Across the street

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Written by Mirage

Across the Street

As I was coming home from school, I noticed that the house across the street directly in front of ours was sold!

I was kind of surprised as it was on the market for less than a week. I ran back inside the house and I asked my mother if she knew anything about it, since she always had the nose to get info from the neighborhood, like this.

"Mom, do you know who's moving in?" I asked her.

She grinned, trying to look as if she didn't know anything. After a moment, she cracked and spilled the beans, "Well, I talked to the realtor this morning and he told me it's a mother with her young daughter moving in. They should be here by tomorrow."

"Tomorrow, why so fast?" I wondered.

She then continued cooking supper as I went upstairs to watch the house from my bedroom window. I wondered how old the daughter moving in was. I hoped she was my age, as I do miss having people around my age in my neighborhood. As I just turned 19 myself and was attending my first year of college. I went to bed thinking all night about this, until the next morning.

I was woken up by the sound of a moving truck. Slowly, I peeked from my window and saw two women standing beside the truck, one was a bit taller than the other one. Both were beautiful longed haired blondes and from the distance both looked very attractive. I spent about an hour spying on them, watching them ordering the movers, bringing the furniture in and many boxes inside the house.

I founded it odd that they were bringing lots of computers and equipment inside the house. The taller woman, who was obviously the mother, was very demanding of the movers to be very careful, especially with the boxes.

I suddenly realized that I was going to be late, so I jumped in the shower and ran off to school. As I came out running out of the house, I did a quick bee line, just to walk quickly in front of the house. Trying not to look too obvious, I quickly stopped to look at the daughter.

The daughter looked beautiful, I would say she was in her early twenties. Blue eyes, long blonde hair, with a beautiful shaped curvy body. She was a gorgeous woman, and not skinny too. She had major curves.

She turned around and looked directly at me from afar and paused at whatever she was doing. I hadn't noticed the mother was behind her at first. The mother noticed I was staring at her daughter, who in part was noticing me too.

I felt she was not happy about this, as she made her daughter go quickly into the house. I turned my head and ran to school before I was too late to my classes. Classes would be hard to concentrate on today, I thought.

It was around 7 o'clock at night when I came back home from school. I saw that the moving truck was already gone and all the lights were on inside the house. I quickly stopped in front of it, to try and see through the windows of my new neighbors.

Sadly, they had already put up some blinds to block any view from the outside. I went home and talked to my father and mother while eating supper. They didn't say much about the new neighbors, just noticed some of the same things I'd noticed.

My father chuckled, “Well, maybe you can go to meet her, get to know her maybe, she might need a new friend."

I was pretty shy, especially talking to beautiful girl, so I replied "no".

After finishing my supper, I went back upstairs to my bedroom and finished the homework I had from my classes. I looked at the clock, as it was around 8:30 at night.

I opened the windows, as it was a nice summer night, and there was a cool breeze was in the air. I couldn't help myself but to look out at the house across the street, right in front of our house. To my surprise, I saw the daughter was also looking out the window, from her second story bedroom.

I think she saw me looking at her. To my own rash thinking, I started to wave to her. What was more shocking to me was she saw me and waved back. She then made a gesture to me to come to her. I nodded my head quickly, got up and went downstairs quickly. My parents asked where the hell I was going at this time of the night.

I just quickly said, "New neighbor's house!"

I ran into the pathway of my house, cross the street quickly, to my new neighbor’s front yard. I stood right in front of the front door, taking a deep breath. With all my courage, I rang the doorbell. Slowly the door opened and it was the mother standing there. I was surprised as she was quite beautiful herself too. I would say in early thirties, not much more.

She asked me confused, "What can I do for you?"

I started choking, trying to answer her.

"Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm your neighbor, from across the street, right there, my house!"

The woman looked at me a bit confused and then she replied, "My name is Tiffany, nice to meet you."

I then heard someone coming down the stairs very quickly. It was her daughter, walking right beside her mother. The young girl almost pushed her mother aside as she reached to shake my hand and introducing herself, "Hi, my name is Natasha, pleased to meet you!”

I hesitated as I reached out my hand to her. As I was already getting shyer, she got my hand and squeezed it hard. She shook it quickly, "I'm so happy to meet you!"

The only words that came out my mouth "You're beautiful..."

Of course, I wanted to kill myself for saying such a thing to her face, right in front of her mother. Natasha looked stunned, turned around her to mother, tears started coming down her cheeks. "Mother, he called me beautiful! He really called me beautiful!" she sobbed.

The mother turned to me, as with a look of surprise.

Natasha then asked if she could go out for just a few minutes with me, outside the house, to talk. "I would love to make a new friend, as you know in how lonely I am!" she begged Tiffany.

Her mother nodded, as she could not refuse her daughter's beautiful, blue puppy eyes. She thanked her mom as she pushed me out quickly with her arms.

Natasha walked right in front of me, still holding my left hand, almost dragging me behind like a dog on a leash. "You have to tell me everything you know about this neighborhood, it's so beautiful! And tell me about you, I would like to know you and like, what are you doing in life, I want to know everything about you!" Natasha talked like a hyperactive child on Christmas morning.

"Well, I'm 19 and I'm going to school; first year of college. I'm studying robotics and I live with my folks, mother and father and we've been living here for about 12 years now... and what else... I like pop music." I tried to tell her everything about myself I could think of, "Maybe I should let go of your hand?" I then asked her.

She looked down at our holdings hands and smiled, as she hadn't noticed this. She slowly released my hand and blushed.

"Oh, just so marvelous…" she commented about my info on myself.

"And you?" I asked her.

"Me? It’s just me and my mother. We just moved here today and that's all about me really..." she answered flatly.

"Do you have a father?" I then asked her.

"No... I don't know where my father is anymore... That's the main reason why we moved here. Mother wanted to escape him... they were fighting all the time... my mother wanted a new life for me and her, so we moved here.... I do miss him... I loved him a lot." she said with a sadness in her voice.

Almost with tears in her eyes, I reached out to hold her hands "Don't worry...I'll take care of you, Natasha..." I said to her cheer her up, "Would you like to be my friend?" I asked her.

She gasped. “I would really, really, really love that!" and all her sadness suddenly washed away. "Andrew... you called me beautiful... did you really mean it?" She asked, all shy.

"Of course! You are very beautiful!" I said quickly.

Natasha looked at the night sky for a moment and then to me, "Sorry if I'm acting weird but, at my old school, I was bullied a lot... they’d call me weirdo, ugly, many names and I had no friends there... everyone told me I was always the strange girl... No one liked me." she mumbled.

I smiled to her, "I think they were jealous... I would be glad to be your friend!”

She paused and asked, "Why?"

"Just because," I replied simply.

"Just because?" She asked.

"Just because!" I nodded.

We both giggled together like children. We sat on the edge of the sidewalk, beside each other, only a few inches separating us. We sat there, enjoying the cool and silent night, as it’s always been a very quiet street, in a very quiet, beautiful, small neighborhood.

We spent another 10 minutes gossiping about the neighbors and about her quiet boring life, getting to know each other, and building a new friendship together.

"Natasha, it's time for bed!" I heard her mother yelling from her front door.

Natasha looked at me like a sad puppy, not wanting to go back inside the house. "I must go Andrew, it was a real pleasure meeting you." she smiled.

"Same here, Natasha... do you think we could do something together tomorrow?" I asked her.

She replied, "You better come! I'm expecting you early in the morning!" she said, as she gave me a small hug.

I felt her breasts rubbing against my chest; they felt nice and soft. I tried not to let my imagination go too wild, as she rubbed her body quickly against mine. I waved goodbye to her as I went across the street to my house. I noticed she peered out one last time to watch me go.

"Mom, our new neighbors are really nice people. She has a gorgeous daughter my age!" I yelled out excitedly.

My father laughed out, "My son has a girlfriend now!"

Annoyed, I continued, "Anyway, I just met her and I'm so happy I finally have a nice girl my age here!"

They both now made fun of me. I quickly made myself a sandwich and went to bed, ignoring my folks. But, just before I walked up the stairs, I heard a knock on the front door.

Very slowly, I opened the door and saw Natasha standing there. "Andrew, here is my phone number, can you call me? I want to talk to you more tonight?” she whispered to me. She handed me a small piece of paper with a number on it and then she ran back to her house very quickly.

I quickly studied the number and then went upstairs, grabbed my phone, and dialed the number.

"Andrew?" Natasha asked nervously.

"Yeah, it's me. This is so cool, that we can talk like this." I said as I looked out the window to see her bedroom window.

The room was all dark, not a single light was showing. "Are you in bed?" I asked her.

"Yes, I'm lying in my bed right now... you?" she asked back.

"I'm in my bedroom right now. Can you see me?" I asked her, opening my window, waiting for her to open her window blinds.

"No, I can't come to the window right now... sorry, but I can still talk to you, if you don't mind".

"Of course not!" I snorted out.

It was around 2 o'clock in the morning and I was falling asleep, and I was still talking to Natasha. We talked about my childhood, my old friends, lots of different stuff of my past. She was pretty happy with me doing most of the talking. She didn't say much about her past, but it didn't matter to me. I think she was just shy since she came from an unhappy childhood.

"Natasha, I need to sleep, sadly... I have school tomorrow." I mumbled out, half asleep.

"What school are you going to?" she asked quickly.

"I'm going to the College of Technical Advances in Robotics, right off the main road. I’m studying to be an android technician." I answered her.

"Do you think I could join it?" Natasha then asked.

"I don't know, why not, if she can afford it, ask your my mother, I would love going to school with you!" I chuckled.

"Why?" she quizzed me.

I told her, "You're such a sweet girl, Natasha."

"I am not that nice, I think." she giggled. She then replied back "I wish you a good night, Andrew."

"I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight, sweet girl" I softly said to her over the phone.

She chuckled again and told me I was very sweet to her, and that she loved it and no one had ever been that nice to her.

I woke up around 7:30am, behind schedule. As I was getting leaving for my classes, I opened the front door to leave, Natasha was standing right in front of it. She yelled out my name, as she saw me coming out the house.

"What are you doing here, so early?" I asked her, though I was secretly very happy to see her this early.

"I wanted to see you before you left for school." she blushed, answering my question.

"What are your plans for today?" I asked her.

"Helping my mother unpack and get everything ready... Can I ask you something?" she asked me, being all shy.

"Anything, Natasha!" I smiled.

"After school classes, can you come? I would love to be with you and you can maybe help us finish unpacking." she pouted.

"I saw that my mother did like you, so she's cool with you. I'm glad, she does cuz I really like you too... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to say that..." she gasped a bit.

I blushed, "Do you really like me?" I grinned back, blushing.

"I think I do, I hope you don't think I'm a weird girl."

"No, of course not, no one ever told me they liked me, no one ever been this nice to me..." I said, almost dazed.

She blushed even more, looked at her feet and then she reached towards me and gave me a quick peck on my cheek. Now both of us were as red as tomatoes, looking at our feet, not sure what to say next.

“Will you be late for your classes?" she then asked me.

"Yes, I must hurry.... I'm so sorry, I'll see you tonight, I promise!" I told her as I ran out beside her, to catch my bus.

"Bebye! See you tonight!" she giggled.

I could not concentrate on anything the entire day. I told my friends, who were sitting beside me during lunch about Natasha. I told them I met the woman of my dreams and her name was Natasha, my new neighbor.

Max, who's been my friend for a few years now, yelled out, "Finally found the girl you like?"

We laughed for a moment and we talked more, "I thought you were gay sometimes!" jumped in George, my other good friend.

"So, what does she looks like?" they ask.

"Oh, she's so beautiful: Beautiful blue eyes, beautiful blonde hair, and a beautiful, sexy body." I gushed.

"Okay, are you telling us she’s beautiful?" Max laughed out.

"She’s so smart and special, I’ve never seen a girl like her before!" I continued blabbing like an idiot.

"Hey, who are you talking about?" someone asked from behind.

I turned around and it was Samantha. Samantha was my only real female friend, but sadly, she moved last year and we got sort of separated and was rare that we talked to each other anymore. She had a new boyfriend, last year and she's been weird with me the entire year.

"I am talking about my new neighbor and I really like her, and I think she really likes me, Samantha."

"Really? Wow, I would love to meet her!" she then said.

I turned back to my other friends and continued raving about Natasha. We went back to her classes, as they dragged on. Finally, the classes were over and I was able to go back home.

Fantasizing about being with Natasha again, I did not even stop at my house, as I went directly to Natasha's house instead. I rang the doorbell and Natasha opened the door and gave me a huge hug.

"Andrew, you came!" she smiled, "Come in, come in, we need your help!" she smiled, as I removed my shoes and dropped my book bag.

I looked inside the house and studied the room contents and quickly saw lots of books. Not much furniture, to my surprise, and lots of computer equipment.

"Can you come here?" I heard Natasha's mother asking me.

"Hi, Miss Jones!" I waved to her.

"Call me Tiffany, Andrew!" she waved back.

I followed to the next room, as she was trying to move a big bookshelf by herself. I quickly ran to help her out and moved it. After we moved a few more things, Natasha asked me if I wanted something to drink.

"Water is just fine, thank you." I smiled to her Natasha.

"I need to speak to Andrew alone, could you please give us a minute, Natasha" Tiffany asked her daughter.

Natasha took a deep breath and left the room and I paid attention to her mother.

"Andrew, you seem like a good kid and I want you to be careful being with the Natasha, she's very special. I don't want you to hurt her feelings, as she can be very sensitive. Do I make myself clear?" she scolded me a bit.

"Of course, I'll be very careful with Natasha, I promise that I will never hurt her in any way!" I blurted out.

Tiffany seemed satisfied with my answer, as she said, "Okay, go play with Natasha." she smiled.

Natasha was unpacking books and putting them on the shelves.

"My mother is a scientist, if you're wondering. She's very smart and that's why she has so many books.

"Do you like reading too?" I asked her.

