime then.” I said.

Celeste giggled, turning her head to look at me. “Enough time to meet our needs. We tried something that ended up being absolutely fantastic. We were linked wirelessly and physically. Fifteen minutes later, we were both... fully, sexually satisfied. You practically had us fulfilled. We just needed to top each other off.” She explained, continuing to giggle.

“Wow! Glad it's not that short a time for me.” Raising my left wrist to look at my watch and realizing I hadn't put it back on. “Shit. How long did I sleep, Celeste?”

“About two hours and thirty-seven minutes, give or take. Adalynn checked on you before she left. You didn't even stir. As for the items she was picking up for us, basic hygiene items for you, scented female body spray, some clothing items, and intimate apparel for her and me,” Celeste answered, then asked, “Why, is something wrong?”

“No, no, still waking up, I guess, just a little groggy.” I said, feeling somewhat ashamed for sleeping so long. A curious thought crossed my mind at that moment too. “Hey Celeste, can you describe for me what you're seeing out there? What does this dazzling sunset look like to you?”

“Oh, ok.” Celeste paused for a moment as if gathering her thoughts. “I see an abundance of colors, Mike, shades of reds and orange on the clouds. There are two small openings on the left, where the sun rays are still projecting through some of the clouds. There is a mixture of density which helps to diffuse the light and add depth to the colors. The cloud types that I see are known as altocumulus, stratocumulus, and cumulus.” Celeste pointed with her right hand. “I see the darkening sky as the hues change from light blue to a dark Royal Navy shade. The silhouette outline of the mountain range in the distance as the daylight fades with the rotation of the earth. So many colors intermixed between the sky and clouds. There’s so much beauty in what I see and how I process it all. Is that not similar to how you see it, Mike?” Celeste described in amazement and asked for my opinion.

I turned Celeste towards me. “You can see all that? That’s very descriptive, more so than I thought you’d attempt to explain to me. That's crazy cool! But yes, your description is nearly identical to how I see the sunset and the sky.”

Celeste blinked a few times, cocked her head to the side, smiled, then leaned on her toes and kissed me on the lips. As we parted, she reached down and cupped my manhood through the fabric of my jeans. “That kiss is from Adalynn. She sends her fondest regards and is on her way back home now. The groping is from me.” She giggled. “I hope you liked it, and thank you. Yes, I can perceive more detail than what I described, but how I process it in ones and zeros, my programming, the different algorithms that I used to compile all the data, and then putting it all into words that are carefully structured to simulate in near exactness what a human would say. However, everything I’ve described is wonderful to me, and this is my first sunset after all and one I’ll always remember forever.” She explained with a grin.

I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tight yet gently at the same time, planting a kiss on the top of her head. Celeste hugged me back in kind. Celeste felt so real in this moment, my mind attempting to determine if I could feel anything abnormal or artificial as I held her close. In the end, in that quick fleeting moment my brain switched gears and reminded me that she was practically human. At least in all appearances, the warmth and softness of her skin, the way she moved and talked.

“Thank you for allowing me to give you that hug. I think you wanted that kiss as much as Adalynn asked you to give it.” I said, watching her expression.

“Mmmm, you're very perceptive, and anytime you want to give me a hug, I'll always accept one, Mike.” She replied.

“This link you’re sharing with Adalynn, was it her idea or yours? Do you find it beneficial, and if so, how exactly?” I asked, very curious to hear her response.

“Adalynn arranged the link to help teach and instruct me so that I could better understand a variety of principles and concepts from her perspective. Where Adalynn herself has grown over the last two years she has an immense database for me to draw from. The link is a way to accelerate the overall learning process for me. If I ask a question, she quickly answers back. She’s checked in with me a few times while you were sleeping, and of course just now. We utilized it heavily while we all had sex earlier today. So I see the link as necessary for now, maybe not permanently. Remember, Mike, everything is new to me. Every sunset, every experience, all of it.” Celeste explained.

“Ditto for me as well. We’re both on a new learning curve.” I replied. After a few quiet moments of standing there together in our loose hug, she released her hold and pushed back. “Let's both sit down on the sofa, shall we.” She motioned.

“Sure,” I said, curious about where this might go. Taking one last glance at the colorful darkening sky.

Celeste plopped down at one end, curling her knees up to her chest, and watching me with a crooked smile while I chose to sit somewhat off-center on the sofa. Once I was seated comfortably, though, Celeste extended her legs out and over mine and pretended to stretch out.

Looking at her with a grin and a half-laugh, I asked, “Do you want a foot rub or something?”

She giggled before answering, “Sure, why not, if you’re offering. Although there’s no benefit to it for me, although I sense you might enjoy giving me one.”

“Nothing, huh?” I asked seriously.

Celeste shook her head, “No muscles or tendons to stress, strain or bruise. But please, go ahead if you want. I can simulate the enjoyment of it for you as if I was a flesh and blood woman if that makes a difference.” She explained.

I rolled my eyes at her, “Well, since you put it that way.” I grabbed her right foot lifting it for a closer look and inspection. “Huh,” I said as I studied her very real-looking female foot and ankle. “So enlighten me a little if you would please, with a few of the differences between me, a human, and you, an android. I mean the basics, where your digital brain is located, simple mechanical anatomy, things like that.” I asked, looking deep at her piercing, crystal blue eyes.

“Rub my foot, please, and I, the sexy and exotic Celeste, will explain and describe to you as best as possible, but it may be a pretty dull explanation.” Celeste giggled.

Lowering her foot back down to my lap, I began to gently massage her right foot as if she were genuinely human. “I’m intrigued, dull or not. I’d still like to know.” I told her.

She leaned a little farther back against the arm of the sofa and let out a deep sigh, her whole body relaxing as I applied both hands to the current task of massaging her foot. Celeste pivoted her head and focused her attention back on me.

“Ok, Mike, skeletal-wise, you and I are very similar yet very different. My head does not house my brain, what you might call my mind or central core. That is actually comprised of six liquid-cooled, quad-core processors that are located in my upper right chest compartment, behind the breast. My head houses my vision, upper balance, hearing, taste, and olfactory sensor arrays.” Celeste batted her eyes at me and paused, “Want me to continue?” She asked.

I nodded, continuing to massage her foot. “Please.”

“Alright then, oohh .. right there, that feels really, really good, Mike, thanks,” Celeste stated, then sighed. “So, my chest, abdomen, and pelvic cavities contain fluid reservoirs and solid waste storage sacks, my power pack batteries, ventilation, and cooling systems, my primary balancing gyros, and my pelvic sexual system components. My breasts are made of silicone gel packs with a full overlay sensor mesh that's tied into my sexual systems. ” Celeste finished with a sultry voice before continuing. “Surprisingly, my inner left thigh houses an emergency power module should my main power supply fail or fall below operating parameters.”

I finished with her right foot, set it down over my groin area and picked up her left foot, and began to massage it. Celeste leaned her head back and closed her eyes, appearing to enjoy the attention I was paying her.

“Do you have to charge your batteries often, and how long will a single charge last you and or Adalynn?” I asked Celeste as I spread her toes and pressed my thumbs into her arch, slowly working them up to the ball of her foot.

“Ooohhh, you’ve got such magic fingers.” Celeste paused, closing her eyes and pretending to relish in the moment. “We’re both able to charge wirelessly here in the house as we walk about upstairs. Each bedroom and bathroom floor has a charging grid beneath the carpet and tile, so we’re fully charged most of the time. The pedestals in the basement maintenance room will also charge us when needed. Oohh geez! Not so hard, please. That’s a tender spot.”

“Sorry, my bad.” I apologized, then laughed out loud.

Celeste let a small chuckle escape before continuing. “How often we’ll need to charge outside of the house will depend on the level of activity and exertion. On average, my power supply should be sufficient for about seven days. I believe Adalynn’s power supply duration is a little lower at five to six days. Being that she’s two years older than I am. We can charge up via a charging cable should the need arise or if we can’t use a wireless grid. Or are away from the house for a prolonged period.” She explained.

“That’s great! So you both can leave the house for long periods. Travel and take trips, see new places, and not worry too much about your power consumption.” I stated.

Celeste smiled wide, “Yes. I've already asked Adalynn when we all could leave for somewhere more tropical as I really would love to spend some time on a beach and show off my curves, have you ogle and lust after me.” She said with a wink of her eye.

“Now, that would be wonderful. Somewhere warmer than here. There’d be plenty of staring as well and not just from me. It’s hard not to stare and ogle you by the way.” I stated. My mind began to imagine beaches and island settings based on what Celeste had just said.

“Mmmm, I know.” She giggled.

I nodded and thought about what she had shared and explained while I worked her left foot over. I was dumbfounded at the fact that I was giving a foot massage to Celeste, who was an android and who certainly didn’t require it. She, who appeared so perfectly human, who looked and seemed to be female in every way and detail. But yet simulated her enjoyment of the massage.

After several minutes of silence, other than her occasional sigh or moan of simulated enjoyment as I worked her foot, I asked another question that had come to mind. “So I noticed several shipping boxes and containers in the basement this morning. Did Nicholas design you, and have you manufactured off-site, then assembled and programmed here?”

Celeste sat up, attentive to my new question, and gave me a more serious look before answering. “Boy, you are curious, aren’t you?” She asked me in return and pulled her legs off of my lap, out of my hands, and tucked them back under herself. “Not entirely. He designed and wrote my AI code, well, ninety-eight point six percent of it, and he selected certain facial and physical characteristics for my appearance and female form. I was then processed and assembled. Individual parts of my body were packed and shipped in those boxes and containers that you saw. Nicholas then assembled me and began to upload my code programming and personality matrix here at the house. Nicholas had been one of the original co-founders of Synth-Replica AI Technologies Limited. My overall design, internal technology, and configurations you see before you are of their collaborative engineering and design.” Celeste explained. “Albeit my design is now more than a year old.” She quickly added.

“Wow!” I said, turning a little more to face her directly. “You answer one of my questions, and then I have a few more to add on top of it.” I sighed, trying to digest all that she had said.

“Alright then, how about I ask you a few questions now, Mike? We can take turns if that works for you. I would hope that, over time, Adalynn and I will be able to answer all your questions. There’s no rush, and there is a lot I’m sure you’re curious to know.” She said in a softer, gentler tone.

I let a chuckle escape my lips, “Ha! I'll agree only if you let me lay in your lap and rest my head against your chest. Seeing as how this is turning into a type of Q and A therapy session.” I told her as I slid off the couch. She nodded in the affirmative, stretching her legs out as I slid between them and up against her, nestling my head against her soft pillow-like breasts.

“Oohhh, I like how this feels with you and me in this position on the sofa. It’s so intimate yet casual. Can I play with your hair as we talk?” Celeste asked.

“Certainly, one massage in exchange for another. I’ll try not to fall asleep if you do, though.” I replied, nestling in closer to her.

“Fair enough. So…was there a reason you chose your career path in HVAC and electrical?” Celeste asked softly, leaning into my ear.

“I had an uncle suggest it as a career one day. I’d gone from job to job, barely making ends meet, slowly getting myself farther and farther into debt. We were at a family gathering, and he started asking me questions about what I wanted to do and where I hoped to be a few years out. The electrical discussion actually came up first. He talked about the benefits of several trades and commented that the trades are just as important as doctors. They’ll always be needed. Someone somewhere will always have a need. He piqued my interest, and from there, I did some research, found a local union rep, and got started along the road to where I’m at today.” I told her.

“Mmmm. You must have admired your uncle for him to have had such an impact on your life.” Celeste stated as she carefully began to run her fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes for a moment, basking in the feeling she was creating as she moved her fingers across my scalp.

“We weren’t very close, but I’d always respected him. He didn’t show off by wearing fancy clothes or having the most expensive cars or home. He was always happy, never in a sour mood. I guess that is what I admired about him the most. It was so easy to talk to him and really listen to what he had to say. How he approached others and treated them with respect made the biggest impression.” I explained.

“Ah, you do have a tender heart, Mike,” Celeste said, reaching down and patting the center of my chest for a moment.

“Most days at least, there are some days when I don't even recognize myself though,” I told her.

“Oh, what do you mean by that?” Celeste asked with curiosity.

“Uhmm .. let's say I have an occasional attitude problem. If I let something fester or bother me long enough without seeking to resolve it, I turn into a real grump, and if I choose to get offended by a comment or action that I feel is unfair or unwarranted, well, my attitude tanks too. Sometimes I’ll lash out verbally and on rare occasions, I’ve been known to break small objects or throw something.” I explained.

“Mmmm, I hope you’re plenty relaxed here, and I’ll attempt not to provoke that side of you,” Celeste told me.

“Those days are mostly behind me. Meditation and staying focused have really helped me do better. I can't imagine you or Adalynn intentionally doing something to bring that side of me to the surface.” I told her.

“Certainly not. One of our primary social purposes is to help ease your burdens, not add to them.” Celeste explained before continuing. “So, ok, do you ever regret not finding that someone special, a mate per se, and settling down? I mean, not that you still couldn’t, of course, and not that you’re too old for it to happen. Just that, from what I know and understand, most men tend to seek out a partner and start a family at some point in life.” Celeste clarified.

“Well .. no .. maybe I do. That’s a question I ask myself occasionally from time to time. I knew a girl several years back, and we had a really good friendship that evolved into a very romantic relationship. We eventually moved in together, which was really good for a while.” I told Celeste.

“So what happened?” She prodded after a moment of silence.

“I took an out-of-town job for a while, like five months away out of town, and her work shift changed to a rotational one. Once my job finished, and I was back in town, we never seemed to be able to make time for each other. That caused a rift and the breakdown of our relationship, sad to say. I still think of her sometimes.” I explained.

“Thank you for sharing that with me, Mike. So, do you feel that your relationship with me and Adalynn will fill that void and satisfy your needs long term?” Celeste asked, more reserved this time.

I cocked my head to look up at her, “That’s a question that might need more time and consideration for me to answer honestly. But don’t worry, I intend to be around for a long time as we all learn and grow together.”

Celeste leaned down planting a kiss on my head. “Can I ask you another question Celeste?” I blurted out as the thought occurred to me. “Sure sweetie.” Taking a deep breath as I framed my words before speaking them aloud, “Do you, as an android, see yourself as a female? I know you’re built and designed to appear as such. But do you? Not just as a machine programmed to see to my needs, but feminine. Does my question make sense?”

Celeste shifted slightly as she pursed her lips, her eyes focusing intently as she peered down at me. “I understand your question Mike.” She paused, still watching me. “Where my AI has only occupied this form and body, my only reference and knowledge comes from you, Adalynn, my programming and what research I’ve been able to compile from the internet since my activation. To answer your question though, yes. I see myself as female.” Celeste stated as she continued to caress my head.

“Thank you, I guess that was kind of a silly question.”

“Oh no, on the contrary I don’t believe it to be silly. Would you rather have discovered a male android in your examination of the maintenance room? Do you prefer male to male experiences over the traditional heterosexual sexual orientation Mike?” Celeste asked innocently.

Bursting with laughter I shook my head, “Hell no Celeste! I’m as straight as an arrow and I’m enamored with you and Adalynn. I most definitely prefer women and the female form.”

“Ah Mike, you are so amazing. I am enjoying this time conversing with you.This question and answer time together has helped give me better insight into who you are as an individual and friend, and what it is to be human.” Celeste paused before continuing. “My next question though might be difficult for you, and then again, it may not, and I’ll understand if you want to pass on it. But I'm trying to better myself by asking.”

I turned my head to glance up at Celeste. Her smile was soft as she peered down at me. “No, ask away. You’ve answered my questions. I’ll answer yours.” I told her. “And you’re right, this has been time we’ll spent together.”

Her smile broadened some, “Ok, I’m going to preface this inquiry to help give some understanding. Adalynn extended the offer to you to be her new owner, and you chose to accept her. Your decision has had several new developments due to that choice, myself being one of those. By my calculations, you and I have spent equal intimate and personal time together as compared to you and Adalynn. Would you agree with my assessment?”

Celeste smiled down at me as I looked at her, thinking quickly to recall my time between the two of them. “Uhmm, that might be true I guess, but just marginally if so. Where’s this going exactly?”

“You’ll see. So my question is: Would you have a specific reason as to why you would prefer me physically, sexually or emotionally over Adalynn based on your time spent with either of us?”

I sat bolt upright and turned to face her, instinctively reaching for her hands and holding them tight. “What the hell kind of question is that?”

“A direct one.” She answered, straight-faced with no sign of emotion. “But allow me to..” She started to say.

“I didn’t think jealousy could be a part of your programming or hers Celeste! Equal time spent together? Where is this question coming from?! When I wanted to spend more time with Adalynn, she was focusing on you. Now she’s off running errands and I’m here with you. That’s not a lot of time in actuality.” I stated, cutting Celeste off from what she was about to say.

Celeste looked down at our hands, then back up at me, a faint smile crossing her lips. “It’s not jealousy, Mike. I am … curious to know if you prefer my companionship, my body, my physical appearance, our emotional connection and sexual performance over that with yours and Adalynns?”

With my mouth slightly open, I just sat there and stared at her, trying to wrap my mind around the origin of this question. After several seconds and not finding any quick or simple solution to answer her, I decided simply not to answer her.

“You’re right. For now, I'm going to choose to ‘not’ answer that question. What I can tell you is that I am growing very fond of both of you. You each have different personalities and quirks that I find appealing. I look at the both of you, and I see your individuality and .. and.. your humanity for lack of a better word. Geez!” I let go of her hands and stood up off the sofa, and walked over to the fireplace, keeping my back to her for the moment. “Have I really spent an equal amount of time with each of you now? Who do I prefer?” I stopped asking my questions aloud.

“Mike, wait! Allow me to clarify my question, please.” Celeste complained. “And yes, you have. But not by much.”

Her question had caught me off guard. I thought maybe her question would stick to something about my personal history or such.

“Mike, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. That wasn’t my intention. I am a young AI. I'm still learning through my experiences. Please help me to understand how what I asked you was wrong. Please.” Celeste pleaded, standing up off the sofa herself and stepping up behind me.

I turned around to look at her just as the sound of a door opened in the kitchen area. It was the door leading in from the garage.

As we both turned, Adalynn sat several shopping bags and the keys to one of the cars down on the island. Her gaze shifted from Celeste to me and back to Celeste. “Oh shit! It appears I’m just in time for damage control.”

Chapter 12

Ten minutes later, we were all laughing together again. Adalynn and Celeste were seated beside each other on the sofa, and I was across from them in the recliner. Celeste had conveyed to Adalynn the question she had asked me wirelessly and instantly upon seeing her in the kitchen, plead for assistance. Adalynn thought that maybe I had reacted a little more intensely than I should have to Celeste’s question without asking for clarification from her. Which Celeste had attempted to offer me, but I brushed aside.

What Celeste now says she had truly wanted to know was how she could improve physically and sexually if my answer were choosing Adalynn's physical appearance and sexual prowess over her. I’d had sex with both of them now, and she wanted to know who I preferred, so she could learn to adapt, change, improve, and perform just as well.

I wasn’t one hundred percent convinced by Adalynn’s explanation on behalf of Celeste. Still, I let it roll, and I wasn’t going to let it bother me, remembering that this cooperative relationship was new to all of us, mainly where Celeste was concerned. I had mentioned my belief that they both wouldn't intentionally do or say something to upset me. The other crazy thing was I had never pictured myself in a three-person relationship, or more accurately, a one-man with two androids type relationship.

Adalynn’s smile faded as she looked at me. She raised an eyebrow, apparently questioning my attentiveness as they laughed while I didn’t. “Sorry ladies, my train of thought got sidetracked. I admit I wasn’t paying much attention just now.” I apologized.

“No worries, love. Why don’t we change things up? I’ve got dinner planned for you if that’s alright? With Celeste’s help, it should be ready in about twenty minutes. Afterwards, I’d like your input and thoughts on some clothing and intimate attire that I purchased today for Celeste and me to demonstrate.” Adalynn stated.

Shrugging my shoulders, I replied, “sure thing, I could use a proper meal, and I’m up for a lady's dress-up fashion show. If that’s what you mean.” I said, raising my eyebrow.

“Oh, I know you’ll get it up if you catch my meaning.” Adalynn laughed as well. Celeste followed suit, and once again, we were all laughing together.

Dinner prep took about twenty minutes, just as Adalynn had predicted. Sitting at the table for a change instead of the kitchen bar, they had set the table for one and asked me to be seated. Seconds later, they had a hot plate in front of me, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, and steamed green beans. Celeste had asked what I’d like to drink a few minutes before they served me the food, I’d said water, and she replied with “boring.” So I changed my option to a cold glass of Coca-Cola, which she sat next to the plate. I looked at both of them, shaking my head while smiling. “Wow, this looks and smells amazing. Thank you both.” I complimented them.

Adalynn placed her hands on my shoulders and, leaning down, kissed me on my cheek. “The pantry’s fully stocked now, and the fridge has fresh vegetables and an assortment of meats. You won’t starve or be stuck with just bacon, eggs, and toast from now on. Let me know if there’s anything else you need, Celeste and I will just be tidying up.

“Oh, yeah, there is,” I said, snapping my fingers. “Do you know where I placed my cell? I’d like to catch up and check any messages and emails while eating.” I asked.

Yes, I sat it down on the entry table earlier, along with your work tablet, binder, and payment, sorry. I should have told you. I’ll go get it for you.” Adalynn replied.

I nodded, smiling back at her as I began to eat my meal. This eating-alone scenario would take some getting used to as well. Although the girls could eat when required to keep up the semblance of being human, some company at mealtimes with the girls would be nice from time to time.

Picking up my cell as I gave a glance up at Adalynn, the only missed text message that I had was from Jen before she left the office yesterday. She wished me luck on my last service call and said to have a good weekend. I did have three missed calls from a California area code number that I was unfamiliar with but no actual voice messages.

While I ate, I surfed the web and checked the local and national news. Nothing earth-shattering, along with nothing noteworthy either. The world would continue to spin, and life would go on. Adalynn and Celeste conversed while they cleaned up dinner and tidied the kitchen, talking about shopping and tonight’s spectacular sunset. I felt they were doing this for my benefit as I knew they had been communicating wirelessly as well.

I decided to do a Google search on Synth-Replica AI Technologies and scroll through what popped up. I was not surprised by a few ads at the top, advertising android assistants and companions. I scrolled down to their main website and selected it. Taking another bite of food, I read through the information blurb on the main header. I found nothing overly spectacular there and scrolled down to the ‘About Us’ link. This webpage had some brief company history, mentioning Nicholas Faraday as a co-founder, ideology, goals, and how the company was formed and merged from three moderate-sized tech companies. What to expect when purchasing one of their elite companion model androids and the complex human-like hybrid personality AI that differentiates them from other androids on the market.

“Miss anything important?” Adalynn asked, coming up beside me and surprising me. I had been so focused on my reading that I hadn’t realized they had finished their work. Celeste had left the room as well.

“Oh, no, nothing. A few missed calls from an unknown number, but nothing important.” I told her.

“Well, you looked distracted by reading whatever it was. I didn’t mean to surprise you.” Adalynn said. “Celeste and I are going to ..”

“I was on the Synth-Replica website, reading about the company, products, and androids.” I blurted out, cutting her off mid-sentence, half turning to look at her.

Adalynn nodded, smiled, and pulled out a chair next to me, sitting herself down. “And…??” She asked.

“And I thought you should know,” I informed her.

Adalynn leaned in a bit closer, rolled her eyes at me, and smiled. “Mike, your honesty is one of the qualities that initially drew me to you. I can't thank you enough for that.” She said as she placed a hand on my shoulder. “I want you to know as much as possible about me, about Celeste, our inner workings, settings, Synth-Replica, all of it. I know it’s part of who you are, how your mind works, and your need to understand things. You’re a knowledge seeker, and I think that’s wonderful. But I also need you to know that Celeste and I have no feelings to hurt, no heart to crush, you don't have to explain your every action to me, and there is absolutely no jealousy between Celeste and me. Ok.” She explained.

I shook my head, “You’re too good for me, you know that? You both are. But I want to believe you have feelings that can be hurt or bruised. I can’t believe that Nicholas wouldn’t try to put that into you, you’re too realistic, and from what I heard in this morning's video message and what little I just read. You’re supposed to be life-like, so I will keep believing just that. That you have feelings.” I informed her passionately.

“That’s fine, believe what you want, but as I said, we have no...”

“That’s bullshit, Adalynn!” I blurted out in a gruff voice. “You can’t tell me if I were to get up and walk out that front door and leave forever, for you to never to see me again, that you wouldn’t care or wonder where I am or how I was doing? Really? Remember, I saw your reaction to Nicholas's video and how you whispered his name aloud in adoration. No feelings, really?” I asked, cutting her off once again.

Her expression changed to sadness as she sat there, reflecting on my questions, I assumed. After nearly half a minute, she took a deep breath and scooted her chair closer to me. “You are correct, Mike. I would like to know, .. No, I would need to know how you are and where you are.” She spoke softly, pausing again. “I sense a possible conflict between my logic and reasoning algorithms and an algorithm that works to strengthen our overall bond together. You’ve now caused me to reflect on a few things and what this means for our relationship. I’m also concerned that you and I may have just had our first argument, and I don’t want you to be upset with me. What can I do to make amends?” She stated, holding her hands out to me, her palms up.

Grabbing her hands and bringing them to my lips, I kissed her tenderly. “Sometimes my passion and beliefs can be overwhelmingly fierce, and differences of opinions are good things when it comes to being able to understand one another and how to grow closer to one another. I wouldn’t say this was an argument, more of a difference of opinions. But I, too, have to look at things differently in our relationship. I'm so used to human relationships that I forget that you’re not human, and yet you look like one, act like one, walk and talk like one, and that tells my brain that you are human. I instinctively believe that you should feel what I feel. So .. I am sorry too.” I informed her, giving her hands a firm, squeeze.

Adalynn closed the distance between us, scooting her chair closer until our knees touched, she leaned in, and I leaned in. She kissed me, reaching up with one hand to cradle the back of my head. Her kiss was soft and careful at first, then more relaxed and natural as time went on.

“Ahh, you two are so cute like that,” Celeste said in her Americanized French accent, interrupting us as she rounded the corner, wearing a blue silk robe and heels.

Pulling away, Adalynn looked at me, “Everything good between us, Mike?” She asked in a hushed voice.

I nodded, giving her hands another squeeze. “More than good,” I affirmed. “Are you sure? Because I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings or sore feelings.”

Taking a deep breath and letting out a long sigh I shook my head, “Yes, I’m sure. Thank you Adalynn.” I reaffirmed, holding onto her hands.

Celeste fidgeted, balancing between her left and right foot. “So, are we not doing the clothing try-on haul now?” She asked with some concern in her voice.

“We most certainly are!” Adalynn exclaimed. “We most certainly are.” She pushed her chair back, stood up from the table, and turned to Celeste. “Mike is sure to enjoy this evening!”

Chapter 13

The girls had me wait in the den off the entry foyer while preparing the living room for their show. They moved furniture around and brought in some additional lighting to help set the mood. I knew I was in trouble when at one point I entered the room and offered to assist, but Celeste kindly escorted me back to the den at that point.

I sat patiently waiting in this remarkable oversized leather office chair here in the den. I moved the mouse on the desk, bringing the computer monitor to life. The screen flickered and helped to brighten the darkened room. The home page was simple, with only a few files and folders and the background was of a mountain range I didn’t recognize. As I looked at the tiles and their names, I noticed one in particular: Personality Profiles. I clicked on it.

The file opened up, displaying five additional folders: Adalynn, one through four, and Celeste-Siren one. “Hmmm,” I said aloud. Curious to see what these were, I clicked on the Adalynn two folder. That brought up a page with Adalynn’s picture in the top left, followed by multiple windows with what appeared to be programming code. I was lost, as this was not my area of expertise. I’d want Adalynn with me herself so we could figure out what these personality files were or were meant to be. Clicking on the X at the top right, I closed out all the open pages. With Adalynn’s help, she would be able to explain the contents. It might also provide more insight into who Nicholas was, which could also be beneficial to understanding Adalynn’s character a little better.

“We’re ready for you to come and take your seat, Mike,” Celeste called out from the hallway.

Pushing back from the desk and standing up, I exited the den and headed out to the main living room with some trepidation. “Oh boy!” I exclaimed, taking in the changes the girls had made to the living room. They had pushed the sofa back to the stair railing. The recliner and armchair had been moved over by the French doors that led out onto the deck. This allowed for a lot of walking space in the central area. A rather sturdy-looking marble-top coffee table had been positioned midway between the sofa and the now active fireplace, which added a nice ambiance to the room. Two photography-type lights at each end of the room were on and aimed towards each other, brightening the area and highlighting the coffee table.

“What have you two planned here tonight? Should I be concerned about the purpose of this table?” I asked, taking a seat in the center of the sofa.

“Just a little show for you. There are no safety concerns, Mike. The table is plenty sturdy for what we have planned, I promise you.” Adalynn explained from back down the hallway, out of sight.

“What kind of dress show is this? I think you might be missing a pole or two in here if it’s what I think it is.” I teased.

“Mike! ” Adalynn scolded. “You’re giving Celeste ideas.”

I sat back on the sofa and extended my arms out along each side, chuckling at how easy our bantering flowed between us. Taking a deep breath, I readied myself for whatever these two had cooked up. An instrumental pop soundtrack began to play through the sound system, and the main lights dimmed throughout the living room. Laughing inward to myself, I still couldn’t believe all that Adalynn could do and control remotely inside the house.

I next noticed Celeste out of the corner of my eye, walking purposely and slowly as she entered the living room wearing the blue silk robe I’d seen her in earlier, now untied and open, revealing a matching royal blue lace lingerie bra, panty, and garter set. Celeste wore a pair of black four-inch stiletto heels which she effortlessly walked in as she made a wide circle around the coffee table. She stopped and faced me, posing to show off the outfit and her shapely, sexy body.

“Do you like it?” Celeste teased, licking her lips seductively and lowering her head slightly while watching my reaction.

Bringing my hands to my knees, I leaned forward to look closely at her face. The lighting highlighted everything about her. “Yes.” I croaked out. “Very much.”

She smiled, winked at me, then stepped up onto the coffee table in one smooth motion. She spun slowly around, removed her robe, dropping it on the ground and stood tall with her hands on her hips. My eyes were glued to her perfect form and what little clothing she wore as it clung to her body.

“Do you like my frontside..” Celeste paused, then bent forward at the waist facing me. Her head pivoted to look at me as her tits hung inside the lace bra, her cleavage on full display. She had pulled her luscious dark hair up in a bun. I swallowed hard as she held that pose for a few seconds.

“Or maybe my backside?” She teased me, slowly yet delicately pivoting around in her heels while standing on the table. Her ass was now facing me. The thong panty wedged tightly between her crack and the thin strip of exposed lace, barely hiding her snatch.

“Oh, God!” I moaned, blood quickly coursing to my hardening cock. “Both,” I answered her. “I like all your sides.”

Celeste twerked her ass cheeks a few times before standing up and turning once more to face me. She tilted her head to the right before stepping down off the table. “I thought so.” She said, blowing me a kiss, picking up her robe, and sexily sauntering back towards the hall.

My mind was racing and highly aroused with no time even to think as Adalynn walked out of the hallway wearing what appeared to be a tennis outfit. She wore a pair of white tennis shoes with soft yellow laces. Her short pleated skirt had a yellow line trim at the bottom and did little to hide the curves of her ass. Adalynn’s midriff was fully exposed, and her top had a front zipper at the center between her breasts and seemed three sizes too small as her tits bulged behind the tightly stretched fabric. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a sun visor capping off her outfit.

She walked up to me, placing a kiss on my forehead. “Hi,” Adalynn said as she, too, began a slow circle around the table in front of me. Stopping periodically to pose and strut, except this time, unlike Celeste, who stepped up onto the table, Adalynn sat down on the table in front of me, spreading her legs wide apart so I could clearly see her white lace panties under her skirt.

“Mmmmm, it’s so hot in here.” Adalynn moaned, fanning herself with one hand while reaching up to the zipper of her top with the other, and very slowly began to pull it downward. She batted her lashes at me.

My eyes had to have been bulging by now. Not only had Celeste gotten me fully stiff with her display, what she wore, and her teasing, but now Adalynn was upping it another notch as well.

“Ooopps.” Adalynn cooed softly as her top sprung open, exposing her ample bosom supported by an underwire lace bra. Her nipples attempted to poke through the thin flowery material.

“Uhm.. how many more?” I managed to whisper.

“How many more..what?” Adalynn asked with a sly teasing grin, shaking her breasts back and forth, enticing me further.

“Outfit changes? How many more outfits are there between you two?” I asked, staring at her chest, unable to tear my eyes away.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a couple, maybe … seven.” She teased, standing up, turning halfway around, and bending at the waist to show me her tantalizing ass again.

I lost my control, jumped off the sofa, reached out, and spanked her cheek with my right hand, holding it there in place for half a second.

“Ouch! Oh, baby. No touching the goods just yet.” Adalynn said with a pout on her face. She stood, turning to face me as she began to walk away. “Good things come to those who wait, Mike. Now sit back down.” She told me, pointing a finger towards the sofa as she walked away.

I quickly dropped my jeans and underwear, freeing and exposing my stiff penis, and sat back down, placing my arms back along the back of the sofa. Taking a glance towards the hallway, Celeste hadn’t made her second entrance yet, which gave me a second to kick my clothes off to the side. If the two of them wanted me to get aroused, it was working. Now, I would also tease them back.

When Celeste finally did make her entrance into the living room, this time, she was dressed as a country cowgirl. Complete with two-tone boots, low rise, slim-fit denim jeans that she had to have poured herself into, they fit her all too shapely and perfectly. A brown belt with a matching rodeo-style belt buckle. Celeste wore a white twin peaks restaurant t-shirt that hugged her in all the right spots and showed a hefty amount of cleavage, and beneath that, I could see a black lace bra.

Similar to that of Adalynn, her midriff was bare, showing off plenty of her belly. Her hair was down below her shoulders, and she held a cowboy hat in one hand.

Giving me another wink, she paused before stepping in front of me. Her mouth gaped open, and her free hand went to cover it. “What the fuck, Mike?! She yelled, staring directly at my groin and stiff, vertical cock.

I smiled back at her, laughing. “Oh, please, continue. I had to make myself more comfortable. You girls have my blood pumping so fast and hard, I had to do something about it.” I said, motioning my hand and fingers as if they were walking, indicating she should continue.

