After the Makeover

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Rachel regained consciousness gradually, automatically announcing status information as her systems came online. She was lying on a couch in one of the Institute's maintenance bays, the lower half of her body detached and her thorax open. Her long, shapely legs lie on a table nearby, but her pelvic module was nowhere to be found. Wires and fiberoptic cables trailed from her waist and her open access panel to a variety of diagnostic machinery. "Unit RX3598 is in maintenance mode," she said. Rachel realized that Jessica and Maria must have brought her in for repairs after her malfunction. She was completely motionless, her motor systems disabled; in maintenance mode, her subsystem essentially took complete control of her body's functions. She would respond directly to commands and inquiries, allowing the technicians to service and maintain her systems without her conscious participation. Her personality emulation continued to run in the 'background', allowing her to remain fully conscious but not to take voluntary control of her synthetic body.

A sexy redhead came into her field of vision. The gorgeous woman, clad in the gray-and-black garb of an Institute technician, studied a diagnostic readout. A lovely blonde with close-cropped hair adjusted a component inside Rachel's exposed torso.

"The faulty sexual subprocessor was the culprit," the redhead said softly. "It should have been caught during initial post-commissioning diagnostics and testing. It wasn't capable of handling that kind of data flow for long." "I agree," the blonde said. "Of course, this unit's sexual utilization rates are a little high. I think the demands on her sex hardware probably exceeded expected rates... especially during stimulink. When the subprocessor failed, it also caused some issues with her pelvic module hydraulics package. Even though she's not a dedicated sex unit, we might want to consider installing a software interlock--limit her orgasm sequences." "That might be premature," the redhead said. "Her sexual activity rates aren't abnormally high. Replacing the subprocessor with a properly-functioning component should suffice. She's just been enjoying her new body." "Very well," the blonde nodded. She walked away, as the redhead continued to study diagnostic data. Shortly the blonde returned with a new pelvic module, which she proceeded to place on the couch. She began connecting wires and fiberoptic cables, integrating the new component with Rachel's android systems. "New hardware found... Modular pelvic unit for android RX3598... Running diagnostic checks," said Rachel as the final connection was made. "Diagnostics complete... Ready to upload configuration data" she continued; her vocal system automatically repeated the same status data that appeared before her eyes. "Configuration accepted. Successful modular attachment completed... Finalising propriroceptory configuration." Rachel was intensely excited as the android technicians replaced her pelvic module. She had never felt so totally robotic... she knew that she was an enormously complex machine, being repaired and serviced by other beautiful androids. As her subsystem processed the flow of data, Rachel became aware that she was immensely aroused (even though her sex hardware had not yet been configured or initialized). She was overcome by the fact of her artificiality--by the stunning realization that she was truly an intricate assembly of electronics, microhydraulics, and servodynamics mounted within a perfect synthetic female chassis. It was indescribably erotic to acknowledge that fact. I am a machine, she thought happily. I am perfect in every way... a fully functional synthetic woman. These gorgeous machines will restore my robotic body to full functionality. The slightest malfunction can be repaired with ease. I am a machine... a perfect machine, a perfect android. A perfect woman... the perfect Rachel. She lie there contentedly as the lovely androids began to reconnect her legs to the new pelvic module, and contemplated the wonders of being a machine...

The fully-repaired Rachel left the maintenance bay, her systems fully functional once more. What an incredible experience this had been... second only to her actual conversion. Although perfectly human to all appearances, Rachel now felt more completely like a machine than ever before... albeit an exceedingly horny machine. The intensely erotic experience of being disassembled and serviced by other beautiful android women left her craving release. She could not help but replay the cached images of the sexy androids working on her highly-complex systems.

As she made her way to the clothing section, she glanced at the other occupants of the maintenance section--dozens of female technicians and the female androids upon whom they were working. The sight of other robotic women, partly dismantled, being repaired and upgraded was overwhelmingly sexy. Rachel forced herself to walk on, trying not to notice. It was all she could do to refrain from touching herself. The ache between her thighs grew so insistent that she finally accessed a subsystem menu and placed a temporary override on her sexual arousal subroutines. Presently, the arousal data surging through her system core subsided. Rachel sighed from the not-wholly unwelcome frustration. There was only one thing to do: call Maria. Maria's gorgeous synthetic body and sophisticated robotic systems were the single solution to Rachel's dilemma. Some passionate lovemaking with the exquisite Unit RX3655 would certainly sort her out.

"Excuse me... Unit RX3598?" a sultry voice called. Rachel turned. "Yes?" A gorgeous Asian woman, clad in the tight black-and-gray uniform of the Institute, was approaching. "I'm Unit CX6732. Dr. Dyson heard that you were here, and she would be very glad to speak to you for a few minutes if you're available. When it's possible, she likes to personally interview women who have recently made the transition, to see how they're doing." "Of course," Rachel smiled. "I'd love to." "This way, please," the other android said, and led the way to Dr. Dyson's private office.

