A Very Welcome Surprise

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I had just moved to Los Angeles a couple of months earlier. Living in the Great Lakes region (and the frigid winters that come with it) finally took it's toll on me, and I packed my things and headed for sunny Southern California. Found a nice little apartment near Hollywood and started looking around for jobs. Now, I've never been the most career-minded or social guy around - and someone told me a while back that you can actually make a decent amount of money being an extra in movies and tv shows, and that it's rather easy to get into.

So I signed up with a few of the "background talent" agencies in L.A. and started working on some television shows right away. With my inability to overcome boredom in an office job (and a need to come out of my "shell" a bit) I found a nice little niche for myself, and it did pay the bills in between hanging out at the beach, playing with the dogs and going to see bands in little dive bars - alone.

Naturally, I stuck with the extra work for some time. The only real drawback to it, was that I didn't really have much free time on my hands to meet people. And since you're working with different people in different locations every day, you really don't get much of a chance to make lasting relationships. To make a much longer story short - I was in desperate need of some female companionship.

The other problem with working around celebrities and all the glitter of sorts, is that a lot of women you meet (and a lot of guys, I'm sure) are just out to find that next connection that's going to make them a star. And because of this, the more attractive they are, the less likely they are to socialize or even talk to another extra who doesn't look like he's got something to offer. At least, that's the stereotype I had built up in my head over a few months of the job. That is, until I met Jamie.

It was one of the first really warm days of the year and I was working on one of the higher-rated television shows of the season at the time. The temperature had jumped from the fifties and sixties to almost ninety degrees, so when I arrived on the set that day the last thing I wanted to do was sit around in a hot, humid tent with two hundred other extras. After checking in and grabbing something to drink, I pulled my chair outside under a tree to sit in the shade, read a screenplay a friend had handed me and enjoy what little breeze there was in the afternoon heat.

I was sitting there, watching all the other actors arrive and (as I'm sure most any been-single-for-a-while guy would be in a place such as this) checking out some of the more attractive ladies as they went through wardrobe and such. The concert-goer scene dictated that most of the women had to be knockouts, and many of them were quite easy on the eyes. There were a couple of particularly attractive blondes and brunettes hanging out in the parking lot, but something about their personalities was kind of a turnoff.

Then my gaze came across a shorter brunette sitting by herself reading a magazine off in one corner in the sun. I've always had a thing for shorter women, and she was around 5'4" or so. Looked like she couldn't be a day over 19, but she later told me she was 23 years old. Even though she wasn't what many people might call "supermodel" hot, she was possibly one of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen. Brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders, deep brown eyes and a nose that gave her just a perfect profile. With the sunglasses, tight black tank-shaped top that accentuated her breasts (which weren't too large or small, just right for her smaller figure) high heels and a flowing striped skirt that was so short it gave an ideal view of two of the most statuesque, slightly athletic-toned legs - and a hint at the spectacular ass that topped them.

She must have eventually noticed, despite our both wearing sunglasses, that I was admiring her because she smiled clearly in my direction at one point. And not just a smile like you give some random person who meets your gaze on the street, but one that was so light and caring and upbeat all at the same time it made my heart skip a beat. I shot a friendly look and a wave back, not completely sure if the gesture had been to me - and a tad too nervous to just go over and introduce myself.

The brunette then set her magazine down, got up and proceeded to walk (very gracefully in those large heels, mind you) over towards me, my heart pounding a few hundred times per second. She comes over next to me with her hand extended.

"Hi, I'm Jaime!"

"Nice to meet you, Jaime," I said, shaking her hand while trying not to lose it over the fact that the only woman I already had the hots for was actually speaking to me under her own will. "Seems like we're the only two people not already involved in one of the usual superficial conversations here." I introduced myself and invited her to share the tree shade with me.

"Sure. Just let me get my bags & stuff." Jaime said, right before she trotted back to her chair - giving me a grand rear view of this beautiful woman. Retrieving her things, she came back and sat down facing me. She looked almost expectant of me to start the conversation. Being the shy person I've always been, I have a hard time breaking the ice. I usually just wait for someone else to start and go from there... Jaime seemed to be waiting for me to say something though, and far be it from me to want to seem too boring. So I asked her if she found the scene we were working on interesting.

"I'm having fun, how do you like it?"

"I don't know. It's an entertaining script. I mean, the dialogue is written very well - it could be funny. But the actors are delivering their lines kinda robotically in my mind. Just ruins it a bit for me"

"What's so wrong with that?" was Jaime's reply

"With what?"

"With acting robotically. You say it like it's a bad thing." She seemed so serious in posing the question, I was a little confused at first - but some of the cooler people I've met on set are really good at messing with you & joking around. So I figured she was being sarcastic, and I decided to just run with whatever she threw at me.

"There's no spontaneity or natural feel to their performance. They aren't acting the way any real people would probably act in that situation." I explained, just in case she didn't even realize what I was talking about.

"Oh, so you mean they're acting like poorly-designed robots. A well-crafted robot would act a lot more like a human."

I wasn't sure why she was stuck on this whole robot metaphor, but I figured it was something to talk about, so I just kept going with it. Besides, I've always had a little fascination with fembots - and I was getting a little kick out of this hot girl even talking about robots.

"Yeah, I suppose I do... But acting like a robot, even if it's a good one, probably isn't a good thing for an actor." I said.

"Well, I'm an actress, and a robot - is there something so wrong with me?" Jaime replied matter-of-factly, kind of frowning as if I'd scolded her. I was a little shocked - my fantasy was starting to happen before my eyes. I couldn't let on, though - this was just her way of having a little laugh together after all, messing around in casual conversation. So I kept going with the joke.

"There's nothing wrong with you - on the contrary," I gave a little wink, trying to be just a tad cheesy so she wouldn't be off-set thinking I was flirting too much... and a wink to let her know I was going to keep on with our little joke: "they must have spent a lot of time on the drawing board to build you. You're the most attractive robot I've ever met."

"Really?! You're just kidding. I'm sure you say that to all the ladies." She said, that smile coming out again.

"Well, if I did, they'd probably lock me up." I responded, trying to throw in a punch line. We both chuckled, me feeling much more comfortable now that we've had a little laugh between ourselves. This girl was really winning my heart over quickly. Unfortunately, we had to go onto set right then, and we got separated for a few hours. Later, on a break, we met up back at the craft service table, both grabbing some water. Jaime didn't see me coming up behind her. So I said: "Stopping for a recharge?"

"Yeah, don't want to overheat the processors!" She beamed back at me, I smiled and we walked back over to our spot in the shade. I was repacking some of my things in my bag and checking my cell phone for calls when Jaime spoke up again.

"Speaking of recharging, I'm in a sort of temporary living-space situation, and a robot girl like me could use a friendly face with a regular place to charge my batteries and make repairs." She looked pretty serious as she said this, and even though I've got my fantasies, I thought: 'man, she's kinda wearing out this robot joke... oh well, at least I'm talking to a hot woman for once in a while.' And she seemed to be asking to come over to my place or something... maybe this was an actual come-on, if a little convoluted for two people who've just met. Why not run with it?

"Hey, I'm pretty good with computers - and my apartment has plenty of outlets. You should stop by some time and check it out. We could catch a flick or a show or something too." I said, hoping she actually wanted to get to know each other and wasn't just joking around for the hell of it. "Here's my number, give me a call sometime." I handed her my card with my cell number on it, she took it just as the second assistant director called us back in to the set.

"Great! Thanks!" she said as we walked back in. I was praying she actually wanted to go on a date or something. We didn't really have time to talk after that, though. So I couldn't get much of a vibe on what she thought of me. I missed her in the line to check out, and drove home with all sorts of lurid fantasies dancing through my mind.

I didn't have to work that next day, so I had slept in rather late. I woke up to the phone ringing around 2:30pm. I crawled out of bed all groggy and stumbled to the phone.

"Hello?" I croaked out.

"Hi!" A familiar bubbly female voice rang out... It sounded pretty much like Jaime, but I figured it might be a wrong number.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"Jaime, don't you remember? You gave me your number..."

"Of course, of course. I was just... uh... testing you. How could I forget robot girl." I tried to not sound like an idiot.

"I was wondering if it was okay if I stopped by your place... That is, if you're still interested in doing something together," Jaime said. My heart about jumped out of my skin.

"Of course I'm still interested... but you might want to give me some time, I just woke up actually."

She said, "Why don't I come by around five? Then we can figure out what to do."

"Sounds great to me," I replied, trying hard not to sound too eager. I gave her directions to my place, hung up and jumped in the shower. Well, danced to the shower was more like it. After cleaning myself up, I made sure to clean up my dump of a place before she showed up.

Just as the clock on my VCR clicked from 4:59 over to 5:00pm, my intercom buzzed. As I pressed the talk button, I said, "Hello, who is it?"

"It's Jaime! Am I late?"

"Nope, just in time... The door buzzer doesn't work, I'll be right down to let you in." I hurried down to the lobby and opened the door, greeting her and leading her back up to my apartment. It was a strange mood, though. Even though she looked spectacular, I couldn't help but think she was waiting for me to talk the whole way up the elevator. She just smiled and looked at me the whole time. The walk down the hall to my place allowed me to take in her beauty once again - this time wearing a tight little sleeveless t-shirt, and skin tight pink low-rise jeans, and those clear super high heels again. The funny thing, even with the heels she only came up to my nose.

I opened the door and led her in to my place, "Well, here it is... I'd give you a grand tour, but this, the bedroom and the bathroom are pretty much it. It's not much of a tour. What do you think?"

Jaime slowly walked around the apartment, seeming to really examine the place. She wandered off into the bedroom and bathroom for a minute, came back into the living room and beamed a big smile:

"It's great! I think it'll do nicely. So what do you want to do?" She asked me. I wasn't really sure what she meant by 'it'll do nicely' but who cares - at least she was standing in my own place talking to me.

