A Second Life

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The sun slowly set over the vast suburban landscape as Mike drifted in and out of sleep in his easy chair; an old re-run of the Simpsons playing on TV. Suddenly the doorbell rang and he jumped up in his chair. “Wha what? Oh yea the door.” He lowered the feet on his chair and shuffled his way to the door.

“Good evening sir,” the young UPS woman said, “would you thumb for this package sir?”

“Sure, one second,” Mike grumbled. He took the girl’s pad and looked over the bill of lading. One package from a Mr. Jeff Thomas, in Lansing Michigan. Yup, he was expecting this; it took the idiot long enough to ship it. He pressed his thumb down on the scanner and verified delivery. Before he handed the pad back he gave the delivery girl a good hard look. She was blond with well tanned skin and stood about 5’11” tall. Her hips and bust were nicely rounded and stood out well against the rest of her firm body which her tight brown uniform did little to hide.

Mike would never dream of doing this to real woman, but he knew that all the delivery girls today were androids. They weren’t the brightest or most versatile droids, but they did their job well and weren’t too hard on the eyes either. He handed the pad back and gave her a little smile. “Thank you for using UPS sir. Good evening.”

Mike dragged the large polymer box inside his house and shut the front door. The box itself was of a sturdy construction and measured about 4 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet. He left it in his foyer until he returned with a light hand truck. Once he had the box strapped on he carefully wheeled it downstairs into his basement full of random computer equipment. He set the box down next to a large metal table with several swing arm lights above it.

Mike used a small utility knife to cut open the tape holding the box together. He rolled the tape into a ball and threw it into the corner of the room. Opening the box he found it full of packing peanuts and foam sheets. He dug through the peanuts until he got a good grip on something and then pulled up.

Mike strained under the weight but managed to pull a female form out of the box. With a little grunt, he hefted her onto the table and brushed a few clinging peanuts off. He gave her a good look to see if he got what he paid for. She was blonde and well tanned, much like the UPS girl, but a little shorter at about 5’7”. She wore a nice pink silk blouse and a black skirt, but the first thing most would notice was that the right side of her body was pretty damaged. The right arm was missing from the shoulder down and the right leg was removed at the knee. Wires and some components hung out of the mangled limbs.

Mike kicked the now empty box out of the way and got to work. He carefully removed the android’s clothes and in the process accidentally tore a few lose components from her leg stump. It sparked a little but nothing else happens. Once he finished stripping her down, he gave her a good long look, “Damn, this one is a beauty. She must have cost a fortune new.”

The android woman was nicely shaped, excluding her missing limbs, with firm C-cub breasts, nicely curved hips, and well trimmed pubic hair. She looked like she would have been in her mid 30’s, with no sign of wrinkles blemishes. Mike carefully ran his hands over the android body, carefully inspecting for any non-obvious signs of damage. He gently spread her legs, lifted her arms, and turned her on her side to get a look at every nook and cranny. He makes a few notes into a notepad and then photographed the unit from multiple angles.

Satisfied with everything so far, Mike reached over and clicked the power switch hidden behind her right ear. He could hear a light whine as her systems powered up. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she stared at the overhead lighting. “Unit 224B activated (twitch). My n-n-name is Missy (twitch). Severe damage de-de-tected. Repair suggested.” She shifted her head to look at him, “Where is Master Thomas?”

“Master Thomas is no longer your owner,” Mike said, “you were damaged in a car accident and his insurance company bought him a brand new unit. He sold me to you afterwards.”

Missy looked somewhat dejected that her master could have tossed her aside. But her transfer of ownership protocols quickly took over. “Please authenticate title transfer code.”

Mike scrambled over his lab for a few minutes until he found an old notebook scrap. “Transfer code #FE89304-B874FE-E38492-3945FC.”

“Authentication code accepted,” Missy spoke flatly, “Please state your name and submit for biometric authentication.”

“Mike Ocean,” Mike said very clearly. He then shifted around and looked very carefully into Missy’s eyes.