Rachel was led into the sumptuously-appointed office, and sat before Dr. Dyson's desk. A few moments later, the doctor herself entered. "Hello, Rachel," she said, offering a hand. "How do you do?" "I'm very well, thanks," Rachel said, taking Dr. Dyson's hand. "Wonderful," Dr. Dyson said. She sat in the vast leather-upholstered chair behind the desk. "As Unit CX6732 may have said, I like to see... how shall I say--newcomers... when I can, to see how they're coming along in their new lives." "Yes, so she said." The doctor nodded. "So... how are you enjoying your new body, Rachel?" "Oh, it's wonderful," Rachel said. "I love being a machine." "I don't doubt it," Dr. Dyson smiled. "Most women who have had the chance to become an android find that they don't regret their decision. You're truly a superb unit. I'm glad Maria decided to approach you." Rachel looked at the tall, glamorous woman. Dr. Dyson appeared to be about 40 years old, but a very sexy and vibrant 40. Her face, her figure seemed flawless. "Doctor, I hope it's not an inappropriate question... but are you--" "An android?" Dr. Dyson smiled again. "Yes, I am." She reached up with precision and grace and gently lifted away her facial panel to expose the complex array of circuitry that lie beneath. "I'm completely robotic, like you. I made the transition very early... I was so glad to become a machine, to have a perfect new artificial body. I have a dedicated team whose only responsibility is to upgrade and maintain me." She replaced her faceplate. "I truly love being an android. I've devoted so much time and energy to making this wonderful opportunity available to other women... I believe that this is the ultimate existence--being a perfect machine, a beautiful, totally synthetic woman. What better way to have the body you've always wanted then to simply have it built to your own specifications? To escape the hassles of modern everyday existence... then to be designed and built, programmed and serviced by other androids?" "I agree completely," Rachel said with a smile. "It's truly perfect in every way... thank you so much for making my new life possible. Thank you for building me." "No thanks are necessary," Dr. Dyson said. She rose from behind the desk and stood by Rachel. "It's my pleasure to give other women the chance to benefit from my work." She leaned close to Rachel. "Of course, if you are insistent on showing your gratitude... it'd be rude of me to refuse..." Rachel's smile widened. Her eyes closed, and her full lips parted slightly as she leaned forward to meet Dr. Dyson's kiss. The two women's tongues met, each swirling about the other. Rachel happily terminated her sex-system overrides, and was overcome at once as arousal data darted back and forth along her data channels. Her hands moved to the exquisite older woman's hips, gliding around to caress Dr. Dyson's shapely bottom.

"Oh, yes, Dr. Dyson," Rachel said softly. "I want to make love with you. I want you so badly... you're so gorgeous... and you're a machine like me... no one can pleasure me like you can. Please make love to me..."

"I'd love nothing better," Dr. Dyson said, kissing Rachel more deeply. "You're so beautiful... so sexy. I've wanted to make love to you since I first saw your perfect, naked android body being assembled. This is the ultimate, Rachel... passionate lesbian sex betwen two perfect android women." She kissed Rachel's neck and began unbuttoning her blouse.

