A Learning Experience

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A Learning Experience

'Commissioned by Saya'

May Saetang was resting comfortably in her computer chair as she took a moment to relax after another forty-eight hours of editing videos, stretching her arms over her head as she let out a little groan of exertion. As the afternoon sun filtered in through the window of her room, she took a moment to peer out between the curtains to the lovely spring day outside and let out a little sigh.

May was something of an online streaming sensation, although it wasn't entirely on purpose. Like many, fame had come to her by accident and rather randomly. She had for over a year been posting technical DIY how-to's on various subjects, ranging from home lighting to adjusting the tensile strength of bionic limbs that were no longer supported by the manufacturer. But it was a series of videos on robotics repair that really got people interested in her, largely due to the fact that they revealed that she herself was an android.

May's looks even before then had something to do with it. Like most androids, she was designed to be beautiful in a general sense, appearing to be in her early to mid twenties. Her amber skin was flawless in complexion, though it had a noticeable dull sheen to it in places giving it a slight rubber-y or latex-y look. Her hair, long and silky black, looked more realistic. Originally, she was programmed to keep it in a bun, but was later allowed to wear it as she pleased, and so tended to keep it straight, even when working.

She was originally built to be a service android, built to an exacting specification for a Bangkok hotel situated in a large city high-rise building. The high tech establishment had been serving guests for over a decade when May found herself unexpectedly 'adopted' by a local family of some standing. It would seem that by some wild coincidence, May looked nearly identical to the couple's daughter, who was herself already a local celebrity based on the exploits of her nightlife. At first, May wondered if she was to be a stand-in for formal dinners or other social events, or even a double to attract kidnappers. Her cynical concerns were unfounded, however, and to her surprise she was fully adopted as a member of the family.

That being said, it wasn't like her robotic side was immediately glossed over and forgotten about. She was still given tasks and orders like any other robot to follow, although most of the extremely strict behavioral modifiers from her days as a reception desk worker were removed (one of her fondest memories was spending a good few hours swearing in private immediately after her language restrictions were removed) and the family still expected her to follow commands and orders. Oddly enough, that was something of a relief to May, whose other major concern was that she'd have to play the part of a 'real' human girl. The family, it seemed, were content to have her as both an adopted daughter and loyal family android. The only iron-hard new directive for her AI was that she was to be company for her new 'sister', who her parents were worried was spending too much time with a rough crowd with no ties to her family. Despite a rocky start, the two grew to be close, and now lived together after her sister moved out to a home in the nearby suburb of Nonthaburi.

With the greater freedom, however, came the desire to want to be something more than just a Lotus Robotics LR-451 Service Android. Which had brought about the desire to modify herself. The Saetang family was supportive of this, so long as she didn't veer too far from her original looks, something May was fine with. She had no intention of engaging in the more extreme forms of body modification anyway, which for androids could range from photoelectric dermal layers that let one change the color of their skin like a squid to outright transferring their AI to a vehicle or building to 'become' it. Comparatively, May only wanted to get a bit closer to a human.

It was around this time that she had been considering what to do to mark the first anniversary of her channel, and the inspiration struck; she'd vlog the body modifications she made to herself, ranging from installing an artificial respiration reflex to give the illusion of 'breathing' via pneumatic chest plate support and a modified cooling fan, to installing a new optical sensor package. That was her most recent modification, as the off-color of her right eye attested to—she was still waiting on getting the proper cover for it. But by far the most popular vlog series was the one where she documented the installation of her sexual functions.

The process was unexpectedly intensive and intricate. Along with a full software package that required skirting around or outright removing manufacturer-installed restrictions, it meant a complete overhaul of her hardware's neural network and sensory support functions. To May, who had expected the process to merely involve installing an artificial vagina, it was completely unexpected. It required that on multiple occasions, she be dismantled to a degree she had not experienced since her assembly at the factory, at one point having her entire neural wiring network and processor cluster extracted from her body to get totally rewired. Every step of the way was documented, with May even narrating parts of the process with the permission of the roboticist doing the procedure, including dictating the sensation of being a disconnected head or even processor cluster, though the latter was a bit scattershot due to the risk of malfunctions requiring her to be repeatedly shut down for long lengths of time.

She wasn't scared of what might happen, she had no real sense of mortal fear to begin with, but she did worry what people would think of it. But to her shock, the vlog series became extremely popular, especially among the robotics mod scene, which apparently was a burgeoning subculture in Thailand and understandably popular in the United States and Japan. International fame was not something she had ever expected, but she was giving interviews for both human and AI-focused publications about her decision to engage in the process. More surprising was the discovery that she was practically a star on the robotics fetishist scene, although before this time she had considered herself rather plain for an android.

Engaging in that scene proved to be quite a lucrative side project, although she was already well-supported by her interviews, appearances on other, bigger vlogs and the wealth of her family, though that last one she only reluctantly depended on. Disassembling herself while utilizing her new pleasure mods was not only an easy way to make an income, but also fun, even oddly liberating.

But while the results were fun, fame, and a way to support herself, there was still work to be done. As an android, she was accustomed to it, but that still didn't make it any less tedious at times. Ironically, it was the technical, computer side of things she found most vexing, and editing was the most vexing of all of them. A higher online profile meant greater editing competence was required, and thus, she had to learn those skills on top of her self-taught robotics and engineering skills, which sometimes meant utilizing a secondary storage drive just to keep it all in check. And realizing that she could work tirelessly for days on end so long as she had a good source of power, May figured the most efficient way to handle a vlog series was to edit it all at once. That resulted in going over tens, sometimes hundreds of hours of footage to release a six or eight-part series to her paid-for or public channels.

So, here May was, sitting in on a lovely spring day, on hour forty-eight of editing an entire 'season' of videos, all to get them out in time to the hungry fans of her work, alongside a few other side items, wearing nothing but a pair of plain panties and an oversized purple shirt she wore as both streetwear and a night shirt. The stereotype of the tireless machine was true to a degree, as she didn't really experience fatigue in the same way that humans did, but she wasn't immune from the sensation of tedium. She was bored out of her titanium alloy skull, but it was work that had to be done.

Turning her head to her second monitor to work on sound mixing, she paused as she heard the sound of a door close. May's room was located on the first floor, fairly close to the front door in what was a refurbished guest room, which made it easy for her to hear when people were coming in and out. She gave it no thought and continued to edit, until she heard another door open; her own.