“Iris template stored,” Missy droned. “How may I serve you master?”

“Well let’s see about getting you repaired first,” Mike said as he grabbed a few tools of a nearby bench. “What is your current battery level?”


“Ok Missy hold together for a second,” Mike said as he felt around on Missy’s stomach. He pushed his index finger deep into her bellybutton and then turned ninety degrees clockwise. With an audible click, her belly split in half and opened to expose many of her internal systems. He adjusted one of the overhead lights to get a better look inside her and then connected a spare power cable to her backup power outlet.


“Ok let’s start with the obvious stuff first,” Mike said as he walked around Missy to her right side. He felt around by pressing his fingers deep into the flesh of her shoulder searching for something. “Ahh, here is the first one,” he said as he pushed against a small lump in her shoulder joint until it clicked. He then felt around the back of her shoulder until he found another lump and clicked it. Still holding both lumps, he twisted her shoulder 90 degrees and it popped loose from the torso at the joint.

“ARM DISCONNECTED,” Missy said flatly.

Mike left Missy on the table for a few minutes while he walked into another room through a set of swinging doors. He came back later with a small cart that carried a large toolbox, a small computer, an arm and a leg. He took the arm, inspected it quickly and carefully fit it back into the empty joint.

“NEW ARM DETECTED,” Missy droned, “MOVE ARM TO VERIFY FUNCTIONALITY.” Mike lifted the arm up and flexed it to test its mobility. “MOBILITY AT 98%, FUNCTIONALITY CONFIRMED.” He noticed then that the arm had the wrong skin tone. While her skin was well tanned, the arm was more of an olive color.

“This won’t do, let me adjust it a second,” Mike grumbled. He lifted the arm up above Missy’s head and found a small freckle in the crease of her armpit. He slid it aside and found a very small screwhead. He shifted the arm’s position so she could easily see it. “Missy, your optical sensors are pretty good. Much better than my eyes. Let me know when I match your skin tone.”

Mike used a small screwdriver to slowly rotate the setting control, as the arm’s skin tone changed. “MONITOR SKIN TONES,” Missy droned. “MORE…MORE….MORE…MORE…COLOR MATCH 99%.”

“Ok good enough,” Mike said. He put the tool away and returned Missy’s arm to her side. “Ok on to the leg.” He felt around her hip until he found the two small bumps under her flesh and popped her leg loose at the joint. When he removed the leg, he accidentally brushed his hand against her lips. He carefully attached the new leg, which fortunately was a perfect color match. Once again his hand grazes her soft lips.

“Oooh,” Missy moaned. “AROUSAL DETECTED,” she shifted in and out of monotone speech. “Mmmm, do it a-a-a-again.”

Mike grew aroused himself at Missy’s naked body and her sputtering errors. He slipped his hand between her legs and dips a finger between her lips. “Are your sexual systems fully functional?”

“DETECTIBLE ERRORS,” Missy droned between more natural moans. “POSSIBLE TEST OF SEXUAL SYSTEMS REQUIRED.”

Mike shrugged, “Well let’s see what happens.” He dipped his finger deeper inside of her and shifted his position so he could keep one hand on her pussy and another on her breast.

“Mmmm (twitch),” Missy moaned. “Ohhhhh, feels so goo…..ERROR 2234F…SEXUAL SYSTEMS RESETTING.” Mike stops stimulating her for a second to see what happened. Missy’s body goes totally blank and limp. Her eyes remain open and a little lube drains out of her pussy. “SEXUAL SYSTEMS RESET RESET RESET.”

“Missy, what is your status?” Mike asked.

“SEXUAL ERRORS DETECTED, DEE…DEE…TECTED,” Missy stammered. Mike grew even more aroused from her malfunctions. He knew he shouldn’t push her too hard, but it was very difficult to resist. He reached out and gave her breast another squeeze. “Ooohhhh..ERROR..keep going,” she said seductively.