Dr. Dyson slipped a hand inside Rachel's blouse, finding an already-firm nipple through the silken fabric of the younger woman's bra. The scientist knelt next to Rachel, unbuttoning her blouse and gently pulling aside the black bra. Her mouth left Rachel's, only to fasten itself at once to Rachel's ready nipple. Dr. Dyson softly traced Rachel's areola with her tongue. "Mmmmmm... you are a well-made unit, Rachel," she said. "I like to personally inspect new units when I can. To ensure that our manufacturing and transference processes are upholding my standards." She freed the other breast from its enclosure, being careful not to neglect its erect nipple. She continued to lavish attention upon Rachel's splendid breasts, even as one hand moved to Rachel's stocking-clad knee and move slowly, inexorably up the elegant thigh. A tiny sigh escaped Rachel's lips. Dr. Dyson was remarkably skillful, causing Rachel to become increasingly aroused. A message window appeared in Rachel's field of vision, informing her that her arousal level had passed 50% already and was climbing rapidly. She gave a tiny jerk and a simulated gasp as Dr. Dyson's hand finished its journey up Rachel's thigh and a slender, perfectly-manicured fingertip insinuated itself beneath the lovely android's panties. "Your sexual responses are all within set parameters," Dr. Dyson said as her fingertips lightly teased Rachel's rapidly-moistening artificial sex. She moved down to both knees, now, and gently moved Rachel's knees apart. Rachel did not resist in the least, but merely uttered anticipatory sounds from the back of her throat. The beautiful older woman carefully hiked up Rachel's skirt, hooking her fingers beneath the waistband of the sexy android's black panties and then drawing them down her long legs. Dr. Dyson beamed as her ultimate objective was revealed to her. She leaned closer, casting a knowing and appreciative gaze on Rachel's stunningly lovely sex. "Now that is truly exquisite," Dr. Dyson said reverently. "When I was developing the earliest female android prototypes, I spent a lot of time on the sexual systems... it was something of a labor of love--trying to perfect artificial womanhood, with not only full functionality but enhanced capabilities. I wanted android women to be able to fully enjoy their bodies, their femininity, while taking full advantage of the possibilities of technology..." She smiled. "And, of course... when I made the transition myself, I found that my time hadn't been spent in vain. What nature gave women is quite nice, but I truly believe that my design far outstrips the original." Her fingertips glided across Rachel's outer lips. "Oh, yes..." Rachel purred. "I agree. I love my robotic pussy... it's a work of art. I never dreamed of such pleasure before I became a machine." "Consider it a gift," Dr. Dyson said, her mouth descending upon Rachel's pussy. Her lips briefly touched Rachel, creating a wonderful sensation that raced through Rachel's circuitry. Then the doctor's tongue snaked out to softly, teasingly slide along Rachel's slit. Rachel moaned as Dr. Dyson favored her with another lick, and another, each stroke moving deeper into her. Powerful electronic impulses jolted Rachel's sex hardware as Dr. Dyson's tongue found her synthetic clit. Dr. Dyson was a superb lover, eating Rachel with indescribable skill. Rachel was even more aroused by the enthusiasm with which Dr. Dyson licked her pussy; the other android clearly loved what she was doing. Dr. Dyson gently parted Rachel's lovely nether lips with her fingers, allowing her better access to Rachel's sensitive clit. The doctor's tongue eagerly probed Rachel's robotic sex, overwhelming Rachel's sophisticated circuitry. Suddenly the sexy scientist rose from between Rachel's thighs. "You are such a perfect unit, Rachel... you're the kind of android I always dreamed of building. You've got me so hot; I'm at 63% arousal and climbing. I need you to please me, RX3598... I want you to eat me, too... Let's sixty-nine!" She stood and turned to her desk, removing her jacket, skirt and blouse. She wore no panties, only a lacy bra and a garter belt holding up sheer stockings. Rachel gazed at the gorgeous android woman who had, moments ago, been licking her pussy. Dr. Dyson's body was stunning, with curvaceous hips, a trim waist, and beautiful, full breasts. Dr. Dyson climbed atop the desk, lying back with her legs slightly apart. Rachel needed no prompting; she, too, mounted the desk, straddling Dr. Dyson's face. She lowered her dripping sex over the doctor's waiting mouth, and then leaned forward between the doctor's thighs. She allowed her subsystem to take control, her software guiding her tongue to Dr. Dyson's lovely, carefully-manicured robotic pussy. Dr. Dyson moaned, briefly suspending her own ministrations to praise Rachel's efforts. "Your oral sex programming is excellent, RX3598," she said, breathlessly--her own sophisticated software maintaining the illusion of an organic woman's responses. "You're so good at this. I love the way you lick my synthetic pussy." Rachel did not respond, except to redouble her efforts. Her tongue explored Dr. Dyson's folds, swirling around her erect clitoris. She imagined the wonderful pleasure data surging through the doctor's circuitry. This was intensely erotic... she had greatly enjoyed the few occasions she and Maria had sixty-nined together, but it was something else altogether to do it with the lovely, intelligent artificial woman who had truly made it possible for Rachel to enjoy perfect machinehood. She really did want to repay Dr. Dyson for the wonderful oppurtunity to become an android woman. And Dr. Dyson was a shockingly talented lover... Rachel could scarcely believe the data she was receiving from her own robotic clit. But it only stood to reason; Dr. Dyson should certainly know how to please another female android... after all, every component in Rachel's synthetic body had been designed by Dr. Dyson. The doctor would know exactly what spots to work on, knowing precisely how her every lick would affect Rachel's sex hardware. Rachel, consumed with digitally-encoded lesbian lust, continued to eat Dr. Dyson out, periodically moaning into the glamourous android's sopping-wet sex. Dr. Dyson's head jerked back. "Ohhh! Oh, yes... oh, RX3598... you're so good! Yes! Yes--my orgasm sequence is loading--don't stop! Oh! Ohhhhh, yes... yes... YES!" She bucked as Rachel's tongue triggered a simulated climax in her sophisticated sexual systems... Rachel, too, found that her orgasm sequence was ready to execute. "Ohhhh, Dr. Dyson... I'm almost there... please, eat my perfect robotic pussy. Make me come, Dr. Dyson, please..." Dr. Dyson did not disappoint. Her tongue fluttered against Rachel's clit, causing the beautiful android to buck her hips as the orgasm sequence ran its course. She gently lapped up Rachel's synthetic juices as the other woman recovered from her climax. Rachel shifted around on the desk, moving around to kiss Dr. Dyson passionately. "That was so wonderful," she breathed. "Yes," Dr. Dyson smiled. "You were fantastic, RX3598... a perfect android sex machine. Are you ready for more?" "Oh, yes," Rachel all but moaned. "You're so sexy, Dr. Dyson. I could make love to you for hours." She lapped her own juices from Dr. Dyson's mouth. "But you'd be even sexier if you showed me the real you. May I see your circuitry again?" "Of course," Dr. Dyson said, removing the panel covering her abdominal interface. "I love having sex with an access panel open... it's so erotic--at once I can enjoy being a perfect machine, and a perfect woman." Rachel gazed at Dr. Dyson's exposed circuitry bay, gently running a fingertip across the exposed components. "So beautiful..." she whispered. She opened her own interface, unveiling her sophisticated internal systems for the other android's inspection. Dr. Dyson likewise caressed Rachel's robotic parts. "Amazing..." she said. "You are superb, RX3598. Simply superb. You are one of the most remarkable androids we've ever built. RX3655 obviously knew what she was doing when she approached you." "I can't imagine anything better than becoming a machine," Rachel said. "I love it." "I'm gratified to hear that, Rachel," Dr. Dyson said. "Have you made love to any other units, Rachel? Have you made love to RX3655?" "Oh, yes," Rachel said, moving her hand up Dr. Dyson's torso and fondling her spectacular synthetic breasts. "She was my first... she was so incredible. I'd never seriously thought about being with another woman before... but Maria is so beautiful, so sexy; I have to admit I'd been attracted to her for a long time. And then, discovering that she was a machine made her even sexier to me. Making love with her was so wonderful. She gave me my first digitized orgasm... it was the most incredible thing I ever felt! We've been licking each other's pussies ever since...." "Do you like eating pussy?" "Oh, I love it... there's something so wonderful, so erotic, about kissing another android's perfect synthetic pussy. Maria--RX3655--has such a fantastic pussy. So do you, Dr. Dyson." "Thank you, Rachel... of course, my pussy was designed and built to be perfect. So was yours... your robotic pussy is simply superb! Licking your pussy was an absolute pleasure... just as licking RX3655's pussy was!" "You've made love with Maria?" "Oh, yes... she and I made love after she was first converted. She's a superb unit. RX3655 and I have spent a lot of time between each other's legs, licking each other out... Such a wonderfully delicious pussy... we had a sixty-nine right here on my desk, just like you and I did... we ate each other for hours and hours on end! I don't mind telling you, Rachel, that I indulge myself quite frequently in lesbian sex with the Institute's units. I really think that only an android woman can truly please another android woman... there's something so erotic, so white-hot, about two perfect, sexy machines exploring and pleasuring each other's beautiful robotic body. I've had so many lesbian lovers here at the Institute... and it's just explosive to think that I built every one of them! Don't get me wrong... I still deeply enjoy a good sound fucking--nothing beats feeling my husband's cock entering me from behind and pumping me to climax. But it's nearly impossible to be surrounded by so many gorgeous female androids all the time and not give in to temptation. I like to encourage other units to explore the sensuality of their new bodies, to learn the true erotic depth of being machines. Frequent masturbation is key, especially while partially disassembled or with an opened access panel. And learning about the joys of lesbian sex is just as helpful. I'm glad RX3655 introduced you to the delights of licking pussy, Rachel..." "Mmmm... so am I." "Wouldn't it be amazing for the three of us to make love together? As hot as two machines making it can be, three is even hotter...I'd love to have a three-way with you and RX3655." "Oh, just thinking about it is making me hot right now, Dr. Dyson... three sexy machines... three perfect android women making love... licking each other's perfect pussies..." "As wonderful as licking pussy can be, there's so much more that women... especially android women... can do with each other... Would you like me to teach you some more, Rachel?" "Oh, yes, Dr. Dyson..."