"Why don't we walk down the boulevard and stop in one of the little clubs and catch a live band?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me. I can only be out until around ten though." Was Jaime's reply.

My building is on the base of the hollywood hills, so my street is slanted at quite a sharp angle. On the way down to the club, I was amazed at how skilled Jaime was at walking on uneven pavement, let alone flat, in those high heels. Some of the more accomplished actresses I've seen can't even look good walking in high heels... So I thought it might be another conversation starter... things didn't seem to be picking up anyway.

"How can you look so comfortable and graceful in those heels? Isn't it hard to walk with them?"

Jaime replied, "Well, my 'walk' programming recalibrates the servo motors in my legs appropriately for each pair of shoes I own. It is equally easy for me to stay balanced in heels, flats, boots and sneakers."

I was a little taken aback, but I quickly remembered our little inside joke from yesterday... How couldn't I, after all? Again, I thought she was taking it a little too far - but I wasn't about to put an end to it yet. "Whoever designed you must have put a lot of effort into you... They thought about everything!" I laughed a little at my own comment, and she looked up at me smiling and laughed a little too.

We arrived at the club, and I led her in. We actually had a great time, even though we couldn't talk much over the loud speakers near our booth. It turns out we had worked together on sets a few times before, but I must not have noticed her in the crowd. She said she finally got up the nerve to come over and talk to me because she figured I was a nice enough guy from watching me on other sets, and she had a thing for guys who kept to themselves, rather than being over-the-top in order to get some attention. I had a couple of drinks through the show, she had one that slowly disappeared. Though I admit, I never noticed her actually drinking it. She must have been nursing it the whole time. I just figured her to be a light drinker.

We walked back to my place around 9:20, holding hands and acting more like an actual couple. The music wasn't over, but I didn't want to keep her if she had something to do around ten. I assumed she had an early morning call time for work or something the next day, and I didn't want to ruin the first date by keeping her up when she needed to get home. When we got back to my front door, she seemed to be expecting to come up for a bit, so we walked back up to my apartment.

"So what did you think of that band? It was a bit loud, but I thought their playing was tight." I said.

"I liked it a lot." Jaime smiled at me, and just stood there in the middle of the living room, as if she was waiting for me to do something again.

There was a short uncomfortable silence... It's been a while since I've had a beautiful woman over, and I wasn't too sure where she wanted this evening to go. I didn't want to come on too strong, and I thought she had to leave in a half hour anyway. I was just about to ask her if she had to go soon, when she interrupted me.

She said, "Do you want me to take my clothes off?"

I did a double-take. "What?!"

"Do you want to see me with my clothes off? We seemed to be having a good time, you were holding my hand affectionately, I concluded you most likely want to have sex with me," Jaime said. I about lost it at this... but I was a little confused. I assumed she was trying to break all the first date protocol and joke around a bit, but she seemed so sincere and bubbly, I didn't know what to do. So why not go with it?

"Well, yeah... Uh, sure I do. I suppose. Just didn't expect you to come right out..." I started to say, but to my surprise - she swiftly yanked her tank top off to reveal her perky breasts contained in a sexy black lace bra. She then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off to show a matching lace black thong. She did a little pirhouette in her bra and panties, as if to give me a full view - and man, what a view! I was hard as a rock by now, and she quickly removed her bra and thong, stepped out of her heels and began walking over to me very deliberately. Her light, even tan covered every inch of her smooth, toned body.

I stammered, "So, uh.. should we head..." I was stopped short as she reached up and grabbed the back of my neck softly with her hands and kissed me deeply. I placed my hands around her waist, feeling up and down her smooth back, running them over her pert buttocks, glancing across her breasts. She let out a soft moan as we felt each other up. She started unbuttoning my shirt, then ripped it the rest of the way off, and started kissing her way slowly down my neck and chest. While moving down towards my stomach, she unfastened my pants and slid them down along with my boxers. Without skipping a beat, she began to give me the best oral sex I've had in my life. This girl certainly knew how to use a tongue, that's for sure! It was so overwhelming, I had to lean back against the wall a bit to keep my balance.

Just as I was about to explode, she pulled away and stood up. She took my hand and started to pull me to the bedroom. On the way in, for some reason, I noticed it was 9:48pm. Guess she gave up on leaving at ten, I thought - not that I'm complaining mind you.

She laid down on her back, and I lowered myself down on top of her, massaging her breasts while we kissed some more. I moved my hand slowly down over her stomach, caressing each curve on her spectacular body. As my fingers reached down between her ever-spreading thighs, I began to softly rub around her sex. She sighed and moaned more and more, and I sank my fingers into her moist folds. She started squirming, and looked like she was about to lose it, her eyes opened quickly and she looked at me very seriously,

"Fuck me - fuck me right now! I can't wait any longer!"

I slid myself into her warm, moist vagina - I'd never felt a woman like her, she just felt perfect. Her grinding and my pumping sped up quickly, both of us in perfect motion with each other, breathing hard. She would let out a little high pitched moan every now and then, when I would give her nipples a small nibble. We had to be going at it for about fifteen minutes when something happened I'll never forget.

She seemed about ready to orgasm, moaning and panting, grinding away at each other - when her head jerked to the left quickly and she let out a strange gurgling sound from her throat. Her head jerked back to look at me, and she had a rather stern look on her face.

I tried to ask, "Jaime, is everything oka..."

"CAUTION - BATTERIES AT 0.2% CAPACITY... SWITCHING TO AUXILIARY POWER SOURCE." Jaime blurted out, then returned to normal. I was about to lose it - this was awesome! I'd finally found a hot woman who was not only uninhibited when it came to sex, but she must have an ASFR fetish too - what more could I want?! We kissed deeply again, I was just about to come when I swear I heard a loud beep come from inside Jaime's chest...

"ERROR - TEAR IN VAGINAL WALL...POWERING DOWN IN TEN SECONDS TO AVOID SHORT CIRCUIT...TEN...NINE...EIGHT...SEVEN..." Jaime said in that odd artificial-sounding tone again, it was making me hotter than I'd ever been.

"...SIX...FIVE...FOUR..." she continued. I kept pumping away, figuring she was trying to time her orgasm with this countdown thing.

"...THREE...TWO...ONE..." Jaime finished the countdown, and I assumed she would come right about then, but she just went limp.

"Jaime? Is everything okay?" I asked her, just to make sure. She really didn't seem to be breathing or anything. "Hey, the robot act is hot - but just laying there is kinda boring... hello?" I shook her lightly to see what the hell she was up to. How could you get so close to having an orgasm and just lay there all still?

Just then, another beep came from her chest - startling me quite a bit. I pulled out of her dripping sex and sat back on my heels. A thought crossed my mind, but no - it couldn't be. There was no such thing as a realistic android yet. Jaime's head twitched again, and she spoke up:

"RESTART COMMENCING...UNIT DESIGNATION JAIME0156 ACTIVATING...CHECKING SYSTEMS..." She laid there staring at the ceiling for a few seconds, all of a sudden a bright orange flash, accompanied by a sharp POP sound, came from... within her waist??? Holy shit - I thought, she might actually be a machine...


Her voice returned to its normal light friendly tone, "Hi, I'm Jaime!" She shook her head a little, "Wow, that was great, wasn't it? Sorry about the restart, but our intense love-making must have torn my vagina a bit... Nothing I can't repair easily after I recharge." She said quite matter-of-factly.

"Jaime?! Recharge??? You... you're... you're a ROBOT?!"

"Of course, you knew that. I told you as soon as we met!" She said, smiling.

"I thought you were just fucking around! Who's ever met an actual gynoid?"

"Well, now you have, silly! How could you not know? I told you right away that I was a robot. You offered me a place to live, and we even had sex... You mean you thought I was human?" She, or it, I suppose, seemed confused.

"Of course I did!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. My programming is relatively new. I can function like a human female in most situations, but I'm not very good when it comes to detecting sarcasm. I hope I have not offended you." Jaime said apologetically.

"No, no - I'm far from offended. Just surprised. And excited, to tell you the truth. I've got a bit of a fembot fetish, to be honest." I admitted.

"Great! I figured you would make a perfect owner! Now I just need to recharge before I automatically shut down and lose my hard drive..." She beamed.

"Um, one thing... Owner?" I wasn't sure what she meant by that.

"I told you I needed a place to live yesterday - you've been so nice to me I don't see why I can't be your gynoid from now on. I've been living out of my car ever since the lab built me and set me free of sorts. Extra work is great because nobody does a background check on me, and it pays for the gas to keep my car running and charging me. But it's not a safe living situation. If you are willing to help keep me running and powered up, I will stay with you forever, fulfilling whatever request you may have for me. I just need to grab my clothes and equipment out of my car."

My mind was spinning, I didn't know what to say.

"But before anything, I need you to plug me in. Auxiliary power doesn't allow me to walk around, so you'll need to grab the cord out of my purse and attach it here before you plug me into the wall..." She looked down at her chest and right then, a panel opened exposing tightly packed wires behind a metal and plastic skeletal frame, surrounded by little blinking LEDs and some kind of soft, fleshy foam that seemed to give her body it's shape and feel. "...I'll only need to be offline for a few hours, then we can get back to some serious love-making!" She squealed.

I got up in a daze, went out to the living room and grabbed the only cord I found in her purse, walked back into the bedroom and handed it to Jaime. She carefully plugged it into her chest, and handed me the three-prong end, which I plugged into the nearest outlet.

"I'll have to shut down now, but I'll be up in a few hours, sweeeeeeeeetieeeeeeee........" Her voice slowed and lowered in pitch as her face came to freeze on the 'e' sound, and then, she was frozen again.

I don't know what's going to happen, now that I've apparently got my own sexy little gynoid, but I can't wait to find out... I've got so many questions to ask her when she 'wakes up.'

It was around 4:00am and I couldn't stay awake any longer. I had been pacing around the apartment while Jaime was 'sleeping,' or whatever you would call it, trying to get all this crazy information straight in my head.

