Afternoon Appointment

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Sarah was Simon’s latest gadget and on one of their lads Friday nights out, Simon was saying to Jeff and friends… got to be the best ordering process I had ever come across. You can order over the phone or internet but because an afternoon appointment got cancelled, so thought I would check out their personal serves they advertise, Simon carries on, I dropped by their sale office which is in one of the modern glass domes in the centre of the city which has 8 or 10 floors…massive, your greeted by one of the many beautiful, fit girls as soon as you enter through the automatic doors and start walking across the black marble floor. As you are guided towards one of the consulting rooms across the hall I could not help feeling like a boy in a candy shop and all I could think about was trying out their latest sex programs with any of the girls.

As Simon sat on a leather sofa across from a long legged, slim brunet who seemed to be talking to him but all he could think about was her perfect breasts as he imagined pealing back her fitted white shirt which was hardly buttoned as it showed glimpses of her lace bra which seemed to be moulded to her skin, flattering her curved lines just like…… Sir, Sir… Simon finds himself back in the consulting room. I’m sorry I did not catch your name, as he smile at the pretty face which complements the rest of her body. I am Fiona the latest sales android and I can see you a man who like to get striate down to business.

What is the main purpose of the android; we have many programs you can customise for all home, business and pleasure needs. For my pleasure, as Simon’s eyes starts to wonder down Fiona’s body again. Any other purpose, as these girls come a 200JM memory? No, in a higher pitched voice than he had would have liked through sheer excitement. Fiona stands up and starts walking towards the seconded door in the consulting room which at this point Simon notices she is wearing stockings and spenders under her tight pencil skirt. She asks yet another slim beautiful figure if Pam would like to join her in room 12.

By the time Fiona has dimmed the lights and pulled the computer screen near, a naked sexy Pam enters the room and plugs in a lead which is attached to the computer to her front lower service panel. Pam is a pro-vision android Mx600 so you can see and feel the figure you would like and we can tweak things smaller or larger to your taste and needs, to get her perfect for you. Let’s start with the height and basic outline shape then Sir. I would like it so when I fuck her up against the wall, Simon finds himself standing up holding an imaginary hot babe, that her ass would sit here, holding out his hands and face about here, leaning in if he was to kiss. For your height you would be looking at 5’7’’ with long leg. Pam nods and smiles which then disappears as she turns into a faceless 5’7’’ figure with long legs. I don’t like a tummy on a girl but not bony either, with a waist and a good hand full of boob too, Simon finds himself smiling to himself at the last part of what he said. Let’s look at a size 8, C cup Pam and we will look at the breasts in more detail later. Simons smile fads as he looks at Pam… mmmm… to thin, just a little more meat on her. Ok…how about a size 10? Yes, much better.

Fiona turns to the computer her fine factual structure highlighted by the screen… Now we have the outline let’s put in the details Are you happy starting with the face Sir?

Simon walks towards the figure which was once Pam and sees a face looking back at him which he had just put together on the computer. You’re …. You’re good as he glimpses towards Fiona. He find himself swimming deep into these large deep hazel eyes, a flush of red in her cheeks complements her pale soft skin, the perfect shape and structure of these tender lips, his eyes follow his fingers tips as they glide down the brown flowing curls which tumble down to the breasts.

Yes Fiona say softly, that the next part. Simon had forgotten where he was for a seconded or two, looking at his hands which had found their way to the breasts. You can stay with Pam for this part Fiona turns back to the screen. Have a feel, would you like them larger or smaller, firmer or softer? The smile creeps back onto Simons face….Larger but the firmness is good. Even he is surprised they feel so real and soft. Let’s try a size up Pam….D He feels the boobs swell in his hands…..that better. Can I have her nipples semi hard at all times until she is being turned on which would then go hard?

As Fiona and Simon work together on the figurer which stands before them deciding on shapes of hands, types of nails, length of legs, size of thighs and pertness of bum. Fiona smiles, one last part before we move onto the programs…. …..what type of Virginia would you like? Simon chuckles as he has not herded a pussy been called the Virginia since school. She has to be hairless with a little vertical strip, an easy to find clit which I can suck; I proffer a lighter pink in colure…errrrr… how tight would you like her to be inside Fiona interrupts. Tight? …..errr…..Simon stutters th.. th.. that’s one hard to explain. That’s ok you can pick myself or Pam and we can find out your pleasure pressure. Simon thinks for a full 3 seconds I will be taking home a Pam look-a-like so would you do the honours Fiona?

My pleasure she smiles. So we can take are time together what programs would you like her to have? The sexiest and naughtiest program please but basic in all other areas. Pam smiles as she disconnects the cable, I will get the process underway ….what will you call her? Sarah I think, replies Simon. Would you like to read this which is the cost of Sarah and swipe your card here. Fiona passes him a computer clip board and after he swipes leads him back to the sofa as Pam slips out of the room.

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