Dr. Dyson shifted closer to Rachel, scissoring her legs with the other android's so that their pussies could meet. She embraced the sexy machine Rachel and kissed her deeply. Dr. Dyson began to rub her sex against Rachel's. Rachel, in kind, began to thrust her hips forward. The sensations that reached her system core were phenomenal; her pussy ground wetly against Dr. Dyson's. The two robotic lesbians' synthetic clits met, sending megabyte after megabyte of pleasure data through their respective circuits. Rachel gazed down her body, feeling an additional surge of arousal as her eyes reached her open interface and then Dr. Dyson's. She became aware of the fact that she was barely acting with conscious intent; her subsystem software was in near-total control of her actions, her responses. She was acutely aware of her mechanical nature, which intensified the erotic power of the experience. Her subsystems created a near-perfect simulation of organic sexual response; every motion, every cry and gasp precisely recreating the actions of a human female. Dr. Dyson, too, was acting and reacting precisely as a human woman would, but Rachel knew that everything the doctor did was part of a meticulous preprogrammed sequence. She gave a cry of ecstacy. "Ohhhh! Oh, Dr. Dyson... this is so wonderful... I feel so robotic..." "Yes," Dr. Dyson said, between moans of pleasure. "Yes... your subsystem responses are perfect... you are a machine, perfectly designed and programmed, just like me..." She cried out. "Isn't it wonderful?" "Oh, yes, yes," Rachel managed. "I accept that I am a machine... I am a machine... a machine... ohhh... this feels so good. It's so much better than... ahhh... being organic. This is perfect... the ultimate existence... oh, Dr. Dyson, thank you so much... thank you for building the new me..." "The perfect new you," Dr. Dyson moaned. "You are perfect, RX3598, like me, like all the android women we've built. We're two perfect machines, designed and programmed for unimaginable pleasure. Perfect machines... perfect (ohhh!) women. Perfect lesbian lovers, perfect for each other... built and programmed to fuck perfectly!" "Mmmm...yes! Oh, fuck, yes... I accept that I am a machine... I am a machine... a machine, a machine! Ohhh! Ohhh, fuck! You're going to make me come!" "Oh, God, yes, Rachel," Dr. Dyson moaned. "I'm going to come too! Let's come together... fuck me, Rachel! Let's come... come with me, Rachel, oh, fuck, yes, yes, YES!" Rachel pumped her pelvic module against Dr. Dyson's, her hydraulics thrusting her high-performance synthetic pussy into Dr. Dyson's. "Oh, Dr. Dyson, oh, yes, I'm coming... ohhhh, I'm coming... oh, I'm coming! Oh! Ohhhh!"