In stepped Lawan Saetang, and May snapped her head over her shoulder to look at her, reflexively pausing and saving her work. Lawan was dressed in some of her favorite party clothes, consisting of a cream-colored open-backed long sleeve top with a cut in the front that showed off plenty of the skin of her chest, paired with a white skirt that ended half-way up her thigh. Lawan lazily lifted a pair of sunglasses to her forehead and gave May a smirk.

“Don't tell me you're still editing your videos or something, May. You were doing that when I left to go to the party last night.” Lawan's words were slightly slurred, which didn't surprise May. The parties Lawan went to were often raucous nightclub events that lasted until the wee hours of the morning, then immediately launching into an afterparty in some other trendy part of the city. May made the mistake of joining her one night, and even she had to bow out eventually.

“ 'Last night' was the day before yesterday, Lawan. And yes, I'm still editing. I have to get this whole season done by the time I'm expected to premiere my videos two weeks from now.”

“And do you plan on being there all week?” Lawan asked as she looked down the back of May's chair and saw a small black cable leading to a wall outlet that went up the side of the chair's seat cushion and up the back of May's shirt.

“No, I was thinking of taking a break soon, but I keep having this issue where--” Lawan suddenly moved for the cable, and May reached out to try and stop her. “Hey--!” The android suddenly jerked in her seat as the cable was unplugged from the wall, her back straightening to allow the cable to slide back up into her open back panel without any kind of interruption. May sat frozen as Lawan spun the chair around to face her, a smirk on her face. May couldn't respond, but could see that Lawan had her hair up in a tight bun on the back of her head, and some carefully applied makeup on her face, something May tended to eschew beyond a bit of eyeliner.

“You know how bad that is for your battery, right?” As Lawan giggled softly, she followed up the rhetorical question with another. “I had a lot of fun, but do you know what was missing from my fun night out?” This question was a leading one, and May knew exactly where this was heading. As she exited her safety lock mode, intended to keep her from damaging her charging cable as it slipped back up into its port, she watched as Lawan smirked and placed her hands on May's knees.

“Oh, hell.” May watched as her legs were spread with a very soft servo motor whine, causing her to let out a sigh that was both pleasurable and slightly irritated. “Let me guess...”

“No cute single ladies in that entire club~” Lawan flashed May a grin as she looked at her plain panties and reached out with a pair of fingers, brushing at their center slowly. May closed her eyes and simulated a hard swallow, while Lawan leaned in and pressed against the warm mound of May's artificial womanhood.

“Oooohh...Well, that's uh...I mean, goddamn, you just got back from two days of partying, you sure you're--” May suddenly found herself silenced as Lawan pushed her finger in harder, almost pushing it in between May's aroused folds, causing her to let out a soft moan. May always made sure to keep her sexual functions on the cusp of being primed for exactly this reason. Lawan could be insatiable.

It was perhaps unseemly, but both Lawan and May knew they weren't actually sisters. They loved each other dearly, and looked like twins, but everyone knew May was an android. Plus it wasn't exactly like they advertised it. But May was the first person Lawan came out to as a lesbian, and May learned it from a confession of attraction. That was the point at which their relationship went from aloof and standoffish to close and dear to one another, although neither of their parents were aware of it.

And it wasn't long after May finished up her sexual function overhaul that Lawan volunteered to be the first to test it. And now, Lawan was its most frequent user. She took May by the waist and pulled her up and out of her chair, platform heels clicking against the floor as May found herself being pushed against a wall near to her bed. May wanted to protest, less out of any opposition to the sex itself and more because Lawan had just got back from what was likely an intense two nights of drinking, dancing and god only knew what. But she wasn't skipping a beat as she kissed her android 'sister' with an intense, almost desperate passion, before lowering herself to her knees.

Reaching up and into the long shirt, Lawan grabbed May's panties by the straps and yanked them down suddenly, bringing her face up between May's legs before the android could say a word. Eyes going wide, she pushed her hands against the wall as the sensation of Lawan's tongue started to lap at May's folds. Her licks were long and slow, ending in a press of her lips against May's synthetic labia, before starting again, quickening in pace, before eventually sliding her tongue up between May's folds. Her hands reached up and massaged May's thighs, causing May to shut her eyes and groan softly, her face scrunching slightly as the intensity of the experience caused her processor load to briefly spike.

May then brought one hand down to hike up her shirt, exposing Lawan's head to the sunlight filtering in and allowing May to watch her head bob slowly up and down, rising and falling with each long lap of her tongue. Her other hand grasped roughly at a breast over the fabric of her shirt, pleasuring herself on top of what Lawan was giving her. Her hands dropped only for a moment as she finally reached down and pulled her shirt up and over her head, soft colored lights now reflected on the wall of her room from the indicator lights in her open back panel, her body naked now save for a pair of socks.

The android brought one head down to Lawan's head to gently guide her, as though she really needed it, while the other hand went up and kneaded one of her featureless and smooth breasts, the pleasure sensors packed within more than making up for the lack of anatomical correctness above her waist. She pressed her head against the wall as a few strands of her black hair fell over her naked chest.

The pleasure only began to build as Lawan pulled her head back to part May's folds and expose her clit, which she then began to flick her tongue against in more rapid-fire movements. May squirmed underneath Lawan's expert ministrations, pushing one of her feet against the wall as she spread her legs as far as she could and still remain standing, hands now firmly pressed against the wall behind her. Her head pressed against the back wall as she tilted it back, moaning out louder and louder until, finally, she let out a sharp, intense gasp and felt her body shudder. Her orgasm hit her like a typhoon, repeatedly washing over her until she felt the intense, processor-stressing but always welcome sensation fade.

May looked down at Lawan who had pulled her head back, and could barely get a word in before Lawan reached up and took May by the hips again. Ever the aggressive lead, especially today, Lawan stood and spun, the force of her movement carrying May towards the bed, which she landed on with a bounce, laying across the mattress. She raised her head and watched as Lawan, with a smirk, kicked off her platforms and began to undress.

First was her skirt, pushed down her thighs to hit the floor, and getting kicked aside along with her shoes. Her shirt then joined them, leaving her topless, as a bra would look tacky with such an open front. Finally, a pair of black lingerie panties hit the floor at Lawan's feet, and like all the rest, were kicked back towards the wall where May stood.

Pulling the tie from her hair, she let her silky black hair fall down her back and shoulders. The resemblance between the two was uncanny, save a single detail. Whereas May had a synthetic vaginal module and no nipples, Lawan was totally anatomically correct under her clothing. A smooth, featureless mound was between her legs, and like May, her breasts were nippleless, giving her an almost doll-like look under her clothes. Lawan made no comment on it, and neither did May, though only one knew the true reason for this state of affairs.