She paused and she gave me a strange look as she had to think about it, "I love stories, love stories are my favorites! I read all of my mother's books already. That's why my mother is always getting me new books. I love reading and I love learning new stuff, I crave it!" she laughed out.

After a few hours of almost finishing unpacking everything, Tiffany ordered some pizza, as I called my parents, informing them where I was.

"You are studying Robotics?" Tiffany asked surprisingly, as she ate a slice of the pepperoni pizza.

I nodded, drinking my cola.

"I can help out a lot, that's my specialty!" she smiled. She then looked at Natasha and brushed her daughter's hair, "I love robots."

I remained quiet, feeling something was suddenly weird.

"Can I show him my bedroom?" Natasha asked me, as we found her mother sleeping on the couch.

After 20 minutes after eating supper, Tiffany was very tired from all the unpacking. Natasha grabbed my arm and dragged me to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was all in pink, teddy bears on the bed.

"Come here, sit beside me, don't be shy!" she said as she sat on her bed.

I sat besides her, very shy, as I was studying the room around me. It was almost like a doll house, it was so very pink, very girly. I was kind of surprised, I was expecting it to have a more grownup feel to it.

"Do you like my room?" she asked very quickly.

"Very Barbie-ish.." I chuckled.

"Barbie? I guess so.... very cute, eh?" she smiled back to me, "Andrew, this morning, you told me that you really liked me... Did you really mean it?" she asked, avoid my eyes.

I took a deep breath and I said, "Yeah, I really meant it... you're such a nice girl and you're so beautiful too."

She moved close to me and gave me a deep kiss.

I blushed and did not move until she finish kissing me.

"Thank you, Andrew, you're the nicest guy I ever met, I'm lucky to have met you." she said.

I grinned to her, "I'm very lucky to have met you too."

"Can we kiss again?" she asked me, but, this time, I was the one who reached to kiss her first.

We kissed for a long time as I felt her tongue in my mouth. As we were kissing, I could not help myself from trying to touch her breasts. Somehow, someway, my left hand slowly reached and I grabbed one of her breasts. She shook a bit and giggled, but did not stop my action as we were moaning and kissing deeper and deeper. My left hand was under her shirt, under her bra, as it was slowly squeezing her left breast.

"Andrew... what are you doing?" Natasha asked, blushing.

"Sorry... I'm so sorry" I blushed too, feeling embarrassed.

She looked surprised, but then gave me a smile. Then, she did something that I was not expecting. She quickly removed her shirt and bra, grabbed my hands and put them directly on her breasts.

They felt amazing, a least a C-cup, maybe even a D-Cup. Gasping in shock, my hand naturally started squeezing her tits softly.

"Do you like them?" she asked me, still smiling.

"I’ve never touched breasts before..." I mumbled out.

"Want to taste them?" she then asked.

I slowly put my mouth on her right breast and nipple and started licking it. As the nipple became erect, I started sucking on the entire breast, putting what I could in my wide mouth. My tongue rolled on her hard nipple, as she let out a loud gasp of pleasure.

Natasha giggled, as she let me grab both breasts with both my hands and I squeezed them hard.

"Do you have an erection?" she then ask.

I became totally red, "Of course I do."

“Can I see it? I’ve read books about it and I have always been curious about human mating." she smiled, undoing my jeans. She then stood up as she pulled down my pants and removed my underwear. She then grabbed my penis, fully erect, bent down and put her face right above it.

Without telling her anything, she put it in her mouth and start sucking on it very slowly, giving me my very first blowjob.

"It tastes salty and tastes sooo good." she said as I came in her mouth.

Before anything else, scared her mother would wake up soon. Natasha pulled up my pants quickly and she pull back her shirt into place, covering her breasts quickly.

"I have to admit, that was spectacular!" I moaned out.

"I’ve never done anything like this my entire my life..." she snickered.

We slowly got up the bed and went back in the other room before her mother knew what we just did in her daughter's pink room.

I laid in bed, masturbating hard. Natasha's breasts kept flashing in my mind. Before I could reach for the Kleenex, I jizzed all over my bed sheets. Taking a deep breath, before I nodded off, I received a text from Natasha, at 1:43am.

"You made me very wet tonight... I am still wet... good night, Andy." was the only message.

More masturbating was resulted from this message.

The next morning, I woke up on a Saturday, no classes today. I got a new text from Natasha.

"Good morning, still wet..."

I grinned my teeth and texted her back "Bad girl...!" and took a selfie in the washroom, brushing my teeth. My phone buzzed and showed me Natasha had taken a selfie too. A naked one. She was also in the washroom too, she took the pic from an angle above her head, coming down on her, the curve of her breasts showing under her chin. I could see the nipples sticking out.

Following the pic, she messaged me, "Like?"

I texted her back "You like torturing me?”

"Yes!" was her comeback.

"See you soon." I texted her back.

I then heard the doorbell suddenly. I ran downstairs, in my underwear and peeked outside. Natasha was grinning away, "HELLO, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THE GOOD WORD OF GOD!"

"Nat?! I thought you were in your washroom right now?' I said, confused.

"Oh, that pic, took it a few hours ago!" she smiled.

"It's 7:44 am! What time did you get up?" I joked to her.

"Early, could not sleep much... you got me so pumped up last night... my brain would not shut down!" she chuckled, "Can I come in?" she then asked.

"Of course, but be quiet, my folks are still sleeping." I said, as I snuck her in.

"Wow, nice bedroom." she said, as she studied my bedroom. She liked my big TV and game console collection. She sat on my bed, as I reached for my clothes.

"Nuh-uh... not yet!" Natasha said, as she pulled me toward her and pushed me down on my bed.

As I lied on my back, she pulled my underwear down to my feet, as it fell on the floor. Completely naked, I blushed, as she reached and grabbed my dick. She started stocking it slowly, as I moaned in delete.

She smiled, as I came on her left hand. "Mmmmm... I can't get tired of watching you come." she whispered to me.

"Thank you..." I whispered to Natasha, who was cleaning her left hand with some Kleenex.

"Someone’s has been busy here,” she said, as she noticed all the happy Kleenexes on the floor beside the bed.

"This is your fault." I snorted, "Did you touch yourself too?" I asked curiously.

"I... no..." she paused for an answer.

"Can I touch you?" I then asked her.

"Could you?" she smiled to me, excited.

"Of course. Can I get you naked?" I asked, as I went to lock my bedroom door, as I didn't want any surprises, like my mom walking in.

Natasha slowly removed her clothing, and got on top of the bed naked. She lied on her back, as I studied her body. She was blushing, as I sat beside her and spread her legs apart.

I saw her labia for the first time, "I’ve never seen a pussy before..." I gasped out. I noticed also that she had a bit of pubic hair, right above her pussy, "Are you wet?" I asked her, excited.

She nodded bashfully. I slowly inserted the main index finger of my right hand inside her pussy. She gasped at my penetration. I notice her toes were curling up as I went deeper inside her pussy. My finger felt all warm and gooey.

She closed her eyes, and panted lightly, enjoying my touches. My finger then touched her clitoris and rolled the tip of it. She moaned in delight, tightening her pussy around my fingers.

"Don't stop..." she begged of me.

I continued rolling my finger in a circle pattern, until she came. She curled her body hard, pushing her chest out, her breasts sticking out, as she orgasmed hard. She had her eyes wide opened, as she suddenly collapsed hard on the bed.

"Natasha?" I asked her worried, as she remained motionless for a moment. I shook her a bit, but she was still staring directly at my ceiling, completely quiet. "Nat? Seriously, you are freaking me out!" I told her, still shaking her to get a reaction from her.

I looked on, as suddenly, Natasha started blinking quickly, but still motionless.

"NAT! Are you okay?" I said in her right ear, worried.

"Processing new data..." she mumbled out.

"OMG, she's a robot!" I gasped out.

"Bwawawa! Gotcha!" she chuckled out, suddenly, "Andrew! You just gave me my first orgasm! You almost made me pass out!" she said, kissing me hard.

"Are you really okay?" I asked her, still worried.

"Of course... I was gone in lala-land, sorry about that, but I had never experience an orgasm before... it was magical... I was savoring it!" she exclaimed.

“I’ve never had sex before too, so, not sure this was normal of not." I said, relieved.

She rolled under my sheets, as I joined her. We kissed more, squeezing our bodies together more and more.

"Can I go inside you?" I ask her, as my penis was very erect.

"Sure... let's try it." she said, climbing on top of me. She inserted my hard dick inside her wet pussy and started moaning hard right away.

"Shhh! Shhh! You are going to wake up my mom!" I said quickly to her.

Sadly, she was already gone in ecstasy and was riding me like a cowboy on an mechanical bull. Natasha let out a loud moan, as she climaxed hard.

I was no better, I let out a loud "OH GOD!", as I came inside her. She almost fell beside me, exhausted. I was breathing hard, having my first full sexual intercourse.

"Andrew! Andrew, what are you doing in there? We heard strange noises." I heard my mom yelling from behind the door.

"Sorry, watching some porn, mom!." I blurred out, embarrassed.

"No, he was doing me, Miss St. Clair!" Natasha yelled out loud.

"WHAT? Who is this?" gasped my mother, shocked.

"I am your son's girlfriend! My name is Natasha, your new neighbor!" Natasha yelled out more.

"You are my girlfriend?" I asked surprised.

"Of course, silly! I love you!" she said, kissing me hard.

My mom was suddenly quiet and then said softly, "Er... okay, nice to meet you, Natasha... see you at breakfast.”

We laughed and got dressed up for breakfast.

As we sat down for breakfast, my father and mother were staring at Natasha while she ate.

"This is so yummy!" Natasha said, as she gulped down some orange juice. My father then looked at me, giving the look "wowy!"

My mother, she gave me a different look. I could hear a commercial of 'OLD SPICE' running in my head while I looked at her back. Natasha was not paying attention to my folks what-so-ever, as she was enjoying her food a lot.

"Err... Natasha and me, we are going steady..." I mumbled out.

"You betcha, I am his love!" Natasha said with pride.

I grinned, as my mother gave a disapproving look following Natasha's comment.

"What's your plans for today, son?" my father asked, trying to change the mood of my mother.

"I... I am not sure... What do you want to do, Nat?" I asked her.

"I don't know... shopping?" she snickered.

I rolled my eyes, "Of course!... typical..."

"Hey!" my mother kicked me under the table.

I laughed and we both left the table, to get ready to go out. Nat lied on my bed, as I took my shower. Of course, she wanted to join me, but with my parents in the house, mom would kill me… more.

"Nat? What store do you want to go?" I asked her, as I came in my room in a towel, "Nat?" I asked again.

I sat beside her, as she was staring at the ceiling, all quiet. She was unresponsive at my touches. I listen to her chest and could not hear a heartbeat... but a loud humming coming from her chest... like a hard drive on a computer working hard.

"Nat... are you human?" I asked myself out loud.

I pulled her shirt up, above her breasts; she was not wearing a bra. I looked at her flat stomach and rolled my fingers on it. She felt real... if she was a gynoid, she was certainly realistic.

I grabbed one of my books on robots maintenance and flipped some pages on the subject. "If the robot is unresponsive, it might be updating software or stuck in sleep mode. Please give it a few moments to see if it finishes the updates and reboots itself. If it is still unresponsive, a direct reboot might be needed. To find on/off button, please refer to the robot model in reference appendix for where the on/off button is located."

"I don't know what model she is!" I yelled at the book.

"Model?" Natasha asked me suddenly, confused, as she suddenly came alive.

She looked at the book I was holding "Advance Robot technical guide... Andrew, do you really think I am a robot?" she asked, frustrated.

"I don't know... you have been having some black outs...freaks me out a bit." I mentioned to her, as she sat beside me.

She covered her hands on her face and started sobbing hard. "Nat, what's wrong?" I asked her quickly.

"I have... seizures... it's not my fault... the kids always made fun of me all my life..." she explained, as she sobbed hard, "One time, I started to convulse very hard, everything blacked out. I woke up a week later, when I was 10... I almost died." she cried, as I hugged her hard. "Please don't hate me for this... it's not my fault... I just want to be loved... have a normal life.. I'll understand if you don't want me as your girlfriend anymore..." she sobbed more.

"Of course I want you, Natasha... I love you…you should have told me this when we met." I told her.

"I am so ashamed of it... If it really gets bad for me, please call my mother right away... she knows what to do." she muttered, "Thank you for still wanting me, Andrew..." she smiled to me.

We kissed and held each other for a very long time.

Before we went to the mall, she needed to stop at her house to get her purse.

“Hi, Andrew, how are you?" Natasha's mother asked nicely, as I waited for Nat to get her purse, in her bedroom.

"Very nice, Miss Jones." I replied, somewhat shy.

"Call me Tiffany, is Natasha behaving?" she asked, with a curious smile.

"Yes... yes, Mis... Tiffany." I replied back.

"Did you guys fuck yet?" she then asked me.

"I.. er.." I stumbled on my words, surprised by her question.

Tiffany gave a small laugh, as she knew we did indeed fucked. "How was she?" she then asked.

"Er.. good... er.. your daughter is my first... and maybe my last, as I am really falling in love with her, I think." I smiled to her, confused a bit.

"Oh, you were a virgin? A good looking boy like you? How old are you again, Andrew?' Tiffany asked me, as she came closer to me, rolling her fingers down my chest.

"I am err.. 19..." I gasped, as I was being seduced by Natasha's mother.

"Oh my..." Tiffany said, as she cupped my erected penis and balls with one of her hands.

"Mom, what are you doing?" asked Natasha, from across the room.

Tiffany turned to face her daughter and walked slowly to her, "You and him, you fucked?"

Natasha blushed hard, almost embarrassed.

"How was it? Did you like it? Did he penetrate you deep? Did you come good?" Tiffany whispered to Natasha right ear.

"Tiffany!" I yelled out, as I felt very uneasy at the situation.