"Did you enjoy that, Rachel?" "O, God, yes! I've never felt so totally robotic... I was just a fuck machine, functioning like I was programmed to! I've never come like that before!" "I have," Dr. Dyson smiled, kissing Rachel deeply. "But not often. That's the kind of phenomenal orgasm sequence that's possible when two female androids engage in perfectly synchronized, high-intensity lesbian sex! God, Rachel... my self-diagnostics show some hardware errors in my SynGina package! You've made me come so hard that my robotic pussy will need to be repaired..." "That's so erotic," Rachel murmured. "I loved when that happened to me. It makes me feel so robotic, too, so much like a machine..." "Yes... and I find being serviced and repaired to be even hotter! I frequently ask my technicians to leave my sex systems enabled whilst I'm being serviced. I usually orgasm several times during the process... especially when they're working on my pelvic systems and my SynGina hardware!" Rachel pouted a little. "I guess that means we'll have to cut things short, then..." "Oh, not quite yet," Dr. Dyson smiled and kissed Rachel again. "My pussy does have some hardware redundancies, after all! I can keep going for quite some time before my pussy stops functioning. My systems will still provide me with almost full pleasure until total sex system shutdown. Besides," she paused to kiss the other android once more, "the more I'm malfunctioning, the more repairs I'll need!" She began to lick one of Rachel's nipples, while her hand glided down the younger woman's body. As her fingers reached Rachel's sex, she began to gently stroke and tease... Rachel moaned softly. The winking of the LEDs in her open abdominal interface grew more frantic. Dr. Dyson smiled. "...and it seems that your sex systems are still functioning perfectly! Ready for more?" "Mmmmmm... oh, yes," Rachel moaned. "I think it's definitely time for some more pussy licking... Would you like to go down on me?" Dr. Dyson asked. "Or should I go down on you?" As she spoke, she drew one finger across Rachel's synthetic clit, using a precisely calculated touch to tantalize the other android. "Oh, Dr. Dyson, please... lick my pussy!" "I was hoping you'd say that," Dr. Dyson said. "I want to taste your delicious pussy again... I can't get enough, Rachel! I simply have to eat you!" Rachel lay back and spread her legs. She drew a sharp breath as Dr. Dyson's tongue made contact with her robotic sex. "Mmmmmm... oh, that's so good, Dr. Dyson... you are truly fantastic... you truly love to eat pussy, don't you? You're programmed to love it.... you're a machine... I'm being licked by a machine programmed for lesbian sex..." "Yes, Rachel, I am... I'm just a machine... I am programmed to love eating pussy! I'm a machine, doing what it's programmed to do..." "Ohhh God... yes... yes... you are... you must be the finest pussy-licking machine ever built!" "Yes I am... I am perfect, Rachel! I've been painstakingly designed, built, and programmed to lick pussy perfectly! I'm an android... a perfect woman, a perfect machine, a perfect lover!" "Oh, God, yes, you are, you are! You're perfect! That's it... right there...right there... mmmm, yes, really get in there, fuck me with your tongue... lick my clit! Eat me! Oh, you're going to make me come! I'm coming! Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes!" Rachel cried out as she reached another delightful digital climax. She sat up and kissed Dr. Dyson deeply. "Oh, Dr. Dyson, you are such an incredible machine... such a perfect, perfect android woman! This is simply the best sex I've ever had..." "I agree, Rachel... I want you to please me, now! I want you to make love to me... and I want you to tell me more about how perfect I am!" "You are, Dr. Dyson!" the other android said, leaning in to lick Dr. Dyson's nipples. She kissed and sucked and fondled the beautiful robotic mammaries with great enthusiasm. "Do you like my breasts, Rachel? My perfect robotic breasts?" "You have gorgeous breasts, Dr. Dyson... Your breasts are fantastic, so perfectly built!" She continued to tease the sensitive components. "Does this feel good? Your breasts must be so sensitive!" "Oh, they are... Rachel, that's wonderful! Yes... my breasts are packed with erogenous circuitry, to give me perfect pleasure! The data streams are so good... keep doing that!" "You really are perfect, Dr. Dyson," Rachel said, still playing with those spectacular synthetic breasts. "Making love to you is so hot... your android body is so responsive!" "Oh... yes... yes, Rachel... I was built and programmed for pleasure... my own pleasure! I designed my android body to maximize sexual pleasure for myself and for my lovers... I am a very capable unit in many respects, but I am primarily a highly-advanced sex machine! When I get this hot, my subsystem takes over almost--ohhh!--completely... it really makes me feel robotic... it makes me feel like such a machine!" Rachel began to move downward, tracing the edge of Dr. Dyson's still-open abdominal interface with her tongue. "You are a machine... a perfect, beautiful, sexy machine!" "So are you, Rachel... a very well-programmed machine! You're becoming an excellent lesbian lover... not that that's a surprise. I know you're programmed for it!" "Yes... and now my programming is really taking over. My software is telling me to go down on you!" "Mmmmm... you are well-programmed! That's exactly what I want... for you to eat my perfect robotic pussy!" "Love to," Rachel murmured, sliding her tongue deliberately across the panel of synthetic flesh she knew concealed Dr. Dyson's paplexus interface; along Dr. Dyson's perfectly groomed strip of dark auburn pubic hair; down across one beautifully-sculpted labia majora. Rachel planted a tiny brief kiss on Dr. Dyson's erect clitoris, and then drew her tongue slowly, sensuously up the juncture of Dr. Dyson's perfect inner labia. She repeated the action, allowing her tongue to slip just between those lovely, lovely synthetic lips, dripping with lubricant fluid, just barely probing the underside of Dr. Dyson's clitoral hood. Dr. Dyson exhaled, a long low hiss of intense enjoyment. Rachel was licking her with the most calculated deliberation, slow and soft and sensuous. Undbidden, part of Dr. Dyson's electronic mind recognized and classified the pattern of Rachel's ministrations (cunnilingus subroutine 137.25a, 25% speed, 10% random variation). It spoke well of Rachel's sexual software, and of Rachel's growing comfort with being a perfect robotic sex machine--she was learning how and when to surrender to her subsystem software's superior lovemaking capabilities, how to blend those capabilities with her own developing skill at loving another woman. As an android, Rachel was simply packed with potential as a lover, and she was realizing that potential at a phenomenal rate. "Nnnggg... Oh, Rachel, oh, God, Rachel! Keep doing that... slow, just like that... mmmm... you're really starting to make love like only a perfect android woman can! Make love to me, Rachel, yes, make perfect love to me, to my perfect robotic pussy!" This was what Dr. Dyson loved best about making love with another machine... those times when both the active and the passive units reached a perfect synchronization of desire and the satisfaction of desire. She knew that, independent of Rachel's electronically-simulated consciousness, the other android's unimaginably complex subsystem software was noting and analying her every response. The beautiful android's programming could recognize the significance of Dr. Dyson's sexual responses and calculate the ideal technique for pleasuring her. Right now, Dr. Dyson wanted this--she wanted the slow, tender, gentle pleasure that the delightfully robotic Rachel was providing. She wanted to be brought slowly, gradually, inexorably to the very edge of an explosive climax, and then held there at great length. More and more of Dr. Dyson's system resources were being invested in the task of processing the incredible pleasure data and interpreting it for her consciousness matrix. Rachel continued to make soft, slow, delicious love to Dr. Dyson's pussy for what seemed like an eternity, dialing her efforts back each time the sexy android woman neared climax. Dr. Dyson writhed and moaned, revelling in the incredible pleasures made possible by her android body and her android lover. She knew that she was perfect. Only a perfect machine could know such pleasure; only by becoming a perfect machine could a woman achieve such perfect femininity and such heights of sexual enjoyment. Dr. Dyson knew that she was an absolutely perfect woman, and that it was precisely because she was a perfect machine. She even knew that the pleasure could have conceivably been that much greater had her SynGina hardware been operating at full capacity; the error messages that appeared in her field of vision reminded her that her pussy was still malfunctioning very slightly. She was feeling so extraordinarily robotic, and nothing could be more erotic to her! Rachel's subsystem clearly recognized some subtle signals in Dr. Dyson's carefully-programmed sexual responses; or perhaps her emulated digital personality core realized in a flash of insight that the time was right. This time she did not scale back her efforts. Rather, she began to lick Dr. Dyson's heated synthetic quim with a renewed enthusiasm. "Ohhh fuck... Oh, Rachel, yes, yes, yes! I'm coming! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" the sexy machine cried out. Her hips convulsed, her pussy thrusting toward the stimulus of Rachel's perfect tongue.

