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The hot early summer air wrapped the entire night in a sort of thick and unpleasant atmosphere. Inside the massive estate of one Francis Wayland the air was cool, crisp, and almost sweet. It was also silent and unoccupied, or at least most assumed it was. The silence was broken by the sharp click of heels as they impacted the highly polished tile flooring in the hallway on the top level of the manor house. The strides were far apart, indicating long legs, and while the clicking was present, they were softened, as if someone was attempting to the best of their ability to muffle the sounds. A delicate and feminine hand gently turned the door handle leading into Fracis’s study, pushing it inward before a lithe form stepped into the room, her sharp chury body silhouetted by the ambient moonlight streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows. Her legs were indeed long, the high heels added to the perceived length as well. Even shrouded in the moonlight one could tell that her legs were trim and lithe, lacking any apparent excess. Her hips were just wide enough to connect the legs to the pelvis before her body dove sharply inward. To say she had an hourglass figure was something of an exaggeration. 

Candy was a recent hire into the Wayland estate, and she was currently serving Francis as a maid. Most other’s had turned down the position as it was a requirement to wear a cliche french maid’s uniform and serve more as something pretty to look at, rather than any actual cleaning. Candy didn’t mind, in the most literal sense of the phrase. She was, in truth, not a human at all and lacked a mind of her own, or any mind at all. She was an android that had been crafted specifically to infiltrate Francis’s manor and retrieve as much sensitive information as she possibly could. Once the job posting had been made, the agency that commissioned Candy placed an order for the perfect candidate. She was equipped with the most modern and sophisticated equipment needed to complete the job. Her eyes looked human, but behind the glassy orbs were high definition cameras that fed a constant stream of video to a series of storage media drives inside of her chest. Her skin, while flawless, was ultimately artificial and close inspection would easily show that it was mostly plastic and just as fake as every part of her. 

Candy’s upper torso should have informed the casual observer about her robotic nature most of all. Her breasts were large, too large for her petite frame. They were perfectly rounded and bounced and jiggled with the slightest movement. Each step she had taken down the tiled hallway had caused her chest to sway and ripple, but that was the kind of feature Mister Wayland was in the market for. Her lips were full and permanently dyed pink with any number of chemically brewed colours. Framing her all to symmetrical and perfectly crafted face was a full head of hair, spilling over from her scalp and resting voluminously around her head and shoulders. The light brown hair was currently pulled back into a tight bun high up on the back of her head. 

Candy stepped into the study, the hydraulics in her legs moving her lower to the ground as she crept forward into the darkened study. As her manufacturers and the agency that dispatched her to this location would find out, the issue with building a perfectly beautiful infiltration android was that the looks, gadgets, and upgrades left little room for competent programming. Storage drive slots were all filled with dedicated hardware for recording information and left only a small slot on one of her many internal circuit boards for a personality and some awareness. The resulting robot acted and spoke like some kind of cliche valley girl. Incidentally this contributed to Francis’s choice to hire her on. He didn’t like to admit that he had a type, but the ditzy bimbo look and act was definitely right up his alley. He would later lament that he never got an opportunity to accidentally grope her, or lift up the white tulle under her skirt and grab her ass. 

The lack of opportunity would be a product of what was waiting in the shadows behind the door to the study. A tall, well muscled man casually holding a taser gun in one hand. As soon as Candy was fully in his view, he pointed the device at her and pulled the trigger. Two high velocity needles sprang from the end of the weapon and lodged themselves in Candy’s back. One just next to her right shoulder, the other directly between her shoulder blades. The wire’s jutting from the back of the prongs led back to the gun and carried a massive current of wild electrical energy. As the electrical current flowed into her body, Candy’s head convulsed from one side to the other, her entire body going rigid and her back arched. Her head thrust towards the ceiling, the last image captured before going offline was a perfect view of the floor rapidly rushing up to meet her as she collapsed.

Her systems came back online, and an internal clock registered that she had been offline for nearly an hour. Her vision returned as she saw a man looming over her, his hand receding from behind her ear where her power button had been pressed. Her vision was distorted still, occasionally a flash of white and black static was trail across her video feed or the image would split and wobble until it corrected itself a moment later. 

“O-Ow, like, what the hell? That hu-huuuuuurt.” Candy muttered, her personality was still coming online, but her internal systems mustered enough processing power from the limited resources it had to spare to craft a reply. 