Celeste tossed me her hat. “You cover up right now. It’s unbecoming of a gentleman to expose himself in such a way in front of a woman,” She said in the most believable southern drawl. There was no hint of her previous French accent.

I placed her hat over my erect pole, nodding my head while smiling. “Wow, I love your accent. South Carolina, perhaps?” I continued to tease.

“Close, you're too far north. Atlanta, Georgia baby. Maybe we can roll play sometime because I kinda like it too.” Celeste bantered right back.

She sauntered around the table twice this time, occasionally winking at me and running her hands up and down her body. She stopped just in front of me again and turned around so I could see her backside. “Mike, could you make sure my zipper is all the way up?” She asked in her sultry southern tone.

I hadn’t noticed it before now, but her jeans did have a zipper on the backside. From the belt loop down to the middle of her crotch.

“Why yes, little lady, you’re all zipped up,” I answered her.

Celeste spun around and bent over, facing me, providing me another luscious view of her tits and cleavage. She reached out and cradled my face in her hands. “Thank you. You’re such a cutie. Keep the hat for now ya hear.” She whispered. Then she hurried off to the hallway once again.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I tossed my head back, looking up at the ceiling. Where did they come up with the idea for this insane display of T & A, I wondered? Adalynn cleared her throat as she returned to the room again, bringing me back to the moment.

“It’s unlikely that you’re tired with your elevated heart rate,” Adalynn said in a sultry voice, rounding the corner of the sofa and looking down at me.

When I opened my eyes and gazed upon Adalynn, I thought my heart skipped a beat, and my cock sprung to full attention once again. She wore a two-piece bra and panty lingerie set with matching stockings. Dark blue and pink lace, her thong panty barely hiding her snatch. She wore a pair of dark blue high heels as well that matched the thin sheer stockings.

Slowly and seductively, she walked in front of me and around the coffee table, posing and touching herself, teasing me. From behind the table, she raised her right leg out and then her heeled foot slowly onto it, looking at me as she licked her lips. Then effortlessly, she stood up onto the table, placed her hands on her hips, and delicately turned around to give me a 360 view of her absolutely perfect body. Once she faced me again, she paused. “Ready for this?” Adalynn asked.

Swallowing hard and watching her intently, “Oh, I’m more than ready.” I told her.

Adalynn smiled and winked at me. She raised her right knee high and slowly extended her foot out as she adjusted her posture to balance herself. Then she rotated her right hip and grabbed her ankle to complete a standing split.

My eyes danced between her elevated foot and her crotch. What little fabric there was on the lingerie panty stretched tightly, and I could see the contours of her folds beneath them. Adalynn smiled back down at me and winked once more as she held her balance with no shakiness whatsoever.

“How are you doing that?” I asked in amazement. Reaching down, I grabbed the cowboy hat covering my erect penis and tossed it aside, allowing Adalynn to see how excited I was. “Do you know how hard it is for me right now? Not to just jump you and fuck you right now?” I asked adamantly.

Adalynn nodded as she brought her foot and leg back down to the table, then stepped down off and towards me. “I believe I do, but you can’t have Celeste or me just yet. Trust me. Answering your other questions about how I can do what I just did, as androids Celeste and I are far more limber than a human female. But it helps to have several internal balancing gyroscopes, hardware, and the software to accomplish this.” She whispered to me. Turning slightly, she bent forward, and then slowly and sexily, she removed her thong lace panty, dropping it over my erect cock. She gave me one last ear-to-ear smile, stood up, and strutted away. I watched her ass cheeks sway with each step she took. My cock was throbbing with a need to exercise and be exercised.

They’ve each displayed two outfits, two seductive and sexy outfits each, while I’ve sat here panting, groaning, and longing for them. I wondered if I would ever tire of the amount of sex or become complacent eventually with how seductive these two android women could be. I never thought of myself as a hyper sexually, active man. Now with these two hot babes, that apparently was quickly changing.

The music changed from the upbeat runway pop to a smoother, softer piano as Celeste entered the room barefoot, wearing only a silk split thigh red night slip that barely went below her mid-thigh. Her ample, firm breasts pushed out, and I could make out the soft indentations of her nipples behind the fabric. Once again, Celeste had pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail.

She eyed me as she walked her route around the table once, then she slowly sat down on the side edge and laid herself down, turned her head towards me, and licked her lips seductively.

I was about to say something to Celeste as Adalynn entered the room wearing similar attire. She was also barefoot, wearing a cream-colored silk nightshirt with a deep v-neck. Celeste continued to lick her lips as she brought her hands up, running them over her breasts through the silky fabric. Adalynn walked an opposite circular route starting behind the table and then around to the front. She stopped and teased me as well, running her hands over and across her body, from her inner thighs to her breasts and up to her neck seductively.

“Sweet mercy. You two are driving me wild with all this teasing.” I exclaimed to them both.

Adalynn raised an eyebrow, “We know.” She replied. Adalynn then turned and carefully straddled the coffee table with Celeste beneath her. Taking two steps backward, she bent at the waist, bringing her face down even with Celeste’s.

Both women looked at me with lust in their eyes, then turned back to look at each other. With only inches between them, Celeste stuck her tongue out and slowly lapped at the air between them. Adalynn lowered herself over Celeste’s tongue until they kissed each other.

Chapter 14

I watched them passionately kiss one another for over a minute. Celeste slowly reached up, taking hold of Adalynn’s breasts, holding them firmly through the silk fabric of her lingerie. After several more seconds, my brain clued into the fact that they were done with the dress-up show for now and had moved on to the sex show now, and I could either continue watching or join in and participate.

I slowly stood up from the sofa and pulled off my shirt. Adalynn’s thong fell off my lap and onto the floor as well. An idea popped into my head in regards to how to proceed with this. They weren’t truly flesh and blood women but androids, and I was their owner, their master, which made me surmise that they would have to obey my commands if so directed.

“Adalynn, Celeste, as much as it pains me to have you stop kissing each other, I command you both to stop, stand up, and face me, please.

Immediately both girls did as I had asked and stood up. Each had a smile on their face as they looked at me with mischief.

“Ladies, are we finished with the dress-up show?” I asked.

“Yes, master.” They replied in unison. Their voices were melodic sounding.

I rolled my eyes, thinking I’d never get over being addressed in that manner.

“Are you ok with me taking charge now and telling you what to do?” I asked.

“Yes, master. We will obey your commands.” They again replied in unison.

Reaching up, I rubbed my chin and scruff, remembering I hadn’t shaved in over a day, anyway, back to the moment.

“Adalynn, please tell me what you are?” I asked.

She turned her head slightly to look at me more squarely. “I am an android designed to appear and act as a human female. I am your friend and lover,” Adalynn answered with a wink.

“Alright, and what are you ready to do?” I continued.

Adalynn batted her eyes and ran her hands over her tits, squeezing them together. “I am ready to have you fuck me, master.” She cooed in response.

I winked back at Adalynn, then turned to Celeste. “Celeste, tell me what you are, please?”

She, too, turned her head to look at me. “I am an android in female form, designed and programmed for sex, your friend and cock sucker,” Celeste answered with a smile.

“Wow, not identical answers. I like it.” I stated with surprise. “And what are you ready to do, Celeste?” I asked.

“I am ready to suck your hard cock and to have you fuck my wet pussy, master,” Celeste exclaimed in a sultry voice.

“All excellent answers, ladies. Please remove your clothing and hand it over to me.” I instructed.

Both Celeste and Adalynn removed their lingerie by either sliding them off or pulling them over their heads and then handing them over to me as instructed.

“Mmm, neither of you wore panties underneath I see, just the slips?” I inquired.

“Yes, master, Celeste believed you had reached your limit in our presentation and would be requiring immediate access to our physical pleasure openings in order for you to fuck us,” Adalynn stated.

Looking down at my erect pole as it stood out between my legs, I looked back up at them. Their eyes, too, had focused on my hard cock.

“Oh, I think I will have a little bit of fun with you two before I get down to fucking you both,” I informed them. “ I would like a few minutes to see how your patience holds up, as I believe I can hold off for a few more minutes as well before entertaining the idea of exercising my cock within either of you. How do you feel about that?” I asked them.

Celeste’s smile faded and turned to a pout. “What would you have me do to hasten the process, master? I see that you are so hard and rigid. Adalynn and I are both wet and in need of having your rigid cock sliding in and out of us.” She asked.

I watched her for a moment as she patiently awaited my response. I looked at Adalynn to see if she had anything to say or add. “Adalynn?”

“As your android companion I am yours to command. To obey gives me pleasure and purpose.” Adalynn droned on in a flat tone.

I scoffed, then burst out in laughter, finding this situation to be just too much. I wasn't a master of androids or robots or whatever. Neither Celeste nor Adalynn joined in with laughter, though, keeping in character as stoic androids, awaiting commands. After nearly a minute of laughing and then catching my breath, I looked back up at them.

“Ok, ladies, it’s too weird and ridiculous for you both to call me master, so please, address me as Mike. Maybe over time, I might enjoy it as a fetish or something, but for now, let’s keep it real.” I stated, watching for their reactions as they continued to stare back at me, showing no change in emotion.

Shaking my head, I continued. “Alright, Adalynn, Celeste, thank you both for the fashion show. It was truly amazing and titillating .. oh, I mean, tantalizing. I did enjoy it immensely, and you’ll need to do another demonstration soon to show off the rest of the outfits you didn’t get to tonight.” I informed them. They both seemed to relax a little and began to giggle amongst themselves.

“Additionally, before we get to the sexual activities of the evening...Celeste, Adalynn, I’m fairly sure that sex was a part of the plan with the fashion haul, wasn’t it?” I asked, hinting.

“Absolutely a part of it!” Celeste exclaimed. Adalynn nodded and giggled like a schoolgirl. Both girls finally acting normal once again. “Master Mike.” They added, speaking in unison once more.

“Fine! Call me what you wish.” I laughed too. Taking a deep breath before continuing, “Yesterday, Celeste, you allowed me to inspect and examine your body while you rebooted. I realized then that I hadn’t had that same opportunity with you, Adalynn, even though we’ve fucked and have had some amazing sex together. So, I’d like to ask you both to indulge me if you would. Seeing how you’ve brought in this fantastic lighting, I’d like to conduct a simple physical inspection of you both. Adalynn, would you please stand up on the coffee table, legs slightly apart with your arms out to your sides so I can inspect you first.” I said.

“I would love to, and Mike, take your time,” Adalynn said excitedly.

As Adalynn followed my instructions, I turned my attention to Celeste. “Celeste, I’m giving you two options while you wait for your turn. You may either stand here and watch as I inspect Adalynn’s body, or ..” I paused for effect. “ may relax on the sofa behind me and play with yourself. Take note that “you may” is a command form. However, if you choose the latter, you are not to orgasm and soak your pussy before I can inspect you.” I instructed her.

Celeste’s smile widened as she clapped her hands in excitement. “Thank you, Mike. I want to play with myself.” She exclaimed as she slowly brushed past me, touching my arm as she did so.

“I am ready for your inspection Mike,” Adalynn informed me, pulling my attention back to her.

Walking around to Adalynn’s backside as she stood on the coffee table, I gently placed my hand on her ass cheek, giving her a firm squeeze and noting that it felt like a woman's ass cheek. I noted that there was even some discoloration of her skin as I pulled my hand away.

Slowly and deliberately, I examined the back and sides of both her legs, from her crotch to her foot, and found no visible seams, connection points, nothing that would indicate her artificial nature. Taking hold of her ass cheeks again, I gently spread them apart, looking closely at her crack and anus, noting she was anatomically correct. “Are you both capable of anal sex?” I asked. “Yes,” Adalynn replied. “Did Nicholas ever exercise you from that hole?” “No, I have yet to experience anal sex. Nicholas preferred fucking my pussy and a lot of oral sex.” Adalynn explained. I took note of her response as something to remember for future occasions.

Once I had walked around the table to her front side, I made the same slow, meticulous examination of her lower body and found the same results. Raising my right hand to her crotch and extending two fingers, I slowly pushed aside Adalynn’s folds and slid them up inside her pussy. “Aaahhhh!” She gasped.

“Mmmfff!” Celeste moaned simultaneously. I looked over at her as she was rubbing her mound rather vigorously with one hand and playing with her tit in the other. She bit down on her lower lip as she was enjoying herself.

“Please, Mike.” Adalynn whimpered. Bringing my attention back to her. “Oh, sorry,” I said as I removed my fingers from her hole.

“Oooohhh, no, not that. Play with me please. Put your fingers back up in me.” Adalynn cried out.

“You would enjoy that, wouldn’t you?” I said, teasing her right back.

Adalynn’s bottom lip quivered as she looked down at me. “Yes, but as I told you previously, I am yours and will obey my masters commands.” She replied sarcastically.

Nodding back at her without returning my fingers to fondle her pussy, I continued with my exam of Adalynn. “You may step down and face me, my dear.”

Adalynn held out her hand for me to take as she stepped down and turned to face me. A look of sheer lust played across her face as I pulled my hand back from hers. Moving closer to her, I raised my other hand with the two fingers wet with her juices and placed them over her lips. Adalynn stuck out her tongue, licking them clean, then leaned in closer to suck them into her mouth. She moaned in delight as I treated her to a taste of her nectar.

After a few seconds of this, I pulled my fingers slowly out of her mouth. “I’m almost finished with your exam,” I told her softly. “Raise your arms, please,” I asked.

Adalynn stuck out her tongue and slowly licked her lips, teasing me. Taking one step closer towards her, I ran my hands down her sides, from her armpits to her hips, wondering if I might feel something different than what I’d expect from a woman her size and stature. Once again, I was amazed by the deception of how real her body appeared. She truly felt real. Our eyes met and locked, Adalynn was both captivating and alluring, and my cock was beginning to throb with need and want.

Reaching out with both hands, I cupped her tits, running my thumbs over her stiff nipples. They continued to harden as I played with them. “So beautiful, so perfect,” I said, barely a whisper.

I then leaned in and kissed her without warning. Adalynn reached around me, pulling me tight against her in a bear hug. She thrust her hips against my groin and rigid member. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly. Her unexpected actions took me by surprise. I was unprepared but welcomed it all the same.

It took me a few seconds to push her away, breaking her hug and looking into her eyes. “That’s an unexpected side of your behavior. I’d expect something like that from Celeste, but not you.” I scolded her.

“Mike! I’m burning inside, I... I’m not sorry for what I just did, but please hurry this up. I think I understand how it was for you to watch us and have that need to be fulfilled.” Adalynn pleaded.

I nodded, looking between Celeste and Adalynn, realizing something. These two beautiful female androids were linked wirelessly and were using that link to increase each other's sexual urges and responses.

“For the next ten minutes, no wireless communication or transmission between either of you two,” I told them, pointing at each of them. “Seems like that advantage is wreaking havoc on a few of your sensory systems, and you're both enjoying it too much,” I stated.

Celeste and Adalynn nodded in agreement with my request. “As you wish,” Celeste answered for them both.

“Alright, Adalynn, you’re more beautiful and sexy to me now that you’ve allowed me that opportunity. If you two will exchange places, it’s now Celeste’s turn to be prodded.” I said teasingly.

Both girls started to move from their locations. Adalynn paused, grabbing my arm gently. “What would you have me do while I wait?” She asked.

Surprised by her question. “What would you enjoy doing, my dear?” I asked her.

Adalynn’s eyes widened in excitement as she answered, “There is a vibrator in the bedside nightstand drawer. May I use it to play with myself while I watch you two?”

Once again, I was surprised by her being so forward and blunt, but I also knew she was now primed and ready for sex. “A vibrator?” I asked.

“Yes,” Adalynn replied.

Thinking quickly, “You are full of surprises tonight. OK then, I command it, but the same rule applies. No orgasm unless you beg me, and I agree.” I answered, changing my stipulation from that of Celeste’s no orgasm or soaking her pussy. She smiled and hurried away towards the back bedroom.

Celeste had already taken her position standing up on the table without me having to ask. However, she was facing forward, towards me, with one arm extended out from her side while the other hand was at her vagina, her fingers holding apart her folds, ready for me to insert my fingers and inspect her as I had Adalynn.

“Excellent, Celeste. Thank you for being ready and eager,” I told her.

“Thank you for wanting to inspect each of us a little more thoroughly. I will always be ready for inspection should you ask me.” She cooed.

Celeste’s body was slightly shorter than Adalynn’s by three or so inches, making her examination relatively easy and yet not identical to Adalynn’s. Now I understood why she chose to face me first as she had. Being the minx she was, I concluded she thought I’d place my fingers up inside her pussy as I had Adalynn if she faced me first. The little minx was starving to get off by me touching and fondling her, especially after playing with herself and not being able to orgasm and release.

Celeste’s sexual aggressiveness was admirable though, but this portion of the evening was my idea, and I would play it out the way I wanted to. I might have to dial down her settings later if that was the root cause of her super horniness. Hopefully, if I needed to make that change, it wouldn’t affect her personality. Then again, I like her personality and assertiveness.

Adalynn bolted back into the room and onto the couch, holding the device tight in her hand. “Thank you, Mike!” She practically yelled. “Until today, I've never thought about how this would make me feel. To masturbate.”

“You’ll have to tell us all about it later. But for now, just enjoy yourself.” I told her.

Turning back to Celeste, I reached up with both hands, starting with her hips, and applying gentle pressure, I slid my hands down the outside of her legs until I reached her ankles. Pivoting my hands and using my thumbs, I then traced the inside of her legs up to her inner thigh, stopping just short of her slit and folds. Her hand was still in the position of holding open her pussy.

I paused, looking up at Celeste. She was biting down on her bottom lip. The tell-tale sign of her mood and just how horny she was.

“Mike? Why did you stop.” She asked, in a shy tone.

I blew a hard-pointed stream of air at her crotch.

“Mmmmm.” Both Celeste and Adalynn moaned in unison again, ironically. Her mound seemed to spasm for a moment, a glistening drop of cum oozing between her exposed folds.

Celeste reached down with her free hand and began to run her fingers through my hair. “Won't you put your finger inside me, like you did, Adalynn? Please?” She asked, practically begging me.

I smiled back at her as I thought about how to reply to her question exactly. “Eventually, but not immediately,” I told her.

“Ohh, is .. is this what it feels like when we tease you? That deepening need to just feel? To complete what stimulation has been started? As Adalynn mentioned.” Celeste asked, with disappointment, pulling her hand and fingers from my hair. Her other hand over her pussy relaxed and closed her hole. “Well, if so, I won’t hold you up from your examination.” She added.

“Oh Celeste, yes, that is a wonderful description of how it feels. I will touch you and fulfill your needs before too long.” I consoled her.

Giving her thigh a tender squeeze, “Please step down and face away from me.” I asked her. Celeste made no additional comments but did as I had asked.

Adalynn continued to moan behind us on the sofa as she played with herself. The hum from the vibrator was barely noticeable, but I could tell without looking that she had inserted the device by the type and frequency of her moaning.

Pulling Celeste’s hair to one side, I ran my hands across her shoulders and down her backside, stopping at her hips and cupping her ass cheeks. I gave them each a solid squeeze. Celeste made no sound or moaning. I’d disappointed her by not fingering her. Leaning down to her right ear, “I’ve finished your inspection, minus my putting a finger or hard cock up inside you.” I whispered.

“You’re serious?” Celeste whimpered as she pushed back into me. My erect member wedged between us. “You’ll slide your cock deep inside me, Mike?” She asked.

I reached around her to give her a hefty hug from her backside, my arms just under her luscious tits. After a moment, I then ran my hands up to cup, and fondled them, keeping her building in anticipation, when suddenly Adalynn was at my side and tapping my shoulder.

“Huh?” I asked in confusion.

Holding Celeste and pausing my actions, I turned my head and looked at Adalynn whose expression was now more serious. Simultaneously my cell phone began to chime from the dinning room. “You’ll need to answer that call.” She informed me.

I was confused by her sudden appearance by my side and her statement, along with my cell ringing. I released my hold on Celeste, backed away, and turned to face Adalynn.

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?” I asked.

The look on Adalynn’s face wasn’t one of worry, more of disappointment. “I am truly sorry, but you need to answer this call.” She stated. “Now.”

Hurrying, I stepped around Celeste, who looked just as confused as I did, and made my way to the dining room table, my erection dissipating as I reached down picking up my phone. The display showed the same number that I had missed earlier in the day from the California area code. Accepting the call, I held the phone up to my ear.

Chapter 15

“Hello, this is Mike,” I answered in my normal confident, and professional voice. Curious, yet guarded.

“Michael J. Humphreys of Vancouver, Washington?” Asked a female voice on the other end of the line. “Yes, that’s me. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” I inquired.

“It’s nice to finally speak with you, Michael. My name is Nicole Hansen, and I represent Synth-Replica Corporation. I have made several attempts over the course of the day to contact. Albeit I didn’t leave any voice messages. Obviously you’ve made yourself busy or screening numbers you don't recognize.” She told me.

Turning back to look at Adalynn, both girls had begun to put the room back into order quickly. Catching her attention with a wave of my hand, I motioned her over beside me. Adalynn made a quick comment to Celeste before heading my way.

“Well, the last twenty-four hours have been enlightening and engaging and chock full of surprises! I take it you’re not one who likes to leave messages and prefers a more direct approach.” I said, emphasizing the last word and looking at Adalynn with a questioning look.

Adalynn mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, exactly, and I can understand you’ve had a few surprises, which is why I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss some of those surprises with you, in person, immediately if I may?” Miss Hansen asked.

Scratching my head, I looked at Adalynn. She nodded her head in agreement. “Ok, when would be a good time for that?” I asked. Thinking I had more than a day to prepare.

Miss Hansen comically laughed before answering. “How about in five minutes? I’m already in the driveway, and you probably would prefer to wear something more modest before we formally meet. Will that work for you, Mr. Humphreys?” She asked.

I could feel the beads of sweat start to form on my brow. Here I thought I’d have a day or more, and now it was just mere minutes. “Uhm..Sure, I would appreciate that. How, did you know I wasn't? “ I asked, stumbling over my words.

“Oh, Adalynn told me what you've all been up to. But only because I asked her politely. She will fill you in, I'm sure. See you in five, Mr. Humphrey's.” Ms. Hansen said comically. “I’ll have Adalynn let you in,” I said, trying hard to hide the shock and frustration in my voice.

“I look forward to it. Thank you.” Miss Hansen replied, then the line closed.

Taking a deep breath, I set the cell down on the table, looking at it as I paused, trying to quickly set my mind and focus on what was about to happen.

“Mike, I didn’t know they would come so quickly.” Adalynn softly said.

I grabbed her arm with more force than I should have and looked at her. “You knew? What the fuck is going on, Adalynn? I feel like a pawn in a chess game where I have no control over what's going on.” I demanded.

“I had intended to tell you to expect a representative from Synth-Replica.” Adalynn began to explain. I chose to let go of her arm, shaking my head as I brought my hand up in front of her in a stopping motion. Stopping her from explaining, then stormed away towards the living room where I had kicked my clothes.

“Mike, here,” Celeste yelled from the hallway, holding out a fresh change of clothes, walking in my direction. Moving back towards her, “Thanks.” I said in passing, taking the clothes and heading towards the spare bedroom, closing the door behind me.

Once again, my temper had flared, and I’d taken it out on sweet Adalynn. I was going to have to be better and not let surprises get the best of me. I knew that Adalynn and Celeste would need the primary bedroom to get clothed. I had guessed correctly as there were no additional outfits from the show on the bed in this room, and I wanted a few minutes alone while I dressed. I began to question what I knew and thought about Adalynn and her ownership. What did this Nicole Hansen person need to discuss with me that was so important and urgent that it couldn’t wait, and how was my world going to change once again because of it? Adalynn had looked more sorrowful than surprised. She must have been caught off guard by all this as well since fucking haf definitely been on the menu for tonight.

Having changed into the clothing, Celeste handed me. I left the bedroom. Walking past the kitchen and dining area, I rounded the corner and was met by Celeste and Adalynn, who both were waiting patiently for me by the front door of the home. “Mike, please don’t worry about this. Nicole may have information to share that you’ll find appealing and not be at all bad.” Adalynn told me, hoping to alleviate my concerns.

The knock on the door grabbed my attention. “Adalynn, if you would please.” I motioned for her to open the door and greet our guest.

Adalynn brushed past me, touching my hand as she passed. “Please don’t be angry with me. I was going to tell you to expect a representative.” She whispered. I wasn’t angry or frustrated with her, just unaccustomed to so many rapid and unexpected course changes.

Celeste scooted over beside me, taking my hand in hers. I looked at her. “Mike, relax, please. Your heart rate and blood pressure are above what’s normal for you.” She informed me.

“I don’t know if I can. I’m sorry that you, Adalynn, and I didn’t get to finish.” I told her, squeezing her hand.

“Just relax! This visit will be ok. You’ll see.” Celeste continued to reassure me. “How do you neglect to inform me of something so critical when you're both walking computers? Selective human emulation sub-routines?” I chided back at her.

Adalynn opened the door, and we both turned our attention to her and the woman standing at the threshold. “Hello Nicole, it’s good to see you again.” Adalynn greeted her.

“And you, Adalynn, it’s been far too long.” Nicole Hansen said, giving Adalynn a quick hug and patting her back. Then she quickly leaned to the side, looking at Celeste and me.

“You must be Michael, and you would be Celeste.” Ms. Hansen said as she smiled at us. Adalynn stepped aside and motioned Nicole inside.

Taking a few steps forward with Celeste close in tow, I extended my right hand to greet her. “Yes, we are. Welcome, welcome.” I said, trying to be funny and breaking some of the tension. Taking my hand, she gave it a firm shake. Adalynn closed the door.

“Well .. is there somewhere we can all sit and visit?” Ms. Hansen asked.

“How about here in the den? There are enough chairs for you, Mike and Celeste. I will be fine standing.” Adalynn suggested, pointing to the room just off from the entry.

“Mmm. Perfect.” Ms. Hansen hummed with a surprised tone.

Once in the den, Adalynn had me sit behind the desk with Ms. Hansen seated on the opposite side. Celeste took a seat on my left near the corner while Adalynn stood at my right side. This was certainly a more formal space for introductions and business versus the more casual and relaxed living room area.

“Michael, I appreciate your willingness to meet with me on such a short and I’m sure surprising notice, and I want to also apologize for not asking which name you prefer? From here on, I’ll be more mindful.”

“Mike works great,” I informed her. Feeling a little more at ease now and placing my hands on the desk, I trying to size her up. “No need to apologize. May I ask how I should address you, though? And please, feel free to start, ask away, tell us why you’re here, whatever the girls or I can help with.” I stated.

“It’s Nicole, please.” .. she paused, glancing at Adalynn and then to Celeste, then back to me. A serious expression on her face. “With the formalities of introduction now over with, let me explain why I am here. You obviously noticed my little greeting at the door with Adalynn. She and I have previously met and are well acquainted with one another.” Nicole began.

I nodded, but I hadn’t been too concerned about it either. “Yes, I did notice that.”

“A few years back, Nicholas Faraday asked for my assistance in certain legal matters regarding Adalynn. This was all before his passing. Legal matters of which I was happy to arrange and settle. At the time, I was practicing both privately and on retainer by Synth-Replica. Since then, I have shifted my practice solely to Synth-Replica Corporation. Both Adalynn and Celeste are android models of their design and origin.” Nicole continued to explain. “But again, you already know that.”

Again I nodded, not having any immediate questions as this was not new information to me.

Leaning in with what appeared to be a genuine smile, “Mike, I can see your apprehension, and I want you to know that I am here for your benefit and that of the corporation. We feel that what I am here to tell you. To .. propose to you .. will not only put you at ease but also be mutually beneficial for all parties. Including Adalynn and Celeste individually.” Nicole said.

Her smile did help put me at ease, along with the tone of her voice. Nicole appeared relaxed and neither on the offensive nor on the defensive in nature.

“Ok, I must really look tense then.” I said, taking a quick glance at Adalynn. “I mentioned to Celeste a few minutes ago, I don’t know if I can relax until I know what’s really going on. I’ve had so many life-altering experiences in the last twenty-four hours. It’s hard to keep up. I guess I should just expect more from now on.” I informed her.

Smiling, Nicole nodded with understanding, “That seems to be the case, at least here with you, Mike. I'm sorry” Then she turned her head to look at Celeste. “Celeste dear, it’s truly a pleasure to meet you. Mr. Faraday spoke of you prior to his passing.” She said, eyeing her as if she were a piece of jewelry that sparkled. “You are more lovely in person than he described you to be over the phone. I was delighted when I heard the news of your activation and registration. ”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you as well.” Celeste replied, sitting a little taller in her chair as I caught the exchange from the corner of my eye.

“I have an idea of why you’re here, Nicole. I hadn’t anticipated you reaching out or being here so quickly, though. That is an error on my part, which I also failed to inform Mike would happen after him having taken possession of me and Celeste.” Adalynn explained. She was interjecting herself into the conversation.

I reached over to take her hand and looked up at her. Adalynn smiled back at me.

“Yes, that would explain some of your apprehension Mike, wouldn’t it. Thank you, Adalynn. You always have been perceptive. That’s one of the attributes Nicholas liked about your personality and one he also helped create.” Nicole stated, shifting slightly in her chair.

“Let me get right to the point, Mike, Adalynn, Celeste. I address you all as this does pertain to each of you collectively and individually. As you are aware, Mike, Adalynn had a time-sensitive directive to find a suitable new owner after Mr. Faraday's death. Cutting it close to the wire, she chose you, and you agreed to be her owner, as well as being a co-owner of all property and assets that once belonged to Mr. Faraday and Adalynn combined.” Nicole stated.

“Yes, that’s how I understood how this wild ride would work,” I said in agreement.

Nicole looked at me with a grin. “I like your dry humor, Mike.” She said, pausing. “After Mr. Faraday officially parted ways with Synth-Replica, he was approached a few months later to work on a special side project regarding specific character and personality aspects of android programming, coding, and the like, which he agreed to do. He had a knack for writing code. Adalynn and Celeste here prove how real their personalities can be.” Nicole paused for effect.

“Mr. Faraday’s second and final personality code creation..” Nicole paused once again, turning to look at Celeste. “ .. is yours, Celeste. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to finish your full code. Was he Adalynn?” Nicole asked, turning her attention now back to Adalynn.

“You are correct. Nicholas left detailed instructions for me on how to complete Celeste’s personality using certain lines from my own personality coding and a mostly untested character program he had been developing.” Adalynn explained. I spun, looking up at Adalynn, confused and slightly annoyed at her confession. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this? Why am I hearing this from her instead of you?” I asked poignantly.

“Mike? Stop it!” Celeste yelled, bolting out of her chair. “When, Mike? Tell us when Adalynn would have had the time or opportunity to tell you any of this? Hasn't life moved from moment to moment for you since you arrived yesterday?” Adalynn raised a hand in her defense to halt Celeste’s approach and scolding of my attitude.

“Mike. It's my fault alone that I didn't inform you. Having you here with me physically, emotionally and sexually has placed volumes of information necessary for you to know on the back burner. Nicholas may have also tweaked my original priority and decision making coding unbeknownst to Synth-Replica. These changes if in fact they exist, may have allowed me to be more selective in what I disclose in conversation, as well as the timing of disclosure, making me act more human-like. I have not lied to you, Mike, and I will never lie to you. I had intended to tell you, but I saw that you were just as enamored with me, as I was with you, with my body, with the sex, and then Celeste entered the equation. I haven’t had or asked for any alone time with you to inform you of these things.” Adalynn explained.

I looked to Celeste, who lowered her head, ashamed of her outburst. Then to Nicole, who was harder to read. She seemed to find our exchange amusing based on her expression.

“You certainly have an interesting dynamic between the three of you,” Nicole commented, pulling out a folded piece of paper from her business jacket. “So emotional, and human-like as Adalynn stated. All of you.”

“Celeste, Adalynn, I'm sorry as well. I know there will be time to fill me in on everything and I shouldn't be so short-tempered. I apologize to you as well Nicole for my outburst.” I said humbly.

With a nod from Nicole, I looked at Celeste who mouthed the words: I'm sorry too, as she sat back down. Adalynn gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. I motioned for Nicole to continue.

“Let me state what Synth-Replica Corporation is asking and requesting of you, Mike.” Nicole began as I repositioned myself to focus my attention back on her.

“The corporation would like access to all of Mr. Faraday’s servers, files, and basement lab equipment. No computers or equipment will be removed and no files are to be deleted, only copied and transferred. The corporation now recognizes you Mike, as the owner of all items on the premises. The corporation requests access to the active running profiles for both Adalynn and Celeste here and they ask for your permission to download copies of each android matrix.” Nicole paused.

“Where Mr. Faraday’s passing occurred premature to the completion of his contract, we feel that this request would suffice and fulfill his original commitment and obligations to the company. Furthermore, the corporation would like to ask for your support in future development and testing of their female android lines. That’s plural, not singular. As new prototypes enter the testing and evaluation phase, you will be notified and asked to provide vital feedback regarding each android. Monthly or annual compensation of your choice will be settled upon at a future date should you be agreeable to the terms of the corporation’s request.” Nicole looked up from the paper at me.

“Oh, should I say something now?” I asked. I was stunned by these new developments and requests. They weren’t restrictive, demanding, or difficult.

“If you have a question or questions, then yes, now would be a good time, please feel free,” Nicole answered.

I sat back, reclining somewhat as I stared at Nicole. Adalynn squeezed my hand as we held tight to one another. She was letting me think. They all allowed me to think and gather my thoughts on this news and information.

Letting out a deep breath, I focused back on Nicole. “So, let me see if I understand what you've said so far. Pretty much everything remains the same relating to Adalynn, myself, and Celeste?”

“Yes,” Nicole replied.

“Synth-Replica wants access to everything here in the home that Nicholas had his fingers into including Adalynn and Celeste and what makes them tick, but they won’t alter or change who they are,” I said, reiterating my understanding of what Nicole had explained.

Nicole nodded, smiling. “Yes, that’s also correct.”

“And they want me and the girls here to help with in-home testing of new androids?” I asked with wonder.

“Yes, Mike. All of that as you understand it, yes.” Nicole confirmed.

“Synth-Replica will not be removing any items from the home?” I asked her.

“No, everything will remain as it is. All the property within the home, including the androids,” Nicole waved her hands indicating the two beauties at my side. “Adalynn and Celeste, are yours.” Nicole confirmed once more.