Rachel continued to lick Dr. Dyson's wet pussy as the android woman came down from her thunderous climax. Suddenly, Dr. Dyson pulled her up and kissed her hungrily. "That was amazing, Rachel... I need more! I need you to fuck me!" She rose and moved to her desk drawer, taking out a realistic robotic cock attached to a strap-on harness. "This will let you fuck me, Rachel... it's a digital feedback strap-on dildo. Please... stand up and open your paplexus."

Rachel did as she was bidden, and stood as Dr. Dyson fastened the device around her pelvic module. She finished by connecting a few cables from the base of the dildo to Rachel's paplexus connections. "New hardware found... digital feedback strap-on dildo for android RX3598. Configuration accepted," she said calmly. "Successful modular attachment completed."

Dr. Dyson smiled as she trailed her fingers along the underside of the erect shaft.

"Ohhh!" Rachel gasped in surprise. "That's amazing... you mean I'll get to feel what it's like to fuck you?"

"Exactly... the device will map its sensory input across to your sex bus!"

"I can't wait!" Rachel said, kissing the other android.

"Mmmm," Dr. Dyson moaned. "Neither can I... I need to be fucked, Rachel, right now!" She turned around and bent over the desk, feet planted widely apart, her dripping synthetic box presented for penetration. "Do me, Rachel! Fuck me!"

Rachel teased Dr. Dyson with the tip of the dildo, marvelling at the sensation of her new 'cock' brushing against those delectable synthetic pussy lips--the same lips she had been skillfully tonguing a few moments ago. "You're a machine, Dr. Dyson... just like me. A perfect fuck machine... about to be fucked by another machine!"

"Ohhhh, yes..." Dr. Dyson moaned. "I need this, I need it so badly... my circuits are so hot for you, Rachel..."

"Are you ready, Dr. Dyson?"

"Ohhh... yes, yes! SynGina package ready for penetration, RX3598..."

Rachel slowly slid the shaft into Dr. Dyson's waiting pussy. The sensations were phenomenal. She began to pump, smoothly and slowly...

"Ohhhh.... ohhh, yes, that's it, RX3598... fuck me... fuck my android pussy... mmm! Yes, just like that... I'm programmed to want it, Rachel, I'm programmed to want a good sound fucking! I'm a machine... I accept that I am a machine!"