“With pleasure my little android,” Mike said as he increased his rubbing of Missy’s tits and dropped his hand back down to her pussy. He got two of his fingers wet in her juices and swirled them around her clit.

“Mmmmm (twitch),” Missy moaned with pleasure. Mike leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth. His tongue swirled around her areola and its tip flicked across the tip of her nipple. “Mmmm, ERROR (twitch),” He kept rubbing his fingers on her clit and every few rubs would dip them inside of her. “Oh y..y..yes…ERROR..ERROR, mmmm, yea just like that.” Suddenly a few sparks shoot out of her open belly. He released her breast from his mouth and plunged his two fingers deep inside of her. “Ohhh yesss, mmmmmmm, ohhhhhh (twitch).” He curled his fingers up to rub against her synthetic Gspot. “Ohhhh, I’m cumming Master,”

“Yes cum for me android,” Mike boomed.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Missy moaned. Mike could feel her squeeze tightly around his fingers. He kept massaging her spot while moving his fingers in and out slowly. “Ummmmmm,” Suddenly a massive amount of juices came shooting out of her pussy. “ERROR, ERROR, SEXUAL UNIT FAILURE. RESIVOIR EMPTY. PUMP BURNED OUT.”

Mike removed his hand that was now soaking wet from Missy’s pussy. As he reached for a towel to dry off, some of the juices drip into her open belly. Missy suddenly twitched violently and more sparks shot out of her open panel. “Whoh, are you ok?” he asked as he stepped back and dried his hand. She started to twitch radically and he whole body went into convulsions. He panicked and hit a switch on one of the consoles on the wall. “Jenny get in here! I need some help.”

In a few seconds a woman quickly ran into the room. She stood about 5’6” tall, with lightly tanned skin and short brown hair with blonde highlights pulled into a pony tail. She wore a tight fitting cotton tank top and shorts. “Master, are you ok?” she asked.

“Yea, I am fine, but this one has gone runaway,” Mike shouted over the noise of Missy’s major malfunction. She was trashing wildly now and he was hesitant to get very close in case on of those limbs made solid contact with him. “Grab her arms so I can get the power cord.”

“Yes Master,” Jenny replied. She quickly maneuvered herself to the top of the service table, then leaned over and grabbed hold of Missy’s upper arms. The latter struggled but could not overpower Jenny’s concentrated strength. Mike moved quickly and reached out to yank Missy’s power cable loose. It popped out with a small spark and Missy’s body suddenly went limp.

Mike confirmed that Missy was offline, and then moved the table light to inspect the damage. “Damnit,” he swore, “Her fluid pump is shot and it took the rest of her sexual systems with it. There are also a few various burned out chips in here. Jenny, go grab me the spare unit I scrapped out of Tina, ok?”

“Yes Master, right away,” Jenny said with a cheery smile and swiftly moved off through the room’s swinging doors. Mike grabbed a towel and began to dry off Missy’s body. He then lifted her limbs back to the table and set them in a neutral position. He shifted the table light around to get a better look inside her belly. He begins by grabbing obviously burnt out components with a pair of tweezers, and then tested the remaining chips to ensure they weren’t damaged. He then used a few q-tips soaked with acetone to clean any remaining residue from inside her. He replaced the chips he removed with new units then, finally removed her primary battery and snapped in a new one.

Just then Jenny returned with a small cardboard box, “Here is the hardware from Tina, Master.”

“Thanks Jenny,” Mike replied, “Can you hang out for a second in case I have any more problems?”

“Of course Master,” Jenny replied. “I would be happy to help.”

Mike started his work by first putting both his thumbs just barely inside Missy’s damaged vagina so they are under the simulated hip bone. He then used his two ring fingers to find a pair of release studs under her skin. He pushed down on both of them hard and heard a loud click. With one motion and a little snap, he removed the whole pubic area. He put it on a side table and removed a new unit from the box that Jenny brought. The new unit easily snaps into place. The only visual difference between the two units is that the new one has a completely shaved pussy, but the new unit also had a great sexual software package stored on its firmware.