I walked back into the bedroom, so drowsy I can barely walk, and take another peek at the open panel in her chest, where the charging cable trailed from to the outlet in the wall. There was a small set of displays in between all the switches, buttons, lights and jacks inside her. Odd as it seemed, one of them resembled the pattern my cell phone makes when recharging.

She was supposed to be back 'on' by now, and there are so many things I'd like to ask her... but the bed is calling my name. I barely laid down next to her inert, lifeless body before passing out.

When I awoke, the clock next to the bed said 11:45am. I was all sore from the previous night's activities, and apparently, minus one female android by my side. She was gone.

Correction, she had prepared a wonderful breakfast in the kitchen, wearing only my boxers, and apparently powered herself down when finished. She was sitting elegantly poised on the edge of a kitchen chair with the plate all made up next to her. Her chest panel was open and her reset button was blinking, so I pressed it.

A soft beep, then her head jerked slightly to the left, her eyes still staring in no particular direction, her voice flat and emotionless: "ANTRHOTEK FEMALE ANDROID, MODEL TYPE JAIME, UNIT 0156 INITIALIZING..."

Anthrotek? Were they the ones that built her, I wondered?

"...VAGINAL REPAIRS COMLETE, ALL SYSTEMS ARE FUNCTIONAL. LOADING PERSONALITY AND KNOWLEDGE-BASE FILES... ...ACTIVATING JAIME 0156..." Her head jerked back to the right a bit, her eyes fluttered and another soft beep came from her as Jaime's chest panel slid closed. She opened her eyes and said, in no particular direction, but in her normal voice:

"Hi! I'm Jaime!"

Hmm, I thought, that must be some sort of default greeting she says when you power her up.

Standing from the chair, she focused her eyes on, and wrapped her arms around me. "Hey, sleepy-head! I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever get up!"

"Me?" I asked, slightly pushing out of her hug. I was still a tad rattled by all this. "How can you be walking around all normal. After last night, I thought you were damaged, you know... down there." I said, confused.

"When my batteries finally charged and I had reactivated, you were hard to wake up, so I just made the repairs myself and thought I'd surprise you with some breakfast, that's okay, isn't it?" She looked almost as if she thought I'd scold her.

I responded, "Oh yeah, of course that's fine! I just have a lot of things I'd like to know about where you come from, or who built you, or whatever... I mean, it's not like there are a lot of fembots like you out there running around. You don't run into one every day after all..."

Jaime smiled and embraced me once again. She said, "I'll tell you all about where I came from, after you eat your breakfast. Right now, I have a surprise for you!"

"Another one? I don't know how much of this I can take right now," I said, half joking, but half not.

"I used some of the connections I've made acting, and got you a personal assistant job with a pretty successful film producer this morning!" She said, beaming.

"Ummm... okay. But, how did you know I was looking for that kind of thing?" I asked.

"A female robot knows these things!" She seemed proud of herself. "Actually, you left your computer on and I saw the job searches."

"That's great, but I still want to know a bit more about you, and..." I started, but she cut me off.

"Oh, wait - I told the producer you'd be at his place in 15 minutes! I completely forgot about the time - hurry and finish your breakfast, this paper has his address, phone and name. He's expecting you, so he'll probably already have some little jobs for you to do. I think he said something about product placement." And with that, she thrust the paper in my direction. It had an address in the hills, and a phone number below the guy's name, Peter.

I tried to protest and get more info out of this interesting little woman, machine, whatever she is, but she wouldn't budge. Apparently, she thought this could be a great job opportunity for me. And hey, if it was I wasn't about to argue.

Jaime helped me get straightened up a bit, and pushed me out the door with the producer's info, with a: "See you later honey, I'll call you in a bit!"

I could have done with a little more prep time, but you do have to hustle in this town. The producer's "place" turned out to be a rather expansive mansion in the hills. Intimidating in fact. I parked off to a side area of the driveway, and walked up a long winding path through gardens along a fenced wall. Several huge attack dogs came barking up to the fence, causing my heart to just about jump out of my chest... though luckily they were on the other side of the wall.

When I got up to the door and rang the bell, the producer was almost waiting for me, or had to be, because my finger barely left the button when the door flew open. He was all in a flurry of activity, saying he was running late for some budget-related meeting for his new project. He apologized for the frenzy, seemed like a nice guy, but a nice guy you don't want to cross.

I was taken on a very quick tour of the house, given a few tasks to do for the day, as he was halfway out the door. The producer said something about how his girlfriend would probably help me with the press packets and video tapes later, but I didn't catch what her name was, or when she was coming by. Then he threw me a copy of the house keys and ran out the door. I heard the revving of a high-powered german car of some sort and the squeal of tires as he sped off down the hills into the urban jungle below.

Well, a moment of stillness finally, I thought. The big house was quiet, clean, and lavishly decorated. I was supposed to put together a few thousand press packets for some festival he was working on, but that sounded easy enough to put off until later. The first thing I planned on doing was to erase a bunch of old VHS tapes for the marketing trailer he wanted to send out for possible product placement vendors. I sat down on the couch with a pile of tapes on one side of me, the TV in front, and one of those high-powered electromagnetic tape erasers in hand...

Grab a tape, BZZZZZZ! BZZZZZZZZ!, repeat. For about a half hour, until I realized I needed some water. I had my own water bottle, but it was long empty. So I started exploring the house, seeing as I couldn't really remember any of the slap-dash tour I'd been given. I thought there was a bathroom of some sort down the hall...

I pushed the door open, and to my surprise, there was a half-naked, absolutely gorgeous blonde woman standing in front of the mirror, wrapped in a towel, but still dripping wet as though she just got out of the shower.

"AAAAH!" I yelled out of surprise,

"AAAAH!" The blonde yelled in synch with me.

"I'm so sorry! I was just looking for a sink to fill my water bottle... You must be the, uh... producer's, I mean Peter's girlfriend..." I scrambled for something intelligent and non-threatening to say...

"Yeah, Kristen. It's okay, you just startled me." She smiled, looking a little embarrassed. She stuck out her hand to shake mine, and her towel slipped to reveal a bit of her breast. Part of me thinks she meant to do it. "Oops!" She said in a cheesy manner, noticing the exposed cleavage.

"Anyway, Kristen, it's nice to meet you. I'm the new personal assistant, I guess..." I began to introduce myself, but she cut me off.

"I know, Peter told me you were coming. As soon as I get dried and dressed, and maybe toss a little makeup on, I'll give you a hand with those press packets." And with that, she walked past me to the bedroom adjacent to the living room and closed the door.

On the way, she gave me a view of one picture-perfect ass and legs! Man, these rich producers are so stereotypical, able to get any woman they want... not that I can complain with Jaime back at home. If only I could figure out why the hell she's running around with me, this complex robot roaming seemingly free.

After about another half hour or so, I was still erasing cartridges for the promos, and I hadn't seen Kristen. In fact, I hadn't heard anything coming from the bedroom except a sort of sparking sound, accompanied by the lights dimming a bit. I figured it wasn't anything serious, or Kristen would have said something. She never told me if she needed anything for the press packets or whatever. They were still on the coffee table in front of me, so I yelled to her in the next room:

"Kristen, do you need me to bring you those materials?" But she didn't reply. Maybe she's in there taking a nap. I'll just go knock lightly on the door. I walked over to the first door in the hallway off the living room, and gave it a slight knock, but it wasn't even latched. The door swung open very fluidly, and the view it offered me was another shocking one...

Kristen was standing, wearing only panties and a pair of black high heels, bent over at the waist with an awkward look frozen on her face. Well, it wasn't completely frozen. Her facial features seemed to twitch a little randomly, and she seemed to be muttering a distorted looping phrase.

What blew me away was that she had the same kind of charging cord in her hand that Jaime used, and it was trailing from her hand, right back up into a PANEL in her CHEST! Holy crap, she's another android! How many of these things are there in Hollywood?!?!

Plenty of other questions were forming in my mind, but my instinct was to figure out why she looked broken... Apparently she hadn't dried herself off enough after the shower when I met her... (robots can shower? I thought) and when she went to plug herself into the wall outlet, some water had gone down her hand and caused quite a spark at her fingertips, which were a singed black a bit.

I leaned in next to her mouth and tried to figure out what she was trying to say, and it sounded like a digitally distorted "...LP me - ErrOR - cHARgE maLFUNctION, voLtAGE SPIke - pLUG in unitTTTT anDddd - rEsET - HelP MMMmmmE - ERRoR..." which would repeat over and over.

I grabbed her towel off of her bed, patted her down, carefully drying her hair and the areas around the plug and open panel. I pulled the singed cord out of her claw-like hand, stuck it in the wall outlet and I heard a faint hum, like when Jaime would charge. "I wonder if this is how Jaime got me this job, but if Peter knew Kritsen was a robot, and about Jaime, why wouldn't they all just come out and tell me?" I thought to myself.

I reached into Kristen's chest panel, and pressed the blinking reset button. That faint beeping sound from within her, and a twitch of the head and she started speaking after a few seconds:

"ANTRHOTEK FEMALE ANDROID, MODEL TYPE KRISTEN, UNIT 0155 INITIALIZING..." Well, that kind of alleviates some confusion. They were built by the same company. Guess I need to try to track down this Anthrotek.

Kristen continued in that flat tone of voice, "...ALL SYSTEMS ARE FUNCTIONAL. LOADING PERSONALITY AND KNOWLEDGE-BASE FILES... ...RECHARGE IN PROGRESS: BATTERIES AT 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 100% ...ACTIVATING KRISTEN 0155..." Another head jerk and her eyes started that fluttering motion, almost like waking up.

Not much time to think though, Kristen seemed to be coming back to 'life.' Maybe she won't recall this little discovery, so I should leave the room just in case. And I did so. As soon as I had her door closed and I'd sat back down on the couch, I could faintly hear Kristen in the other room:

"Hi! I'm Kristen!"

