A Start to Something Big

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“Dr. Akin, do you really think this is a good idea?” A young woman in a lab coat asked. “No, but it’s the only way to set things right.” Dr. Akin said as he paced around the small office they were in. “Look Sara, this stupid war has gone on for too long. At this rate the whole world will be burnt to ashes. If I don’t do something to protect the backbone and infrastructure of the internet, the world will got to shit even if we don't end up killing everybody.” “But sir I still don't understand why you need to break into the militaries satellite network.” Sara asked. “I don’t expect you too. Doing that serves two purposes. First, at the rate everything is going it looks like nukes will soon be used in this war even though there is a treaty against their use. That's why before that happens I want to set up a fail safe in all the satellite networks around the world keep them running. That way if the worse happens they can all be rerouted to keep the net alive so some form of communication and access to information will still be around. Second, access to military systems will allow me to get any and all the equipment and supplies I need to finish my projects.” “By projects I assume you mean the androids you stole from the group you worked for last?” Sara asked again. “Stole is a strong word. Even though I worked for those guys when I started the project, they aren’t getting one damn line of code or cybernetics from me. Plus they will be my final creations......my way of passing on my legacy to the world. I didn’t want my last greatest thing I make be turned into a murdering machine.” said Dr. Akin. “I know I programed you to to be my assistant but I feel I should still ask anyway. Are you willing to walk into the bowels of hell with me to make sure something good comes out of all this fighting?” Sara replied, “I will do everything within my programing to help you get to your goals.”

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