A Surprising Breakfast

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One day morning I was preparing breakfast with Sandy. Sandy is a very nice brunette, she's 170 centimeters tall, and have a pair of perky C cup breasts. We met 5 years ago and recently we live together. She is kind to people, just like my mom and me, and that's why my mum agrees me to let her be with me.

I was using a knife spreading jam onto a piece of toast, when I turn to see Sandy standing next to me and smiling. I lost my track at her smile as if I'm floating in the clouds, and it so happened that I lost grip of the knife in my hand.

With a clang, it brought me back to life. I looked around for the knife, and Sandy turned to me with her pale face, "H-hh-honey, my...my...my ffffoot!"

I turned to look for her feet, the knife was plunged on her right foot and standing, and something flashing inside. I told Sandy "Don't move! Shall I call the ambulance?" "Nn-n-n...no ambulancessss, j-j-j-just unlpug that knife, and..." She broke, and twitched her head sharply to the left, with a loud pop her right foot came lose. She then spoke in a strange monotone, "Damage area isolated." I helped her into a nearby chair, took away the knife and I retrieved her lost foot. I saw through the injury, only to find wires, chips, cables in it. I was shocked. I asked in a weak voice, "Sandy, are you a gynoid?" Sandy let out a breath, "Since my cover is blown, yes, I'm a gynoid, but I was human before..." "Enough talk, shall we have our breakfast then take a look at your foot?" "Okay."

We had our breakfast.

"It revealed to you that I'm a gynoid, does that bother you?" "Honey look, you have soul to me, so I treat you as a human. I've done so yesterday, and I'll keep doing like this today and tomorrow, all the same, forever. "I answered her, with my best faith. "So... I understand. I love you sweetheart, forever as well."

"Hmmm... Now what shall we do with this foot? "I asked Sandy. "Remember the toolkit with me when the first day we met? I told you I was a geek girl." It brought me back again, the first day we met. I asked her, "May I ask, what is in the box?" "Huh?" "What's in the box?" "It's just a tool box." "What's a such beautiful girl like you doing with a tool box like that?" "There are geek guys, and so there are geek girls, right?" "So you are a geek girl?" ...

"Well that explains why you have a toolbox with you and why you are a geek girl, huh? May I tear open the skin?" "Yea, please go ahead." Sandy answered nicely. I tore open the broken skin and checked, only to found some wire broken. "Honey can you see this? Only a few wires broke." I told her. "Yes, some... uhm... Monir damage, nothing serious, I guess." She looked into it and agreed with me. "Before today, I think sometimes you have to fix the damage yourself. Today let me fix it for you, shall I dear?" I asked carefully. "Oh sweetheart it would be very kind of you! "Sandy exclaimed gracefully, and hugged me from behind, her breasts pressing hard my back. It felt great.

We moved into the study to fix her foot. After minutes of welding, Sandy was pleased of my job well done, or at least how good it looks. "Now we shall have a test run." Sandy told me, and reattached her foot. "New hardware detected... Recalibrating... Recalibrating... EEK!~* ERROR! ERROR!" Sandy suddenly barked out her malfunction, and she went limp, eyes open wide. I'm in total panic, in fear that my fix job made further damaged to her and even worse, killed her. I shouted ""SANDY! SANDY DON'T YOU EVER DIE ON ME! SANDY! DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND! TALK TO ME!" Then she winked at me, "Joke on you! HAHAHA!" Shit! "Sandy that god damn joke was not amusing! I'm scared shitless! Whew! I swear to god if you played that god damn joke again, I threw you away with garbage!" I told her with a hint of anger. "Oh, I’m so sorry, my bad! But I thought it caught you off guard! Hehehe." She laughed devilishly. "Naughty girl you! Anyway, does your foot function as expected?" "Let me see." Sandy twisted her foot and toes, "Good as new, dear! Thank you so much!"

She hugged me again, and closed her lips on mine.

After minutes of hot kissing, I broke and tell Sandy, "Hang on honey, the skin on the foot is still crack open, if we don't seal it, then something ridiculous may happen again." "That would be an easy job for me. Now just sit there and watch." She grabbed a bottle and a piece of something from the tool box. "May I have a close look of that thing please, sweetheart?" "Sure, honey." She handed the piece to me. I touched it, it feels real, except it is cold like a piece of dead meat. "Are you done? I want it back, dear." "Alright." I handed it to her. She squeezed the bottle for some liquid on the crack of her foot, and patched the skin over the crack. Several seconds later, the patch disappeared, and the foot looks brand new"! "That's a very amazing piece of technology!" I said to Sandy. "Sure it is!" "Sandy, do you know that? I have fantasies about female robots and gynoids, and now I'm facing one who is sentient and has a human soul!" Sandy blushed, and I continued, "And knowing you are a gynoid... That means my fantasy came true. Shall I turn that into ecstasy?" Sandy blushed even more, and she crossed her finger on my mouth. "Enough talk, get on the bed and have that ecstasy then..." "Sure, hon..." I whispered back.