The man was already stepping away from her, as he did so the squealing of a heavy set of bars, firmly welded to a sliding top and bottom door, slammed into place. Candy pushed herself to her feet, wobbling slightly as her operating system balanced her frame on the high heels. Once she was upright Candy saw that she was in a rudimentary cell of sorts, bland concrete brick walls dominated three sides of the area with no view into the outside world, and an iron barred door in front of her. 

“What the hell? Like, let me out of here!” Candy demanded, stepping up to the door and wrapping her hands around the bars, her heels clicking loudly and echoing around the area. 

“Shut the hell up you dumb fucking droid” her captor muttered, sounding already annoyed at her valley girl tone of voice. Candy responded by scoffing and looked offended.

“I’m not a robot. Do I look like a toaster to you?” The indignation in her voice was clearly manufactured. It only served to make her captor roll his eyes. 

“Listen you dumb little robot. You’re waddling around Mister Wayland’s estate in a god damn french maid uniform that looks like it was picked up as a halloween costume. Your tits jiggle like they are filled with jello, and you even had the stupidest valley girl twng in your voice. You’re a goddamn robot, and a shitty one at that.” Candy was silent for a moment as her operating system formulated a response. 

“I’m not a robot. Do I look like a toaster to you?” Candy said, using the same tone and inflection as the first time she had said it just moments ago, though this time it was accompanied by her head flopping to one side, a motion that somehow required her legs to bounce slightly, meaning her breasts also bounced. 

“My god, I don’t have time for this. Just tell me why you were snooping around Mister Wayland’s study at two in the morning.” The man said, folding one burly looking arm over the other and giving Candy a dry look. 

“I’m like, totally his maid. I was cleaning! It’s like, suuuuper dusty in there.” Candy’s reply caused the man to sigh and shake his head. 

“Right, I guess we do this the hard way.” With that he stepped over to the iron bars that Candy was standing behind, her hands still wrapped around the bars as she peered out, looking mostly innocent, but it could also just be vacant. 

“Are you letting me go?” Candy asked. 

The man reached into his pocket and grasped the key to the cell, with his free hand however he reached through the bars and quickly wrapped his hand around the back of Candy’s head then viciously slammed her head into the array of bars in front of her face. The air was filled with a metallic twang as the metal bar reverberated from the impact of the equally metal skull just on the other side of Candy’s artificial flesh. As she recoiled her captor could see that some of the flesh had been torn by the impact and the shiny chrome plating below her skin was now slightly visible. Candy tumbled backwards, her eyes were crossed for a moment, then her left eye readjusted itself, centering on the man while the other remained locked in place. 

“O-Ow, like, what the hell? That hu-huuuuuurt.” She stuttered, and the sound of something popping inside of her somewhere could be heard. Not that it mattered, the cell door had already slid open and the man stormed in. He bent forward and hauled Candy up by her shoulders and forcefully tossed her out of the cell where she stumbled forward and stopped only when she hit the edge of a large wooden table that was bolted to the floor. It did a great job at stopping her momentum, but Candy crumpled forward at the waist. From behind Candy felt a powerfully firm hand press down into her shoulder, holding it in place against the table. At the same time an equally powerful hand grammed on to the scrawny hip bone and began to rotate her hips. 

“Hey like, don’t you-touch m-m-m-me there. There.” Candy stammered, even as the sound of cracking and eventually snapping and shattering plastic filled the room.

Candy’s spine was constructed mostly of a plastic external shell, just enough to make it look convincingly human if need be. Nestled inside of the flexible moulded plastic exterior was a length of fiber optic cabling that ran from her head, down through her neck and into the spine where it was gradually dispersed in threads to a variety of circuit boards where data and instructions could be individually processed and executed. Bundled together with the fiber optics were a series of power cables that served and operated in much the same way.  As the unknown man turned Candy’s hips while holding her upper torso in place continued to turn her lower half, the plastic was the first to break. First it stretched, the plastic turning lighter as it stretched to its breaking point then shatting in an instant. The break ruptured at least five of the artificial vertebrae, transforming them into small chunks of shrapnel. The fiber optic and power cables would be more difficult to break. 

