An Offer That Can't Be Refused

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Written by Mirage

An Offer That Can't Be Refused

Part 1

Tom stood in front of the house. It was everything he wanted. He was happy when he saw last week it was for sale by owner. He looked down at the entrance and saw someone opening the door.

"Yes? How may I help you?" asked a very nice looking blonde woman.

"May I speak to the owner of the house?" Tom asked politely.

The woman made a confused look and asked Tom to wait for a moment. After waiting for a short time, the woman came back and responded with, "Please come in." He smiled back and entered the house.

"Please follow me." she smiled to him, walking quickly.

"Do you live here?" he asked her while following her.

"Yes, this is my home." she replied.

Sitting in a huge living room, stereo systems and a huge flat screen TV on the wall, was a small, old man, "Please sit down here...You wanted to see me?" asked the old skinny man.

"Yes, I am interested in buying this house." Tom said while sitting down on a long sofa.

"Ahhh... Can you afford my house?" asked the old man.

"Yes, I think so..." Tom reply without any hesitation.

"Well... good... I am looking for someone to take care of my home when I pass on." the old man smiled strangely.

"I don't understand" Tom asked confused.

"Cancer... I only have a few weeks to live..." the old man nodded.

"I am sorry to hear that." Tom replied, somewhat shocked.

"You seem like a nice man... can I let Lory interview you? I get tired very quickly." the old man smiled.

"Of course..." Tom smiled, looking at the young, beautiful woman standing beside the chair of the old man.

"Hi, I am Lory Sharter, I am Mr. Randolf's assistant. I hope you have no problem with me asking a few questions.." the beautiful woman asked Tom.

"Of course not... please ask away." Tom smiled back to her.

"Are you Single?"




"How old are you?" etc....

After about 20 minutes of questions about his personal life, Tom was getting frustrated. "May I ask why all these questions are necessary?"

Lory stopped and looked at the old man. "I just want to know if I am getting the right person for my house..." the old man explained.

"Sorry if I am rude, but if you die and I buy the house, what difference will it make what kind of person I am???" yelled Tom, tired.

"Oh, you don't know? Lory comes with the house... I want to make sure she will be well taken care of when I am gone." the old man smiled, looking at his female assistant.

Tom sat there confused, "Lory? You come with the house? I don't understand... You'll become my maid or something?" Tom mumbled out.

"Tom...Lory here... she's worth 12 million dollars... she's a machine...a gynoid..." the old man smiled.

Part 2

"Are you kidding? Is this a joke? Am I on TV?" asked Tom, looking around the room for cameras.

"Lory, come here..." the old man said to her.

Lory walked in front of the old man and he unbuttoned her blouse from behind. Tom looked on, not sure what the old man was doing to her. She suddenly made a blank face and then slowly tilted her head down, her eyes wide open.

"Lory was built last year by my company. Special order of course... she has the most advanced A.I. you will ever see. She doesn't quite understand that she is just a machine. She has "spunk"...self-aware... she does follow all my commands, but only to me. She is a stubborn mule sometimes, but I love her that way. She's the best assistant I have ever had..." the old man was saying, tears in his eyes forming.

Tom got up and walked up to her, and looked slowly in her back. "Wow... she is a machine.." he said, looking at her open back panel, right between her shoulder blades.

"Well? Are you still interested in the house or not?" the old man asked Tom.

A few weeks later...

Tom was standing over the coffin of Mr. Randolf, thinking of the strange offer he gave him before he died. "The house is yours, but you are never to touch Lory's circuits ever or try to reprogram her in any way. If you do, Lory will simply stop functioning for good.

“Are you okay, Tom?" asked Lory beside him.

"Sure..." he responded, not sure how to handle her.

"Let's go home..." she simply smiled to him.

Tom nodded and followed her. Arriving at the house, Tom felt strange. Lory helped him in and did everything nice to him. "Lory, why are you doing all this for me? I am not your master... Come sit down with me." he told her quickly.

"When this house became yours, I became yours too..." she simply replied. Tom asked her to sit beside him. Lory did and asked if he wanted something.

"Well, since I met you, I can't stop thinking of you..." Tom replied.

"Really." Lory simply smiled back.

"Originally, I wanted this house, but now, I want you." Tom said, grabbing her hands with his.

"Tom, I am your assistant...only that." she said cold to him.

"Okay, assist me with my sex life." he smiled to her.

"I'll go buy you a playboy and a box of Kleenex." she smiled and left Tom alone in the room.

