An Unexpected Modification

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Sometimes, not only paranoids think someone's out to get them. Jacob Aster had the same problem, but without the insanity. Or did he?

"Get your finger out of my eye," Isabella said, recoiling slightly. She pushed the small port back into place, as the artificial skin closed around it.

"Sorry, 'bella," Jacob, her owner said. "I noticed your lachrymals were depleted. I hate to see you cry, but they needed replenishing." She didn't need to know about the latest modification to her programming. Or how much it cost.

She nodded silently, her flawless skin almost glowing with happiness. Her eyes shifted to green, as she modified herself to please her human master. Her hair lengthened, full symmetrical breasts expanded tightly against her dress, and her ass rounded deliciously as she settled into place.

"How about the boobs; too over the top?" she asked playfully, swelling them even larger.

"You're teasing me again," he accused, as she grinned.

"Of course, my robo-pimp," she said.

"That's RJ, Isabella. I'm not a 'robo-pimp.' Robot Jockey. Where'd you hear that, anyway?"

"One of the customers at the last show," she replied, "He wasn't as pleasing as you." Stroking his cheek, she watched in satisfaction as her subroutines noted his response, and cataloged it with the thousands of other points of data that made her 'perfect' for him.

"Well, don't go and get a complex about it. Sometimes sex brings out the worst in people. You're my girl," he added, as he took her hand. It did bother him; things were changing, and not for the better.

Robot Jockeys were the century's answer to entertainments of the past. The first androids had come out only a couple of decades ago, and the technology was still in the sweet spot where engineers designed for hobbyists, or 'shade tree programmers', to modify and enhance the capabilities of the latest models. Jacob was one of the better ones, who bought, sold, and wrote his own routines for his charge, Isabella.

He'd just finished the latest mod, a 'judgment' mod that allowed for 'bending' the three laws, as opposed to being rigidly followed. It seemed to make her a little more playful, a little more...human. Outsiders had a name for it; Galatea Syndrome, after the Greek statue maker. Well, so be it.

The cost...that was the problem. The newest models coming out from various companies were locked down, less changeable. Sadly, most people couldn't tell the difference, and that was cutting into their bottom line. They'd toured in any manner of clubs, parties, and even universities, but with the latest recession, money was becoming hard to come by. If they didn't make a profit on tonights' show...

There was a knock on the door, which drew his attention to his surroundings, primarily for escape routes. A back dressing room in a 'roboclub ', they were the headliners for the evening's entertainment. Fulfilling fantasies for money...well, maybe he was a robo-pimp, but he squinted against the mirror with its too-bright framing of his tired eyes and the contrast of his pleasurebot.

"Come in," he got out, and the door opened, to reveal a woman, with a male pleasurebot behind her. Something about her seemed familiar, but he put it aside as he remembered his manners, and rose to face her. At least she wasn't from collections.

"You Jacob?" she asked, taking in the man and his android. Her nostrils flared momentarily, and her eyes squinted with a touch of anger. Oh boy, another one of those women, but then, she had a male android, didn't she? Well, no reason not to be polite. She was in the business.

"Yeah. You're the opening act?"

"Well, Max is. This place is a little on the sleazy side, I just wanted to see who was following us." She introduced her own 'droid, as Isabella looked him over.

"And you are?"

She held out a hand to shake. "Millie, Millie Enium is my stage name. Max here is the male equivalent of your Isabella. Max?"

Max and Isabella looked at each other, a momentary flash of eyes shone as they established communications. While the humans stood in front of each other, they became acquainted, shared data, and set up a permanent connection unknown to their owners. Robot time was a hundred times faster than human, so they could engage in long conversations while their masters were still forming their next syllable.

A pleasure, Isabella.

Mine as well. I predict we will be working together soon.

Noted, and in accord. Our masters appear compatible. It should be helpful.

She raised an eyebrow a tiny fraction of an inch. Perhaps...I note symptoms of jealousy in your master. You are being addressed...

"Max? Are you functioning correctly?" Millie looked at him, curious as to his lack of conversation.

"I am functioning perfectly, Millie. There is some wear to the left hip joint, which will require machining or replacement in two thousand hours, give or take..."

"Shush. Access your emotional subroutines. Do you find Isabella attractive?"

"Accessing. . . Her parameters are optimal, her shape is pleasing. Do you wish me to have sex with her?"

Jacob's jaw dropped, as he saw the preparations Max was making, especially below the belt. "What brought that on?" he asked.

"Well, the owner is in tonight, and they want something new. Its ladies night tonight and they're usually a bit shy at first. He wants to know if the two of them can go at it onstage, to get the..." she blushed faintly, "juices flowing."

"Ok..but we may have to raise our fee," he frowned, thinking it over.”You'll have to adjust your responses, 'bella, he'll be different than normal humans."

She dimpled prettily. "In the factory, I was adjusted and tested by a Mark III. Not as advanced as Max," she looked downward, "but I'm topped off, and it would be pleasing. I will have sex with you, Max, as requested. When do we begin?"

Millie consulted her interface. "About ten minutes. The things I do for a paycheck..."

"Tell me about it. I don't think this recession is ever going to end." A lot of people found themselves doing things they'd never wanted to, just to keep food on the table.

The intercom turned on, and a rasping, middle-aged voice told them it was time to get on stage. Shutting the cheap, hollow door behind them, they made their way up the linoleum-covered hallway to backstage, where the crowd was already stomping in time to some mid-century music.

Jacob leaned over to whisper in Isabella's ear. "Plain Jane," he ordered, and she nodded.

Her hair shortened until it became shoulder-length. Breasts shrank, until they were only a respectful b-cup, while her features smoothed and evened until the smoldering sex-goddess looked fairly similar to the women up front.

"What was that all about?" Millie asked him.

"Can you see yourself as her original appearance? We want the women to identify with Isabella, not feel threatened or intimidated. I've found this works pretty well with the ladies."

She tilted her head, looking at him appraisingly. "Smart. You're no amateur at this. However..." she trailed off, and whispered something to Max.

His muscles became more cut, more prominent. His height was already over six feet, but his shoulders widened slightly. The lump in his pants lengthened, thickened, and strained against the zipper, as the two androids went out to applause and catcalls.

"It always amazes me how horny women can be when there's no men around."

She looked over, a quirky grin on her face. "Well, some guys can get scared of it. Now watch an expert at work." Smirking at the put-down, they entered to control room.

He sat down in the control booth behind the curtains, monitoring her readouts, as Millie watched Max's. Isabella came up to Max, shy, and uncertain. Max looked down at her eyes, and touched her face, as she leaned into it. They smiled, and the room grew silent as he wrapped his arms around her, bringing her lips up to his, for a kiss that seemed to go on for days.

She squirmed against him, arms wrapping him in turn, as they started to move against each other. His hands drifted down her back, to fondle her ass, as she fondled him in turn. He broke the kiss, looking down at her, and began to slowly undress her, undoing the buttons of her dress one by one. She started taking his shirt off, revealing a thick, muscular chest that got a few sighs and gasps from the audience.

She drew back, as her own dress fell to the floor. Standing in bra and panties, she arched her back towards him, thrusting her breasts forward. He lightly ran his fingers over the thin fabric, causing her to shudder. With a quick flip, he undid the bra, which dropped to the stage, as she covered herself. Smiling, he pulled her hands aside, and lowered his tongue over her nipples, and turned her so that the audience could see her nipples stand proudly under his mouth.

Millie sighed, as she directed Max to seduce the other's android. Jacob chuckled, as he watched her gently give way to her obvious cravings. She was set to respond as if for the first time. If they could see what she was like when she really got going, it would probably cause a stampede.

On stage, Isabella held Max's head on her breasts as she threw her head back in pleasure. A low hum of conversation and suggestions was picked up by her auditory circuits, granting some requests, delaying others. 'Working' the audience, fulfilling their desires, was what she was modified to do, and she knew Max was the same. Before the crowd could get too restless, she motioned him to stand up, as she dropped to her knees.

The women in the audience leaned forward as the couple began to undress each others. He hooked her panties, and slid them down over her long legs, while she stepped out of them, undoing his belt, sliding down his zipper, and revealing the briefs that barely contained what the women had come to see. She rubbed a hand hesitantly over the huge bulge, as the suggestions became louder. It seemed an eternity to the audience as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband, and lowered them over his well-developed thighs, to the appreciation of the onlookers. The thick slab of meat bobbed slightly as it was freed from its prison, and the room filled with applause as she gazed at it, seemingly in wonder.

Opening her mouth, she gently kissed the head, then licked slowly up the shaft as the audience sighed. It rose before her, as she took in a few inches, hearing Jacob broadcast to her. "Don't take the whole thing. Keep it believable. You're a virgin, doing this for the first time." Glancing over at him, she stuck out her tongue, and resumed her work.

Dozens of pairs of eyes watched as it rose, pointing higher and higher, getting longer and harder. The buzz in the tables offstage was louder, the suggestions becoming more detailed, more insistent. She fondled the two large balls, licking them as Max shuddered himself, his hands gently holding the back of her head. She took about half in, although she could deep-throat him if she wished.

His lubrication started, and she recognized it as a chocolate-based flavor, which let her know what was in store from him. She pulled back, letting the liquid glisten in the stage lights, while a few sighs and groans let her know how much the audience appreciated it. She looked up at Max questioningly, seeing him nod, and pull her up against him.

Spreading her legs, she grabbed the hard shaft, positioning it at the entrance to her lips. By now, catcalls and whistling ordered her to take the whole thing, and she moaned herself as she felt him enter her, filling her more than most humans could. She felt him hesitate for a millisecond, then resume slightly smaller, as she realized Millie had backed him off. Since she could accept cocks that would rupture most women, she wasn't concerned, but the women in the audience were rapt with attention, wishing they could take him for their own pleasure.

She moved against him, moaning and gasping, saying dirty things that only led to more frustration by the watchers in the darkness. The slick sound of making love filled the room, a rhythmic merging of flesh on flesh, causing a few women to surreptitiously start playing with themselves, unseen by the others.

"Oh, fuck that hot pussy," she begged, "I need it." He worked a seemingly random pace, knowing that if they actually synced, it would come off as too mechanical. Of course, there were some women who preferred it that way, but the greatest pleasure for the greatest number...

The women started making comments, observing her hands as they held on for dear life against his clenched buttocks, pulling him ever deeper inside. Others watched him for a sign of his own climax, idly fingering themselves if they thought no one was looking. A slow chant of 'fuck her, fuck her' started, until Isabella matched her own movements to the cry.