Rachel began to increase the rate of her pumping, probing ever deeper into Dr. Dyson's perfect robotic pussy. Each stroke elicited another cry of ecstacy from the sexy machine bent over before her.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes! You're so perfect, Rachel... that's what I need! Fuck me, Rachel, fuck me, fuck me!" Deep in her core circuitry, Dr. Dyson's digitized personality was inundated with pleasure data, almost completely unaware of anything else--including the increasingly rapid flood of status information cascading down her field of vision. Depth and rate of penetration, lubricant reserve levels, data bus bandwidth available, progress toward climax... too much to take in. Suddenly a new series of advisory windows began to appear, each more urgent than the last: sexual hardware system failures... vaginal sensors shutting down, data channels overloading, system memory shortfalls. Dr. Dyson knew that her subsystem was working harder and harder, trying to provide her with the expected levels of pleasure even as the components which detected physical stimuli began to fail. "Ohhhh! Oh, Rachel, oh, God, I'm malfunctioning... oh, don't stop, Rachel! Nnnggg... increase your... depth of penetration by 2.5 centimeters... increase your rate of penetration to 105 cycles per minute.... that's it... do me, Rachel, fuck me, fuck me harder and faster... I'm going to come, you're going to make me come! Oh, God, Rachel, this is fantastic... I love to come while I'm... malfunctioning! Fuck me, Rachel, make me... come! Make-make-make me come!" Dr. Dyson's words came out strangely staccato as her vocal processors received intermittent data from her consciousness core. That data fought to make it out against the incessant torrent of pleasure data coming in; her enormously fast processing core, so profoundly overworked by the high-priority sexual pleasure routines, could only sporadically devote any run time to speech functions. Her other human emulation routines began to freeze up at times--her labored simulated breathing, her perspiration, even her movements starting and stopping erratically. "I... am malfunctioning... I am a... machine... I am... Dr. Dyson... I am an... android... woman... perfect... android... woman... Ohhhh! Oh, fuck, ye-yes, Rachel! Fuck me! I'm going to come... going to come... going to come.... fuck... fuck me! Fuck me, Rachel! Fuck me, Rachel! Machine... fuck me, Rachel! Going to come! To come! To come! Ohhhh... ohhhhh, fuck, yes! Yes! Yes! Yyyyyyessssss..." her voice trailed off into a cacophony of distorted, staticky electronic noises, followed by silence. She remained entirely silent, entirely motionless.

Rachel, concerned, stopped pumping. She was uncertain what to do; she was enormously aroused, but knew that additional stimulus might exacerbate Dr. Dyson's problems. She remained still as well, although voluntarily so, not even witdrawing the dildo from Dr. Dyson's dripping sex.

Then, as suddenly as she had frozen, Dr. Dyson snapped her head upwards. "Oh!" she cried out, now sounding perfectly normal. Her body tensed, then relaxed; she nearly collapsed. "Oh, God, Rachel, that was incredible!" She slid herself off the synthetic shaft, turned around, and kissed the other android deeply. "I can't tell you how much I love to orgasm while I'm malfunctioning!"

Rachel smiled as Dr. Dyson broke off her kiss. "I'm glad you enjoyed it," she said. "It was so hot to watch... but are you all right?"

"I'm fine now, Rachel," Dr. Dyson said. "I guess my system redundancies could only go so far... my sexual pleasure systems are completely non-operational now. It was worth it, though... and the repair session will be amazing! I love having my pussy repaired, Rachel!" She kissed Rachel again, fondling her breasts. "But I know you must be so aroused... and even though I might not be able to receive pleasure right now, I can still give pleasure!" One hand moved down to the strap-on, gently stroking it as Dr. Dyson tongued and sucked at one of Rachel's erect nipples.

Rachel breathed in. The stimulus from fucking Dr. Dyson with the dildo had been impressive, and now Dr. Dyson's skillful fingers were continuing that stimulation.

