After the Club

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Carolyn staggered to her apartment door, fumbling with her keys. She finally managed to get the door open and stumbled in, startling her roommate Nicole, who was sitting on the couch watching TV, her legs curled under her. Turning to look at the somewhat disheveled statuesque blond, the smaller brunette smirked.

“Rough night? How was the club? Where’s Becca?” Referring to their other roommate.

“Passed out in the car.” Carolyn said, slurring her words somewhat. “I barely made it here myself. Need to lie down, get myself refreshed.”

Nicole chuckled. Of course she was passed out, Becca always pushed it too far. Probably insisted on staying longer.

“Come on Car, we can’t leave her out there all night. And you’re at least still standing. I’ll help you get her.” She said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing a modest pair of pert breasts. There was a hiss, and a panel opened just below. There was a complex array of electronics nestled inside her abdomen. Blinking lights, various amalgams of human organs.

With a determined but still somehow cute look on her face, Nicole reached inside herself, grabbed a small black cylinder, gave it a twist, and pulled. Her face went blank for a brief second, and announced in a monotone voice, “Auxiliary power core detached. Power now at fifty percent.”

Then her personality returned, she closed herself up, and with a grin held the cylinder out to Carolyn, who was rapidly fading. “Here, take this before you pass out, and let’s go get Becca.” As she was putting her T-shirt back on while Carolyn was pulling down her dress to access her own panel, she added, “And I’m gonna want that back. You still haven’t returned the bra you’re wearing that you borrowed from me two weeks ago.”

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