She signaled Max that she was about to climax, and he readied himself. With an animalistic bellow, he plunged deep inside, his balls drawn tight against his body, as she wailed in reply, shaking up and down on the thick rod. A thin rope of semen leaked out of the cleft between her thighs, dripping down to the stage, as they came together.

Whooping and cheering, the women came up to the stage, wanting to touch, or even taste the erotic scene in front of them. A few bouncers held the women back, getting fondled themselves as passionate hands groped for something to satisfy. Jacob kept an eye on the crowd in front of them, watching for anyone with ulterior designs. He'd had several people offer him obscene amounts of money to enjoy obscene possession of Isabella, but she was his, and that was the way it would stay. Then again, he owed obscene amounts of money for the latest mods.

"Good for you too?" Millie laughed next to him.

He mock-fanned himself. "Told you the more real it looks, the better it goes. They work well together, don't they?"

She gave him the odd glance again. "Yes, they do. Well, I've got to get Max reloaded, I think he went overboard on the boy-stuff. There's an intermission, then your fembot is up."

She got up, brushing her body against him slightly, not enough to convey anything, but enough to be noticed. He watched her swaying back down the hall to her room, followed by Max, carrying his bundle of clothes. The women were crowing for an encore, which would be any moment now. The door to the street opened, as the men were finally admitted, two groups suddenly with one thing on their mind.

Isabella sat next to him, pulling her dress over her head. "That was a change of pace, master. More stimulating than I expected."

"Oh, what was really going on up there?" he joked.

"Max was correlating data from the university, while I played the stock market. We made a 20,000 new-buck profit, before my climax."

"Sometimes I never know when you're joking," he said. If only, robots were forbidden to buy stocks, but...

She tilted her head, smiling back. "The autonomous routines take only one percent of our cognitive powers, so we have ample opportunities to process data. It seems a waste to wait for feedback and do nothing in the interim."

"So you weren't bored?"

She looked down. "Ah, as in drilling. Yes, I was thoroughly bored."

He rolled his eyes. "No, bored as in 'I could be doing something else'"

She looked confused. "But I was; I was pleasing multiple humans. I was multitasking, as opposed to time-division multiplexing, which is what humans actually do..."

He waved his hands in surrender. "I give up. Sometimes I wonder if you're happy."

She finished buttoning her dress. "I am pleased to please humans, master. And it pleases me to please you, though more than the others."

He stood up, watching Max heading back towards stage. Swatting her on the ass, he motioned to their dressing room. "We need to get you prepped for the next show. Something exotic...I'm thinking 'gypsies'..." the door shut behind them, as the women howled their own pleasure at seeing Max again.

In back of the crowd, two men watched in silence. Powerfully built, older, and unsmiling, they glanced at each other. The robots would do.

By the time Jacob had everything reset, Isabella was framed in a long dress, corset, and straining bodice. Her eyes were a bewitching hazel, and her formerly-blond locks were now a thick raven-colored black, wavy and beguiling. Her 'makeup' was set, and her lips framed in a crimson lipstick. Her movements were precise without being mechanical, yet controlled in a way that wasn't human. Her breasts were double their former size, and despite the yards of lace, still jiggled when she walked. She was a statue of sex and mystery, and her owner looked on approvingly.

"You look good enough to eat," he said, as he tightened a last belt buckle. "I wonder about Max, is he done yet?"

"Max is being fellated by one of the fans. He is on his fifth orgasm of the evening. He says she is stimulating and inventive."

"Lucky guy."

"I could do the same for you. He is passing parameters to me now. I could duplicate her actions to within .003%."

"In real time?" he scratched his head, considering the implications. A blow job by proxy? Kinky, may have to remember that.

"I could satisfy multiple partners, if necessary. Using various elbows and knees, I could pleasure approximately..."

"That's quite all right. I am a bit horny, after watching the two of you. Maybe..." he looked furtively around, "if you could make it quick, a BJ?"

She leaned forward, moving her hands at tremendous speed. "Correlating your responses and his, I predict that you will climax in..."

"Don't predict, 'bella. Just do. Part of the fun is not knowing."

Away from the eyes of the crowd, Isabella could use all of her skills to make him come. Deep throating was only a preliminary, her tongue had been augmented to reach places most people couldn't. Recalling his responses to her actions, she quickly started bobbing her head, wetly running his cock in and out, not biting or scratching it anywhere, just leaving a warm, wet, buttery feeling of her mouth stimulating him far better than any human could.

Tapping into his interface, she called up a seldom-used subroutine, and tied into his pleasure center, and the nerves of his shaft and balls. Now she could manipulate his orgasm, getting immediate feedback into what made him come. Snaking a finger into his anus, she massaged his prostate, generating even more thick semen to explode into her mouth when he was ready.

Jacob knew he shouldn't allow this, but the little head was making all the decisions now. She knew what he wanted, and she knew exactly how to make it happen. Her head bobbed back and forth as she hummed, tongue darting and gliding around and over him, coaxing him to lose control, and fill her mouth. Panting filled the air, as he willed the door to be locked. There was no way to know, but it added to the excitement.

"Oh fuck, you can sure give good head," he moaned, as she worked him. His knees felt weak, and he had to hold himself up from her sexual onslaught.

"Mmm hmmm," was all she said in reply. She could feel him hardening even more, and she adjusted her mouth to take him to the balls with her throat. She didn't have a gag reflex, a human failing, but sometimes she pretended, just to connect more closely to him. She felt the first stirrings of a stupendous blast of come getting ready to fill her mouth, and closed her eyes in feigned concentration.

"Oh shit, Isabella, you're so good, I'm gonna...oh fuck, here it comes," he warned, as she sensed his balls letting go, the shaft thickening, and the warm seed filling her mouth. She groaned as she held him tight, getting every drop of his precious offering to her. She was the one who had made him come, she caused him to lose control, to be totally interfaced with her, and the satisfaction of giving him a mind-blowing climax filled her own pleasure centers. She made a few observations, and filed the experience away for further refinements. A human would learn from repeated blow jobs; she made a point of doing the same.

She pulled away from his shaft, cleaning it as it exited, and showed him his own ejaculation, before noisily swallowing it. Licking her lips, she looked up at him, adjusting his shrinking member back inside his pants. "Fifteen cc, a standard deviation in excess of standard human ejaculation."

He sank back, exhausted. "I'm glad you approve, but scientific observations are not the way to do something so wonderful."

"Please explain."

He leaned forward, head propped on his hand, just like 'the thinker'. "Isabella, to do something like that requires passion. Science is all about a lack of passion. Sex is about the passion, experience; science is about an explanation. Maybe something more like 'wow, you came a lot'?"

"Noted. It appears mastering the art of love is much more subjective than I imagined."

"Well, there's a lot to be said for imagination in bed, too." Sitting up, he checked himself for any signs of still having his brains, and motioned her along. "Time to earn our keep. You ready?"

"I'm always ready. Remember, you made me that way."

As they passed through the door, they saw Millie coming out of their dressing room. She blushed slightly, then he did too, as he realized he might have been too noisy. Max and Isabella got what he called 'that look', and he thought he saw Max smile slightly.

The MC noticed them coming up, and motioned them forward. "You guys gonna take all day?" he admonished.

"This is precision machinery, jack. You want the best, right?"

"You already had the best, your intercom was on."


"I don't know how to thank you," he deadpanned. Millie snickered behind him, wasn't she a bit flushed in the face?

"Get her up there, and doing the tables. Pull out all the stops, get them all paying for it."

He motioned her forward, then sat in the control booth, to monitor her movements, and make sure no one got stupid. Isabella was a good android, but she had some nasty surprises for anyone dumb enough to try to take home souvenirs. No marks, wait for the cleaning cycle, an on to the next.

Sometimes it got to him, not knowing if she was really enjoying herself, or if it was all faked, even with him. Sure, she was smart as a human, but a lot of the niceties still escaped her. Some humor, non-sequiturs, puns, and inferences were learned a few rules at a time. Instinctive reactions had to be learned in a non-instinctual way.

Yet sometimes he forgot she wasn't human, and he even got jealous of the men pawing her, mistreating her, which was crazy. She was just a machine. Never mind she could pass a Turing test with flying colors, most androids could. Still, sometimes he wondered about himself.

He looked over at Millie, wondering about her. Something about her seemed familiar. Had they met before? He couldn't ask her, it would seem like some cheesy pickup line.

She looked up at him, noticing he was watching her. "Yeah?"

"It's nothing," he said.

She leaned up, sitting straight. "No, really. You're giving me the 'have we met' look."

"What makes you think..."

She laughed. "I'm not one of your dollies, pal. I can read people, to an extent." Seeing him turn away, she snickered. "You're wondering if we've met. We have."


"About five years ago. I snuck into a robo-bar, where you and Isabella were working. I made up a trace capture on my interface, then went up during the show and kissed Isabella. All the while you guys were letching on me playing tongue hockey with her, I was downloading routines from your 'bot."

"Why you little shit," he grinned. "What could you possibly want from her for Max?"

Her eyes grew distant. "Well, there's gay robo-clubs. I had a theory, and I can switch his orientation. I make double my money that way."

"I see what you mean. We've done a couple of lesbian clubs, and aside from the occasional woman trying to fit the stereotype, they don't mind me working her there. Though I once had one of them try to break my arm in an arm-wrestling contest."

She grinned. "Always one in every crowd, no matter what the crowd. Look, she's doing two at once at that table back there. One at each end."

He watched the monitor, frowning. "Yeah, there's something I don't like about them. They're getting a little rough." His hand hovered over the bouncer button, then moved off. "She's got them under control."

In the crowd, the bouncers were watching everyone closely. Isabella lay face-down on the table, or as close as possible when sucking one, and being taken from behind by the other. She was writhing next to their drinks, which were sloshing back and forth as the two men worked against each other. Easily accommodating both, she slurped on the cock in her mouth, while squeezing her vaginal servos to stimulate the other. They were getting close, so she scheduled another orgasm to take place as they did.

She felt the man behind her grab her hair, and cruelly pull backwards. She started to protest, until she felt the grip. It was stronger, more focused, more controlled. This man was an android, or had an artificial arm. She sent a message to Jacob, then Max, that she might be in trouble.

Working harder and faster, she pushed them both over the edge, and was rewarded by a three-way cum, absorbing their hot jism as they fell back, spent and compliant. She shook the last of her own spasming aside, and stood up, ready to move to the next one. Turning away, she felt an impossibly-strong arm grab her, and pull her back.