As Candy’s hips finally broke free of the bindings of her spine, the artificial flesh was the only substance holding her together. Soon though, even that began to stretch and tear. Once the artificial skin had stretched to its very limits and tore free, Candy’s hips and legs were left dangling out of the bottom of her skirt, suspended only by the power and data cables in her spine. The data flow became inconsistent both from Candy’s processors becoming wildly over taxed with errors and warnings, but also from the inherent damage to the cabling as shards of the shattered spinal column cut into the delicate fiber optic cables. Her legs began to kick and spasm at random intervals and directions. Her captor noticed this when one of her heeled feet kicked into his shin, he swore and let her go, jumping backwards. The unbalanced distribution of weight drug Candy’s legs to the ground and her torso with it. The fake android fell to the floor and slammed into the cement below her. 

“Hey like, don’t touch m-m-m-me there. There. Ow, like, what the hell? That hurt. I’m not a robot. Do I look like a toaster to you?” Candy muttered as she landed face down, flopping awkwardly onto her own legs. There was a huff from the man standing over her who reached down and grabbed Candy around her torso, then placed a foot on her ass. With a small amount of effort he yanked her upwards. With a bright flash and a spray of white hot sparks, Candy’s upper torso came free of her legs, destroying the data and power connection to her legs entirely. 

“Ow, like..ow li-like- ow that- ow like that hur-huuuurrrr- ow. Like that. Like that, like like like...ow like, that hurt!” Candy mumbled and her eyes crossed fully now, staring directly at the center of her face as her big puffy pink lips curled and warped into an odd expression. He hauled her up and then flung her torso onto the table without much care for anything else. The impact forced her breasts to sway as she finally came to rest. 

“I’ll just take the fucking data myself then.” He muttered as Candy’s eyes whined as if they were fighting to look in two directions at the same time. The man reached across the table and picked up a standard looking flat headed screwdriver and lined it up at the front of Candy’s ear. 

“Hey n-n-now you. You can’t do-do-do-do I’m not a robot. Do I look like a toaster to you?. Do that. That.” She managed to mutter before her voice trailed off. As it did the tool was pressed forcefully into her head and with a crunching sound and a snap something broke free. The screwdriver was set down and he grabbed her upper ear and pulled outward. Her ear slid out and with it came a tray of chips, all lodged inside a long green circuit board. He knew that these were the storage media cards that held the majority of the information he needed. There was a small whoosh and his own ear popped out from his head slightly. Pulling it open revealed an empty sled with a similar circuit board. He began plucking the chips from Candy’s head and inserting them into his own. Once done he pushed the tray back into his own head and closed his eyes, quickly reading the data there. 

“There’s a lot of garbage here, but it will do. You’re a piss poor thief.” He said, looking down on the upper portion of what remained of Candy. “But you might be good for something-”

His voice trailed off as his hands descended to his slacks and began to unfasten the belt and let them slide down his legs. Kicking off his shoes and pants, he smirked down at his prize. Candy’s mouth was still moving as if she was jibbering. He roughly flipped her over so that she was face down on the table then retrieved the discarded screwdriver from earlier. He then positioned himself in front of her head and jammed the screw driver precisely into the place where her scalp and hair piece met the facial panel. There was a similar crunching and snapping sound as the manual locks were broken enough for him to pull off the hard plastic backing to her skull, taking her hair with it. He tossed it to the side and heard it clatter on the floor before he looked into her head. A small amount of circuitry was there, making him chuckle just a little. 

“You were literally an airhead the whole time. What a shitshow.” He muttered before identifying a data port, though it was covered with a clear hard plastic covering, presumably to prevent someone from plugging in to it. The screwdriver head wiggled under it and pried it open with a pop. 

“Hey like, don’t touch me there. Me There. Me me me me there.” Candy mumbled, her voice muffled slightly by facing straight down. 

She was paid no attention and a small panel in the side of the male android’s head slid open and he reached in to tug out a data cable. It was on a sort of retractable coil and he had plenty of length to spare. He plugged in to her data port and within moments found her security protocols jumping on his connection. He laughed, they were as rudimentary as she was. The idea was that they were granted their own dedicated processor on her primary system board. It was easy enough to identify as it was branded with the manufacturer in bright white letters. The screwdriver was jammed into and through the chip, leading to a fresh shower of sparks and Candy’s security systems were taken fully offline. With a smirk he proceeded to dive into her file system. Most of the files and directories were dedicated to low level operations to keep her running, things like automatic balance calibrations or chunks of code dedicated to making her randomly blink. Soon though, he found exactly what he wanted, her personality emulation.