Mike then closes up Missy’s belly panel and runs the towel over her skin again. His hands gently graze her new pussy and run up her new smooth stomach to swirl around each full breast until they trace the edge of her jaw. He then clicks the power switch behind her ear and stands back. “Jenny be ready to grab her if she malfunctions.”

“Ready Master,” Jenny replies as she moves close to the head of the table.


“Well that is good to hear,” Mike sighed. “Run a check on your new sexual systems. I pulled them from a totaled hooker bot so it should be top of the line, complete with advanced programming and features.”

Missy stared straight ahead for a few seconds, “My new hardware system appears to be running fine.”

“Good, you have me pretty riled up from before,” Mike chuckled. “I am eager to give you a full test. But first let’s make sure everything else works fine. Stand up and check your motor functions.”

Missy lifted her naked form off the repair table and walked around the lab. She shifted her limbs in various ways, stretched, jumped and bent her legs. As she walked around the lab, she noticed that Jenny was watching her intently. When she is finished checking out her systems she walks right up to Jenny. “Hello, I am Missy. Who are you?”

“Hello Missy, I am Jenny. I am Master’s lab assistant.” Jenny replied cheerfully. “What was your function before you came here?”

“I was a domestic unit,” Missy replied flatly.

“I used to sing in a nightclub,” Jenny mused. “But then I was damaged in a fire. Master purchased and repaired me to serve him here.” She paused and looked over Missy’s naked body. “I am glad to see that you are fully functional now.”

“Thank you Jenny, I hope to see how functional I am,” Missy coos.

Jenny smiles and lightly runs a finger down Missy’s arm just grazing her breast. “Are you programmed to please a woman sexually?”

“Yes I am fully bisexual,” Missy replied, “ and I am programmed in many forms of female sexual stimulation.”

“That is excellent. Master programmed me to be bisexual as well,” Jenny mewed. “Master, can I have some fun with Missy?”

“Go ahead,” Mike smiled, “I want you to give her a good test.”

Jenny gave Missy a devilish smile and leaned in to give her a deep kiss. Missy returns the kiss and they pull each other into a tight embrace. Jenny’s hands rubbed her back and dropped to gently cup her firm ass. Missy’s tongue flicks around in Jenny’s mouth; curious but not forceful.

Missy returns the ass grab and breaks the kiss. She pulls off Jenny’s top and starts licking her firm C-cup breasts. Jenny quickly slips out of her shorts so she is equally as naked as Missy. “Oh yes Missy, lick my nipples. Show me what that new advanced programming can do.”

Missy drops her head from Jenny’s tits, placing small kisses all the way down her belly. She then split Jenny’s hairless lips with her tongue and licked her clit. “Oh yes,” Jenny moaned, “That feels amazing.” She had to lean against Missy’s shoulders so she didn’t fall over. Her pussy grew instantly wet, and its fluids began to drip down Missy’s chin.

“Mmm, peaches,” Missy groaned. She led Jenny back to a nearby chair so she can sit down and then spread her legs for easier access. Jenny then took Missy’s head in her hands and guided her back down to her pussy.

“Don’t stop, I want you to make me cum,” Jenny cried. Missy kept licking Jenny’s pussy, fingering inside her, and lapping up her juices. After a few minutes, Jenny’s clit trembled under Missy’s tongue. She clamped down on Missy’s fingers and her hands squeezed her shoulders. “Oh yesssss, ahh ahh ohhhhhh!” Jenny arched her back and thrust her hips into Missy’s face.

Missy tried feverishly to keep up but soon her face is completely covered with Jenny’s juices. When Jenny stopped twitching, she takes Missy’s head in her hands and gently raises her wet face up. “That was amazing,” she panted. “It has been months since Master has had an android as good as you. Would you like me to give you a good licking now?”

“Mmmm, yea,” Missy moaned. She quickly changed places with Jenny and spread her legs to allow easy access to her new pussy. Jenny started by gently kissing her lips to tease her a bit. She then slipped her tongue between her folds on one kiss, gently grazing her clit. She kissed lightly a few more times, then spread her lips and wrapped her warm wet mouth around her clit.