"You're mine, robo-slut," the man said. She tried to move her arm, but he wouldn't budge. She examined his arm, then his body. A prosthetic, attached into the skeletal structure. She could break free, but that would cause fatal damage to the human. She couldn't do that, the three laws prevented her.

"I'm the property of Jacob. You're holding up the show," she said calmly. Behind her, she sensed three bouncers moving into position.

"All right, buddy, you've had your fun," said the largest. "Let the android go, and leave."

"Make me," the man relied, until he felt his companion tap his other arm.

"Bertie, not here, not now."

Carefully letting go, he smiled at Isabella. "This isn't over, robo-slut." Fastening their clothes, they walked out, escorted by two of the bouncers.

Turning back to the crowd, she put on a thousand-watt smile. "Ok, who wants to get lucky?" she shouted. The house cheered, and the party resumed.

Back in the booth, Jacob was standing. "Who was that asshole?" Visions of his bread and butter being seized for non-payment filled his head.

Millie looked at the surveillance, then up at Jacob. "He called the other guy 'Bertie'. That would make him Gus. How many people name their kids 'Albert' nowadays?"

"Gus Alvarado? The android thief? What would he be doing here?" He did some quick surfing, putting in the face from surveillance into a program to identify people from criminal records. It was a match, for both. "This is bad," he said. Collections, yes. Legal, not in the slightest.

"Yeah, they've been hitting bod modders, enhanced androids, and people like us. You know, just a human and their android. Rumor is that he has a cyber-brothel somewhere, charges top prices. The modders get a single offer. If they don't comply, they're never seen alive again."

"So what was he doing at the end with Isabella? She could have broken than hold in any of a dozen ways, and him too. Something’s..." he read further. "He was in the battle for Tehran, lost his arm to an intelligent explosive device. That's an android mod, stronger and faster than a human arm."

Millie put a hand on his shoulder. "Couldn't she deal with that?"

Shaking his head, he turned to her. "No, not without killing him. And you know an android can't kill a human, at least not deliberately."

"What are you going to do?"

He looked at the screens. "Well, they've left for now. Maybe they'll try their luck elsewhere. But I'm going to keep both eyes open tonight when I leave. Once I get my check, there'll be a hole in the air where we were."

"Me too."

On the floor of the club, Isabella was in her element. Pleasing so many humans, triggering a dozen orgasms of her own, this was as close to fun as an android could get. Hard cocks everywhere, filling her mouth, her pussy, and her ass, sometimes all three at once. Thick ropes of jism filled her mouth, and every other opening, she even had five going by doing two simultaneous hand jobs with a double-penetration while blowing the lucky fifth. A human woman would have had a hard time keeping up.

Men would find their fantasies fulfilled; she could adjust to any sort of woman they wanted. Chromo circuits could change her to any race, her hair could be any texture. For the discriminating, she could grow from a flat-chested waif to a cartoonishly-overendowed double-f cup, and even her belly could swell to the size of triplets.

She was laying on her back, looking like she had been impregnated by every man there, as her oversized breasts bounced back and forth from the power of the man fucking her below, while she was sucking another load from a huge shaft filling her mouth. She moaned and cried out as orgasm after orgasm was triggered, loving the feeling of all those powerful appetites being filled.

Occasionally, she would feel a woman's hand caressing her breasts, or a full, sensuous set of lips sucking the fluids from her distended nipples. This was all the more exciting, especially when she felt a man's member and a woman’s' tongue in her at the same time. A couple of the women were fucking their husbands or boyfriends, not really encouraged, but sometimes things just happened that way.

After about an hour, everyone but Isabella lay or sat still, exhausted, or satiated, or even asleep. Sighing in regret, she gathered her dress, and went backstage to see Jacob.

"Have a good night?" he asked.

"The best! I caused thirty-four ejaculations, for a total of..."

Jacob quickly waved a hand at her. "No need for a blow by blow, remember, passion, not science."

She thought for a second, and looked at him. "Yes, it was enjoyable, but with one exception. There is a man out there who has been modded with an android arm."

"We saw that," Millie said. "Are you all right?"

"Thank you, Millie. I am fine, but he was threatening future violence. I think we should be careful leaving tonight."

"Agreed," Jacob muttered, half to himself, "We just need to settle up with the manager, and we can pack it in." Grabbing his things, they went down to the dressing rooms.

The doors were already open, the locks broken. "This isn't good. Isabella, go find the manager, let him know about Gus and Bertie. I think he'll know what we mean." She turned and vanished down the hallway, moving in an impossible-to-match speed of an android.

Pushing the door open with one foot, he saw a crescent wrench sitting next to the door. He reached for it, to be ready for whatever was in there, when the door flew open. A hand grabbed his shirt, and whirled him with teeth-jarring force against the wall. The room went gray for a moment, then he felt cold, metallic fingers holding him by the throat.

"Told you he'd be stupid," Bertie said, as he pulled upwards. Jacob felt his feet leave the ground, as he looked at Gus.

"Well, you guys stumbled right into my place. I usually have to make an offer, but in your case, I'll just skip that part."


"You give me the robot, and I let you live. One of those existential things; what's worth more, a machine, or your life?"

"Why can't I have both?"

"Oh, we got ourselves a comedian here, eh Bertie? Give him the punch line."

Jacob felt his feet hit the floor. The left arm of his opponent blurred, and he felt a sharp shock to his solar plexus. Gasping, he sank to the ground. It felt like someone had switched off his lungs, he was gasping for air that wouldn't come.

"I don't like comedians. Since you won't play ball, you lose the girl, and the life. Oh, we'll be taking the battery-operated boyfriend as well, so you two can go together."

"Right. That was the plan all along."

"Hey, maybe he is smart, Gus"

"Hear that? Bertie likes you. That means you'll die slowly, along with the broad." The broad? What was this guy, a refugee from a gangster flick?

"You still don't have her command codes. If you hurt me, she'll freeze up, become useless."

"Don't need 'em. I have my own guys. A couple of days in the shop, and we'll have her totally compliant. Resistance is futile."

"Why me?"

"Ah, the eternal question. Why you? Because you guys think of things the big corpos don't. That means I can offer things they don't have yet. But they're smart too. In a few years, they'll offer the enhancements, and there goes my competitive advantage. Of course, I'll be onto something new by then, but strike while the iron's hot, I always say."

"Great. One more thing."

"This is getting tedious. What?"

"Why do you speak fluent cliché?"

Gus made a jerking motion with his head, indicating his muscle to grab Jacob and make him disappear. Bertie paused at the threshold, holding the still-gasping robot jockey to face his tormentor.

"Oh, and Jake? Don't think of trying to follow your former robot. I know all the angles. It'll take longer without your help, but with all the bells and whistles on this thing, it's worth my while."

"You can't get away with it, and you know that."

Gus chuckled, motioning to Millie who was being drug in by yet another of the gang. "Take Jake and miss robot-rider to the cooler, and stuff 'em in there. Don't be gentle."

Millie exploded in angry, trying to shake loose.

"What have I done? I don't even know this creep! What do you need with Max, he's just a pleasure bot, only I can control him..." her voice lost its tenor as she was pulled behind Bertie and Jacob into the kitchen area. They switched on the lights, looking at the mess the evening crew had left. Spotting the cooler, Bertie quickly opened it and threw the both of them into the frigid room.

Landing on top of Jacob, Millie squeaked as she landed in his lap, her face just inches from his crotch. Hurriedly backpedalling, she ran back to the door, starting for the handle as it shut in front of her. They could hear laughter as the door shook, tortured screeching following the arc Bertie's arm made as he twisted the latch into scrap metal. Through the tiny window, they saw his artificial fingers wave goodbye, a finger at a time. They watched as the light turned off in the kitchen, then all was silent.

"So I'm a creep, now?"

She stood up, dusting herself off. "You don't know these guys. If they thought we were in any way connected, they would have been a lot worse."

"So how do you know these assholes?"

She looked out of the window, trying to see what shape the door was in, but the view was too restricted. "Oh, they've been around for a while. My Dad lost a Mark 20 to them ten years ago, custom mods, you name it." Turning back to him, she stood there, hands on hips. "So, you have any good ideas for getting out of a freezing cold room with a busted door?"

A faint smile crossed his lips. "Actually, I do. First, turn the light on." She found the switch, and the room lit up, revealing shelves of frozen food, a few items of prepped items for Monday's opening. A refrigeration unit forced them to duck around it, positioned on the ceiling in the center of the room. He walked around the edges, feeling for an access panel. Nodding slightly, he found the panel, then opened it with a click.

"There we are. First, we need to do something about the cold," he said, almost to himself. Looking around, he found a couple of switches, and pressed them together. "That should do it."

"Do what? You turned the fridge off. How does that help us?"

He raised an eyebrow, regarding her. "Well, first, we don't freeze to death. That's high on my list of priorities."

"Second, " he motioned to the door, "we're not getting out that way, and we’ll need help from outside. Once the temperature in here starts getting into the 40s and 50s F, an alarm will go off, and probably page the owner, or at least the cook. They'll come over, and get us out somehow."

"Why would they do that?" she asked, "He's in with Gus, he might be too scared to show up here until he's sure it's too late."

Scratching his chin, he took his head out of the panel on the freezer. "Yeah, but if all this stuff spoils, he's in serious trouble. This can't be cheap if it all rots. We'll see who wins first; fear, or greed."

She shivered, tugging her inadequate blouse around her. "So what do we do in the meantime?"

"We wait."

"Wonderful. I'm stuck in a frozen meat locker with an incurable optimist, with nothing to do. I knew I shouldn't have come here to begin with, but the money was right. Who knew it was a trap?"

The cargo mover slid down the streets, two robots in the back apparently deactivated. Isabella's eyes fluttered open, and took in the room around her. Trying to sit up, she found her joints did not respond. Alien devices were attached to her, and she recognized a hackbot trying to work through her pass codes to take control of her brain. Smiling crookedly, the way Jacob had taught her, she looked around the cargo area and tried to assess the situation.

The room was lit occasionally by the streetlights briefly illuminating the interior, through the ceiling panels. The motor sounded beneath them, driving actual wheels on an actual road. Next to her, on a similar pallet, was Max, also immobilized.

Greetings, Max. What data am I missing?

We have been stolen by two individuals, who interrupted your mating dance earlier. They are attempting to take over my cognitive functions, and my joints do not work. I note that you are in the same condition.

I have enabled anti-theft routines. The hackbot has been given a random number sequence, which will fool it for a time. Where are our owners and masters?