May knew from the moment she was introduced into the family that she was not the only android in it, and the Saetangs revealed to May her true function. She was indeed a decoy, but not in the sense that May had originally expected. Lawan was the couple's first android, which they had 'adopted' in order to liven their own lives. But in their zeal to have an artificial family member, they had gone the distance and reprogrammed Lawan to think she was a human, which caused considerable issue when the young socialite inevitably exposed herself. Not wanting to hurt their daughter by having to confess the truth to her, they instead opted to get another android from the same model line. If Lawan ended up publicly malfunctioning, it would be said it was May instead. If someone leaked to the press that they had taken apart Lawan Saetang in the course of their duties as a robotics technician, then it'd be May who went there instead. Stressing that they intended to treat her exactly like they had treated Lawan, the Saetangs programmed May to both serve and protect Lawan, which she knew was the source of her interest in mechanical engineering and robotics. May was, perhaps understandably, a bit put off by this, but she wouldn't have to keep up the role for very long.

The plan was ultimately flawed for the simple reason that the Saetangs could never anticipate all the variables, and that came in the form of one of Lawan's raucous parties. Lawan was programmed to simulate getting drunk to keep up appearances. But one drink too many overloaded her storage intakes and Lawan publicly shorted out. Another factor had also prevented the Saetangs from deflecting the incident to May; Lawan had publicly declared herself to be Lawan Saetang to multiple witnesses after stumbling around in her malfunctioning state.

Thus, Lawan's true nature was a very open secret, with the only one genuinely unaware of her true nature being Lawan herself. Her parents confessed publicly, causing something of a minor scandal, but with robotic familial surrogates being all the rage, it was quickly glossed over as as the couple being 'old fashioned'. They decided to keep Lawan's sleeper programming intact, however, and despite how many people referred to her as an android, Lawan would just ignore or outright dismiss this fact in spite of all logic, even when damaged, as nothing more than slander or a joke. Thankfully, despite that public reveal, Lawan was as reliable as any service droid would be expected to be, even one running a modified human emulation AI suite.

“Hah~ Want me to say something cheesy, like 'make love to me'?” May grinned up at Lawan who gave May a wicked smirk in return.

“No,” was all she said, before falling upon May with a playful growl, causing May to reach up and catch her. Then, her hands began to roam over Lawan's naked back, as the other android pressed her anatomically incorrect body into May's slightly more realistic form. May spread her legs, and Lawan followed suit, the two of them pressing their sexes—or in Lawan's case, the featureless mound of synthskin in the place of the simulated article—and began to grind against one another.

May's folds were slick, which cut down on the friction the two were generating, but their bodies were still growing hot as Lawan continued her sinuous motions on top of May's body. Lawan didn't really feel pleasure, at least insofar as returnable data like May did. To Lawan, pleasure was something more conceptual than a real, tangible sensation. In her AI, the mimicry of sex brought with it a positive reinforcement that originally was only supposed to make her flirtatious. Of course, her sexuality took a different route, as it had never been hard-coded one way or another, although May always wondered if her lean towards more sapphic desires was somehow driven by the fact that she could not be penetrated, though obviously this ran into problems when fingers and sex toys were brought up. Understandably, many were confused by her desire for sex despite not being able to actually engage in it, at least in ways most humans could understand it, which meant that May was her only real longtime sexual partner.

And May would have been happy to reprogram Lawan to recognize herself as an android, but that was out of her hands. Their parents had insisted on Lawan living as normal a human life as possible. And upgrading her to the same standards as May was also out of the question, since while she had been rather popular and had made a name for herself documenting her own upgrades, the experience had mortified her parents, who she had not consulted with first. Still, they were accepting of May getting such upgrades, but for now, the sexually conservative older couple seemed to be on the fence about it, and it seemed half-expected May to publicise either potential event. It was all a bit silly to her, considering that they were progressive enough to adopt androids as daughters in the first place, but humans could often be scattershot with their ideologies, it seemed.

But all thoughts of what she could do to make Lawan more realistic were shunted to a secondary processor system as the forefront of her attention was focused on scissoring her sister unit. Laying back on the bed, with her head at one end and Lawan's on the other, both android girls now began rapidly rolling their hips against one another, gripping the sheets underneath them as they began to moan out in an identical voice, both on the verge of reaching the heights of pleasure.

Moaning, groaning, the two androids locked legs tightly with one another, in a position that humans would have found awkward, but neither felt pain and Lawan didn't give it a second thought, as programming dictated. Locking their hip servos with two pairs of dull mechanical whirrs, the two gynoids bucked their hips and twisted their upper bodies as both their crotches became slick with May's synthetic arousal. May threw her head back and let out a howl of pleasure, and came for the second time in under an hour, a testament to Lawan's prowess.

But Lawan kept going, kept moaning, letting out hot groans and moans. May figured she wasn't quite at her peak yet, and kept moving with her, albeit at a slightly slower pace. But things started to get a bit concerning when Lawan's head and shoulders started to twitch and jerk in odd ways, her eyes opening and closing in rapid, fluttering blinks. May sat up a bit straighter and looked over at Lawan, whose moans were now starting to loop and stutter. From her chest, a steady alert beep began to rise.

“O-Oh, shit...Lawan. Lawan, hey!”

“A-Ah-Ahn-Ahn-Ahn-Ahhhnnn—So-Something-Something--Like ma-make love? Make love-love? Hah. Hah. This par-party-is-party is wi-wild-wild! M-more-more sho-shots for the fuck. Fuck me. Fu-Fuck me-me.”

“Oooohhh, damnit...” May recognized this. It was a combination of a low battery error and an overheating error. One fed into the other. The lower her battery levels, the more stress it put on other systems, all of which lacked power to properly correct the issue. Normally, she had overrides to prevent this sort of issue, but most of them had been disabled by her parent's request. Again, something else May was forbidden from fixing up.

May reached over to shut her sister down using a hidden button behind her neck, but with a loud moan that was in a higher pitch than her voice normally permitted, Lawan's legs suddenly jerked and spasmed into an even tighter lock. May was now getting stress alerts from the tight lock, and let out a gasp of surprise.

“A-Ah~! Sh-Shit...” The potential for damage was quite erotic, but the emergency situation she was in put that aside. Her primary directive was now in full force, she had to protect her sister from harm. Ultimately, however, 'harm' for an android was a fairly loose concept. Disassembly, for instance, didn't qualify. And both androids were easily disassembled at a basic level for transport, a holdover from their service model days.