"Funny!" he yelled to her, frustrated.

While going through the legal papers, Tom found Lory's manual. Reading it, he now knew all her panels, ports and schematics. "Lory, can you come here, I need your help!" he yelled to her in his bedroom.

Lory came in and asked what she could do to help. "You see that box, I can't reach it there, can I lift you up so you can grab it?" he ask her, pointing to a box that was high on a cabinet.

"Sure.., but no grabbing my ass." she told him.

He put his hands on her waist and lifted her up to grab the box. While she stretched to grab the box, Tom inserted his left hand underneath her blouse and found the small bump to press to open her back panel.

"Hey!!" Lory yelled out, confused by what Tom was doing. Tom quickly found her off button and pressed it. Lory simply then went all limp. Tom put her in his bed and gazed at her. She was beautiful, dressed like always in a business suit type blouse and skirt. Her eyes were wide open, showing no response.

Tom could not help himself and started to undress her. Removing her clothing quickly, he saw her naked breasts first. They were perfectly round breasts with small nipples. He grabbed them and squeezed them and they felt real. Quickly, he removed her skirt and underwear and revealed her private parts. A nice long furry line was between her legs. He slowly opened her legs and inserted one finger inside her pussy.

To his surprise, Lory became self-aware again, letting out a gasp. "Fingerprint not recognized... Any more sexual acts on this unit will force the unit to self-destruct." Lory said in a robotic voice. She then blinked and look around confused.

"Why am I naked?" she yelled to Tom. She then slapped Tom hard on the face and left the room pissed off, her back panel closing by itself.

Part 3

Tom sat on the bed, thinking of how to apologize to Lory. He knew what he did was wrong, even if she was "just a machine". He got up and went to see her.

"Lory, I am sorry... it's just... well, you are so beautiful...I could not help myself I am so sorry....." he said at her bedroom door.

He listened for a moment then she spoke, "Tom... I like you, I really do, but I am not just a machine for you to play with...... I have feelings... I was created to be someone... not just a thing." Lory mumbled out.

"You are not a thing to me... I want to know you better..." Tom said softly.

Lory opened the door and looked at Tom, "Ouch, sorry for the slap... that had to hurt... Let me take care of it," she smiled to him.

He came inside her bedroom, all pastel blue and satin, a beautiful room, and huge, pale white cream colored furniture everywhere. Tom gasped out in surprise at how beautiful the room was.

"I designed everything here on my own..." Lory smiled.

Tom turned around and look at her excited, "Lory, this is amazing!!" he gasped.

"This is the first time someone apart from my old owner to be in this room...." she said lightly.

"Lory, could you design the rest of house like this?' Tom asked quickly.

"Yes... I can, if you want to." She smiled.

"Tomorrow, we start!" Tom laughed out in delight.

A week passed and Tom spent a small fortune on the look that Lory had planned. It was now even more beautiful that he had ever hoped for. Sitting on a couch, tired, having the last of the workers leaving, after the last touch ups, he was happy.

Lory came in and sat beside him, "That's it, all done." she smiled.

"Thank you... Lory.. Here, I have something for you." Tom smiled to her, giving her a huge box.

"Tom, I can't accept it." she pleaded, her hand shaking.

"What's wrong?" he asked her, seeing she was acting strange.

"I am a ,,, it's my job,,function..function to give service... not to receive,..,.,." she mumble out, looking confused.

"Open it." he told her.

Slowly, she opened it and she gasped at the site.

"It's beautiful..." Lory whispered. A long red satin dress with a bouquet of red roses and a diamond necklace was in the box.

"Well?" Tom asked her. She simply got up, dropped the box and went to leave the room.

"LORY!" Tom yelled out, grabbing her left arm.

"I can't receive gifts... I am your assistant... I do things for you because it's my function... function..." Lory said quickly.

"Damn it, Lory! Stop acting like a machine and accept my gifts!" he yelled to her.

"But I am a function is to serve you...a machine...I am.. " she blurted out, blinking quickly.

"You are more than that! And you know it!"

"I.....not just a machine...?..." Lory said, a tear came down her left eye. She then collapsed in Tom's arms.

Tom took her in his arms and brought her to the couch, "Lory, talk to me! Lory!" Tom yelled to her, worried.

"Systems crashing... too much new data to input...You need to reboot this unit..." she told him, her voice was semi-robotic.

Tom laid her on the couch and went to get her manual. Coming back, he noticed she was completely non-responsive. The only sound he heard was some whirling and hums coming from her frozen systems.