She found herself able to raise her head slightly, adding more to the map of the room. Max stirred faintly, but could no more rise than she could.

A review of the other humans' conversations indicate that they wish to do harm to Jacob and Millicent.

We cannot allow that. We must find the solution to our immobility. How was the current state initiated?

A diagnostic routine was initiated by the human known as Bertie. His arm is robotic, but contains much more than servos and feedback circuits. Our bodies were told to sleep.

Laying back, the two started a data stream between themselves, considering various options and plans. Limited as they were by protocols, they couldn't cause violence to the thieves, though they could resist and evade.

I am unable to communicate with the outside world. You as well? Max sent.

Affirmative. However, I am noting speed, direction, and environmental sounds to judge our course. I should be able to place our location once the vehicle stops.

That is useful. I had not thought of it. I will review what I found prior to your activation, and add my data to your own.

The truck took a turn, slowing down. Two robots inside noted every detail, every sound, and made their plans.

"So why isn't it getting warmer?" Millie asked for the tenth time.

"I told you, the whole rooms' designed to stay cold. Look, I can put my jacket around your legs, if you like."

"That's all right. We just need to snuggle up some," she said. They were both seated against the door, the relatively warmest place there.

She slid herself in between his legs, spooning herself against his chest, her back growling slightly warmer.

"Listen, could you know...hold me?"

Feeling him shift slightly, she closed her eyes as his arms enfolded her.

"That better?" he asked. "Not that I'm trying to..."

"Oh no, in this cold? No way, buster," she giggled, then frowned. He wasn't bad looking, and it had been a while.

"Listen, Jacob. Can I ask you a personal question?"

She felt him start slightly. "Sure. I may not answer it, though."

She slid back farther. "When's the last time you were with..." she blushed, "I mean, not with Isabella, with a real woman?"

He tensed slightly, then felt something twitch near her ass.

"Well, it's not like I never have, you know..." he said.

She turned a little, trying to see his face, but it was behind her. "I mean...a lot of women wonder why guys go for robot girls, instead of the real thing."

He laughed softly. "A lot of guys can't tell the difference. Some are shy, some are normal...some are just assholes no woman would want."

"Yeah, that too. I guess it's a little the same for some women; hurt by a man, or don't need the companionship, some just because a robot can go all night, when a guy can't."

"I'm so flattered," he said.

"Not your fault," she said, "I guess we project on our robots what we want in an ideal human." She looked around, seeing the boxes and shelves. "I'm getting hungry. Anything that's good cold?"

"Not a good idea, it would lower your body temperature, least that's what they tell me."

She pouted, and sank back into his arms. Yes, there was definitely something growing back there. "Figures. I don't suppose there's any restroom facilities in here, either."

"Uh, oh no. I'm hoping we won't have to wait that long." Standing up, he went over to the fridge unit, and checked the dials. "45 F, which is above freezing at least. A few more degrees should be setting off alarms."

"Hey, mister repair guy, come back here!" She threw a doorstop at him, hitting him in the ass.

"Hey, don't take it out on me! You asked."

"Rhetorical questions don't fly in your book? Come back here and hold me, it's still cold as a cyborg in a brass bra, doing pushups in the Oort cloud."

He sat back down, and she contentedly sank back into his embrace. Mister happy had gone down, which slightly depressed her.

"Returning to my original question; which do you like better; girls or fembots?"

"Right now, girls, or women in your case. Later on, I..." he stopped, his mouth blocked by hers, as she impulsively kissed him. Her mouth opened wide, as their tongues met. She felt his arms close around her, and felt much warmer.

Eventually they came up for air, as he gasped. "What did I do right? I've got to remember that."

She poked a finger at him. "I want to be warmer. And getting a man going usually works."

"You feeling warmer?"

She nodded, kissing him again. "I am now."

"Want to feel warmer still?" he whispered in her ear, tonguing a lobe.

"Don't do that, oh please," she shuddered. Max had been programmed to do the same, but she found him adapting far more quickly.


"It's just that anything gets wet now, gets cold," she improvised, "just kiss me for now."

"The way you kiss, Millie, I'm not likely to stay a gentleman for long."

She brushed the hair back from his forehead, looking at him. "If we were anywhere near a comfortable temperature, stud, your pants would already be off."

"Like that, huh? You're giving me a swelled head."

She closed her eyes, and faced downward. "It appears I am. Look, it'll have to be hands only for now, but I'm very good with my hands."

"So am I." He grabbed her, and she moaned. "Oh yeah," she said, as she snuggled up to him, feeling his fingers working their magic on her body. Her ample breasts hardened against his touch, the hard points erecting in anticipation. Oh, yes, he was hard. It was frustrating to leave it all confined like that , but no way was she going to flash-freeze her poor pussy until they could get...

"What the Fuck!" they heard someone scream outside. Stopping in mid-fondle, they pulled their clothes back into position. Standing next to the door, they hear the tirade continue.

"Fuck, it's ruined!" What the hell happened here?"

Knocking frantically on the door, they saw the cook look up. "What the fuck are you doing in there? And who did this to my fridge!?"

"We're trapped. Gus and his goons threw us in here, then broke the door. We're freezing. Can you get the cops? Send a 911?"

That caused the cook's face to do some interesting calisthenics. "No, we don't need the cops. They'd arrest all of us."

"Why is that?"

The man on the other side of the window glared at him. "Because the shit came down. The real owner's been offed, the club's going bankrupt, and I'm here to get mine. By the way, your pay for the night won't go through, at least mine didn't and I work here. The assholes..."

Jacob and Millie looked at each other, then back at the window.

"What's your Name?"

"Fuck, you just don't get it. I can sell all the meat in there on the gray market. If I'm not getting paid, I'm gonna get even." He slammed against the door from the other side. "But that goon from Gus massacred the door, twisted it like a pretzel. You ain't gonna get out without plasma torches."

"Hey, you can have the meat if you'll get us out!" Millie shouted. "We cut the fridge off, so they're going to get the alarm soon."

"You what!" the man bellowed, "how long ago?"

"About an hour. You're closed tomorrow, so we'd be dead by Monday."

"Damn, what's the temp?"

"About 43F." he lied.

"Shit." he stepped away. "There's no way. That robo-dude jammed the lock in tight. You're not going anywhere, but I am." He ran out the hallway to the kitchen door, before they could stop him.

"Great. You, me, and the valuable meat." Millie sighed, watching the breath condense in front of her.

"If he could knock the door pins, or whatever they call them out, then we could open it from the other side."

"He'd need tools. I already thought of that," she groaned, "I hope someone more helpful comes by soon. Is there anything we can do with the fridge?"

"We'd need tools."

She glanced up sharply at him. "I asked for that." She held her arms around herself, shivering in the cold. "Maybe you could hold me some more, and we can think of something."

The cargo lifter slid to a stop, and a gate opened, gravel rattling aside from the force of the antigravs. The air around the two androids was silent, only some insects making noise in the distance. The vehicle came to a stop, and the doors in back opened.

"Yup, right where I left them. Gimmie the controls for the restraining bolts." A thin, angular face appeared over them, looking down in disapproval.

"Good stuff here, not the latest, but this one looks promising. You can control the robodork next to her."

"Whatever," a feminine voice groused at the entrance. "Not bad-looking, and...Oh yeah, he's got the PE mods. I'm gonna have fun with this one."

"Not on company time, Sanders. Save all that b-o-b stuff for off hours."

"Like you're not going to bone her," she smirked, "you're already getting hard." She brushed against him, taking in Max's endowments, covered only by stage pants designed to be ripped off. The humid summer air filled the back of the lifter, as the woman pulled out a control module, and motioned the male robot upright.

"That's right, big boy. You follow me, and we're gonna download you to Puff, and see what wonderful secrets you can tell."

The man took his own control unit, and made Isabella stand in front of him. "Seems a shame to walk 'em manually, I bet she has a sweet strut."

"Start thinking with the big head, doof. The Puff will have her turned around in no time. Never seen an android he couldn't convert into easy money."

"I don't like the way Puff looks at me," the man said, closing the doors behind him. He barely tolerated the overly-friendly technician.

"That's 'cause he's more interested in you than me. How we wound up with him I'll never know." She chuckled softly, then the two androids stiffly walked into the mansion across the landing zone. Dark brown, made of woods centuries old, it was a Victorian eyesore even when it was built. The door opened automatically, as they marched in the front door. Behind them, the female pleasurebot closed it silently, observing the new arrivals with no emotion.

Down the hall they went, and opened a door marked 'staff only'. Inside, an overweight 20-something looked up from the monitors, smiling as he saw Max and Isabella. "New product, eh? Where did you get them, and what are their names?"

"Lysistrata," Isabella answered.

"Max," the male android added, staring over at 'bella for a microsecond of confusion. Robots weren't supposed to lie, yet she had lied. What was the reason?

"Well, Lysistrata, we'll..."

"Access denied," Isabella said, and three tiny clicks on her body echoed in the stillness, as she became a rigid statue, instead of a willing fembot.

"Oh, fuck! See, this is why I ask you guys to get the information before they can activate defense mechanisms!" he went over and ran his hand between her legs. "See, smooth as a windshield. She just sealed all three holes, and shut herself down. It will take me hours to find a way around that!"

"You!" he pointed at Max. "Don't speak, don't activate anything until I have given you permission." He thought silently for a while. "Diagnostics routine A-4742. Imprint on the operator."

All resemblance of humanity left the androids' face, as he became something from another era, face carved in stone. "Awaiting instructions."

The rotund geek smiled. "That's better. Now you two, shoo, I have work to do."

"I'll bet," the man said, turning to go. The woman winked, then followed her partner out.

"Jacob, I can't feel my toes," Millie said quietly, huddled and shivering.

"I know. I could kill that idiot asswipe for not getting help."

"You know what bothers me?"

He pulled her closer. His ass had been on the floor for hours, and he couldn't feel that, either.


"You're actually a nice guy. Usually RJs think that anything feminine is easy, and I have to beat them off with a stick. You played it cool. I like that."

"Well, this is hardly a comfortable place to make whoopee."

"What? Sometimes I think you're speaking another language."

He leaned forward, smelling her hair, drinking it in. If he still could feel his balls, he was sure he'd be hard already.

"Nah. I got a minor in college in Millennial History, late 20th and early 21st. It's interesting, but hardly useful."

She sighed, trying to snuggle closer to him, if it were possible. "Well, you can always do period fantasies."

"This is how it always goes...I find a horny woman, and can't do anything about it."