Before we start, I asked Sandy about her history. Sandy told me that she works for the Syntech Company. 12 years ago she secretly built a robot for her own amusement and at her leisure as well. Someday there’s an energy device at her lab experienced a catastrophic failure, she was on duty that day, tried to fix that malfunctioning device, and it end up mixed her body with the gynoid she built. I said to her, "This one sounds like a science fiction, don’t you think?" "We are in a story now, don’t we?" she simply answered, and we both laughed.

Then I asked her, "Care to show me your nature of being a robot?" "My pleasure! First, like humans I’m powered with food, and on the robot side, I can be powered with electricity." "Wow! And how do you recharge? I mean, when you don’t feel like eating." "There is a panel above my breast," she pointed her finger at her upper chest and with a slight whirr, a seam formed and a patch of skin was retreated in to her chest, a panel with two ports and a numpad was revealed. "Plug the power cord into it and it could charge my battery 100 per cent in 5 hours." "How long could it last?" "It depends, no longer than 96 hours, however it won’t drain completely because I get hungry like humans do." "You amazing piece of technology! Oh and, could anyone reprogram you with the numpad and the data port?" "As long as my soul present in this body, the answer is no. But I can make up something though, for one certain guy..." "Oh really? That must be me then!" "Hey don’t you dare ruin the mood!" "Alright alright, sorry. Just let me try something, huh?" I random keyed some number on the numpad, and suddenly Sandy’s body convulsed a bit, her eyes shut, her legs clenched hard. And with a pop, her vagina popped out a little bit. Sandy said in a robotic monotone, "Vaginal unit ejected, ready for servicing." I grabbed her vagina and slowly pulled it out. Some tubes and wires still connected to it. "Do you like it? I... OHH! OHHHH!!" I teased it with my finger and started to poke inside, interrupting her, and in the same time I saw liquid flowed through the tube, and the vagina started to get moist and worm. Some sizzle sound can also being heard, and I felt her vagina wall wrapping around my finger. Mmmmm... it felt great! I removed my finger and moved it to my mouth. I licked it, it tastes like orange. "Honey, it taste like orange! I like it very much!" "Ohh... Yeah? There... there is a component in my abdomen, it contains... it contains the sex lubri... lubricant. You may jus... just add juice or any other drinks into it... into it to change the taste... Ohhhh..." Under my sexual attack she blushed and answered me with labored breath. I slowly inserted the vagina back to her crotch. Every millimeter I do, Sandy moaned quietly and her body twitched a little bit. With a click and some sizzle it's back to its place.

I gently pushed Sandy onto the bed, ready to mount onto her. Sandy held my shoulder, and gave me an USB cable, with one end already in her chest, "Waittttt... Connect me to your... Ohh... to your laptop!" "My pleasure!" I grabbed the cable, and inserted the other end to my laptop on the night stand. Sandy’s blue iris lit up, and the laptop flashed into life. A window popped up, showing a 3D diagram of a nude woman body, and some data scrolling by the side. I can’t hold any more and entered Sandy. We both moaned in ecstasy, and in the beginning with every pump, Sandy twitched. As we go on, the LEDs inside her chest flashed quicker, and changed into yellow. Sandy moaned in distorted monotone, "Oh...hh...OOO...Oh... IIII...getmemememememe...me...me...get.me..." I pumped her faster, knowing I will loose my load anytime sooner or later.

"Orgasm...sm...sm...seqqqqqq...sequence...loooo...loading...ing...ing..." Her eyes opened wide, and twitched slightly in the sockets, The LEDs then went soild red. Her head twitched, and finally I can’t hold any longer. Just nanoseconds before it, Sandy came, "Ahhh...Ahhh...Orgasm...seqqqqqqqqquennce...ce...EXECUTE! OHHHHH!!!OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I felt there’s a stream of her juice rushed and splashed on my tip, and finally I loose my self into her. It’s too much for me and I slumped onto the bed, happen to unplung myself. Some liquid was splashed on to her face, making her squeak in surprise.

The world is fading. Last thing I remember was Sandy kissing on my face, then everything went dark.


I opened my eyes, and I saw a cable ran into my belly. Sandy sat next to the bed smiling at me, the cable ran into her chest panel. She said, "I saw air far above 40 degree Celsius shooting out repeatedly from your nose, so I tried to link with you to see if you are OK!" "Yeah I forgot... I purchased this body 7 years ago, I had a lung cancer because of the asbestos at my workshop." Despite of feeling weak, I smiled back to her.

The End.

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