So with a grunt of exertion as Lawan continued babbling in an electronic tone at a fevered pitch, May bent forward as far as she could go, struggling at first to get a good hold of her sister's pelvis, before pressing in sharply and hearing a click. Next, she pushed up, and watched as Lawan's upper torso, arms and head fell back onto the bed with several tight bundles of wires and cables following after. And in the dull gray framework assembly of Lawan's pelvis, May found a pair of emergency release stubs. Pressing in on them caused the servo motor locks of Lawan's hip/thigh joint servo motors to unlock with a dull metal click, freeing May from their grasp.

May laid back, panting softly until, with a soft click, she shut her artificial respiration systems down. They did help in cooling her aftermarket systems, but right now, she was at an acceptable temperature. She lifted her head, then the rest of her body, and looked at her sister's twitching components.

Her legs were still, completely disconnected from her pelvis, the circular fittings for her hip/thigh servos were now slowing to a crawl, still attempting to fulfill their last directed function, but ultimately unable to, as the power cables running to them from her upper torso had been disconnected.

Her upper body said it all. Her arms twitched up and down, pivoting in random directions at the shoulder and elbow in quick bursts of motion, paired with dull buzzes and whirs indicative of low power. Her metal “spine” twitched up and down as it lay exposed jutting out among the wires and cables at the point where her upper body terminated, looking more like a piece of piping with bolted on flanges to act as anchor points for wires and cables, acting a bit like a simple facsimile of the transverse process of a vertebrae. Something was buzzing deep in her chest, and her head and neck twitched and canted in random directions.

“Nocutesingle—No cute. Ladies. Singlesinglesingle—c-c-club-club--youknowyouknowhow--bad that is—baaaatttttteerrryyyyyyy--” Lawan continued to blurt out previous statements as her processors attempted to find a safe point prior to her malfunction to boot back from, and failed to do so. They would continue to try until her processors malfunctioned. May, knowing that wouldn't be good, moved quickly on top of Lawan's body and slipped a hand up under her right ear.

“Youknohowthat--” A plastic-y click signaled the toggle for Lawan's on/off switch, immediately shutting her systems down. May closed her eyes and pushed herself off the bed, directly looking down at her Lawan, whose arms were jutting off in different directions and whose face was frozen mid-malfunction. She shook her head slowly and sat back, looking around at all the parts before looking back at her computer screen.

Editing would have to wait, which meant that the series would be delayed. It wasn't that she didn't care about Lawan in this state, she did. But Lawan could be repaired or even restored from backup if need be, and both Lawan and herself were based off of the most popular android used in the city. But it was still a disappointment and one that would probably take some serious explaining.

Closing her eyes and letting her own systems cool, May sat back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, before taking another look back at the computer monitors. And that was when an idea began to formulate in her head.

Turning to look down at her dismantled sister, a smirk started to spread on her face. The series might be delayed, but that didn't mean she had to disappoint her fans...

May checked her internal clock. Ten minutes to zero hour. Everything was pretty much ready to go, the only thing she had to worry about now was how the world would react.

She wasn't unaccustomed to second thoughts. Even AI's could doubt themselves, taking into account new potential complications and data sets from unexpected sources, but the time for doubt had long since passed. An hour ago, she got the word out on social media that she would be doing a surprise stream. Naturally, she didn't say what it was about, but she could already tell from glances at her laptop's holographic overlay that her chat was going wild with speculation. Given some of the crazy theories being put forward—that she'd reveal she was now the head of some big corporation or that she had a huge sponsorship deal, that she was going to be getting a new pet, or that she was even getting married—she jokingly wondered if 'merely' revealing her sister's world debut as a dismantled android would be disappointing.

Lawan was propped up on her metal work table in the back of the home that doubled as May's social media studio. Currently, the only intact parts of her were her upper torso, neck and head. The rest of her from just below her faux 'ribcage' on down was entirely dismantled, removed so as to allow for better access to her internals and easier removal of her dermal backing panels. A pole attached to a stand went up into her body, with metal clamps placed on her endoskeletal framework holding her up. Her face was still frozen in an expression of lust, wiring and cabling sticking out in tight bundles from her shoulder sockets, while several thick cables and more bundles of colored wiring dangled above the table's worn, well-used surface. May had already seen damage from an electrical overload, and so knew where to begin, but there was always a bit of theater to a good repair livestream.

Turning to look at her streaming setup, she was satisfied with what she had. A few professional-quality photography lamps and light absorbing screens were set up around the worktable, just out of sight of the central camera, although the two side cameras she had set up could give a user a glimpse. They were all tied to a central computer, a powerful laptop on a nearby folding table capable of managing not only the stream, but several diagnostic functions for robotics applications as well. Typically, it was set up for herself, but it didn't take much to reconfigure it for Lawan's mostly identical hardware and core software. All the cameras were currently off, and with a simple wireless command, she could activate them once the stream started. Several microphones were set up to allow for the best audio quality available without sacrificing work space and didn't carry the risk of a dreaded sound peak if she started doing loud mechanical work, as part of her streaming/robotics diagnostic computer's set-up allowed for automatic audio mixing on the fly with some of the smallest possible latency on the market.

Viewers would thus be treated to a top-quality experience, allowing for on-the-fly camera adjustment thanks to May's wireless connection, which was about as secure as a civilian system could be without dipping into military-grade cryptography measures.

So the stream was set up just fine, but she had to wonder. How would Lawan react to this? She'd have to activate her at some point to make sure she was functional. More importantly, how would their parents react, as there wouldn't be any denying Lawan was a robot now, and it would very likely come out that the two were intimate. May was tired of hiding it, and tired of Lawan being forced to do so by her programming, so maybe this would finally get the message out to them. Her single act of defiance as their otherwise (mostly) obedient daughter.

Five minutes. The pre-stream was starting, showing off her graphic, a stylized version of herself as an anime-style robot superhero, with the words in both Thai and English 'STREAM STARTING SOON!' scrolling horizontally across the screen. It was a little simplistic, but it got the job done, plus it paid homage to one of her first fan artwork pieces.

With the timer heading ever closer to zero, May put on her best smile, drawing on her core customer service programming, and activated the cameras. Stepping back, she gave her audience a playful smirk as she allowed them to get a good idea of what they were seeing. May, in her purple shirt with a white graphic print, adjusting a pair of work gloves and wearing a few gold chain necklaces, standing next to the disassembled Lawan.

