A Nice Gesture

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Written by Mirage

A Nice Gesture

I was walking down Main Street near my job in the late afternoon, just finishing work, when I noticed her for the first time. Sitting there, looking filthy and smelling bad, she was begging for money.

I myself didn't like pan handlers, most were rude, disgusting and I’d rather see most of them out of my site, to be honest. Most were drug addicts, too lazy to find a job, or drunks, that no matter how you tried to help them, would rather stay in their own personal hell.

"Can you spare any money?" she asked me as I walked past her. I usually ignore them right off the bat, but for some reason, I turn my head to see her face.

"Sorry miss, I don't have any change on me..." I replied. While I talked to her, I was surprised by her beautiful, yet dirty young face.

She smiled and answered, "Oh... then, sorry to have disturbed you, Mister."

Then I did something I never did before.

"Here, here's five...take care of yourself, ok?" I smiled to her.

"Wow, five??? It's too much!" she said, pushing my five dollar away.

"Don't you want to eat?" I asked her.

"Of course... But…" she said shyly. She took the money and got up.

She was about 5’8, and about 18 years old by the look of her face. I then noticed she had no piercings or tattoos that most teen beggars had.

"I don't mean to stereotype you, but you are not like any young panhandlers I’ve met before." I told her, "What's your name?" I asked her.

She bit her lips, but answered my question

"Stacy, and you?" she asked.

"George." I told her, helping her with her bag.

“Can I walk with you?" she asked me.

"Your friends won't mind?" I asked her, seeing the other bums looking at me and her leaving.

"No, they hate me... They know I am not like them," she said, looking at them from afar.

"How come?" I asked confused.

"I don't do drugs, drink and other stuff like they do," she said, looking at the clouds in the sky.

After walking quietly, we stopped in front of a dollar store and she asked me to wait for her outside with her bag.

I nodded yes and waited for her. Through the window, I saw her go into the back of the store and buy something and then come back to me.

"Thank you..." she smiled.

"What did you buy?" I asked her.

"Stuff I need." she replied evasively.

"Where will you spend the night?" I asked her.

"Mostly in parks and back alleys, where I can be alone and safe." she answered.

"Do you want to come to my place? I have an extra bed. My old roommate left me last month." I asked her.

She thought about it and nodded a yes.

"To be honest, I wouldn't mind the company... May I ask how a lovely girl like you ended up in the street?" I asked her, trying not to be too nosy.

"I ran away from my family... They wanted me to do something I didn't want to, so, I ran," she said, pain in her eyes.

"That bad, eh?" I asked troubled for her.

"Never mind... it does not matter anymore..." she quickly said.

Arriving at my apartment, I showed her around.

"Nice place... So, it's no problem if I stay here?" she asked.

"Of course not," I smiled.

“Do you want to take a shower?" I asked her.

"Oh no... I can't!" she said with a scare look in her eyes.

"Can at least wash your clothes?" I asked her.

"That's a great idea... Do you have something I can wear while we clean all my clothes?" she asked.

"Here, this might fit you," I told her, giving some old shirt and pants I didn't wear in ages.

She went to the bathroom and changed, "Fit me nicely," she smiled. I look at her and she looked dashing.

We sat beside each other and watched a bit of TV and talked about each other a bit.

"Do you like your job?" she asked.

"The pay sucks, but it's what I like to do," I answered. I finished washing her clothes and showed her the spare bed I had.

"You are so nice... thank you. No one has ever been so nice to me before," she grinned.

It was getting late and I fixed the spare bed up for her. As I was leaving the room, she grabbed my left arm and gave me a small kiss on the check. I blushed and thanked her.

As I left for my room, I tripped over her bag and its contents came out. Confused, I reputed everything in the bag and left it in my closet for the night.

During the night, I could not sleep. I got up and got myself a glass of milk. I then noticed her door was opened. I peaked inside the room and saw her sitting with her back straight against the wall in the bed. Looking closely in the dark, I noticed her eyes were wide open.

"Can I help you, George?" she suddenly asked, with a nice soft tone.

I jumped a bit, "Oh! I'm ok, you?" I asked her.

"No... I am not ok..." she replied.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

“Come sit with me.. I feel so lonely." she replied.

I sat beside her and she gave me a hug, "Hold me," she asked.

I did what she asked and she hugged me back.

"Can you spent the night here with me?" she asked.

I nodded a yes and lied beside her. She thanked me and stared at the ceiling until I drifted into sleep with her.

In the morning, I was happy it was a Saturday. No work.

I opened my eyes and noticed I was all alone. I got up and found, beside the bed, Stacy lying on the floor, on her chest.

I grabbed her, "What's wrong??" I quickly asked her.

Her eyes were still wide open, no reaction.