I guess that is their default power-on phrase or whatever... At this point, my mind was reeling. Now I'd discovered two hot female robots in two days... What was going on? At least I could play dumb with Kristen and Peter, that is if Peter is even aware of her true nature. I wonder?

I didn't have very long to wonder though, as Kristen came walking out of the bedroom, Vavoom!, still in only her panties and high heels... I stood up, not knowing what was about to happen.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me in there... Sometimes I'm just not too smart when it comes to electricity!" She giggled, "You know us blondes!"

"It's fine, really... Maybe you should get dressed in case Peter comes back..." I began trying to figure out ways to bring this situation back near the planet normal.

"No, I want to *thank you*" and with that, she walked up, wrapped her arms around me warmly and slid a few inches of her synthetic tongue down my throat, which believe me, I enjoyed. But then fear of Peter returning and possibly leaving me to deal with his attack dogs after he sees me making out with his girlfriend caused me to push Kristen away.

"No, really. I'm supposed to be working...." I said, trying again to interrupt, but Kristen wouldn't have it.

"I said I wanted to thank you - if it weren't for you I'd be frozen by that plug all night, and if more water had dripped into my sockets, well... I'd be one smoky pile of metal and plastic right now. Let me thank you in the only way I know best..." As she said the last sentence, she motioned up and down her body with her hands, turned around and bent over to take off her panties, and her shoes I presumed.

Aside from the paranoia that was building up in me, I also had one rock-hard erection from the constant view of Kristen's fabulous naked form in front of me. She obviously planned on doing me no matter what I had to say, so 'fuck it' I decided. I had wondered with Jaime whether *all* of these robot girls' orifices were anatomically correct, so...

While Kristen was bent over facing away from me, I unbuttoned my pants, and slid myself right up into her artificial anus.

"Oooh!" she squeeled with glee as I began to slowly pump back and forth inside her gorgeous rear. She really seemed to be enjoying it, as she started digging her fingers into the nearby chair. She began to match my pumping motion with her hips, grinding into me. After a few minutes, I was getting close and she said, "Let's move to the couch, and I'll finish you off!"

I pulled out of her and laid back on the couch, not bothering to take the time to clean all the video tapes off. A bunch of cartridges wasn't the most comfortable thing to lay on, but who cares?! Kristen was a monster when it came to sex, she had her legs all wrapped around me in ways I'd never thought of. She gave me a little blow job before mounting me on the couch.

She managed to get out between panting: "Wow!... I've never.... had anal sex.... before.... it was so unbelievably good!.... I'll have to tell Peter..... that you taught me a new position!..."

"What?! Are you crazy?! You can't tell him we had sex - he'll kill me!" I yelled out, which was a bit difficult through the waterfall of pleasure I was experiencing with her.

Kristen still had that beautiful smile on her face, pumping and breathing hard, looking very content to be banging my brains out. She said, "Oh he'll.... ..be so happy that I enjoy.... ...anal sex.... ....he won't care it was you...."

But I couldn't believe her. Being on the bottom wasn't helping me protest, so I tried to flip her over on her back so I could get up and at least not be stuck banging this producer's sex-crazed android girlfriend if he happened to come back in.

As I rolled Kristen onto her back, she was trying to tell me not to stop fucking her, and something happened. I didn't realize what at first.

As I started to pull out of her pussy, she said, "Don't stop! Please, Don't StoppPPPPP STOP STOP ST ST ST ST TOP TOP OPSTOP STOP STOP DOP DON'T DON'T DON'T STTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT OPP PSPS AB DONT DOSNPAN DNP...." As her voice started to distort and repeat itself, there was this horrible buzzing sound coming from her chest area.

Her eyes started looking around randomly, and her facial expressions seemed to switch from a frightened look to random expressions, back and forth. She started beeping feverishly, and her voice had distorted to where it was just a droning, low pitch static-filled sound.

Freaking out, I grabbed her and sat her up on the couch, and the buzzing immediately stopped. I looked down, and she had laid directly on top of the video tape eraser, triggering it's 'on' switch. 'Oh my god!' I thought, I've just erased or scrambled everything on her hard drive, or memory, or whatever this fembot has insider her, and when Peter gets back, I'm going to be screwed!

'Maybe if I could reset her again, she'll be okay,' I thought to myself... The only problem was that Jaime and Kristen had always had their chest panels open already when I used the reset button... I had no way to figure out how to open it myself. Frantically, I started feeling all over her body for anything that looked out of place, like a button or recess or whatever.

Kristen was still making unintelligible sounds, and slightly twitching her limbs under me, which was still giving me quite a thrill, despite my fear of being fed to the dogs outside. As I felt behind both of her ears, there seemed to be a mosquito-bite-sized bump behind her left ear. I figured it had to be something, why would a robotic woman get a bug bite? So I pressed it, and BINGO! her chest panel slid right open, and her limbs froze. I reached in and pressed the reset button.

Kristen chimed in with her flat voice: "ANTRHOTEK FEMALE ANDROID, MODEL TYPE KRISTEN, UNIT 0155 INITIALIZING..." Thank God, I thought. I might get out of this okay after all

".....ALL SYSTEMS ARE FUNCTIONAL. LOADING PERSONALITY AND KNOWLEDGE-BASE FILES..." There was a soft beep from within her, followed by a louder dissonant beep "...ERROR.... UNABLE TO LOCATE PERSONALITY AND KNOWLEDGE-BASE FILES... ...UNABLE TO ACTIVATE KRISTEN 0155... ...POWERING DOWN...." and with that, another soft beep and Kristen's body went limp.

"Oh, fuck!" What do I do now? I have no idea how these things work, other than the reset button and if you plug them in they recharge... I was seriously starting to consider jumping in my car and leaving for Mexico before Peter came home, when my cell phone rang. Who could that be?

It was Jaime... Maybe she'll have some advice, being a robot and all. I answered, and barely said hello before she started talking.

Jaime said: "Don't worry, everything will be all right. I'll be there in five minutes." And she hung up. 'Okay,' I thought, 'maybe this isn't so bad... at least I'll have some sort of clue as to what's going on here.'

Four minutes and 59 seconds later, Jaime was knocking at the door. I let her in, and started babbling about what happened...

"She insisted on having sex after I helped her recharge, but then she rolled over on the tape eraser, and I think it erased her personality and other files and stuff, and...." I was starting to freak out, looking at the naked, inert damaged fembot on the couch.

Jaime placed a finger on my lips, "Shhh, I know all about what happened. I'll take care of it."

"You know? How?" I asked.

"Kristen and I share info all the time, we're connected wirelessly by modems inside us. She and I are sort of like sisters. How else did you think I got you the job?" Jaime explained as she sat down next to Kristen.

"Okay..." I accepted. "But how are you supposed to get all of her data back?

"Each of us has a very well-protected DVD-R backup that's updated every 30 minutes inside us. That way, in cases such as this, where extreme magnetism, cold, heat, or electricity wipe out our more volatile hard drives, we have a backup." At that, Jaime ran her index finger down the center of Kristen's torso. A much larger panel opened in Kristen's stomach, and out of a metal box-looking object heavily-wired and welded inside her, a DVD came sliding out, as though someone hit 'eject.'

Jaime skillfully removed the DVD from the slot it came out of, and placed it into another, slimmer metal slot up higher, just below Kristen's chest. The motion of her hand and arm removing and re-inserting the DVD-R reminded me of the way assembly robot arms move in car factories. It was very precise and fluid, not natural at all. But then again, why would it need to be?

Lights all throughout the blonde's torso began blinking, and we heard another series of those muffled beeps, only they were clear now. They seemed to come from her CPU, which looked to be situated up around her metallic 'spine' (which really looked more like some crazy erector-set construction from the inside) and was now quite active.

Her head began twitching again, though not like when she was malfunctioning. It looked kind of like someone trying to read a lot of fast-scrolling pages of text in their field of view, her mouth barely forming word shapes. More beeps, now faint as her stomach panel was closing. Then the seams around her front and in her chest disappeared without a trace, as before.

Kristen's 'activity' finally seemed to slow to a stop, her eyes closed and her limbs all relaxed. After a second, her whole body stiffened, and gave me a start. She sat bolt upright with her eyes open and alert-looking. In a flat voice, she said:

"PERSONALITY AND KNOWLEDGE-BASE FILES RESTORED... COMPENSATING FOR MISSING MEMORY RECORD... INTERNAL CLOCK RESYNCHRONIZED... ...STARTUP RESUMING... ...ACTIVATING KRISTEN 0155..." and the old beep and jerk, and she continued in her 'normal' voice that I hadn't heard since our ill-fated bump-and-gear-grind (sorry, bad pun, couldn't help it) on the couch:

"Hi! I'm Kristen!" She said straight out into the room, before looking and focusing her eyes on the two of us. "Hi Jaime! What's going on? When did you get here?"

"I just stopped by to help him with your PKB files. You had a couple of bad accidents in a row, sis." Jaime explained all matter-of-factly, as if the two fembots had had this conversation dozens of times. Perhaps they had.

I chimed in, "Yeah, ummm, I accidentally erased you, and you had shorted yourself out earlier. But Jaime here seemed to be on top of the situation..."

Jaime interrupted me again. Man, these synthetic women sure like to steer the conversation! She said, "Kristen will need us to fill in the last half hour or so of her memory... Speaking of being on top of the situation, she won't remember the great sex you had before I came over. Kristen, you used your anal sex program for the first time, and you *loved* it!"

"Hey, before it gets too late, or too weird, while I've got both of you here," I barged in, "I've got some questions for both of you... not that I mind Jaime being so cool with me having sex with Kristen, but,... who the hell is Anthrotek? How many of you robots are out there? Why am I meeting all of you so quickly?!?!

"Calm down, there'll be plenty of time to fill you in on whatever you want to know in a little while." Kristen said, placing her hand on my shoulder, pulling me down next to her on the couch. She snuggled her warm, still naked body up against mine.