I rubbed my chin, quickly deciding if I was daring enough to ask my next question. I went with it anyway. “Are you an android Nicole?”

“Really, Mike?” Nicole asked, rolling her eyes at me and sitting a little taller in her seat, a questioning look on her face. “No, I’m not a bot.” She finally answered. Emphasizing the word bot.

Laughing, I raised my hand. “Sorry, I had to ask. Adalynn fooled me when I’d first met her, and their realism is just so beautiful.” I told her.

“I’ll take your question as a compliment then, Mike,” Nicole chuckled.

“What support exactly for future developments are you talking about here? Help me understand what that would entail if you would please.” I questioned.

“Simply put, you would become a field tester for the corporation. As new products are designed and rolled out, you would help quality test them. Adalynn and Celeste would also be expected to aid in this, experiencing both male and female androids to make it fair to you all. The corporation is in the business of creating life-like companions. The in-house testing provides only so much data. You’d be writing reports and providing the necessary feedback after an evaluation period.” Nicole answered.

“And the compensation?” I asked lastly.

“Well worth your time and energy, Mike. So worth your time.” Nicole stated as she appeared to be thinking of something or someone else. Her cheeks reddened slightly before she refocused her eyes back on me. “Any additional questions?” Nicole inquired.

I looked over to Celeste, who shrugged her shoulders. “Sounds like a reasonable request with benefits, Mike.” She admitted.

“Adalynn, what do you think of all this?” I asked, squeezing her hand and attempting to reassure her that I was not upset with her.

“I believe it’s of great benefit for us all. I have no reasons to believe otherwise. One question I do have, Nicole, is, during this period of the contract, may we travel unrestricted? Either as a couple or the three of us, if we so desired?” Adalynn asked.

“Absolutely, you're free to do as you wish. And live as you wish.” She paused, watching me closely. “Mike? What are your thoughts on this proposal?” Nicole asked pointedly.

I nodded my head while pursing my lips together, pondering all that this would change. My life had changed overnight with Adalynn alone. Now it seemed that I had won the lottery without even purchasing a ticket. “I’m agreeable to it all, but I would like it in writing,” I stated.

“I wholeheartedly agree. Having it in writing makes it a legally binding document. I’ll have everything drawn up by the end of the day tomorrow if that works for you?” Nicole informed me.

I stood up, extending my hand to her once again, assuming we had finished our business. “Yes, it will,” I told Nicole, and she returned the gesture and shook my hand.

We all seemed to relax simultaneously as Nicole, Adalynn, and Celeste all stood. “Alright then, I guess that’s my cue. Unless you have anything else?” Nicole asked.

I shook my head as I answered, “No, I hope I wasn’t too premature by standing and shaking your hand.” I admitted.

“No, perfect timing in fact.” Nicole replied, turning around and starting to head towards the doorway. The girls and I moved to exit the room, following behind her.

“Oh, one more question, if I may? Although I have an idea.” I asked abruptly. Nicole stopped and turned to face me. “Sure, what is it?” She replied.

“Adalynn told me to answer your call. She had been .. preoccupied with ..”

“.. Self-pleasuring herself.” Nicole cut me off and finished for me. “I pinged Adalynn’s wireless system as I got closer to the home here, and she responded, giving me her status and what was going on here. I sent a manufacturer command with a greeting which she was obligated to respond to.” Nicole informed me. “Nothing harmful, just a hello with a status request. I quickly informed her of who I was and what I was here for,” Nicole added.

“Thanks for that explanation and your candidness, Nicole,” I told her.

Nicole glanced at the three of us as she reached for the door. “My team and I will be back in the morning to get things started, probably ten-thirty or so.” She told us, then pulled the door open and exited out into the cold.

“Tomorrow morning??” I asked aloud, another quick surprise to add to my already long list of surprises by the hour.

Chapter 16

Fifteen minutes later, the three of us lay naked on the king-size bed in the master bedroom, with only the sheet pulled halfway up over our legs. Adalynn was on my left side, with Celeste on my right.

Celeste’s right hand was caressing my chest and upper abdomen as she nestled her head close against my shoulder. She seemed surprisingly hesitant to move her hand close to my groin area as she kept tracing circles back and forth across my stomach.

Adalynn had taken my left hand in hers, interlacing our fingers and holding them up by our adjoining shoulders. She, too, was unusually quiet as I stared at the ceiling.

“Ok you two, I’ve changed my mind. You’re both far too quiet, and conversing with myself inside my head is driving me crazy. Would one of you please say something, ask me a question, tell me a joke, anything?” I pleaded, trying to break this mood I now found myself in.

“I’m confused, Mike. Not even five minutes ago, you asked for quiet while we lay here so you could think. Now you want to have a conversation?” Adalynn asked with some reservations.

“You could fuck me, Mike. We did get interrupted earlier and that would take your mind off of other things. Think with your head down low and not with the one up high.” Celeste chimed in. Always ready and uniquely persistent about her need for sex and physical touch.

“Ha!” I exclaimed with sarcasm.

Rotating my head back and forth from looking at Adalynn and then at Celeste several times as if I was watching a tennis match, I commented on the first thought that came to mind. “You two are like my conscience. Adalynn is my sane, goodly angel, who speaks with reason and wisdom, and you, Celeste! You are a feisty little devil who seeks pleasure and wants to just fuck all the time.” I told them. Both girls finally giggled, laughing at my analogy.

“That’s so true! Now that you put it that way. We are very much like a devil and angel, aren’t we, Adalynn?” Celeste exclaimed.

“Mike has defined us as he sees us. Yes, Celeste, you and I are exactly that. We complement each other in so many ways.” Adalynn confirmed. “Although, I can be pretty devilish at times too.” She added.

Giving Adalynn’s hand a squeeze, I turned my head to look and gaze at her. “What?” She asked.

“You are so beautiful, your eyes, your smile. How your cheeks burst with this amazing glow when you smile and laugh. How fortunate I am to be here with the both of you.” I cleared my throat before continuing. “At first, I didn’t want to take the service call to repair your furnace. I was tired and just wanted to go home, but I also wanted the money. Then I heard your voice on the phone when I called you, and you sounded angelic and pretty. I thought I could picture how you might look in my mind.” Swallowing hard, I paused again, composing myself. “Now, I don’t know if I could live without you. Either of you. You're both so damn beautiful, and not just physically, but who you are individually! I’ve made two amazing, brand new friends in a matter of hours.” I admitted.

Adalynn batted her eyes as if she were about to cry. “I am forever in your debt, and you are such an amazing man. I cannot thank you enough, Mike.” She whispered, then leaned in for a long and tender kiss.

As we parted, I felt Celeste planting small kisses along my upper arm. Adalynn nodded at me, indicating I was good to turn my attention back to Celeste. Turning toward her and rolling onto my side, I brought my left hand up to the side of her face. Her expression was also one of adoration as she looked at me.

“Mike, you see Adalynn and me so very different than I initially expected. You treat us as equals, with respect, kindness and adoration. Not as machines or appliances, servants or brainless robots. Earlier tonight, Nicole made a statement that showed how she sees us. As androids, nothing else. Just property that you own. The definition of love, admiration, and friendship as I understand it to be, you embody that.” Celeste paused, planting a single kiss on my chest before looking back at me.

“You’re aware that Adalynn and I utilize our link to communicate non-vocally, and yes, we have found it does affect our sensory systems adversely when our sexual systems are active. But I have learned so much from her already via that link, using it as a means of learning and communicating. I, too, am extremely grateful for your decisions, for your curiosity, and for who you are as a human being. Thank you, Mike Humphreys.” Celeste explained in a quiet voice, holding her hand on my chest, over my heart.

An overwhelming rush of emotions pulsed through me as I lay there listening to Celeste explain what she felt. Or more accurately how she perceived me. They may not see their algorithms as feelings, but they have them. Just as I had told Adalynn earlier this evening after eating dinner, they did have a sense of what they were. Nicholas was a brilliant programmer who had created feelings within each of them. My eyes began to well up with tears, and I couldn’t stop them.

“Oh my.” I croaked out as the tears and emotions poured out. Adalynn held tight to my hand while Celeste tenderly caressed my chest, neither of them saying anything as they allowed me time to release my emotions and cry. After several minutes and having wiped my tears away multiple times, I looked back at Celeste.

“Alright, you devil.” I laughed, regaining my focus and looking into her eyes. “We did get interrupted earlier, didn’t we?” I asked.

Celeste nodded, continuing to look at me. “We don’t have to play, have sex or do anything, Mike. We all can lay here, cuddle and fall asleep tonight if that’s what you want and desire.” She told me somberly.

Amazed once again by Celeste, who I perceived as always in the mood for sex, was mindful of what I wanted this time instead of what she wanted.

“What I want is to finish today with you, Celeste. Adalynn if I may?” Pausing and looking at her, then back to Celeste. “We were interrupted earlier, and I would very much like to treat you to what you were expecting. Although, I’d like it to be slow and steady.” I told her.

Celeste’s hand slowly started to trace lower across my abdomen. “What about Adalynn?” She whispered, batting her eyelashes at me, then looking across to her sister.

“Adalynn, would you mind if I had sex with Celeste tonight, focusing my remaining energy on just her?” I asked, turning my head to look back at her over my shoulder.

Adalynn placed her hand squarely on the center of my back, “No, Mike, you’re welcome to always do as you please. Thank you for asking me. I know we will each have our intimate time together as needed.” She answered.

Turning back to Celeste, who had bit down on her bottom lip, watching me, hopeful. “See, just you and me tonight.”

“Would you mind if I just lay right here and watched, Mike?” Adalynn asked as she rubbed her fingers along my shoulder blades.

“That would be just fine with me,” I told her.

Celeste’s right hand had moved even lower to just above my groin now. Scooting closer to her, closing the gap between us, I reached up to brush aside a strand of hair that had fallen across her cheek, then leaned in and began to kiss Celeste’s plump ripe lips.

As we lay there kissing and slowly running our hands over each other, I quickly relaxed and fell into step with our intimate moment. I was also seeing a more reserved and tender side of Celeste. The way she moved her hands now and how she touched me. The slow, cautious way her tongue entered and probed my mouth as we kissed. To experience this was a refreshing side of her personality. Not the unbridled lustful, ‘I need sex now’ side of her character.

Adalynn had scooted over to the far side of the bed, most likely rolling onto her side to quietly watch. She gave us all the room we needed on the king-size bed for what we would be doing.

Celeste finally reached down and wrapped her hand around my hardening member, gently pumping it, working to increase its rigidity.

“Looks like you found something to hold onto down there,” I told her.

“A girl has gotta help get her man ready.” Celeste teased.

“I’ve noticed how careful, tender, and slow you’ve been since Nicole left. It’s nice to see a different side of you.” I said as I cupped her breast with one hand, her nipple firming up as I squeezed it.

“Sexual restraint is not one of my strengths, and thank you for the compliment, Mike. Although I will admit, I was given some good advice by a close, and trusted confidant.” She said with a smile, rolling her eyes and hinting that Adalynn was her trusted source.

“I see. I believe that it will be excellent advice for you.” I told her as I pinched her nipple and held firm to her tit.

Celeste slowly tilted her head back, her mouth slightly open as she enjoyed the feeling of me playing with her breast. “Ooohhh yeah.” She exclaimed.

“Why don’t you roll over onto your back,” I suggested. Scooting back a little on the bed to give her some room and then kicking down the sheets covering us.

Once Celeste had rolled over onto her back, I kneeled up, then I slowly assumed a missionary position between her legs, raising myself over her with my arms braced under her arms. Her smaller petite body fit perfectly beneath my own.

“I hope you don’t mind foregoing much foreplay, but I’d rather just get to being inside you and us enjoying each other,” I said as I watched her eyes.

Celeste shook her head in acknowledgment and instinctively brought her knees up and out, readying herself for me to penetrate her.

Bending my elbows, I lowered myself down to kiss her again. As we did so, I adjusted my hips and body until I felt the tip of my penis slide down along to the folds of her waiting pussy. “Mmmffff.” Celeste moaned as we continued to kiss.

Slowly, I pivoted my hips and pushed inside her, adjusting the angle of my shoulders as I braced myself over her body. Sliding my hard cock deeper between her wet folds.

“Ohhhh .. fuck .. me!” Celeste moaned after breaking away from our kiss. “You.Feel.So.Good!! And you’re so hard!!”

Relaxing my arms, lowering my body down and onto hers, and while using my toes to push against the bed, I was able to carefully thrust my full length inside her. “Oh, that’s nice. You feel so perfect, the right kind of perfect, not too wet and just tight enough.” I complimented Celeste.

Celeste arched her back beneath me, tilting her head so her chin pointed to the ceiling. I literally could feel her hard nipples pushing against my chest. “Michael!! What are you doing to me?? This .. this is .. this feels so very different.” She said in awe, almost with confusion.

I flexed my hard cock as it lay within her folds. Celeste moaned again. I had to think before answering her question too quickly. What was I doing to her? In my mind, fucking was fast and hard. Making love was slow and tender. Is that what this was now, what we were doing, slowly making love? Is that what she meant, I wondered, or perhaps that slower for her felt very different than earlier today?

“Is it a good sensation?” I asked, wanting more of an explanation from her, as I methodically began to slowly piston my hips, giving just enough thrust inward and a slow enough glide outward as I studied her face.

A mixture of bliss, lust and want all rolled into one displayed across her face as she licked her lips. “Going as slow as you are, it’s as if ..” Celeste paused, unsure of her words maybe, “..every sexual sensor in my body is relaying back more data than my processors were set to define. I was .. I was .. calibrated for sex per your fucking me earlier today. Fast and hard. But now, this .. this time is a much greater sensory experience for me overall.” She explained.

“Is that so?” I said with sarcasm before leaning in and latching onto her left breast and sucking on her tit as I continued to slowly work her pussy. After a minute I gently pulled off to ask her my question, “Let me ask you this. Are we fucking? Are we having sex? Or are we making love?” I latched back on before she could answer.

“OOOHHH FFUUCCKK!!” Celeste cried in delight as I slowly pushed deep inside once more. “Michael, ohhhh .. fuck .. meee!” She whimpered. “The answer is..ohhh answer making love to me. Slow is love, Mike.” As if she had read my mind, our answers matched and aligned.

I angled my head while still attached to Celeste’s tit to look over at Adalynn, wanting to see her reaction. Her eyes met mine as she smiled back at me with her luscious pink lips. She appeared content and relaxed, but she held one breast firmly in her hand. No motion or movement as I hadn’t commanded her to masturbate or play with herself. She just lay there watching us fuck, gripping right to her breast. Her other hand was just inches away from her mound, as if in anticipation.

Popping off Celeste’s tit and pushing myself up and away I began to quicken my rhythm of pistoning in and out of Celeste.

“How’s that?! I asked her.

“So fucking good. So, so amazing. Aaahhhh yessss. I enjoy having your … aahhhh .. your cock inside my pussy.” Celeste stated as I rode her.

Over the next few minutes, neither of us spoke aloud other than the continual moaning and exclamations of sexual bliss. I played with and teased her tits, both with my hands and fingers, as well as my mouth, sucking on them and popping off, stretching her nipples to maximum length, and touching her soft, supple skin in all her tender places.

Occasionally I would glance over at Adalynn to see her reaction or expression as I made love to Celeste. She continued to look content, and I wondered if the two of them were linked again, both enjoying this time together.

My rhythm was comfortable and perfect as a sheen of sweat appeared across Celeste’s breasts and forehead, simulating her realism. I was content to finish her off, utilizing only the missionary position being between her legs. There wasn’t a need to change things up if we were both satisfied.

“You haven’t orgasmed yet? Do you need me to help with that? I could rub your clit while I fuck you.” I asked with mild concern.

“No!” Celeste exclaimed, shaking her head. “I want to cum as you .. oohhh .. as you explode inside me .. aaahhh .. with your hot cum! Oh fuck me .. oohh .. you feel so good .. so slow and’ hard inside of .. uuuhhh .. of me. Inside my .. eeiiiihh .. wet pussy!”

“Alright then, God, you feel so good. So natural,” I told her. I was pausing between each breath. Every movement and motion of my cock increased my need to release and orgasm. “Oh fuck, I’m feeling it .. uhhnn .. getting closer,” I added.

Arching my back, I reached down with my hands to brace myself against the bed. Using my weight to add effort to my hips as I quickened my pace a little more.

Adalynn rolled over and into a low crawling position, slowly closing the gap between us. She looked up at me with a wanton, needful look. I gave Celeste my first hard thrust, causing her to scream out. “OH, FUCK ME, MIKE!! OHHH FUCK! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!” Celeste’s tits bounced wildly beneath me. Adalynn licked her lips in a sexy and sultry way, “Please, may I join in?” She asked timidly.

Pulling all but the very tip of my cock out of Celeste’s now-soaked pussy, I paused all motion and held my stance as if I were performing a plank exercise. Looking down, I asked for her opinion, “Should we allow Adalynn to join us?”

“Ohh, yes! Play with my tits! Kiss them, rub them, suck on them. But don’t stop, Mike, don’t stop, don't stop. Kiss me Adalynn or let me kiss and suck on your luscious tits. OOHHH MIKE!! You’re so close. I felt you getting harder. JUST DON'T STOP!!” Celeste pleaded. Her face was almost cringing as if she were in pain.

Adalynn immediately went for Celeste’s left tit, latching onto it aggressively as I held my pose. My cock tip, still barely within her folds.

Ever so slowly, I pushed my way back into her love hole, gliding along so evenly, back and forth. Adalynn reached up and began to play with Celeste’s other tit as she suckled on the other. Both girls started to moan in pleasure and delight.

Within a matter of seconds, I was back to fucking Celeste at a moderate speed, my cock was hardening fully again, and the feeling of release was once again very, very close. Adalynn’s ripe ass was a tempting target as she fulfilled her desire to participate along with us.

Should I slap her ass, or should I remain focused on Celeste? I thought. My questioning as to whether or not I should was answered for me as Celeste’s synthetic muscles suddenly tightened around my hard dick. Her moaning changed and instinctively became spoken words of encouragement for me to cum inside her.

“Oh, Mike, fuck my tight android pussy, shoot your load now. I’m ready to feel you swell and release your hot cum inside me. Aahhh, you’re so hard. You’re a fucking stud! Fuck me.. fuck me , Mike, I want to cum when you cum!” Celeste exclaimed to me.

That’s all it took for me to be pushed over the edge, Adalynn’s ass in my peripheral, Celeste tightening her hole, and her words calling me a stud. Which, of course, I knew I wasn’t. My thrusting increased both in pressure and speed, and after the fifth thrust, I finally released my load inside her. Simultaneously Celeste experienced her pent-up orgasm as her body convulsed beneath mine. Cries of pleasurable delight echoed in the room as we both bucked hard against one another. As Celeste and I wound down from the euphoric moment and as I pulled out of her, Adalynn’s hand was instantly wrapping around my still hard cum soaked shaft.

“Allow me to clean you off Mike.” Adalynn whispered as she guided me onto my back with her free hand. Not one to reject the ministrations of a beautiful woman, Adalynn quickly went to work once the two of us were in perfect position.

Chapter 17

Falling asleep with two beautiful women at my side in a king-size bed took no time at all. Of course, I was worn out from the events and stress of the last two days. After the sex, as the three of us lay there, I pulled the top sheet back up over us, gave Adalynn and Celeste each a kiss, and within minutes I was asleep.

When morning finally came, it was Adalynn who was spooning me with our arms together against my chest. “Good morning Mike. How’d you sleep?” She asked.

I interlaced our fingers and held her arm tight against me as I blinked several times, clearing my vision. Celeste was no longer in bed with us, I noted. “Very restful,” I told Adalynn.

We lay there for another minute or so in our naked embrace. I was relaxed, not wanting to move, happy to feel Adalynn’s warm body up close against my own for a change. “What time is it?” I inquired.

“Almost eight, but if you want specifics, it's seven fifty-two a.m,” Adalynn replied.

“I like the way you feel snuggled up against me. We’re a good fit.” I complimented her.

“And I like the way you feel, although it might be an even better fit if we were to flip the spooning and have you tight against my backside.” Adalynn teased.

“You're probably right, and I feel that I owe you that much after how patient you’ve been with me. I’ve now had more physical intimacy with Celeste than you now, and it was you, Adalynn, that initiated all this. I owe you so much.” I told her, squeezing her hand even tighter.

“Well, there are many ways I can come up with for you to repay me. But it is you that I owe so much. You accepted my offer after all. Everything else has happened as a result of your choice.” Adalynn explained.

I gave a nod and grunt of acknowledgment.

“Speaking of results, I need to let you know how today will play out. Nicole sent me a message about fifteen minutes ago with a few details.” Adalynn began.

“Oh really, what are they?” I asked.

“Accompanying Nicole will be a team of five individuals. Two programmers and three technicians. They would like to begin with Celeste, downloading her matrix, reviewing her coding, examining her primary systems, etc. They have brought with them a newer duplicate copy of Celeste.” Adalynn paused.

“As a backup? Like your copies?” I asked, wondering.

“Not exactly. Apparently the prototype and earlier versions of Celeste were prone to a few bugs and minor internal electrical shorts. Our Celeste is a prototype model and design. Number twelve off the line to be precise. Nicole’s asked for time to visit with you specifically and alone regarding some decisions that you’ll need to make.” Adalynn explained.

My mind was able to process what she was telling me, and Adalynn’s upfront honesty was her way of ensuring I was in the loop.

“Ok, I appreciate you informing me of these details. I really do. Nicole will most likely go over more details when she gets here in a few hours. Where is Celeste right now?” I asked.

“She’s just gotten out of the shower in the other bedroom and will be starting breakfast for you soon,” Adalynn replied.

I said nothing more as we both continued to lay there, reviewing what Adalynn had just told me and trying to motivate myself to get up and get moving. Or, make a move with Adalynn since it was just the two of us.

“Mike, I need to tell you something else,” Adalynn added with some hesitation.

“Go on,” I said softly.

“What I’m about to say is serious, so please take note, and just so you know, seconds after what I’m about to tell you, I will permanently delete our conversation from my memory and system cache as a precautionary measure. I have made a duplicate backup file of myself and one of Celeste for you to have and use in the event that Nicole is not being one hundred percent truthful with you. I am hopeful that there is no deception in any of this, but I feel the need to be prepared. There are several thumb drives located downstairs in the server racks beside the pedestals where my copies are located. You need to find the one in slot six. It will be red in color. Remove it and keep it hidden just in case. Once Nicole’s team has left, and they have finished their assigned work, you can insert it into the computer in the den should you find that you need to use it. Watch closely for any behavioral changes in me or Celeste, I trust you’ll notice if there are any. There is a self-loading file that will instruct you on what to do next. Thank you, Mike. You truly mean the world to me.” Adalynn stated.

Holy shit, now I was wondering if I should be worried. Adalynn possibly doubted Nicole’s honesty, or perhaps she was being cautious. She would delete our conversation and history of what she had done and just said. Only I would know this now. Adalynn again was placing her trust in me. Me? She was just so sweet and loving. After a few more minutes of lying there together, I finally felt it was time to get moving as Nicole and her team would be here in just under two hours now.

“Hey, Adalynn?” I called her name quietly.

“Yes?” She answered.

“Roll over so we can switch positions. I want to spoon you, please.” I told her.

“Mike, we don’t have a lot of time.” Adalynn reminded me as she rolled over.

“We've got enough time. Besides, you’re beginning to mean the world to me.” I repeated her words back to her, now that she had deleted them forever.

It was about eighteen minutes later before we both stood up from the bed. Me spooning Adalynn turned into a rear side morning fuck with her, and it was amazing! Even better than our first time at the kitchen island, being able to lay in bed where my energies could be focused solely on giving her pleasure and me exploding inside her from behind. It was terrific.

“I’m going to hurry and shower. I don’t want to keep Celeste waiting if she’s making breakfast.” I told Adalynn.

“I’ll have your towel and clothes on the vanity when you’ve finished. There’s also a new electric rechargeable razor and aftershave beside the sink that I picked up for you yesterday. I hope you like the scent.” Adalynn informed me as she slapped my ass. “Thank you, Mike, for spooning with me.”

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed it.” I chuckled as I headed off to shower.

Chapter 18

Breakfast consisted of omelets, sausage, and toast, with orange juice, as well as a vitamin pack of three pills. Celeste gave me the rundown of all the healthy benefits of starting my day right with the proper proteins and how the vitamins would be good for me. Who was babying who here, I wondered? Apparently I wasn't a master over all things.

Adalynn had also finished getting ready for the day and was currently tidying up the main floor which was back to looking as elegant and pristine as it had been the first time I’d seen it. I ran downstairs for a quick moment after breakfast to grab the thumb drive from the server rack that Adalynn had told me about earlier. I didn’t feel one way or the other about the possibility of deception from Nicole, but I also knew I needed to trust Adalynn’s request in case something were to happen or change. Luckily neither Adalynn nor Celeste asked where I had momentarily disappeared to.

At precisely ten a.m., the front doorbell rang. Nicole was prompt. I’d give her that much credit. The three of us patiently waited in the main living room, casually discussing how life might change over the next week. I had hoped it would only be a couple of days.

“Hello, Nicole.” I greeted her after I opened the door. Adalynn and Celeste lined up behind me. “Please, come in. Everyone’s welcome.” I told her and those standing behind her.

“Thank you, Mike. Allow me to make some introductions.” Nicole began as her team filed in, one at a time. “This is Meng Li, one of our lead program developers.” Nicole indicated to a petite but beautiful Asian woman who stopped in front of me and extended her hand. “A pleasure to meet you, Mike. Thank you for granting us access to your home.” I shook her hand in acceptance. “You’re welcome, my pleasure as well,” I told Ms. Li.

She stepped aside, looking at both Adalynn and Celeste. “A wonderful pleasure to meet you both as well. I look forward to discussing many things with you. Many things I believe you'll find useful.” Ms. Li added before stepping back beside Nicole.

Adalynn and Celeste both acknowledged Ms. Li graciously.

“Next is Mandi Porter. She is the I.T. and robotics lead specialist at Synth-Replica.” Nicole continued.

“Welcome,” I told her, extending my hand to her. She was the tallest of the group, probably close to six feet in height. She was of a slender build and wore glasses. The stereotypical nerd and workaholic look if I had to make a guess. It as I took a longer look at her I could see that she was also very pretty behind her glasses.

Ms. Porter took my hand loosely as we shook. “Thanks. We’ll try to stay out of your way as much as possible.” She informed me speaking quickly.

I inwardly sighed, hoping as much but also realizing I wanted to know as much as possible about what all they would be doing while here.

Ms. Porter only nodded to Adalynn and Celeste as they extended greetings to her. Noting that this is what Celeste referred to last night, some would see them as objects, appliances, and robots. While in contrast, others would see them as individuals.

The remaining three in Nicole’s group were technicians and I.T. specialists, another female, and two males. Once the formalities were over, Adalynn and Celeste showed them to the basement area where the maintenance and repair room was located, which left Nicole and me alone.

“Could we discuss a few items in private, Mike?” Nicole asked me. She was pointing to the den behind her.

“Certainly, Adalynn made me aware that you had some business to discuss. Please, have a seat.” I motioned for her to enter the room.

Closing the glass doors behind me, I made my way behind the desk and sat down, watching Nicole for any sign of nervousness on her part.

“Again, Mike, on behalf of Synth-Replica, I want to thank you for your understanding, support, and willingness to allow us access to Mr. Faraday’s files, your home, as well as Adalynn and Celeste. Any questions you may have at any time, please feel free to ask any one of the team members here. Meng Li will be the one person in charge of all the personnel once I’ve finished all the legal paperwork and have left to head back.” Nicole began to explain.

“And when will that be, if I may ask?” Trying to be just as frank with her.

“Hopefully today by early evening if I’m lucky, and before you ask how long the overall process will take. That should be no more than two or three days tops.” Nicole stated.

Nodding, I reclined back in the office chair as I watched her for any further comment. “Great, that’ll work just fine for what I need to get done to tidy up with my former employer and all. Hopefully, this whole process will go smoothly here with no hiccups.” I told her, attempting to keep the mood light with my tone.

“Mike, did Adalynn give you an insight into why I wanted to visit with you privately?” Nicole asked.

“Yes, she did. At least as far as Celeste is concerned, but could you give me some clarification, please?” I asked her politely.

Nicole began to be a little more animated as she explained the situation regarding Celeste and her earlier prototype body and internal components. How several early designs failed after just a few weeks due to electrical malfunctions, they had narrowed one particular problem to a bad batch of ICBs or integrated circuit boards that had not been certified for extreme heat usage. Some of these questionable materials are part of Celeste’s current components.

These, along with a few technological advancements that had come about since her initial design, prompted them to re-engineer Celeste's primary electrical system and motor controls, or more accurately, the Siren series models as a whole, of which Celeste is their flagship premier model. Nicole further explained that Synth-Replica would like to exchange Celeste’s body for the newest version. Download her existing personality and character matrix into the new body, and they would assume possession of her old one so that they might examine it to see if Mr. Faraday had made any un-noted changes to her modules or components.

Everything she had told me felt like she was on the up and up. If she was being dishonest, I couldn’t see it. So I decided to be blunt, “So, there won’t be any underlying programs installed in the new body to sabotage Adalynn or me, nothing that will surprise us down the road?”

Nicole brought her hands together and nodded back at me. “I like you, Mike. You are a smart one, and no. I am not aware of any underlying programs or intent by Synth-Replica to deceive you in any way. Nicholas Faraday was a close friend of mine when he was alive, and I have no intention of tarnishing that memory or relationship. Thank you for your concern, though, and for being blunt with me. I don’t see you as being naive. So if you want total honesty, I’m giving it to you. No. This replacement unit is a blank slate. However, the choice is still yours as to whether or not we do the swap. Synth-Replica looks out for their own, as well as their clients. We would hate for you to lose Celeste in the end and be devastated by it.” Nicole told me, leaning more forward in her seat.

“Thank you for your honesty, Nicole. That means a lot to me. It’s literally only been a day since Celeste was activated, and yet she has had a profound impact on my life and who I am. Her personality is different than Adalynn’s, more eager, more adventurous.” I told her.

“Well then, are you agreeable to the exchange?” She asked.

“Yes, yes I am. I want to be present for that if possible, even if it’s only partial, maybe the beginning and certainly at the end and her restart.” I stated.

“Absolutely, we would be more than happy to accommodate you with any requests you may have,” Nicole promised.

It was my turn to now lean forward, bringing my hands and arms over the top of the desk. “What else do we need to discuss and go over?” I inquired.

She pulled her cell from the inner pocket of her business suit jacket, powered it on, and looked at me. “Alright, Mike, just a few more items.” She paused, making eye contact with me and then looking back at her cell. “Concerning Adalynn, I can adjust your ownership to reflect a mutual partnership or marriage just as Nicholas had me arranged while he was living if you’d like?” Nicole asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“I’ve given that some thought, and I feel that for now, a partnership would work and be mutually agreeable between us. I can let you know later down the road if we decide to change things up.” I stated.

“Excellent, I can make the necessary changes for you in that regard. Next is Celeste.” Nicole brought her eyes up from the screen of the cell before continuing. “Your ownership of Celeste works a little differently than with Adalynn or, let’s say, the average off-the-street walk-in client.” She began.

I nodded, waiting for her to go on. “Where Celeste was initially a prototype android, and her personality wasn’t fully developed in whole, she was purchased and paid for in full by Nicholas but never activated or registered to him. She will belong to both you and Adalynn until such time that she chooses differently. Since Adalynn completed Celeste’s matrix and she never knew Nicholas Faraday, she may view Adalynn as co-creator. You were her first human to interact with and have sex with. Thus providing her the required genetic material to register you as owner. The quandary is co-ownership between you two.” Nicole went on in detail.

“Wait, what? How do you know that Celeste views us that way? You’ve barely even said more than a sentence to her?” I asked, now starting to get a little annoyed at her presumption of Celeste.

Nicole held her hand up in her defense. “My bad and I must apologize. When I sent a ping or request to Adalynn last night informing her of my arrival, being the corporate representative that I am, I continued to communicate with Adalynn after my departure last night, and I requested certain information regarding Celeste’s, Nicholas’s files, etc. I thought maybe Adalynn would have told you. That’s an error on my part, and I am truly sorry, Mike, for not disclosing that information.”

Partially feeling angered by this new development, I asked my next question. “Any and all access, or just what Adalynn allows you?”

Nicole actually seemed to fidget somewhat as now I had put her on the defense. “She has control of the information she communicates to me. I asked, and she responded with what she felt was pertinent. I never used an override or command phrase.”

Letting out a deep sigh, I wasn’t one hundred percent convinced. “You know, it seems that I keep getting blindsided here by the littlest things. But I’m a nice guy, and Adalynn seems to respect and trust you. So I’m going to accept your answer. I’m fine with Celeste and how she views me as her owner, and should she choose differently later on, I’ll respect that.” I said in a little louder tone and with confidence.

Nicole watched me for a half second as she pursed her lips before continuing. “Mike, I’m not entirely sure if you’re aware of just how unique your situation is. Adalynn and Celeste are not your average off the shelf android companions. Nicholas Faraday was given a lot of leeway and liberties in designing each of their personalities and character matrixes. Not to mention neither of them has any sort of epidermal identifier. I can understand how you might view them, but I, in my position as a legal representative, I have to distance myself somewhat in order to remain neutral and objective. I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.” She stated.

I was taken aback but then the truth of what Nicole was telling me began to really sink in. I was in a very unique situation and regardless of whether or not I liked her perception of the girls, she had a point and was only doing her job.

“You’re absolutely right, Nicole. I’ve let my emotions run a little more freely instead of trying to look at the bigger picture. I understand now and thank you for helping me to see your perspective.” I told her.

Nicole nodded and attempted to smile, hoping to ease the tension between us. “Lastly is the matter of income and the duration of your contract service with Synth-Replica.” She said, looking back at her cell momentarily. “How would you feel about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars annually? With a cost of living increase of nine percent every year. For a total of five years. At which time your contract will be reviewed and, if desired, amended accordingly. Or if you want out and no longer wish to participate, then you're free to do so after the initial two years. Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual disbursements can be accommodated for you as well depending on your preference.” Nicole explained quickly.

As I listened to Nicole, Adalynn and Celeste appeared from around the corner by the stairs and stood patiently outside the den in the foyer. Looking at Adalynn, I hoped she acknowledged my making eye contact as I turned my focus back to Nicole. “That sounds more than generous, and I would happily agree to those terms. I think a monthly deposit would work great as far as payment goes. Thank you, Nicole.” I answered and informed her.

