A Unique Kind of Car Wash

From FembotWiki

Coming back from a long road trip, the weary driver was looking around to see where he could get his car washed. His car was way too scuffed and dirty to be seen outside his home and this was why he felt this was important. As he was driving along, with his attention diverted along the sides of the road, he saw a very unusual car wash to his right. There were a few girls around a car giving it a thorough wash and giving the driver a show. Now this wasn’t unusual for this kind of car wash, in fact it was pretty standard. However this was different, as the girls were anthropomorphic in their looks. The even weirder part was they were very shiny and smooth.

One girl was a bunny with creamy coloured fur and skin, she had vivid blue eyes and short blonde hair on top with very long ears. Another girl was kind of skunk like, but clearly designed in a beautiful way, with her tail flowing. She had grey eyes which looked glowing, as well as rich grey skin and fur. The third girl was an orange furred fox with white patches in the middle. She also had vivid blue eyes and very long flowing hair which matched her skin tone. The fourth and final one was a dog breed looking one with light brown fur and a white patch in the middle. She also had long flowing hair but was brown this time, she had brown eyes. The girls all had the same bras on except they were different colours, blue for the bunny and fox and red for the skunk and dog.

His attention was fixed on these girls, working out what the deal was and who they were, so much so that when he looked ahead, he had to slam his brakes as he was close to crashing into the car ahead. He breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he didn’t damage his car. As he collected himself, the thoughts started to come back to him. It was weird that there’d be girls in fur suits giving a car wash and even still, they didn’t look like regular fur suits, or even suits at all.

With the need to wash his car anyway and the intense curiosity building, he took the next right and made his way around to enter the bay where the car wash was happening. He’d made his way into the queue behind the car which was currently being washed, hoping to make sense of all of this. He’d be lying however if part of the reason for coming wasn’t that he was somewhat interested in the designs as well.

As he got close and began to watch with intent, he noticed that they were moving quite unnaturally. Their movements looked quite stiff and the girls looked fairly vapid. Nevertheless he was buying his time, waiting for them to be done, but the thought was there in the back of his mind of how strange this all was.

After a while, the four girls stood aside and the car was free to drive off, glistening and shiny because of the thorough and great job the girls did cleaning it. He started to get even more excited as the girls turned to his car all at the same time. One of them then lifted up a finger and directed him their way. He then made his way down, stopping in the marked area next to them. He rolled his window down as one of the girls started walking towards his door.

The weird thoughts would intensify as he could see them up close, thinking just how fake they all looked. They didn’t look like they had fur, but instead it looked like it was a more synthetic, rubbery material. What made it even more weird was the odd noises which were coming out from the girl walking towards his window. The sound was akin to a camera lens moving forward and back which came out very mechanical in tone.

He had his doubts about them even being people in costumes at this point. The girl then bent down very stiffly, and began to speak. “Welcome to the Furry Babes Car Wash, sugar~ What package would you like?~” She spoke in a very sultry tone but the tone was clearly distorted in a way as if it was coming out of a speaker. This made it even more suspicious on his end. But before he could sit and think those suspicions over, his mind suddenly jolted to the question and he was taken by surprise as he didn’t look at what packages there were. He stuttered and thought to himself, trying to guess something and just say the first thing that came to mind. “Uhhh… the full package?”

She paused and responded shortly after. She smiled and her tone sounded more enthusiastic, however she still kept that alluring undertone. “Great!~ Enjoy your wash babe~” She said, as she then rose in the same static kind of way. The movements again had the same mechanical sounds, as she was now moving slightly away from the car. Most of the girls then grabbed their sponges and dipped them in their bucket of soapy water. The dog girl was the only one who was holding a hose. The girls with the sponges then swarmed the car, pressing their sponges against the car to soak and brush it. They also pressed their bodies and bust against the car as an extra part of the service.

The man continued to listen and watch closely to the girls who were pressed up against his car. While it was enjoyable for him to hear the giggles and hums as they cleaned his car, it was clear that he was hearing more of the same motorised sounds and the giggles and moans were coming out artificial in tone like before. His suspicion grew, but he was now concerned that because of this, maybe it would end up being a problem that there was so much water around them. He decided to be slightly blunt and try to quell his concerns and suspicions all in one. “So all this water around… you don’t think there’ll be any problems with. You know…”

The bunny girl next to him was more blunt, answering his question directly. “Oh don’t worry sir, all of us are certified water resistant.” She said in her usual fake tone, which was drawn out and alluring still. The man chuckled to himself, finding the answer odd but also confirming what he was already thinking. This put him in a sense of ease as now he could sit back and enjoy the spectacle in front of him. Watching the girls around him clean his car thoroughly, their sexy bodies pressed up against it, and hearing the faint whirrs around, he started to feel a tingly feeling lower down, as he got a little excited as a result.