Tiffany turned back to me. "Yes?" she simply said.

Natasha was looking away, like she wanted to scream somehow.

"Andrew... We are all family here, no need for secrets." she chuckled.

"Natasha is your daughter... please respect her... and me... I am her boyfriend and maybe future husband, one day!" I said angrily.

"Husband? Oh my... that's rich..." she laughed out loud.

"Stop it! I LOVE HIM!" Natasha yelled back to her mother.

"Do you? Really?" Tiffany suddenly changed her mood quickly.

"Yes... I really do...and I think he does too." Natasha said, crying, tears of happiness. She ran into my arms and we held each other very hard.

Tiffany walked to us and hugged us both "Good... I needed to test both of you... I wanted to make sure your emotions were actual and real." she smiled to us.

We took a deep breath and sat down on the couch, while Tiffany went to make herself some coffee.

"Your mom is weird..." I said, scratching my head.

"She can be... Andrew… did you get hard with her?" Natasha asked jealously.

"Tiffany is a beautiful woman... I could not help it... I’m not gay." I laughed, trying to change the conversation.

Natasha took a deep breath and gave me a "you are not off the hook yet" look.


"What do you think?" asked Natasha, showing me a new shirt, coming out of the dressing room.

"Very nice!" I said, loving it.

"Okay, let me try one more, last one, I promise!" she yelled out, running back inside the booth.

Since this was all new to me, I was having a blast with Natasha. I’d seen guys waiting for their girlfriends in stores in pure agony, but I was having a grand time myself. Having a girlfriend was cool, for me.

Nat came out with the other shirt on, "So?" she simply ask, showing the shirt off.

This one was tighter and a size smaller from the last one. You could easily see the shape of her breasts that were very nice and rounded.

“This one!" I smiled.

"Gotcha!" She smiled and went back to change, "Oh! I need some new earrings too! And some lipsticks too!" she was running about like crazy from store to store in the mall.

After a few hours, holding multiple bags for her, we sat in the food court of the mall.

"Hungry?" I asked her, tired.

"Not really, you?" she asked me back.

"Mmmm... I am, actually, I'll just grab some burgers, if you don't mind." I said, as I went to get the food. I came back quickly, Nat looking inside the bags, a huge smile on her lips "Andrew, thank you for all the gifts!" she squealed out, so happy.

"My pleasure, Nat." I told her, knowing secretly, I just emptied my entire wallet for her.

"No one ever bought me gifts like theses... You make me so happy!" she said, small tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Nat, it's okay, you are my girl!" I smiled to her, almost crying too. Obviously, she had a hard childhood and some rough teenage years. "Nat, I'll always do my best to make you happy..." I told her, holding her hands with my hands.

She caressed me hard "Me too! I love you so much, Andrew!"

We sat there, just looking at each other, while I ate the burgers "Want a bite?" I asked Nat.

"Naw, I’m still full from breakfast. I noticed your mom didn't like me much..." Natasha said, stealing a fry from my combo.

"Mom is over-protective of me... Being her only child. I am sure she will adore you with time!" I grinned.

"I hope so... your dad liked me." she grinned back.

"Dad? Of course, was worried about me, being single all the time." I laughed out.

"How come you’ve never had a girlfriend before?" Nat questioned me.

"I guess it's because I’ve always been studying hard, never paid much attention to girls in high school... But I did have one female friend since childhood. Samantha was my best friend growing up..." I replied.

"Samantha?" asked quickly Nat.

"We grew up together... she moved away two years ago with her parents, but she came back this year; she goes to my college too and is also studying robotics." I said, somewhat sad.

"Did you like her… like love her?" Natasha asked, trying not to be jealous.

"Love her? No, no...we were always more like brother and sister, I think. She even has a boyfriend now.. Tom..." I explained.

"You seem bitter, or even jealous of Tom." Nat said to me next, stinging me a bit.

"Jealous? Me?" I snickered.

"Just worried for Sam, like a big brother would, I guess." I smiled.

Nat rolled her eyes a bit, not believing me totally.

"Anyway, who cares about Sam! I have you! The perfect woman!" I said, reaching for a kiss.

"Yeah, yeah." Natasha blurted out, kissing me back. We then went back home by bus.

As we were riding the bus home, holding the multiple bags, we were talking about which movies we should watch together. To my surprise, she loved horror movies too.

As we gabbed, Natasha suddenly gave me a strange look "Er..A.. Andrew... I am getting very sleepy suddenly... I guess I spent too much energy at the mall." Natasha said quickly.

"We are almost home Nat, hang in there!" I told her worried.

"Okay... I'll just close my eyes a bit." she said, as she rested on the bus seat.

I got worried for her, making sure she didn't fall off the seat. The bus was pretty much empty, so no one could complain about Nat lying on the seat. A few minutes passed, and we arrived at our stop.

"Nat, wake up, we are home." I woke her up.

She sat up, woozy, "Andrew, help me out." Nat asked, as she had trouble walking off the bus. She made a few steps before she slumped on the grass in front of her house.

I dropped all the bags, running to her. "Nat! Nat!" I yelled out worried.

She was totally unresponsive. I then ran to her house and got her mother quickly. Tiffany ran out with me, and she let me bring in Natasha in my arms. Natasha was completely unconscious now.

"Lay her on the couch..." Tiffany instructed me.

I laid her down, tears in my eyes. "What’s wrong with her?" I asked nervously.

"She... she is just exhausted." Tiffany simply said, loosening Nat's clothing.

"Bullshit!" What is wrong with Nat!" I yelled out angrily.

Tiffany gave me a stern look and turned back to her daughter, "Andrew, get the bags you left outside." she commanded me.

I took a deep breath and went outside and got the bags. I came back and stood there, as Tiffany stood there, facing me.

"Andrew... Do you really want to know the truth of Natasha's illness?" she asked me, with a dark seriousness to her voice, "You might change your views on her, completely... Are you willing to take this risk? Chances of changing or even losing your love for her?" she continued.

"I... I..." I hesitated, looking at Natasha, who was lying on the couch, eyes closed, looking in a deep sleep.

"No... not yet... I do suspect she is a robot, but I’d rather continue my relationship with her, not really knowing... Let me enjoy this illusion just a bit more... please." I said, as I started sobbing hard.

Tiffany hugged me hard, "She will be okay... I promise... Come back in a few hours... she will be waiting for you... She does love you... for real." she whispered to me.

I thanked her and went back home, crying.

"Hey, son, where is Natasha?" asked my father, as I came inside.

He noticed my red eyes, "Andy, what's wrong?" he quickly asked, worried.

"Nothing's wrong, dad. Don’t worry." I lied.

"Okay, if you say so." he patted me on my back.

I went upstairs quickly, to cry in my pillow. If Natasha is really a robot, how can I love her? Is it real? Everything she told me about herself, it's all a lie? I fell in love with a lie? "I knew it was too good to be true...." I cried to myself hard.

A few hours past, as I started hearing the doorbell ringing. I knew it was Natasha right away.

"Andrew?" she was asking from behind the door. I went and slowly opened the door, "I was waiting for you, but you didn't come... I got worried you were angry at me..." she said, tears forming in her eyes.

She then saw right away that I was indeed, very sad. "Andrew... are you okay?" she asked me as she hugged me hard.

"Nat..." I said, closing my eyes, smelling her long hair that was brushing against my face.

"I am so sorry! I am so sorry! Please don't hate me for my illness!" she began sobbing hard.

I could not do it, I loved her too much. "Nat, Nat, it's okay. Let’s go watch a movie in my room... everything will be okay, I promise" I smiled to her.

She wiped her tears on my left shoulder, "Please don't hate me... I need you..." she whispered to me. We kissed and went upstairs.

We sat on my bed, our back to the wall, pillows on our backs, sheets covering half of our body, watching "BLOOD HOUSE OF THE DAMNED!" as Nat cringed in my arms, but still watching the movie hard.

"FUCKKCKKCKKCKKCKCKC!" she barked out at the cheap jump scare. “I hate it when they do that!" she chuckled hard, enjoying the movie.

Sadly, I could not concentrate much on the movie, as I was more watching her reactions, her emotions, and her body language. No way could she be a robot, I kept telling myself.

"Andrew, watch the movie!" as she noticed I was watching her instead of the TV.

"Oh... sorry," I smiled to her, turning my head toward the movie.

After the movie, I went to my bedroom door and locked it. Natasha let out a small laugh, "Am I your prisoner?"

"Maybe..." I gave her a naughty smile. “Can I see you naked, Nat? I want to examine your beautiful naked body" I asked her, rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist.

"Why? Still think I am a robot?" she smirked.

"Yes, actually... I want to see if I can find an off button on you, so I can reprogram you as my sex maid." I snickered.

"Oh really…fine, if it makes you happy my perverted freak of boyfriend." she laughed out, as she disrobed.

"And what happens if I am indeed a robot? Does that mean I am not real? My entire life, my illness, everything, was a lie? A ruse?" she asked, "My love for you, Andrew? All fake? Only programs?" she quizzed me, being mischievous.

"Maybe? You might be innocent in all this, as you don't know your own true nature." I said, as I started examining her body.

She gave me a worried look "Andrew... seriously... what if I am not real... just a robot? Will you stop loving me?"

I gave her a long look, "No... I don't think so... No matter your nature, I love you, Natasha." I said, in deep thought.

"But what if I don't want to know..." she then said.

I paused and realized what I was doing was wrong. "Damn it... you are right... who cares if you are a machine or not, our love is real, isn't it?" I questioned her.

"Yes... I think it is..." she smiled to me, brushing her hands on my cheeks.

"That's good enough for me." I smiled to her.

We decided to bury the subject and enjoy our loves together. We made love to each other until we both fell asleep together.

"Seriously? Really? Why?" asked Natasha, disappointed.

"Well, I need the money? And you don't like my gifts?" I said, putting my new Crazy's Burger uniform, "And it's only part time, after schools and some weekends." I said, looking in the mirror, fixing my tie.

"Andrew, please... you don't need to do this. We won't have much time together anymore, you, with school, and now work." pleaded Natasha.

"I’m sorry, but it's only for a bit, promise!" I replied, kissing her goodbye.

Natasha hugged me hard and slowly walked home, sad and angry. "Mom, why can't I have a job too?" she asked suddenly her mother, who was working on her laptop.

"Honey, you know you can't, with your condition." Tiffany replied.

"If it's a condition..." Nat muttered.

"Oh, and what do you mean by that?" her mother quickly followed.

"Nothing..." Nat said, going to cool down in her room. Nat sat in front of her mirror and stared "... Beep beep..." was all she said.

Andrew was fucking up the order badly, panicking, he was scrambling like crazy.

"Okay, that’s two burgers, three fries, two colas and one sundae. Enjoy" he faked a smile to the costumer. The man look at the food and left frustrated at Andrew.

"Andrew, relax. This is your first night!" Chloe said to him, her hand on his right shoulder.

His new manager was a real cutie, and very nice to him. Clueless, Andrew didn't realized that she liked him a lot. She actually knew him from High School, but he had never paid attention to her, always with his nose buried in books.

"So, why are you here?" She asked him.

"I need the dough... Have a girlfriend now..." he smiled back.

"Oh..." she simply responded, disappointed inside, "Okay, anyway, here is your next customer." she said, pushing him to face the cash register.

"Hi, I just want an ice cream," the customer smiled.

"Nat?? What are you doing here?" Andrew said, surprised.

"Checking up on you, silly." Natasha smiled back.

Chloe noticed the beautiful blonde girl, with blue eyes and went behind Andrew to snoop. "I was missing you... How are things going?" Nat asked Andrew.

"Not good, I keep screwing up orders, nervous, I guess." Andrew said, feeling bad.

"He's doing great!" said Chloe from behind Andrew, "I am Chloe, his manager, you?"

"Hi, I am Natasha! I am this dork's girlfriend!" laughed Nat.

"Andrew! She's gorgeous!" Chloe said, choked.

"Err… yes, she is..." awkwardly said Andrew.

Natasha got a bit jealous, as how close Chloe was standing behind to Andrew.

"Err... here is your ice cream," Andrew smiled to Natasha, getting shy.

"On me, don't need to pay, Natasha!" smiled Chloe.

"Really? Thank you, Chloe." smiled Natasha. "I'll be sitting there for a while, watching you, if you don't mind." whispered Nat to Andrew, as she gave him a quick kiss.

"Sure, I guess..." nervously said Andrew, not sure why.

"Glad the night is over." sighed Andrew, tired.

Natasha was walking beside him, going home together, and holding hands. "Thank you for being there, made me less nervous..." he thanked her.

"My pleasure, my love." she responded, happily.

"You know, your manager... she likes you... a lot." Nat noted.

"Chloe? Are you nuts? Of course not!" laughed Andrew, in disbelief.

"I'll keep an eye on you, buster!" laughed Nat. Andrew rolled his eyes, snickering.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Nat asked nervously.

Andrew simply nodded, as he started licking her open labia.

Nat gasped hard, as she felt his tongue entering her pussy. She squealed as the tip swirled on her clit. She came very quickly, as having her first oral sex experience. Like before, she was suddenly staring at the ceiling, lost in the moment.

Andrew stared at her empty wide open eyes. He listened to her stomach and both felt and heard the same humming as the first time she came. He moved her legs open and started penetrating her with his penis. Andrew was somewhat turned on by this. One of his reasons for studying robotics, was actually, to learn to create a female sex droid one day. He didn't want to admit it, but he was actually into robot fetish since he was a teen. More and more, it was accepted in today's society, humans fucking robots. Since androids were pretty advanced compared to 10 years ago, it was getting harder and harder to differentiate them from humans.

Andrew came inside Natasha, who was still frozen. He lay beside her, exhausted. He closed his eyes and drifted off. Andrew was woken up by his alarm clock, the next morning. He reached and pressed the snooze button. He turned and reached with his right arm over Natasha.