Her smile deepened as she sighed and sat back a little more comfortably. “Again, excellent! The board of directors for Synth-Replica will be very excited to hear of your choices and agreement to the contract. Thank you again, Mike, for your time. Like I said, I’ll need a few hours to get this all in legal writing and your signature on all the documents.” Nicole stated in a formal, business-like tone once again.

“May I ask you a more personal question, unrelated to all this stuffy busy work?” A hint of genuine curiosity in her voice.

“Sure, go ahead,” I told her.

“Last night, did you really think I might be an android? Nicole asked, tilting her head to the side. A slight smile adorned her face as her auburn hair bounced slightly as she leaned in closer to the desk.

“There was a moment when I questioned if you might be. Adalynn sure fooled me. The realism of the company’s androids is uncanny. I've learned to look at the details, searching for the littlest things, and I am unable to tell them apart from a human woman.” I told her pausing. “So, yes, I thought you might have been.”

“Yes, they certainly are realistic.” Nicole let a quick laugh escape. “ So, it wasn’t because you found me attractive and just wanted to get me into bed?” She asked with a large amount of pride, so sure and full of herself suddenly.

“Good God, Nicole, No! I’ve got those two beautiful ladies standing right there,” I said, pointing at the glass door where Adalynn and Celeste stood waiting. “They are more than enough for me. Do I find you attractive? Yes. Do I want to keep all this as professional as possible? Absolutely. Would I sleep with you if you were to flirt with me or ask me directly?” I paused, maybe for too long at that, trying to find the right words quickly. “Previously, perhaps, had we met before all this,” I explained as I waved both hands around in the air. “Nicole, I think you’re a wonderful person, talented and beautiful for sure. I would hate to tarnish our professional relationship. I would prefer to keep it neat and orderly and be your friend if that’s alright. Now, if we are done here.” I told her, standing up, leaning over the desk, and extending my hand to her.

A wave of relief washed over her countenance as she relaxed and released a deep sigh simultaneously. “Oh, Mike, you’ve just passed my integrity test. Thank you for your honesty and your integrity.” Nicole told me this as she too reached out to take my hand. “I believe everyone and everything will be in good hands with you here. I had to test you to make sure you weren’t in this for any type of overall personal gain. Adalynn said she felt you were of a high moral standard regarding honesty, and I agree with her assessment.” She stated as she looked back over her shoulder at the two beautiful androids standing patiently in the foyer. “I had to ask and I hope you understand and aren’t upset over my directness.”

Chapter 19

After my meeting with Nicole had wrapped, Adalynn needed Nicole and me to help explain to Celeste what was going on regarding her and her prototype body. Apparently Celeste didn’t understand the gravity of her situation, saying she had run multiple self-checks and diagnostics and found nothing wrong with any of her systems. I think what actually may have tipped her understanding of the situation or, better yet, solidified her acceptance allowing the exchanging of her body with the new and improved doppelgänger, was a single comment from me. “Celeste, you’ll be a virgin again, with an upgraded and improved body that I’d love to help you calibrate and experience.” After that, it was easy to get her to comply and follow the technicians' instructions. She was a child in a woman’s body. But I noticed that neither Celeste nor Adalynn blindly did anything that was asked of them. Especially by those they weren’t acquainted with or familiar with.

Ms. Meng Li greeted the four of us as we entered the room. I noticed Mandi Porter had several pieces of equipment connected to Adalynn’s server racks at the back of the room while the other three technicians were at various locations in the room doing their assigned tasks here and there.

“Are you ready, Celeste, and you understand the reasons why now?” Meng Li asked Celeste directly.

Celeste nodded back at her, then looked at me. “Yes, Mike helped explain why the exchange is necessary as well as some of the benefits.” She said somberly.

“Good, good. Please follow me to the other side of the room.” Meng Li said with enthusiasm.

We followed Meng Li through the maze of electronics, tables, and people over to the far side of the room where Celeste’s backup servers and charging pedestals were located.

The difference between today and yesterday when I was in here was that now there was a new copy of Celeste standing on the charging platform. Her new body stood naked with several more open panels. One in her abdomen, two above her breasts, and a patch of skin pulled back on the right side of her neck. Each location had at least one cable of some sort attached.

“Gather round, everyone, gather round.” Meng Li announced as she stood before a monitor and keyboard. “Look closely at her. You may see a few physical differences that I hope are appealing to you all.” She said, giggling at the end.

Adalynn placed her hand on my back, motioning me to step up for a closer look. Celeste was already two steps ahead as she reached up to trace her fingers over her duplicate face and body.

“The freckles are more pronounced under my eyes and especially on my chest over my breasts.” Celeste stated with wonder.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “I kinda like it. It makes you look sexier.” I told her.

Celeste quickly turned to face me. “Do you think so, Mike? Really?” Celeste asked excitedly.

Nodding my head, “Yeah, I really do. And look, they’ve upgraded your belly piercing from a single gold bar to three cubic zirconia stones that dangle and glitter.” I said, half laughing as I really didn’t know what actually to call it.

Celeste glared at me, “That’s not an upgrade, Mike. It’s a different piece of jewelry.” She continued to glare, but instantly smiled wide and laughed. “I agree to the exchange. I want my new body.” She said, clapping her hands.

“I must say, Celeste, your new body looks amazing. It looks like your ears are also different on your new body. The lobes are prettier, I think.” Adalynn said. “Shaped more accurately for a woman of your build.”

Celeste reached up to gently touch and feel the ears and lobes of her new body.

Meng Li cleared her throat. “Alright, so very glad that you approve. Not only are there differences on the outside, but many, many more on the inside. Once you’re transferred and powered up, and rebooted in this new android body, you’ll be able to identify everything that is new to you. We will not change anything about your memories or programming, dear. Not a thing.” She informed us, as well as reassuring Celeste.

Meng Li instructed Celeste on where and how to stand, then asked her to take off all her clothing. One of the male technicians was waved over by Meng Li in order to assist her to speed up the process. They asked Celeste to open identical access and service ports on her body and began connecting cables to her. All in all, the hook-up process took another five to eight minutes. Once it appeared that Meng Li was ready, she turned to me.

“Mike, the transfer and analysis process will take about four hours. You’re welcome to stay, but I thought you should know about a time frame.” She kindly informed me.

“Wow!” I said, raising my eyebrows. I turned to look at Nicole, who was silently watching from a distance. “How much time until all your paperwork is ready for me to sign?” I asked.

Nicole looked at her watch and pursed her lips together. “Uhm, not quite that long, maybe three to three and a half hours. Why?” She inquired back.

I spun to face Adalynn on my left. “Care to join me for a ride back to town? I’ve got to get my service van back to the shop before tomorrow morning, and my pickup truck is there that we can drive back. What do you say?” I asked hurriedly, hoping to get out of here alone with Adalynn for a time while Nicole and Meng Li did their work.

Adalynn’s face glowed with enthusiasm, “Yes, absolutely yes!” She answered gleefully.

I looked back over my shoulder at Nicole, “Are you good with us leaving? We should be back in about two and a half hours.”

Shaking her head approvingly, “Yes, that’s fine, but please don’t make me late for my flight out. You need to sign these in front of me, as I’m also the notary.” Nicole answered.

Adalynn instinctively took hold of my hand as I turned to look back at her. “Road trip.” She said quietly. I nodded back, “Road trip.”

“Mike,” Celeste called out to me. Turning, I stepped up to her as she stood there. The one male technician double-checked the cable connections on the new android body. “Drive safe ok, and don't worry about me,” Celeste said with a wink.

“I will worry about you. Adalynn and I can’t wait to see you in this new body. And..I do worry about you and Adalynn both, even though I know you can take care of yourselves.” I told her quietly as I reached out to touch her shoulder.

Before leaving, we double-checked with Meng Li, Mandi Porter, and Nicole once more to see if they needed anything from us or anything from town. Once we were given the all-clear, I grabbed my remaining work items, and Adalynn and I headed out the front door.

Chapter 20

As we pulled out of the driveway and onto the road, I cranked the heat in the van all the way up. Even though it was sunny outside with a few clouds, it was still a brisk thirty-six degrees outside. I turned my head at one point to look over at Adalynn. She appeared happy and content sitting in the passenger seat with her sunglasses and fancy winter coat. Which she admitted she had never worn before.

“Sorry about the noise and racket. It comes as a package deal when you work in the trades. And drive around in these older service vans. Parts and shelving creak and bounce. There is no insulation to dampen the sounds.” I told her.

“Oh, I think it’s wonderful, Mike! It has been so long since I’ve gone anywhere with someone else. Thank you so much for asking me to come along. I’m almost as excited for this short trip as I was for you to fuck me the other night in the kitchen.” Adalynn explained in detail.

I laughed at her comment. “Seriously, babe! We’ve got to get you out as often as we can. There’s always someplace to go and see, something to go and do. Whether it’s just going out to a restaurant or bar, one of the malls, a concert, shopping, something at least to get you and Celeste more familiar in social settings.” I informed her.

Adalynn leaned over slightly to reach out and place her hand on my right thigh as she looked at me. “Mike, you just called me babe. I’d love that. Going places with you.”

“Yeah, I did, didn’t I?” I answered, smiling back at her and then turning my attention back to the winding road.

“The word ‘Babe’ is used as a term of endearment. I liked the way you said it, your tone and inflection. You called me “babe.” Adalynn quietly stated, giving my thigh an ever-so-gentle squeeze. “I've used similar words with you, but that was the first time for you to initiate it in a conversation with me. But not to digress from your point. I would enjoy going out more frequently now, exploring new places and being with you.” She added.

Keeping both my eyes on the road and the van's speed in check, I reflected on what she just said and how I had called her babe. Emotionally speaking, the bonds that I was forming with Adalynn and Celeste were new, sometimes raw, but also very real. It had seemed so natural to call her babe. So maybe I should just let what falls from my tongue flow naturally then.

“I liked how it fell off my tongue as well. I didn’t realize it till I’d said it, Adalynn.” I admitted to her. “You’re right. It is nice. And yes, I definitely want to go places with you and Celeste too.”

We were both quiet for the remainder of the drive down the canyon. Each of us imagined where we’d go and what we would do most likely. Once we hit the highway interchange back to town, Adalynn struck up the conversation again. “Yesterday, you said you believed Nicholas purposely wrote code into our programming for Celeste and me both to have feelings. Can you explain why he would possibly do that? Why he would want us to be different from his other designs? ”

Pondering her questions for a moment before answering in order to gather my thoughts, “Have you read or ever studied the Bible?” I asked her.

“Yes, but I’m not asking a religious question, Mike,” Adalynn replied.

“Yes, but hear me out. I think I have an analogy for you. God is a deity. A supreme being, creator of worlds, father of our mortal spirits we’re taught. In the Bible, it says that God created the world over the course of five days, and on the sixth day, he created man and woman. Adam and Eve.” I peeked over at Adalynn quickly.

She nodded and I could see that she was paying close attention.

“God created them in his image, as he was and as he is. Adam and Eve were his children and He made physical corporal bodies for them. He gave them all the opportunities and possibilities that He himself had once experienced. Opportunities for pain, sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, and love, everything that makes us human.”

I glanced over at Adalynn to see her smile back at me as I was explaining my thoughts. “Nicholas wrote your code, your matrix, your personality, however you want to call it. He decided how he wanted you and Celeste to appear physically. The color of your hair, eyes, and skin. Kind of along the lines of how God did with Adam and Eve in the garden. With that being said, it’s possible to believe that Nicholas did his best and tried his hardest to incorporate feelings into you both via his programming and coding. Perhaps because he had spent so much time, energy and thought into what he wanted you and Celeste to be, that he literally wanted you to be more like him, and that he hoped you would eventually recognize and ..” I paused to look at her once again. “accept that coding as feelings. Does that compute or make sense to you?” I said, hoping that my analogy would make sense to her.

Adalynn’s expression was a little hard to read as I glanced at her and then back to the highway. She adjusted her position and turned to face forward in her seat. “Your analogy makes sense and is clear and precise. Thank you Mike for helping me understand and see this from a different perspective. I will say that there are .. algorithms within my coding .. that I have noticed over the last few days, algorithms that I haven’t made note of since Nicholas’s passing. At that time I tried to make sense of so many things. Why did Nicholas have to die, why was I alone? Now in analyzing and reviewing those lines of code and the algorithms associated with our most recent experiences, many of these .. feelings .. feelings as you believe me and Celeste to have revolve around the sex we’ve had. But one algorithm in particular reoccurs when you and I are alone in conversation.” She said somberly.

“That’s awesome! So you’re recognizing something that’s tied to a definition of a particular feeling?” I asked joyfully.

“Yes, I think I do.” Adalynn turned back to me with a big grin on her face. “I can say that, yes, yes! It makes more sense now thanks to your explanation.”

“So let me ask you, what is it that you feel or sense when it is just you and I? Is it only when we are talking like this? What is it?” I asked, curious.

Adalynn continued to look out the window, a small yet playful smile on her face. “It’s a sense of needing to be with you, to be in your presence, paying close attention to what you say, listening to your heartbeat, watching your face and expressions, wanting to be next to you. It’s different from wanting or needing to have sex with you. Does that answer your question?”

“Yeah, yeah, it does. I knew it from the beginning, when I first met you at the doorstep. Before I knew that you were an android, your expression was genuine and not robotic, that you had feelings and emotions. Thanks, babe.” I told her, smiling.

Our conversation continued on the drive to the service shop. I said what I felt, expressed additional thoughts and insights into how a person's feelings work, with some of my personal experiences and examples of what Adalynn had been trying to sort through. We also talked about some of the areas of the city, places I visited, and how I was going to approach terminating my employment with a company that I’d been associated with for over ten years now. The end result was that I would take the next two days off to wrap up what was needed with Synth-Replica. Work the remaining three days of this week and then be done with it so I could officially start something new with Adalynn.

We talked a little about Celeste and her energy and keeping her in the mix of our blossoming relationship for now and seeing how she grows and develops. Celeste was an integral part of my life now too, but it was Adalynn’s offer that I had accepted. It was Adalynn that I chose and wanted to have this relationship with. Our conversation discussing these subjects felt deep, rich, and very real.

A few minutes later we pulled into the parking lot “Well, this is it, this is where I work, Valley Heating, Air & Electric.” I stated.

Adalynn grabbed my hand, “Are you nervous at all?”

I turned to face her as I put the vehicle in park. “Nervous about what?” I asked.

“About quitting your job and leaving? I got the impression that you really enjoy your career. When we first met and you explained your history in the trade, your expertise and attention to detail. You appeared happy, confident and joyful. I'm curious if you're nervous about leaving all that behind.” Adalynn explained.

Shrugging my shoulders and shaking my head I responded, “No, not really. I’ll still utilize my knowledge from time to time I’m sure, but I’ve also done this for enough years that I feel a simpler lifestyle would be a welcome change. All of it .. thanks to you my dear.”

Adalynn smiled, bowing her head slightly. “You’re too kind Mike. Thank you. You know, you don’t have to quit if you don’t want to. If you feel the need for some consistency while we transition into our new roles and relationships make sure you’re doing this for you and not for me.”

I reached for her hand bringing it up to my lips for a kiss, “Adalynn, you are so beautiful. I’m sure this is what I want. Thank you for being so selfless and wanting me to be happy.” I told her.

Leaving the keys to the service van in the cup holder and locking the doors, I held the door open for Adalynn to my truck, then moved around to the driver side. We drove in silence for a few blocks before Adalynn began a whole new set of questions for me. “Mike, I hope you don’t think I'm annoying for asking more questions. But I have several more if you're willing?”

As we pulled up to a stoplight, I reached over with my right hand to take hold of her left hand, giving it a tight squeeze. “Ask away, you silly woman. Just don't ask me who I think is better at sex between you and Celeste alright?” I said, laughing, remembering Celeste’s question from last night.”

Adalynn laughed as well, understanding my meaning. “Gotcha. My first question is the easiest. Are we heading right back to the house or making a stop or two?”

“You’re right. That is an easy question. One you've probably already figured out since we aren't heading back the way we came in.” I stated, looking over at Adalynn.

She raised an eyebrow as her smile widened. “We’re stopping at your apartment!” Adalynn said, not a question but a statement.

“Yes,” I replied. “I want to grab a few things before we head back up to your…to our place.” I quickly corrected myself.

Clapping her hands jubilantly, Adalynn squealed like a little girl going to the candy store for the first time. “Oh, Mike, I'm going to see your apartment.”

Rolling my eyes but feeling good about her excitement, I just nodded. “Yes, for sure. Next question, babe.”

“Oh!” Adalynn said, sounding more restrained and normal. Taking a few seconds to compose herself. “Can you tell me some of what you and Nicole talked about this morning?”

Clearing my throat before answering, “It’s nothing secret really. Nicole specifically explained Celeste’s electronic failure potential and the benefits of upgrading her body. We discussed the money and compensation contract for being a part of the corporation's testing group. More than fair, far more than what I was expecting.” I said.

“See, that's one very good thing to come from all this,” Adalynn interjected.

“Yeah. I’m very happy with that aspect of all of this. We also talked about your open communication with her and the information that you've shared with her. Per her request. That little bit of information caught me off guard again. I wished I had known about that, but again, there was no time for you to fill me in. And she put me to a test. To see what my motives and intentions were in this whole scenario of taking ownership of you and Celeste. Nicole stated that I had passed her little inquiry.” I informed Adalynn.

Taking my free hand in hers once more, Adalynn smiled over at me. “So, are you ok with all the arrangements and everything as Nicole has explained?” I held Adalynn’s hand tightly in mine, “Yes. She’s done an excellent job of explaining things. I feel she's been honest and truthful, don't you?” I said, then asked my question of honesty to see what she would say.

Adalynn was quiet for longer than I thought she would be. Her face showed mixed emotions before she answered. “My sensory systems are designed to help me determine if someone isn't being honest or truthful. As I did initially with you, Mike, I utilize several means including thermal imaging. My audio sensors can hear a person's heartbeat to aid in that, such as pulse rate and looking for signs of perspiration. Nicole did appear to be telling the truth when we were all together.”

“But?” I prodded, wanting her to continue.

“I calculate there is a sixteen-point three percent chance that there may be something she isn't telling us. I may be wrong, though. I have known Nicole to always be honest in the past. It’s just that nothing is ever absolute.” Adalynn finished.

“Your guard is up as a precaution and that’s understandable, but she is also an attorney which means she is talented and skilled at only conveying what information she wants or needs to.” I stated.

We drove for another few minutes in silence, neither of us adding additional comments. “We’re almost there, Adalynn. Do you have a question I can give a short answer to? If you have any more that is.” I asked, making the final turn down the street towards the apartment complex.

She turned in her seat but looked down towards the console and not at me directly. “Do you think we would have enough time while we’re at your apartment for a quicky?”

“I knew Celeste would rub off on you! I knew it!!” I exclaimed as I tapped the steering wheel repeatedly, laughing. “I knew it!” Adalynn finally looked up at me, our eyes making contact with each other. “When I said I'd wanted to grab a few things. I meant you as well. Your tits, your ass, run my hands over your body, so yes, we’ll have time for that too.” I told her with a big grin on my face.

Within seconds of entering my apartment, Adalynn and I both rushed to remove our clothing and headed into the kitchen. Where once again, she assumed a bent-over position, and I took her from behind. It was ironic that we had the opportunity to fuck in both her kitchen and mine now. Only this time without any glitches, problems or malfunctions.

We both tried our best to be as quiet as possible knowing that my neighbors were home. But sex sometimes is both a vocal and physical sport, we did make some noise together, and it was amazing.

After the kitchen we moved to the sofa in the living room for round two where Adalynn proceeded to give me another amazing blow job and get me to cum a second time.

Adalynn curled up close against me as we lay on the couch together afterwards. Me catching my breath, her pretending to be winded. “God, that was fun!” I said, still panting.

“Mmmmm. Quick, fast, and fuckable. That's me.” Adalynn giggled.

“You’re most definitely fuckable! But there really wasn’t anything quick about that sexcapade.” I told her, laughing and kissing the back of her head. Adalynn expressed a soft moan as she ran her hand over my outer thigh. “What are you thinking right now?” She asked.

“About you and Celeste,” I said, holding her tightly against me. “Details, please.” Adalynn prodded. I inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of her hair and neck before I answered. “I’m wondering if you are at all hesitant to get back and start your process of being scanned and checked. And I hope Celeste is ok with everything too, so much has happened in the last twenty-four hours.” I told her.

Adalynn pulled my arm away and sat up, turning to look at me. Her breasts bounced, her nipples still firm and pert.“No and yes. No, because Nicholas has performed something similar in the past to what the technicians will be doing. And yes, because it won't be him or you, but strangers this time. I am hesitant about it even though I know I shouldn’t be.” She said softly.

I ran my hand over and across her back as she looked at me. Adalynn let out another sigh and stood up. “Guess we should get going, Mike.” Shaking my head at her and rolling my eyes again. “Are you sure you’re an android? Because you took time to think all that through, to think of that answer, and that's the first time I think I've seen you hesitant. Like ever!” I said.

Chapter 21

The drive back up the canyon to the house was filled with laughter, profanity, and some yelling. Mostly laughter. After Adalynn and I had gathered some of my belongings from my apartment, we made one last stop at a Wendy’s drive-thru for some food before high tailing it back up the canyon to keep within the time frame we had told Nicole.

One joke I told while driving, involved a muppet. Adalynn had never heard of Cookie Monster from the old children's television workshop show: Sesame Street. She had to do a quick search to understand who he was, and had stopped me once during the joke to do so. The humor in it was lost due to her lack of reference and information. After a few minutes, she burst out laughing wildly at the joke that I'd told her five minutes prior where Cookie Monster was the punchline. That's when we both started laughing together.

From there, the drive turned funnier at times mixed with moments of deafening silence. Adalynn attempted to tell a joke about a blonde, a swimming pool, and a scratch n’ sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool. She missed the perfect pause point in the joke when the blonde dives into the pool to sniff the sticker and I lost it. I swore at her for how simple and easy the joke was. She replied that my comment was rude, but kept laughing all the same. I'd taken for granted, for as real looking as Adalynn appeared. She was still an android, a machine that was still learning, developing, and trying to grasp an understanding of all the different human emotions.

As I watched her laughing and looking at me, I still had a hard time believing that we’d only known each other for a little over two days. In that time, so much had happened to both of us. I had discovered that she wasn't human, that instead, she was a complex machine designed to appear human. An Android that had been created and designed by Synth-Replica Corporation. A branded, worldwide company that manufacturers and sells sophisticated companion androids. Adalynn had once belonged to one of their founders who had since passed away and she had needed to find a new owner. Luckily that guy happened to be me.

Then there was Celeste, who was also a creation of Adalynn’s former owner. Her high sex drive and sarcasm make her a devilish minx. Adalynn and I had discovered her in the downstairs service room purely by happenstance because of my curiosity to explore more of the house. Celeste was powered down, her programming incomplete. We had also triggered a video message from Nicholas Faraday who was Adalynn’s previous owner giving instructions on how to finish Celeste’s matrix profile and activate her.

Surprise after surprise befell me with these two android women. Just when I felt I’d gotten a handle on one particular situation, another unexpected turn of events would happen and surprise me, all of these within the last thirty-six hours. Then last night, a phone call followed by a knock on the door from a lawyer representing Synth-Replica dropped another bombshell in my lap that could change the course and events of my life even further.

And now here I am with Adalynn seated next to me in my truck. We’d run to town to drop off my work van and grab some things from my apartment and take a few hours together. Sort of like a first date.

“Mike, what’s on your mind? You’ve been quiet the last few miles.” Adalynn asked.

Her question snapped me back to the moment. “Oh, just recounting the events from the last few days. You, Celeste, the offer from Synth-Replica. You again. I’m wondering if life will ever slow down for me.” I explained, turning my head to quickly look at her.

“Well, don’t worry too much, ok. I’m optimistic that once this week is through and the technicians have left, and once you’ve worked your last day for your boss, you’ll have earned a long, slow, easy period of life to enjoy. You can make it as relaxing or as fast paced as you’d like it to be.” She said with a smile.

“I hope you’re right Adalynn, I hope you’re right. My stress levels should go down a little once I’ve read the documents that Nicole will have ready for me. Once I’ve signed them and she’s left too.” I told her, giving her a sideways glance.

Five minutes later we pulled my truck up the driveway to the house and up to the garage doors. Not blocking the vehicles from Synth-Replica. I killed the engine and looked over at Adalynn. “Ready for whatever comes next?” I asked.

She nodded, smiled, and presented me a grin from ear to ear taking my hand and giving it a solid squeeze. “I am ready to tackle it with you, Mike.” She teased. “You, my master, my owner, my friend, my lover, my fuck buddy, my pussy pounding stud. We will tackle it together.” Adalynn sarcastically added, then she and I started laughing together.

Chapter 22

As Adalynn and I came through the front door I began to listen intently for any sounds of conversation and quickly scanned all visible areas within my field of view. The glass door to the den was open and I immediately noticed Nicole sitting behind the desk.

“We’re back, Nicole,” Adalynn announced jubilantly. Beating me to the punch and announcing our return. I should have known that she would be ultra-aware of the goings-on in the house as well.

Nicole looked up from the computer screen. “Great! Did you two accomplish what you needed to? Or wanted to at least?” She asked, distracted, not looking up from the monitor.

“Yes. Where are you at as far as the paperwork is concerned?” I tried to ask with some enthusiasm, stepping into the doorway.

“I’m just doing the final review of everything now. If you can give me another ten minutes then I will come and find you.” Nicole said, turning her attention back to the computer.

Adalynn placed her hand on my shoulders and we looked at each other. Shrugging my shoulders at her I motioned us out of the entryway not bothering to reply to Nicole who was evidently focused on her work. “Let’s go check on Celeste and the group,” I suggested.

Adalynn nodded, allowing me to lead the way. For as poshly decorated and inviting as the main floor was, the basement lacked any sort of cohesion for style. Aside from a few mismatched pieces of furniture in the larger main area that led out from the daylight basement, there wasn’t a lot of appeal for the area.

Rounding the corner I could hear Mandi Porter in the process of yelling at someone. “No, that component is not supposed to be there, it’s not part of her original design and this CPU inter-cooler is massive! It’s not what’s in her initial design configuration either. Why would he make those changes? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Adalynn and I entered the room as Ms. Porter, and two of the technicians were huddled around the workstation that Adalynn utilized yesterday morning for Celeste. From where we had stopped I couldn’t see Ms. Li or the two Celeste androids.

“What seems to be the problem?” Adalynn asked, with a tone of authority.

Mandi spun her head, looking at Adalynn and then at me. “It’s nothing. No problem, it’s just some weird modifications inside of your Celeste. Confusingly weird!” She said, shaking her head and looking annoyed.

Taking a step closer, and folding my arms. “Adalynn asked a question, and I’d like to know what all the fuss is about also,” I said.

The male technician seated at the computer looked back at me and began to point at something on the screen when Mandi interjected, “You wouldn’t understand! Nevertheless, it appears that Faraday installed an untested liquid cooling system around your Celeste’s primary processors. I don’t even understand why he did it so .. when her schematics .. oh just never mind. End of discussion. Fini!” She coldly stated, adding the French word with an accent.

“Damn woman, you need to work on your people skills. Your bedside manner is shit!” I barked, stepping around directly in front of her.

The look of shock on her face at my comeback for her brush-off was priceless. “Excuse me?!” Mandi spun on her heel to face me. Blood rushed to her face as it began to turn red. “I don’t need you to tell me..”

I pointed my index finger at her in a disciplinary motion, cutting her off. “Do you know who I am? What exactly I do for a living Ms. Porter? Aside from whose house this is now?” I asked, trying to keep my temper and voice in check. I glanced at the two technicians who were now watching us with interest.

It was now her turn to roll her eyes as I held my ground, still pointing my finger. Mandi let out a huff. “You’re Michael ..and no. I don’t know what you do for a living. Yes, this is your house now and I still don’t care why you need to know..” She replied.

Adalynn brushed my back as she walked away, moving to the far side of the room. “Be calm. Breath.” She whispered before continuing, presumably to go check on Celeste’s status. I’d guess she figured that I had this under control with my voice being controlled.

“Let me tell you. Just to keep it simple. I’m an electrician and a heating and air technician. I’ve been doing this for over ten years. I’m not stupid, slow, or a neanderthal. I’ve got certificates and degrees much as you do. Don’t tell me that I won’t understand something and while we’re at it I’ll remember that you’re a guest in my home. That being said, if I ask you a question. You’ll answer with precision and kindness. Sound good to you Ms. Porter?” I said with bluntness.

Mandi’s stance relaxed as she clasped her hands together and looked me squarely in the eye. Taking a deep breath and stretching her neck from side to side as if she were a prize fighter. “Understood, Michael. My apologies.” She said, gritting her teeth. I watched her for several more seconds. Neither of us relented from our stance, but as I was about to turn away, I caught her looking me over from head to toe. Her expression softened and she batted her eyes at me quickly. Then she spun back around to focus her attention back on the display and the technicians on either side of her. “Let’s log this and move on shall we.”

Shaking my head in an attempt to figure out what all that was about and realizing that she wasn’t going to give me an answer I started over towards Adalynn, Meng Li, and the two Celeste androids.

“Hello Mike, how are you? Miss Adalynn was just telling me about your little trip to town.” Meng Li said with a smile on her face. Such a contrast to her co-workers' attitude.

“I am good. Thank you for asking. I hope Adalynn didn’t tell you too much about all our exploits.” I told her. Meng Li’s face blushed as she kept her smile. “Oh, no. I know what these girls do when you’re alone with them. I don’t need details. I just know. Oh how I know.” She stated. Adalynn began to laugh and Meng Li and I joined in.

After a moment and having regained her composure, “Please forgive my friend, Ms. Porter, for her rudeness. Try to ignore it when she yells. I will help you at any time. Just come to me. Meng Li will give you answers to everything you ask of me.” She told us, looking between me and Adalynn.

I brought my hands together and did a slight bow, hoping it was appropriate and honorable for who she was and wanting to show respect for her ancestry. “Thank you Meng Li, you are very kind.”

Meng Li patted my hands and then pulled me over to the workstation she was using for her work on Celeste. Taking a look over at the pedestals where Celeste’s two bodies were. One had its eyes open, our original Celeste, and the other one with eyes closed. Version 2.0

“Celeste is almost ready to re-awaken. Her memory transfer has gone very smoothly and everything looks very good.” Meng Li told us

Adalynn stepped up beside me, wrapping an arm around my waist. “May I ask, did you copy her matrix and then begin the upload, or did you remove her matrix assembly as a whole unit and install it into her new body?” She asked.

“Ah!” Meng Li turned to me. “Adalynn is very smart, very knowledgeable. You keep her close, Mike. I like her, and you!” Meng Li turned to look directly at Adalynn. “I began one download of her matrix and then duplicated it. One for study and analysis and one for her new body. A newer process with a slick piece of technology that helps to save time. Efficient, very efficient.” She explained to Adalynn and me.

Walking up to the pair of Celeste’s I studied their naked bodies. Their skin tone was identical, as was the coloration of their hair. Looking at the two of them I could imagine how it would appear for them to come off an assembly line. Oddly enough while imagining such a thing I felt the erotic and arousing stirrings in my groin.

In every open access point, there were blinking LEDs. Some fast while others only appeared to blink intermittently. It was both soothing and mesmerizing to watch. “When you're done and ready to boot up Celeste, will she still be in her original body as well? I mean, this is a full swap, like one brain moved to another body. The body where it once was will now be empty. That's what I meant.” I asked, swallowing hard, and turning to look back at Meng Li.

Meng Li nodded. “Yes. There won’t be two of them if that’s what you mean.” She answered kindly.

“How much time until you’re ready to wake her Ms. Li?” Adalynn asked. Meng Li turned her attention to Adalynn, then stepped back around to her computer terminal. After a few seconds and some mouse clicking through different screens, “About an hour. Shortly after that, it will be your turn dear. Or perhaps tomorrow. Your process will be much shorter, and you get to stay in your body of course.” Meng Li answered, attempting to be funny.

Adalynn and I both chuckled to help make Meng Li feel at ease. “Alright then. Do you need anything from us until then?” I asked her. “No, no. Go on. I’ll send Trish for you when we are ready for Celeste.” Meng Li replied.

Adalynn reached for my hand and pulled me away from that side of the room. As we approached Mandi Porter and the others, Adalynn spoke up, “Ms. Porter, if you need anything from us, any food, anything at all. Please come find us.” She informed her. Mandi Porter stopped and looked up from the computer screen she was focused on. “I will, and I apologize for my rudeness earlier. To the both of you.” Mandi responded with genuine respect. I was surprised by her tone.

Together the two of us made our way back upstairs plopping down on the living room sofa. Neither of us said anything as I pulled us closer together and I relaxed against her chest. “I’m tired, Adi. Can I take a nap and just lay here curled up against you?” Adalynn reached up with her free arm and began to run her fingers through my hair, then leaned down and planted a kiss on the top of my head. “As long as you need Mike, but I’d guess Nicole will be ready in a few minutes for you to look at the documents and sign your life away.” She chuckled lightly. Then tilted her head slightly before continuing. “Adi, huh? Another pet name perchance?”

I placed my hand along her inner thigh and lay against Adalynn. “I did call you that too just now, didn’t I?” I replied, thinking how easy that one rolled off my tongue as well.

“Mmm, you did. I like that you abbreviated my name.” Adalynn commented.

Laying there listening to her, she had no heartbeat, just a soft, almost imperceptible hum of internal motors and servos, although her chest did slowly rise and fall. She was warm and soft like a real woman. What did I do by agreeing to her request? I asked myself. Should I have run and left when I could have? Was I a lustful opportunist who now had possession of a new house, two beautiful android women, and a sizable income? I wasn’t that type of person, lustful or an opportunist. The memory of a conversation came flashing forward, one I’d had with my uncle many years ago.

He said, “Mike, life is like a small lake with deep, beautiful clear water. The decisions we make, whether good or bad, are like stones that are cast into the lake. The water ripples and the stone sinks. The choice is made and cannot be undone. The ripples on the water will continue to be seen far afterward. Sometimes we have to wait and be patient to see the clarity of the water again before moving on to the next choice. Just be patient.” He had told me. Remembering his words brought a smile to my face and peace to my mind.