"Right now, there's another program that neither of us have tried out before..."Jaime purred as she sat down next to me on the other side. I just now noticed that she was wearing a raincoat, which she slid out of as she sat down on the couch and snuggled equally close, placing a hand around my back. Under the raincoat, she had only been wearing her high heels, white panties, and a matching choker of thread. "It's a combination of our threesome and 69-position programs. We know our frames are flexible enough to pull it off, and we think you'd love it...."

Oh man, oh man. Here we go again.

The three of us must have gone at it for nearly two hours. I never realized I had such a sexual appetite. Guess it took two hot, sex-crazed fembots to show me. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. These two had some serious moves! We all had passed out afterwards, sprawled across the couch. Well, I suppose they were in 'sleep mode,' or whatever it was other than powering down. They were still 'breathing' so I figured they weren't completely off before I fell asleep.

I awoke to the two of them, fully dressed now, smiling right next to my face. "Hey there, sleepy head!" They both said in unison.

I looked around, they had finished all of the tasks that Peter set out for me for the day, but the place was still a mess... I rubbed my head and asked all groggy: "What time is it?"

"8:34pm and 24 seconds," Jaime chimed, "We finished the marketing materials for you, and were about to clean up the place when Kristen decided we should wake you up. You should probably head home, Peter will be back soon and we thought it would be less awkward for you if we explained what happened today to him."

I still didn't grasp the whole situation too well, "So Peter knows Kristen is a robot?" I asked.

Kristen replied, "Yes, and he will be very delighted when he knows that I've had a chance to test out some new sexual programming finally!"

"He'll be home soon honey, and it's supposed to rain, so why don't you get going home and get some sleep in a comfy bed, before the roads get too slippery? Kristen and I will finish up here." Jaime told me before I could ask anything else or protest.

Rain? This time of year in LA? Whatever. Maybe Jaime doesn't have the most accurate weather-detecting hardware, I thought jokingly to myself. Apparently, the two artificial women had dressed me and set my keys and everything on the table right in front of me while I was sleeping... Convenient, I thought.

Since things seemed to be going relatively smoothly, I didn't bother to question any more. I assumed Jaime would explain everything when she got home, so I kissed both of the women... robots, whatever, on the cheek and made my way to my car.

With all this happening to me in the last few days, my head was reeling. I just sat in the car for a couple minutes before starting it up. I decided to go for a little scenic drive along Mulholland to clear my thoughts a bit, and damn it if the clouds overhead did look like rain. I put my headlights on and pulled out of Peter's long-ass driveway.

I'm not two minutes down the road, and some of the heaviest rain we've had in years starts coming down on me in sheets. Luckily, most people in this city seem to be afraid of driving in bad weather, so the windy roads around the canyons up here were pretty deserted. As I was coming around a sharp turn to another wide view (in clear weather at least) overlooking the San Fernando valley. Across the canyon below and in front of me I could barely make out some sort of big, delivery-van looking truck coming towards me. It seemed to be unnecesarily speeding for how slippery and windy the road is up here, and it's headlights were soon the only thing I could clearly see. As it drew nearer, it appeared as though it was hydroplaning back and forth across the road, sliding ever closer to my car.

I kept blaring on the horn and flashing my lights. Just when it seemed we were going to crash right into each other, I jerked my wheel and went into a 180 degree spin, which afforded me a continuous view of the van sliding quickly towards the hillside (luckily for him, not the valley side) and then slamming into a tree! As my car stopped moving, now facing the opposite direction, back towards the other driver's wreck, my headlights came to rest on the side of the van. It was plain, but there seemed to be some sort of decal toward the bottom-rear side.

I put my 4-way flashers on and stepped out of my car into the rain, which was slowing but still coming down strong. I walked slowly up towards the van to see who it belonged to and if everything was okay. I almost lost my stomach when I got close enough to read the small rectangular decal, the only detail on an otherwise flat, featureless grey-colored van.

The company's name on the van: Anthrotek. Now this was too much. I had to make sure the driver was okay, and find out what was going on with this whole mystery. I ran up to the driver's door, of which there wasn't much left. The entire front end of the truck: engine, cab, wheels, you name it, was wrapped around this tree like a tin can. If the driver was alive, there couldn't be much left of him.

Or 'her,' it turned out.

Actually 'IT' would be most accurate.

And I should have expected as much. When I pulled the last little bit of door off the wreck, the 'driver' turned out to be the remains of a cute little asian fembot. At least she seemed to be cute, but I could only tell by her legs squeezed below the dash and a bit of her face that was left. The impact had pushed the steering column right through her abdomen, tearing her entire body in half. The wrenching of the cabin had wripped her arms from their sockets, torn open various sections of her chest, and a large piece of windshield and tree limb had removed the right side of her face from her skull to her neck. The cut-off piece hung down like a rubber mask. Wires and bits of circuit-board protruding, still forming a frightened expression.

With me holding the door open, some rain was falling into the cabin onto her exposed circuits and motors, which started to spark a little. Then some of the lights which were visible through the gashes in her chest and her separated pelvis began to blink. Her damaged head turned to face me and her torn lips sputtered some gibberish and hydrolic fluid, followed by some semi-intelligent speech:

"CccccccOntROL UNit bbad bbbbbbadddly DaaMMAGED! asNCKDLLi... UnaBLE tooooo mmmOVe aRMS or lEgS... ConTACTinG AnThrrooooootEK.... ...wiRELESS mOdEM UNavaIlABLE.... snkckxxxxx!... mUSTTTTTT protECT vALUeaBLE CARGooooOOooOoOOO ERROR!..... SySTEM crash IMMeNeNNENTNTNTNTNTN..... protECT Ccccargo PROtect... sKNCXXX! protect! ValUEABLE! snckxxx! PROTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...." and with that, a big spark flew out of her sheared-off head, and she wound down like a powerless toy, with a few occasional sparks flying out of her.

It would figure there wouldn't be a human around when I find something dealing with Anthrotek... I wonder what the valuable cargo is in the back that this robot was supposed to take care of? I walked around to the rear of the van, which didn't appear to be locked. Just a simple latch, and the door slid up. The van wasn't exactly full. All there were was five large wooden boxes. I would have assumed androids would be in the back, but these boxes were too short in each direction to hold a person-sized 'bot. All they had stamped across them was, respectively: Rd, Blck, Brn, Asn, Blnd

If they were so valuable, I figured Anthrotek would be happy if I keep them out of this weather. And if not, I could hold whatever it is ransom until I get some answers about Jaime and Kristen at least. Luckily, the five boxes (which were pretty freakin' heavy if you ask me) just barely fit into my back seat and trunk.

Just as I was placing the fifth one in my trunk, I saw a little puddle of flame building under the driver's seat of the van. As I slammed the trunk lid, a few more sparks were spat out of the destroyed synthetic driver. In slow-motion, I watched the sparks arc out of the door and down into the puddle of fuel next to the burning one, which trailed up to a leak in the gas tank. I could barely get behind my car before the entire Anthrotek van went up in flames.

Well, at least their secret robot will be gone when the firemen get here... If it is all that much of a secret. They seem to be all over the place, lately!

I got into my car after it stopped rocking back and forth a bit, and drove home. Thankfully the elevator from my parking space to my apartment is pretty private, otherwise people might start asking questions about whatever it is I'm hauling in the back of my car, this late on a rainy night. And I'm just not sure I'm in the state of mind right now to be answering them.

When I pulled down into my garage and into my space, I decided to go up and have a beer before tackling the boxes in the car. They were pretty heavy, and my head was feeling pretty heavy as well right now. Too much to think about. I threw a blanket over the three boxes in the back seat, locked the door and took the elevator upstairs.

My apartment door was unlocked when I got to it. Strange. Jaime must have left it open when she left to fix Kristen. You would think such a sophisticated machine would remember to lock doors when it left a place, don't you? Guess there are some things she still needs to learn. I pushed the door open and looked up from the keys in my hand to my apartment and...

"Aah!" I jumped a few feet in the air, two figures were standing facing away from me just inside the door, but I quickly recognized Jaime and Kristen from behind. "Why do you two have to scare me like that! It's been a rough night!" But they didn't respond. They just stood there facing away from me. "Hellooooo!?!? Did your batteries run out again, girls?" I teased, walking around to face them. The clock said 10:05pm. Wow, I'd been pulling those boxes out of the van for a while.

They had sort of shocked looks on their faces, which would sort of explain the door being unlocked. They must have just walked in when whatever happened that froze them in this position happened, and not had time to lock up after. Well, that's easy enough, just have to open their chest panels and plug the ol' girls back in! My mood was starting to lighten as I felt I had some sort of handle on the situation. I reached up behind both of their left ears with my index fingers and pressed the little bumps, waiting for their chest panels to open. They both had on button-down blouses, so I undid the first two buttons on each of their tops just to have a better view...


Their chests did not open this time. Dammit! Now what is the problem?! Wait, what was that thing that Jaime did to open Kristen's abdomen all the way up? Something like running her finger down from the breasts to the navel, I think. I didn't hesitate

I grabbed Jaime's shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. The shirt was followed by her bra, torn hastily off to reveal a perfect bouncing pair of synthetic breasts, which I ran my finger down between to her bellybutton. No response. I tried a few times with slight variations on how I ran my finger, but nothing.

Just to make sure it wasn't gonna work, I turned to Kristen and ripped her shirt open, perhaps a bit too rough. Her bra had ripped in my hands as well, and the force of her clothes flying off pulled her into me, and we fell on the floor. Me caught beneath this now topless blonde, frozen looking like someone goosed her.

I crawled out from under the blonde 'bot and stood her back up next to Jaime, balancing her carefully on her high heels. Now I was out of ideas, so I just kept walking around them, occasionally fondling their picture-perfect bodies, trying to get some response. I wasn't getting any response from the fembots, but the fembots were sure getting one out of me! As I was looking them up and down from behind, I gave them each a small smack on the ass.