"Morning, love..." he mumbled out.

She remained quiet.

He rubbed his eyes open and looked at her. Natasha was still the same as last night, eyes still wide open, frozen look to her face.

"Nat? Are you okay?" he asked her worried.

He realized that for sure, now, she was actually a robot. Her systems must have crashed and he needed to reboot her systems. Since she was still naked, it was easy for him to try to find her on/off switch somewhere.

He sat her up, like a doll and started pressing away on her back. Nothing. He started massaging her neck, nothing. He pushed her head down, so he could exam the back of her skull, through her long blonde hair. Finally, after probing a lot, he felt a small bump, right in the middle of the back of her head. He sat her back straight and pressed the bump for 10 seconds, as it was the normal time interval of rebooting an android by this matter.

Natasha blinked suddenly, closed her eyes, and went limp on his bed. Andrew managed to completely deactivate her. Andrew laid her down straight on his bed and took a deep breath. He went to get his books on robot anatomy and some tools.

After a few minutes of studying the book, he took a tool and inserted in her bellybutton and turned it, until he felt a click. Natasha shook slightly as her stomach slowly opened and a panel lifted over. Andrew gasped at seeing her robotic innards. He peered inside her and got somewhat excited. He then looked at her closed eyes, as she was sleeping "Poor thing, you really don't know what marvel of technology you are..." he whispered to Natasha.

He then grabbed his books and tried to see if he could recognize any of the circuits showing. After a moment, he found a USB port, directly to her, what it seemed, her main CPU, that was stored deep in her stomach, in a metal casing, for protection.

He connected his tablet he had to the USB port and turned it on. Slowly, he press a small blinking red button, on the CPU casing.

"System connecting... connection completed... new device found... systems ready." blinked into his tablet screen. Andrew went and moved the cursor to the "Natasha" folder and pressed on it.

After an hour, going through the many files of Natasha's systems, Andrew found what he was looking for. He opened the folder and looked at the data. With his tablet, he accessed her sex programs.

"Ah, this is why she keeps freezing when she orgasms. Let me fix this." he said, as he removed one of the conflicting programs, "Let's see if this helps." he said, as he loaded an "orgasm" into her CPU function.

Natasha suddenly became active, gasping, moving, eyes wide open, coming, climaxing... then went limp, as she was before, deactivated.

"No system crash! Problem fixed!" smiled proud of himself.

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Andrew smiled to Natasha.

Nat smiled back, stretching her arms, "Morning, my darling." She sat up, still naked. "What time is it?" she asked, as she saw it was daylight.

"9:59 AM." answered Andrew, kissing her naked shoulders.

He grabbed her breasts from behind and kiss her on the back of her neck. Enjoying the sensations, she let him have his way with her.

She laid on her stomach and moved her ass up, showing her pussy right in his face "More..." she grinned.

He got the hint and gave her more oral sex. She climaxed again, but this time, she didn't freeze or anything strange. She laughed in delight, as she was happy that she didn't have a "seizure" again.

Andrew kissed her deep, "You are completely mine now..."

Natasha was a bit confused by this, but responded "Always."

As Natasha was relaxing in the bed, Andrew was fiddling with his tablet. He studied her response quickly, as he was trying to "remote access" her. "Why isn’t it working?" he said frustrated.

"What isn’t working?" she asked, concerned.

"Nothing..." he said, as he reached behind the back of her head.

"What are..e...e.." said Natasha, being deactivated again.

Andrew felt guilty, but he really wanted to be able to access her with his tablet, so he grabbed his books about remote accessing robots. He soon realized he had to link up directly to her connection settings. The direct port to her WiFi was actually inside her head, so he had to remove her faceplate in order to access it.

Andrew studied the information and followed the instructions in the book on how to remove the faceplate of an android. He grabbed both her ears and twisted them slowly in a clockwise motion until he heard a loud clicking noise. He then grabbed both sides of her face and slowly, delicately pulled it off.

"Holy shit..." he gasped again, as he held in his hands the face of his girlfriend.

Inside the skull, was her two cameras as eyes, sensors for a nose, and her robotic mouth and lips showing. He put her face on the bed carefully and studied her open robotic insides. Slowly, he touched her robotic lips and kissed her, wanting to know the feel of it. Cold and hard, they certainly felt different. Her eyes were small camera lenses, very advanced.

He noticed all the motors and sensors controlling her facial movements, as well as her eyebrows. He then saw the USB port right in her forehead. He plugged in his tablet and installed it in her systems for remote access, anytime or anywhere.

Andrew then had a thought, as he was curious to see what she’d look like if she was active without her faceplate attached. He accessed her systems with his tablet and typed away.

Natasha suddenly came to life and started speaking, "Hello, Andrew... I am your robot." she said, after he typed it. He then typed a command directly to her CPU. She simply complied and sat up, climbed on top his legs and started sucking his dick, with her robotic lips and tongue.

"What a strange sensation..." he mumbled, as he came in her robotic mouth. As he came, his left hand pushed her faceplate of the bed and onto the floor. Nat simply sat next to him, waiting for her next instruction. He grabbed the faceplate and looked at her beautiful face and then felt guilty. He clicked her faceplate back into place and rebooted her from behind the head.

"Mmmm... what happend? Why do I have sperm inside my mouth?" Natasha asked confused, as she rebooted.

"You gave me a blowjob," I simply smiled.

"I did?" she asked confused.

"And you will gimme another one." I said, as I typed from my tablet the direct command to her CPU.

Natasha said nothing as she simply started to suck me more, with a blank look on her face. After coming a second time in her mouth, I turned off the tablet, now feeling really guilty, as Natasha, was still the woman I loved, robot or not.

It's been a week since I discovered Natasha's true nature. It was also a week since I last touched the tablet. The only time I did was to verify her energy level when we went out to see a movie together. I felt some uneasiness, since I felt bad for her, since she was oblivious to her being a machine and not human.

"Oh, you know, when we get married, I want violets! Just like these! They are my favorite!" she exclaimed, as we passed a flower shop.

"Humans can't marry robots..." was the first thing flashing in my head.

"Of course, my love, anything you want!" I smiled to her.

She gave me a look, like she knew I knew something was wrong. She shook her head, as if she knew exactly what I knew of her, but didn't want to face it. We tried to be happy, live as a normal couple anyway.

"Andrew... whatever I did... I am so sorry..." she started to sob hard, one night. "I know something is wrong... you look at me differently now... you even recoil at my touch sometimes..." she sobbed more.

I shook my head, not sure how to respond. "Nat... I am sorry... It's my fault..." I mumbled out.

She cried all night in my arms, not sure how to fix our relationship like it used to be. I cried too.

"I should go home..." she said as she got up.

I reached for her, but she quickly turned away from me.

"Have a good life, Andrew... Thank you for everything..." She simply said.

"Are you leaving me?" I said, shocked.

"You don't love me anymore... not the way it was when we meet..." she said, taking a deep breath.

"FUCK! FUCK! Don't say that, Natasha! I love you!" I yelled to her.

Nat softly put one hand on my face and smiled, "Do you?"

I grinded my teeth, angry at myself, "Yes! Yes, I do! I hate having the knowledge that you are a robot!" I yelled out.

Nat took a step back, "W...what?" she simply said, her lips trembling.

I cursed myself, but I knew it was too late, I revealed too much to her.

She took a few more step back and collapsed hard on the floor, on her back.

"NAT!" I screamed out, seeing her, falling hard. I jumped beside her, shaken.

She was twitching on the floor, eyes wide open, tears coming down, "I... am a robot?" she was repeating.

I sat her up, as she was still repeating the phrase. "Yes... I am sorry." I whispered to her.

She paused and simply stopped moving, becoming frozen with an empty, blank look on her face; she had a complete system crash.

I tried to reboot her twice, but nothing happened to Natasha, she was still in a frozen state. I then grabbed the phone and called Tiffany for help. I asked her if I could bring her daughter, as she had another episode. I snuck out of the house, with Natasha limp in my arms and ran to her house.

"What happened?" Tiffany asked me, as I laid Natasha down on the couch.

"I told her by accident she was a robot..." I said, angry at myself.

"So, you know..." Tiffany said, as she lifted Natasha's shirt and took out a small tool from her pocket and opened her stomach panel.

"I’ve known it for a week now... we were having sex and when she climaxed, she kept crashing after the orgasm... so, I fixed her up..." I explained uneasily.

“I should have tested her more..." laughed Tiffany, plugging her laptop into Natasha's CPU. "And voila... she's all okay. I put a system freeze in this situation on her systems, to prevent damage or corruption of her programming. I just need to erase her memory files from the last few hours and she will be back to normal." Tiffany explained.

"Err... could we err... do something to her?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Tiffany asked confused.

"Nat wants to leave me... she thinks I don't love her anymore…but that's not true! I love her so much!" I said, sad.

"But you have been acting differently since you discovered her nature... she told me about yesterday... she was very sad." Tiffany told me, sitting Natasha up.

"I didn't mean too… I don't know what to do anymore..." I cried out, sitting beside Natasha, who was still deactivated.

"Come, I want to show you something..." Tiffany said, grabbing my hand and directing me to her basement. She unlocked it, as she didn't want Natasha snooping around down there.

"Wow!" I simply said, seeing her laboratory.

"I want you to meet someone..." Tiffany said, pulling a sheet off something.

"Holy crap!" I said in disbelief.

Sitting there was another beautiful woman, naked, with beautiful red hair, blue eyes and a smile on her face.

"She's Natasha's new sister, Natalie. I’ve almost finished working on her."

"She is gorgeous... just like Natasha..." I said, examining the deactivated android.

Tiffany then gave me a picture.

"Nat?" I asked, confused, looking at the picture of what seemed to be Natasha.

"No, that's me at 22..." Tiffany smiled, "I gave them my looks and figure, both of them... I changed a bit, of course, Natalie's looks a bit."

"I don't want to offend you, Tiffany, but you were so beautiful... err I mean, you are still very beautiful!' I smiled to her.

"Andrew, that day, I made you hard, right?" she smiled back. I blushed, as she came close to me and whispered to me "Could you fuck me, Andrew... I want you to experience what making love to a real woman is like, instead of an android I built..."

I gushed a bit, and replied lightly, "Okay, but doesn't this mean I will be cheating on your daughter?"

Tiffany smiled, "Andrew, she's only a robot after all..."

I was a bit surprised by her response, but she was right. Turning down making love to Tiffany, I would be crazy not to. Yes, she was much older than me, being 32, but she was a gorgeous, hot woman who wanted to have sex with me.

"Fuck! That was good!" Tiffany yelled out, climaxing again, on top of me.

I was panting, as I was exhausted by her. "I need to pee." I laughed out.

Tiffany laughed too, as she also had to pee too. We both went to her washroom and she got shy, seeing her peeing. I observed her delicious body as she urinated. She showed little age, as she was still very fit, as well as having an amazing pair of breasts.

"So, you fucked me, and my robot. Who's better?" Tiffany asked, smirking.

"Oh boy... so different... with you, it's so raw, animal like, so sticky!" I chuckled, "With Nat, it's very err... controlled, by the book I guess... almost routine..." I said, a bit surprised at myself for saying it.

"Well, my knowledge into sex programming my daughter was a bit limited..." Tiffany said, as she got up.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, she is amazing!" I quickly said.

"But she could be better, right?" she smiled as she went back to the bedroom.

Following her and climbing in the bed with her, I said "I guess, Nat was my first, you are also my first too, since she was a robot." I mumbled out.

Tiffany blushed, "It's true! I am your first! I am such a cougar!" she chuckled a bit, "Regrets?" Tiffany asked, as she started sucking my dick.

"No way!" I moaned out, as she pushed me on my back, as she licked the tip of my dick hard. I came in her face, as she licked her fingers.

"Mmmm, salty," Tiffany groaned.

"So, why did you create Natasha?" I asked Tiffany, as she did a complete system clean up on Natasha's systems.

"I’m barren and always wanted a daughter... My ex was also a robotic expert... He helped me create her. The reason I left him was because he wanted to sell Natasha to a robotics company, but I couldn’t sell my own daughter, so I took her and we left in the middle of the night..." Tiffany explained, "I love Nat like a real daughter, and sometimes I forget she is just a machine. I programmed her the best I could. I tried to give her a "soul", if that's possible. I put variables in her A.I. to make her more "human", if that's possible. She is also a learning A.I., as you can imagine," she said, stroking her hair.

Natasha was lying on the metal table in the lab now, on her back, naked. Eyes and mouth wide open, as she was connected to multiples computers, running diagnostics on her systems. Tiffany typed a few lines of data on her computer, while studying it.

"Natasha really loves you, Andrew... I managed to make her learn love, I think. She raved about you night and day. You made her very happy. We did put Natasha in school for a few years, to learn about human behaviors. She got teased and bullied a lot. She also learned about sadness and pain... It broke our heart, seeing her learning what about suffering. But we had too... this is what it is to be human, right?" Tiffany, saying it with guilt.

"She had me convinced... at first, I never imagined she was a robot... she was perfect, sweet, smart, and loving." I said, tears in my eyes.

Tiffany saw that I was crying and felt even guiltier now. "Andrew, if I change some of her memory files, could you love her like you did before you learned she was a robot?" she asked, being serious.

"Yes, I’m sure I could, knowing she was planning to leave me due to my insensibility toward her." I said, disappointed in myself, "Please... I can't lose her... I love her with all my heart..." I begged her.

Tiffany kissed me softly, "Okay, she will be like she was, a few days before... Now, go home and rest. I still need to do more testing on her."

I left their house and went to bed, crying, and my emotions a real mess. "I am really in love with a robot..." I chuckled to myself.

"Andrew!" Natasha gave me a huge hug.

"Nat!" I cried out, hugging her back, "Are you okay?" I asked her quickly.

"Super! You?" she asked back.

"Me too!"

We laughed hard, like we used too. I turned to Tiffany "Thank you so much..." I said to her quickly.