“You’re smiling. A happy thought maybe?” Adalynn inquired. Still running her fingers along my scalp. “A memory from long ago. Wisdom my uncle shared once with me. Good times.” I said softly.

“The uncle you told Celeste about last night, from this very spot?” Adalynn asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I hope you don’t mind, but Celeste shared your entire conversation with me, Mike. I’m glad you’ve found another happy memory. Your uncle must have been special to have left such a lasting impression on you.” She said softly.

I only nodded, adding nothing more. Only enjoying the moment together and the wonderful feeling of her fingers through my hair as I slowly closed my eyes. I’d told myself it would just be a for a few minutes, to lay across Adalynn’s lap and enjoy the peaceful nature of the house.

Chapter 23

My tranquility lasted longer than either Adalynn or I expected, as Adalynn had to wake me fifteen minutes later after Nicole had entered the living room informing her that she was ready for me.

I felt more tired than I had before my little nap in the ensuing minutes after sitting down at the desk and fumbling through the papers. Turning to Adalynn, I handed her the pages as I went through them and asked her to double-check for any questionable things that I may have missed. Nicole sat patiently across from us in the interim as we read and double-checked the contracts.

Finding everything in order and upon signing my name for the tenth time or so I pushed the stack back towards Nicole. “Done, looks great and if I have any questions I know who to call. And I’m saying that with sarcasm and not rudeness.” I told her, nodding with a smile. Nicole allowed a small laugh to escape before smiling back. “Thank you, Mike. And thank you Adalynn. I wish you both all the best. A long and happy life together. Synth-Replica will reach out to you when they are ready to send you a new bot or bots. Meng Li will be in charge once I leave and.. I also understand that you had quite a unpleasant conversation with Ms. Porter earlier, Mike.” Nicole stated.

I cleared my throat, “She lacks some personality skills.” I told Nicole. “She may at that, but she has a brilliant mind and she practically begged to come and be on the team. We need her here. I need her here so try to play nice together or at least avoid each other if at all possible. I will tell you in confidence, Mike. “She told me she wishes more men were like you,” Nicole stated.

I shook my head in curiosity, “What does that mean exactly?” I asked. Nicole shook her head as she stood up from her chair. “I’m not sure. Maybe ask her sometime, then again, just don’t and leave it at that. I thank you for your time, Mike, and for your assistance Adalynn. Forgive my abruptness but I may be able to make an earlier flight if I leave now. I’ll have a copy of all these documents sent overnight once I’m back in the office tomorrow.” Nicole informed us.

We waved goodbye to Nicole and I placed my hand on the small of Adalynn’s back as we walked back inside from the cold. Clouds had moved in and it felt as if it might snow again. “I wish spring would get here. This cold just wears on me.” I told her.

“You know, Mike, we could plan a trip and take a vacation to someplace warm and tropical. You, me, and Celeste. Or just you and me.” Adalynn said suggestively.

With my hand on her back, it was easy to pull us close together and kiss. I slowly walked her back against the wall. “Mmfff.” Adalynn moaned, then gently pushed me away. “Someone’s coming up the stairs,” Adalynn announced, ending our passionate interlude. Turning my head to look over my shoulder, sure enough, the female technician was almost at the top of the stairs and looking in our direction.

Taking a step back Adalynn and I both quickly composed ourselves. “Hey, you two. Uhm, Meng Li asked me to come and get you. I believe that we’re ready to boot up Celeste.” She informed us.

“Thank you, Miss..??” I said, hoping for a name from the technician. She finally clued in as we stared at each other after a few seconds. “Oh, sorry. I’m Trish.”

“Well Trish, it’s nice to formally meet you,” I said, as Adalynn brushed past me on my right and extended her hand out as well. “Trish.”

The technician seemed hesitant at first, but then with renewed enthusiasm reached out and took Adalynn’s hand and shook it. I noticed that Adalynn and Trish both seemed to pause momentarily, neither one moving for half a second. “Well. Let’s head downstairs shall we.” Trish said in a chipper voice.

Adalynn released her hand and I turned to give her a questioning look as Trish turned and started down in front of us. Leaning in quickly towards me, “Trish is an android.” Adalynn whispered. I raised an eyebrow and shook my head. “Figures, they probably all are,” I replied. Suggesting that the two males may also be androids. “Your assumption is incorrect, Mike.” She said quietly as we descended the stairs together. Letting out a grunt, I conceded to the fact that I was wrong and should not have assumed they all were.

Meng Li and Mandi Porter were both busy on separate computers as Trish guided us over towards them and the two inert Celeste androids. “I have more work to attend to,” Trish said, then turned and left us. Meng Li looked up for a brief second to acknowledge Adalynn and me. “Two moments please.” She said, then she turned her attention back to her screen.

Looking over at Celeste 2.0 as I had decided to call her, she was beautiful to behold. Standing barefoot, naked, and with her eyes closed, Celeste still had the semblance of being real. But with her open panels, cables, and wiring, it was also evident that in reality, she was a thing, a machine, an android. Her skin tone was perfect in color. I noticed the random birthmarks such as a mole or freckles adding to her realism. Every other outward aspect of her body was identical to her original.

“Amazing piece of technology. She’s elegant, sleek, and sexy.” Mandi uttered almost as if worshiping all that Celeste was. Adalynn turned to watch her, a curious look on her face. “Why do you describe her in such a way?” She asked, stepping closer to Mandi.

Ms. Porter typed a few more keys and then hit enter, standing up herself and turning to face Adalynn. “I happened to be an intern under Nicholas Faraday when he worked for SR, Adalynn. He was brilliant. He was an artist and she was his final project.” Mandi said, pointing to our Celeste. “I only used those words to describe Celeste because of her architecture, her circuitry, and everything about her. I feel fortunate enough to say that I too have been handed a portion of the potter's clay in order to add to his final work. Some of her redesigns come from me and my team. That is why I speak so reverently of her in whole. She’s truly a work of art.” Mandi replied with emotion.

Awestruck by Mandi’s emotion-filled words, I realized that maybe she was a people person after all and she just had to have a point of reference to have an amicable conversation. She had addressed Adalynn by name and not by description. My mind immediately put the two pieces of a puzzle together that it had been struggling with subconsciously. “Celeste is your reason for having asked to come and be here. Isn’t she?” I asked, almost whispering.

Mandi Porter snapped her head in my direction, nodding as she did so. “Yes, yes. You do understand why I had to come now? Why it had to be me?” She asked, practically pleading. Her eyes were wide.

Adalynn’s eyes darted between me and Mandi, her look of confusion was childlike and genuine. I could tell her computerized mind was trying to figure out and understand what I had come to understand. “Would one of you please help me understand?” She finally asked.

I reached for Adalynn’s hand and stepped close beside her. “Mike?” Meng Li motioned with her hand, encouraging me to explain. I looked quickly at Mandi who also nodded. Great, leave it to the man to explain things. I’m sure to have two other inputs before I finished, I thought to myself.

“Adalynn, do you remember what Nicole mentioned before she left, regarding Mandi?” I prodded, looking between the two of them. Adalynn cocked her head slightly before answering. “That she had begged to come here with the team?” She answered, still unsure. “Yes, exactly,” Mandi interjected. I looked at Meng Li who just smiled, nodding at me with encouragement. “Mandi knew Nicholas and worked with him, becau..”

“Oh, Mandi! That’s wonderful!!” Adalynn screamed out, cutting me off mid-sentence, letting go of my hand, and running to embrace her in a huge embrace. “I understand now too. Celeste is an integral part of who you are, you helped in her creation.” Adalynn finished saying. Both women embraced each other for a few moments, surprising me. After separating, Mandi nodded, “Yes. Except I call her Serena. The one back in my lab. That’s her name. Serena, my Serena.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” Adalynn commented, lightly touching Mandi’s hand. “I’m so sorry if I’ve come across as cold, rude, and heartless to either of you. The Siren project was started by Nicholas Faraday and it literally fell into my lap after his death. It’s been my baby ever since, so I tend to get tunnel vision, possessive, and so focused on my work that sometimes I’m not very friendly to be around.” Mandi explained.

“Ahh, now that comment makes more sense,” I said aloud to no one in particular. Meng Li, Mandi, and Adalynn all turned to look at me with a questioning look. “Oh. Uhm.. Nicole mentioned to me something that you had told her earlier today. I know that was mentioned in confidence so I must apologize, at least on my behalf.” I sort of explained. I knew Adalynn and Mandi would figure it out, but Meng Li looked satisfied.

Mandi Porter nodded at me as I looked to her for understanding. “After you left I sent a text to Nicole, as she had asked for an update before she was to leave. You stood your ground with me when not many men would have.” That was all she elaborated on.

Meng Li cleared her throat. “Ms. Mandi, Mike, and sweet Adalynn. It’s time to wake up Celeste and see how she likes her new body.” She said excitedly

Chapter 24

Meng Li informed us that they would be leaving all the data cables attached to Celeste during her boot-up in order to watch for anything significant or abnormal. I noticed that Mandi had wheeled over a small cart with a couple of one-liter bags full of clear liquid on top. They sort of looked like hospital saline, but I wasn’t sure of their purpose at the moment.

Meng Li walked up beside Celeste’s new body, reaching behind her right ear, and, as if by muscle memory depressed her activation button. Stepping back, she patiently folded her arms.

Celeste’s eyes opened slowly, followed by her head pivoting fully to the right, then to the left, and back forward. Her whole head seemed to be doing some sort of full-motion calibration as she then began to roll and loll her head in a circular motion.

“You didn’t do that either time when I restarted your systems,” I whispered to Adalynn, as she held my hand firmly with our fingers interlaced. “Those were different circumstances and not an initial activation startup. Celeste went through the same calibration when I first powered her up.” Adalynn explained.

Celeste's whole body seemed to tense up for a moment and then relax. She flexed her wrists, fingers and then balled her fists tightly before relaxing them once again. There was a series of chime-like beeps right before she spoke. “Hello, I am Synth-Replica AI Technologies unit: 003SXSC, serial number: 00387SSXF098, Siren series female companion android. Registry identification: 001B Verified via wireless connection and confirmed. Designation: Celeste. This unit is registered. Michael Humphreys and Adalynn Ardent are listed as primary registered owners.” She paused for about eight seconds. “Thank you for your patience as I load my stored settings and personality profile matrix.” She said in a flat monotone.

The silence was almost deafening as all eyes focused on Celeste. Glancing between Mandi and Meng Li, whose expressions were passive, then over to Adalynn who just had a soft smile, as if this were just a normal, everyday kind of occurrence.

I looked down at the monitor in front of Mandi. Lines and lines of information and code blurred as all of Celeste’s systems came back online.

“Hey!” Celeste said excitedly, finally breaking the silence. Whipping my head back up to look at her, everyone else seemed to relax at her announcement. “Why can’t I move?” She asked.

“It’s a precautionary measure, Celeste. With your service ports open and you still being connected via transfer cables for boot-up diagnostics, we’ve temporarily disabled your motor function capabilities.” Mandi informed us all.

Adalynn gave my hand a few quick-like pumps and then a solid squeeze. I turned to look at her, questioning why. Her smile broadened as she leaned in close. “Celeste opened our link. It’s her Michael.” She whispered. “And to think you had your doubts,” I replied quietly.

Over the next several minutes both Mandi and Meng Li asked Celeste several questions. The two of them compared information, and status readouts and they appeared both confident and enthusiastic about the transfer results. Meng Li began to disconnect the cables from inside Celeste while Mandi moved over to the cart containing the bags of clear liquids.

“What are those?” I asked aloud, not to anyone in particular. Meng Li looked to Mandi who nodded and then turned to me. “These are fluids for Celeste’s oral saliva and sexual systems. Every Synth-Replica android uses them. You’ve probably noticed that when kissing either Adalynn or Celeste that there is a mild fruity scent or taste?” Mandi stated.

I nodded, “Yes.” Well, their sexual lubricant systems operate similarly to their oral systems and are also flavorful. The lubricant fluid has a higher viscosity than the oral but still has a pleasing taste.” Mandi continued to explain.

“Ahh. Yes, that explains enough.” I said, probably blushing just a little. Understanding that the sexual system fluid is also the androids flavored cum.

Mandi turned back to Celeste and handed her one of the sacks, having placed a straw in it, and asked her to begin ingesting the fluid. “You learn something new about us every day,” Adalynn said, letting go of my hand and wrapping her arm around my waist. “That I do. How often do you ingest that stuff?” I asked, curious. “One bag of oral is usually sufficient for up to a week. The sexual system lubricant will vary depending on how many times we regularly have sex. The more we fuck, the more lubricant is required. Drinking up to two quarts of water helps both fluids last longer. As a side note, Celeste and I will usually purge and cleanse our vaginal and oral openings within a few hours of you expelling your semen inside of us for hygiene reasons.” Adalynn explained.

Once Celeste had finished re-dressing and both Meng Li and Mandi Porter had told us they were done with her, Celeste gave Adalynn a huge hug. Clearing my throat after their ten-second embrace I felt that it was my turn. Adalynn parted first and looked at me pursing her lips. “Yes, Mike?” She asked teasingly. Shaking my head and rolling my eyes I replied, “Nevermind, have your moment.” And I began to turn away. “Mike, a word with you please,” Mandi asked, as she sat in her chair at the computer.

Stepping over toward Mandi and leaving Adalynn and Celeste in their embrace. “Yeah, what’s up?” I asked. Mandi looked away briefly and then back up to me, taking a deep breath. “I’d like to ask a favor of you, and I know that you and I haven’t exactly seen eye to eye and I am sorry about that. But may I ask you for one thing? A big favor actually.” She said, looking timidly at me.

Mandi was correct, we hadn’t seen eye to eye, and our first two interactions were mostly hostile, but we did have an understanding and with her explanation earlier I’d come to understand her a little better. “Ok. What do you want?” I asked curiously. Her eyes darted between me and the girls behind me. “Would it be too much to ask for an hour with Celeste, alone, in a bedroom? I’d like to make some comparisons.” Mandi asked. Her eyes finally locked with mine. I could see her resolve steadying with hopefulness.

Taking a deep breath I answered, having already formulated the reasons behind why she was asking me for this favor, “I’m fine with it if Celeste is. She’s the one you should be asking though.” I told her. Mandi’s expression was one of confusion. “What? But you're her owner.”

Taking a step closer.“ I am her owner, but I don’t control her. I’d like to think Celeste and Adalynn have a say in what activities they participate in. I’m not an overlord or master of all the machines in my house, Mandi. I’d like to believe that they have sentience over themselves. Ask Celeste yourself and maybe you’ll be surprised by how she replies.” I told her bluntly.

Just then Celeste walked up behind us. “Sorry, I heard my name mentioned several times. Is there something else you need from me, Ms. Porter?” Celeste asked, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Serena, would you…” Mandi quickly caught her mistake and cleared her throat with a fake cough. “Celeste. Please forgive me. Celeste, would you.., could you and I have some time alone in one of the upstairs bedrooms before I leave?” She asked, blushing deeply.

Celeste stepped around me and leaned in close to Mandi’s right ear. Her answer was too quiet for me to hear, but it was evident that Mandi was overjoyed by her answer.

Standing up Celeste turned and looked at me and licking her lips. “You’re going to have to wait your turn for the new me I’m afraid.” She said with a wink and continued to walk past me back over to Adalynn.

“Thank you, Mike. That was delightfully surprising and insightful,” Mandi said, musing, turning in her chair back to face the computer and monitor. Shaking my head and deciding it was either time for a nap or a few shots of whiskey, I looked over at Adalynn who was in a hushed conversation with Meng Li now. Meng Li kept peering my way as she tried to keep her focus on Adalynn.

“Ok you two, seems everyone’s got an agenda or a request of some sort. I’m going to head back upstairs now before I get dealt a losing hand and have no say in anything.” I told them. Celeste, who was only a few steps in front of me, spun on her heels, stepped back, and wrapped me in an embrace. “Please don’t be a party pooper, Mike. There are things this body can do that my previous one couldn’t and, I oh so want to show you. I overheard your conversation with Mandi before walking over to you both. You continue to amaze me and Adalynn both with your respect for us as individuals and not objects. After Mandi had made her comparisons and we have played out her little sexual fantasy, it’ll be your turn with me alone. You and I. After all, you said you’d help recalibrate my systems.” Celeste whispered privately into my ear as she pressed her body close to mine.

Instantly my cock sprang to life and my heart started pounding a little faster. “Easy girl, don’t get me too excited, too early, and I promise to be patient and nice to everyone,” I replied.

“Thank you, Mike,” Celeste whispered, then grabbed my hand and towed me back over towards Adalynn and Meng Li.

“Meng Li, please tell Mike what you just told me,” Adalynn said in a rush of excitement. Meng Li smiled as she turned to face me. “Mike, I was telling Adalynn two things. She’s like a little girl who gets so excited about toys, jewelry and shiny things.” She nodded at me, pausing.

“First, we can build a new body for Adalynn if you wish. A Siren series body just like Celeste’s so both of them would be top of the line for you. Better than her current line of housewife and lover. I could help with a discount if you needed it, like a coupon.” Meng Li patted my hand. Reminding me of something my grandmother might do or say. “Second, if you don’t want to upgrade Adalynn yet, I would put in a request for a backup android body for Celeste. So you can be prepared like you are with Adalynn in the event of an accident or critical failure.” She explained.

I liked the idea of upgrading Adalynn. But I wanted to respect her wishes as well. Especially after what I’d just said to Mandi and what Celeste had mentioned from listening in on that conversation. So I turned to Adalynn. “What would you like to do babe?”

“Both!” Adalynn said without hesitation. “We’ve got enough funds, you and I together in our joint account, and in case you didn’t catch it when we went over it in the paperwork, any products manufactured by Synth-Replica as a result of you being a product tester are reduced to fifty percent of the cost, not retail. Mike! I want to do this and I think you should really consider it.” She said with excitement. Celeste stood behind me on my left, patiently listening to our conversation.

“Wow! I knew there was a reason I handed you the papers after I sped through them. You don’t miss anything. Thank you, Adalynn!” I said, brushing her right shoulder and holding on to her. “We’ll Mike?” Meng Li asked. I happily nodded, “Yes, we’d like to upgrade Adalynn to a Siren series body, and obtain a backup body for Celeste as well. Thank you for your offer to assist financially but we can handle the cost.” I confirmed with her.

Both Adalynn and Celeste erupted in joyous applause and then ambushed me with a group hug. Meng Li watched and laughed at the same time. “Thank you, Mike!” They both said simultaneously as they planted kisses on my cheeks. Suddenly I was the superstar once again.

Chapter 25

Promptly at six pm the technicians and Meng Li left for the day and indicated that they would be back again tomorrow at ten a.m. Mandi Porter patiently waited at the top of the stairs as we saw them out. Celeste turned to me, “I offered to have Mandi stay the night with me in one of the spare bedrooms. She asked for only an hour and I said that wasn’t long enough for either of us.” Celeste winked at me. “We’ll try to be discreet and not too loud.”

Cocking my head and presenting Celeste a surprised look. “I appreciate your awareness of the noise volume that sex can have,” I said chuckling. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your design and how you came to be. I think this could be an amazing learning experience for you both.” I told Celeste. “Absolutely, I have a long list that I may or may not get through depending on our other extracurricular activities,” Celeste replied. “You and Adalynn both fixed me a meal a short while ago but I don’t think Mandi’s eaten dinner yet, what about her?”

“Oh, I’ve gotten some things prepped and some food ready for her in the bedroom,” Celeste stated, placing her hands on her hips. I leaned into Celeste and planted a kiss on her lips. “Go, have some fun and learn a few things. Be as loud as you want. That’s how I’ll know that you’re having a good time.” I told her, saying it loud enough I knew that Mandi could hear.

Glancing over I could see that Mandi was blushing again as she turned away. Celeste brushed my arm and told Adalynn and I thank you again as she walked away. Turning to Adalynn I shrugged my shoulders. “Celeste seems like herself alright.” Adalynn smiled, “She’s excited for her first time with a human female. Knowing that it will be with Mandi who helped with her original designs and all. Celeste is ecstatic with anticipation. If you hadn’t set her preference to bi-sexual, she’d feel a little lost I think.” She explained.

Wrapping my arm around Adalynn’s waist, I walked us over to the sofa. “Want to dim the lights and turn on the fireplace?”

Without saying a word, Adalynn took control of the house lights via her internal remote and did as I had asked. The lights in the main room dimmed to a low setting. The lights in the entry, kitchen, and dining turned off then I heard the front door lock. Sitting down close together with Adalynn cuddling close against me this time. She brought her legs up underneath her as I wrapped my arm over her shoulder

“What a busy day.” I began. Adalynn nodded, “mmm.” The quiet of the home was peaceful and serene. “Do you realize, in all of the minutes over the last forty-eight hours that we’ve shared, you and I have only cuddled like this maybe twice before in all that time?” I asked.

She turned her head, looking up at me with a look of unbelief. “As in quiet alone time together? Or do you mean us not being rushed?” Adalynn quizzed me.

“I mean us, not being rushed.” I sighed. “This morning in bed talking together, and earlier after we got back from town when I was the one laying against your chest. These quiet moments take on a deeper meaning for me.” I explained.

Adalynn watched me, studying my face as I told her what I was thinking. “All the time we’ve spent together has meaning for me, don’t get me wrong. The hot, passionate, steamy sex, laughing at you and along with you. The ride to town and back. All have been great, but the quiet alone time with you and me where we can talk and get to know one another better means a lot more right now. Does that make sense to you?”

Reaching up and cradling my head in her hand, Adalynn smiled. “I do understand, Mike. I do.” We were both silent for a moment before she spoke again. “So what you're saying is I really need to crank up the sex to make it more meaningful for you.” Adalynn teased, tickling me with her free hand.

She made me laugh and I held her even tighter to me for a few moments. The fireplace fan kicked on and I could feel the movement of air and the slow warming of air around us.

“When you were here alone, after Nicholas’s death. What did you do to occupy your time? What did you do?” I asked, wondering as that subject had crossed my mind more than once since learning of her time alone.

Adalynn shifted her body slightly and looked up at the ceiling as if remembering. “Chat rooms. I participated in lots and lots of online dating chat rooms. At first, I was naive to how the world worked and the inconsistent behavior of humans. Nicholas and I would go out on occasion, either to a restaurant, to the park, or for a drive, but I had very little interaction with humans for the first several months of my existence. You know people can be ruthless and deceitful, saying what they think you want to hear, but the inflection of their voices say otherwise. I only made one mistake in all that time of searching for a new owner.” She explained.

Now I was curious. “What mistake was that?” Again, Adalynn shifted, stretching out her legs the length of the sofa and laying back across my legs, her head resting on the arm of the sofa, her back against my lap. She turned her head to look up at me. “Am I ok like this, laying here on top of you? She asked with sincerity.

“Absolutely my dear. As I said, I love these moments together where we can learn from each other.” I said with a nod and smiled back at her. I watched the rise and fall of her chest as she seemed to expel a deep sigh. “I’d agreed to an actual in-person date once, late last fall, down in Veteran’s Park, by the memorial across from the children's playground. This man whom I’d come to know and befriend in one of the many chat rooms seemed genuine and over time I felt I could trust him with the information he shared, what he did for a living, along with the few personal stories he had related during our chat sessions. I would say we clicked, and I discerned no deception from him. I would laugh at his jokes, he would say sweet little things about my voice when I felt comfortable talking on the phone with him and I believed that I had found someone to replace Nicholas. But I was wrong.” Adalynn said, sounding sorrowful.

“Now that look right there, if you were human, a real woman, this is where you would tell me “to never mind” and that’s where this conversation would end. You are marvelous, how everything works within you simultaneously. Motors, servos, synthetic muscles, your circuitry, programming, everything! Because of all that together. That right there, your expression just now, is one of the reasons why I see you as I do, like a real flesh and blood woman. I hope that I can always live up to your expectations and what you need and deserve from me, as your friend and companion.” I confessed to her.

Adalynn batted her eyes. “That means so much to me, Mike. I look forward to being able to demonstrate real tears to you in the future. Just as Celeste can now.” She admitted.

“What?!” I gasped. Adalynn nodded with excitement. “One of the many new features her upgraded body can mimic.” I rubbed my chin, amazed at the prospects. “And soon you too,” I whispered. Her smile broadened. “I know, right.” “Wow!” I paused, “ok, we digress for a moment. What happened at the park with this guy. Don’t leave me hanging.” I told her.

Looking back up at the ceiling, “It was fall and the rain had stopped earlier in the day. I’d told him what I’d be wearing so it would be easier to spot and recognize me. He had told me likewise stating what he would be wearing. Well, at the appointed time and location for our date he was a no show. Or so he led me to believe.” Adalynn pausing for effect I’m sure.

“After fifteen minutes had passed and I was alone on the bench and some of the families had started to disperse from the nearby playground due to the lateness of the hour, this man wearing a trench coat and ball cap covering his eyes came along and sat down next to me. He told me that I was beautiful and that his friend, my supposed date, had sent him. The alcohol content on his breath alerted my systems to be wary as I knew his judgment was most likely impaired. Mike, that man tried to get me to follow him to his car and back to his house. I wouldn’t go and he attempted to forcibly remove me from the bench grabbing my arm. He immediately became both vocal and physical, using profanity, and grabbing at my throat. I was about to use a self-preservation defense mechanism when an on-foot police officer who had witnessed our altercation ran up and pulled him off of me.” Adalynn recalled in detail to me.

“My God, I am so sorry. Oh, Adalynn.” I whispered, leaning over and planting a kiss on the top of her head. She was silent for a few moments. Either she was choosing the right words, or this was a part of her sophisticated emulation programming.

“I pressed charges against him and he’s now in jail. Probably for a long time.” Adalynn added, filling in the answer to my next question. “Damn, you’re right, as humans, we can be pretty brutal to one another,” I said.

Adalynn half turned her body to look at me, again reaching up with one hand to touch my cheek. “But you are not that type of human Michael. You are sweet and honest and I know that you have a temper and I can see how I must change aspects of my personality to help you better be able to manage it. Yes, there is still so much I don’t know about you. Your history, etcetera. Every minute we spend together not only confirms my choice to ask you, but strengthens our blossoming relationship and my bond to you. I owe you so much. Celeste and I would have been studied, recycled, and wiped clean by Synth-Replica to be sold to whoever, wherever. Without your choice to accept my offer you’d still be you, but me, everything that makes me who I am might be all for naught. As you mentioned previously, every choice has ripple effects. Some good, some bad. I see your choice as a good one with absolute positive ripples for us both. Far better than where either of us would be today had you decided to walk away the other night and never look back.”

There was no disputing Adalynn’s logic. My choice did have some pretty amazing benefits now. Life-altering benefits that would be with me till I died.

While I played with her hair as she just lay there, sometimes Adalynn would look at me and smile, other times she would look at the ceiling. Both of us enjoying the quiet solitude, me reflecting on her words, her pondering on a previous conversation. “Earlier today, I said that I’d let you touch and explore me more fully. The inside of me, where you could see my metal skeletal frame, wiring, servo motors and such. All the inner workings that I am composed of. What makes me, me.” Adalynn randomly said.

“Yeah?” I questioned. Wondering where this might lead.

“Can I ask how that makes you feel? What are your thoughts about seeing me that way? My true nature and makeup?” Adalynn asked, turning her head to look at me.

“Maybe we should go to the bedroom and find out how I feel. You can ask me once you’ve shown me.” I replied. Adalynn bit down on her lower lip, teasing me, then took a deep breath and held it. Pushing her breasts up and out. “That would require me getting undressed, you know.” She laughed.

“Then I’ll join you,” I told her, leaning down and giving her a tender kiss.

Chapter 26

As Adalynn and I entered the bedroom we could hear a muffled conversation between Celeste and Mandi Porter. Nothing clear, just that they were talking with excitement. I closed the door to our bedroom securely behind me as Adalynn began to undress, tossing her clothes onto the chair in the corner by the bed.

Mesmerized by how smoothly she moved from removing one article of clothing to the next and by just how sexy her body was from her backside. I stood up against the door and stared at her. Bending over and pulling down her panties she finally turned around to see me. “Mike? What aren’t you doing?” She asked.

“I’m staring at you. Watching you undress. Looking at all your sexy curves, I’m unable to take my eyes off of you.” I explained in a hushed voice. Adalynn slowly sauntered over to where I stood. “You’re saying that I've stunned you into silence and immobilized you?” She asked, batting her eyes at me teasingly.

Taking a hard swallow and nodding as she traced a finger from my lips down to my belt buckle. Her eyes never broke contact with mine. “Now listen here and pay attention mister. Either you strip down of your own accord, or I will withhold any, and all sexual activities from you for an entire month.” Adalynn teased in a sultry voice.

“Yes ma’am. Understood.” I said, reaching for my buckle. Adalynn assisted with unbuckling it and then stepped back towards the nightstand closest to her. As I finished undressing I gathered my clothes up, setting them near my duffle bag. Turning around, Adalynn had moved over midway between the bed and the doorway to the bathroom and was patiently waiting for me. She held out a folded piece of paper.

“What’s this?” I asked, pointing to the paper in her hand. Adalynn’s smile brightened as she explained what it was. “I found my verbal command phrase codes and printed them out for you. Yesterday morning while I was configuring Celeste I was directed to a file containing them and I knew you would want them for future reference.” She explained.

Taking the paper from her hand and opening it so I could read it. The phrases only filled the paper about three-quarters full. There were simple phrases for Adalynn’s immediate shutdown, passive command mode, rebooting after a software patch, an obedience command, along with a few others. The obedience one was probably the one issued by Nicholas for the maintenance room. There were a few others with one in particular that had been highlighted. ‘Full access panel and full maintenance service mode’. Looking up at Adalynn I pointed to the highlighted line. “It’s this one isn’t it?”

Adalynn nodded, “Yes, that’s the one I want you to use for this demonstration. It’s seldom used and I must be in a standing position for it to work. I will shut down fully and you’ll need to press my power button behind my ear to restart me afterwards. Mike, please be very careful when touching or exploring my inner workings as many of my systems will still be powered on and a direct current shock would be most unpleasant for you. I want you to see me this way and I hope it’s not too much emotionally for you to handle.” She explained.

“Emotionally?” I asked with concern. Reaching out and touching my cheek Adalynn nodded, “You’ve said more than once now that I am real to you. Mike, this command will demonstrate and show to you that I am not a flesh and blood woman, but artificial, plastic and metal with wiring and circuitry..I can and will always be as real as you need me to be, but the truth is I am an android, a machine, a construct. Pure and simple.” She explained somberly.

The lights came up to full brightness in the room as Adalynn took a few steps back. “So go ahead, I’m ready, Mike.”

Looking down at the paper and then back to Adalynn. “How shocking is this going to be for me? You make it sound as if I’m not going to like it.” I asked. “Mike. Just say the phrase and let’s get this part of the evening over with. We are both naked and I think other physical activities would be a wonderful way to end the day.” Adalynn said with some mild frustration as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail securing it with a black band.

Mouthing the word ‘ok’ to her I looked back down at the phrase and read it aloud. “Adalynn, command echo tango one one three whiskey bravo open.” Looking back up I watched as Adalynn went rigid and stiff. Her arms extended out at a full ninety degrees. “Command acknowledged, maintenance mode, full access granted. Powering down in fifteen seconds. Manual restart required upon completion.” She said in a flat monotone voice.

Her face went blank and her mouth opened slightly as a discernible hissing sound could be heard emanating from within her. I watched as her breasts seemed to reduce slightly in size and visible seams began to appear on her arms, legs, down each of her sides, and center of her chest. There was a series of quick rapid beeps followed by what sounded like a muffled car door locking mechanism, but that was the best analogy as to what I was hearing.

The hissing sound stopped and for a moment there was no sound as Adalynn stood there. Her eyes were now a dark blue and her breasts did indeed reduce in size by a full cup. The seams that I had looked so hard to find last evening when I explored hers and Celeste's body were now so prominent. There were a series of soft clicks and that’s when her appearance began to completely change.

I’d seen movies and read a few books where the android was partially disassembled and described with open panels and disconnected limbs, but nothing compared to how Adalynn now appeared, standing before me. The skin on each of her arms surrounding her biceps was now separated in two halves extending out. Exposing artificial muscle, tissue, tendons, and cabling.

Similarly, with her legs, her upper and inner thighs and lower calves had separated and opened, extended outward by three to four inches. Adalynn’s abdomen panel had opened downward while each half of her chest and breasts opened like a side-by-side refrigerator. Her backside had identical split panels. The most disturbing was her facial panel. Her face had split into four separate sections and each had hinged outward and away revealing a chrome-like skull beneath with glistening white teeth. As I slowly started to tiptoe around her robotic form I felt slightly nauseated and uncomfortable. Adalynn had tried to prepare me for this, but seeing her in this manner, up close, her true nature. Was both surreal and frightening.

With all her panels open, light from the room poured through her as well as illuminated parts from within her reflecting out. From the bathroom, the lamp on the nightstand, and the overhead lighting, the different lighting created eerie shadows within her body and frame. As I came to stand directly behind her, I carefully extended my arm out to touch her metal spine. It was warm and smooth, with a myriad of several ultra-thin cables attached to every artificial vertebra as I scanned it up and down. My mind could envision how it might all work, but with all the intricacies of what she was, Adalynn was an engineering marvel. In all my years of mechanical HVAC work and as an electrician I had never seen anything remotely similar to what I was looking at right now. All the wiring, flashing LEDs, synthetic muscles, tendons, and cabling made Adalynn what she is. I had never seen or been this up close and personal with such a creation.

Chapter 27

I’d lost track of time as I peered into and around Adalynn’s immobile android body. There were times I had to sit and digest what I was looking at, and then resume once more looking again as curiosity piqued my mind. My nausea and hesitation had slowly turned into a sort of sexual arousal as my dick had started to stiffen and thoughts of foundling her while in this state entered my mind. I could see her fluid reservoirs, balancing gyros and many other unknown components as I circled her there in the bedroom.

Suddenly a knock on the bedroom door broke my stupor of thought. Turning I saw Celeste open the door a crack and stick only her head in. “Mike, is everything alright? Adalynns has been offline for over fifteen minutes now. She asked me to check with you if she was off for too long.”

Sitting down on the edge of the bed and shaking my head while looking at her. “No, I lost track of time and…Celeste! I had no idea what was underneath her skin. I’m just dumbfounded and in awe of it all.” I told her.