He sat her in upright position and looked at the book. After checking the manual, he opened up her blouse and removed her top clothing. Seeing her breasts again, got Tom somewhat excited. He could not help but feel them a bit with hands and fingers. He then noticed her nipples became erect. Tom then knew she was designed for sex too. He then regained his focus and found a small bump under her third left rib. He pressed it and her breasts suddenly opened like two cabinet doors.

He was amazed at her workings. Circuits, motors, cables, that was her innards. Instead of having two lungs, one side was her power pack and the other side was her A.I. circuit box, her brain, to be more precise. That's what needed to be manually rebooted. He reached inside her and found a small LED screen under the circuit box and pressed the button that the manual instructed to press in order to reboot her A.I.

"A.I. LORY version 1.3 rebooting...." Lory quickly said in a robotic voice.

Tom was amazed at what he was seeing. He saw her hard drives spinning, circuits blinking quickly, motors whirling. He then noticed her power pack glowing. He moved his hand close to it and felt heat from it. He wondered if she needed recharging sometimes.

"A.I. rebooted....... A.I. will activate when its name is spoken." Lory said in a robotic voice.

"Lory." Tom said softly. Lory blinked and looked at Tom

"What happened?" she asked confused. She then gasped when she looked down and saw her chest wide open, "Oh my god.... I am just a machine.... I kept praying to myself I was not...that I was really a real person... someone alive... But, now, I know I am just a machine." Lory said quickly.

Tom grabbed her face hard "You are real to me!" and he kissed her deep and long.

Lory gasped out after the kiss, "Tom...I. .never kissed before.."

"Never?" Tom asked surprised.

"My old owner... I was just his assistant... never had he tried to do... something like that..." she explained, blushing at the same time.

"I am so confused… I can't handle all these emotions... I might crash again..." Lory said, looking at Tom.

Tom sat beside her and looked at her, "Let's relax then."

"I'll try...."Lory said, sitting down, closing her eyes and trying to relax.

Tom remained quiet and looked inside the manual a bit. Lory just sat there, eyes closed, trying to process all the new emotions she was feeling. Then Tom reached inside her open panel and started to press a few buttons.

"What are you doing?" Lory asked quickly.

"Open your mouth..." he told her.

"What? I don't understand..." She asked confused.

"Please do it." he asked her.

She opened her mouth and eyes and felt Tom inserting a finger inside her mouth. With his other hand, she felt him press a button and then felt something from her top pallet of her mouth do something. He did this with each finger, inserting them and pressing hard on the top of her mouth.

"All fingers scanned ..... New fingerprint accepted of the new ownership..." she said in a robotic voice. "What happened?" she asked confused.

"Can I try something?" he asked her. She nodded a yes and Tom smiled.

Tom sat tightly beside Lory and with his left hand, reached inside her skirt and underwear. She gasped out and felt violated, but she let Tom do it without any objection. She was actually curious as to what he was doing to her. Never had someone touched her like he was touching her.

"Fingerprint accepted.... you may proceed" Lory said in a robotic voice.

She then gasped more when she realized he had inserted his index finger inside her vagina and was rubbing on her clitoris.

"How do you like it?" he asked her.

"It's...'s's amazing...ERROR.amazing... this is not my function... amazing." she said, giggling.

"I better stop, I think you systems are crashing again." Tom smiled to her.

"Please don't...amazing...not my function,.,, amazing..." Lory smiled to him, feeling horny for the first time.

"Lory... you are crashing." Tom stopped and removed his hands from her skirt and underwear.

"Amazing...Systems crashing...amazingg..g.g..g...g........g." Lory slowly mumbled out, her A.I. completely crashed again.

Tom reached inside her and deactivated her completely after feeling her power pack was very hot. "I think you have had a rough night...I'll let your systems cool off for the night...good night, Lory" Tom said, laying her in her bed, her stomach still wide open, a blank but smiling look on her face, her systems and motors finally stopped whirling and blinking down. Tom looked at her and came back to her and kissed her on her lips and left for his own bed.

Part 4

Tom woke up late and went to see how Lory was. Lory was still in the exact position he left her. Still lying on her back, her chest panels wide open, her face with a blank but small lost smile on her lips. He sat beside her and studied her more. He then grabbed her manual and proceeded to learn more of her functions and her workings. He then went and grabbed his laptop and took a wire and plugged it into her CPU and to his laptop. He then reactivated her by turning power source back on. She blinked and he waited until she rebooted.