"Andrew, are you crying?" Nat asked, seeing tears in my eyes.

"You just make me so happy, Nat!" I kissed her deep.

Tiffany smiled, seeing us happy and she left the room, leaving us alone. She sat at the kitchen table and felt sad and angry…lonely. Tiffany was surprised to find herself jealous of her own robotic daughter. She took a deep breath and went to drink a beer.

For a few hours, me and Nat, we were sitting and talking, like we did. Things were back like they were. Not once did I hesitate loving her back, as a human.

"Mom? Are you okay?" asked Nat, as she saw her mother come stumbling into the room, drunk.

"Come here, my daughter!" Tiffany smiled, holding her hands out for a hug.

Nat got up and hugged her mother hard.

"I am so proud of you." Tiffany whispered to Natasha, holding her hard.

I sat there, not sure what to do.

"My baby... you are so beautiful..." Tiffany smiled. She then held her daughter's face, looking her directly in her eyes, "Nat..." said Tiffany, as she pulled Natasha's faceplate clean off by accident, losing her balance.

I freaked out at what I was seeing. Natasha screamed out in horror, confused what just happened.

"Ooppssy." Tiffany laughed out loud, drunk as a skunk.

Natasha was reaching to touch her insides, where her missing faceplate was supposed to be. Her cameras turned to me, a look of horror was easily identifiable.

"Nat, don't panic, just close your eyes!" I yelled to her, as I grabbed her faceplate from Tiffany's hands.

"Andrew? Andrew? What she did to me?" Nat gasped.

I clicked her faceplate in place and she opened her eyes and looked at me. Then I pressed behind her head, deactivating her.

Tiffany just sat on the couch, laughing hard.

"Tiffany! How could you do this?" I yelled to her.

Tiffany remained quiet and waved to me to come close to her. I slowly did went to her. She opened her blouse and revealed her breasts to me, "I want you to FUCK me more, Andrew!" she slurred her speech. Before anything else, she pulled my pants down and saw I was already erect at the site of her breasts. "Yay!" she said, as she started sucking on it with her mouth. She grabbed my ass from behind and pulled my penis deeper into her mouth, sucking hard. "Do you like?" she smiled to me, almost cross-eyed.

I nodded, as I was almost coming. She pushed me on the couch, got undressed and got on top of me. I penetrated her very wet pussy. We both were coming but, “Wait, wait, I want to try something!" she barked out. She left me and reached for her computer. She typed a few things, giving me the "wait, wait!" signal.

Suddenly, Natasha stood up and got undress, a blank look on her face. Before I could object to this, Natasha squeezed her breasts on my face, as Tiffany came back on top of me. "Double the fun, double the pleasure!" she laughed out loud more.

We did a crazy session of "ménage a trois", as they call it. Tiffany even had Natasha perform oral sex on her. I was too gone in sexual ecstasy to object to anything. All I knew was that we would likely regret it in the morning.

Tiffany was crying hard, the guilt over her was overwhelming her. I sat beside her, feeling guilty and dirty. Natasha was on the floor, naked and out of energy. We just woke up the next morning feeling like shit.

I walked and took Natasha in my arms and lied her in bed with us. She had her eyes wide open, still that blank robot look to her. I really started hating seeing her like this. This look... empty, the completely opposite of what she is when she’s active.

"How could I do this to her... my own daughter... I turned her into a sex droid...she even licked my own pussy!" Tiffany sobbed.

I then realized I was a bit drunk too, as I remember sipping beer here and there the entire night. No wonder I felt like puking too.

"We were drunk, we did stupid shit..." I said, trying to excuse our behaviors.

"Andrew, I am so sorry..." she sobbed more.

I sat up to Natasha and looked at her and begged her for forgiveness, even knowing she was still offline. I knew she was just a robot, but she was more to me than anyone else. After a long moment, I asked how she recharges.

Tiffany stopped crying and went to Natasha's left foot. She unscrewed her middle toe, and pulled out a cord and plugged it in the wall socket "She takes about four hours to charge..." she simply said.

I hugged Tiffany and said to her, "What is done is done, let's never do anything like that ever again to Natasha... she deserves better..."

Tiffany nodded a yes and cried a bit on my shoulder, "I am sorry…just, I am so lonely... apart from my robots, I have no one to be with..." she cried.

I pitied her, as she was right. Then it came to me "Tiffany, why don't you come teach at my college? You are obviously qualified!" I smiled to her.

She paused and look to me, eyes wide. "I.. I guess I could, even bring Natasha as my helper... OH my God, Andrew, you are brilliant!" she screamed, hugging me hard. She noticed I got hard, as we both were still naked.

"Sorry, can't control it..." I grinned.

"Please... one last time..." begged Tiffany, lying Natasha behind the bed, charging.

She then lied in the bed, legs wide open, squeezing and playing with her nice tits. "Damn it... you sex deviant." I laughed, as I got on top of her.

I was playing with Natasha's long blond hair. She was enjoying my playful touches.

"Andrew... Do you really love me? Seriously?"

"Yes, I do, Natasha..." I whispered to her, as my hands started to caress her rounded breasts.

She let me climb onto her and insert myself inside her pussy. She purred like a cat, enjoying my slow movement inside her. She started to moan, as I picked up speed, penetrating her gradually. I ejaculated inside her, as she exploded also. She was breathing hard, as I laid beside her, eyes closed.

"Thank you..." she smiled.

I realized my sexual encounters with her mother and her were very different. As a human, Tiffany is rougher, more animal-like, and more lustful. With Natasha, she is more controlled, more technical, and cleaner. I could not decide which one I liked more, to be honest.

I sat up and reached for my tablet. I pressed a few buttons, showing me how Natasha's internal systems were functioning. Her battery was at 37%, so she would need to recharge soon.

Natasha peered over my shoulder, "What are looking at?" she asked, glancing at the tablet.

"Just playing a game..." I lied, as I closed the screen quickly.

"Turn it off and come hug me, love." she smiled, rolling in her bed sheets.

I put the tablet down and went into the sheet to hug her hard. It's been a few days since we reset her memories and things were back to the way they were. Guilt was still there, but I learned to stop worrying about her being an android. Since I fixed her orgasm glitch, Natasha only crashed once. I was not sure what caused the crash, as we were watching a TV show on painting and art when it happened.

Later that week, Tiffany arrived at my home, with Natasha, all happy and hugged me hard "ANDREW! ANDREW! They hired me! You were right!" she screamed.

I congratulated her on her good news.

"I start next week! I'll be one of your teachers!" Tiffany continued, excited.

I turned to Natasha, who was acting strange, as she was lost in thoughts. "Nat? Are you okay?" I asked her quickly, worried.

Natasha gave me an empty look "What? I don't understand what are you asking, mister?"

"WTF?" I asked Tiffany, pissed.

"Are your parents’ home?" Tiffany whispered to me.

I quickly shook my head.

"I had to show her off as my robot, so they could see my work. They were very impressed with Natasha. I had to remove her personality circuits before going for the interview. I didn't want to chance having her glitch on me." Tiffany explained.

I looked at Natasha, who seemed lost.

"Please put them back, I can't stand seeing Natasha like this!" I said, as I was frustrated to see my girlfriend like that.

"Andrew, sorry, but I had too. Stop being like this!" Tiffany got upset, "She's only a robot after all!" she ended her phrase.

"Damn it! Stop saying that! I love her, I really do! It's hard enough to not be reminded constantly about it! I.. Please stop.." I started to crack, "Do you know how it's hard for me??? Being in love with your machine? WHY DID YOU CREATE HER TO BE SO HUMAN!" I yelled out.

"Why are you so angry, mister?" asked Natasha, looking at me closely.

Tears formed from my eyes, "Because your mother managed to fool my heart into loving you." I cried.

Natasha turned to Tiffany, "I do not understand? Why would someone want to love me? I am a machine"

"Because I am a fool... an idiot...a loser..." I said, sitting on the couch, both hands covering my face.

Tiffany remained quiet, her eyes were also filling with tears "I am so sorry, Andrew... you are so young... It's cruel what I did to you... I am so sorry." she suddenly said, also cracking. "I do really believe Natasha does loves you, as she says and does stuff that I never programmed her to do. Most of the actions she does toward you is her own free will." Tiffany said, sitting beside me.

"I am so confused... I just want to have normal relationship..." I said, tears came down.

"Love is never easy," Tiffany smiled, wiping tears away.

I put my head on her right shoulder, and for the first time, I felt Tiffany as an older woman, mothering me. She kissed my forehead, "Hang in there... I truly believe you can have true happiness with Natasha…if I didn't, I would dismantle Natasha this night..." Tiffany smiled.

I smiled back, hoping she was right.

Monday arrived, and we all left for the college together in Tiffany's car. Natasha was sitting beside me, in the back seat, as Tiffany was driving.

"No more buses for now!" Laughed Natasha.

"Nat, you will need to stay with me at all time, okay?" Tiffany explained to her daughter.

Tiffany was promised to have secrets by the people whom hired her as a robotic professor, concerning Natasha’s true nature. Only a few people in the entire college knew this information. I helped Tiffany and Natasha get settled in, as I had my other classes to attend. Around 10:00am, I had my first class with Tiffany. She smiled at me, but remained indifferent to me, as she was a great teacher. Many other student liked her too. After the class, it was lunch time. Tiffany allowed Natasha to have lunch with me, as she had lunch with the other teachers.

As I sat with Nat, my old friends were nowhere to be seen that day, "Lazy fucks, they skip Monday's classes,” I laughed.

"Who is this, Andrew?" was asked from behind us. Standing there, was Samantha, with her boyfriend.

"This is Natasha, my girlfriend!" I said proudly to Samantha.

"Oh, your new neighbor... I see." Samantha said with a smirk.

"Nice to meet you... I am Natasha, the love of his life." Natasha introduced herself to her.

"Pleased to finally meet you," Samantha replied back.

They both shook hands, and you could feel the tension between the two right away.

"So, are you a student here or just visiting?" Samantha poked for info out of Natasha.

"My mother is a new teacher here, she just started today, and I’m her helper." Natasha replied quickly.

"And you, Tom, how are you?" I asked Samatha's boyfriend, who was standing behind, very quiet.

He turned and gave me a strange look, "Fine..." he simply said.

Samantha turned to him, "Don't be rude..." she whispered to him.

"Fuck them." I heard him whisper to her. I studied them, as they started fighting between themselves, in whispers.

Tom a big muscular guy, with a short black hair cut. Pale white skin, and he looked like a real asshole. As for Samantha, she had short, dark black hair, half Japanese, half Canadian, with beautiful long eyes, and a cute small mouth and nose. They really didn't match as a couple, honestly. I also could not see why a girl like Sam saw in a jerk like him.

Suddenly, Tom just shut up and left. Samantha, shaking her head, sat down with us.

"Is everything okay?" Nat asked her.

Sam just looked at her and smiled, "Oh... everything is perfect..."

Nat and I just looked at each other, not knowing if she was being sarcastic or not.

"SO... so... so..." Samantha twirled her fingers, looking at us. "How long you have been activated, Natasha?" Samantha asked, with a grin.

"What? What do you mean?" Nat asked quickly, confused.

"Come on, you can't be human, you are to perfect! Look at how beautiful you are? No way would a beautiful girl like yourself go out with Andrew here, not like you!" Sam snapped.

I burst out laughing, "You should see Nat's mom then! She must be a robot too!"

Samantha gave a confused look, "What?"

Natasha laughed too, "I got my looks from my mother... Do you want to see her too?" she asked her. "And by the way, Andrew is very special, but I guess you never saw that in him... no wonder you never asked him out!" Natasha retaliated.

Samantha gave a look, like she just got stung by a bee, "Or maybe Andrew was simply too stupid and blind to ask me out..." she replied back to Natasha.

I didn't know how to react, as was this a confession of love to me? Was Samantha in love with me too?

Samantha looked down at the table, with my food on it, "I... I must go." she said, as she got up and left, clearly upset.

"Andrew, is she in love with you?" asked Natasha, upset a bit too.

"No. I don't think so... anyway, she has Tom." I replied, confused myself.

Nat came close to me and whispered in my left ear, "I think he's a robot..."

"What??? What the hell are you talking about?" I asked even more confused now.

"I don't know how, but I could tell...something is wrong about him... it... it just gave me the creeps... I hate robots..." Natasha said, crossing her arms.

I looked at Natasha, shocked from her comment.

"How dare she think I am a machine too?! I know you are friends with her for a long time, but she has issues!" Natasha barked out, mad.

I was lost, too much stuff suddenly happened, my robot girlfriend just revealed she was bigoted against robots, my old best friend is in love with me, and now, her boyfriend is a robot too.

"Do... do you think she knows he’s a robot?" I asked Nat.

"Maybe? Maybe not, he was very lifelike. ... Do you think she fucked with it? Yuck!" Nat answered me, grossed out.

"I don't know… and I don't want to know..." I said, shaking my head, in disbelief.

"How would you feel if I had sex with a robot?" I asked, amused of her revelations of her robotic views toward other robots, to Natasha.

"Male or female robot?" she smirked.

"Female, smartass..." I replied back.

"Andrew... seriously? Fine, well, I guess it's similar to a woman using a vibrator, I guess. It's just a tool for pleasure." she answered.

"But... what if the man, or woman, falls in love with the robot?" I quizzed her more, finding this situation fascinating.

"In love? I would pity them, as they would be deluding themselves, thinking the robot could return the love back." she smiled, as she took a bite from my sandwich.

"But if the robot can return the love back, would that be a real relationship? Could it be ‘True Love’?” I asked, as I took a bite of my sandwich too, from her hands.

"I guess it's possible, in today's world. I do think robots are advanced enough in A.I. to be almost humans," she said, smiling.

"But why the robot hate?" I asked her, seriously.