Chat, predictably, exploded with activity.

“Hey chat,” May said with a pleasant tone that she couldn't help but make a bit mischievous. “So, this is my sister, Lawan. Some of you might remember her from my blog series, though most of you are probably more familiar with her parties. She's feeling a bit under the weather so I figured, since you're all waiting so patiently for the next season of MayChanical, I'd fix her up while giving you all a very early exclusive treat.”

The smirk widened a little. She wasn't really a fan of her channel name, having been her original username once she was able to pick something other than a series of letters and numbers for the first time in her existence, but it was popular with chat and efforts to change it seemed ill-advised. Leaning into the work table, she gestured to her sister while looking at the central camera. “As some of you have correctly guessed on the sub, Lawan is an identical model series to me. She and I are practically the same, barring a couple of small changes here and there owing to my custom model status. I should be able to repair her with the spare parts I already have here at the shop.”

May picked up a screwdriver and pointed it at the camera. “Saves time, money, and most importantly, gives you something to enjoy.” May turned to face Lawan's disconnected upper torso and gave her a good once over. A sudden thrill of excitement fired through her systems. With all eyes on her, and watching as the chat reacted positively to what they were seeing—a massive understatement really—she watched through a visual overlay connected to her stream's webpage as her view count began to rise, faster than she had ever seen it. She wondered idly if the side cameras caught her briefly licking her lips as she felt the pleasure rise. May, unsurprisingly, was a bit of an exhibitionist, and this was something at once pleasantly familiar and, with the reveal of her sister's mechanical nature for all to see, all new.

“Alright,” she said as she gave a glance to the left camera. “Let's get started by giving her a hardline connection to the diagnostics computer.” May reached up to the extensive and carefully labeled parts shelf behind Lawan to fetch from one of them a spooled, thick but flexible cable. The cable was quickly unfurled, where the metal plug tip clinked against the table's surface, and May walked over to her laptop. Plugging it in, she made sure it was securely in place before going to Lawan. Brushing aside some of her hair from the back of her neck, she pushed up on the skin of Lawan's neck to cause it to slide upwards, revealing the plastic backing panel and an exposed data port. Pushing the other end of the cable firmly into place, she pushed down on a pair of tabs to lock it in, preventing any accidental disconnection in case of a sudden reactivation or motor system malfunction that might cause her head to jerk or move. Disconnecting the cable improperly in mid-diagnosis could scramble Lawan's software to the point where a system restore might have been necessary, something May would rather avoid if possible.

“Alright...Nice and secure.” May turned to give the central camera a smile, before turning back to Lawan. “Now that we have that done, we move to the mechanical work. We can't reactivate her until we check her power systems.” May was busy getting a few tools out, so she didn't notice a question posed by a chat member.

“looks like she was turned off in the middle of s*x lol”

May briefly paused. It would have been imperceptible to a human, but in order to not break the thin veneer of her own humanity by suddenly pausing to adjust data sets or access information from a central computer bank, May could continue moving while putting all processing functions towards another task, a kind of autonomic takeover of her body's movement functions. Wordlessly, she picked up a tool designed to break the seal of dermal pieces, and brought it up to Lawan's chest. As she pondered how to respond, her hands worked with a practiced efficiency coupled with updated motor programming to disconnect her sister's chest plating, which took up the front half of her upper torso. Finally, she made her decision as she turned to face the central camera again, her shy becoming a lot more bashful.

“Well...She was.” She looked over at Lawan and gave her a quick visual once-over. Her gray metal components were of a light gray color and had a slight shine to them, not quite the reflective surface of chrome, but flashier than the dull metals of May's tools. There were dark spots where entirely cosmetic blue lights would have been glowing softly, were May online. They did nothing beyond look pretty and indicate that she had power going to her systems, with the designer of their model stating that they did so on the off chance someone saw them with their paneling open during repairs. At the center of the various tightly-packed metal parts connected by threads of colored wiring, most of which contained the circuitry that housed the software that managed Lawan's movement functions, was Lawan's power cell, a half-spherical device that was flat at the front owing to the blue LED light that took prominence in its center. Naturally, like everything else, it was off.

“Yeah, she and I...” May trailed off as her confidence returned, tapping Lawan's power cell with the forked tip of the narrow seam decoupler tool. “We're intimate.” Pausing after a moment, she grinned and said “we fuck.”

Chat didn't explode so much as go nuclear.

“I don't like to kiss and tell, but I figured we should be upfront about it at some point. The big reveal of being 'robotwins-with-benefits'.” Chuckling softly to herself, feeling a little silly for making that comment, she then went up to her parts collection and went to work.

May explained every step of the process, losing herself in her work as the hobbyists commented on what she was doing while the other half of her chat were losing their minds over the idea of lesbian android twins. May always knew there was a contingent of her chat that shipped her and Lawan, mostly ironically, but to find out they were right sent many into a fandom frenzy. It was almost overwhelming reading the steamy comments that shot by as her view count continued to rise faster than she ever could have expected.

May first went over the tools she used before using them exactly as she stated to disconnect several thick power couplings at the heads of each of the thick cables running up into Lawan's power cell. Then, with the couplers disconnected, she then pulled the cables loose, careful not to damage them. They were designed to be general purpose androids, so their parts were durable enough to survive long hours of work, but not so expensive that they couldn't be quickly replaced. May then used another tool to slip into the cavity behind the power cell—mindful not to damage Lawan's food intake tube that ran behind and then alongside the cables leading up her neck to her head—and disconnected screws and bolts from the anchor point in the back of her endoskeletal framework.

Setting down the tools, she carefully reached in and pulled free the device, and after carefully unscrewing a final coupler to a cable running into the back of the device, she smirked and lifted it up to the camera for her views to get a good look at. The front half of the device was completely unlike the back, which was much more practically designed and industrial-looking, with several thick metal ports made of a duller substance than the front shell of her power cell sticking out rather prominently, giving the device the look of a sea mine.

“And I'll bet...” May brought the device close to her chest, turned it over to get a better look at it, and slowly nodded. “Yep,” she said as she held the device up once again for the camera to see, commenting on the camera's refusal to properly focus before continuing. “Common issue with sleeper androids. This part should have been serviced a while back, but because they aren't inclined to visit a repair shop, they just ignore it.” Lowering the device, she wagged her finger at the camera playfully. “Just remember if you have a sapient sleeper to get them repaired often, guys. And for those androids in the chat, remember to get regular checkups!”

