Alsatia Zevo

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Fictional fembot
Name Alsatia Zevo
Serial number unknown
Model number unknown
Other names unknown
Date of Manufacture unknown
Manufactured by unknown
Sentience unknown
Functional status rebuilt and functional

Alsatia Zevo was a fictional character from the 1992 fantasy film Toys. She was portrayed by actress Joan Cusack.


At the outset of the movie, she is introduced as the younger sister of toy company heir Leslie Zevo. Like Leslie, she is very quirky, perhaps to the point of mental illness. She eats only white bread sandwiches with mayonnaise and multivitamin tablets, although she expresses interest in an applesauce sandwich. She wears colored plastic wigs, clip-on paper outfits over her clothes, and she sleeps in a giant doll house contained in a much larger room. She enjoys singing in the ladies bathroom, due to superior acoustics. Altogether, she has a very innocent, kind and childlike personality.


During the climax of the film, she is shot by a prototype military robot, saving her brother in the process. It is not until this point that her true nature is revealed, although it is hinted at earlier when her cousin mentions he has known her for years and she has never appeared to age. Her head is detached, revealing gears and springs inside. Her brother Leslie explains that she was built by his late father to serve as his companion and guardian after the early death of his mother. Leslie comforts her severed and disoriented but still-conscious head in a scene that, at first, appears quite tragic.


However, during the epilogue of the film, which takes place almost a year later Alsatia appears physically intact. Leslie explains that his father left her blueprints in his safe. Alsatia promptly falls down, then mistakes her surroundings for Paris, and Leslie says that she may require more work.

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