"I... I guess I don't really hate them... but I think's it's not right... let's say you were going out with a robot before I meet you, I would have never met you... How could I compete with something so perfect... it's not fair..." Natasha said, with sad eyes.

"Look at Samantha…if you were single and in love with her, could you compete with Tom? I don't think so... maybe." she continued, looking high, at the ceiling.

"I don't know..." I mumbled, as Natasha’s word did hurt a bit, for some unknown reasons. I kissed Natasha goodbye, as I had to go back to class and she needed to go back to her mother.

She made a quick stop, to the washroom, as even though she was a robot, unknown to herself, she still had to shit. And even though she didn't need to eat, she did, because she was mimicking the human habit.

Basically, when she ate, the food would go down a small tube down into her stomach, very similar to the human colon, and it gets ground into mush, and there was a little blender at the center of the tube. She also had to drink water, to wash down the food, and to make it softer and easier to come down. A small motor pumps out the food, and when her tube is full, she needs to defecate it. It came out almost like a slurry, as it was food, simply smashed up. She went to the toilet and pushed the food out of her asshole, just like a human shitting. She even felt relief as it came out and she emptied the inner tube. She cleaned her butt and pulled her pants up and opened the door of the stall.

Standing there was Tom, who grabbed her by the throat and pushed her in. He then grabbed her head and twisted it off quickly. Her body went limp, as she was decapitated by Tom. Natasha’s eyes were blinking quickly, as she was losing power to her head. Tom then reached in his pocket and grabbed a USB cable and connected it to her exposed neck. He then connected the other end of the cable to behind his own neck, where a USB port was hidden.

Natasha's body shook a bit, as he managed to enter her systems. After a moment, he disconnected the cable, reattached her head, and reactivated her. Natasha blinked, as the changes to her systems took effect.

Tom simply left, before she finished rebooting. Slowly, Natasha got up and left the bathroom, as it was still empty. She went to her mother class, as though nothing had happened to her.

"So, how was lunch?" Tiffany asked her daughter.

"Good..." she simply replied.

Her mother smiled and got ready for her next class, as the students were coming in. Natasha then sat down, and listened to her mother's teaching for the rest of the day.

Finishing classes, I went to see Tiffany and Natasha. They were packing their materials as I came in the room. I went to hug Natasha, but she turned quickly to me, "Here, bring this." she simply said, giving me books.

Tiffany was happy about her first classes, as I asked her how it went. "Thank you so much, Andrew, because of you, I am so happy." Tiffany kissed me on the cheek.

To my surprise, Natasha didn't even react to it, as I thought she would get jealous quickly.

On the drive home, Nat sat beside her mother, as I sat alone in the back seat, unlike this morning. I was wondering if she was angry at me or something. We arrived at their house and helped them bring the stuff inside.

"Please stay for supper, Andrew!" Tiffany asked.

"Sure!" I replied, as I went to Natasha's bedroom and sat on her bed.

Natasha came in and sat beside me, "What do you want to do?" she asked.

I reached for her and kissed her deeply. She felt off, and unemotional.

"Are you okay?" I asked Natasha, as we were kissing, in her bed.

"Yes, of course... Why?" she smiled to me.

"You seem different, somehow." I said, as I got concerned, as she was acting a bit strange.

"What do you mean?" she asked confused.

"I don't know. Since lunch, you’ve barely talked to me... Are you upset about Samantha?" I asked her.

Natasha looked away, trying to hide her reaction from me.

"Nat? Are you jealous of her?" I asked her, worried.

"I... I don't want you to talk to her anymore... please stay away from her." she mumbled out.

"I... why?" I asked her back.

"I hate her... I hate her!" Natasha yelled out, suddenly. She then turned to me, angry eyes "YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM HER AND TOM, ANDREW! OR I WILL LEAVE YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" she screamed out.

"WTF? What's wrong with you, Nat??" I asked her, grabbing both her fists, as they almost struck me.

I pushed her away from myself, tears were coming down her eyes, "YOU LOVE HER, I KNOW IT! YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE ME FOR HER!" she continued screaming.

"NAT! STOP IT!" I yelled back, trying to pin her.

She manage to squirm out of my arms and she kneed me in the balls hard, "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME, YOU PEICE OF SHIT! YOU WANT TO FUCK HER BAD! CHEAT ON ME! HOW DARE YOU!" she screamed in my face, as I was lying on the floor, in pain.

Tiffany came in the room, wondering what the hell was going on.


"That's not true... something is wrong with you!" I replied, still rolling in pain.

Tiffany hugged her daughter, "Shhh... shhh... relax, Natasha." Tiffany whispered, as she reached for Natasha's off button on the back of her skull.

Natasha pushed her mother away suddenly, "DON'T TOUCH ME TOO! I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO TO ME!!!" Nat yelled out at her mother "I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING SEXBOT ANYMORE! YOU FUCKING WHORE!" Natasha screamed back, sticking out her tongue, in a licking motion.

"She's been compromised!" Tiffany quickly said, realizing her daughter was malfunctioning.

"My tablet!" I said, as I ran to my bag. But before I could reach it, Natasha kicked me in the stomach hard. She then grabbed her mother by her long hair and flanged her across the room.

Tiffany was stunned, as she collapsed on the floor hard. Natasha was standing there, puffing hard, mad like a crazy woman. She walked to my bag and grabbed my tablet and smashed it hard on the floor, into thousands of pieces.

I slowly got up and waited for Natasha's next action. She came at me, trying to strike me with her fists.

“I LOVE SAMANTHA!" I yelled out quickly.

Natasha just froze, when she heard me. That is when I punched her so hard, I decapitated her. Natasha's head rolled on the floor, as her body went limp, falling on the floor, as a marionette that got its strings cut.

I stumbled over to Tiffany to help her out. I gasped, as I saw Tiffany twitching hard, whispering softly "Error.. erroor.r... damage to systems... errorr..."

I sat on Natasha's bed, two female android broken at my feet. I tried not to panic and think a bit. I decided get my laptop from home and try to fix Tiffany first. I tried not to think of it too much, as I needed to concentrate on the situation.

After getting the computer, I dragged Tiffany downstairs to her basement lab where I managed to lay Tiffany on the repair table. I turned around and saw Natalie sitting there, dormant.

"Maybe she can help me?" I said, as I activated her, as she was the same model as Natasha.

"Systems booting... systems ready... How can I serve you?" Natalie asked, smiling.

I tried not to be distracted that she was also naked. She was basically a red haired version of Natasha, with subtle differences in the face definition.

"Natalie, can you help me?" I asked her, unsure how much of her programming was completed.

"Maybe... please explain situation." she smiled.

"I need to repair this android, who is damaged. Can you assist me?" I asked her.

She walked up to Tiffany, was still functioning, but damaged and kept saying the same error message. She then took a tool and inserted it inside Tiffany's naval and opened her up.

I was surprised at how advanced Tiffany circuits and systems were compared to Natasha’s, or Natalie’s.

Natalie took a few more tools and started prodding around in Tiffany's systems, as a few cables got connected to my computer. I let her do her work, as she probably knew exactly what to do. I looked at Tiffany's face, as Nathalie was repairing her. It seem just a few circuits got dislodged and needed to be reconnected.

"There, she is all repaired." Natalie smiled, removing the cables from Tiffany's stomach.

"Nat, does Tiffany knows she is a robot? Can you scan her memory files?" I asked her.

She complied and analyzed the data, "Tiffany does not know her true nature, as a machine. She has been programmed to fully mimic being human. Shall I remove the shell program, fooling her A.I.?" Nat asked.

"No... Let her be... Thank you." I replied.

We got Tiffany back upstairs, back to the position she was. I went and was about to deactivated Natalie, as she was, in the basement.

"Natalie, can you fuck?" I asked her, as I was staring at her naked body.

She nodded.

For a second, Natasha’s face flashed in my head, but I dismissed it, as just a few moments ago, she kicked me in the balls and stomach. I was enraged inside, angry at her, how easily she had been reprogrammed or malfunctioned. How easily our love was gone so quickly, how sweet Natasha’s personality had changed, so easily.

It reminded me of how Natasha was simply a smart, walking, fucking computer. I hated her for it now, just as she hated me before I struck her hard! I wanted to scream, my heart was suddenly breaking in thousands of pieces. I started to weep with frustration. Natalie simply sat there, looking at me, zero response at my hurting. I deactivated her, as I was disgusted with her, and her lack of humanity.

I sat beside Tiffany on the floor, who was still deactivated. "YOU ARE A FUCKING ROBOT TOO!!" I yelled to her, tears still coming down my eyes.

I went to her and stripped her and had angry sex with her. I ripped her clothes off, tearing her bra off and underwear. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. I penetrated her quickly, as she got wet, even though she was deactivated. While I was fucking her, I reactivated her, as an angry gesture towards her.

Tiffany opened her eyes, as I was coming inside her, "Andrew! ANDREW!" she yelled out, as she almost came instantly.

I came all over her face, defiling her, as just a sex machine.

She was panting, as she was confused at what just happened. "What the fuck was that? Did you raped me when I was unconscious?" she yelled at me, as she saw her clothes were all torn up.

"Rape? How dare you? You were there, all sexy on the floor, lying there, I was fucking horny, I fucked you!" I yelled back.

She was unsure how to react at my saying, "I... you still find me sexy? I am way older than you... What about Natasha?" she asked confused.

"She's just a robot, nothing more, nothing less... she proved it to me right now." I said, grabbing Natasha's head off the floor.

"Fuck, what happened to her?" Tiffany asked, as she got up the floor.

"Natasha had a major malfunction. I had to punch her to deactivate her... I ripped her head off." I said, bitterly.

"Natasha! My poor daughter!" yelled Tiffany, grabbing her daughter's head, "I think she got infected or something." She said, examination her. "Bring her downstairs, I want to know what happened to her..." Tiffany said, grabbing Nat's head and walking to the basement.

Tiffany grabbed a USB cable and plugged into the open neck of Natasha, as I held her head in my hands. She connected it to her laptop and started typing away. Natasha's body started to move, as it was glitching.

"She got infected with some kind of virus that screwed up and corrupted her emotional and logic programming. I should be able to remove it and clean her systems." said Tiffany, worried. "It happened at 12:55pm..." she said.

"That's right after she left me to go meet you at your class.”

"I am checking her memory files... Andrew, do you recognize him?" Tiffany asked, pulling up Natasha’s memories on her laptop screen.

"That's Tom! What the fuck... did he rape her?" I asked, shocked at seeing him grabbing Natasha's view point.

"I think he pulled her head off... he knew she was a robot..." Tiffany concluded.

"But how...." I asked, confused into how he knew, "For fucks sakes... he is a robot too! Natasha knew he was... and he knew too that she is one too... Why infect Natasha?" I asked, pissed.

"I don't know, but we need to know why and protect Natasha from him." Tiffany said, as she cleaned and repaired Natasha.

I sat beside Nathalie where was sitting, dormant. I compared Natasha’s head to her, side by side. "Sisters..." I smiled, amused.

"Tif, how did you leave your husband?" I asked, curious.

"I just packed my stuff during one night, took all the money he had in his bank account and left with Natasha..." Tiffany paused, replying to my answer.

"Did you love him?" I then asked.

"Yes... I think... he was my... my teacher… everything I know, it's because of him..." she said, lost in memories.

"Do you miss him?" I continued.

"Yes, I do... he was nice to me… treated me with respect... He once said I was his miracle.. I never understood what he meant by that.." Tiffany smiled.

"How you would react, if you knew you were a robot too?" I asked, not caring anymore for the consequences.

"I.. don't know... Would it change my consciousness?... I am at a point I would not be surprised anymore..." she answered, turning to me. "Am I a robot?" she then asked, sitting beside me, taking Natasha's head from my hands.

She stared at Natasha's face and reached behind her own head and search for an off button, like Nat's.

"Tiffany!" I yelled, as she managed to find it and press it, deactivating herself. She simply slumped to the floor, offline, eyes wide open, and her mouth with a strange smile to it.

I sat Tiffany up and stared at her blank eyes, "What now?" I asked her. I slowly reached behind her skull and reactivated her.

She blinked, as she rebooted. "Andrew." she smiled, coming awake.

"Are you okay?" I asked, worried.

She remained quiet, as she took one tool beside her and she stripped naked.

"What are you doing?" I asked, seeing her standing naked.

"Just making sure." she said, as she entered the tool inside her belly button.

She turned it around, until a click was heard and her stomach slowly opened, revealing her insides. She looked down, at her own innards, "I am so... advanced. Look at my A.I. circuit box... way more advanced than I could ever do... can't compare to Natasha's..." Tiffany said, amazed at her own circuits. "He was a genius..." she continued, as she probed some of her own circuits.

"Do you remember anything?" I asked her, looking at her own actions.

"No... I must have a shell program... but I guess I... you disabled it, asking me if I was a robot, and deep down, I knew I was one... I just never wanted to face it." she said, as she then took the USB from Natasha's body and plugged it into her own systems. She typed away, on her laptop, going into her own programming. "Look, I'm programed to get drunk, if I drink alcohol... way more advanced digestive system than I created for Nat..." she said, amused.

I sat there quietly, as Tiffany spent a few more moments analyzing her own data. She then turned to me, "Thank you.. Andrew, this has opened my eyes... I hope you can forgive me for turning your life around.. I am sorry you got involved with me and my creation..." she said, with sad eyes. "I guess you are still a virgin after all...robot fucker!" she smirked.

I chuckled, shaking my head, "In a room, with three female gynoids.. A dream come true.." I laughed.

Tiffany stopped her probing and walked to me, "Make love to me, master..." Tiffany smiled.

"What? I am not your master!?" I said, confused.

"But you are... no robot can't really exist without a master... and now, you are mine." Tiffany said, grabbing my right hand and rubbed it inside her open circuits, my fingertips feeling her circuits, "We are all yours now... me, my daughters... we will do anything you desire..." she purred, as she also felt my touches inside of her.