Jenny started with a gentle up and down licking then moved to light circling of Missy’s clit. When she felt she had teased enough, she sucked Missy’s clit into her mouth then licked the clit hard. Her tongue starts to vibrate, and she rotates it around the clit while the vibration varies in intensity. She licks lightly down one lip and up the other. She makes a few more laps around, then pushes her tongue inside of Missy.

Jenny’s tongue extends out to an impossibly long length inside of Missy. It curls up at the end and massages her synthetic gspot while her upper lip works Missy’s clit. Missy couldn’t take much more and soon she shook and came violently. Jenny stood up and used a towel to dry her face.

The girls then noticed that Mike had stripped out of his clothes and was watching them get each other off. He was very hard and was eyeing the wet, naked androids with great hunger. “How may we serve you Master?” Jenny asked as her fingers pinched her erect nipples.

“Hrmm, I am not sure what I want to do first,” Mike grumbled as he eyed the girls. He smiled and nodded as an idea came into his head. “Oh let’s try this. Jenny, robot mode.”

Suddenly Jenny’s face went blank and her arms fell to her side, “YES MASTER, ROBOT MODE ENGAGED. AWAITING ORDERS.” Missy slowly began rubbing her pussy as her recent lover changed into a cold robot.

“Suck on my cock,” Mike ordered.

“YES MASTER. COMMENCING ORAL STIMULATION,” Jenny dropped to her knees and took Mike’s cock into her mouth. Her head pumped back and forth on his cock in a cold, mechanical fashion. In a few seconds her tongue started to vibrate as it rubbed against the underside of his member, and he had to lean against a nearly chair to keep from falling over. She continued her function for several minutes until he could stand no more.

“Jenny, stop!” Mike gasped as he tried desperately to hold out. Jenny immediately stopped sucking and rocked back on her feet. She felt amazing but he wanted to have energy left to test out his new acquisition.

“STIMULATION SUSPENDED. AWAITING ORDERS.” Jenny droned as she waited motionlessly for further directives on how to please her master. By now Missy had worked herself up pretty well watching the show and was eager to please her new master.

“Master, would you like to have me now?” Missy purred as she opened her legs to expose her wet, inviting pussy for Mike.

“Yes, I would,” Mike growls, “and I want you to try out all the functions your new sexual unit provides.” He leads Missy into an adjacent room with a small cot. He lay down on the cot and pulled her on top of him.

Missy eagerly climbed on top of Mike and quickly lowered herself onto his hard member. Once he was firmly inside her new pussy, she loaded up her new sexual functions and started to test each one. First, her vagina contracted around his cock to provide a perfect fit. She then rode it widely to try out this new fit. After about thirty seconds, she was confident that it was working well, so she loaded up the next program. Her vagina relaxed back to a normal size, and suddenly started vibrating all over. She could feel his pulse through the veins that were now inside of her, and she noticed it quicken during this latest experiment. She halted the vibration and loaded up the last program, which ran ripples of tension up and down his cock.

This latest sensation was too much to bear for Mike. He reached up and grabbed both of Missy’s tits as he finally emptied himself inside of her. She instantly detected him cum and automatically engaged her own orgasm routines. Both of them spent, she gently leaned over and laid her head down on his chest. She could hear his breathing slow and his heart return to a normal place.

Mike caught his breath and lightly ran his hands up and down Missy’s back. He suddenly looked at a nearby clock and saw that it was getting very late, and he had work in the morning. “Jenny, cancel robot mode and come in here,” he shouted into the other room.

A few seconds later Jenny smoothly strode into the room. She looked over Missy and her master and smiled. “How was she Master?”

“Excellent,” Mike gasped, “that old hooker part was worth every penny. Jenny why don’t you get Missy cleaned up and then plug her in for the night.”