"Stacy??? STACY??" I was panicking.

I was going to call for an ambulance. I listened to her chest to see if she had a pulse, but I only heard a small hum from her chest.

"George?" she suddenly asked me, my head on her chest.

"Are you ok?" I asked her nervously.

"Of course, it's now seven in the morning." she smiled.

"Sure..." I smiled.

"Where is my bag?" she asked.

"I'll go get it." I told, helping her up.

"I guess you pushed me off the bed during the night." she yelled to me, laughing.

Coming back with her bag, she looked at me, giving me the hint to leave her alone.

I got up and left the room. Just before closing the door, I saw her grab something from her bag and turning around. She was not hungry, but she washed herself without using the shower or bath.

"I use just a damp cloth to wash myself... water is hard to find on the street sometimes," she explained, but later, she allowed me to wash her hair. After that, she look amazing.

"Can I crash here a bit?" she asked me.

I was so excited she asked me that. "Of course!" I yelled to her, very happy.

We spent most of the day talking about her leaving on the street.

"I can believe I been on the street for 2 years..." she mumbled out.

"Well, I can help you out, if you want," I asked her.

"That would be great." she smiled back.

"May I ask you one question?" I asked her.

"Anything," she replied.

"Why so many batteries in your bag?" I said.

"Why?.. er... well... it's a bit personal..." she replied.

I decided to drop the subject.

During the night, we sat beside each other, watching a movie, on the couch.

During the movie, I was looking at her and became a bit sexually aroused. I tried to fight my urges, but I could not stop myself.

"Stacy... I am getting really fond of you," I told her.

She smiled and thanked me, "Me too.. Thank you." she said.

I then started to kiss her neck.

She smiled and continued watching the movie.

I then moved myself, so I could fondle her breasts slowly.

She simply smiled and let me touch her.

Getting fully erect, I grabbed her in my arms and pushed her on her back slowly.

"George?" she simply asked.

I then pulled her shirt off and started to kiss her breasts.

Stacy simply let me have my way with her, "Be careful, my breasts are sensitive" she said.

"I'll be," I said quickly. I started kissing hard her right nipple. I looked at her, she had a frozen look on her face.


She remained silent until I kissed hard her left nipple.

"Be careful, my breasts are sensitive" she repeated her previous phrase.

I then removed her pants and underwear. Her body looked so sexy and perfect. I inserted myself inside her. Stacy simply continued smiling the entire event. After a few minutes, I came inside her.

"Did you like it, George?" she asked.

"Yes... Thank you," I told her.

She simply sat back and finished the movie and informed me I was her first ever lover.

We went to bed together late and had a bit more sex. She was very passive and I did most of the work, but I didn't mind.

After I was tired, she reached for her bag, grabbed some batteries, and went to the bathroom for a minute or two. She came back and she threw two old batteries into the garbage can beside my bed.

"Why do you need those batteries?" I asked her confused. "Nothing.." she simply said.

"Come on," I pushed.

She smiled, "Bah... you would find out eventually... Let me show you…ok.. Now, don't freak out on me..." she smiled more.

She then pulled her shirt off and showed me her breasts.

I suddenly got hard, seeing her nice perky breasts again, "What are you doing?" I mumbled to her, while she grabbed her left nipple and twisted it in a clock wise circle.

I then heard a clicking noise, and then her left nipple came out in her hand and was followed by a battery.

"That's how I stay functional.." she said, while she inserted the battery back in the hole that was where her nipple was supposed to be and clicked her left nipple back in place, "Want to do the other one?" she smiled.

"Are you a robot?" I asked her, confused.

"Yes... why?" she simply asked back.

"Nothing..." I mumbled, while I pinched her right nipple and turn it like she did.

"Be careful with this nipple, it's also my "off" button. If you press it hard, it deactivate me. My left nipple is my "on" one, of course " she instructed me.

Removing her right nipple and a battery came out her right breast. "Are you a sex doll?" I asked her confused.

"No... even if I can have sex, sex is not one of my main function, I was originally created to be a member of a family," Stacy laughed.

"May I?" I asked her, slowly touching her breasts in my hands, cupping them.

She sat there, smiling while I fondle her breasts.

"Do you feel anything?" I asked her.

"Yes, I feel you touching my breasts... Why?" she asked.

"You told me you can have sex..." I replied.

"Yes, you can have sexual intercourse with me," she continued.

"Don't you enjoy it?" I asked her back.

"I am machine... Sex is a human thing. I am not sure what enjoyment I can have from it." she said.

"Fine," I stopped touching her.

"Why are you mad at me?" she asked me with sad eyes.

"I am not mad... Confused," I responded.

"How can I enjoy myself if you can't too," I mumbled.

"Sorry, but I have no sexual response to give you, I was not programmed with any," Stacy mumbled out.