He thought back to their answer, interested that she said water resistant and not waterproof. He wondered if it meant what he thought it meant. He decided to brush it to one side and just enjoy the experience, he thought they’re experienced enough to not break themselves on their own. “So what are you girls willing to do with the full package?~” He said with a cheeky grin at the end, thinking up a silly idea. The same girl responded again, happy to assist while she’s cleaning. “We’ll do anything to satisfy our customers~ Especially one as handsome as you~” She said with a clicking wink, as she kept cleaning with stiff motions.

He chuckled to himself, wondering if his thought up request would work, as he then turned to the skunk girl who was on the other side. “Seeing as you lot will do anything, reckon you could make your breasts bigger?” He said, half jokingly as he thought it was such an absurd request. “Sure~ I can do that honey~” The girl stopped in place. A hissing sound then came from her breasts as they started to expand and press up against the car some more at a further distance. She then lent down to continue cleaning while giggling, “Anything else? hun~” The man chuckled again, feeling himself get even stiffer lower down as he was loving the situation.

Very quickly, he hatched another idea. This spawned from the curiosity he had about the girl specifically saying resistant and not proof when talking about how they handled water. He opened the window, peeked out and turned to the remaining two girls at the back to give them an instruction. “Hey, could you do a sexy dance for me while the other girl sprays you with water?” He said towards the fox girl with the sponge and the dog girl with the hose who was still waiting to operate. “Sure~ We can do that honey~” The girl with the hose said, almost repeating the other girl’s response. The fox girl then proceeded to perform a sexual dance in front of the man. She started bending forward and stroking her own body up and down while letting out audible whirrs. The dog girl then activated the hose and had it spray all over the fox girl.

The water made her exterior shimmer even more than usual but it wasn’t having an effect on her much. The man wondered if they were water proof instead of resistant. That was until she started to giggle and started talking to the man sensually again. “Do you find us hot? babe~” As she was opening her mouth up to speak, the continuous stream of water began to spill inside her mouth, causing some sparks to occur inside of her mouth. She then locked up and started to jitter with her jaw hung slightly open, while her arms began to stiffly move up and down in a shaky way randomly. Her head then twitched a bit as some more sparks could be heard inside of her. Her tone started to wobble in pitch and stutter as she sounded more distorted than usual. “Fi-find us hhhh- do that honey~”

The weird motions and glitching pleased the man even more so. This caused his bulge to tent up even more as it was now very pronounced and obvious to see. He looked around to see how busy it was, before getting out of his car and walking over to the two girls at the back of the car. He watched closely towards the fox girl who was glitching out and he began to chuckle a little. He then unzipped his fly and lowered his underwear slightly so his erect dick could emerge out and poke out of the seam of his jeans. He then began to stroke it which made him moan a bit in pleasure. While he was doing this, more water leaked inside of the fox girl which caused more sparks to occur. They were shooting out from an ear while her head now twitched more. Her arms then started moving randomly around while the whirrs sounded more strained.

With one hand still pleasuring himself, he used the other free hand to take the hose from the other girl. “I think you could do with a wash too~” He then pointed it towards her to soak her completely. The dog girl began to speak, confused by that sentence. “I’m sorry I don’t understand.” While she was speaking, the man purposefully aimed the water towards her face, trying to get water into all of the access points in there, with a lot shooting into the opening and closing mouth. Sparks would fire inside as her speech distorted even more heavily and she began to shake in place, jittering and moving randomly also as she looped the end of the sentence. “-stand- stand- stand- stand-”

The man gave the hose back to the glitching dog bot while looking over to the bunny bot. “Hey, could you come over here and feel up this girl here? That would be super hot~” He said while chuckling and still moaning slightly. He continued to jerk himself off in front of them with them not noticing. The bunny bot looked up and stopped what she was doing as she responded, “Sure~ I can do that honey.~” She then started walking stiffly over to the three at the back of the car. As she got there, she then began to get close to the glitching dog girl, initiating an intimate session with her. Meanwhile the dog girl was aimlessly spraying water all over the place, spilling some into the bunny girl’s ear. This caused minor glitching as little zaps could be heard and her head twitched slightly as well as her movements. She then started to feel her up while letting out slightly more distorted moans.

More water started to get sprayed around which continued to leak inside of the bunny girl and make her glitch out more and more. Her movements were looking more shaky and jittery as the man could hear a sizzling sound inside of her. To satisfy himself, the guy walked over to the skunk girl and turned her around so her back was facing the girls and the guy got a clear view. He forced her down to her knees and then moved his dick towards her mouth to let it enter inside. Her expression was vacant because she was still executing a washing motion, her hands were waving in mid air trying to find a target. He then began to push her head towards his hips, now starting to thrus intensely into her mouth. This would cause him to start grunting and arching his head back a little due to the burst of pleasure.