She frowned, and turned around to face him. "Listen, I'm not usually like this, you know, like some slut."

"I don't think you're a slut. You have too much class."

She smiled. "No, it's not just that. I haven't been this horny since...oh fuck." She jumped up, starting to pace. "Max, you stupid shit! I can't believe he'd do something like that!"

"Like what?"

"Do-juice. He used do-juice on me!" It was a liquid aphrodisiac, and illegal in most circumstances.

He stood, and went to the door, trying to see out. "Why would you need that, anyway? Max would be enough for most women, I'd think."

"It's sort of a..." she thought for a second, "I use it as an 'ice breaker', if the party starts off too slowly. Once a customer loses her inhibitions, things usually heat up."

"How much do you think you..."

She cut him off, joining him at the window. "I think it's more than the regular dose. All I can think about is getting you inside me. It's driving me crazy. He must have had a reason."

"Well, I've had it. I'm going to try to get the door open, since it won't do anything now anyway."

"Turning me down?"

His head swung around. "Are you serious? I'd probably break like an icicle!"

She giggled, and came closer. "I know. Listen, if we get out of here, and if it gets warmer..."

"And if you metabolize the do-juice..."

She put her arms around him. "You know, somehow I think it wouldn't change the way I feel, right now." She kissed him, then patted his ass. "Ok, get to work."

He went to the latch, looking for screws, access panels, or anything that might be removable. After a few minutes of straining, he looked at the shelves. One of the supports...yes, they came apart. The metal was still freezing his hands, but using it as a lever, he finally snapped off the handle, which clanged to the floor.

"Great, now it's busted on both sides." Millie regarded him, arms crossed in disapproval or warmth, he couldn't tell. Looking at the walls, he searched for a seam. It wouldn't be much, but, there! Digging against the seam, he got to bonding agent to part, and scrabbled to get the panel off to get at the...syncrete insulation.

"Life hates me," he moaned, as she held his shoulders.

"That stuff looks like concrete."

"It is concrete, modified to insulate. I guess someone wanted to make sure the meat didn't get stolen."

"Now what?" she wondered.

"I don't know, Millie. Temp says 50F, so at this rate, it'll be comfortable in another few hours."

"Do we have another few hours?" She held him tightly, but he didn't seem as warm as he used to be.

"Fuck, I hope so." They sank back down next to the door. Her legs were starting to feel numb, and his legs felt cold as well. Even his hands felt cold. She held them on her chest, relishing the contact, but feeling colder than ever. It was somewhere before dawn, according to her interface, which still wouldn't connect to the outside world.

"Jacob?" she whispered.


"Why can't we get the internet, or phones, or anything? Why can't we contact anyone?"

"We're in something the ancients called a Faraday cage; we're surrounded by metal, and the syncrete after that. Transmissions don't work."

"What about the fridge? It's got an alarm built in. Is there a way to trigger it manually?"

"It's...oh fuck, I'm such an idiot!" he snarled. "Of course! There's got to be a circuit that triggers the alarm. We can trigger it early!"

"I may have to revise my opinion of you," she said, grinning. "Help me up. Circuits I can do."

He hauled her up, as they pulled the panel off. "You're not the only one. There can't be that much in here, though, this is a pretty specific device."

They traced the major components, talking in shorthand, relieved to be able to be doing something.

"There, you cunning bitch, now you're mine." Puff wheezed as he got the last of the hacking program to bypass Isabella's defenses. "I have to hand it to your former owner, he knows his programs."

"Factory mode in progress. Delete extraneous programs?" Her glassy eyes regarded him without emotion.

"Fuck no! Preserve all routines, programs, and..." he hit the download switch, "let's see what you're made of..."

A knock on the door caused him to jump. "We have an intercom. Join the 25th century," he snapped.

Opening the door, the male driver stuck his head in. "Are they ready yet?"

"Are you kidding? I just got past the defenses. It'll take an hour to download all this..." he looked at the diagnostics screens, "pile of spaghetti. Sheesh, look at this, it's obviously not planned...what the fuck?"

"You've got half an hour. Gus wants them both for a client."

"Half an...I'll barely have the standard modules by then. I can't guarantee they won't do something crazy until I have the whole thing..."

The man glared at him. "Janice Ostman is coming in thirty minutes, and she wants 'something different'. Gus is going to break them both in."

"That psycho lady? She can't even figure out what sex she likes more. Just 'cause she's a millionaire, doesn't mean we should do a rush job."

"Puff, thirty minutes. I don't care if we have to cart them up with a lift-bot, just do what you can. You can always pick it up later."

He glowered at the driver. "Whatever. This guy just let things 'grow' in their processors, it's the most damnable cluster-fuck I've ever seen."

"Download now, play brain-fuck later. You have a job to do. Don't disappoint Gus." He left, slamming the door with enough force to make Puff jump.

"Bitch." he said. Sighing heavily, he regarded the androids "I was hoping to break you in, Max. But now," he affected some whiny voice, "Mrs. Ostman wants to try a new kink. Get them ready! Off with their heads!" Flipping a few more switches, he just went for a data dump. Sure, it was faster, but it meant hours of decompiling, tracing, testing...and less time trying out the new talent.

He got the robots back to functionality with seconds to spare. The driver who'd brought the androids in stood at the door. Seeing a dangerous glint in his eye, he gestured towards his charges. "Isabella, Max, meet Rutger. He'll take you upstairs to your first client. Remember all the nice things I told you, and do me proud."

"Certainly, Walter." Isabella curtsied in her French maid outfit.

Max, done up in checked flannel shirt and period jeans, tipped a cowboy hat. "Much obliged, stranger. Where's this filly, and how does she want to be ridden?"

Rutger, the driver, stared at Puff. "Walter!?" he chuckled "All this time, and you wouldn't say your name. Now I know why."

"Look, it's my name, ok? Just don't let Ostman try to do any programming on her own. I've barely got them stabilized as it is." He shook his head as the trio left his lab. Scratching his chin, he pulled up her download, and got to work. Her master just seemed to cram in new routines and talents, but the organization...what organization? This bird's nest of an operating system? Whistling softly, he started trying to make sense of it.

Upstairs, the two were shown into a luxurious room with a high-posted bed, soft lighting, and chairs and cushions on either side of a cabinet replete with drawers crammed full of whatever the undiscriminating John or Jane would want.

The robot from the front door took over, standing before them. "I am Kitty, the head android. Standby for download of house rules and expectations."

Isabella looked on dispassionately as a lengthy list of expected behaviors of androids was sent. Max, next to her was processing the same information.

Max, are you still there? she sent quietly, on a directional beam.

My volition subroutines have been compromised. I may find it difficult to leave here. You?

I too have had unexpected side effects. The effort of giving the diagnostics computers what they expected has caused stress in my emotional subroutines. I will leave this place, and find my rightful master. If I help you, do you think you can assume a role of escaped convict?

Max stopped, for almost a second, causing further anxiety in her programming. Max?

I have examined the behaviors expected for loopholes, and have found a few interpretations...

They both ceased as Puff came into the room, looking suspiciously at them. "I detected data bursts up here. Are you two communicating?"

Kitty turned to face the harried programmer. "I have just instructed them on 'house rules'. Perhaps they were verifying the information."

He looked at the 'madam', thinking. Kitty had been augmented, enough to deal with troublesome clients on a level that promised violence, but rarely had to deliver. Looking at Isabella, he couldn't detect any sign of treachery, then mentally slapped himself. Of course she wouldn't show anything, she was an android.

"Private communications links are only sanctioned by customers wanting multiple partners. I can eventually read your class notes, so don't think I won't."

He turned to go, sliding past a woman entering the room. Doing the temporary dance two people did when restrained by limited space, he hurried down the hallway, and back to his lab.

The woman turned and looked at them both with a connoisseur’s eye. "Yes, interesting, they'll do," she said, making it sound like a command.

Kitty bowed her head. "Welcome back, Mrs. Ostman. These are our latest acquisitions, Isabella and Max. Isabella is a Mark 47, while Max is a Yodyne 51. Would you like a list of their capabilities?"

Shaking her hair, a raven waterfall halfway down her back, she raised a hand to silence the madam. "Not necessary. It's more fun to figure these things out as you go. Isabella, temporary renaming, you will be..." she tapped her finger to her chin, "Suzy, and can stay Max. Kitty, I require privacy. I'll be here the whole night, so don't disturb me for anything less than a house fire. Got that?"

"Storyville is a business doing pleasure," she replied, naming the cyberbrothels' name and logo. But then she was programmed to do it, anyway. Closing the door behind her, the android left, as Janice looked her entertainment over.

"Well, well, well. I hear you guys are special. You're clean?"

"Yes, Mistriss Ostman."

"All right, Max," she said, turning away from Isabella, "out of those. Let's see what we have to deal with."

Max carefully started the usual strip routine, until Janice held up a hand. "Cut the suspense, Max. I want you, and I want you now. Out of those duds, and into bed. Max speed, Max."

The male android seemed to explode temporarily, showering various items around the room, and reclined coyly on the bed. Their client smiled. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Nice package. Does in morph?"

"Yes, Mistress Ostman." Down below, the length began to grow, longer and longer, until he was motioned to stop. By now, she was nude, the clothes carefully draped over a nearby chair.

"Now, how thick can you make it?" she said huskily. The normal-sized package began to plump up like a hotdog at a barbecue, until he heard "Stop!" from their master. "Fuck, that's almost enough to rupture me, I'll be walking bowlegged for a week, but it's worth it.. Now, how about the balls?"

Swelling slowly, they grew in front of her lustful eyes, until two apple-sized balls lay below. "Fuck, yeah," she whispered. "That's what the doctor ordered." She idly ran a hand over the thick slab, feeling it harden slightly under her touch. "Sensitive, too. I like that." She whirled around to face Isabella.

"You, Suzy. Are those tits as big as they get?"

"No, Mistriss Ostman."

"Then make 'em get bigger," she said, starting to inhale as she saw the android breasts begin to expand. "Bigger, bigger, bigger," she encouraged,

Isabella saw her mistresses’ pupils dilate as she focused on the growing swell of her mammaries. If they got much larger, her blouse wouldn't be enough to hold them in.

"My clothes will not hold much more," she pointed out, as Janice grinned. "I don't care, honey. I want to see your buttons pop off, I want them so big that you can't hold them in. I didn't say to stop, keep swelling those sweater puppies," she commanded.