"It's ok… Still friends?" I asked her.

"Of course!" she smiled back.

The next day, I stopped at an xxx store for androids and bought a sex chip for Stacy.

"No! I don't want it! I don't want to be a sex droid!" Stacy yelled at me. She reached for her bag and threatened to leave me.

After hours of begging for forgiveness to her, she stayed.

"I’m sorry..." I told her.

"Sorry, but I am fine the way I am..." she mumbled.

We stayed up talking and then we watched some TV. During the TV shows, I sat beside her, feeling bad.

She looked at me and she cuddled with me, "Sorry I yelled at you, George..." she said with puppy eyes.

"It's ok... You are right," I smiled to her. I started to kiss her and nibble on her left ear, while she paid attention to the TV. I then put my tongue in her ear.

"What are you doing?" she asked confused.

Suddenly, when I pressed my tongue inside her ear, I heard a click and I heard Stacy make a jerking sound. I opened my eyes and looked at Stacy.

"Holy shit!" I yelled out. Stacy remained silent.

Her face had opened like a garage door. I was seeing the inside of her head. Her face was now open and facing the ceiling.

Inside, I saw circuits, wires and motors controlling all her facial movement with two small cameras being her eyes. I then noticed her forehead had many circuit and chip slots. I then noticed Stacy was motionless; with her face removed, she was offline.

Amazed and confused, I smiled at my situation. I went to get the sex chip and inserted the chip inside one of the empty slots. The chip was inserted and I hoped for the best.

Nothing happened.

After studying in detail her insides, I then closed her face up.

The second I closed her up, she regain consciousness, "What happened?" she asked confused.

"Nothing," I lied.

We sat together and watched the TV shows silently. I then slowly reached and put my left hand between her legs and reach for her pussy. Slowly, I inserted my fingers inside her underwear and reached inside her vagina.

She remained focused on the TV show while I then started to masturbate her good. She became lubricated but still not aroused by the sex chip. I then stopped and reached for her breasts and started to fondle her more.

"Don't you feel anything?" I asked her.

"No, why?" she simply asked.

Getting frustrated, I pushed her left nipple hard and deactivated her.

Her eyes wide open, she was off line.

I then inserted a finger in her left ear and popped her face open, "Why doesn’t the chip work?" I asked myself, removing the chip and checking it. I then read the instruction carefully and saw this paragraph.

"If sex programs are not activated by arousal touch, it might mean the android has no sub routine for sex chip."

Then, it informed me I should insert then the chip directly in her CPU. Looking around, I saw her main CPU in her head, right in the forehead. Slowly, I attached the chip on an empty spot on her CPU directly. Fixing it and closing her face down, I reactivated her.

"Why did you deactivate me?" she asked confused.

I didn't say anything and started to kiss her breasts.

"Oohhhh.... Ooooohhhhh..." she moaned out.

"Do you like it?" I asked her.

"I Noo... not againnn.n..n..n.n." she mumbled out.

"What again?" I asked her confused.

She pushed me away and started to cry.

"A fucking sex chip in me again! I HATE IT!!!N..NOT AGAIN!!!! NOO!!! I AM NOT A SEX DROID!!!!!I AM NOT A SEX DROID!!!!!I AM NOT A SEX DROID!!!!!I AM NOT A SEX DROID!!!!! NO DAD! NO DAD! I AM NOT A SEX DROID!!!!! NO DAD! STOP IT!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!" She started to scream louder and louder until, she simply stopped and fell on the ground twitching.

"Stacy??? What's wrong???" I yelled to her.

"Error...Error... Main personality core crashing..." she was babbling out. She twitched a bit. "Dad,, hi dad... Dad, hi... I am your daughter...Stacy... I was programmed to be your daughter... Hi Dad... What are you doing to me, dad? What is this chip are you putting inside me, dad? Dad? Sex is not my main function.. Dad? Mom will be angry at me. Dad? Stop it, Dad..I am not a sex droid, dad... Dad? Dad? Please Stop it! Dad? Dad?" she continued saying over and over.

Understanding now why she ran away, I deactivated her and removed the chip. I then reactivated her, hoping she was now ok.

Opening her eyes, Stacy looked at me and cried, "My dad would deactivate me at night and turn me into a sex droid, while Mom was sleeping. After a while, I could not take anymore and ran away. I just wanted to be what I was programmed for... just to be their daughter..."

Hugging her hard, I promised her nothing like this would ever happen to her again.

"Please..." she begged.

"I promise... Cross my heart and hope to die," I told her.

She smiled and tears came down her eyes.

"I am so happy I found you..." she said.

"Me too..." I told her softly.

Later that night, I deleted her memory files and reprogrammed her into my own personal sex slave android.

The end.

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