A beep from each of their chests came out muffled. Hmmm, had I found something? I wondered. In unison, they both straightened their posture ramrod stiff, and recited:


"SYSTEM STATUS: UNIT 0155 OFFLINE...CONTROL LINK LOST AT 9:37:13PM...SYSTEM STATUS: UNIT..." from Kristen, same tone of voice, same timing. They kept speaking in a loop, which was getting rather annoying. Besides sooner the neighbors would catch them talking and start waking up and poking around, and I didn't need that right now. I slapped their asses one more time

"...TROL LINK LOST AT 9:37:13PM...SYS..." They both stopped in unison and froze staring straight at the wall. Well, this isn't very much fun, now is it? Wait, if they shut down at 9:37, that would mean that either the van or that asian gynoid driving it had something to do with this 'control link' thing the girl-bots mentioned. Maybe I should go unpack the car...

Luckily, the apartment building I live in keeps a closet full of car and moving-related tools and supplies near the elevator in the basement. Unfortunately, someone had stolen the moving dolly, so I would have to haul the mystery boxes from the car to the elevator by hand.

After the third one or so, I was getting a little exhausted from all the day's excitement. Not to mention, the crates were pretty heavy, around 90 to 100 pounds, I would estimate. So I just lifted the last two out of my trunk, and slid them across to the elevator, where I'd piled the other three and propped the door open (no need for the 'stop' buzzer to alert any curious neighbors). I pulled them in after me and returned to my floor to repeat the whole process in reverse.

Once I had all five of the crates from the Anthrotek van in my place, and my door securely locked, having taken appraisal of the situation (as much as one can at a time like this) I decided to take myself up on that beer idea. So I grabbed a cold one from my fridge and plopped down on the couch to relax and take in the view.

The view was odd, to say the least. In the middle of the room was the awkward pile of these big, mostly unmarked crates, flanked on either side by the two inert, shocked-looking female androids. I had some trouble keeping Kristen balanced, so I leaned her a bit back against the one wall. She had much more of a mannequin appearance that way, I noticed.

Once I had started to feel not so tired, my curiosity came back over me, and I decided to pry the crates open and find out what else the apparent manufacturer of my two new droid 'friends' makes. I grabbed a hammer out of the closet, and set to yanking the nails out of the edges of the first crate I'd brought into the apartment. The one that said only "blnd" in small block letters.

The last nail in the lid came out with a little protest, but it finally did and went flying over my shoulder, bouncing right off of Jaime's forehead, I noticed. I picked the lid off and set it against the wall, then removed a several-inch thick piece of styrofoam, which was covering some dense foam padding.

I lifted the padding out and could see a three foot long, or so, package inside, wrapped in several layers of plastic, with a small flyer-looking card in another plastic sleeve sitting on top. I removed the card, and looked at the front. It only had small black printing on it again, which read only: "Anthrotek - 0264 Crystal - User Friendly Assembly Instructions." Assembly for another android? I wondered. This thing's only two pages, there's no way it could be for a robot… I opened the card to see an illustration of what looked like a very nondescript female cut in half, with arrows indicating how the top half of the body, down to just below the navel, was slid and rotated onto the pelvis and legs. The only other image was a detail drawing of the button behind the left ear (which I was quite familiar with by now) yet nothing about how to activate or reset the droid. This card said nothing about a chest panel or anything. Maybe the ear button is the on-switch for this one. Hmmm…

I began removing the plastic in the crate, and came across another plastic pouch, which contained only some fabric and shoes. I pulled it out, and it turned out to be a bikini or piece of lingerie of some sort, pink with cherries all over it, along with a pair of designer-looking high-heeled sandals. After creating a relatively large pile of plastic on the floor, I pulled the last layer off to reveal one of the most gorgeous blondes I'd ever seen.

Or the top half of her, at least.

Her eyes were closed with her arms crossed over her naked, ample breasts as though she were sleeping peacefully. Only, just below her navel, a lens-cap like piece of plastic sealed off where her waist would be. I very carefully placed my arms under her and lifted "Crystal" (according to the flyer) out of the box and laid her just as carefully on the floor.

After another thin layer of foam, I pulled her pelvis and legs out of the box and unfolded them so they laid out straight from the top half of her body on the floor, along with laying her arms down to her sides to get the full effect. Despite her disconnected state, (which was odd, but becoming less odd by the hour as of late) she was still a knockout. Though I was enjoying the view, I decided to put the 'outfit' I found on her before attaching her and trying to get her running. I slid the panties up over her legs to rest snugly over her hairless synthetic vagina, and did the same with the skimpy matching top that came with it, followed by slipping the sandals over her delicate- and well-manicured-looking feet.

I followed the simple instructions and removed the two lens-caps and lined up the arrows inside her torso and hips, slid them together and turned her hips so they aligned correctly, with a secure sounding "click." I sighed, reached up behind her left ear, felt the familiar little bump, pressed it and sat back to see what happened.

After a moment, I heard a soft 'woosh' sound, almost like a fan spinning on, but it only lasted a second, followed by a soft beep, and "her" eyes popped opened. She appeared to begin 'breathing,' as her stomach rose and fell realistically. Her head began to turn from side to side, eyes scanning the room. Her legs began to stretch, wiggling her toes at the same time. It was strange, she looked just like someone who'd been sleeping for a while, stretching as she 'woke up.' She sat up with her legs stretched out in front, then slowly she arose to her feet, making a few unusual movements, seemingly to make sure she was connected properly. All this time, she seemed to ignore me watching her, mouth slightly agape. And pants starting to tighten.

After doing her 'stretches' and scanning the room again, she came to stand upright with her eyes focused on me. In a soft, sexy alto voice, she said, "Hi, I'm Crystal! Anthrotek model number 0264. As this is my first activation, I will need to ask you a few questions and ex… ex… ex…" She began to repeat herself like a broken record, but only for an instant. She continued, "…plain a bit about myself before my personality programming will load. First, are you going to be my primary owner and operator? Say yes or no."

I thought for a second… Why the hell not?! So I said clearly, "Yes!"

"Thank you," Crystal smiled, "Just a moment." And with that, she began to sort of scan me up and down with her eyes for about a minute. As her eyes came back up to meet mine, she announced, "Stored. Is this to be my primary residence?"

"Yes," I said.

"Stored." Crystal uttered. "Now, though I am programmed to operate in a wide variety of environments and situations, I can… can… can… be designated with a primary role to play, in order to avoid unnecessary instruction in the future. Please state which primary role you would like me to play now, or select from the list I will randomly recite."

I had no idea what this role thing was, so I decided to just listen to the choices.

Crystal continued, pausing between each selection, "Secretary. Model. Actress. Nurse. Wife. Librarian. Boss. Lover. Mother. Beautician. Reporter."

"Lover." I stated rather decidedly. Why not take advantage of the situation?

She repeated, "Stored. Thank you. Now, before my personality program loads, I must explain some basic guidelines as to how I will behave and respond according to my program… gram… gram… …ming and your commands, and a few safety issues concerning Anthrotek androids…"

Crystal went on for a few minutes about how she operates, all very basic things about how she won't harm a person, but otherwise will follow just about any command I give her, as long as she's programmed to be able to do it. Convenient, I thought. I was a little concerned with the "skipping" quality her speech had, but it didn't seem to concern her very much, and maybe it was just because it was some recording she just recites … who knows.

She was running through the safety issues, like don't electrocute, cut or stab her to avoid shock, she said: "…Otherwise, I am very durable…ble…ble…ble …around… …beverages, water and most fluids, and will behave as any human female, refraining from any public… lic… lic… discussion of my artificial nature unless instructed otherwise by you. This concludes my setup, please wait while my personality loads."

Her gaze lost it's focus for a moment, and her head seemed to slump down a bit. Then another soft beep, and she looked up at me again. "Hi, sweetie! Wow, this place is a mess… want me to clean it up? Or do you want to sweep off a spot on the floor and… get to business?" with a sly little smile, she began to rub a hand over one of her breasts. "After all, I am technically still a virgin."

Ohhh, man. "The latter sounds great, Crystal, but what's in the rest of these boxes?" I asked.

"I don't know." She purred. That's right, she won't talk robot-stuff unless I want her to.

"You are the robot that came out of this box," I said, indicating the empty one in the middle. "I just want to know if there are other robots in the other crates, and if you know how to fix the two standing over there," pointing to Jaime and Kristen, "because there's definitely something wrong with them."

She seemed to think for a moment. "I'm sorry, I do not know how to repair them. They are series one models, and I am a series two. Our programming and construction differs too much and I am a commercial model, which can only perform self-repairs. But I do know that there are other robots in those boxes. That's how we are shipped." She smiled again, as if waiting for a command.

"Well, why don't you help me unpack and connect the other girls and then we'll have some fun?" I offered.

"Great! Let's get to it!" She hopped up and down a little before helping me tear into the crates.

One after another, we opened and assembled four other fembots. Karen 0213, a redhead; Alissa 0228, a brunette; Laetitia 0231, an African-American; and Michelle 0253, an Asian one. It then occurred to me that the Asian gynoid was the same model as the one that got destroyed in the van crash and explosion. Maybe she'll be able to fix Jaime and Kristen.

After about an hour, I had activated each of the other four new gynoids, and set them up for a sort of harem/playboy mansion-type living situation, with Crystal as my primary unit. This, despite the fact that she was the only one who stuttered during her first startup speech. At least, the others didn't right away, so I had them skip past the safety talk and stuff.

It turns out Michelle is the same body style and everything as the "control unit" droid that I saw destroyed, but she isn't programmed or equipped to deal with whatever problem has Jaime and Kristen shut down. And she certainly wasn't any more helpful with info on where these machines come from. She was just another commercial two series like the other four.