“Yes Master,” Jenny replied as she helped Missy up and led her into a back room in the basement. The room was tiled and looked like and old locker room shower combined with a carwash. Both androids entered the room and Jenny closed a small door behind them. “Go ahead and shower up.” Jenny ordered.

“Yes Jenny,” Missy replied as she turned the water on and soaped up her hair and body. Jenny joined her and then both androids rinsed off. Jenny then took a small wand tool from the wall that was attached to a pair of hoses. She inserted the wand inside Missy’s vagina, and then put another one inside her rectum. Finally she gave Missy a toothbrush and paste.

As Missy cleaned out her mouth, Jenny turned on a few knobs on the wall and both wands began to emit a combination of water and a foaming green cleansing agent. After a few minutes, she turned the knobs again and flushed with clean water before turning everything off. She toweled Missy off then got herself all dry before leading her into another room beside Mike’s main lab.

This last room was completely dark until Jenny flicked on a light. Missy could then see that the room was full of metal chairs and charging plugs. There were 20 chairs in the room and 17 of them were already occupied by other nude, deactivated, female androids charging. “Please sit down here and open your dorsal charge port,” Jenny asked. Missy nodded and sat down on the specified chair. A small door then opened in her lower back to expose her charging port. Jenny grabbed a charging plug from the floor and fitted it into Missy’s back.

“EXTERNAL POWER CONNECTED. ESTIMATED TIME TO FULL CHARGE: 6 HOURS.” Missy droned. Jenny smiled and nodded then reached over and clicked Missy’s power switch behind her ear. She slumped slightly in the chair but didn’t fall over. Jenny shut the light out in the room and returned to the main lab.

Mike was now fully dressed and working on his computer. “Jenny can you select 3 good images of Missy from your memory as well as 30 seconds of video and upload it into my sales folder?”

“Of course Master,” Jenny replied as she found a small cable attached to Mike’s computer and plugged it into a port in the back of her head.

Several days later, Jenny turned the light in the charging room and walked quickly over to Missy’s limp form. She removed the charging plug and switched her on. Her frame straightened in the chair and she looked up at Jenny with a smile, “Hello Jenny, my batteries are fully charged. Does Mike require me?”

“Yes, please come with me,” Jenny replied. She led Missy back to Mike’s main lab, where he sat in front of his computer. He ignored the androids when they came in and finished up a few things. The printer on the side of his desk jumped to life and he pulled out the newly created papers.

“Thank you Jenny,” Mike said warmly. “Missy please lay down on the main table.”

“Yes Master,” Missy replied. She wondered how Mike might want her to serve him today. Maybe he would upgrade her systems again or install a new program. She didn’t care what it was as long as it would please him.

When Missy had fully laid down, Mike grabbed a small datapad and made a note of something. “Missy, enter transfer mode.”


Mike re-checked his datapad, “Transfer code #FE89304-B874FE-C5948A-8578CA”

“TRANSFER CODE STORED.” Missy droned. “TRANSFER STATE ENTERED. SHUTTING DOWN.” Missy shut down and went limp on the table. Mike and Jenny quickly went to work taking her apart. He would pop each piece loose and Jenny would pack it in foam and lower it into a nearby shipping crate. When Missy had been totally packed away, Mike threw in a repair kit and some documentation before he sealed the box.

In the last step, Mike affixed a label to the top of the box. “Miss Erica Layton of Huston, TX…I think she is going to find that winning that auction was the best thing that has happened to her in a long time.” He attached a postage label and finally the ‘Guaranteed by eBay’ label. “Jenny, can you take this up to the front porch? The UPS girl will be here in about 30 minutes.”

“Of course Master,” Jenny replied as she easily lifted the box and carried it upstairs. Mike grinned as he watched the synthetic muscles of her firm ass flex when she scaled the stairs. He would have to give her a good screw when she came back down. Or maybe he would power up the Lana unit he got yesterday and have a little group fun. He chuckled to himself and went back to his computer to try to win his latest auction on a lot of old nurse androids from Florida.

The End

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