May set the device down next to one of Lawan's disconnected arms and started to repair and clean the power cell. It would seem the cell itself wasn't damaged, which would have required a total replacement. Only the conduits themselves seemed to have any damage, which indicated that the power cables were the cause of the issue.

All throughout, May explained what she was doing in detail and how the various parts of the component worked, going over the process of repair in a step-by-step way. One benefit of being an android in a streaming format presentation was a perfect memory recall, allowing her to go over such complex tasks without forgetting things or stumbling over her words, something most humans could only manage in a scripted format.

“Okay, that's that done. That should work.” She picked the power cell up and presented it to the cameras in a closeup. “See? Fixed and clean, ready for use. Just make sure, like I said, that the housing of the cell isn't damaged, because then you're just going to short yourself out if you try to reinstall it. Or, y'know, electrocute yourself if you're a human.” She pointed a finger at the camera. “Remember, if you don't know how to fix it or don't have the parts, don't try fixing it yourself. Paying a little extra money is much better than putting yourself or your android at risk.” Smiling after that somewhat serious remark, May set the power cell down on the table and went back to Lawan's upper body.

Peering into the machinery, now with a noticeable gap with the removal of the power cell, May found the source of the problem. Food intake systems were one of Lawan's few hardware modifications, and this one had sprung a leak in the opaque white plastic tube that went down to a zero waste food recycling system. It seemed that Lawan's propensity for alcoholic drinks had caused corrosion on the power cable couplings, which in turn caused the alcohol to vaporize inside of her when the increased stress of their sexual escapades caused the heat inside of her body to rise, shorting the now semi-exposed power cable heads. This had caused a short-out, which thankfully seemed confined to just the power cabling. LR-451's were built to be hardy, easily repaired, and modular for their roles. Were Lawan a dedicated companion or simulacrum model, it was likely a lot more would need to be replaced, and it would be much more expensive.

“Yeap, the power cables shorted. Well, this looks like it might be a lot easier than I initially feared. LR-451 power cables are pretty much compartmentalized, so a short doesn't cause massive damage. They're designed to shut the flow of power down and effectively confine the short to a damaged section. Keeps us from frying our bodies should the worst happen.” May said this as she began carefully disconnecting the damaged cables from Lawan's torso, further opening up more of it for examination. Other wires and cables now stood rigid, either by the nature of their protective metal and fiberglass sheaths, or by being held up to anchor points. More of her segmented pipe-like 'spine' could now be seen, showing where wires ran into it to form her version of a nervous system, and allowed one to get a better look at the servos and their associated subprocessor clusters that normally moved her shoulders, back and neck.

“Okay,” May said as she set the cables down on the table, flashing the cameras a smile as she held up a neon green plastic bag with the universal symbol for recycling on the front. “Always be sure to throw your damaged components in a technology recycling bag for easy identification if you throw them out, or better yet, take them to a local junkyard or secondhand robotics store. Just because it's junk doesn't mean it can't still have a function, like yours truly.” The playfully self-deprecating comment was met with denials and heart emojis from the chat, causing her to change her playful smirk to a warm smile as she turned back to Lawan.

Reaching up to the parts sorting shelves behind her twin's disassembled body, May felt around for the parts she needed. However, to her dismay, she soon found that out of the four individually measured power cell cables she needed, she could only find three. The rest were either not for her model, or they were for different components.

This was a problem. Without the power cables, she couldn't move forward until she got a new one. Checking her internal clock, it was late enough into the evening that traveling to nearby Bangkok would take too long, even on the public access bullet maglev, which meant that the stream would have to end for the night in a disappointing anticlimax.

But there was another option, one that might have carried some risk. Once again thinking rapidly, she turned to face the cameras and leaned back against the table next to Lawan, smirking.

“So, turns out, we don't have the parts we need to repair Lawan's power systems, chat.” As May said this, she reached down and took hold of the hem of her slightly oversized shirt, pulling it up her body. Up and over her head, she was now topless, then removed the chain necklaces she wore, setting them aside somewhere out of the way.

“But fortunately, she and I have the same power system.” May brought both hands up to her breasts and pushed in firmly. With a soft plastic pop, her chest plate loosened in her grip and was pulled from her chest. Setting it on the table next to Lawan's, she turned to face the camera with her power systems on full display, standing next to Lawan for a deliberate contrast.

The lights in her body were all on, filling her interior with a bright, soothing blue light. But that wasn't the only difference between them. May's power systems were customized, and less elegant than Lawan's, valuing function over form and not quite conforming to the overall design of her interior. The aftermarket parts nevertheless made use of already existing components in their operation, masterfully installed by an expert modder. And among those modifications were more power cables and their attached conduits connected to her larger power cell, which was intended to operate all of the new aftermarket sex-related systems in her body.

Picking up a few tools, May kept her eyes on the camera, smiling playfully as her tools slipped into narrow crevices between metal components, her body whirring and buzzing more openly as she worked the tools in by memory, knowing the exact paths to take from her own adjustments and modifications to her systems.

“Now, I can't stress this enough,” May said as she slipped the end of one of the tools—a narrow but solid metal rod that was attached to a T-shaped handle—into the fastening bolt of one of the cable's power conduits, loosening it before moving on to the next. “If you don't have the training or programming to do this sort of thing, you should never, ever try to do this while you or your android are still online. I can do this because I'm very practiced at this, but without the skills necessary, it's very--”

The lights in her chest flickered as the tool fell from her body, her hand going to her side as the cable slipped out of its attachment point and unplugged itself from her power cell. “Uns-Uns-Uns-s-s-s-s-s-s--” No flashes or sparks followed, but the sudden power loss caused her systems to briefly hang as they rerouted power flow to best optimize her systems. As her head slowly canted to one side, her eyes went wide and her expression went blank as she began a reboot phase, at the end of which she jolted up to a straight and at-attention standing position.

“System Reboot Complete. Power Flow To Primary Cell Successfully Rerouted.” May blinked four times rapidly, before putting on a consumer-friendly smile, then closing her eyes as she overrode her automatic expression functions to put on a more sultry smirk. Reaching into her chest, she carefully pulled the cable loose from her chest compartment. The conduits had a digital telemetric design feature that allowed one conduit end to be loosened if the opposite side had already been disconnected, which May or a mechanic with the proper encrypted signal could use to disconnect components. It saved her a lot of time, even if it meant that she didn't have the excuse to take half of herself apart for the stream.