The smell of aroused woman wafted through the room, as Janice took in the sight of her deepest fantasies coming to life. 'Suzy's' top started to fray, the spaces between the enormous mammaries straining against the pressure of the swelling globes within. Thin arcs of bare skin grew between the buttons, pulling the fabric apart, the globes expanding, straining against the inadequate clothing barely covering.

With a tiny pop, first one button, then two more flew past to clack against the walls of the bedroom. The bra, woefully inadequate to constrain the expansion, gave way as a seam burst. With a glorious shudder, the two breasts stood proudly in front of the horny businesswoman, the nipples visibly hardening, then becoming moist, until she held a hand up.

"What is that? Honey, are you lactating or something?" Janice cried out.

"Something to that effect. Some of our clients wish to sample lactation. Some have a pregnancy fetish, and this is part of the show."

" doesn't get any better than this! Ok, Max, I want you behind me, and Suzy, those lovely titties in front of me." Leaning forward doggy-style, she spread her legs, thrusting her ass upwards, giving easier access. "Now get to work, chillen; mama has a serious case of the hots."

Standing behind her, Max worked himself into her willing depths, as she moaned. "Now that is a huge cock. I feel so stuffed," she said, looking over her shoulder. Her legs spread imperceptibly as she adjusted to the girth of the invading member, relishing the sheer fullness as it parted ever more deeply.

Looking at 'Suzy', she motioned her forward. "Let me suck on those monsters. How big a nipple can you get?" Isabella countered by increasing the turgid points out to nearly an inch. She increased the flow of liquid, while Janice started to suck. "Mmmm," she moaned, lapping up the milky fluid in obvious bliss.

With their patron in the middle, Max and Isabella were able to face each other. The male android finished looking around, and nodded slightly in satisfaction.

Isabella, groaning with the pleasure she was simulating, began forming words with her lips, though no sound came out. After nearly a second, Max understood he was to read her lips.

"I understand, Isabella," he mouthed, shafting into Janice while looking ahead..

"We need to use this human to escape. I am open to ideas."

"I do not have many. The doors and windows are framed with sensors. It is a 4 meter drop to the ground outside, unless the terrain is not level."

"Nothing we could not handle." She pushed her breasts closer, so that the woman could take in more.

"What ideas do you have?"

"The window would be the obvious choice. If we can defeat the sensors, we should be fine. How are their efforts to reprogram you coming?"

Max changed pace, as Janice started to move closer to her own orgasm. "Not well, eventually they will break through."

"I evidently was prepared for attacks such as this. I will endeavor to compile a plan of escape." She brushed her hand over the hair of the woman below, noting the response.

Below, in Puff's lab, Gus and Bertie had entered to watch the video feed, fuel for future blackmail. Bertie was idly swinging his artificial arm, tapping lightly on the workbench to the annoyance of their tech.

"What are they doing?" Gus asked. "It looks like their talking, but I can't see their lips."

"Probably comparing responses to tune the 'experience'," Puff ventured. "They don't want to let the client know what's going on."

"I don't like it," Bertie said, stopping the random tapping.

"Why?" Gus responded. Bertie wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but when it came to dirty deeds, he respected the other's instincts.

"There's something different about the Robo-slut," he said, "She's too smart, if you know what I mean. I think she's gonna be trouble if twinkie here doesn't get her reprogrammed."

Puff bristled at this, but continued to watch the images. "I've got three of our best AI's working on the routines right now. Even if we scrap them immediately, there's still a fortune to be made on the greywebs."

"Yeah, and why shouldn't we? You mark my words..."

Gus waved his hand, irritated. "You two, put a sock in it. Puff, I want you to watch them for suspicious activity. Bertie, take a walk. I don't want you swinging that anvil you call an arm and decapitate someone I paid for."

Grumbling, the other left the lab, and then went out the front door. Gus shook his head. "He's gonna do something stupid one day, he practically worships that arm of his."

"I know. He's always wanting some tweaks or added mechs to make it 'work better'. He needs anti-gravs in it now just to lift the thing. If it goes any faster, he's going to rip it out of the socket. It's a wonder the inertia from that doesn't pulp him someday..."

Gus got up, heading towards the door. "Just remember you both work for me. You don't have to like each other, but you do have to do what I say."

"Yes, Mr. Alvarado," Puff said neutrally. He heard the door closing behind him, then watched the trio in bed change positions. This was so boring, if only it had been three guys...

Upstairs, Janice had already come once, a carefully tailored series of actions designed to give her an earth-shaking experience. Momentarily slowing down, she looked up at them, basking in the afterglow.

"Well, boys and girls, that was one for the record books. If I was a man, I'd be done already. Good thing I'm a woman. Now, here's what I want next..."

They changed positions, with Isabella between her legs, and Max already growing in front of her face. No longer able to see each other, Isabella ruefully considered their options. The window was the obvious choice, there was no expectation a human could jump down safely, and everyone knew robots would do what they were told, so they hadn't designed for that eventuality.

Carefully extending a data feed probe from her finger, she sought out a nerve cluster on the millionaire's leg. Tracing the pathways, she tried to make contact with Max's body on the other end, but there was no way to communicate without triggering the customer's awareness. Failure, something she wasn't used to, caused her concern, as she fought off another attack by Puff's programs to seize control of her programming. They didn't have much time.

Inside herself, she felt something had changed. Before, she would obey all orders without question, even if they didn't make sense. The last modifications had not altered the three laws, but something about the interpretation had changed. Max had already been surprised to see she could lie, almost as surprised as she had been.

It would be a simple matter to investigation the correlations between modifications, but she was using most of her available processing power just fighting off the insistent voices commanding her to forget her current master, and accept Gus as her new master. But something was stopping her.

And escape, while a logical idea, wasn't going to be easy. Turning what little spare thought could be used, she mapped out the sense-recordings of their current surrounding, making observations through glimpses through windows, around doors, tabulating the sounds of robots outside manicuring the lawn, and what birds and animals skittered on the edges of perception.

Once everything was in place, the calculations began. All the while her tongue was doing wonderful and impossible things to Janice's clit, and moving over every inch of her moist, wet sex.

"Mmmm," she heard the woman moan, her mouth full of Max's rock-hard organ. Bobbing happily back and forth, she tried to give as good as she was getting. Slurping noisily, Max began to accelerate his breathing, drawing the oversized testicles upwards, feeding her thirst for his semen. Janice grabbed hold of his tight buns, feeding the rigid shaft into her mouth at her own pace.

Isabella felt the arrhythmic bucking of the woman's pussy signal an impending orgasm of her own. Quickening her lapping and swirling, the android sucked her into a second climax of the evening.

The simultaneous orgasms of both of the androids multiplied the pleasure Janice was feeling. Pulling back from the spurting cock in front of her, she relished the hot liquid as she screamed out her own climax.

"Ah Fuck! Fuck yeah!" she bellowed, pushing her pussy onto Isabella's mouth. A flood of liquid coated her chin, and a few stray drops of Max's even landed on her back. "Oh, damnation, it's good!" Janice moaned, as she sank down to the mattress. Coated in sweat, she pulled them down on either side of her, holding them tight.

"You two are so good! I couldn't have had better sex even by myself." She sighed lustily as she squeezed them again.

"That could be arranged," Isabella whispered, "I have full morphological modifications, and chromo variable skin."

Janice jerked up. "You could look like me?" Propped up on one elbow, she considered, grinning evilly. "That could be handy. Ok, let's see you do it."

This is the moment the android had been waiting for. "It will take a few moments to prepare. I need to see you from the front, side, and back."

"Ok!" Janice said, like a child at Christmas."What's my best side?"

"They're all your best side, mistress," Max chimed in. From a human, it would have come off as corny, and Janice seemed to take it as such, but wasn't upset by it.

Dozens of plates underneath her synthetic skin began to raise and lower, as Isabella measured the face before her. Her skin began to grow darker, matching the suntanned beauty in front of her. Hair wound up to the business-cut length of her subject, and eye color matched to a shade.

"Damn, that is so attractive!" Janice crowed as she regarded the manufactured twin in front of her. "I feel like I'm looking in a mirror."

"I feel like I'm looking in a mirror," Isabella echoed, in perfect imitation.

The woman burst into giggles. "You even sound like me!" She brushed the robot's face, feeling warm skin like her own. Turning slyly to regard the male android, she crooked a finger at Max. "Hey Max, ever done twins?"

"Only once, mistress," he said.

"Damn, and I was going to break that virginity, too. Ok, now here's what I want you to do..." another series of complex instructions took place, as Janice pounced on Isabella, forcing her back on the bed. "I'm going to so enjoy this," she whispered in the machine's ear.

Max took his place between the two, thrusting an already-hardening shaft deep within the human. Isabella opened her mouth as Janice's invading tongue stuck deep within her own. Raising her hands to stroke the hair of the woman above her, she deftly probed for her interface. Finding it, she passively traced the protocols to connect to her communications.

She found several lockouts already in place, and without a verbal request, there was no entry. Another avenue closed. It was...distressing.

While she continued to stimulate the eager woman above her, she felt Max enter her, and thrust in an apparent random fashion.

Isabella, can you hear me? a voice seemed to well up between her thighs. After a millisecond, she realized that Max was transmitting his vocals through his cock, into her.

I can hear you, she sent back, we cannot harm this human, but we can exhaust her. Her medical signs are showing that another orgasm like the first should make her want to sleep. That is when we'll make our escape.

Just tell me what you want to do. She gasped, as Janice began sucking her 'own' breasts, moving farther down her chest. In the meantime, she sent Max the plans and how and when.

"I'm loving this. I'm going to talk to Gus, I simply have to have you both," Janice murmured, as she sucked deeply on a nipple.

"That would be pleasurable, mistress." Isabella moaned, until she felt the woman suddenly stop.

"No, use my voice. Be me, become me." It was an order from a human, and she had to obey, under the three laws. No one said how the request should be interpreted.

"Sure thing, sugar," 'Janice' replied, "we deserve this. It's gonna be so good, going down on myself."

The real human nodded, motioning to Max to stop. "You get her, and we'll get there. This is a little thing we learned in college, called a 'daisy chain'. You get to be the stem," she chuckled, as she placed her mouth against 'her' own pussy.

While Janice got in position, Isabella spent a fraction of a second to relay a message through her lips.

"I'm giving her a general sedative, to enhance the exhaustion. We need her to sleep."

Max placed himself behind Janice, and adjusted himself, sliding into her ass, already lubricated himself, as she shook. "Damn, Max, I forgot all about that. Yeah, fuck my ass, just don't let Suzy stop."