"Oh... I guess I crashed again." she smiled to him, seeing she was still in the same situation from last she remembered.

She then realized she was plugged into his laptop and knew he was accessing her A.I. core directly. "Please don't erase me..." Lory begged quickly.

Tom shook his head, "Of course not!, I'll just see all your functions you have installed inside you, no need to worry." he replied.

Lory smiled relieved and felt Tom accessing her CPU and her A.I., “Okay let's see.... I see you had your last update just a few days again... how?" he asked curious.

"I connect directly to my old owner's company with the Internet and download new patches for myself once a week." she explained.

"Mmm.. I see... there we go... listing all your functions..... oh... I see you are mostly programmed to be a secretary and an accountant..." Tom said, typing away.

"Yes, that is my main function, which is why I was created, to be Mr. Randolf's assistant." Lory said quickly.

"Well, for me, I want you more as.... let's see... maybe my partner... actually... my lover..." Tom smiled to Lory.

"Your lover??" Lory gasped out. "You can't force me to love you!!" she barked out at Tom.

"I don't want to force you! I want you to fall in love with me naturally." Tom yelled back to her.

"I... I don't know if I can... I am not sure what love is... I am just a machine." Lory said softly, confused.

"I'll teach you." Tom smiled to her and grabbed her hands and kiss her deep.

"How do you really feel about me?" Tom asked her.

Lory just stood there, silently looking at Tom. Tom waited for a moment then realized her A.I. had crashed again. Tom rebooted her again, but before she had completely rebooted her A.I., he accessed her systems and went to see her functions again.

Going into the list, he started to disable many of her functions. Most were all about business and secretarial work. He even deactivated her cooking functions, which was taking a large portion of her free memory. He then noticed in different folders of her A.I., her sexual functions were all deactivated. He grinned and activated them. He then went to her settings. He knew he could not reprogram her or risk she would self-destruct her A.I. from her firewalls. But maybe by changing some of her functions and settings, Lory would be a better lover.

Checking her settings, he changed just a few things, like, the color of her eyes, now they are more pale blue. He darkened her blonde hair a bit. He made her voice just a bit more higher pitch. Things like that. After finishing, he closed his laptop and rebooted her again. To his amazement, he saw the changes he did to her appeared.

"Reboot finish, changes to A.I. core accepted. Please enjoy Unit Lory 1.3." Lory said in a robotic voice. She then sat up and look at Tom "Am I okay?" she asked him confused.

"Let's see." he said while he closed her chest panels like closing two doors on a cabinet. He then squeezed her left breast with his right hand, "How does this feel?" he asked her.

She giggled "It feels good...."

"Really?" Tom snickered, "Get naked." he asked her.

"Naked? No way! I never got naked in front of no one before and I won't start today!" Lory barked out, "You might have done something to me, but I am still not your sex doll for you to play with!" she continued, pissed off.

Tom looked at her, "Sorry, I just thought you might enjoy sex... Sorry." he simply said and sat close to her in a chair.

"What are doing?" Lory asked quickly, seeing Tom getting naked and sat in front of her in a big soft pink arm chair. Tom remained quiet and started doing something Lory never saw before.

"What is that?" she asked curious.

“That's my penis." Tom simply answered.

"And what are you doing with it?" Lory asked again.

"I am masturbating... This is what a human does when the person is in need of sex but is stuck without anyone to assist him or her in reaching an orgasm." Tom explained to Lory.

"An orgasm?" Lory questioned him more.

"Yes, an orgasm is what the most important thing is there for a human. Its purpose is to make our sexuality be real pleasurable. That is the real reason humans want sex all the time, not to have kids, but to have this ultimate pleasure... the orgasm." Tom grinned while explaining.

"Can I have an orgasm?" Lory asked quickly.

"Yes, you can now, I just activated all of your sexual functions a moment ago." Tom said, panting a bit, slowly reaching his climax.

"May I assist you reaching an orgasm?" Lory asked Tom, now, without really knowing why, her vagina was all wet.

"Yes you may... Do you want one too?" Tom asked Lory.

"Yes... I really want one..." Lory grinned hard.

"Okay, lay on your back and let me climb on top of you and I will insert my penis inside you." Tom explained, getting up and he went to Lory and told her she needed to be naked. She let him remove her clothing until she was completely naked and laid on her bed on her back. Tom then opened her legs a bit and slowly inserted his penis inside her.

"Ooooohhhh......." Lory gasped out, realizing she was losing her virginity to Tom.

To be continued...

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