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{Fade in on what appears to be a well-turned out bedroom, with soft coral-colored walls, grey carpeting and accents, and a queen-sized bunk in the center.

Upon that bunk is perched a comely figure, wearing a black top/microskirt/boots ensemble, accented by a lovely silver chain-link belt. It's none other than Chase, Inspektor 12's gorgeous doll-Lover, and she's smiling pretty for the camera............}


Hi, guys!! Yeah, I know I look a little different here, but as my Family and the good Baron keep telling me, variety is the spice of life - so I decided to see if blondes really DO have more fun! Judging by the Inspektor's and the Baron's reactions to my new look, I'd have to say a qualified "yes" to the notion so far. **giggle!!**

Speaking of fun, the reason I'm here is to announce that the "I-12 Kronicles" will indeed be resuming here some time later this summer. The Baron has had a LOT to deal with the last 3 years, but he is emerging from the wilderness at last, and finally has the next two installments in the can, almost ready to go.

It killed my sweet Baron to have his Saga so brutally cut off three years ago. Right after it happened, he pulled me aside and said, "Chase honey, don't EVER allow your life to be f*cked up by a nasty divorce like I have." It was all the Inspektor, my Sisters and I could do to keep his spirits up during this time - he was in pretty bad shape, and his malaise affected us all just as much as it did him.

He's well on the rebound now though, and as he told me recently, he's itching to make up for lost time. The bumping of all the Kronicle chapters here today is just one of the teasers the Baron has in mind {"Tell the FC crowd it's 'summer re-runs,' just like us older folk remember, Chase honey."} This post is the other, complete with a couple treats.

First up are three VERY rare stills from "Law & Order SVU-TNG: Cops Get Religion" featuring my Sister Maisie {copyright held by Robo-Depot, Inc., used with permission}:


And the other treat is a clip of my dear Sister Rochelle, when she worked as a cocktail waitress:

Sister Rochelle the Robot Cocktail Waitress

On behalf of The Inspektor, my Sisters, myself, and my Dearest Sweetest Baron {Cut it out already willya please, you naughty Vixen?}, I'd like to thank one and all for the support and extreme patience. **giggle!!** We're all of us, both glad and very lucky to be a part of such a fine Community as Fembot Central. More good times are just ahead, so please keep your seats and stay tuned, OK?

Thanks, guys!! See you soon!!!

{A beaming Chase blows several kisses as we slowly iris out.............for the moment............}

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