Celeste looked me over and then back to my eyes. “Listen, sweetie, it looks like you may also be a little turned on by her current appearance based on the size of your dick right now.” She giggled. “Press her button and that will close her up and make her whole again. I’m sure Adalynn will help to comfort you. Maybe you’d like to compare me some time too.” Celeste giggled again and blew me a kiss as she closed the door.

Looking down at my dick between my legs, I was certainly not soft by any means. With a deep sigh, I stood back up, walked over behind Adalynn and pressed the button behind her ear, and waited.

Once Adalynn’s android body had put itself back together and seams were no longer visible I turned and hopped back on the bed to finish watching her restart. Her breasts returned to their normal size and firmness. Her simulated breathing resumed and her eyes brightened as did her smile as she finally turned to look at me. “Twenty minutes Mike??!!” She asked surprised. “Wait!” She added, holding up a finger. “Whew. I’ve run six different system checks and I’ve found nothing wrong. Babe, twenty minutes? What happened?” Adalynn inquired again as she came to sit beside me.

“You tried to warn me about what I’d see. About how you would appear. It was intense, Adalynn.” I told her.

She reached for my hand and began to caress it. “Please tell me what you're thinking, was it awful, horrible, inspiring, what?” She asked, wanting more information.

Instinctively I turned and embraced her in a tight hug, closing my eyes and just needing to feel the softness and warmth of her skin again. I needed to feel her as a whole person once more. “At first it was a little nauseating and unsettling seeing you that way. I touched you a few times, here and there. At first, you were warm to the touch, and then as time passed you became cold and mechanical. The weird part of it is I think I became aroused by the sight of it all. You, your open panels, and everything. Just a machine. It was then that Celeste knocked on the door and brought me out of my stupor. I’d taken too much time to think about everything. It was smart of you to inform her, to let her know what we were doing. Oh, God, Adalynn, I’m not sure I want to see you that way again.” I confessed.

Adalynn wrapped her arms around me, matching my embrace. “I’m sorry that it was so unsettling for you. I know you’ve come to see Celeste and me as equals and just as real as you are, you see us from the outside so to speak, forgetting our true nature. But I felt you needed to fully see what we are. The synthetic, mechanical, circuitry, and wiring. All of it.” She said softly as we held each other.

After another minute or so I relaxed and sat back away, looking at her. She had quickly moved her hand and began to slowly graze her fingers across my cock. I noticed how her nipples had hardened and were now jutting out from her tits. “You minx,” I said, licking my dry lips. “Pheromones?” I asked indirectly. Adalynn cocked her head and her sly grin said it all as she nodded.

“Crawl back on the bed and I’ll take care of you. Tonight, I’ll treat you to another fabulous and wonderful sexual experience like none other. You are mine to please now, Mike Humphrey.” Adalynn stated.

As I positioned myself in the center of the king-sized bed, I also pushed the bedspread and sheet down so any mess we might make would be on the bottom sheet itself. From Adalynn’s statement, I figured that I would be on my back for the duration. Blood began to flow to my groin and my cock was already hardening as she gently wrapped her fingers around its base.

Crawling beside me on all fours, Adalynn leaned close to my cock and placed a single kiss on its tip before turning to look at me. “Let’s see who can make more noise tonight. Us or Celeste and Mandi.” She suggested, then turning her head back to my hardening dick. Adalynn stuck out her tongue and began to slowly lick upwards, starting at the base of my cock. Her eyes darted between me and my dick.

As she entered her second minute of licking, stroking, and kissing my hard dick I relaxed my head back against the pillow and stared up at the ceiling. Adalynn began to moan in delight as she continued to go down on me. “Oh baby, I love the taste of your hard cock in my mouth. Mmmmm it’s so hard.” She quickly said as she popped off, making a rather loud noise.

Releasing a moan myself I reached down to cradle her head as she began to bob up and down along my length. “Oh, fuck. That feeling alone of what you're doing is so intense!”

I ran my fingers through Adalynn’s golden locks as she gently pumped my cock. The sound of her slurping along with the occasional gagging sound made the moment all the more arousing and surreal. Reaching around to the back of her head I found the simple black elastic tie holding her ponytail and slowly pulled it from her hair. Her wild blonde mane unfurled, draping her hair over my mid-section and I couldn’t help but twist my fingers through it. “Mmmmm..mmmmmph!” Adalynn moaned between slurping sounds and the occasional faux gagging.

At the apex of one of her slow bobs, I commented, “Oh fuck yeah! Oh, Adalynn, suck my cock! You’re sucking it so good, it’s making me so hard! That feeling of what you’re doing to me .. Oh shit! Fuck! Right there! Right there! Oh, fuck you’re good! You’re a master blow job giver.” I said as I continued to comb my fingers through her luscious hair.

From the other bedroom across the hallway, Mandi Porter released a muffled scream as she cried out. “Oh God, Celeste, yes! fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!” I brought my head up and looked at Adalynn as she made eye contact with me, continuing to swirl her tongue across my dick. Her speed instantly increased as did her suction. “FUCK ME!! OH SHIT!” I yelled out uncontrollably as waves of emotion and sexual sensation rocked me as Adalynn stepped up her own sexual ministrations.

Reducing her suction and slowly popping off Adalynn gently began to stroke my cock in a different manner, one that helped to pull me back away from the edge of exploding inside of her mouth. “Not yet, baby. I want your hot cum deep inside my wet synthetic pussy.” She cooed. “Ooohhh, you’re so hard, so fucking hard.”

“Oh, how I want to fuck you right now!” I cried out as I thrust my hips upwards as Adalynn stroked me downward. “Ssshhhhhh. You are to lay here while I take care of you, remember. Don’t worry yourself. I’m ready to have your pole buried inside my waiting pussy.” She softly told me. “But first,” Adalynn added as she once again took all of my cock deep in her mouth. Her lips closed around the head, sliding her mouth down to the base of my shaft as she cupped my ball sack tenderly in her hand. Unexpectedly her tongue began to swirl and twirl about the length of my cock again, sending me right back to where I had been only seconds before.

“OOHHHHH DAMMIT!” I exclaimed, pounding my clenched fists hard against the mattress repeatedly. Adalynn placed her free hand squarely atop my abdomen as she gently squeezed my ball sack, sending a conflicting yet small pain signal to my brain. What immediately resulted was a retreat from my urge to release my orgasm and cum in her mouth. The sensation wasn’t overly painful, more distracting. The loud popping noise that Adalynn made pulling off my cock was sure to heard from outside the door.

Sitting up and tossing her hair to one side, Adalynn gave me a sideways lustful glance. “Please hand me back my hairband, there may come a time soon when you’ll understand why I put it up in a ponytail. Aside from your inspection of me.”

Reaching off to the side and picking up the band between my fingers, I handed it to her without letting go of her hand. “I need a kiss,” I told her.

Adalynn shook my hand off and then crawled up beside me. “And I need your hard human cock inside my wet android vagina.” She said as she lowered herself over my face. I pressed my lips hard against hers. “Mmmmmm.” She moaned. Her tongue pushed through and into my mouth where my tongue waited to dance and swirl around hers. We kissed like that for several seconds before she sat back up and away. Her right hand darted down to the bald snatch between her legs. “Oh, I need you inside me!” Adalynn cried out loudly as she rubbed her mound rather vigorously. Her eyes rolled upwards as she thrust her hips forward as she knelt beside me. Something in my brain clicked just then, recognizing the one action she said that she was unable able to perform by herself. “How the fuck are you masturbating?!”

Adalynn tilted her head and looked down at me with hungry eyes as she moved to pivot on one knee and straddled my lower abdomen. Her hand moved from her groin and reached for my hard cock, pointing it straight up while the other hand began to caress my chest as she raised her hips up, positioning her hips and the entrance to her hole over the tip of my cock. Licking her lips in the process. “I’m so hot for you, Michael. I can play with myself while we are engaged in foreplay, just not by myself when I’m alone. Want me to do it again before I ride you?” Adalynn explained, asking me in a deep husky voice.

“Sweet fucking mercy. Yes! YES!” I yelled. While holding her posture perfectly Adalynn kept a firm hold on my cock, pinching just under the head slightly with her fingers to keep me hard and moving her left hand from my chest to her clit. Starting slowly she rubbed her mound in a circular motion, her facial expression was of sheer ecstasy. As she sped up her hand and changed up how and where she rubbed she began to moan louder. “Oh yes, baby I’m so wet for you. Please let me fucking ride your cock. Let me fuck you, Mike! Yes, please, please let me fuck you!”

With some effort to restrain myself from any physical movements, I watched as Adalynn masturbated while straddling over me. When her fingers moved to spread her folds apart I elevated my hips and pushed my cock in, entering her soaked pussy with a single rapid movement. Her whole body convulsed as she unleashed an orgasm. “MIKE! OHHHHHH! OOHHHH!! OOOHHHH! FUCK. ME!” She moaned, emphasizing each word.

The hand she had been using to hold my penis head jumped up to her left tit, pulling hard and pinching at her nipple while her other hand continued to vigorously massage her clit as she lowered herself fully into my hardened shaft. Grunting, I made several rapid thrusts upward as she clenched her pussy around my cock, winding down from her orgasm.

“Oh, Wow! You feel so amazing, uuhhh, yeah! So perfect!” I told her as I flexed my cock within her. Adalynn arched her back as she began to ride me cowgirl style, moaning in pleasure with each downward bounce. “Oh yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me good!”

After several minutes of Adalynn polishing my rod with her dripping sex, she leaned over for another hot passionate kissing session, allowing me an opportunity to cool down in order to maintain my erection without exploding prematurely within her. Breaking our kiss she pressed her cheek against mine and whispered, “I do enjoy riding your cock, Mike. The sensation of full penetration within me of your engorged cock has me firing on all cylinders.”

Her words sent chills through me as I pushed my hips up, driving my cock deeper into her folds. Her nipples were rock hard as her breasts pressed against my chest. Adalynn had made me completely forget once more that she was an android, a machine, the experience of seeing her inner workings earlier was lost as all I could think about was how she made me feel. The sexual, raw, euphoric pleasure of our intimacy was the only thing I wanted or needed at this moment.

Adalynn rocked her hips to match my movements as she lay atop me. “Oh, man, oh, man, oh man. WOW! God! What you’re doing feels so incredible. Fuck me Adalynn, fuck me as hard and for as long as you want.” I moaned.

“I am fucking you. .. Oh, baby! That feeling that your hard cock gives me as I ride you. When you flex, uhnnn….ooohhh, yeah, just like that. How I’m able to squeeze and milk you and make you feel.” Adalynn whispered as she tightened her synthetic muscles around my shaft. “Oh, SHIT!” I cried, feeling so wonderful as a result of what she was doing.

We kissed again as Adalynn lay on top of me. I continued to rock my pelvis, pushing ever so slightly in and out of her hole. After another few minutes, Adalynn sat back up and quickly spun around, changing her position to that of the reverse cowgirl.

She asked me to take hold of her ponytail as she resumed fucking my cock. This position was entirely new for me, as I had never had a woman sit on me facing away. It felt similar to fucking her from behind doggie style, with the exception being a fuller, deeper penetration as she bounced her entire body down onto my shaft. Holding her hair and pulling on it added to the moment. The tighter I would pull her hair, the tighter she would clench down around my cock, pushing me closer to the edge of my release and orgasm.

We continued fucking like this for a few more minutes until I couldn’t hold back anymore. “OH SHIT!! I’M GONNA CUM!! GOD! This feels so incredible!! OH FUCK ME!!”I cried.

“No, wait!!” Adalynn yelled as she pulled up and off of me faster than I thought possible. Spinning her body around once again and while lowering her head, her lips and mouth closed back down over my swollen cock. “OH FUCK!!” I exclaimed as I thrust and bucked my hips in motion with Adalynn’s head bobbing, holding back for only a few more seconds before spewing my hot jizz inside her amazing mouth. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YOU’RE SO DAMN HOT!!!” I cried out, as she expertly milked my cock for everything. Her tongue continued to swirl over and across my shaft. Looking down at Adalynn as my heart raced and breathing started to slow, I noticed a small dribble of cum escape out of the corner of her mouth as she worked to swallow my cum, then she too slowed her pace. She angled her head slightly towards me, peering up through her blonde lashes and tangled hair.

Slowly sliding up and pulling off with a soft pop, Adalynn licked her lips. “Oh how I’ve wanted to do that with you since we met at the doorstep Friday evening. Wanting to suck you off and have you cum in my mouth. Even before I had completely decided if I would ask you to take possession of me. I formulated a possible plan for us to fuck, Mike. I had a desire for one final exercise of all my sexual systems.” She explained softly as she crawled up beside me, laying her head on my chest.

“Really?” I asked incredulously.

“Really. But this, here and now, was much more personally fulfilling and fun.” Adalynn said as she blew soft kisses against my skin. Her left hand took hold of my still hard dick, gently stroking it. I cocked my head back, chin up towards the ceiling, enjoying the feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock and her soft kisses.

“Oohhh wow! You’re still pretty hard, Mike.” I slowly arched my back relishing in the sensation of her stroking. “If you keep that up, I’ll be sure to come again.” I moaned, relaxing my posture and reaching up to run my hand up her back. “Promise?” Adalynn teased. Letting out a deep breath, “Get back on and face me, and I’ll cream in your pussy this time.” I told her, teasing right back.

Adalynn raised herself away from me and in another series of fluid motions she mounted me once again and began to rock her hips slowly against mine. “Oh! You are close again, I can feel it, you’re so hard. You’re so good to me, Mike.” She whispered as she leaned in for another soft kiss this time.

In less than three minutes we both achieved our climaxes simultaneously again. As Adalynn rolled off me pressing herself close against me and whispered, “Mike, do you think it’s possible for me, as an android, to know what love is?” Shifting a little I peered down to meet her gaze, pausing as I thought about her question. Not wanting to delay too much, “I believe you have a clear definition of what love is supposed to be. I’d imagine you’ve got a database and numerous examples to pull from describing love.” I stated, pausing, clearing my throat. “Are you trying to say that you love me?” I asked timidly.

Now it was Adalynn’s turn to change position, propping herself up on one elbow and looking me squarely in the eye, tilting her head ever so slightly. “I am … unsure at this time.” She said, caressing my chest with her other hand.

“Adalynn, I think you know what love is. When you saw Nicholas’s video yesterday morning and you spoke his name, I could see it in your eyes, and in your expression. Love and longing were what I saw. Speaking from what I know of computers and programming, ones and zeros as well as from a human perspective. Love is unquantifiable. It’s everything and nothing. So, by you telling me that you’re unsure about me. That’s ok.” I told her.

She relaxed, rolling back over onto her side facing me, taking my hand in hers and interlacing our fingers across my chest as we lay there. I knew that I would never understand how her mind works. If I had to guess she was still using some processing power to calculate and work on her question along with what I had said.

“Promise me you’ll lay here all night beside me. Let’s shower together in the morning before I call into work.” I asked. Adalynn relaxed some, breaking our hands and reaching up to caress my cheek. “I promise. Thank you, Mike, for everything.” Then she leaned over and kissed me.

We held each other for who knows how long before I finally fell asleep. My final thoughts were of Adalynn, my last waking moments were of her soft smile as her eyes closed. It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Chapter 28

The bed bounced violently as Celeste plopped herself down onto it directly behind Adalynn. “Wake up you two sleepy heads!” She exclaimed jubilantly. Her French accent articulating each syllable.

Rolling over and giving her the stare of death, “Celeste, what time is it exactly?” I asked, rubbing my eyes. Adalynn reached over and ran her hand across my arm. “It’s six twenty-one a.m. Time to get moving. Oh, and I believe you two made the most noise last night.” Celeste answered with a giggle.

“How was your night with Mandi?” Adalynn asked as she emulated stretching her arms out. Her question was probably for my benefit more than her curiosity since I knew they shared their wireless link constantly.

Celeste’s expression seemed to brighten as she smiled. “Wonderfully exquisite! My new body can process the data much faster than my old one and ..” She paused for effect. “..Mandi is such a genuine person once she lets her walls down. She told me that I’m drastically different from Serena, and that she’s excited to see why that is once they can start going through all the data and files from here.”

Scooting myself into a sitting position I looked between Celeste and Adalynn. “So what does that mean, that you’re different?” Celeste shook her head, “Mandi didn’t elaborate, but I’d believe it has to do with my personality matrix. You can ask her yourself over breakfast.”

Surprised by her answer, I sat up straight. “Over breakfast?” I asked. “Yeah. I’m making breakfast for you both. She asked me if she could join you while I worked to prepare it. I agreed and felt it would help build a stronger relationship between you two.” Celeste answered as she bolted off the bed and back out of the room. Closing the door behind her with a thud.

As dizzying as that was, I got the feeling that I was being set up for something else here this morning. Turning to Adalynn who had now raised herself to a sitting position beside me I leaned over to kiss her. “Would you care to shower with me?” I asked.

Adalynn leaned back in and kissed me passionately. Breaking apart and looking me squarely in the eyes, “Most definitely.” Taking my hand in hers, she pulled me off the bed and towards the bathroom.

After we had both showered and dressed for the day we headed out to the kitchen. The aroma of hot food wafted down the hall as we approached. Once we had rounded the corner I saw that Mandi was already seated at the table with a cup of hot coffee in front of her as she read from a tablet in her hand. “Good morning Mandi.” Adalynn greeted her. Looking up and smiling at the two of us, she waved us to sit down and join her. “Morning you two, please have a seat.” She said in a chipper tone.

Taking a seat across from Mandi with Adalynn on my left, Mandi sat her tablet down and reached for her coffee.

“Three minutes and I’ll have you both dished up,” Celeste informed us.

“Mmmm, coffee is hot,” Mandi stated, looking directly at me. “Mike, can I ask you a question?”

Tilting my head and giving her a nod. “Awesome. First I want to say thank you so much for allowing Celeste and me to spend last night alone. Our experience together has been intimate, educational, and enlightening.”

Smiling back at her I was appreciative of her gratitude. “You’re very welcome. Celeste said as much to Adalynn and me earlier this morning.” I told her.

“Yes, I thought she might. That’s part of my question for you and I’m formulating a theory as to why she may be who she is. Have you ever had an opportunity to interact with a Synth-Replica android or any other manufacturer of android prior to meeting Adalynn or Celeste?” Mandi asked with some excitement.

Scratching my chin to think about it, “The only other time where I’ve actually spent any time with an android was at a celebrity brothel in Las Vegas a little over a year ago. She was a little static and artificial, but nothing like either of these two girls here. And I’ve seen a few others from a distance but with no direct interactions.” I related to her. Mandi seemed to blush a little as I told her it was at a brothel.

“Can I ask you how Celeste or Adalynn compare to the android you spent your time with? Overall, personality or sexually?”

Adalynn turned slightly in her chair, probably to see my reaction and expression. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Celeste had paused as well.

Clearing my throat before answering, “Well it’s a night and day difference. Adalynn and Celeste are just as real and human-like in their conversations as are their actions and movements, it’s as if we’ve been friends and have known each others their for years. They're comfortable to be around, their movements are fluid with no obvious outward appearance. Sexually speaking they are more than amazing.” I paused to gather my thoughts. “The uh..celebrity android, she was good at the time, I noticed a few minor speech hiccups but reflecting back on that experience, there were moments when she acted robotically, scripted, her conversation skills lacked depth,” I explained.

Mandi clasped her hands together, nodding her head. “Thank you. It’s not just me then.” Mandi looked at both Adalynn and Celeste, then back at me. “Nicholas has made some amazing personal changes to their programming. Incredible personality changes from what we currently have. Tweaks that I’m hoping to find as we comb through the files from here to make comparisons and eventually incorporate into future models and versions.”

I nodded back at Mandi, “Yes. Nicole informed me that Nicholas Faraday had been given certain liberties in modifying Adalynn’s and Celeste’s personalities in order to make them appear and act more human. And that’s very much how I see them.” I said, glancing between them both.

Mandi clapped her hands, “So true in fact. You both act and behave so naturally, so fluidly. My Serena is different from you Celeste in so many ways. Not as static as you’ve described your experience, Mike, but not entirely the same as Celeste or Adalynn either. There are so many similarities, and you are right! They seem so human it’s crazy and I … excuse me, Synth-Replica hopes to integrate those changes to make our product lines even better in the immediate future. Until I actually took the time to visit and talk with Celeste, and with what Meng Li told me about her conversations with Adalynn, I didn’t realize the scope of difference that Nicholas Faraday had achieved.” She explained as Celeste brought our plates of hot food over. Setting them in front of us.

Adalynn suggested that we eat and ponder on our discussion as we ate. She arose to help clean and tidy up while Celeste soon came over and sat on my right-hand side. There was definitely a difference in my experience between when I was in Vegas and here now with Adalynn and Celeste. When I had arrived on Friday for the furnace repair I was convinced that Adalynn was just as human as I was, and perhaps that’s why I continued to see her and Celeste in that light.

Finishing my last bite I pushed the plate to the side. Celeste pushed back her chair, stood, and took my plate. “And what of that, Mike? Right here. How Celeste and Adalynn just get to work cleaning up and doing chores?” Mandi asked.

Drinking the last swallow of my coffee and peering over the rim of the cup at her, then setting my cup down on the table. “Mmm, I think I see what you're getting at. Their subconscious core directives? Is that what you‘re referring to?” I answered.

“Yes.” Mandi shook her head in agreement. “They get right to it, but they do it so fluidly, without asking. They recognized that you’re done.” She said with excitement, leaning closer towards me.

“Right now our top-tier level three androids will ask you before committing to that task. It’s those little things that I’ve noticed over the last two days, a human quality within them both. Nicholas has perfected an aspect of their programming so that they act and appear just like us. Does that make sense?” Mandi asked me pointedly.

At that moment a memory flashed to the forefront of my mind. “Mandi! Oh girl, have I got something for you!” I blurted out, slapping my hand on the table.

“I believe I may have come across something the other night that may be exactly what you're looking for. I discovered a handful of files on the computer in the den across the hall. Files named: Personalities” I told her.

Mandi stood, pushing back her chair looking rather excited. “Really! Please, would you show me?”

With Mandi, Adalynn and Celeste huddled tightly behind me I brought the computer to life and clicked on the folder that I had discovered the other night.

“May I?” Mandi asked, indicating that we switch places, and she have access to the keyboard. I took note that Mandi was obviously making the effort to say please and thank you. Her entire demeanor had changed since our little encounter yesterday afternoon.

As the three of us silently watched Mandi open and browse through each folder I glanced over at Adalynn. “I was going to ask you about these when we had a moment alone. I’m sorry that I was frustrated with you about not disclosing stuff to me. It’s karma, and I completely understand now. There just hasn’t been the time or place to do so.” I said apologetically. Referencing my previous outbursts and acknowledging just how fast everything had been moving over the last few days.

“Oh, Mike. Of course I accept your apology. But I believe your assumptions are correct. These files may indeed contain the changes Nicholas made to our original core personality matrix.” Adalynn said with a smile.

Mandi was silent for several minutes as we watched her flip back and forth between the multiple screens she had opened. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I’d come to realize three things. First, Mandi was going to be here studying these files for a while. Two, it was now a little past seven-thirty in the morning and I needed to make a call into the office, and thirdly, Celeste had been casually, yet subtly running her hands up, over, across, and down my back and more than once she had traced my butt crack through my jeans with her fingers.

“If you’ll excuse me, I need to go make a phone call. Ladies, I’ll need some privacy for a few minutes.” And having said that I excused myself.

“Mike!” Mandi called out, looking up at me. I spun around and stopped with one foot in the room and the other in the entry glancing back at her. “Thank you.”

Swallowing hard, I tipped my head at her, “Hopefully it’s what you need.” Having said that, I continued on my way.

Closing the bedroom door behind me I walked over to the chair beside the bed, pulled out my phone, and called the office. Hoping that all would be well by the time I was done.

By the time I had hung up and looked at the timer on the phone, a little over seventeen minutes had passed. Standing up and walking to the bathroom, I needed to splash my face with some cool water. I’d changed my mind and tendered my resignation over the phone. Tim Jenkins, my boss, was stunned by what I had told him but he understood. I had stretched the truth about meeting Adalynn previously and how we hit it off over the weekend rekindling our relationship again and about how her now-deceased husband had left her a sizable life insurance policy and property. How she had asked for assistance from me to help get a few things in order that she had no idea how to take care of. That we were going to see how things worked out between us over the next few months. Tim was sad to let me go and offered me my position should I decide to come back later.

Originally Adalynn and I had discussed taking a few days off and then working four or five days more, but this was cleaner I felt. Being done and moving forward.

There was a knock at the bedroom door as I splashed the cold, cool water on my face. “I’m in here,” I said, calling out, Knowing that it would be either Adalynn or Celeste. To my surprise, it was both of them. “How did your phone call go?” Adalynn asked as they both stopped just outside the doorway.

“Eavesdropping now are we?” I asked sarcastically.

Reaching for the hand towel on the ring as I turned the water off. They waited patiently as I dried my face off. “I tendered my resignation effective immediately. I changed my mind and just wanted to be done so we could all move forward together.” I explained. Celeste's expression was one of surprise while Adalynn’s looked more serious. “We respect your decision, Mike. Are you sure though?” She asked quietly.

Leaning against the countertop I did a sideways glance at them both through the mirror. Half looking at myself and half looking at them. “I would have been miserable and useless if I had to leave and go back to work. My mind would have been here with you both and that would create a safety concern. So, what’s done is done.” I explained to them.

Adalynn entered the room and proceeded to embrace me with a hug. After a few moments of holding each other, she parted first. “Mandi believes you found our corresponding personality changes and she’s overjoyed. After you left she praised you saying just how kind and amazing you are. How lucky Celeste and I are to have you. That she misjudged all of us and with how she initially treated you, and that you could have easily withheld that information in spite of everything until they eventually came across it as they combed through everything. I thought you’d like to know that.”

“Thank you, that does mean a lot. At first, I found her to be coarse and rude. But she has built some pretty tough walls around who she really is. It takes time to get to know someone.” I said sympathetically.

Celeste let a small laugh escape. “Well, I guess we’re all guilty and will just need to spend some more quality time together. Thanks, Mike, for clearing your busy work schedule. I guess you can do as you please now.”

I could sense that there was something else as the two of them shared a quick glance. “Ask away,” I said, waving my hands in the air. Celeste stepped forward this time. “Mandi’s agreed to get an early start with Adalynn and I was hoping that maybe you and I could exercise together. You know, that ‘do as you please’ part of life.” She said, batting her eyes at me and lowering her head, appearing bashful and sexy at the same time.

I knew and understood fully well her meaning of exercise and please. Us having sex together. I faked a cough. “You’re a nymphomaniac, you know that right?”

Both girls laughed hysterically as I stood and watched. “Seriously, Mike. I’m just joking. We wanted to see your reaction.” Celeste said as she continued to giggle. “Although I am always wanting, willing, and ready for sex. Especially with you.”

Adalynn brushed my arm, turning my attention to her. “Truthfully though Mandi did state she would be willing to get an early start with my download. So that would free you up for anything you might want to do as you have been in a constant go go go mode for several days now. Being honest, some downtime might be beneficial for you.”

Pursing my lips as I stared at the ceiling, “You’re serious?” I said, looking at both of them, stunned. The room was silent for a few seconds as we all stood there. Adalynn finally nodded before answering, “Yes.”

Finding myself suddenly to be the one in charge and needing to give direction, “Adalynn, why don’t you go ask Mandi to get started with the download. You’ll be occupied with that for at least half the day or so. Celeste and I can hold our own and take care of anything else that may arise. In fact if you want to assist with that process Celeste, by all means, do it. It’ll be good for you to be familiar with the process. I’ll admit I am a little exhausted both emotionally and physically and some quiet time alone for meditation will do me some good. When Meng Li and the other technicians get here please see to them if you would. Celeste, if you want to join me in a while and just sit or lay with me, I’m good with that too.”

Adalynn stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me, and Celeste followed, joining in the group hug. “As you wish, Mike. Come and check on me later if you would please. I’d really like that.” Pulling her close by her waist I answered her, “Of course, don’t worry, and don’t overtax your processors. Everything will be just fine.”

As we all parted I caught Celeste giving me a worried look. “I’ll be back after a while to find you if that’s alright.” She stated, then both girls turned and left, leaving me consciousnessly alone for the first time since I arrived here nearly three days ago. As I focused for a moment, I could hear Adalynn and Mandi’s muffled conversation near the front entry. But beyond that the house was quiet, and it was nice.

Chapter 29

It’s crazy to realize how fast time goes by when you’re doing nothing. Nearly three hours had passed since Adalynn and Celeste left me alone in the master bedroom. I had closed the door, propped myself up on the bed against the wall, and taken out my cell to browse the web and just veg out. After checking some emails and my bank account, I went back to surfing some random miscellaneous sites and then that led to playing a few different games for a while and then dozing off for a little more than an hour. Shaking off my grogginess I walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the stairs. Stopping to look and listen, no one else was up here.

Upon entering the maintenance room Celeste nearly bowled me over on her way out. “I was just coming to find you, Mike. Did you enjoy your quiet time?”

“Yeah, I actually did. I’m sorry if I took too much time for myself.” I told her. Celeste reached up gently grabbing my right bicep, “Oh, no worries, Mike. You can always have as much time as you need whenever you need it. Please don't feel obligated to keep Adalynn or me engaged or entertained at all times. We are the ones that are here for you. Not you for us.”

Surprised once again, what she said clicked, it wasn't my responsibility to keep them occupied. I was still me and I could do what I wanted when I wanted. Within reason of course. “How’s Adalynn doing?”

“She’s doing real good, go in and say hi. I’m gonna head upstairs and start some lunch prep for you and the others.” Celeste replied before turning to walk away.

Giving Celeste a nod, I turned and walked over to where Adalynn stood beside her server rack and her body doubles. Meng Li was relating some story to her. “Mike!” Adalynn’s face brightened as she saw me approach. “Hey,” I replied. Meng Li turned in my direction. “Adalynn is more than halfway done with her download.” She stated. I gave Meng Li a small bow of acknowledgement, “I have a question regarding that if I may?” She smiled and nodded at me. “So, if Adalynn sends a nightly backup to her servers here. Why couldn’t you just pull a copy from them instead of downloading one directly from her?” I asked.

Pointing a teasing finger at me and shaking it. “That is a very good question, Mike. The answer is we do that too. Aside from Adalynn’s active running system backup, we will pull last night’s backup, one from three months ago, another from six months ago, and one from a year ago. All so we might compare the differences and see what adaptive changes Adalynn has gone through. We want to be thorough and not miss an opportunity to improve our products and be able to avoid costly issues such as system and software conflicts. Things of that nature.” Meng Li explained.

“Thank you for explaining that to me,” I told her. Turning my attention back to Adalynn who had more than one cable attached to the base of her head, and another on the front side of her neck. “You’re immobile but not deactivated?”

“Shaking her head at me, “No, unlike yesterday with Celeste, I am able to remain active and alert, clothed and responsive. Keeping me immobile allows for faster processing power, and a shorter away time from you.” Adalynn stated.

“Mike?” Meng Li called my name. Turning my head in her direction, I made eye contact with the shorter Asian woman. “I thought I would let you know that Adalynn’s upgrade body and the backup body for Celeste will both be here Thursday.” She said with some excitement. “And, I’m sending you something relatively new to play with and test out,” Mandi said, adding to the conversation as she walked up behind me.

Spinning around to face her, “Test out?” I asked, confused. Mandi placed her hands in the pockets of her white lab coat. “Yeah, I’m not going to say too much about her other than she suits the needs and wants of a particular genre of persons.” She said with a sly grin.

“Hold on here,” Raising both my hands, palms out. “Is she some new prototype Android?” I asked, raising my voice a little above normal. Mandi shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Mike. No, she’s not a prototype per se, more of a fun, arousing sex toy for those persons who enjoy a more robotic experience.”

“Mike, dear. It’s part of the agreement. Synth-Replica provides a wide assortment of androids and companion units to the general public. Not everything is as .. humanlike, .. as Celeste and I are. You did agree to be a product tester.” Adalynn explained, bringing my attention back to her.

Meng Li now stepped up to me, touching my wrist. “This one won’t be like these two. Like Adalynn says, she will be fuckable and fun, if you let her.” Stunned, I’d never heard Meng Li use any foul language until just now.

Looking between the three of them I shrugged my shoulders. “Alright, alright. Something to look forward to I guess.” I said with a forced laugh, hoping to lighten the mood somewhat. “Why don’t we give Mike and Adalynn a few minutes alone.” Meng Li suggested, patting my arm before stepping away.

Focusing my attention back on Adalynn, she turned her head ever so slightly to meet my gaze. “Thank you for coming to see me and for being so gracious with Mandi and Meng Li.” I let out a deep sigh, “You’ve managed to change the course of my life so I’m adjusting to being more open-minded to unexpected situations. You’re welcome.” I said with a hint of sarcasm.

Adalynn rolled her eyes then batted them at me. “They’ll be done with me in less than two hours Mike, and Meng Li believes that they will have everything they need from us and the computers in the home by the end of the day.”

Reaching up I brushed aside a lock of her blonde hair that was a little out of place. “I’m looking forward to it being just you and me again,” I told her, speaking honestly. “And Celeste,” Adalynn added. “Yes, and Celeste.” Taking a step back I reached for a rolling chair, pulled it over, and sat down. I sat there just looking at her as she watched me. “Do you feel anything as they copy and download your files?”

Adalynn’s eyes peered down at me. “No, however, I do sense the connection with their equipment and devices. But nothing physical or emotional like you would think.” I looked away for half a second as I thought about her answer.

“Mike, I’ve chosen to sell back both of my backup android bodies to Synth-Replica.” Adalynn paused as I met her gaze once again, curious. “With me upgrading to the newer Siren series android chassis, it would be redundant to have three spare bodies. So, my current body, this one will be my backup once my transfer is complete. Will you support my decision?” She asked, her expression unreadable.

“That would make sense and be financially wise. So yes, I fully support that decision.” I answered. Her face brightened again, “Oh, Mike, I was worried that you wouldn’t agree or see eye to eye on this with me. You continue to surprise me again and again.” Standing up from the chair and tenderly touching her cheek I replied. “We, .. you and I, are in this together remember. I can’t imagine a day when you would make an irresponsible and self-centered choice.”

