An Afternoon To Remember

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Shauna walked into work that morning in a typically cheerful mood. The beautiful young secretary had a certain spring in her step, a bounce to her walk that caused her flowing blonde hair to cascade and ripple almost hypnotically as she moved. She entered the office and hung her coat on the old wooden rack, revealing her usual fashionable officewear: a crisp white blouse, open just enough to give a faint peek of cleavage, and a close-fitting houndstooth-checked skirt that was short enough to be sexy while still conservative enough for this private law practice. She turned on the lights and the computer, and as the system booted up she set about checking the day's appointments. The morning would certainly be busy enough, but the afternoon would be a fairly relaxing one, it seemed.

The echoing click of heels in the hall outside caused Shauna to look up, just in time to see Jennifer enter the office. Jennifer was, to Shauna's eye, the very image of the attractive professional woman: tall and fit, with an elegant, conservative style of dress that allowed her to play the part of the successful attorney in private practice without downplaying her undeniable feminine charms. Her long, straight, dark brown hair was pulled back into a simple queue; as she hung her coat, Shauna saw that she was wearing a very typically Jennifer type of suit today: an appropriately businesslike dark grey, but form-fitting enough to display her lithe, slightly lanky figure to its best advantage and cut to reveal just a hint of what most observers would undoubtedly like most to be revealed. She turned and smiled at her young secretary.

"Good morning," she said. "Any calls yet?"

"Nothing so far," Shauna smiled back. "Your first appointment should be here in about twenty minutes."

"Right, then," Jennifer said. "Let me know when they turn up. I've got a few things to check up on 'til then." She turned and headed into her office.

Shauna looked up and watched her employer walk away--a sight she always enjoyed. Shauna had always appreciated her boss' appearance, her confident and sexily professional aura. Indeed... she did not merely appreciate Jennifer, but in fact harbored a certain attraction to her. Shauna had never been with another woman, nor even given the notion more then the idlest consideration. Yet there was something about Jennifer that appealed to Shauna's deepest fantasies--fantasies Shauna herself was, perhaps, not wholly aware of. Of late, the young blonde had unaccountably found her thoughts turning more and more often to Jennifer... thoughts of being closer to the lovely older woman, thoughts of touching her, of kissing her...

The sound of the law office's door opening broke Shauna's train of thought. She looked up and greeted the new comer, Jennifer's nine o'clock appointment. "I'll tell Ms. Brent you're here," she said, reaching for the phone. The morning's full tide of business was beginning, and Shauna's full attention was drawn to matters of greater priority.

Several hours later, the uninterrupted chain of clients and paperwork began to subside gradually until at last a certain idleness settled into place. Jennifer emerged from her office, looking as sharply professional and energetic as she had when she'd first arrived.

"Well," she said. "That was a morning's work, wasn't it?"

"I know!" Shauna laughed. "I thought we'd never get a moment to breathe!"

"I think we can rest easy for a bit, now," Jennifer said. "I could do with some lunch. My treat. You want to call the Chinese take-out place?"

"Sure," Shauna said. "You want your usual?"

"If you please," Jennifer smiled. "Just let me know what the damage is."

"Gotcha," Shauna said, and reached for the telephone.

Soon enough, lunch arrived, and the attorney and her secretary sat in Jennifer's well-appointed office, enjoying their meal. Shauna sat across the desk from her sexy boss, stealing occasional glimpses at Jennifer's legs. She loved those legs; they were absolutely perfect, better than her own (she thought). Shauna could not help thinking about what lie between Jennifer's long, shapely thighs.


Shauna looked up suddenly. Had Jennifer been speaking?

"You seem a little distracted..." Jennifer said.

"I..." Shauna couldn't figure out how to continue.

"I know you were looking at me," Jennifer said, getting up from her chair and slowly edging around the desk. "I've noticed you looking at me like that a lot lately."

"I'm sorry... I didn't..."

"Don't apologize," Jennifer said softly. She moved closer to the young blonde. "I'm flattered, actually. And a little... curious." The dark-haired woman knelt down beside her secretary. "Do you think I'm attractive, Shauna?"

Shauna looked up to meet Jennifer's gaze. "I think you're very attractive," she whispered. "I think you're beautiful."

Jennifer smiled. "That's good... because I think you're very attractive, too," she said. She moved closer. Shauna caught a faint whiff of Jennifer's perfume, a intoxicating scent...

Then Jennifer kissed her.

Shauna closed her eyes as her lips met Jennifer's. The other woman's tongue gently probed Shauna's mouth. Shauna met it with her own tongue; the kiss grew deeper and more impassioned by the moment.