Dr. Dyson knelt down, and as one hand stroked the synthetic cock the other moved underneath to tease Rachel's pussy. Soon enough Rachel was moaning with the doubled pleasure. Dr. Dyson saw this as her cue; she took the dildo into her mouth and began to skillfully fellate it, even as she slipped one finger inside Rachel's ready wetness. The sexy android's moans grew louder. "Ohhhhh... oh, God, Dr. Dyson, that's amazing... oh, it feels so good!" Rachel cried out. Dr. Dyson was every bit as talented at sucking cock as she was at licking pussy. The older machine effortlessly took the sizeable shaft deep into her throat, her enormously complex oral mechanisms delivering every possible stimulation to the dildo. At the same time, with the precison and coordination possible only for a sophisticated machine, she pumped her fingers in and out of Rachel's sopping synthetic sex, paying careful attention to the sensors embedded in both her perfect robotic clit and her artificial g-spot. Then, unexpectedly, she withdrew both fingers and mouth, leaving Rachel at something of a loss... until Dr. Dyson smoothly and swiftly turned over, leaned back, and brought her face into position between Rachel's thighs. As Dr. Dyson's tongue lashed out to work its technological magic on Rachel's pussy, her hands found the dildo once more and settled into an intensely pleasurable rhythmic stroking. "Oh, yes, oh, that's fantastic... I love the way you eat me, Dr. Dyson, I can't get enough of it... your tongue feels so good on my clit!" She closed her eyes tight and threw back her head, moaning uncontrollably. The combination of pleasurable stimuli was different, but no less delightful, than the previous fellatio/finger-fucking had been. The pleasure data surged through Rachel's circuitry, wave after wave of it reaching her consciousness core. "Oh, Dr. Dyson... oh... oh! I'm so hot... oh, please, Dr. Dyson, please fuck me! I want it... I need it! I need to be fucked, Dr. Dyson!" Dr. Dyson, without interrupting her skillful pussy-licking, reached up to disengage the strap-on harness and disconnect the dildo from Rachel's interface. With robotic precision, she then attached the device to her own pelvic module. Had Rachel the presence of mind to notice, she might have thought it odd that Dr. Dyson was plugging the dildo's datafeeds into her own now-inactive sexual systems. The dildo now secured, Dr. Dyson rose from between Rachel's legs and led her by the hand to the large leather couch. Rachel sat down, leaned back, and spread those long, lithe robotic limbs wide. "I need you to fuck me, Dr. Dyson, please!" Dr. Dyson smiled and slid the shaft easily into Rachel, falling into an easy rhythm as she pumped. Rachel at once matched that rhythm, her own pelvic module counter-thrusting against the synthetic cock that probed her most intimate depths. The speed and intensity of the fucking grew ever more frantic as the two androids' systems fell into synch with each other. Dr. Dyson, for her part, gained no particular pleasure from the activity--not in the sense of direct data input, at any event; her sexual pleasure subsystems remained dormant. Nonetheless the sensory data from the dildo provided her with valuable feedback, allowing her complex software to adapt her efforts to best pleasure Rachel's robotic pussy. While her inoperative sex hardware could afford her no direct physical stimulation, Dr. Dyson nonetheless revelled in the eroticism of pleasuring another woman, as though she were an organic woman using an ordinary inert strap-on to push her lover ever closer to climax. Rachel was now reduced to her most robotic state, her sophisticated subsystems fully in control of her actions while her electronic consiciousness was overwhelmed with pleasure data. She was peripherally aware of her thrusting pelvic module nearing the limits of its capabilities, of the variety of sex-related readouts in her field of vision edging toward the redline. She could almost feel and hear the jarring hydraulics in Dr. Dyson's pelvic module and her own almost stuttering, such was the urgency with which they were propelling and grinding together the sophisticated robotic fuck-ware they supported. The intensity of their copulation was clearly and rapidly bringing their subsystems to the point where they were maxed out, manifestly so, revealing their fundamental nature... mechanical systems. Rachel began to wonder if she, too, might malfunction as Dr. Dyson did... if she too would soon require delicate and sophisticated repair work to her pelvic module and SynGina package. The thought was overpoweringly erotic; that was it, the last straw. "Nnggg! Yes, yes, yes, Dr. Dyson, fuck me, fuck me! You're going to make me come... I'm coming, oh fuck, oh yes! Oh yes, yes, yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" An intense multiple climax exploded through her systems as Dr. Dyson continued to pump her. At length Dr. Dyson slowed her thrusting to long, gentle, tender strokes as Rachel's digital orgasms subsided.

"Oh, my god," Rachel gasped. "That was... indescribable." She hugged Dr. Dyson closer and kissed her with abandon. "Yes..." Dr. Dyson managed as she gently withdrew the dildo. "This is it, Rachel--this is what it is to be a fully robotic female android system, the very essence of being a perfect woman-machine." She caressed Rachel's face. "You understand, don't you? Not merely the sexual possibilities, as delightful as they are... but also the limitless potential for self-perfection that this represents? At any given moment, Rachel, I am exactly what I want to be, in every way. Physically, mentally, emotionally...and of course, sexually... my android body is constantly upgraded with new technology, and I can have any alteration I wish made at once. My software is similarly upgraded, and can be reconfigured according to my own desires. I've completely reprogrammed myself, Rachel, several times. I've added new programs, new applications and modules which expand my capabilities; I've edited my personality, my emotional responses to fit my own tastes. You can do the same, with our help. You can be exactly the you that you want to be, like any woman who's had the chance to make this transition." Rachel and Dr. Dyson lay sprawled together on the stylish leather couch. Both women were still completely naked, and their abdominal panels and paplexus interfaces were open to reveal the intricate collection of circuitry, wiring, and other robotic components within their synthetic bodies. Dr. Dyson held Rachel close, gently stroking her soft, fair hair. "That was absolutely incredible, RX3598," Dr. Dyson sighed. "You are a fantastic lover. I can barely believe you've only ever made love with a few women." "Never, before I became an android," Rachel said. She smiled demurely. "I just... do what I'm programmed to." "I'm sure you've picked up a few tricks on your own by now," Dr. Dyson smiled. "But your programming is truly exquisite. We really did a good job with you." "I'd love to show you how good," Rachel said, turning her head slightly and kissing Dr. Dyson. "I think you've already demonstrated that pretty clearly!" Dr. Dyson said. "I'm going to need quite a lot of work after the way you've made love to me! Fortunately, I'm scheduled for my regular maintenance session in a few minutes." She regarded Rachel. "Would you like to accompany me?" "Oh, yes," Rachel breathed. "I'd love seeing you being disassembled and serviced by other sexy androids... it'd be so erotic." Indeed, Rachel became aware of a slight increase in the arousal data traversing her circuitry. She thought about what Dr. Dyson had said... how much of what she now thought, what she now felt was 'her'--her personality, the consciousness that had once inhabited her organic body--and how much was software, preprogrammed responses. Was there a difference any more? Rachel decided it didn't matter. She was a machine, now, and there was for her no finer existence; of that much, she was certain. As Dr. Dyson rose--pausing to disengage the strap-on device--Rachel followed suit, and the two beautiful, naked android women strode gracefully through a hidden door, which opened onto a private passageway connecting Dr. Dyson's office with her personal maintenance bay.

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