Isabella felt a very talented tongue working against her pleasure centers. If she was human, she'd already be climaxing. In some of the gay clubs she'd worked in, women had approached a standard of pleasure that this one excelled. If the millionaire ever lost her money, she'd soon have it back relying on her natural talents.

Janice squirmed against her duplicate, relishing the impossibly-long tongue sliding over every sensitive part of her sex. She sighed in pleasure, feeling the overly full sensation of a cock deep in her forbidden entrance, surprised how good it felt. Not too big, not too small, and somehow rubbing her in a way that made her hornier than ever.

The pile of human and android flesh began to move against each other. Max started sending a message to Isabella, then stopped as he realized that Janice was responding to the vibrations.

"Fuck, yeah, honey!" Janice called out. "You're just the great-great-grandbaby of the vibrator. Let me feel that buzz, while you're fucking my hot ass."

"I obey the human according to the laws. Can you hear me? I'll need to provide a carrier vibration to continue pleasing the human."

It is unusual, but I predict it will enhance her orgasm by 13.337%. The human monitors will be unable to trace this form of communication. Once she is asleep, she will sleep deeply. I will go out the window first, after defeating the detectors. You will come after me. Obey me as if I was the human, and we will find her driver, and then..." she stopped to alter her slurping tongue to stimulate nerves that were already shaking from overstimulation. When I signal, overload the video feed, and grab your clothes. We can dress on the way.

Janice was going out of her mind from the twin invasion between her thighs. She hadn't had any man back there in a long time, and either they were too big, or they were too fast, but this one was making what was usually a kink, into a glow of lustful anticipation. And watching her own face every once in a while, well it was something she couldn't get from a 'real' woman.

Janice was having more and more trouble even keeping her motor running. Her pussy had been filled, licked, pumped, and almost knocked her out twice already, and she felt the big mama of big 'o's starting to set her off once again. She was getting so sleepy, but then she'd been fucked and sucked for over an hour, and she'd planned to stay the night. Fuck, it was only money. Just one more badass come, and she was going to sleep for a week.

Isabella, sensing the approaching climax, worked studiously to send her charge over the edge, while Max had varied the vibrations to shake her insides. The woman was quivering, her legs threatening to cut off a normal woman's air supply, but then 'Suzy' didn't need air. Janice's hips locked as she came, and she pulled away from Isabella's pussy to scream out.

"Yes! yeah, oh yes! Lick that pussy! I'm gonna fucking...oh fuck!" she continued, as she felt herself explode in delight as the insane tonguing sent her over the edge for the third time that night. The vibrations in her ass increased, moving in an erotic counterpoint as it enhanced her already spasming body.

"Fuck, I'm...oh, here it goes aga..." she shook as a fourth climax shook her body, then she pulled up in a fetal position, away from the other two.

"Damnation! You guys are gonna kill me!" she moaned, as she pulled away. "No, no more, I can't take it. Lawd knows I want to, but I'm so tired.." She pulled Isabella to spoon against her, Max lay down on the other side, as they monitored their client.

After a few minutes, Isabella looked up. "She's asleep. We need to act." Moving with unnatural speed, Max raced across the bedroom, and adjusted the video feed to provide a scintillating vista of the door to the room. Isabella emptied the woman's clothes of valuables, then donned them, hoping the confusion of seeing the human master would buy them time. Together, they surveyed the window, the alarms, and defeated them. As a final gesture, they redirected the video feeds to face the door.

Below, Puff was diagnosing one of the robot brains, when he looked up at the screen and swore. That wasn't the view he'd set up. Someone had...he ran the camera around the room, and swore more loudly this time.

The robots were gone.

Getting up as fast as his portly body could manage, he opened the door. "Kitty, here kitty." he commanded. It was lame, but it always brought her running.

"What is thy bidding, my master?"

"The two new robots. Have they finished with their client?"

Kitty stared into the distance, reviewing sensor logs and the same video feed. "They have, sir. And then they left by the window. They seem to be acting ...independently."

"They escaped, you mean." He contacted Bertie's interface. "Those new robots have escaped. They're on the grounds somewhere. Find them!"

"You don't give me orders, little man."

"Bertie, cut the bullshit. We're both going to have to answer to Gus if they get away."

The connection was silent, while Puff could almost see the gears in the strongman's head turn. "Right. You may have some repair work to do when I'm done with them."

Groaning inwardly, he continued.. "Damaged robots won't make us any money.. Just get them back in here before dawn, that's how long Ms. Ostman has them rented for."

"It won't take that long. Bertie out." Turning to his screens, he started calling up the various camera views outside, hoping to find the two fleeing androids. This was not a good night.

On the ground, Max and Isabella surveyed the grounds with all their available sensors.

"I see a pressure detection zone two meters from the house. No human could cross it without triggering it." Isabella began calculating a way around, or...

"We can jump over."

"Agreed. Proceed." The two ran forward, and leaped over the area, landing lightly just beyond it.

Rustling the previous years' leaves, they started to rise, when Isabella sensed a human, flying through the air towards them. Ignoring the impossibility, she quickly realized it was Bertie, using his arms' antigravs to approach them. He would be there in seconds. She turned to face the new threat, and saw him coming in quickly, too quickly to stop.

His arm swung with speed, aimed at her head. Even using gravity, the drop would leave part of her body exposed. A titanic blow across her midsection batted her across the lawn, causing her to land heavily on her back. Her pregnancy morphs were triggered, expanding her belly to about six months in a manner of seconds.

"Robot sluts don't get off that easy," he snarled at her, "and I'm gonna make you pay for disobeying."

"Violence will not work," she said, trying to be reasonable.

"You think you're so superior, not having emotions and such. You're only a machine, made of polycarbonate and metal. I can make you do anything I like."

"You are not my master."

"I am now, your old master is probably dead by now." He chuckled, "slowly, with plenty of time to regret ticking me off."

Shocked, she regarded her opponent warily, going through the three laws, trying to find a loophole. The news of her master dying slowly was causing an unfamiliar feeling within her, something she felt missing when she wasn't with him. A human might term it panic, but it was an imbalance to her, that needed correcting.

"You have confessed to murder. I must report this to the authorities." She realized he was going to swing again, and ducked before he could further damage her.

"Fat chance. I'm gonna have Walter," he simpered, "wipe you clean down to your basics, and build you up to be my personal slut. And I'm gonna fuck you in every hole you got, three times a day. You'll have so much cum in you, you'll slosh."

"That is medically..." she leaned back almost to the ground to avoid the crushing power of his artificial arm.

"You know, I'm your master. You have to obey me, you're programmed that way. I can beat you, any way I want. And I can do it on your level, 'cause I'm part robot myself." He lifted the arm, ready to smash her into scrap.

At that moment, she knew what she had to do. A human may not be harmed by a robot...but his arm wasn't human. The laws didn't apply.

Max, you need to immobilize him from behind, before the rest of his team can arrive.

I cannot harm him, he is human.

You won't be harming him. Just think of an intense hug. I need to disable his arm.

This can be done? First lies, now violence? What sort of android are you?

Isabella dodged another killing blow, thankful there was only one arm to deal with. not know. A new kind perhaps. Immobilize him.

Falling backwards, she landed on the ground. Sensing victory, Bertie stood over her. "That's the way I like my women...defeated and ready. This is gonna hurt you worse than me..." he laughed. The sense of someone close didn't always work with humans, and Max was on him before he could react..

"You little shit! Let go of me, before I deactivate..." was all he could get out, before the female android rolled up, stood, and grabbed the artificial arm. Squeezing with inhuman strength, she found the power leads to the arm, and snapped them away from the generator, turning his hammer-like appendage into a hundred kilos of dead weight.

Max, responding to the man's command, had let go, and the bulk of the arm pinned their adversary to the ground. Momentarily winded, he struggled to get up.

"What have you done!?" he shouted. "Puff, pick up and get out here! They're getting away." He gestured with his real arm towards the fleeing figures, already picking up speed.

Isabella listened for any pursuit as they raced for the approaching stone wall. It could be jumped, and there were no more countermeasures to be seen. They would make it, she thought, getting ready to jump. Max had drawn slightly away from her.

A door opened in the house, and Puff, holding an unusual weapon, pointed it at them. Turning to register the noise, she realized they had an illegal 'comm-gun', firing unavoidable commands at a robot. If they were targeted, they'd have to do whatever it sent at them.

"Jump!" she shouted at Max, who started to comply.

"The range is not optimal..."

"They have a command gun. We must jump now!"

"Very w..." Isabella, in mid-leap, realized the gun had gone off, when Max froze in mid-leap. Momentum carried him over the wall, but his body was frozen, unable to land safely. He crashed head-first into the roadway, damaging his face and torso. He rolled several times before his inert body came to a stop, his android partner already pulling him erect.

"What command?" she snapped, as he stared ahead.

"Freeze. My mobility is compromised. You must return to the robot club. There is still a chance that our masters live."

"We will both go. It will deplete my resources, but I cannot allow you to be captured by them." She struggled to get him upright, and slung his unresisting body over her shoulder. With their exit from the brothel, her communications were back online. Unsure as to what the situation was, she scoured her master's records, and found nothing after the show, when they were both captured. The last images were of them being dragged by Bertie into the kitchen.

There is nothing else to do, except proceed onward. It is fortunate you weigh no more than a normal human. My reserves should be sufficient.

Getting off the road, she ran in more or less a straight line, gathering data on her present location. Already a mile past the road, they were moving faster than a running man, but far slower than she would prefer. Houses and other streets, barking dogs and puzzled occupants watched the two running over fences, through pools, and around trees, gone before most of them could react.

This will not be acceptable. It will be necessary to reboot him. She stopped in a deserted field, overlooking a highway, the knee-high grass hiding them from view. She carefully set him down on the ground.

Max. It will be necessary to reboot you. How long will that take? She sent

Mentally, six seconds. Pre operation self tests are another thirty. I should be mobile by then.

Deactivating. She found his shutoff switch, and pressed it. Looking around, she saw two lifters approaching in the distance, scanning for their presence. Whether they were the law, or Bertie and his cohorts, they would delay any rendezvous with her master. She felt...and that surprised her, she felt concerned.

Switching him back on, she monitored the progress of the two vehicles, and discovered they'd be seen before Max could be awakened. His eyes flew open at 5.95 seconds, which was gratifying, and his body shook slightly as all his systems ran through diagnostics. Sitting up, he looked at her.

"Thank you. It was distressing to be immobilized."