Jennifer broke off suddenly. "Close the office," she said.

Shauna composed herself, then went out into the reception area and put the 'closed' sign up, locking the door. She then all but ran back to Jennifer's office, closing the door behind her.

Jennifer met Shauna just inside, embracing her and kissing her again. Her hands traveled up and down Shauna's ripe young body.

"I want to make love to you, Shauna. I've wanted you for so long."

"Oh, yes..." Shauna gasped. She kissed Jennifer again. "I've wanted you, too... but I never thought..."

"Now's not the time for thinking," Jennifer said between kisses. "Shauna, have you ever...?"

"No, not with another woman," the blonde whispered. "But I'm ready now. I want to be with you... I want you now..."

Jennifer all but tore open Shauna's blouse, revealing soft, warm globes barely contained by a lacy black bra. She pushed the lace aside, fastening her mouth to one hard nipple.

Shauna cried out softly. This was, if possible, even better than she had ever hoped. She felt Jennifer's hand trailing along the inside of her thigh, moving inexorably upward to finally reach her moist, warm center. The blonde girl shivered at the older woman's touch, barely obstructed by her panties.

Jennifer moved up to kiss Shauna again. Shauna took the oppurtunity to unbutton her employer's blouse, caressing her firm breasts. She began to undress Jennifer, sliding her skirt down those impossibly lovely legs. She took a moment to take in Jennifer's exposed body, still encased in surprisingly sensual lingerie. Sheer, satiny black bra and panties, matching garter belt, black stockings; they contrasted beautifully with the older woman's tanned flesh. Jennifer's figure was even more lovely than Shauna had imagined--slender and toned, quite stunning.

Shauna took the initiative, freeing Jennifer's lovely breasts and sucking and licking at them with unrestrained passion. She slipped a hand beneath the waistband of Jennifer's panties. Both women shuddered as Shauna's fingertips ran along the length of Jennifer's womanhood.

Jennifer followed suit, moving her hand between Shauna's thighs once more and stroking her sex through the now-damp undergarments.

Shauna kissed Jennifer again. "Please make love to me, Jennifer..." she breathed. "Teach me what to do, and then I'll do it to you."

Jennifer could not possibly resist that invitation. She slid Shauna's panties off, smiling at the sight of the blonde's now-exposed pussy. A carefully-trimmed strip of downy golden hair pointed the way to Shauna's center.

Jennifer guided Shauna to the edge of the vast mahogany desk, gently pushing her thighs apart as she knelt between them. She planted a loving kiss on Shauna's smooth, hairless pussy... and then began to lap at the hot, wet loveliness with unbridled enthusiasm.

Shauna cried out. This was so wonderful; her most secret unspoken fantasies were coming to pass. "Oh! Oh, Jennifer... I never thought... that's so good..." A few of Shauna's boyfriends had dutifully gone down on her in the past, but none of them could compare with Jennifer's skillful lovemaking.

Jennifer continued to lick and kiss Shauna's wet pussy, obviously enjoying the experience. Shauna's moans grew louder and more frequent, and in a few minutes she knew she was teetering on the edge.

"Oh, Jennifer, yes... yes... I... I'm going to come... ohhhh, yes! Yes!" Shauna came harder than she could ever remember coming before.

Jennifer continued to lap away at Shauna's pussy, savoring the blonde's taste, drinking in her delectable juices. Finally, as Shauna's orgasm subsided, she rose to kiss the younger woman with unrestrained passion.

Shauna was intensely excited by the taste of her own wetness on Jennifer's lips. She broke off. "I want to do you now," she said. "Tell me what to do. I want to eat your pussy." She slipped off the desk and knelt before Jennifer.

"Just do what comes naturally. Kiss me and lick me the way you would want to be kissed and licked. You'll know what to do."

Shauna kissed the inner surface of Jennifer's thigh, just past her stocking, and made her way inside. She regarded Jennifer's pussy, smooth-shaven with a narrow strip of dark pubic hair. "Oh, Jennifer, it's so beautiful... I've wanted to see your pussy for so long--to taste it, to kiss it..." She extended her tongue as far as she could, licking the delicate nether lips from back to front.

Jennifer sighed as Shauna's first tentative licks grew more heated, more bold. Shauna's hunger was obvious; in a few moments she was entirely devouring Jennifer's pussy, kissing and licking and probing.

Jennifer suddenly broke off in mid-moan, jerking slightly. Shauna paid the erratic motions no heed, continuing to tongue the beautiful lawyer's dripping sex. She twitched again, once, twice, three times in silence.