The folder and files within were mostly empty, earning another diminutive chuckle. She was all pretty hardware, but there was little between the ears, figuratively and literally. He took a small amount of time to rewrite some choice files to make her less of a ditzy airhead and more of a purely lust driven sex toy. He committed the changes and disconnected the cable, retracting it into his own head and resealing the panel. Candy’s eyes widened and soon there was a low purr rumbling out of her throat. He flipped her body over again, now facing upwards he started his own sexual programming and his previously flaccid manhood stiffened with all haste. Candy found her mouth being forced open, not that she minded, and his cock was jammed into her mouth. It was long and hard enough that he could see her throat bulging outward with each thrust. 

Candy’s vocal systems didn’t actually need to move her mouth in order to form words. All it required was the speaker assembly in her through to be functional, which at this point, it still was. A series of moans and groans spilled out, though there were only two or three variations on the same sound, so the same sound file played over and over. He continued to slam himself into her mouth over and over, eventually he grasped her head in order to allow him to pull her into him as he thrust into her. In time her hands came up and reached around him, grabbing fimly onto his legs to encourage him to push further and harder. This seemed only to anger him, and the first instant caused him to simply slap her hands away, but after that he actually stopped fucking her mouth and take action. He pulled himself out of her, but remained hard as he took a step back. 

“Like, what's the deal? I wa-was having a goooo-good time.” Candy muttered as one of her arms was seized by the wrist and a hand clamped onto her neck. With the kind of strength only a well built and optimized android could have, Candy found her arm first popping in several places as data connections came free then eventually one loud metallic ping as her arm tore free of the joint. 

 “Ow, like, what the hell? That hurrrr-” Candy began but found a hand tearing into the skin on her throat. Taking with it a fair amount of the small but potent speakers. She let out a squelching squawk of staticy syllables. Her captor marched around the table and pulled the other arm out, finding that the upper portion of her arm rested about halfway between her shoulder and the edge of the table. With a swift motion he brought an open palm strike down on her elbow. Her body bucked and Candy’s arm snapped roughly in the center of her upper arm, leaving frayed and ruined cabled snapping and sparking with electric blue arcs. 

“That’s better, you’re so much better when you don’t talk.” The man said, walking back to her mouth and forced it open again and resumed his thrusting. It wasn’t long before he felt a climax boiling up inside of him and soon enough he was filling her throat with artificial cum. He looked down to see that one of her eyes was mostly closed, fluttering rapidly, while the other one remained open wide, staring vaguely to one side. As he extracted himself from her, he looked down at her and shook his head. She was a worthless mess, with shards of plastic, shreds of synthetic skin, and pieces all over the table and surrounding flooring. Candy made a weird kind of gurgling sound that came out as heavily digitized and distorted. Her mouth moved as if she were trying to form words, but nothing made any sense. 

The man sighed and shook his head. He knew he would have to clean up the mess he had made here, but first he needed to take Candy fully offline. It was a simple enough thing to do. He placed his hands on either side of her head and began to pull it towards himself. Her body scooted along the table and once her head was dangling over the edge, still attached to her body only by her neck, he began turning it round and round. Unlike her lower portions, her head was able to turn surprisingly far before the internal joint began to show signs of fatigue. Soon though it was grinding and crunching as the plastics inside of her neck broke as well. Where there was once a fair amount of resistance suddenly allowed him to turn her head easily in any direction. Her eyes looked as vacant as always, but the fluttering eyelids had stopped. He drove three fingers into her mouth and placed a hand on her upper chest then pulled back, dragging her head off of her neck by her mouth. 

Once torn free he held up her head module and looked into it, a small amount of his own cum was dripping slightly out of the lower portions of her neck. Her eyes were lifeless and rolling up into her head as her mouth hung open. 

“You really were pretty worthless, weren’t you.” He said as he dropped her head to the floor with a solid thump. He walked out of the room and returned several minutes later dragging a large garbage bin. Her legs were the first to be tossed in, they were too long to fully fit, so the stuck out of the top of the bin, gradually bending at the knees and coming to rest at an odd angle. Her torso took some work as her massive breasts took up so much space that they too had to be pulled forcefully off and tossed in separately. Finally her head. He picked up the head unit by slipping his fingers into the open space between the exposed circuit board and the top portions of the skull cavity. He made an underhanded toss from across the room towards the trash can. Her head first hit the wall before falling into the bin. Her captor raised both arms triumphantly into the air and made a small cheering noise to himself. Soon, whatever was left of Candy was swept up with a push broom and a dust bin and dropped into the trash. 

“Trash for the trash bin. God you were hot. Maybe next time mister Wayland will bring me something a little more clever to play with.”