“And there,” she said with a smirk, setting the cable down. “One fully functional LR-451-compatible p. P. P.” The repetition was followed by three head twitches, at the end of which, May closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. “...Power cable. Ready to be installed.”

May smirked, and turned to Lawan. She reached out for her chest plate to put it back on, but took a glance at the chat in her HUD. People were literally donating to keep her from putting it back on, and she playfully rolled her eyes. “Alright, fine~ But if I get a short, it's your fault.”

May picked up the now-removed power cable and slipped it up and underneath Lawan's torso, through the gap where the rest of her body was once connected, and connected it to the anchor points in Lawan's upper torso. The other three soon followed, and were finally joined by the power cell, which was eased back into its own anchor points in the center of Lawan's chest. Screws tightened and fasteners secured, May had only one thing left to do now.

Lawan had three methods of reactivation. The first was a remote signal carried by a connected device that would allow someone to remotely activate and deactivate her as needed. This could have been done by May, but was a little unreliable when Lawan wasn't completely reassembled. The second option was to use the power tab hidden behind her ear. But this would be awkward and not give those watching the stream the best view, as Lawan would have to lean up and reach for the button. The third option was the one May selected.

Mindful of the need to protect herself from any potential discharge, May picked up a narrow tool with a blunt end and eased it into a small depression with a soft rubber tip at the very side of Lawan's power cell. This was her emergency power switch for her power cell, accessible only with the removal of her chest plating and intended to be used for either maintenance or extreme scenarios where no other method of deactivation was possible.

With a soft click, the tool did its job, and there were no bright flashes of bursts of sparks indicative of a power cell failure. Instead, the blue LED lights throughout Lawan's body flickered as Lawan's eyelids fluttered. Unlike May, Lawan did not have pre-loaded system announcements, since she was supposed to be human and all, so her reactivation was completely silent.

“Okay...That should be all we need to test her cognitive functions.” Pausing a moment, May smiled and asked “Lawan? How are you feeling?”

“I'm. I'm feeling. Feeling.” Lawan's expression paused, before she began to laugh in a rather odd way. “Me? An android? No. Me? An android? No. You must be mistaken. I'm not an android! I'm not an android! That's ridiculous. I. That's ridiculous.” Lawan's head swiveled left and right. “That's not. I'm not. I can drink and eat, android's can't do that. They can't do that. And I can--” Lawan was suddenly silenced as the tool was brought up to her power cell's emergency power switch, shutting Lawan off completely.

“Ah, damnit, I was worried about that.” After a moment, she walked over to her diagnostics computer and from it, pulled out several cables. Currently it was only set to monitor Lawan's power systems, and May needed to access her processors. She plugged the four cables into four matching plugs on the back of Lawan's neck, which were one of the few outwardly obvious signs of her true nature, typically disguised by her long hair. With clicks and clacks, the cables were plugged in, and returning to the computer, May's blue LED lights in her exposed chest flickered as she processed a sensation of excitement.

Aside from their parents, May was the only other individual given access to Lawan's systems, much as Lawan had access to May's. Both were only to be used in emergencies, which this certainly qualified as, but there was a sort of thrill associated with doing something taboo that nevertheless came with accessing her sister's AI. And now doing so on stream, the viewers watched as one of Lawan's eyes half-shut, then opened again, the small sign that her AI had been reactivated for editing, leaving her higher functions disabled.

Fortunately, May had to do only one simple task to get what she wanted. The programming that blocked her ability to recognize her own android nature when presented with it was part of a very simple programming add on that came from an off-the-shelf source. Said program tended to come packaged with wife or other family surrogate models, but came separately should someone desire some other sort of android to act as human as possible, typically so as to avoid some embarrassment over owning an android that some felt. This meant that the option to disable it was also user-friendly and easy to access.

“Settings, Android Behavioral Parameters, Tier 5 Human Emulation Programming, and one disabled checkbox later...Done.” May smirked as she looked up at the forward-facing camera from over the top of the computer's screen, and then hit a few more buttons. The power cells in Lawan's chest, glowing dimly since May reactivated her base-level AI and other systems, now flared to life as Lawan let out a sharp gasp.

May turned to face Lawan, smiling as the android let out a few more post-orgasmic gasps, her emulation systems catching up to prior system memory, and her eyes went from half-closed to wide open, looking down at herself as her shoulder servos began to turn with soft robotic buzzes and whines.

“Lawan?” May asked with a bit of caution. “How are you feeling?”

“I feel...I feel...” Lawan tilted her head back with a soft servo motor buzz and let out a long, lewd groan. “Fantastic~!” With several following gasps, Lawan looked down at herself, and the expression fell away from her face. “Holy shit...”

“Yeah, Lawan. Sorry if this is a bit of a shock, but--”

“I'm an android...Oh, fuck, May...” Her head rose to look at her sister with another soft servo motor whine, and to May's surprise, instead of a look of dread or terror, the widest grin she had ever seen spread across Lawan's face. “I'm an android! That's...Holy shit, this is hot!”

Chat went off like a volcano at that. Several users timed themselves out for abusing emote spam in their shock.

“Oh...Really?” May blinked, caught off guard.

“Mnnnh...Yes, fuck, yes! I just...Knowing I'm like you, is...” Lawan closed her eyes as her grin mixed with an intense sexual pleasure. “I've always wished to be an android like you. Thought about a conversion, or something similar, even if our parents would go insane about that. Now I find out I am one anyway, by being dismantled, like some kind of...I dunno, like a car or something...” Lawan opened her eyes and looked down at herself again, peering into her open chest. “And totally at your mercy...Oh, May, do whatever you want to me~”

May chuckled, a blush coming to her cheeks as she turned to look at the cameras. “Uh, probably later. Right now I gotta' just make sure you're all in one piece. Plus I think mother and father are going to be a little annoyed that I activated you without your human program restrictions activated on my stream.”

“Wait,” Lawan said with a blink. “I'm on your stream?”

May blinked once, and then shut her eyes tightly. “Oh...Dammit, yeah, I should have mentioned that. But with all the excitement, I--”

“Oh my God, May!” Lawan's eyes fluttered. “That's even better! Jesus, that's like getting taken apart in the middle of the street!”

May's eyes widened with surprise. “Guess the exhibitionist streak must run in Lotus Robotics models...” May smiled and walked over to Lawan, reaching up and into her chest, brushing her warm power cell with a few careful, sensual strokes. Lawan wouldn't feel it, but she certainly could see May doing it, which brought with it a rush of erotic sensation. “But, I gotta' shut you off now. Just wanted to make sure your processors were alright. You had a power surge while we were, uh...”