"Oh!" Jennifer cried sharply. "Wait... I..."

Shauna withdrew her tongue, looking up at her new lover.

"No!" Jennifer gasped. "No... don't stop now... I'm going to come... eat my pussy, Shauna, please..."

Shauna gave Jennifer another few licks. The sexy older woman twitched again.

"Ohhhhh... so good, Shauna... that's right... ohhh, yes, yes! Ohhhh... I-- I-- oh! Oh! Oh--! I am--oh! I am--oh! I am--coming... I am... I am... Oh!" Jennifer twitched once more, and her voice changed suddenly: low, monotone, with a slight hint of distortion. "Error," she said. "Sensor data buffer overload." She cried out again, her voice seized once again with sexual excitement. "Ohhh, God, Shauna, yes! You're so good! I love the way you eat me... don't stop... don't--don't--don't stop..." Monotone: "Error. Failure at 0038:9127ff1. Error. Jennifer Brent Unit XG907 error." Gasping with passion... "Ohhh, yes, Shauna... you're going to make me malfunction... Ohhh, yes... Ohhhhhhh! Yes, yes, ye-e-e-es! I'm coming! Oh my God, yes--error. Jennifer Brent Unit XG907 android system error. Malfunction. Malfunction. Oh, god... yes... y-y-y-y-yes. I am Jennifer Brent Unit XG907. I am an android. I am an android. Perfect machine--perfect robotic woman--android--error--error--error--malfunction--Jennifer--android--machine--coming! Machine. Machine. Machine. Yes. Oh. God. Yes. I. Am. An. Android. Sex. System. Failure. Android. Failure. Error. Jennifer Brent Unit XG907 auto shutdown engaged."

Shauna had by now stopped licking the sexy lawyer's pussy, watching in fascination and confusion as the beautiful woman convulsed and twitched. An android? Jennifer was some kind of robot? It seemed impossible. What was going on here?

"J-Jennifer?" the blonde girl asked warily.

Jennifer did not reply. She was quite still, frozen in the throes of her passion... eyes closed, mouth open, back arched.

Shauna shook her head. She wondered what she should do. Suddenly, the situation seemed much clearer to her. Yes, of course--Jennifer was an android. She knew that. Shauna moved quickly and with certainty toward the phone on Jennifer's desk; it had been jarred aside by the two women's fervent interactions. Shauna lifted the handset and dialed a number from memory.

On the other end of the phone, a recorded female voice answered. "You have reached Aphrodite Technologies Unlimited. If you are a new client, please press one. If you are an existing client, please enter your account number, followed by the pound sign, now."

Shauna punched in a long string of numbers, punctuating them as directed with the pound sign.

"Welcome to Aphrodite Technologies Unlimited. If you wish to speak to a customer service representative, press one. For technical support, please press two."

Shauna pressed two.

"Please enter the alphanumeric designation of the unit requiring technical support."

Shauna entered the designation Jennifer had spoken--'9' for 'X', '4' for 'G', and the digits 9-0-7.

"You have entered the designation X-G-9-0-7. If this is correct, press 'star'."

Shauna complied.

"If you require immediate technical support service, please enter the appropriate request code now. Otherwise, remain on the line and a technical support representative will be with you shortly."

Shauna entered another lengthy string of digits. It did not seem odd to her that she could recall the numerical code so easily; it seemed perfectly natural.

"Request code entered. Your request is being processed now. Thank you for calling Aphrodite Technical Support." The line went dead.

Shauna hung up the telephone. Then she began to quickly get dressed, and waited patiently.

Little more than half an hour passed before a knock came at the outer office door. Shauna went to the door and opened it. A very beautiful woman--tall, with long red hair pulled back into a simple queue--stood before her. She was dressed in a simple, casual outfit--jeans and a v-necked t-shirt under a black blazer. She carried a middling-sized briefcase.

"Hello," the redhead said with a smile. "I'm Bridget, from Aphrodite Technical Support. You must be Shauna."

"Yes," Shauna said, a little taken aback. She had never met this woman before; how did she know her name?

"Where's Jennifer?" the redhead said.

"She's in her office," Shauna said. "She, uh..." Shauna was strangely puzzled as to how to continue that sentence; her voice trailed off.

"That's all right," Bridget said. "Don't worry about it. May I come in?"

"Yes, of course," Shauna said, and held the door open. She led the lovely redhead to Jennifer's office, opening the door.

Bridget took in the scene, with the frozen half-naked attorney still perched on the edge of the desk, thighs parted. She made no indication of reacting to the scene. She simply set her briefcase on the desk next to Jennifer and opened it up.