I had the ladies clean up the room and stand Jaime and Kristen in the corner, turned on some music, and we all started dancing, and making out in various combinations of human-fembot and fembot-fembot action. Me sometimes in the middle, sometimes just watching and enjoying from the couch.

Any of you ladies want a glass of wine? I asked, recalling that they're durable when it comes to fluids, anyway the atmosphere seemed to call for it. Most of them said no thanks, why waste it on us? Was their logic.

I was resting on the couch while the last four to be activated made out in a wonderous orgy on the floor, sipping some Merlot when Crystal came over to me with a lustful look in her eyes.

"Can I give you a striptease, honey?" She whispered into my ear.

"I'd be delighted. Have some of this wine first, it's excellent." I offered her the glass. "I'm curious to see if they programmed you to act tipsy, if your lucky… I might just take advantage of you after the striptease…" I was getting a bit drunk myself. Slurring my speech, and loving the party of naked women (however artificial they might be) in my living room.

"Well, alright. If you insist." Crystal said, acting playfully coy as if scolded and deserving a spanking. She took my glass, and downed most of it in one gulp. "Mmmm." She purred, not taking much time to taste it before beginning her tease.

She began to swing her hips rhythmically back and forth to the music, running her hands up and down her perfectly toned body, playing with her hair and fondling her own breasts. She skillfully removed her top, and began to moan as her dance picked up in pace. "Oh, honey, just having you look at me makes me so hot…" She moaned.

I just relaxed into the couch and enjoyed the show.

Crystal continued, "So hot… oh… OH! I'm burning up! Mmmmm… Oh, I feel hot…"

And as she was saying this, fingering herself, I noticed a peculiar smell building near me. Almost like burning rubber or plastic. Just then, I heard a sizzling sound coming from Crystal's stomach.

"So… hot…" She was in the throws of passion, not even noticing the discoloration and occasional sparks that were building in her abdomen, just above her left hip.

"Crystal, um… you might want to slow down. I think something's wrong with you…" I was getting a bit concerned.

She moaned, "Yes, something's wrong… We aren't fucking each other's brains out yet… yet… yet… yet… yet……" and with that, she froze for a few seconds while a hole burned itself through her stomach, exposing the circuitry inside of her. And the apparent cause of it - yep, the red wine. It came spilling out of her as her body lurched a few inches down toward me.

The sparking stopped, and she seemed to regain consciousness and control of herself. She said, "I'm sorry, honey. I'm just not built with beverages in mind. But it's okay, I can fix myself!"

"Well, that's a good thing I suppose." was my reply.

"I can fix myself." Crystal repeated.

"I know, you just..."

She was paying me no attention, as one could assume, "fix myself. Myself. myself. self self elf elf lf lf lflfflffffffffffff..." she was straining out through her now clenched, paper-white teeth. I noticed her upper body was starting to bend backwards at the point where her stomach had melted through, still sparking. Her eyes were focused on nothing in particular as she fell backwards, right onto the squirming pile of naked fembots on the floor.

Karen, Michelle, Laetitia and Alissa were creating some sort of orgiastic chain of 69's in the middle of my living room, not really taking notice of Crystal, nearly broken in half from the sparking fire that has now taken up much of her midsection. I'm not sure what's worse, the grinding sound coming from her malfunctioning voice and straining servos or the smell of her skin sizzling. And I should probably be concerned by the wine pouring out of her and down onto…

Wait! I thought, just a tad too late…

The wine that had leaked out of Crystal's torn stomach had poured down onto the bare ebony ass of Laetitia, who was moaning and giggling between Karen's legs. Just as I jumped up to reach for Crystal's twitching torso, a giant spark arced out of her, clearly shocking all five of the synthetic women at once.

You could almost see the current race through their interconnected bodies, each of them now uttering choppy electronic gibberish and flailing their limbs with no clear intention. Michelle and Alissa each had their heads kicked askew on their shoulders, tearing wires and spraying fluids from within their necks. It was quite a display if I must say so myself.

I kept reaching toward them to try and shut them down, but each time I'd get close one of the bots would spark and I wasn't so sure about how much current I was willing to absorb… After all, it made quick work of the "girls."

Instead, I decided to just get the fire extinguisher and put out the few little fires that had erupted from their bodies, which were becoming less and less distinguishable from each other. Their synthetic skin was melting together to create something that looked right out of one of those Hieronymous Bosch gothic paintings.

As the flames died out, the few movements and sounds coming from the pile of busted fembots on my living room floor also came to a slow, grinding halt. At this point, I had no idea what to do with them. Or Jaime & Kristen for that matter, still leaning all awkwardly against the one wall. Though they were perfect replicas of stunning women, they just looked like mannequins leaning there.

I threw some towels over the pile and went to bed. Figure I'm not going to come to any great conclusions this tired. Might as well wait until morning.

Well, I slept right through to one o'clock the next afternoon. I got up, all groggy from the previous couple of days' excitement. Staggered across the hall to my bathroom and took a nice long, warm shower to wake up. After I got dried off, I walked out to the living room in my robe, and was shocked at the site of the room.

Only for once, it wasn't because of how bad it looked. On the contrary, it looked nicer than before all of the activity. Everything was clean and straightened up. But the most notable thing was the fact that all of the fembots were gone. There wasn't even any stains from the wine or hydrolic fluid, or … anything for that matter, on the carpet. Jaime and Kristen were nowhere to be found. All that was left, was a little clear-plastic card on the center of the floor.

I bent over to pick it up, and realized it had a hologram in it. All it displayed was:

Anthrotek 5579 Forest Lake Drive 8:00pm tonight

No note, no explanation or phone numbers or names. I guess Anthrotek was looking for me as much as I was hoping to find them. Guess I'd better not be late.

I was driving along the lake for hours, it seemed like. There weren't many places along the road, so you'd think an electronics, or, whatever company would be easy to spot out here. But not so. I had to turn around about seven times because the only two structures I found were abandoned houses numbered 5200 and 6136. On the seventh drive between the houses, right about 8:45, I noticed a little hidden dirt driveway between some brush with a little raised metal plaque just off the road with 5579 engraved on it.

My car idled slowly up the driveway, which shortly ended at a rectangular cement patch, not much larger than my vehicle. There was no other structure around. Nothing. Just trees and bushes as far as the eye could see. Which wasn't all that far, given the sole source of light was my headlights. I shut off my engine and sat there in the dark for a moment, taking in the ridiculousness of the situation.

Whoever these Anthrotek people are, they're probably pissed off at me for breaking a whole gaggle of their androids, or even just for fucking them… and now they've duped me into driving out here in the boonies while they rob my place or rig it with explosives or something equally vengeful.

Just then, a pole with a small video screen rose up out of the ground next to my window, and the screen blinked on to reveal the face of a breathtakingly gorgeous dark-haired woman, smiling at me.

"Welcome." She said simply.

I stammered, "Uhh, hi, I'm not sure exactly why I'm here, but…" I began to explain myself, but she was either not paying attention to me, or the woman was just a recording.

"Please make sure your car is in park and the break is on. Enjoy your visit." She continued. And with that, the screen blinked off again, and retracted into the ground. I heard what sounded like large metal doors opening, and almost jumped out of my seat as my entire vehicle began sinking down into the ground.

I was glad to realize it wasn't some sort of quicksand. Rather, it was a large elevator-lift. After continuing down for what felt like a couple of floors, my car came to rest in a small dark room with a door just off to my left. I got out of my car, walked through the door and down a dimly-lit hallway and into a front office that had only a few modern-looking chairs and tables and a large black desk, behind which sat the supermodel I'd seen up on the screen outside.

"Hello. We've been expecting you." She said very professionally. Such a calming tone to her voice. I wish my dentist's office had a receptionist like her, I thought.

"Yeah, I know I'm a little late and all. But I had some trouble finding the place, and all I have is this card with the address - frankly I don't even know why I'm here or where here is…" I was beginning to ramble, and the woman behind the desk just sat there smiling at me, until she realized that I was finished.

"The owner of the company will be with you shortly. Just have a seat and make yourself comfortable." She said before turning to a PC on her desk and resuming typing. She wasn't looking at me anymore, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

After a few very silent minutes in the office, I noticed she very deliberately placed a finger up to her temple, looking very alert, before she turned to me and began speaking.

"The owner is in a meeting right now, and he feels you might be more comfortable dealing with me, so I have been authorized to get you oriented. Please come with me." I was told by the gorgeous brunette.

"If you say so." I walked over to follow her through a brushed-metal door to the side of her desk. I introduced myself and held out my hand. She shook mine and looked into my eyes as she spoke.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jaime." She purred in a sexy deep voice, then turned and continued down a long hallway with me in tow.

I admired the shimmery skin-tight dress she was wearing. And the view of her athletically-toned ass and legs, ending at her stiletto heels. Made me wonder if the robot Jaime was named after her, or if she was just another of Anthrotek's … products. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask at this point.

"Um, excuse me, Jaime. This might come off as rude, but I can't help but ask. Are you a robot?" I got out finally.

"That is correct. I am actually the latest version of the Jaime android line you have become acquainted with. The unit you met was a series one. I am a series five." She explained matter-of-factly.

"Wow. You don't look much alike." I said.

"The skin, face, hair and muscle tone of Anthrotek androids changes with each series. The name just differentiates models within a series. All of this will be explained in time. Right now, the owner of the company wishes for me to explain why we've brought you here." Jaime stated. I like a woman who gets down to business.

She continued, "As you may know, Anthrotek is in the business of creating realistic androids, though we are still a rather secretive project." As she was talking, we passed through a room full of fembots in various states of construction, repair and programming lying on tables, being serviced by other fembots in white leotards. It was safe to say they were bots because each had cables trailing down from the ceiling into their upper backs.

The new Jaime continued, "The five commercial units you saved from the crashed control van were on their way back to us for de-commissioning. They were obsolete and were to be recycled. The series one Jaime and Kristen units you had met were beyond repair as well, and we are disassembling them as we speak. They had been placed in various social and work situations in order to gather information about the viability of their artificial personality programming. My creators decided to overhaul the project after Lani the control unit was destroyed, rendering Jaime and Kristen useless.