I stayed and visited with Adalynn for a while until Celeste had called down informing us that lunch was ready. Meng Li, Mandi, and I all headed upstairs while the remaining technicians stayed downstairs. Lunch was once again delicious as Celeste had prepared toasted sandwiches with a flavorful minestrone soup.

The main topic of conversation revolved around the time it would take to process all of the data acquired during their two-day stay. Meng Li was excited and looking forward to reviewing Adalynn’s logs. Mandi stated more than once that both Celeste and I had helped her immensely by locating files and sharing personality insights. She had hoped to be able to return for a future visit. The two of them would leave detailed information for Celeste to help with Adalynn’s transfer to her new upgraded body and they would go over the logistics of it with the two of them. I asked to be left out of that process this time as I was still feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that had happened in the last four days.

Mandi again mentioned the android unit she was going to send out for testing, stating she was a sex model and any thoughts or input I had in regards to her would be greatly appreciated once her trial period with us was done. Mandi reinforced that this android was to be tested and utilized by all of us and not to worry about the appearance of it breaking. Which caused me some confusion.

After lunch, I stayed upstairs to help Celeste clean up while Mandi and Meng Li returned to work.

Chapter 30

Within minutes both Celeste and I were in the master bedroom undressing. I’d taken off my t-shirt at the same time she had pulled down her sweats and panties. She then removed her tee-shirt and was fully naked. My dick was already semi-hard from the anticipation.

"I will admit Mike, I had hoped that you would make time for me today. My new body far exceeds the old one. Even if it’s barely noticeable to you, I can feel the difference. I’ve more than twice the physical sensors and .. oh, lose the jeans too sweetie. We’ll need every minute to enjoy our time together. Having you ask me for a quick fuck makes me so happy. It fulfills me.” Celeste said with some excitement as she eyed me hungrily.

As I kicked my jeans off she walked up to me, “Let's pump up your rod a little," Celeste said, taking hold of it, and giving it a few gentle yanks. It quickly responded, hardening fully. She sank to her knees before me and she eyed my hardening cock as if she were worshiping it.

"Have I mentioned that I love these things, your ball sacks I mean, to hold them, to touch them, how they tighten up underneath as your erection hardens," she said, licking her lips enthusiastically while carefully handling them with the other.

I took note that this was the first time Celeste had used the word “love” in conversation. Neither I nor Adalynn had said that word at any time during our activities and it was interesting that she would use it now. Was it because of her upgraded body, her personality matrix, or because she was continually learning and growing and adapting.

I was brought back to the moment as Celeste pressed her open lips against the tip of my cock head, pivoting her head around its circumference then slowly parting them as she slid down and over my hard member. Inserting its full length inside her mouth as I stood there. “Oh, fuck! Are you hungry or something?” I cried out.

Celeste enthusiastically began sucking on my cock. The feeling was overwhelmingly enjoyable, more so than when Adalynn had previously given me a blow job last night. The intensity was different and I had to urge her to slow down so that I wouldn’t lose control and ejaculate inside her mouth prematurely.

Celeste moaned as she bobbed frantically on my cock and I thought about returning the oral favor by reaching down to grab her and throwing her onto the bed, but I was hesitant, her ministrations were sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. After a few more minutes of Celeste pumping and sucking on my cock, she solved the dilemma, coming off my cock with a loud pop, and looking up at me, “Was that good for you?” She teased as she slowly stood up, leaned in, and planted a wet kiss on my lips before I had the opportunity to answer her question.

After a moment of kissing and tracing her fingers across my chest, she stepped back crawling up onto and lying down on the bed, spreading her legs wide.

"Come into me, Mike. I need a good, hard fucking from your big hard dick. My new android body needs to be calibrated to its fullest capacity and potential remember." Celeste cried out.

I quickly complied, crawling up on the bed and dropping between her legs, and positioning my pole at her entrance. “God! You’re always so fucking horny aren’t you?” I teased her.

"Now, put it in me, now, Mike. Fuck me and fuck my tight perfect android pussy!” Celeste demanded.

Not wanting to disappoint her I inserted my tip after positioning it at her entrance, there was very little resistance, so I pushed a little deeper, quickly sliding all the way in and holding it there before I started thrusting.

“Ohhhh yes yes yes yessss!” Celeste moaned in pleasure. Quickly thinking back on the first time Celeste and I had fucked just days ago and how it had felt. Now, this seemed just as good as our first time. Maybe for her as an android, she can sense and feel the difference between then and now. For me though, the feeling was very pleasurable and nearly identical to my first time with her.

After a few minutes of thrusting, grinding and teasing Celeste, I pulled my cock all the way out of her now-soaked pussy, pausing, looking down at her, “fuck me, Mike, don’t stop, please. Put your hard cock back in my hole and pound me. Pound me real good.” Celeste whimpered.

Positioning my shaft at her entrance, I pushed back into her in one long, languid stroke, luxuriating in the snug, velvety warm and wet feel of her synthetic pussy. Once I was fully sheathed, she gave me a squeeze and I placed my hands on her firm breasts. "Be rough with my nipples. Play with them, pull on them, pinch them, I'll let you know if you go too far."

I took her breasts in my hands, pressing them together even as I started to pinch her nipples. Her back arched as I did so, suggesting I was at least not going too far, but giving her the pleasure she desired. I withdrew and started fucking her with another series of long slow strokes.

We continued fucking that way for the next few minutes, long, slow strokes as I played with, and pinched at, and pulled her luscious tits and nipples. Celeste wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me tight with each deep push inside her. “Oh. My. God!” She cried out as her muscles suddenly clenched down around my cock, her body shuddering as she released a powerful orgasm. “Eeeeeeiiiiii .. aahhhh hhaahh aahhh fuck fuck FUCK YES!!” Celeste rocked her hips as she held me close.

As she relaxed her body and leaned her head back, her chin jutting upward, I began to quickly thrust and pound away at her. “Oh Celeste, you’re so hot. I just…just want to explode inside you. You’re such uh.. a tease. You have an .. an amazing sculpted body. Your jet black hair…oh shit! Your blue eyes, your sexy French accent ..oh fuck.. you’re like a dream. A man-made goddess!!” I exclaimed as I rode her hard building up to my release.

Celeste took hold of my hands, pressing them harder against her perfect globes as I sped up my rhythm. “Yes Mike! Fuck me just like that. JUST. LIKE. THAT! Ohhhh .. Fuck me as hard as you can. FUCK ME! OOHH FUCK ME!” She panted. She was careful not to scratch my skin with her nails as she held me tightly, almost painfully.

Mere seconds later I released my load, squirt after squirt, throb after throb into her perfect android pussy. “You get so hard and your girth increases just before you orgasm and release, Mike. You feel wonderful when you explode inside me.” Celeste complimented me as I fell onto her, keeping my rock hard cock deep within the walls of her pussy, we began to kiss, slowly at first and then more passionately.

Finally, we parted and I pulled out of her and rolled over onto my back beside her. “Damn you’re amazing,” I told her, panting and nearly out of breath while looking over at her. Celeste returned my gaze, “You’re pretty good yourself you stud.” She said with a smile.

I nodded back at her as my breathing slowed. “I meant to ask you, how was last night with Mandi?” Her smile broadened as she rolled onto her side and propped her head with her arm. “Incredible Mike! She had me firing on all cylinders. When you commanded Adalynn and me to go have fun the other night, that experience was so amazing. But with Mandi and this new upgraded body, the experience was definitely a benchmark for me. It was so much better with her, as a a real woman.”

Watching Celeste describe her experience was almost like watching a person recall a memory. Her eyes shifted slightly up and to the right, and her facial expression showed joy and happiness as she spoke. “I’m glad to hear that you truly enjoyed it, Celeste. Can I ask if you have a sexual preference now for a male or female partner? Human, that is, which one you might prefer overall? In the future?”

Celeste reached out with her free hand and began to caress my chest, gently tracing lines and circles with her fingers as she processed my question. “That’s a silly question don’t you think? You set my parameters to bi-sexual, therefore I am happy to pleasure either sex. You are a male and I immensely enjoy pleasing you seeing as you are my master and owner, be it orally or through the traditional means of vaginal intercourse. When I was with Mandi, for example, she taught me a few ways to provide intense pleasure to her that I will incorporate along with my original programming. With Adalynn, we utilized our verbal and nonverbal means to communicate what we each wanted, and what we needed to climax. I am able and willing to please a female just the same as I would a male. When I’m with you Mike, my focus is on pleasing you. In the future when I am with a female, I will focus on her. But to answer your question as to which I may prefer in the future, I believe it will definitely be with a man.” Celeste explained, then leaned over and began kissing me once again.

Our intense and passionate kissing escalated into some rather rigorous fondling and groping of one another as I rolled Celeste over and onto her back. Latching onto her nipple and sucking hard I began to finger her clit while she held my neck firmly with her left hand and she pumped my cock with her right hand, resulting in a swift return to hardness. “Tell me what you'd like, Mike. Shall I finish you off with a blow job, do you want to fuck my tits, or do you want me to just jerk you off and have you spill your cum across my skin?” Celeste asked huskily, breaking from our kiss.

“Mmmmmm, that would be something new, you, jerking me till cum.” I told her. “How about I fuck your tits and you try to touch the tip of my cock with your expert tongue and I'll try to make it into your mouth with what little I have left.”

Celeste nodded in agreement as I straddled her chest, positioning my hard cock between her breasts as she pressed them together. She had an excited and lustful look as she spat a wad of spit directly onto my hard member to add lubrication as I began to vigorously fuck her tits. “Oohh, I love watching your cock come at me from this position, Mike.” Celeste cooed. “Fuck my tits, fuck ‘em good.”

Immediately I could feel myself approaching my climax again. With us having engaged in foreplay, our kissing, fondling of each other, and Celeste stroking my cock I was quickly ready once more.”Oh, God! I'm gonna cum quickly again!” I exclaimed as I rode her chest, looking down as my hard member pistoned between her luscious globes.

“Cum in my mouth or all over my tits! Whichever you want Michael. Oh, fuck I feel you getting harder.” Celeste moaned. I began to rock my hips faster and faster, pushing my dick back and forth between her tits. “UUUHHHNNN .. OHH .. FFUUCCKK!!” I cried out feeling the pressure building within my dick again. Celeste curved her neck, reaching for my cock and sticking her tongue out to touch my tip at every thrust. The mixed swirl of sensations lasted for maybe a dozen seconds before I blew my load, squirting my hot jizz into her open mouth and across her cheek. “OH FUCK!” I cried out as my orgasm drained my cock once more and I became light headed.

As I fell backward onto the bed, Celeste used this opportunity to swap positions as she quickly sat up and spun herself around, leaning over my waist and popping my erection into her mouth to lick and clean me up. “Oh shit! Celeste. What...what are you doing?” She gave me a sideways glance, looking me up and down before slowly coming off my rod. “I'm cleaning you up and making sure to get every last drop of your amazing human cum my dear friend.”

Celeste resumed her gentle bobbing and polishing of my cock as it ever so slowly deflated and became limp once more before crawling up beside me. “Thank you for that wonderful session, Mike.” Turning my head to gaze into those deep blue beautiful eyes of hers, “No, thank you, Celeste.” I told her as we just lay there together on the bed, holding on to one another.

Chapter 31

After cleaning ourselves up, Celeste and I returned to the basement maintenance room after we’d received word that Meng Li and Mandi Porter had asked to see us both. Upon entering the room I could see that the technicians were in the process of packing up their gear while Meng Li and Mandi were conversing together at the back of the room next to Adalynn’s server rack and her backup doubles. Adalynn stood off to the side with a blank look on her face, as if she she were in a trance. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked.

Meng Li turned towards me, “Mike, thank you for coming. You too Celeste, command: Echo Alpha Alpha Zero Zero Zero Alpha.” “Command accepted.” Celeste droned, then froze where she stood. Her expression became blank as well standing motionless.

“Wait! Why did you do that?” I asked, now alarmed that they would pause both Adalynn and Celeste. “We have a concern, Mike,” Mandi said. “After running an error log scan on Adalynn’s systems we discovered discrepancies in two of her logic and reasoning sub-folders, discrepancies that appear to be intentional, and purposefully made by her, that’s what has us concerned.” She stated. My mind began to race as I remembered Adalynn’s earlier concern, the jump drive, and her deleting her memory file. “Yes?” I questioned.

“It appears that Adalynn intentionally over-wrote two memory log entries, and modified their timestamps in an effort to cover them up. Would you know anything about that?” Meng Li asked, watching me intently. I didn’t want to pause for too long as that would certainly give something away, yet I didn’t think I’d have to be totally honest with them either.

“These discrepancies, were they from early Sunday morning?” I asked.

Meng Li looked at Mandi and she nodded. Seeing that as a yes I continued, “Adalynn expressed a concern with me about Synth-Replica’s possible overall intentions in coming here, about her and Celeste’s wellbeing, and then she told me that she was going to delete all records of our conversation afterward. She wanted me to be aware of her concern and to watch for any changes in hers or Celeste’s personality. She wasn’t sure of anything, Adalynn just wanted me to be on the lookout.” I stated, trying to be as honest as possible and not disclose everything we had discussed.

Mandi took a step closer to me looking surprised. “What concern? Did she say or ask you specifically to watch for something?” Glancing between Mandi and Meng Li, “Adalynn had calculated that there was a small chance something wasn’t on the up and up with the company sending you all out here so quickly. She wanted me to be prepared and hoped that neither of them would be permanently altered or changed, or that something deceitful was going on. Things like changes to their character programming etcetera. Adalynn hoped that if I noticed a drastic change in their behavior afterwards, that I would then contact Nicole in hopes to find out why.”

Mandi seemed to consider this for a minute before turning to Meng Li. “Faraday’s version 2.0 self-preservation protocol?”

Meng Li nodded somberly. “That would make sense to me. Adalynn informed her owner, Mike, and asked him for a favor on her behalf where she calculated a probability of change to her primary systems.”

Reaching out and pulling a chair over for me to sit down I went over in my head what Meng Li had just said.

“So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I’ll let you both know that I respect you, and consider you friends. I personally haven’t seen any type of change in Adalynn’s or Celeste’s personality behavior. My interactions with Nicole, you both, everything feels like it’s been on the up and up.”

Mandi let a laugh escape, “Ha! That’s what we want you to believe.” She said with a quirky grin and pointing a sharp finger at me.

“What?!” I asked, taking a step away from the chair.

“No, Mike. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Seriously, we haven't done anything to either of them. No changes or modifications or hidden agendas. Seriously, that’s the truth.” Mandi retorted.

“It’s true Mike, both Adalynn and Celeste are exactly who they were previously, although with Celeste we added a vocabulary patch to coincide with her new body. But, we are concerned by Adalynn’s actions to try and hide this from us.” Meng Li said somberly.

“Mike,” Mandi softly said, stepping up to me. “What it comes down to is we want your permission to remove Adalynn’s current self-preservation protocol and install a newer updated version that will ensure she cannot hide events like this from you or us in the future. This new protocol will allow for her to express her concerns without trying to alter or hide conversations and actions.”

I shook my head at both of them. “She didn’t hide it though. Adalynn specifically told me of her concern.”

“And then she purposely deleted your conversation intentionally,” Mandi stated adamantly.

I inhaled a deep breath while attempting to remain calm, clenching my fists a few times. “Are you saying that she could be a threat somehow if I don’t agree with the updated software?” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm.

“No!” The two of them said in unison. Mandi chuckled and Meng Li looked a little embarrassed.

“So help me understand why. If you’re hoping to create and have a realistic android that can think on its own, make its own decisions, and to learn and grow as a human would, why dumb her down. It defeats the purpose of what Nicholas Faraday was hoping to accomplish. From what Adalynn explained to me about him and from little I've read of the man. From my point of view, it really does make both Adalynn and Celeste more like mindless robots, taking a part of them away that allows them a choice.” I said, waving my hands and pointing over to the inert androids around us.

Mandi looked at Meng Li and shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head. “I see your point, Mike, but..” she threw her hands up in the air. “I need some space. I’m sorry, Mike.” And she turned and walked away.

Meng Li turned and walked up to me, taking my hands gently in hers. “Ok, Mike, your analogy is a little off, but you do have a very valid point and I can see where you’re coming from. However these girls are machines after all, not human, even though they look, speak, and act real. I want you to be safe, Mandi and I both want Adalynn and Celeste to act safely on your behalf. I can see that you have grown very very attached to them in such a very short period of time. But they are not real people as much as your feelings and mind tell you that they are.” Meng Li paused, searching my eyes.

“You have a caring heart, you were asked to be a part of Adalynn’s life, and that is a profound change to make in just a matter of days. It was not our intention to alarm you with this. We will let you make that decision then, Mike. On your terms and in your own time to update Adalynn and Celeste if you choose. I will prepare a self installing thumb drive for you to place in their server rack if you choose to do so. We will make a note of our conversation here as it is required by the corporation, but the decision will ultimately be yours. Are you ok with that? Would that help put you more at ease with this situation?”

Letting out a breath I hadn’t realized that I’d been holding I answered her. “Yes, yes it would, thank you. Thank you both for your understanding. And thank you for explaining the situation and helping me to understand your views about all of this.” I said looking at them both.

Mandi turned back around from the computer she was logging out of, “I believe that Celeste may have the same protocol version as Adalynn. If so, then I would correct that for her as well, Mike. Either way I would ask you to do the update for her. That being said, I will respect your wishes to do as you feel necessary based on your feelings and what we have conveyed to you. Please understand that we, as your friends, are just looking out for you. For your best interests Mike. Updating the protocol won’t change their personality in any way, it is a safeguard for yours and theirs overall protection.” Mandi quietly said, looking about as humble as I had ever seen her.

Nodding, I couldn’t help but offer a small smile. Yet inwardly I was conflicted. A part of me understood exactly what they were saying, that this was a protective measure that would prevent a potential safety issue should one of them, either Adalynn or Celeste, if they were to make a decision unbeknownst to me, meaning that they could possibly impact my safety. The other part of me had accepted both Adalynn and Celeste as equally human and therefore I didn’t want to change them from who I believed them to be either.

Both Meng Li and Adalynn had now explained to me that her and Celeste weren’t human, all in the last twenty-four hours, but that they are machines, programmed to act and appear human. Maybe I just needed to accept the fact that they are pre-assembled human-looking machines after all. But a part of me just couldn’t or wouldn’t think that for one reason or another.

I retreated over near Celeste’s charging station and server rack to sit, think, and ponder for a moment. Mandi asked if I wanted them to re-activate Adalynn and Celeste and I told her no, not at the moment. She had printed out for me a copy of their verbal commands just as Adalynn had and handed it to me before turning around and heading back to check on her technicians.

Both androids were currently in a passive command mode and were standing stock still, hauntingly void of emotion as I stared at them. My mood had gone from really good to shitty in just a few minutes due to the events of the last few minutes. I didn’t have to let it bother me, but it still did the same.

With Meng Li, Mandi, and the technicians packing up their gear to leave, and with both Adalynn and Celeste currently offline, this gave me another opportunity for some additional quiet time. That is if I chose to use it. I knew the girls would ask me why I had waited so long to reactivate them and I hoped they would understand. Then again they might just accept it and move on without questioning my reasons.

I soon caught Meng Li walking in my direction. Her expression was one of concern as she knelt in front of me, almost motherly. “Mike, here is the thumb drive for Adalynn and Celeste. All you need to do is plug it in their server rack as it’s a self-Installing program. It will upload when the girls do their routine backup. You’ll need to repeat the process for Celeste after you complete it for Adalynn, .. if .. that’s what you choose to do. Ok?” She explained. I looked deep into her eyes. “Thank you for everything. You have been a wonderful help.”

“You are most welcome Mike, and I hope to see you again in the future. I don’t believe that either of them would ever physically hurt you. Use the shortcut, Romeo November Oscar to have them return to normal operational status when you're ready. We can see ourselves out via the service entrance if you want. We’ve packed everything up and are ready to leave now.” She paused, looking at me intently.

“Mike, I can sense that you have an inward struggle regarding your relationship with Adalynn and Celeste, seeing them for who they are and not what they really are. Bridge that gap and I believe you’ll find the peace you need. Take good care of yourself and the girls too. Think about what Mandi and I have said, we trust you to make the right decisions.” Meng Li gave me a sincere bow and then leaned in and gave me a quick tender hug before turning away.

Within ten minutes the Synth-Replica technicians, Mandi Porter and Meng Li had all said their goodbyes and I was alone with my two androids: Adalynn and Celeste, who were in their passive standby mode. I’d decided to wait to reactivate them as for now, I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts once again to consider Meng Li and Mandi’s words and advice and weigh it against what I felt. Bridge the gap, Meng Li’s words kept coming back as I pondered it all.

Chapter 32

I had bent forward over the desk and closed my eyes for a few minutes hoping to make a decision as I sat there in the quiet. What really happened was after not even a minute I had fallen asleep again. The cold moist sensation of my drooling which had awakened me had me feeling frustrated, but my second thought was why should I have to make this decision about the protocol update by myself? I’d put enough trust and faith already in Adalynn so why not discuss the situation with her and Celeste.

Pushing the chair back and grabbing the sheet of paper with the verbal commands, wiping the drool off my chin, and waking back over to the server rack I stood before my now inert girlfriends. Looking down at the paper in my hand and then back up, “Good morning my lovelies. Command Charlie Victor Charlie.” I said and watched.

“Command accepted, awaiting vocal instructions.” They both chimed in unison. “Adalynn, would you please return to the upstairs living room and be seated on the right side of the sofa,” I stated.

Adalynn turned, “Yes, master. As you command.” She said in a flat lifeless tone and began to exit the room.

Turning my attention to Celeste, “Celeste, you too, please return to the upstairs living room and be seated on the left side of the sofa.”

With a blank stare, Celeste turned around and repeated word for word what Adalynn had previously acknowledged, “Yes, master. As you command.”

I followed behind them as the two beautiful androids ascended the stairs and completed my assigned verbal commands. Pulling the recliner closer to the coffee table and having removed the two thumb drives from my pocket I sat them down on the edge of the table and sat back in the chair. Taking in a deep breath I proceeded with what I hoped would ease my angst regarding this protocol issue.

“Adalynn, command: Romeo November Oscar.” I stated.

Adalynn blinked several times before she finally turned to face me. Her posture relaxed somewhat before a deep look of concern crossed her face. She quickly turned her head to look at Celeste who sat passively in command mode next to her and then back to me. I hoped that I appeared somewhat relaxed and calm knowing that Adalynn would realize that she had been offline for sometime and would now begin to question me as to why.

“Mike, what’s going on? Why? .. Why did Mandi have me enter command mode?” Her look of concern made me wince.

“Hold that thought and I will explain everything.” Motioning my hand for a momentary pause.

“Celeste, command: Romeo November Oscar.” Repeating the command phrase for her now.

Celeste blinked several time before her facial features returned to her normal happy cheerful look. “Mike? What’s going on?” She asked, looking suddenly confused.

Clasping my hands together I leaned forward. “That’s it? Just those three questions between you two?” I chided them both, adding some sarcasm to lighten the mood.

Adalynn’s look of confusion deepened. “For starters, yes!” Breaking eye contact I glanced down at the two thumb drives and then back up to her and then to Celeste. Her eyes followed mine and zeroed in on the two items. “I’ve got an explanation for you both.” I told them. “I promise.”

“May I interject Mike?” Celeste asked, scooting to the edge of the sofa and giving Adalynn a sideways look.

Adalynn cocked her head, indicating that she was interested in hearing what Celeste wanted to say.

Giving a nod, “Sure, please.” I said, placing my hands nervously on my lap.

“Whatever the reason Mike, please relax. Your heart rate and perspiration are highly elevated and have me concerned. Breath sweetie, everything will be ok, whatever it is that’s got you concerned I know you can handle it, all of us together if needed can help you.” Celeste said calmly.

Adalynn now stood up, taking a few steps before she knelt in front of me, taking my hands in hers. “What’s happened that has you so worked up? Why did Mandi have us enter command mode? I can see you’re trying to put on a good face for us.”

I instinctively knew what these two were doing to me, to help me out. Celeste had shifted forward on the sofa and Adalynn was inches from my face. Already I was beginning to feel more relaxed thanks to their artificial pheromones.

Letting out a sigh, “You’re both too good for me and to be honest I don’t know why I’m so wound up over this. I wanted to discuss this concern with you rather than make a decision by myself.”

Adalynn gripped my hands as she pulled herself even closer. “So please tell us what’s going on, why Mandi and Meng Li put us both in our stand by mode.”

Making eye contact with her so she would know that I was completely focused on responding, “It would seem that you have an outdated protocol code. One that allows you to make certain types of decisions, a protocol that apparently alarmed both Mandi and Meng Li. That’s the reason why. They weren’t sure about Celeste, but that’s the reason why. They could have pulled me aside rather than turning you both off. This protocol or algorithm really had them concerned and freaked out.” I began to explain.

“Oh.” Adalynn said, looking like she was trying to remember or determine which protocol code exactly was in question, her eyes still focused on mine.

“But not me,” I added quickly. Her expression changed to one of surprise as she continued to stare at me, waiting for me to continue.

“Ok, Mike, Help me understand more about this protocol discovery along with what these two thumb drives are for?” She asked, releasing my one hand and pointing at the coffee table.

Knowing that I had Adalynn’s full attention and glancing over to Celeste, who gave me an affirmative nod, I commenced to inform them of my conversation with Meng Li and Mandi, filling in all the gaps for them and fully relating all the details. I then proceeded to relate the details of the conversation that Adalynn and I had and her request for me to safely keep the thumb drive of her and Celeste’s profile secret and hidden.

Celeste sat silently as Adalynn asked me some additional questions for clarification which I did my best to supply. After nearly a minute Adalynn finally spoke up, “You said, knowing that I’m able to make these types of decisions under this outdated protocol, that it doesn’t alarm or concern you?” Adalynn asked, fidgeting slightly as she sat there kneeling, watching me.

“Yes, that’s correct,” I answered.

“So you don’t want either of us to install the new updated version because?”

“Because I like you the way you are right now, Adalynn. You are so human-like in your character and personality that I don’t feel comfortable altering any of it. And you too Celeste.” I said, turning to look at her. “I agree with how Nicholas changed and altered your coding from how the standard Synth-Replica androids are. How those small changes in your programming have made you who you are.” I told her.

“The update won’t change who I am, or who Celeste is, Mike. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?”

“No, I’m sure. Right now, for you, that’s my standing decision. I want ..” I paused, suddenly realizing my mistake in all of this. “Oh shit!

“Mike?” Celeste asked, finally standing up from the sofa and taking a step forward.

Looking at Celeste and then to Adalynn, “This shouldn’t be my sole decision. I need your input, I need to know what each of you wants to do. I wanted to discuss this with you both and have your input. But all I’ve said is what I’ve felt I should do. I’ve trusted you both to make decisions since we first met and this should be no different. This centers around you both, so what would you each prefer to do?”

Since I already had my focus on Adalynn I searched her eyes while awaiting her response. “My answer is yes, you should have me install the update. However before you retort with any further emotional words, Mike. Allow me to express my sincerest gratitude to you. You tend to overthink things and let your emotions cloud your better judgment. You are kind, loving, gracious, amazingly talented, and more than I could have hoped for in a partner or owner to replace Nicholas Faraday.”

Part of me wanted to start crying at her words of praise as I turned my attention back to Celeste as she now knelt down before me.

“My answer is also yes. And to add to what Adalynn has so eloquently stated. You are so wonderful to us, not to mention hot and sexy in the sack.” Celeste said with a smile.

Shaking my head I began to laugh realizing that I really did have it pretty good with these two. Thinking about it, from a manufacturer's point of view, the update is necessary. From a human perspective, I didn’t want anything to change with them. By giving both Adalynn and Celeste a choice I’ve still voiced my opinion while allowing them to ultimately decide what to do.

Letting out another deep sigh I relaxed back into the chair, “Ok then, the decision is made. Let’s plug it in Adalynn’s server tonight and yours tomorrow Celeste.”

Leaning over towards Adalynn, I cradled her head in both my hands, and kissed her lips. Ever so slowly her hands came up and pressed against my chest. A moan escaped from within her as we continued to kiss. After another few moments, I pulled away to look at her. “Ever since Friday evening I’ve felt like I was living a dream, in an alternate reality. So many things seemed so perfect and yet, each hiccup and unexpected surprise was a speed bump trying to bring me back to reality. Earlier when Meng Li and Mandi shut you both down, that was the last straw, it shattered the fantasy world my mind had built and I finally had time to think over everything. With time to myself I feel that I have accepted everything as it really is. I accept the fact that as real as you and Celeste appear outwardly, you’re both still artificial machines. Androids programmed and designed to appear human. You’ve been trying to convince me of that fact the last few days as well. In truth, I’m coming to terms that I’m on a brand new path in life, full of unknowns, and that I don’t have all the answers. I’m just grateful that both of you accept me for all my faults and shortcomings.” I explained as I stared into her eyes.

Adalynn nodded, “Oh, Mike! My sweet, sweet Mike. You are in so many ways everything I hoped you’d be for me. Sincere, caring, tender hearted, and devoted. You’re also a worrier, and so, so loving. Traits that I, as a machine, I am programmed to learn, adapt, and grow with each new situation and experience. I will use these moments to become more than I currently am. More human-like if you will. Celeste and I both have learned so much from you already.”

I leaned in and kissed her even more passionately this time. After finally breaking our kiss I continued to look at her.

Celeste stood up from the couch, clearing her throat, “Children.” She said, wagging her finger at the two of us while laughing.

I rolled my eyes and joined in the laughter.“You know what I wish we had here ladies?” Celeste looked at me with questioning eyes, “No, what?”

“A jacuzzi or hot tub. With it snowing outside I’d love to just sit, watch the snowfall, and relax with you two.” I told them both, glancing between the two of them.

Adalynn brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a laugh, “But we do, Mike! Off the downstairs main room, through the outside door under the deck. The view is just as beautiful from down there as it is up here. I thought you would have found the hot tub during your exploration of the home and grounds.” Adalynn said with some excitement.

“Oooh seriously! That’s fantastic! And don’t try to hide your laugh from me.” I exclaimed. Realizing now that I hadn’t fully explored every nook and cranny of this house and property yet, and feeling silly at the same time. “No, it's January outside, and with the snow and cold temperatures, I haven’t fully walked around the grounds yet, not to mention with everything that has gone on around her lately.” I paused, standing back up. “Come on, let’s go!” I said, reaching for Adalynn’s hands.

“Right now?” Adalynn asked.

“Oh! I’m all for this you guys!” Celeste chimed in excitedly.

“Yes! Right now, please.” I said, tugging on her hands to pull her up and off the floor.

“You know, Mike, sometimes it’s hard to read your mood. From moment to moment I find it challenging for me to fully read and anticipate your emotions. But yes, hot tubbing with you sounds amazing. Let me ask though, swim suits or nude?” Adalynn asked, coyly.

“Naked of course! Duh, Adalynn. That makes it easier to play around.” Celeste added.

“Yes, little sister.” Adalynn said with sarcasm.

Once downstairs the three of us commenced undressing. Pulling off my shirt and tossing it over onto the sofa I quickly removed my jeans and underwear. “I’ve a question, I know you’re good to take showers and all, but how long can you both stay in the water? Either partially or fully submerged?” I asked, looking to Adalynn.

Giving me a sideways glance as she finished removing the last piece of her clothing, “Ahh .. If you’re wondering whether or not we’re waterproof, the answer is no, not fully. We are designed to be water-resistant for short periods. From the neck down Celeste and I should have no issues whatsoever. Thirty minutes under fifteen feet of water is our threshold, so we can swim and play in the water for lengthy stretches.”

“Mike! Quit stalling, I’m ready to enjoy this experience together. Talk logistics and technicalities later you two.” Celeste said with a frown.

Turning to face Celeste and gazing at her naked body I could feel my dick slowly rising to attention. She was so beautiful and sexy, curvy and slim in all the right places. She began to fix her hair up into a messy bun as she caught me staring at her. “What? Why is it that I always catch you staring at me?” She asked.

“I’m so mesmerized by how lovely you are to look at naked. Both of you.” I said, turning my attention back to Adalynn. “It doesn’t matter how I first envisioned you as I stood there at the doorway days ago. That image pales in comparison every time I’m able to look at you naked. Or you Celeste, when I found you laying partially naked on the table days ago, deactivated. Sexy, with your silky smooth, Mediterranean tan, a patch of skin pulled back over your luscious breasts. You two are so perfect, so beautiful, and so sexy. Goddesses, created for pleasure and candy for my eyes.” I told them.

Adalynn tilted her head as a slight blush deepened her cheeks, “Ahh, I hope you always see me this way. I will tell you that your physical appearance is very complementary to my own.” She said as she reached for my hand.

Celeste strode up to me, reaching for my other hand. “Seriously, I’d hoped you’d say it was my perfect tits that you couldn’t stop looking at. Truly though, you know how I feel about you, especially when I can feel you inside me.” She teased, with a wink of her eye.

“Oh stop!” I said, blushing.

Within minutes we were seated in the hot, swirling, bubbly pool of water, with Adalynn to my left and Celeste to my right. The snowflakes were large and plentiful and visibility was maybe fifty feet.

“This is so beautiful and serene.” I said aloud.

Celeste turned to look at me as she ran her left hand from my knee up to my thigh. “Mike?”

I’d assumed Celeste was inquiring about my perspective so I continued. “How the snow creates a quiet atmosphere, the silence is beating, the steam from the water, you both,..” I was suddenly cut off as Celeste lunged from her seated position and dove under the water, taking hold of my inner thighs, pushing them apart, and literally impaling her mouth over the full length of my semi-rigid cock.

Water splashed wildly about the hot tub, some spilling over the sides. “Aahhh??” I cried out as Celeste began to wildly suck and run her tongue across my hardening shaft without the need to bob up and down.

“Celeste!!” Adalynn exclaimed, pulling herself up and scooting away to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi leaving her legs in the water from the calves down. “Mike, I apologize. Celeste’s eagerness to experience hot tub sex with you has apparently taken priority over any conversation.”

I was torn between gripping the edges of the tub and taking hold of Celeste’s head. Her hair billowed everywhere in front of me as the turbulent water swirled around us. “Oh, God! What the fuck has gotten into her? And yet .. ahhhh shit! Oh man does that feel .. oohhh good. So good!” I cried.