Within the briefcase were a PDA and an assortment of sophisticated-looking electronic tools and gadgets. Bridget took one of these arcane devices and placed it next to Jennifer's throat, just at the left corner of her jaw. The redhead then slowly moved the device up past Jennifer's ear, and across her forehead; then down past her other ear, and along the jawline to end up where she had started.

Placing the tool on the desk, Bridget then raised her hands to gently grasp Jennifer's face. She pulled outward, and Jennifer's face came off to reveal a complex maze of tightly packed electronic components.

Shauna gasped involuntarily. It was true! Jennifer really was a machine. That somehow seemed impossible to Shauna... and yet she did not say anything aloud. She did not do anything but watch Bridget take out another tool and prod some of the circuits and wires inside Jennifer's head. She remained strangely calm as the redhead plugged a cable from her PDA into a port nearly concealed amongst the sophisticated mechanisms of the synthetic attorney's head.

Bridget worked diligently for a few moments, studying the display of her PDA. She then entered a few commands, and looked up at the faceless female android.

Jennifer's stiff pose relaxed suddenly, adopting a more conventional pose--thighs closed, hands in her lap. A voice--unmistakeably Jennifer's, but somewhat flat and electronically distorted--issued forth from the exposed components. "Unit XG907 beginning boot sequence. Vocal status announcements off."

Bridget watched the PDA intently as the boot sequence ran its course. Then she disconnected the PDA and carefully returned Jennifer's face to its proper place.

"How are you feeling, Jennifer?" Bridget asked.

Jennifer smiled. "Much better now, thank you," she said. "What happened?"

"Nothing of importance," Bridget said. "Just a slight software error. We just found out that there were a few bugs in the latest orgasm modules, and we hadn't gotten a chance to get the patch out. I installed the patch for you, though, and you should be fine now."

"Thank you," Jennifer said. "What about Shauna?"

"Oh, yes," Bridget said. She turned to Shauna. "We'll need to get her sorted out too, I suppose..."

"What do you mean?" Shauna said. She was highly confused; this seemed so strange. Part of her wanted to ask questions... how could Jennifer be an android? How did she herself know who to call when Jennifer malfunctioned? What was going on here? And yet, those questions seemed too unimportant to give voice to.

"Shauna... code three-six-three-nine-four-alpha-november-seven-two," Bridget said simply.

Shauna blinked, once, twice, three times. She shook her head slightly as she processed the spoken code sequence. Very briefly--for a barely measurable stretch of time--Shauna became aware of a pertinent fact, one which caused her confusion to vanish entirely. Of course. I'm a robot too--

The code sequence triggered a preprogrammed reaction. Words issued from her mouth without conscious intent. "Unit XG783 in standby mode. Personality emulation disabled." No part of the girl named Shauna remained now; in her place was a wholly-motionless image of a girl, whose electronic mind now awaited further commands without comment. This was a mere machine now, a cold simulated intellect devoid of human feeling or reaction.

"Run protocol Forget1," Bridget said. "Delete all memory references to Unit XG907's true nature from storage. Delete all memory references to 'Bridget' from storage."

"Executing requested protocol," Shauna droned. "Specified memory references: deleted."

Bridget packed up her tools. "Well, that should take care of that," she said. "I presume the revised sexuality software worked out all right?"

"Oh, yes," Jennifer smiled. "Wonderfully."

Bridget returned the smile and nodded. "I'm glad to hear it. Don't hesitate to call if either of you experiences any further difficulties," she told Jennifer.

"Thank you so much, Bridget," Jennifer said.

Bridget walked to the door, heading out into the reception area. "Unit XG783," the redhead said, "Please walk into the reception area and sit in the chair behind the desk."

Wordlessly, Shauna complied. Her movements were slow, stiff, mechanical. She sat in the chair and waited, her body still again.

"I'll be going now," Bridget said, walking to the exit. "Have a nice day."

"You, too," Jennifer smiled.

"Unit XG783... resume normal operation in thirty seconds." Bridget said, and walked out.

As Shauna left the office that evening, the bounce in her step had not diminished one bit. If anything, it was perhaps slightly intensified. This had been a good day, as she'd suspected from the start. She smiled a secret, inward sort of smile. Making love with Jennifer was a fantasy fulfilled; she could barely believe it had happened. Already the memories took on a surreal, dreamlike quality... she couldn't even remember how she'd ended up back at her desk afterwards. No matter, though; the future held promise of more wonderful afternoons, and more wonderfully erotic memories.

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