“Fucking,” Lawan said with a grin. “You can say that on stream, right~?”

“Yep.” May returned the grin as she brought her fingers to Lawan's emergency power switch.

“Wait, May, before you do anything else...” Lawan paused as she asked “I...We, we got faceplates, right? They come off, don't they?”

“Yeah...” May tilted her head with a smirk. “You want me to take yours off?”

“Yeah...” Lawan shut her eyes for a moment again as erotic sensation hit her in powerful waves. “I want the most human part of me removed. So nobody can deny I'm a machine...”

“Hmmh, and I thought you weren't one for melodrama, Lawan.”

“Oh, shut up,” Lawan said playfully, before letting out a calming sigh and closing her eyes. May, happy to oblige, smiled as she brought both hands up to Lawan's face and pressed down on her temple. Then, slid her fingers underneath Lawan's jaw to press into it, causing a latch at the very back to click as her face moved forward, the outline of it now exposed as May carefully removed it and set it aside.

Lawan turned to face the cameras, and exposed what lay underneath. From just below where her nose was on up, interlocking polished metal plates made up the structure of the front of her face, covering the wiring and electronics that powered and sent signals to and from her processors. Lawan's optics were a pair of metal orbs that sat further back in a pair of wide metal sockets, a single glowing blue LED point at their center, with four lines of softer LED lights leading to it, forming a kind of curved X-shape along their surface. Her olfactory sensors were little more than a pair of soft black rubber pads sitting between these optical sensors. Below her optic sockets and olfactory sensors, there was only a metal gap, a socket that normally fit Lawan's upper and lower jaw mechanisms. Without them, it was easy to see the off-white plastic opening for her 'throat', which is what allowed her to intake food and water. Narrow sockets throughout showed the connection points of her jaws, which were attached to her faceplate.

Lawan gasped, groaned, and moaned, the optics rolling with a metallic buzz as she gave into ecstacy and processed an orgasm live on stream. May blushed at the comments people were leaving. Not even she was so excitable on camera.


“Yea...Yea...” Lawan said with faux exhaustion, her head tilting back and her optic sensors rolling upwards. “Okay...Shut me off.”

May nodded, and happy to oblige, reached in and pressed the emergency power switch. The lights in Lawan's body flickered and went out, as her power cell audibly wound down before the mostly dismantled android went completely silent.

“Now,” May said with a slight shudder of arousal, “with that excitement out of the way, let's get to reassembling her...”

It had been two months since May streamed Lawan's repairs and reassembly, and once again, she was in the news. Her parents were livid, of course, but no punishments were dolled out. After all, many had correctly pointed out that given their level of AI maturity and the laws in place, both androids were capable of doing what they wished. So, with a measure of reluctance, they publicly accepted their daughter's 'coming out' as an android. And in the long run, this proved to be an enormous weight off their mind, as it meant no longer covering for all those accidental exposures of her robotic nature.

It had, however, a rather unexpected effect. Lawan became even more outgoing, enjoying a newfound version of her celebrity as an internationally recognized android erotic star. This had embarrassed her parents some, but they were already a little used to it from May. But whereas May focused on an educational aspect to her work, detailing how to put Lawan back together, the newly-realized android showed everyone how to take her apart as QueenMechabare.

May had to admit that she wasn't sure how she felt about having her sister be her biggest competition on the robotics streaming scene. But, Lawan was certainly happy about it, happier and more sure of herself than May had ever remembered the party girl being, which said a lot.

It was that thought which made May smile as she sat back in her chair, editing the VOD of her latest stream, a review of the latest fine motor adjustment tools from Lotus Robotics as part of a sponsorship deal. May looked down at her hand and its new synthskin plate covering, and back up at the closeup of that same hand disassembled, when she heard the door open and shut.

“Hey, Lawan,” May said to Lawan through the open door of her room with a smile, knowing it could be nobody else in their shared home. “How was the convention?”

“Awesome, actually!” May could hear Lawan approach by the soft click of her heels approaching her work chair from behind. “Got to meet some of my European, Japanese and American counterparts. That one cute erotic Vtuber, the new one? She debuted her new body and publicly called me her onee-chan after telling everyone I was a big inspiration for her.” May heard Lawan sigh softly. “It's nice being a role model~”

“Hah! Well, that's awesome! Big profile name like that should be sure to give you a fame boost.” May was about to follow up on that when she suddenly felt something soft and warm press against the back of her head. Lawan's breasts, still anatomically incorrect, but now much softer and several cup-sizes larger, felt like firm pillows against the back of her head and neck. A blush appeared on May's cheeks as she felt Lawan's hands start to drift up her shoulders.

“You know, it also got me thinking...” Lawan's fingers slowly crept up to the sides of May's head. “You and me? We ought to do a collaboration stream. The two of us, showing off our talents together? The most popular sisterbots in Southeast Asia. People would go wild for it~”

“Mmmh...” May let out a pleasant sigh as the stress of editing eased from her at Lawan's expert touch. Closing her eyes, she smiled warmly. “That's a really good idea, actually. When were you thinking of doing it?”

“Right now, actually.” The statement caused May's eyes to open wide again as her first thought went to how she was going to prepare for something that short-noticed, before they went even wider as her head was suddenly wrenched hard to the right. Twisted and jerked left and right, May's neck responded with stressed servo motor whines and metallic pops, before a final sharp twist pulled her head completely off of her neck with a tear of synthetic skin and a flash of blue-white sparks.

Lifted up and away from her neck, connected to her twitching body by the thick power cables and sensory wire bundles that ran back into it, May's left eyebrow twitched wildly as her mostly disconnected head was turned to face her sister. Her silver miniskirt and matching triangle top that shamelessly showed off the seams running through her body, highlighted with metallic strips. Her eyes glowed an intense sapphire color, and her black hair, once long and flowing, was now done up in a classic 'sci-fi girl' bob cut to expose the silver metal connection plugs in her neck.

She raised her phone up and pointed the screen at herself and May's head as she leaned in close to press a cheek against May's, not bothered by the malfunctioning twitch of her facial motors on that side.

“Surprise collab stream with my sister, everyone~! Come on over to QueenMechabare to see me fuck apart my sister, MayChanical!”

May, still too stunned and malfunctioning too hard to effectively respond, could only respond with the whirs and buzzes of her body as she was pulled over towards the bed, body still sitting on her wheeled work chair, and processing what would be the first of many intense orgasms for the next five hours of impromptu erotic streaming...

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