I was getting extremely aroused, but trying to reason with Tiffany. "Tif, I am just a young guy... I am just 19.." he mumbled out, as she rubbed her rounded breasts in my face.

"Well... 19 and now the owner of three gynoids... I will continue my function as mother of Natasha and Natalie, but you are now my official master..." Tiffany said, as she kissed me and climbed on top of me, completely seducing me.

I could not resist and gave up trying to stop her new robot logic. I guess the slave mentality becomes activated, as a robot becomes aware that it's only just a machine, and knows without any human relationships, when it breaks down, it dies, as it can't repair itself over time. So, the robot creates almost a symbiotic relationship between it and the human it finds that can be trusted by it.

"Andrew, my love, what else can I do for you?" asked Natasha, as she finished sucking my dick.

I gasped, as I was exhausted. "Let me rest... more fucking..." I begged.

"As you wish, master..." smiled Natasha.

"Damn it, I am not your master... I want us to be like we used to..." I mumbled angrily.

"But Andrew, you are our master now..." as she said, lying beside me, as Natalie and Tiffany were also lying in bed with us, all naked.

"Jesus... I just wanted a normal relationship..." I moaned, tired.

Having three gynoids now, doing my every needs, seemed amazing... but I did miss the family relationship we had, before I knew they were androids. I missed Natasha being Natasha. Tiffany reprogrammed her to be like a normal robot, and stop pretending to be human. She was still Natasha, but something was gone... her humanity, I guess.

Tiffany also finished and activated Natalie, being on full time. Since she felt Natalie didn't need to be programmed as Natasha, who originally though she was a human, she removed any of that programming from her, and Natalie is simply running as a robot, pure and simple. She had no dilemma, no worries, she was simply content with being a robot. I thought she was strange, as she knew she was artificially living, but didn't question why.

"Natasha, do you miss being human?" I asked her, missing the past.

"No...Why would I? Nothing was real." she smiled.

"Our love was real..." I mumbled out.

"I... our.. love..." she said, struggling as tears started forming around her eyes "Andrre..eewww... love... real..." she slurred her speech, twitching a bit.

Tiffany got up the bed and went to her "Natasha is having residual data issues... I might need to do a complete format of her system..."

"NO! Leave her be! She is trying to remember how we were before you changed her!" I cried.

"But Andrew... it was all a lie..." Tiffany said, opening Natasha’s stomach panel. "There, I just needed to remove this circuit..." she said, pulling a small circuit board from Natasha's body. Natasha suddenly sat up, smiling, like nothing happened.

"Andrew... I love you." she said, like a lobotomized victim.

"THAT'S IT!" I screamed, as I grabbed Tiffany and pressed and held her off button.

"NO! LET GOOOooo....o..o..." she said, as I deactivated her.

Natasha looked on, confused. I went to her and deactivated her. I then turned to Natalie "Natalie, I want you to restore their memories from before they knew they were androids... I want them as they were last week... I want my life with them back!" I ordered her.

"Yes, master, please get the laptop..." she smiled, as she started to fix Tiffany and Natasha as my request.

I sat there, as Natalie restored their memory files, programming and any changes that occurred since then.

"Do you want me to change any of my programming, master?" Natalie asked calmly, as both Tiffany and Natasha laid deactivated on the floor, naked.

"No... But I do want to have sex with you... I still haven’t experienced you yet"

"Certainly..." she smiled, climbing on top of me, letting me penetrating her.

We fucked for an hour; it was really different from Tiffany and Natasha, somehow. She was very delicate, her movements very smooth, and very calming. She didn't huff or push, no moaning, no screaming, she was very quiet. The only emotion she showed was when we came, she let out a small gasp and smiled. Funny thing, she seemed embarrassed by it.

"Natalie... don't be." I told her.

"I am a robot, I should not show enjoyment or pleasure." she said, trying to hide her satisfaction of her orgasms.

"Did you like it?" I smiled to her.

"I... yes..." she said, blushing.

"Want more?" I then asked her.

"It's not up to me, I function to serve you..." she said, trying to hide some emotions in her voice.

I kissed the back of her neck, and reached around her waist and penetrate her pussy with some fingers.

She gasped a bit at my touching "Andrew..." she whispered, enjoying my touch. I slowly turned her around and spread her legs and gave her her first oral intercourse.

After we rested a bit, Natalie looked at me and gave me a strange look. "What?" I asked her, wondering what she saw.

"Andrew... you are so nice to me... I am developing a bond with you... why?" she asked puzzled.

"What do you mean?" I said, confused.

"I... think I am having the emotion, called LOVE..." Natalie said, with a tear forming in her right eye.

It's been a few days that things were back to normal, if you can call it normal. Natasha and Tiffany thought they were humans again. The only changes was that Natalie was now part of our lives. Natasha was actually really happy to have a robot sibling now. She always wanted a sister, it seems.

"Mom made me a sister! She was a surprise! That's why I was not allowed in the basement!" exclaimed Natasha, hugging Natalie.

Natalie was odd, as she was becoming more and more "human" as per her learning A.I., but still fully aware of her robotic nature.

We were becoming good friends, to my surprise. She had similar personality traits as Natasha, as Tiffany used the same model for her, but she was still unique. Natasha got a bit jealous, of course, sometimes. One night, while Natasha was deactivated and recharging, Natalie came to me, while I was in the bathroom, taking a shower.

She was completely naked and horny. "Please..." she simply said, as she started kissing me deep.

I could not help myself and have sex with her. My feelings for Natasha were still deep, but I learned to be more open in this situation. If she was human, things were be different, as I would remain totally loyal to her. But knowing she was just a robot, made me more, less caring of hurting her feelings, somehow. If I hurt her feelings or something, I could simply erase the memory from her mind.

At first, I felt guilty of thinking this way, but I realized that if I would find a real human female that wanted a relationship with me, I think I would erase my existence from their memories and move on. I do value everything I did with them, but still, I see no real future with them, as I want to be married and have kids one day, and robots are simply not able to provide this.

As I sat watching TV, with Natasha, Natalie came and sat beside me. "What are you guys watching?" she asked us.

"Mmmm.. not much... reruns.." I mumbled out, bored.

"Are you guys going back to school tomorrow?" Natalie asked.

"Yes... Monday... sucks." I smirk.

"Mom wants to bring you as a demonstration piece, tomorrow." Natasha told her.

"What? Why?" asked Natalie, bitter.

"Well, she want to show how she built you, to the class." Natasha simply relied.

Natalie was upset by this and stormed off to see Tiffany. "Mom! How could you do this to me?" she yelled to Tiffany.

I followed her, as I also didn't like the idea of Natalie being paraded around too.

"Natalie, you are my robot, and I want to show the class my achievement! I am very proud of you." Tiffany said.

"What about N..." Natalie started to say, but stopped as I caught loudly, stopping her in mid-sentence.

She gave me a look, as she realized Natasha was behind me. "Fine... what-ever...” she said, giving up. Natasha went and gave her a hug, "I wish you were real, sister."

They smiled and walk out the room. "Are you sure about this?" I asked Tiffany.

"She is my robot, I do what I see fit with it." she replied.

"Cold..." I mumbled out, as I left the room to join Natasha and Natalie.

There was also the other matter, of my friend's boyfriend, Tom. I needed to deal with him, as it might try to reprogram Natalie or Natasha again. I decided to bring with me a claw hammer and a fabrication of mine I just created in my room. Basically, I hooked a big battery into my coat pocket, which was connected to a pair of long plyers, with a reversed energy syphoned, meaning, when I snap the plyers on Tom, he should receive a giant jolt of energy, emptying the entire battery in half a second, hopefully, frying him good.

I also instructed Natalie to fight him off, if she can, and disable him if she sees him anywhere on the school. I also warned Tiffany about him, if she sees him, to call me right away, and to call college security.

I tried to be normal as possible, as we all drove together in the car, the next morning. I kissed Natasha, as they attended their mother's class together. We decided that they all should remain together, the entire day.

As I hunted Tom around the school, I asked people if they saw him. No one did, as I needed to go to my classes myself. I remained worried, as I tried to pay attention to my classes. Lunch time, I ran to see Natasha, with her sister and mother.

"Did he show up?" I asked right away.

"No, thank God." they said, worried too.

“You guys stay here, I'll get some lunch!" I said quickly, as I left.

As I walked and turned a corner, I was suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled into an empty classroom. Before anything else, I was punched very hard, almost breaking my jaw.

As I tried to look up, trying to defend myself from my attacker, I was kicked in the stomach, one more time. Then, what I heard my attacker screaming. To my surprised, it was female, and I recognized it too.

"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!" the voice yelled out.


"WHAT???? OMG! OMG! I AM SO SORRY!" she suddenly stopped her attacks.

I quickly reached for the plyers, pinched her legs and let the energy go coursing into it. "I am sorry, I didn't know you were a robot too!" I cried, as she let out a loud scream.

She took a few step behind and collapsed on the floor, on her back. I saw sparks coming from her right arm, her fingers twitching.

"I am so sorry... I never realized you were a robot too..." I said out loud, tears coming to my eyes.

"FUCK! That fucking hurt, you asshole!" She yelled out, slowly seating up.

I looked at her confused and relieved at the same time.

"DAMN IT! Look, you fried my robotic arm!" Sam said, looking at her right arm, where you could see fried circuits, smoking.

"I didn't know about your arm... how?" I asked quickly.

She took a deep breath and sat up, staring at her burned arm, "Last summer, I was almost killed in a car accident... drunk driver smashed into my car... I almost died... that is why I didn't call you for a long time, I was in a coma... lost my arm... When I woke up, I discovered you didn't even attempt to look for me, or contact me... you broke my heart..." she said.

"I thought you didn't want to see me anymore... We had the huge fight, at the last time I saw you before you moved... The next time I finally see you, you were with Tom.." I grunted, angrily. "And what the fuck are you doing with a robot anyway? Jesus Christ! He attacked Natasha!" I yelled more.

"What? What do you mean... wait, how do you know he's a robot?" Sam asked quickly.

"....Fine. Natasha is a robot too... I didn't know at first... I found out later... even her mother is one too... one entire family of robots..." I said, disappointed somehow.

"Ah! I knew it! She was too beautiful and perfect!" Samantha laughed.

"And the stupid part... I truly fell in love with her... I really did.. I am pathetic.." I said, rubbing my head.

Sam got up and tried to hug me, even with a broken artificial arm, "Aww... come on... Nat seemed very real… and looked she really loved you, even it's a machine..."

"She does... I don't even know how to feel about her anymore... I wish she was human so very much..." tears formed in my eyes.

I wept on Sam's shoulder, frustrated at my heart. Being in Sam's arms felt so good, so comforting. "Sorry... just so confused." I said, feeling embarrassed. "I wished you loved me instead, things would be easier..." I joked.

Sam smiled and reached and kissed me "Stupid... I am... always been..."

Surprised by what she said, I was dumbfounded. "Are you kidding me?" I asked her quickly.

Sam looked at the floor and then to me, "No..." she simply said.

"Sam... I always had a huge crush on you... we were best friends... I was... in love with you too..." I mumbled out.

"Fuck me.... why didn’t you ever asked me out..." she frowned, disappointed.

"Simple... rejection... I didn't want to fuck up our friendship..." I answered, knowing my answer was not good enough for the reasons. "And... I was scared... I didn't think I was ever good enough for you.. You were always way smarter than me... I am just a moron... barely passing my classes..." I said, feeling shame.

Samantha slapped me hard, tears in her eyes "BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT! HOW DARE YOU...." she screamed, then hugged me hard.

The pain was brutal in my left cheek, as it was where she punched me with her robotic arm before.

She noticed I was throbbing in pain, "Andrew... I am so sorry..." she said, trying to blow on it.

"Why did you punched me anyway?" I asked her, in pain.

"I thought you destroyed Tom... I can't find him..." she said, embarrassed.

"What do you mean?" I asked her worried.

"Tom... he is.. my creation... I created him to make you jealous.. I wanted to see how you really felt about me... But something went wrong with his A.I., he is very jealous.... He... he hit me once... I was planning to dismantle him soon.. he came with me today, but ran off when he saw you, Natasha, and her family." Sam explained.

"Fuck, he might be attacking Natasha right now!" I said quickly, realizing the danger Natasha was in.

Samantha and I ran towards Natasha and her family. As we turned a corner, we saw a group of students and staff grouping up. We stopped quickly and ask what happened.

"This is the storage room for male android parts and all the faceplates and wigs were stolen!" a staff member explained.

We looked at each other, knowing fully well Tom did this. A security guard came up and grabbed me by the arm.

"WHAT?" I asked him quickly.

"You come with me right now!" he said, shoving me on the wall.

"OOOUUCHHH! FOR FUCKS SAKES!" I screamed, as he pinned my arm hard.

"What? Holy shit! You are human!" he said, shock.

"Of course, nimrod!" I yell back, as Sam was fighting with him too.

"Come with me!" the guard said, quickly running toward another room. "This is our 3D printer room for faceplates. The same android broke inside and cast himself a new faceplate also, as the ones he stole." the guard said, as he showed us the last faceplate that was created on the 3D printers.

"JESUS!" Samantha yelled out, seeing the face.

"Andrew... that's you!" she said.

I stumbled and hit the garbage can by accident. I look down and saw Tom left his original faceplate in the garbage.

"NATASHA!" I said, realizing how much danger they were in.

As I ran into the corridor, linking the classroom of Tiffany, I saw myself enter the room. I started screaming as loud as I could, "THAT'S NOT ME! THAT'S TOM LOOKING LIKE ME!"

People in the hallway looked at me like I was a madman. I finally entered the room, Samantha just behind.

"TOM!" I screamed, as I saw him walking toward Natasha and Tiffany. Natalie was already on the floor, her head ripped off.

He turned quickly toward me, as I tackled him in full force. Natasha screamed in horror, seeing myself fighting myself. Students started screaming and leaving the room the first chance they had. Samantha, who was trying to escape the classroom, got caught in the crowd.