A pop and bang could be heard inside the fox bot’s chest as wires exploded out from it. A chunk of her chest was exposed internally to show a basic mechanical frame and a basic assortment of components and wires. “Hi-hi-hi- wwww- service? service?” The fox bot was stuttering and remarking in a glitchy way as she chopped her arms a bit and moved in very static motions one by one, randomly rotating and whirring up and down as her eyes flickered in brightness with her mouth hung low, barely moving and out of sync with her glitching speech.

The dog girl was also glitching about in place and having her hands open and close with some very harsh whirrs surrounding her. This caused her to drop the hose on the floor, making the water spray upwards and over the three girls around it. More pops and bangs could be heard from the three girls while the man was thrusting in faster and harder into the skunk girls mouth. “How mmmm- we he-help yy- help- help- help-” “we-we--- bbb-be-best ser-serrrvvvvviiiii- can w-w-w-w- we’ll cl-clean your ca-carrr-” the other two girls randomly blurted out in a glitchy way like the fox girl. The three girls' voices became heavily distorted and started to slow down and speed up in pitch and speed as their motions continued to get more random and jerky.

Watching the girls break down in front of them and spark out all over the place really intensified the lust the man was feeling. This made him thrust in with all of his strength. The skunk girl’s arms started to lock in place and twitch as she was beginning to encounter issues. Her eyes also began to flicker too as she began to speak even though she was being fucked in the mouth. “Are you enjjj--ing our service?~” She tried to speak with her usual seductive tone, but even she was starting to encounter issues with her speech.

The jittering and shaking from the other three girls intensified. The man could then hear bolts inside loosening up and clattering inside the frames as they bounced off them. They’d begin to let out a few bangs as parts continued to deteriorate and more wires would expose out in the open, sparking wildly. This gave the man a quick burst of energy which would quickly bring him to his limits as he gave one last powerful thrust, pressing the skunk girls head against his hip and let out a powerful moan as he orgasmed inside the girls mouth. This caused another sizzling and popping sound inside the girl’s head and caused her arms to flail out as well. “enjjjj-joy-joy-joy-joy-joy- ser-serrrrrrr-” the skunk girl looped and glitched out as cum sprayed all over her speech module as well as leaked all inside her inner circuitry.

He let out a satisfied sigh as he released out of the girl and left her knelt on the floor, glitching about. Soon sparks started to shoot out of her mouth. Suddenly some hissing could be heard in her breast area, as her breasts expanded out again. “Ssssss-sure~ I can-can d-do that h-honnnnneeeee----~” She repeated as her head twitched. She then continued to expand her breasts while her arms jittered up and down. She kept looping the phrase in a more glitchy way while the hissing sound was now accompanied with strained motors, as the expansions started to become too much. The synthetic skin started to tear in places as the breasts kept expanding too far, exposing a bit of the inner padding underneath. A part of her back then exploded out as the pressure was becoming too much, as well as the intense circuitry damage she was facing anyway. Wires stumped out of the broken area and a few springs coiled out and a few bolts clattered on the hard tarmac.

The other three girls began to aimlessly move about in place while sparks and electrical discharges surrounded them, getting more intense as their heads twitched and shook about. “We-we hhh- we ho-hope-hope- we-www- hope- hope-” “wha-wha--- sssss- can we he-help hhhh- ba-baaabbbeeeee-” “mmmm y-yyyy- enjoying tttttt- hun~ hun~ hun~ hun~” The other three girls were glitching out while parts began to explode out and their systems deteriorated more.

Eventually the man heard a loud voice in the distance. “HEY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOTS!?” another man shouted down the path, while waving a fist out as he was running towards him. “Shit…” The perpetrator thought to himself as he dashed to his car and quickly sat inside, scrambling to get his keys out from his pocket.

He saw the man getting closer but thankfully for him, he wasn’t close enough to catch him, as he started up the engine and slammed the gear stick into reverse. He could still see the girls glitching out and breaking down in his rear view mirror but there was no time to enjoy the spectacle as he slammed the pedal down. The car would reverse into a couple of the glitching bots, hitting one out of the way, leaving her with a fair bit of damage as an arm loosened and hung by a wire. She was left on the floor still trying to move around but she was stuck in place, letting out heavy and strained whirrs. Meanwhile the other girl who got hit, fell to the floor under the tires. The tires would crush her body and head somewhat which left most of her metallic frame exposed along with her metal endoskull, which was still trying to sync up her speech but the jaw was barely moving.

The man then quickly hit first gear with the stick shift and slammed the pedal down. The tyres spun and screeched before he darted off into the distance. The bunny girl who was crushed on the floor still sparked out, as her systems were failing and dying out. “We-wwww- ho-hope you-youu enjjj-joyy-jjjoooyyeeeddd yyyooouuuurrrrr sssseeeerrrrvvvviiiiiiicccccccc-------” She droned out as the lights in the cracked eye panels faded out. The other girls continued to glitch out and loop their speech. The owner now had a lot to clean up and replace as he reached them.