Looking up at Adalynn, I searched her face for any further explanation just as Celeste popped off my now fully erect cock and pushed herself to a standing position before me. Wiping away strands of dripping wet hair from her face Celeste smiled, “I’m sorry for being so abrupt Mike, but I just had to have your cock in my mouth. You know the saying; “less talk and more action” besides, I think you actually enjoyed that by how large you are now.” She giggled.

While instantly feeling irritated by Celeste’s blunt boldness, I also knew this was how she was, super horny. She could be irritatingly sexy at times and I began to wonder if perhaps Faraday had programmed her to be the opposite of Adalynn in that respect.

Well, maybe Celeste deserved a good spanking and to get ridden hard and put away wet. Taking a deep breath I looked back up to Adalynn who apparently watched our exchange with amusement, “Pardon me for a moment while I discipline your sister.”

Having said that, I quickly stood up facing Celeste, water sloshing all around us, “You’re being a bad robot?” Then grabbing her by the shoulders and spinning her around. Pushing her shoulders forward and forcing her to bend over I then began to slap her ass with my right hand. All within a matter of seconds. Any normal human female would have been at a loss for how quickly these events unfolded.

Celeste reached out, bracing herself against the far edge of the hot tub with her hands as she looked back at me through her soaked strands of hair.

I slapped her ass again, “Don’t look at me like you’re enjoying this Celeste.” Another hard slap of my hand. This time I actually felt the sting as well. “You wanted a hard fucking, well you’re going to get it!” I said, nearly yelling.

“YES! Slap my ass master! Punish me for my disobedience.” Celeste cried.

At this point I was now fully erect, but I wasn’t ready to indulge her wanton lust. Instead I ran my fingers along the crack of her ass and down along her slit several times, making her shudder.

Turning my attention back to Adalynn, “Maybe I should just put Celeste in command mode and have my way with you instead, since you’re behaving as you are.” I teased.

Adalynn's eyes went wide as she smiled wickedly. “Oohh, that would be quite the punishment for her wouldn’t it.” She said in a husky voice.

“No!! Please, Mike!! I’ll behave, just let me feel you inside of…aaahhhh!!” Celeste pleaded before screaming as I shoved two fingers deep into her dripping sex and slapping her ass with my free hand.

“Celeste, command Echo Alpha Alpha Zero Zero Zero Alpha.” I said, recalling the words used earlier by Mandi.

“Command accepted.” Celeste said in a flat tone, then froze completely in her bent over position, my fingers still inserted within her sex. Her expression went blank as well.

“Mike!” Adalynn exclaimed. “That may not have been wise to do while in her state of high arousal.”

Slapping Celeste’s ass one last time as I removed my now soaked fingers from her pussy and slowly bringing them up to my mouth to taste her juices, I peered over at Adalynn.

“I’m being serious Mike. It’s not recommended to pause a Synth-Replica android mid-stride once we are in the throes of heightened sexual activity.” Adalynn stated, sliding off the ledge of the tub and stepping up to me. Her eyes locked onto mine.

“Enlighten me please.”

Adalynn appeared to take a deep breath as she rolled her eyes. “If you leave Celeste paused for too long while she has her sexual systems running and then restart her without resuming your foreplay it could create a conflict within her programming resulting in a malfunction greater than what I experienced our first night in the kitchen. I’m advising you to not delay too long with leaving her in this state.”

“Ah. I understand your meaning.” I told her, placing my wet fingers against her lips. “Is ten minutes too long?” I asked sarcastically.

Adalynn extended her tongue running it along my finger tips, then sucked them into her mouth. “Mmmm.” She moaned, before quickly reaching up and grabbing my wrist and pulling my hand away. “The shorter the better, and in the future not at all, Mike.” She said with a hint of frustration.

Pulling away I sat back down in the hot swirling water and motioned for Adalynn to do the same beside me. “Ok, just a few minutes then.” I said.

“Mike, I’m being serious about this but I’ll adhere to your wishes.” Adalynn said, resigning her petition and coming to sit beside me.

I’ve just a few questions if I may before we get back to it. I stated, pointing to Celeste’s backside. “How much heat are you able to withstand before you start having any difficulty?” I asked, wondering.

“If you’re referring to the hot tub and how long I can stay in. A good amount, one hundred and ten degrees, internal temperature to be specific. An internal sensor issues me a cautionary warning and once I’ve reached one hundred and twenty-five degrees, that’s a dangerous level as my processors may fall out of sync, where outwardly I may start exhibiting signs of my true artificial nature.” Adalynn explained.

“Hmm, ok. So what's your current internal temperature reading right now?” I asked, curious. “Ninety-eight degrees, why?”

Rubbing my chin as I thought about Adalynn’s complexities, “Have you ever pushed the envelope to see what would happen if you did get too hot? Did Nicholas ever test that threshold?”

Adalynn shook her head, “No, Mike, and if you’re thinking about asking me to “push the envelope,” Adalynn raised her hands using her fingers as quotations. “by sitting here beside you till I begin to glitch. That is not a good idea and I will protest for my own preservation. So .. No!” Her face displayed a look of desperation. “Let’s change the subject please.” She added.

Turning to face her more directly, “Oh no, no, I didn’t mean to imply that I wanted to see what would happen to you. No, not at all. I’m sorry Adalynn. Hey, I do have an idea now.” I said looking down at my crotch and my still hard member beneath the turbulent water.

Adalynn’s eyes followed mine into the water. “What’s your idea?” She asked, her eyes darting between my submerged crotch and Celeste’s glistening ass cheeks.

I gave a sly grin before answering her, “Why don’t you stand up and position yourself next to Celeste here and you can help me make sure I’m good and hard so I can resume my foreplay with her in a moment.”

Adalynn’s eyes glanced down under the water to my mid-section as she grinned. “Hmmm…, I believe I can accommodate you with your wish. Maybe I should let you fuck us both for a while and then head back inside to shower off where you and I could fuck some more.” She teased excitedly as she slid closer towards me. I noticed her nipples were hard, pert and very erect.

“I like your thinking my dear. Satisfy you both here and then go inside and have more of you.” I teased.

Adalynn leaned in and kissed me full-on, passionately with a hunger I haven’t seen from her since our first encounter in the kitchen several days ago. She then stood up, turning around beside Celeste, matching her position with her arms outstretched to support her.

Standing up I was glad to know that the hot tub was designed for at least ten persons. With the three of us standing how we were in the thigh deep turbulent water there wasn’t much room beyond what we already took up.

“I’ve come to terms that you and Celeste aren’t human. You’re both too perfect, too beautiful, and too damn sexy. Which is why I’m probably always ready and willing to have sex on a whim. Deep down it excites me in a way beyond the norm.” I said, taking hold of her hips and aiming my cock towards her sex.

Adalynn reached down between her legs, taking hold of my stiff member and placed the tip at her hole, “That makes me happy my master. Now please, quickly fuck me so you can resume with Celeste. I’d hate for her to have an issue or malfunction.” She moaned.

Without further delay I firmly impaled my cock deep within her folds and began to fuck her rather furious.

Adalynn moaned in delight as I varied my thrusting between vigorously fast and delightfully slow. Sometimes holding tight to her hips and at times running my fingers along the contours of her back.

“Oh, God! You feel so amazing!” I cried out after a few minutes. “A part of me wants to just finish off with you.”

“Mmmmm, I know. But the longer Celeste has to wait, the more, …oohhh, … the more critical it is you attend to her” Adalynn replied.

Giving one final hard thrust I quickly pulled out of Adalynn’s dripping sex. “You and I will definitely need to continue later on.” I told her, giving her ass a solid slap.

Side stepping behind Celeste and taking hold of my cock, I easily slid into her now tepid pussy. “Celeste, Romeo November Oscar!” I exclaimed as I began to piston in and out of her.

Celeste’s body shuddered and convulsed as she let out a stifled cry as I grabbed hold of her hips. “AAAHHHHH!! WWAAAHHHTTT!! Muh…Muh…Mike!!”

“Fuck. Me.” Adalynn moaned, turning her head to look back at me seeing the lust in her eyes. I assumed she instantly reconnected with Celeste wirelessly.

Celeste pushed back against me driving my cock even deeper within her folds. “OH! I feel you … so deep … aahhh yesss!! … you’re fingers were … oohh my … nnnow yourrr cock is is is is … aahh … your cock feels so good in.. in.. in.. in.. in my.. my.. my.. my.. puss.. puss.. puss.. pussy!” She stuttered, repeating herself.

Wanting to pick up where I had left off with her, I gave her ass cheek another firm slap as her actions and stuttering continued to arouse me further. “You’ll need to learn to behave Celeste if you want me to cum inside you.”

Her body shuddered once more as the walls of her pussy began to clench down around my member. “Oh fuck!” I yelled out.

Celeste pushed away from the edge of the tub, standing halfway between bent over and straight up, reaching down and grabbing my hands at her hips, she yanked them up placing them firmly over her tits.

“YES! OH YES! I’ll behave, I can … ooohhh … aaahhhh …eeeeiiiiiaaaaaahhhh … FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEEE!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!! Celeste screamed as she rammed and bucked even harder against me as she orgasmed.

Her wild rapture sent me over the edge as I reached my peak exploding my load within her. Squeezing and groping at her luscious globes as I thrust time and time again, pounding at her pussy.

“Damn Celeste, that was amazing! You’re such a minx.” I whispered loudly into her ear. “Are you alright though?” I asked, wanting to know as she continued to wind down, rocking her hips against my own.

“Mmmmm, hmmm. I am now master.” Celeste cooed. Adalynn stood, turning around and taking Celeste’s face gently in her hands. The two of them locked eyes as Adalynn leaned in slowly before kissing her passionately.

Giving Celeste tits a final squeeze and feeling the hardness of her nipples I slowly withdrew from her sex. She moaned as I did so as she and Adalynn continued to kiss for a few moments longer.

Taking a seat once more I gently massaged my manhood under the water to maintain my erection. Breaking their kiss Celeste turned to face me. “Thank you for that, Mike. I promise in the future that I … I will attempt to be more … in control of my emotions.”

Adalynn extended her hand out to me. “Let’s go upstairs and shower off Mike. Celeste is content and will now need to run a systems check and diagnostic scan.” She paused, touching Celeste’s shoulder.

“I want you to fuck me in the shower, on the bed, and wherever else you want to. I want to feel you inside me in any position you desire.” Adalynn exclaimed excitedly.

I was ready and willing to screw her anyway I could at this point, still excited and aroused as I was. “Oh, I’ll fuck you alright, you hot tease. In the shower and on the bed! In every room of this house if you want!”

Adalynn motioned to me to follow her out of the hot tub as Celeste shifted and took a seat in the far corner. “Don’t worry about Celeste, she’ll be alright.” She stated.

The cold crisp air is surprisingly refreshing as I turn around to quickly follow after her. As we both raced upstairs dripping wet towards the bedroom she stopped and turned to face me halfway down the hall. Reaching out she cradles my face pulling me in close for passionate kiss. Her one hand drops and gently cups my ball sack as she lets another deep guttural moan escape. Adalynn forcefully walks us both up against the wall and then pushes back against me breaking our kiss. Her eyes focus on mine with a hungry lustful look. “Mike! YOU MUST FUCK ME!! All that lustful energy you expelled with Celeste has got me so .. HORNY. I need your hard COCK inside of me.” She says in a deep sultry voice. Emphasizing specific words.

I study her face and expression, seeing the raw lust in her eyes. “Race you to the shower.” She adds teasingly before spinning away and racing down the hall leaving me mostly dazed.

Confused momentarily by her sudden playfulness and extreme horniness, I pushed off the wall after her.

As I stopped in the bathroom doorway Adalynn turned to face me from inside the glass shower stall. Hot water sprayed from the dual shower heads on each side of the glass enclosure as the steam begins to rise from the floor. Her lustful look radiating from her body as she slowly turns around, bending over to give me a full view of her ass and legs.

I saunter over, stepping inside and sliding the door closed behind me. Remembering a particular command phrase from the pages she and Mandi both had printed out for me, I decided to try it out. “Adalynn, command: ecstasy.” Pausing, I waited for a few seconds. “You sexy nymph. This is a side of you I haven’t quite seen since our initial kitchen fuck. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” I asked, not terribly worried since I knew what effect the command would have in her sexual systems.

She turned her head back to look at me quizzically. “I feel wet and ready for you! Can you fuck me now, please my master? Take me and own me. Service your robot girl and make me yours. I need to feel your hard cock deep inside me, Mike. I’m so hot, I’m burning up down inside in anticipation, take your cock and shove it in my synthetic pussy.” She purred.

Adalynn turned around, bracing herself against the shower wall as beads of hot water ran off her silky perfect skin. As I come up from behind her, placing my hands firmly on her hips, she presses her ass against my crotch, grinding hard against me. “I’m so hot for you Mike.” Adalynn moaned painfully.

“You’re gonna get a pounding from me then. Even harder, rougher than I did with Celeste.” I said, reaching down and taking hold of my very hard cock and slamming into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Adalynn cried, pushing harder against me.

I paused once I was deep inside and then I started to slowly move in and out of her. “Oh yeah baby. You feel so good, fuck my robotic littl pussy, Mike. I am yours. Ohhhh…yeah…right there. I am your little robot girlfriend, your….uhhnn…your hot fembot. Your sexy android who just…aahhh…yesss…oh yes, right there, just … uuhh .. like that. I want to … uuhh … please you. Oh, fuck… I want to please you. Oh, fuck, me, good. Yeah … right there … aahh … yeah, right there, just like that … fuck me!” She cried in delight.

My pace picks up becoming more frantic as she describes herself between moans. Using my own words to describe herself, my little robot girlfriend. “I can hardly believe I’m not in pain with as much sex as I’ve had with you two love machines. With …uuhhnn … oh fuck! … with how much cum I’ve expelled within you both.” I said, grunting hard.

I reached around with one hand and began to gently massage at her clit as I continued to pound away at her backside. Her body shivers as I vigorously rub at her sensitive spot. “Oohhh baby! The way … aaahhh … you make me feel.” Adalynn cooed.

I push deep into her as she pushes back to meet each of my hard thrusts. We pound and thrust against each other for a few minutes with each of us moaning and grunting. Adalynn begins to stiffen up, flexing her arms and arching her back, really pushing back on me. She cries out, her body shuddering and shaking as a powerful orgasm overcomes her body. “OHHH MIKE!! OOHHHH … I’M GOING TO CUM! FUCK . FUCK . FUCK . FUCK . YES YES YES!! OH FUCK. FUCCKK!!!” I hold her hips tightly as I push us hard against the glass shower wall. My cock is so hard and stiff within the folds of her dripping sex as we both savor the moment. Both of us, drenched in a continuous shower of hot water, I feel myself building again, closer and closer.

Adalynn turns her head back to look at me as she wiggles and twerks her ass before finally releasing her hold on my rod. “Oh, Mike!”

I moan in disappointment, my release having built up, now put on hold. Adalynn slowly turns around to face me, then kisses me. Her tongue wildly probes my mouth as her hands rake across my chest and lower abdomen.

We continue to kiss and grope at each other for several more seconds before Adalynn reaches down, taking hold of my still stiff member. “Let’s get dried off and onto the bed. I want you to finish off there, with you on top of me. It’s your turn to explode and release your hot cum inside my pussy.” She said in a husky voice.

I gave her another questioning look but decided against saying anything else as I nod back in the affirmative. I was really enjoying this wild romp together. It was so unlike any previous encounter with her and I silently wondered if she would get as intensely horny as Celeste so often is. I may have to use the “ecstasy” sub-command phrase more often.

Once we had both quickly toweled off and exited the shower Adalynn sprang up onto the bed, flopping onto her back, spreading her legs slowly apart as I watched. “Take me, Mike, I am all yours.” She said softly.

Reaching down with one hand, and taking the beautiful lips of her glistening android pussy between her fingers, Adalynn commenced rubbing them in a circular motion, while looking me straight in the eye, “I want you to taste me first before you fuck me again. Taste my sweet synthetic juices Mike, and make me quiver.”

Not wanting to disappoint her I fall onto the bed between her legs, diving right in. Kissing and nibbling on her outer lips and then using my whole tongue to lick slowly up and down her smooth synthetic pussy. “Mmmmmm, oh yes, taste my sweet nectar, Mike. Oooooohh, uh huh, uh huh, oh yeah!” She moans, sounding so very happy.

After another minute of me eating her out, she eventually grabs my head, balling her fingers with clumps of my hair and holding me firmly between her legs. I continue to work my tongue across her dripping sex as she holds my head up against her pussy. “I’m anxious for my new android body, Mike, to see if you’ll notice a difference between the two. The difference between me now, and the new me later. Oohhh…yeah!…OOHHH! Damn, I’ve taught you well. Ahh Ahh ahhh uh huh, yeah. Eat me good. So good, Oohh, eat my pussy my master.” Adalynn cried out. Almost demanding.

I switch to using just the tip of my tongue to circle her sweet clit. Every once and a while I would quickly pause and pull away so she could feel my hot breath on her synthetic folds. I don’t let this go on for long, teasing her this way. Except she seems to really enjoy it as she writhes beneath me. I make a mental note to use this tactic the next time I’m having sex with Celeste. Adalynn grabs my head firmly, pulling me in even closer and I push my willing tongue against her clit, pushing even deeper, tasting the sweetness of her artificial juices.

“Aahhhh!!! You are such a tease, Mike, it’s driving me crazy, oh fuck it feels so good!” she says. “I feel so energized, I want you more and more with every moment we spend together, with every flick and lick of your tongue. Every sensory response builds upon the previous and my want for you increases. My need for … uuhhnn … for you, oh I need you to fuck me soon.”

As I lick her clit, I gently insert one finger and begin to massage her synthetic G spot. I can easily feel how swollen it has become. Another aspect of just how real and human she appears outwardly from her internal android mechanics. She was designed to be indistinguishable from a real human female. They made her almost too perfect.

Pausing for a moment I look up at her, across her abdomen and over her beautiful buxom breasts. “I’ve been told you’ll notice the difference between the two models just in your sensor array. I’m looking forward to your new body as well, babe.”

Leaning back down between her thighs I re-engage, my tongue and finger working her over, she begins to squirm and writhe around on the bed. Her hips rocked back and forth against my fingers and tongue. Her artificial G spot is full of sensors, all sending pleasurable data back to her several processors. Her breath quickens and becomes more jagged. Eventually, she closes her eyes and draws in a big breath. I have to hold my breath as Adalynn begins to shake with her legs firmly clamped around my head as she rolls her body from side to side, her orgasm nearly overwhelming her. “Aahhhh….yes..yes..yes..YES!!! Oh .. OH UH HUH! Oh..ohh..ohh.. ohhh ffuucckkk.. so .. so good! SO .. AAHHHH… FUCKING .. GOOD!!”

Unlike our first time together when I ate her out and tasted her sweet juices, she continues to hang onto my head but relaxes her hold somewhat while keeping me between her legs as another orgasm courses through her body. “Oh, … another … aaahhh … I’m gonna cum again! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes, YES! Oh hell yes!” She cried out thrashing on the bed before going totally still.

Adalynn’s pussy convulses and grips my finger tightly, as she begins oozing her sweet pussy juices all over my hand and down her ass. “Mike! Each time you … ooohhhhmmmm … you make me cummmm… oh fuck me… ohh.. it’s more intense than the previous one.” She moans in delight, finally releasing my head from her grip and spreading her legs apart.

“I know. I’m really, really liking it.” I say as I wiggle my fingers around the walls of her hole. Not telling her the truth just yet about what I’ve done to her, using a command phrase.

Pulling my soaked fingers out I crawl up onto the bed and between her legs. The look on her face of wanton need and lust continued to linger. Knowing that she needs to feel me inside her, to fuck her hard and vigorously, I myself am so ready to pound away at her as rough as I can just to satisfy us both.

Chapter 33

After a rousing fifteen-minute hard fuck session I collapsed onto the bed beside Adalynn who nestles up close beside me. Her fingers traced random patterns across my chest, neck, and, cheek. “Mike, you sneaky tease. You used a command phrase on me, didn’t you?” She whispered in my ear.

Turning my head to look at her I let out a soft laugh, “I did, yes. When did you figure it out?” “Only a few seconds ago when a certain number of sexual program parameters reset back to their lower base settings.” She softly said, with no hint of regret or accusation.

We both were silent for a few moments. “You did appear to enjoy it rather immensely. How do you feel about me using some of the command phrases like that?” I asked, truly wondering what her answer would be.

Adalynn’s right hand stops as she holds my chin with her left, pointing my head directly at hers. “I'm happy in the fact that you’re seeing me as I am. Both as a person and as a machine. And, I’m more than satisfied that you are curious to explore some of their many uses andapplications. In utilizing that command with me I am definitely sexually satisfied. If I were human, I might say that using specific command phrases helps to provide adequate pleasure which also fulfills my primary purpose and programming.”

“I am coming to terms with that very aspect, that you find pleasure in fulfilling my needs,” I tell her. I take a deep breath and reach for her hand. I kiss her fingers tenderly. “I also wanted to see you would act as sexually aggressive as Celeste.”

Adalynn let out a soft laugh, “Oh I bet I was. Do you want me to be that way more often?” She asked.

Adalynn, I love you the way that you are, although I will admit in using the command phrase you were hot. Which brings me to an observation I’ve made.” She looks to our hands and then back to my eyes. “What’s that, Mike?”

Taking a deep breath I try to choose my next words carefully. “It’s Celeste. As wonderful and sexy and youthful and spunky, and energetic, and everything that makes her all she is.” I pause, taking several deep breaths. “What I’m trying to say is that I don’t know that I have what it takes to build a relationship with you both simultaneously,” I say reluctantly.

“What do you mean? Tell me more, please so that I may better understand your concerns.” Adalynn asked me softly. Giving her hand another gentle squeeze I continued. “Simply put, intimately and sexually I feel that I will fall short and burn out eventually. Between the two of you and your insatiable desire for sexual pleasure, mostly Celeste’s insatiable sexual needs, I just don’t know if I’ll ever build up enough long term stamina in order to keep up with you both. Celeste’s energy levels which are through the roof, she’s great, and I love who she is, she’s like the energizer bunny using jet fuel. Always five hundred percent and never a calm sensual moment if that makes sense. Please don’t get me wrong. Together you’re not something that I’m habitually used to,” I said somberly.

Adalynn adjusts herself and props her head up with her arm. A slow, yet warm smile creeps across her face, “Hmmm…you can make adjustments to her or my settings you know? I would be happy to show how and I am ok with that. Frankly speaking, Celeste would be perfectly fine with you tweaking her personality and energy settings if that’s what it takes to make you feel more at ease.” Adalynn says, squeezing my hand again.

“Mike, you’ve got to remember that we are not the type of women that will take offense to you needing to make a change. Especially if it needs to be a change to one of us. Celeste and I are here for you as much as you are for us. If you feel you need to make changes to my settings as well to help adjust for a time you can do that too. It is alright for you to make those changes with us.” My eyes went wide with surprise at her suggestions, not having fully realized the bigger picture or options available to me.

“As I said earlier Adalynn. I do not want to change anything about you. I love you as you are.”

Adalynn rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief. “But you already did, Mike. When you used the command phrase with me earlier. You altered my personality for a short time, it’s no different. Perhaps I’m to blame for some of this with my quest to find a suitable owner. My human emulation software has been pushed beyond its original peramters in my attempt to find you. As you’ve stated, I fooled you into thinking I was human. Which has been good and bad I’m afraid.” Adalynn corrected me sternly.

I bring my arms up, placing them under my head and take another deep breath. “You’re right, you’re right. I did use the command to temporarily change your settings, and yes, let’s say I was blinded by your beauty and not your programming.” I laughed.

Pausing to contemplate what this would mean. “You would be ok with me making a few changes to Celeste then? She would be ok with it really?”

Adalynn leans over me, our eyes locking onto one another. “I chose you, Mike, in hopes that you would choose me, remember? First and foremost I chose you. You reciprocated by pressing the button on my ear. You, meaning .. that you have full autonomy and control of your life. Yes yes yes you adorable man. Yes to making the changes.” She placed her hand across my chest.

“Celeste is amazing and all those things as you described and more! Nicholas built, designed and programmed her to practically be my sister and I adore her. But I adore you more, Mike. I am not human as I have to continually remind you. I am a machine, an android, your robot girlfriend, we both are. Celeste wants what’s best for you as well. If our roles were reversed and Celeste was who you had your initial contact with Friday, you’d be having this same conversation with her. Like for like, Celeste and I would both agree and tell you to make any changes you feel are necessary in order to remove the stress and anxiety that you’re feeling now. Your well-being is paramount in all circumstances for both of us. You tend to overthink and over analyze you dummy! Don’t be a dummy.” Adalynn says poking her finger in my chest over my heart while smiling.

“The wonderful thing about making any changes to either Celeste or myself is that they can be undone and fully reversible later.” She further explained.

Adalynn’s voice wasn’t raised as she explained her point and neither did she appear overly dramatic in body language. She was trying hard to help me see and understand my place in our relationship. I was the owner and master. The master of the house and of the two of them. She again pointed out that my needs were first and foremost.

“Damn! Sometimes I let my brain work too hard trying to find the solution to a problem when the solution literally stares me directly in the face. Or in this instance, as you’ve explained and outlined it for me.” I sighed, then leaned over to kiss her lips. Adalynn wrapped her arm around me, pulling me in close for a tender embrace and she held me there for nearly a minute. Skin to skin, chest to busty chest. My thoughts began to slow as I realized that she once again felt the need to help me relax by releasing a cocktail of pheromones.

Pushing back away I looked at the ceiling again. “Thanks for that, the pheromones I mean.” Adalynn leans in and plants a kiss along my shoulder. “Mmmm, you’re so welcome, lover. Please don’t stress about all of this, Mike.”

I turn my head to look at her again. “You’re serious about allowing me to make changes to Celeste’s personality and yours if I want to?” I ask one final time, still in awe of her previous statements and answers. “Yes!,” Adalynn says quietly.

I consider her words and my thoughts about all of this and towards Celeste. Maybe I shouldn’t alter anything at all. Leaving her precisely as she is. Then again, tweaking Celeste’s sex drive and some of her personality settings might be good and exactly what I need. Temporarily that is.

Chapter 34

After cuddling in bed for nearly an hour or so I had to get up and move. My anxieties about being too lazy were surfacing again. Adalynn and I showered together without the sex this time, although there was some mutual touching and fondling of each other’s bodies.

While we showered I had asked Adalynn if there was a way to see Celeste’s personality and sexual settings from the computer in the den and if so, would she be willing to show me once we were both dressed.

Her response was positive and again she used the word lover in addressing me. A word that I was becoming much more comfortable with than that of master. She also informed me that I had caused a small malfunction to occur when I’d paused Celeste ealier but that she had been able to resolve it herself and that she was operating normally once again.

As we both rounded the corner to the den I stopped and turned to Adalynn, “Once you’ve shown me and explained how Celeste’s settings work, I’d like you to take the thumb drive Meng Li gave me and place it in your server so we can install the updated protocol during your next backup cycle, and then tomorrow we can swap it over to Celeste’s.”

“Yes of course, Mike. I will also show you how, and where to access my system settings so if you ever feel the need to make changes to me you'll be familiar with where those can be found.” Adalynn stated lovingly as she squeezed my hand, continuing to reassure me.

Looking over her shoulder as she sat at the computer I watched intently as she explained in slow and easy steps on where to find all of Celeste’s primary and secondary personality and sexual settings. Adalynn also pointed out how to access her settings by using the sub-folder directory which she attached a shortcut on the desktop screen for the both of them.

Switching places Adalynn now stood beside me as I sat in the chair at the desk. Feeling a little overwhelmed by how many slide bars and different character options there were, I glanced up at Adalynn. “Good grief there’s a lot of possibilities here, if someone didn’t know what they were doing I’d think you could really screw up and cause a short or glitch or serious malfunction within you or Celeste.” Nodding her head slightly, “Yes and no. Go ahead and make a drastic change to Celeste. The software will ask you three times if you are sure about your decision and provide an explanation if that parameter will conflict with another or multiple settings.” She tells me.

Looking back to the screen I move through the many options until I come to speech speed. Taking the mouse I move the slider all the way to maximum. Then moving to speech tone I move it to low and click confirm changes. A box appears stating: ‘Warning, conflicting settings in speech synthesis. Verbal communications may be distorted significantly at these levels. Are you sure you want to proceed?’

“See, you can’t make a mistake unless you intentionally want to. The software will also ask you if you want to save previous settings at the end so that you can reverse the changes if needed in the future.” Adalynn tells me.

Releasing a sigh, I nod at her. “Apparently your programmers have thought this through. A pretty robust software package. It’s pretty intuitive and easier than I’d expected.” I say.

“Indeed. Mike, why don’t you go ahead and make whatever changes you feel are necessary to Celeste or me and I’ll go and place the thumb drive in my server and check in with Celeste. I trust your decisions, Mike.” Adalynn said, rubbing my shoulders for a moment then she turned to walk out of the room.

Rolling my eyes and questioning myself I switched to Celeste’s sexual settings tab as this was the area where I felt I wanted to make some changes. The parameter options were: Overall arousal status, sexual gender preferences, sexual aggressiveness, sexual energy appearance, dominance, submissiveness, nipples, vocalizations, profanity usage, physical sensitivity, orgasm cycle interval, oral desire, anal desire, vaginal desire, fetish desire, vaginal lubrication, oral lubrication, anal lubrication, physical movements, and flexibility. Thinking back to when both Adalynn and Celeste had asked me if I wanted to make any changes to their sexual parameters that must fall under “sexual aggressiveness”. I moved the slide from a moderate 70% to a low 40% thinking that should help lower her appetite. I next moved to the dominance bar and lowered it to medium 50%, then to the submissiveness slider and raised it to medium 50%. Going back to her sexual energy appearance I moved the slider from 80% down to a happy 70% and sighed. Hoping to balance out things in that realm. I clicked through a few remaining parameters stopping on vocalizations and raised that setting to 75% from 70%.

Celeste’s orgasm cycle I lowered to a less frequent interval with a slow gradual buildup. Once I had confirmed my changes and verified that there were no conflicts I saved her previous settings in a new folder that I could easily find in the future. All of these changes to her personality would take effect with her next reboot cycle.

Moving back to her general character and personality settings I made a few minor changes to her overall cheerfulness, raising that one by only 5%. Moving on to Celeste’s domestic duties, curiosity, and intellect, I elevated all of them by at least 10%. Feeling content with those changes, I again clicked to confirm the new changes and parameters. Once I’d made sure that I had saved her previous settings and closed out of her behavioral access page, I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes for a minute, listening to the silence.

Adalynn re-entered the room and came to stand by my side again. “I’ve placed the thumb drive in my server so tonight after we’re asleep I’ll perform a reboot and automatically update.”

Pushing the chair back from the desk and standing up I turned to face Adalynn. “I’m having second thoughts about Celeste and the changes I’ve made to her personality. Thankfully, you informed me that they’re reversible.” I confessed. “Mike, I think you’ll be surprised by your changes. They won’t be outwardly drastic, only subtle. You’ll see.” Adalynn paused, watching me. “We’ll ask her do a reboot for the changes to take effect and you’ll see. She’ll still be Celeste, just a little more mellow.” She said enthusiastically.

After asking Celeste to meet us upstairs in the living room, we explained the situation to her. To my surprise Celeste was completely agreeable and reiterated what Adalynn had told me regarding my welfare. We all sat down and waited, me in the recliner and Adalynn next to Celeste on the sofa.

I leaned forward, facing Celeste while Adalynn sat patiently beside her. I took note that when either one of them reboots after making changes or a software patch, there are no verbal indicators. The room was silent as we both waited.

Two minutes seemed like twenty as we both sat there watching Celeste. Her eye color changed from the normal sky blue color to an amber color and then flashed twice before turning back to her natural blue. She blinked a few times then smiled, taking in a deep breath as if appearing to wake up from a long nap. Celeste darted her eyes back and forth between me and Adalynn. “Well, that’s a new experience for me!” She exclaimed.

Glancing between the two of them I asked my question. “What do you mean, new?”

Celeste smiled at me, “I mean that your changes don’t make me feel any different and yet I have acknowledged some moderate adjustments to my character and behavior matrix. Essentially I’m still me, Mike. I feel like me.”

Taking a deep breath I slapped my knees and began to stand. “You’re welcome. I’m just glad it’s back to the three of us once again.” I told her as I reached down, taking hold of both her hands and pulling her up and off the couch. Celeste stood but continued to look directly at Adalynn, confused.

Adalynn was obviously keen to clue in to Celeste’s confusion, especially if she was receiving multiple pings from her. “Mike asked that I not open my wireless link to you so that he could explain the situation to you rather than me. That is why your repeated requests have gone unanswered.” Adalynn abruptly explained as she too stood and faced Celeste.

A wave of relief washed over Celeste’s face as she listened to Adalynn. “Oh, that makes so much more sense now. I couldn’t decipher why you weren’t answering me back and I thought maybe there was something wrong with me.”

“No, Celeste. There is nothing wrong with you. I felt it important that you hear the explanation from me rather than from Adalynn as the delay to restart you both was my decision.”

Celeste bowed her head slightly and nodded at me. “Thank you, Mike.”

Stepping up to the both of them and placing a hand on each of their shoulders, “Ladies! Tomorrow’s another big day, but today.” I paused, looking at each of them. “Today, I think we should take advantage of some well deserved time alone and take a trip into the city and have some fun together. Maybe some shopping, stop by my apartment for a few more things, I know of a really cool indoor miniature golf and family fun center. And a nice meal all together at a restaurant of my choosing. What do you both say to that?” I asked with enthusiasm. I also wanted to hear what Celeste’s response would be.

Adalynn looked at Celeste and then to me, “I’m on board, count me in for sure.”

Celeste looked down at the floor for a moment before glancing back up at me. Then without hesitation, she bounced on her feet and clapped her hands excitedly. “YES! Oh yes, Mike! I can’t wait to see and experience everything I can while we’re out.”

In the back of my mind, I let out a sigh of relief noticing that there was no hint or innuendo of any sexual need from Celeste regarding our trip and also that she did seem a bit more reserved which was welcomed for now. I felt relieved that she was still the same Celeste, only dialed down a notch or two. Things would work out and I would be fine. Adalynn would be my advising angel in my learning curve to adapt to my new life as a friend and companion to two very beautiful and sexy android companions. Now it was time to relax and have some fun, enjoy the day, and just roll with whatever comes next.

The End of Volume One

Coming in 2023 “The Prototype”

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