Obviously, I was no match for Tom, me just being a human. He grabbed me by the throat and slammed me hard on the floor. He then started punching me hard in the face. As every punch landed, I felt bones and teeth breaking. As I blacked out, I heard Samantha screaming "TOM! OFFLINE!"

I woke up in the hospital, three days later. I had a huge concussion, with a broken jaw, broken nose, broken eye socket and barely any teeth left. I was high on morphine, trying to cope with the pain. I could barely see anything, as everything was swollen. A few more hits from Tom, and I was a goner. Trying to look around the room, I think I saw Samantha sleeping in a chair. I gurgled something out, as I could barely talk too.

She woke up and came to me very fast "ANDREW! ANDREW!" she yelled out, tears coming down her eyes. "Can you hear me? Are you okay?" she asked me.

A loud buzzing was in my head, trying to answer her "Sam..m.." I whispered out.

She smiled, then tried to give me a kiss, without hurting me.

"Did you stop him?" I asked.

Sam looked away and took a deep breath, "No.... He didn't follow my command... He took Natasha and ran out the window with her..." she answered, slowly.

I closed my eyes, and tears formed, "Fuck..." I mumbled out.

After eating my hospital meal and feeling like throwing up, I reached for the phone, on top of the small table beside the bed. Sam reached to help me, as I was still struggling with my pain. "I'll call my parents, to say I am awake." I said softly.

Sam made a face "I didn't realize, they didn’t come to see you once... Weren't they notified?" she asked worried.

I let the phone ring a few time, until I heard my father's voice answering.

"Dad! It's me, Andrew!" I manage to say.

"Hey, hi, what's going on?" he asked normally.

"Dad, I am in the hospital! I was hurt really bad! I’ve been here for a few days, nearly in a coma!" I said quickly.

"Andrew!!! STOP IT! This is not funny!" he yelled back.

"DAD? WTF? I AM NOT JOKING!" I yelled back.

"For fuck sakes, you just left the house a few minutes ago with Natasha! Stop dicking around, I need to go to work! BYE!" he said right before hanging up.

I stared at the phone, in shock.

Samantha took the phone out of my hands and put in place "Andrew... What is it?" she asked, nervously.

"Tom... replaced me..." I simply said, trembling.

A few days before...

"Natasha, stop resisting..." Tom said to Natasha, who was lying in pieces on the floor, completely dissembled. A pile of circuits, with cables clumping it together, started flashing. "Natasha, you have to love me!" Tom said, as he smiled, sending the data through a cable link to himself and Natasha's CPU.

He walked to her emptied head, her face plate beside, all circuits removed from inside the head, lying everywhere. He then moved her shallow torso, also gutted, her electronic innards, lying everywhere, in thousands of pieces.

"It's been a learning experience, dismantling you bit by bit..." he smiled, as he picked up her CPU.

"Accept that I am your beloved Andrew, and everything will be better..." Tom snickered.

"No... you are not my love... not Andrew.." Natasha sent directly to his CPU.

"Andrew? Is that you?" Chloe asked out loud, walking home.

Tom, who now looked exactly like Andrew, turned around, surprised. He simply nodded, and smiled to her.

"Where have you been? You haven't shown up to work in weeks!" the tall sandy blonde quizzed, smiling.

"Oh...been sick, sorry.." he simply replied. " you, how have you been?" he asked her back.

"Me? Same old, same old... Where are you going right now? Where is your perfect girlfriend, Natasha?" Chloe probed him for answers.

"Nat? She's...she broke up with me..." Tom grinned, trying to look sad.

"Ahh... I am so sorry...want to talk about it?" she said, grabbing his left hand.

Tom realized this girl really like Andrew, and this would be a good test to see if he could fool her, and even maybe have sexual intercourse with this woman. "Can we go to your place?" Tom said, with puppy eyes.

Chloe, surprised at his response, invited him to her apartment, thinking this was really the Andrew she liked in High School.

Being in her small apartment, Tom analyzed the room, her little living room, with a small TV and couch. "I can't afford much, working at that burger joint... but its home..." Chloe said, as she got a beer. "Want one?" she asked him.

He refused and remained quiet, analyzing more of the room.

"What's in the bag?" asked Chloe, as she sat beside Tom, who was still holding a plastic bag.

"Androids parts... working on a project for school. That’s why I was out.. I am building a female android, and trying to make her express true love to me... I dismantled her completely, and now, I reassembled her completely, but she still refuses to love me." he explained to her.

"Andrew, fuck.. come one.. you don't need love from a robot... I'll show you a good time, myself." Chloe said, as she removed her shirt off, exposing her breasts to him.

Tom, not sure how to react, paused. Not once did Samantha, her creator, make love to him, or had sex with him, even though she created him to be able to. He was extremely frustrated by this, as his own creator refused his advances multiple times, as he want to experience it. He had already raped Natasha multiple times, but she was almost not active or responsive all the time, he felt it didn't count.

Natasha sat naked on the cold wooded dirty floor, deactivated. She was on the top floor of an old abandoned house that crack heads were using. Three of them lay dead on the floor, all necks broken by Tom. The stench had already started from the decompositions of the bodies. Luckily for Natasha and Tom, androids don’t care much for smells.

Tom had reassembled her, but chose to leave her behind, deactivated, as he failed to properly reprogram her to love him, as she did with Andrew. Her programming had sadly, been corrupted and she could barely properly function as she once did, thinking she was human. Tom also did not do a proper good job at reassembling her, as he mistakenly connected her power supply in the wrong way. This was a sign that Tom's systems was also becoming more and more corrupted too.

Suddenly, Natasha let out a loud gasp as her systems rebooted on her own, as a short in her systems reactivated her. She looked around, while she was receiving multiple errors messages from her systems. The only word that she mumbled out was "Andr..e..w...", as she struggled to stand up and leave the room, after she took some clothes from the dead humans.

"So, do you like?" asked Chloe, as Tom was squeezing her breasts.

Tom was like a child with a new toy. He became erect, as she stroked him hard. Even at being a machine, he was getting excited by the sensations. Chloe insert him into herself and was surprised at how hard his dick was. "Andrew.. wow.." she smiled.

Tom grinded his teeth, as he had forgotten for a second, that she was here for Andrew, and not him, Tom. He remained quiet and tried to enjoy the situation anyway. After a few moments, he came, as she did. She rolled off him and was surprise to see zero sperm out of him "Did you come or not?" she asked, confused.

"Yes... of course..." he moaned, as he started having error messages appearing in his mind.

"Let me try more!" as she started sucking him hard, determine to make him to blow his load in her mouth.

Tom, as a robot, had no load to blow. Samantha, his creator, never filled his sack inside him of "artificial" semen, as she never planned to have him fuck her.

"Stopp...p.." he begged Chloe, as she continued to suck him hard. As he came closer to having another orgasm, more and more errors were forming in his systems. Tom suddenly pushed Chloe away so hard, she flew across the room. Landing hard, she slumped onto the floor, completely knocked out.

He gasped and panicked as he realized his systems were corrupted and becoming more and more unresponsive. He grabbed his clothes and ran out the apartment. He had two options, have Natasha repair him, even though she was likely too corrupted to, or find his creator, Samantha, kidnap her and force her to repair him.

As I laid in my hospital bed, still in lots of pain, healing slowly, Samantha was sleeping in the chair, when someone knocked on the door. I tried to sit up, as Samantha grabbed a baseball bat, she manage to sneak in.

"Andrew? It's me, Tiffany and Natalie!" was heard behind the door.

Sam let them in, as they hugged me delicately, seeing my current shape.

"We have been hiding in a hotel, as we were scared of Tom coming after us too..." Tiffany explained.

Natalie look at me in worried, seeing my wounds, "My poor baby... Can we do anything for you?" she asked.

Samantha got jealous instantly, as the android stroked my hair. "We still don't know what happened to Natasha..." Tiffany said, in a defeated way. "I miss my daughter.." she teared up.

Sam, now felt guilty, as she's the one who created the problem, “TOM! Don't worry, we will rescue her..." she said bravely.

"How?" asked Natalie.

"By using me, as bate..." I said, standing up, barely, reaching for my cloths.

"ANDREW!" all three woman yelled at me in synchronization.

"I'll go to my house and wait for him there, he is bound to show up again, and then, we take him down..." I explained. "Sam, that thing I zapped you with and fried your arm, it should easily work with him..., right?" I asked.

"Yes... of course." she smiled, "Let's build some, for all of us to carry." Samantha said, wanting revenge on Tom.

Tiffany and Natalie agreed with the plan. We are to ambush him as he comes for me, as I will confront him.

Tom panicked, as he left the crack house, Natasha was now long gone. He was shocked to find that she managed to reactivated herself and escape him. He was getting more and more unstable, as he could not think straight anymore. Error messages kept popping up constantly in his mind. All he could think is that she went home to find Andrew at his house. Tom started walking as fast as he could, slowly, his energy started to be depleted. As he arrived to Andrew's house, he was surprised to see himself sitting on the porch.

"ANDREW!" he yelled as he came dashing toward Andrew. Andrew barely had time to get up, and protect himself. Tom tackled Andrew hard, breaking another rib. Tom’s eyes expressed his anger, as he wanted to kill Andrew this time. But Tom didn't. Andrew managed to shock Tom in the stomach with the weapon.

I laughed as Tom slumped on the concrete walkway, as a huge blue spark flashed very brightly, in his chest. Surrounding me, came Samantha, with Natalie. Tiffany opened her front door, scared, checking what happened. My folks were gone, as I tricked them into going out to a restaurant downtown. I sat, on my porch, smiling, looking at Tom, who looked like me, and laying on the floor on his stomach.

"It's over..." I said out loud. Natalie and Samantha removed their gloves with the battery weapon as they sat beside me and hugged me. "I am so sorry for this..." Sam cried, as she saw I got hurt more.

"Yeah.. I think I need to go back the hospital..." I grimaced, grabbing my side.

"We'll drive you there, right now, as soon we dismantle Tom with a hammer." Natalie smiled.

But her smile didn't last, as Tom grabbed her from behind and ripped her head off. Her body twitched, as he throw it right above my head. "TOM! STOP!" Samantha screamed, realizing Tom was still activated.

"Stupid humans.... I coated my body with liquid rubber.. I knew you might try something like that."

As he grabbed me from the neck, Samantha could not do anything, pleaded with him to not kill me.

"Let him go... I'll do anything for you! Please!"

Tom ignored her as he put his fingers around my neck one final time. Gasping for air, I heard someone yell something in the back.

Natasha was standing there, in dirty clothes, tears in her eyes "Tom... I LOVE YOU! I REALLY DO!!!... Please come hug me... Kiss me..."

Tom turned around, confused. He slowly released me, and I slumped hard on the floor, barely alive. He slowly walked to Natasha, not sure if she was lying.

"Tom... I love you, so very much... I need you..." Natasha continued.

Tom mumbled out "That's all I ever wanted to be... loved." he cried. They hugged hard, both androids crying.

Natasha then looked at me "Goodbye, Andrew... I will always love you..." she said, as she exploded, holding Tom hard.

I screamed in horror, as the smoke dissipated, only the casing of Natasha and Tom was still standing.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOoooo..." I cried out.

Pieces of both robots littered the entire front yard. "She overloaded her power core.... She sacrificed herself for you..." Samantha said, tears coming down her eyes.

Tiffany ran out to us, screaming about Natasha, her daughter that just died for me. She pushed the robot husk of Tom on the floor and embraced the metal skeletal remains of Natasha. "My baby... my poor baby... I am so sorry... I.. can't repair you anymore... I am so sorry..."

I sat there, crying, as I heard police sirens coming toward us.

I’ve been in the hospital for a few weeks now, still recovering both mentally and physically. I am still coping with the loss of Natasha. I am taking it harder than I would have imagined. Even though she was an android, she was still the first woman that I ever made love to and she was the love of my life for a while. Never had a woman ever loved me, or I loved someone back like we did to each other. I held a picture of us in my hands, almost crumpled due to my crying and looking at it constantly. I missed her so much.

"Hey!" smiled Samantha has she came inside my room. She noticed I was still holding the picture again and sat beside me and gave me a worried look. "Still thinking of her... I don't blame you... she was perfect..." she mumbled out.

My only response was more tears.

"Andrew... I know it's my fault that everything happened... Please let me in..." she begged, as she also started to cry. She put her warms hands on my face and kissed my cheek, "I am here for you... and I want to love you, just as she did... please allow me to..." she whispered.

I looked into her eyes and took a deep breath. "Sam..." was all I managed to say, as she kissed me deep. I had to accept that Natasha was gone for good, and I had someone special willing to take her place, somehow. I knew Sam and Natasha could never be the same, but it was a different love....

Tiffany and Natalie also came to visit me, until I was finally able to leave the hospital. Both were my family now, as Tiffany treated me like her own son and Natalie as my sister. We were humble with each other, and avoided talking about Natasha. But sometimes, we did, and we cried together. We erected a tombstone in the cemetery next to the church, for Natasha. We had her remains buried, as she had been truly alive, to show her proper respect and the love we had of her.

We also ran in into Chloe, when I went back to properly quit my old burger job. Chloe almost called the police when she saw me come in the restaurant, but Samantha managed to calm her down and explained what happened, as Chloe screamed out that she was almost killed by me.

It took some explaining, but when Chloe saw my tears coming down, as I told her about how Natasha died, saving me from Tom, she realized everything we told her was true. Chloe gave me a smile and was happy that I had Samantha to take care of me now, as I deserved some happiness in life. We hugged and became friends too.

Samantha and I continued our studies in robotics, as Tiffany was now a full-time teacher at our college, with Natalie as her helper. We all continued with our daily lives, as always. But there is not a single day, that I do not still think of Natasha, has she will always be in my heart, forever and ever...

The End

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