We came to a smaller room, much like a motel room, but without windows or a television, and the new Jaime closed the door and motioned for me to sit down. She kept on with her speech.

"After Anthrotek followed the GPS signals and recovered the damaged units from your apartment, we were able to download the remaining sectors of their memory and determine that you were a trustworthy individual, given your obvious concern for the welfare of the units and your propensity for engaging in intimate situations with them. We would like to extend an invitation for you to become an employee of Anthrotek."

"Well, that's awesome, I guess… But I really don't know much about electronics or anything…" I muttered.

Jaime explained, "What we need is a quality control technician. Somebody who would live with a different unit each week and involve it in various interpersonal situations. Then at the end of each week, you would complete a survey on that unit, and she would return to the company, and we will send a new unit to you for the next week. Seeing as you would have to devote a considerable amount of time to testing each unit, we are prepared to offer you a salary that will free you from having a separate job. Anthrotek is offering $250,000 a year, plus benefits including health insurance and lifetime in-home technical support for two brand-new series five female androids of your choice, yours to keep as long as you work for this company." And with that, she sat gracefully on the edge of the bed and looked at me expectantly.

"Well, I guess it's an offer I can't refuse… Where do I sign up?"

"All you have to do now is choose which units you would like to take home, and they will arrange the rest of the details for your testing to begin once fully set up and initialized at your residence." And with that, she drew a PDA-looking device from somewhere behind her and handed it to me. It had two arrows each on the left and right sides of the screen, and a scrolling display of literally dozens of stunning women in the middle.

Jaime stood up from the bed as I was using the arrows to scroll and rotate through the fembot photos, of which I noticed there was one of Jaime. Beside this one spectacular blonde called Kelly, I really thought Jaime was still one of the best-looking. Plus, I had grown a sort of attachment to the original Jaime, her being the first one I met and all.

She began to speak, "Once you decide which two you would like, just double-tap their photos, and they will arrive here in the room shortly, for you to inspect further before taking them home. If you need my assistance, just triple-tap the screen." She lifted her hand to open the door, and I interrupted her exit.

"Wait, Jaime!" I blurted out. She immediately froze, then smoothly rotated to face me and spoke, patiently,

"Yes, how can I help you?"

"I noticed that you're one of the available models listed here. Uh, I mean, there's definitely a lot of intriguing ladies on here, but … man, I'm sorry. I just can't believe I'm having this conversation right now. What I'm trying to ask is, can I take you home?" I finally managed.

"Of course. Do you know which other model you would like to take home?" Jaime closed the door and came to stand in front of the bed where I was seated.

I looked down to the small screen and the selection I had stopped on. It was a perfectly toned-and-tanned blonde girl who looked to be around 28, a perfect size 6 and a gorgeous smile that could stop a truck. "I think this Kelly here might go well with someone like you," all sorts of devious thoughts racing through my head at this point. I double-tapped the blonde gynoid on the screen, which promptly blinked off with a small beep.

Jaime continued, "All right then. It will be just a few minutes before a Kelly unit becomes available. In the meantime I will tell you a little about our technical specifications and improvements over the models you have already interfaced with, and prepare myself for inspection." As she finished this statement, she stepped out of her strappy black high heels and reached up slowly and deliberately to release her hair from the pony tail holder it was in.

I was speechless for a moment. Watching her seductive movements was mesmerizing. But I just wanted to make sure I was clear on what exactly was going on. I asked sheepishly, "Uh, just so I know… What do you mean 'inspection?'"

The brunette android in front of me had reached behind her and drawn down the zipper on her skin-tight shimmery dress. She was now bending over and peeling her fishnet stalkings down her legs and off of her perfectly replicated feet. "Any client who purchases an Anthrotek android may first inspect the unit or units for physical and cosmetic flaws, obvious mechanical errors and perform a sexual test, before making their final decision. As our new quality control technician, you are entitled to at least the same experience." Jaime beamed as she slid the straps down over her shoulders and along with the dress, down the rest of her trim, olive-toned body. The whole time, making eye contact with me.

"Each of us series fives comes with many vast structural and mechanical improvements over the ones and twos you've met." She continued, slowly and seductively sliding the dress down past her hips, revealing white thong panties and an unclad pair of the most perfect round breasts I'd ever seen. She stepped out of the dress and moved closer to me… very close.

Jaime continued, "All previous series were prone to water damage, whereas I am completely water proof down to 1000 feet. The earlier use of servo motors has been replaced in me by electro active polymers. Feel how realistic my muscles are…" she brought her right knee up to rest her foot next to me on the bed, her panties mere inches from my face. "… they don't get damaged when moved involuntarily, like in sleep mode or when shut down, and they are much more energy efficient."

I reached up and gave her thigh a light squeeze. It flexed just like an organic woman's muscle, I just couldn't believe that this beautiful woman in front of me was a machine, if not for her being so uninhibited and my recent experiences. I continued stroking her leg lightly up and down, and I noticed she even had small goose bumps rising as I caressed her upper leg, circling closer and closer to her thong.

Jaime shivered a little, closing her eyes for a second, "…Ooh. Mmm, that feels good. Please don't stop… As you can see, my limb joints are seamless for improved realism and durability. … Oh yes, I like how you touch me." It was kind of amusing, and arousing, that she obviously had no control over the orientation-speech stuff, as her sexual programming was causing her body to act aroused. Even though she was beginning to breathe heavy and caress her own synthetic body, she continued to explain her technical specs.

"Jaime, I'd like to see the rest of you, if you don't mind…" I asked, preemptively slipping my fingers under the straps of her thong. I didn't really wait for a response, just tugged them down a bit clumsily. She had a completely hairless pussy, and I swear I could just make out the faintest scent of roses.

"Yes, please don't stop touching me, I love how your hands feel on my skin…" She cooed. Her head now pulled back to face the ceiling as she ran her own hands up and down her torso. I reached up and cupped her perfect breasts in my hands, softly fondling them and lightly pinching her nipples which immediately grew harder and harder. "Mmm, yes…. My power system has been upgraded so that I can now run for up to four consecutive days on a five hour charge, … please, don't stop… even at full system activity levels such as jogging or having sex."

I slowly ran the fingers of my right hand down the center of her chest, stomach, and abdomen and began playing with the lips of her now moist synthetic pussy. She began to twitch and squirm a little bit, the programmed arousal almost too much for her. I reached around behind her with my left hand and ran it down her back to rest on her firm athletic ass, and then just to see what she would do, I slid my fingers into both her pussy and anus, partially surprised to see that she had both.

Jaime yelled out, "OH! Yes! I'm so hot, please take me now! Fuck my brains out, please!" So I grabbed her waist with both hands and spun her around on the bed and laid her down on her back. I nearly ripped my own shirt off, and she made quick work of my belt and pants, sliding them off like a true professional. I climbed on top of her and began kissing and licking her nipples, occasionally biting them a bit. Jaime giggled and moaned like a high school girl. I moved up her neck, kissing softly, and up to her earlobe. She moaned again, and I moved to her lips, which were clearly waiting for mine.

I sank my tongue deep into her mouth, and her robotic tongue matched the movements of mine perfectly. Her mouth was so real, it was amazing. Warm and moist, it tasted a bit like strawberries. At this point I was rock hard, and just about to mount her and finish the deal, when the door slid open, scaring the shit out of me.

But it was only Kelly, who looked even more stunning than the photo I picked her from. She was standing in the doorway wearing only a white thong and matching lace bra. She spoke in a sultry voice you'd expect a supermodel 'bot like her to have, "Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm not too late for the inspection, am I?" She asked playfully.

"No, not at all. Just in time in fact. You scared me flaccid coming through that door, actually." I said.

Kelly replied, "Well, I can fix that. Turn around, please." And with that, she literally ripped her underwear off, walked over to me, still sitting between Jaime's moist thighs, now facing away from the bed. Kelly bent down and placed her lips over my manhood and began tongue-massaging it back to it's previous rock hard state. I was almost getting dizzy it was such a good blow job.

Just before I was about to explode, I pushed Kelly's head away and interrupted, "Kelly, why don't you and Jaime switch? I'll finish you off, and you can close the deal for Jaime, so to speak?"

Both girls squealed in unison, "Oh yes! Fantastic idea, master!" and Kelly jumped on the bed and laid down on her back. Like clockwork, Jaime straddled Kelly's face so Kelly could begin licking her pussy. I quickly thrust my cock into Kelly's pussy, also with a rosy bouquet, and began thrusting away.

Jaime was heavily rubbing her own tits together, eyes closed and moaning. She was grinding her crotch against Kelly's mouth, who would occasionally gurgle out a moan in synch with my thrusts, her face drenched in Jaime's juices.

As all three of us built to a climax, I exploded into Kelly, and both girls seemed to orgasm at the exact same time. It was like fireworks on the fourth of July. Then we all collapsed into an embracing pile for a few minutes. Each of us breathing heavily and stroking each others arms.

After a brief rest, the girls sat up and Kelly spoke, "Why don't you get cleaned up and dressed, and we'll do the same. Then we can go back to your place and get to know each other a bit more…" hinting playfully that this was only a preview of their vast sexual programming.

"Deal. I think this is the beginning of what looks to be a very interesting relationship." I said. Jaime & Kelly both kissed me on the cheek and stood up and walked to an adjoining bathroom or something, shortly coming back out with their hair fully done up in pony tails and dressed in cute flowy pants and tank tops. We walked out of the room, down the hall, a fembot on each arm, to the area my car was parked. Jaime got in the passenger seat and Kelly in the back. We waited for the lift to take us up to ground level, and drove off into the night with my mind racing, thinking about all the adventures to come with my two new gynoids. Not to mention the parade I'm to expect through my place to "test."

What a couple of days it's been.

The end?

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