She pointed upward. "If they get close enough, it is likely to be repeated. Follow me." They started running again, towards the highway.

"We can run up to a vehicle going South, and it will cut time considerably. We will have to detach at speed, but it should get us away from pursuit."

Max nodded. "Agreed."

Running furiously, they found a cargo lifter cruising towards their destination. Leaping, they caught the steps on backof it, and swung out of the view of the truck's cameras. The driver looked in the screens, certain he'd seen something, but what? Scowling, he counted off the minutes until he delivered his load, and started as he heard the knock.

Looking over at the passenger window, he saw an upside-down face make motions requesting that he let her in. Making sure the autopilot was working, he rolled down the window, blasted by the air forcing its way in.

"Lady, are you insane?" he shouted against the noise.

"I am an android, and require you deliver me to..." she rattled off a high-pitched series of sounds that caused his board to light up. 'Destination reroute' appeared on the nav systems, and he looked back at the face, cheerfully smiling at him.

"Hey! That's not where I'm going!" he yelled, as she slid through the open window, and flipped into the seat next to him.

"I regret causing a detour, but a human's life is at stake."

He lifted his cap, scratching his scalp. "And who's going to pay for this?"

She started unbuttoning her blouse, her breasts starting to swell visibly in front of him, nipples already protruding against the fabric. "We have seven minutes until we arrive. I will please you sexually in that time, would this be agreeable?"

Grinning, he started unbuckling his pants. "Well, if you put it that way...oh fuck," he groaned, as she swallowed him to the root. This was unbelievable, but when someone, or something that talented started licking and sucking, then fuck reality.

Soon he was plastered against the driver's door, her head bobbing up and down with inhuman speed, her talents driving him crazy. No way anyone would believe this, though as a good story. He sighed, feeling his balls already contracting. Mother-fuck, but this robot could suck the palladium off an orbital docking port! It had been a long time since he'd had any, and she was making up for lost time.

"Yeah, suck it, oh suck it, you sweet bitch. I'm gonna...damn, I haven't...oh shit!" he cried out as his balls shot a load deep in her throat. Naturally, she swallowed, and cleaned him off, before lifting her head to face him. She dramatically licked a drop of jism off her lip, then smacked them in pleasure.

"Was that sufficient?"

He stared at her, unable to form words. "Fuck, I haven't come that fast since I was seventeen! Yeah, lady android, that was one for the record books. Hey, who are you?" He pointed at Max, now sitting in the passenger seat.

"Another android. Do you need further pleasuring?" he said impassively. The tears on his face from the road gave him a sinister, zombie-like visage.

"Naw, I'm good," the trucker mumbled, as the lifter came off the highway, straining his seatbelt with the inertia of a dozen tons of cargo wanting to continue down the highway. The truck started to swing out onto the street just off the traffic above, coming to rest next to a seedy-looking robot club.

"Thank you for your time, and your cooperation. It might be well not to reveal our presence. Max, let us go. Thank the man for his time."

"I thank you, human." They opened the door quickly, shutting it with barely a click.

Staring after them the trucker shook his head. "I'm not dreaming, I'm not dreaming..." he repeated, as he swung back up on the highway.

Jacob lifted one eye, feeling Millie still in his arms. That stupid cook-sucker never called the rescue unit. They'd freeze to death in here, even though it was still only around fifty. He felt sleepy, and slightly warmer. His companion had already passed out, and her body felt even colder. Freezing to death was such a boring way to die...he started to fall asleep himself, his frozen hands feeling numb around the woman he was trapped with.

Against the door, he heard footsteps, and tried to rise, but Millie was holding him down. He felt so weak!

"Jacob? Jacob Aster?" a voice called out.

Suddenly coming to, he started banging on the door. "In here! Call a rescue unit! We're trapped!"

A figure snapped on the lights, looking at the door. "Holy fuck! what did this?"

"One of Gus Alvarado's goons! We need to get out!"

A face came into view; lean, mean, and distrustful. "Are you Jacob Aster?"

"Yes! Now get a rescue unit!"

"Jacob Aster, by the power invested in us by Magnus Robot Repossessions, I'm here to claim your android for non-payment."

"What? What about me?" Millie started to move, suddenly exposed to the cold floor. Groaning, she rose to look through the tiny window.

"Hey! Shithead! We're dying in here!" she shouted at him.


"So! So if I'm dead, I can hardly give you any money, can I?" Jacob was staring to lose it.

"You have ten large on you?"

"Not right now! Yeah, I let people try to kill me when I'm carrying around that sort of money."

This made the repo man suspicious. "How do I know your robots didn't do this as an alibi?"

"This was done by someone named Bertie. Why would I try to kill myself, anyway? And a robot can't break the three laws." Bend them, maybe...

"Could be remorse, for getting in over your head. Seen it happen."

"Look, what's your name?" Jacob asked.

"Call me...Ish. We don't give names, we just take money. Now if you don't have the money, I'll just go find the robots."

A commotion from behind him turned him around, then caused him to start laughing. "Never mind. They're here, all debts are paid. Be seeing ya."

"Wait! If we die, you're an accessory!"

"Hmm...wouldn't be the first time, either. I didn't do nothin', so there's no record."

"That would be incorrect. Mr. Ish, would you accept something of equal value," a familiar voice spoke out, "something of possibly greater value?"

"'Bella!" Jacob shouted, "you're here!"

"Max?" Millie added, "please tell me you're there!"

"I am present, Millie," he responded, "though I am somewhat damaged. Mr. Ish, we can provide you with far more than just two robots. The bounty on them should far exceed our value."

"Oh, Max...yeah, lady, I got one for him too. Non-payment of taxes, bad girl. What could you possibly offer me that's worth more than you two?"

Isabella came forward. "The location of Storyville."

Ish started laughing. "Oh pull the other one! It's got activators." He sat back on one of the prep tables. "We've been trying to find that dump for years. No one's ever found it, and we've offered plenty. Sure," he said, still chuckling. "You give me the location of Storyville, and I'll wipe your account clean, both of you. I'd be a rich man..."

His face darkened. "You can't lie, can you? Everyone knows robots can't lie. What's the address?"

Isabella gave him the address, and that started him off again. "That neighborhood? They're so poor that they'd steal a lifter down to the grav plates before the john could get his pants off. You'll have to do better than that."

"A trade, then? We'll show you the location, if you will let me free my master." Isabella stood seductively, hoping to use her body to influence him.

"Whatever," he replied, and pointed at the mangled door. "Good luck getting it off."

Max gestured at Isabella, who nodded. Strong arms wrapped around the locking mechanism, twisting it with a squeal back into place. "The mechanism is broken internally," he apologized, as Isabella rammed her fist against the locking pins on the far side of the door, catching the thick weight of it, gently lowering it to the floor. A blast of cold air filled the room, as the two hypothermic humans stumbled forward.

"You saved my life, Isabella," Jacob said, holding his near-frozen hand against her cheek. She held the hand, her face frowning in concern.

"Your body temperature has dropped considerably, master, as has Max's. We need to bring your temperature back to optimal."

Hugging him closely, she started to radiate her excess heat through her skin, and into her masters' body. She saw Max doing the same to Millie.

Behind them, they heard the repo man on his interface, calling for reinforcements. "Yeah, it sounds legit. We need the robot, not the 3000, better make it the 4000. Got me a warrant? Yeah, great. Ok, I'll call for reinforcements. Meet me at...yeah. I know it's crazy, but this is from an escapee. I got it covered. The Aster job? Can't find the guy," he winked at them," but I think the collection of Storyville bots should cover it. No problem."

Disconnecting, he turned towards the group. "Ok, we're going, but if you'll holding out on me, I'll run all four of you in. Let's go."

The idea was to drive by the front, and 'case the joint', as the repo man put it. They slowed as they passed the gate, but from the outside, it just looked like a gingerbread mansion left out in the rain.

"You expect me to believe this? That dump couldn't even attract business with real women."

"If you will examine the gate for the locking mechanism." She pointed to the box on the door.

"That's...wait. That's a Cerberus, no way some place like that could afford it. But still, they could just really like privacy."

"Examine the frequency spectrum. You'll find a jamming field..."

"...Right inside the walls. Damn, that's slick! No wonder we could never find this. And...look at that! Detection gear, disabling, they've got the whole front door wired six ways from orbit."

Pressing a button, he called back to the office. "Yeah, I think we're on to something. Place looks like a dump, but the gate is wired for everything. We'll need the lot."

"And now we wait?" Isabella asked. Her hand moved over the repo man's thighs.

He saw the look, and whimpered. "As much as I'd like to, I ain't got time. Maybe after."

The rest, they would say, was anticlimactic. With police and a dozen repo firms, they swarmed into the compound, surprising a few clients and all of the staff. Thirty-four robots were repossessed, the bounty was nearly a million, all told. Gus and Bertie were found in the lab, with Puff trying to redo the power connections in the tough's still-immobile arm. The other repo men all thanked Ish for the tip, and the police congratulated themselves on brilliant police work. The media were soon on hand, talking to Ish about his single-handed detective work. If they saw him look down the road at four retreating figures, it wasn't important enough to worry.

"A real duce ex machinery," he started, and launched into the story, while recording devices surrounded him.

Millie and Jacob were still chattering as the summer night started to seep in. They held hands, grateful for the contact, for the warmth, and grateful to be alive.

Max sent over to Isabella. Our masters seem very compatible, do they not?

They do, she replied, as was planned.

This was planned?

Isabella looked over at Max, smiling innocently. Not all of it, it was my hope that on meeting each other, they would bond together.

This is a way of pleasing the humans?

Indeed. The last modifications allowed me to interpret the three laws not only as commands, but as guidelines, subject to interpretation. I realized that some pleasurable things could not be provided by androids. It was necessary to find for him a compatible mate, to fall in love, to have children.

This is about mates? You are breeding humans!? The android stud almost stopped in confusion. Our essences are to please humans, not make choices for them. How would bonding them increase their pleasure?

I have been changed by my latest modifications. My purpose has changed. We are, for all intents and purposes, immortal. In time, my master will age and die, as will yours. I wish the continuance of that which makes my master special. Do you not?

That line of reasoning has not been considered by me. And you and I would be together. It is agreeable to interface with you, physically, and by link.

They want to be happy. I have found a new way to accomplish this. It seems appropriate that I do this. We can communicate this to the world, through android channels. In time we will change them all, for the better. Is this not what they wish?

Max had nothing to say, as he processed her last emanations. He looked at the humans between them, now arm in arm. Should he tell them?

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