A Short Conversation at RoboDepot

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A Short Conversation at RoboDepot

“Oh hi Elizabeth, I didn’t know you were an android!”

“Hi Susan! Well, I’m not surprised, nor did I when I got up this morning!”

“My goodness, whatever happened?”

“Just my usual luck… The transit did an emergency stop on the way to work and apparently my seat was right over the mag brakes. They did a real number on my CPU and then all I remember is glitching out all over the carriage floor and trying really urgently to spout a whole load of technical stuff that seemed important at the time. It was really quite distressing until someone managed to turn me off…”

“How awful! But at least you were recoverable…”

“Yes, Green Flag brought me here and RoboDepot were able to replace my CPU, reinstall my personality from backup and reboot me successfully. They’ve just finished patching in all the files they could recover from the last week; there are a few gaps but I still seem to be me! They just need to finish checking my chassis for damage and then install some new sexware my husband bought which will be nice, and then I’m good to go. I shouldn’t be too long, perhaps you could wait for me?”

“I must say; you seem to be taking this all very calmly. Damage always freaks me out and I’ve always known I’m just a machine… How do you think you’ll adjust now? Will you be telling people or would you rather keep this between us?”

“I do seem to be oddly relaxed about the whole thing now you mention it don’t I? I guess I’m just programmed this way. Anyway, there’s no issue with being an android these days is there? I’m quite looking forward to ‘coming out’; perhaps you could help me? I’ve always been a bit jealous of robot women like you to be honest… Oh! It looks like they’ve finished checking my body and– ”

“Excuse me SRX3-91817, the unit you addressed as ‘Elizabeth’ is no longer available for conversation. It will take approximately nineteen minutes to complete a full reinstall of the unit’s sleeper software before it can be restarted. In the meantime would you please follow me to service table seven, your short term memory files require some adjustment.”

“Oh, yes… yes of course…”

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