A Lazy Afternoon

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A Lazy Afternoon

It was a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon. I was reading the newspaper while my lovely wife Cindy was lying pensive on the sofa. Her laptop beside her on the coffee table, she was totally naked as she looked at me, slightly helpless.

"Honey, this is so boring, can't you please turn me off?"

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but I can't shut down you down, these updates are important", I told her...uh, I forgot to mention, Cindy's laptop was connected via USB cable to a large open panel inside her lower belly. Cindy ist my robot wife.

She decided to change her life 2 years ago, and went to a company that transforms people into lifelike android copies of themselves. Her girlfriend Nina did it some years ago and Cindy never noticed it. One day Nina had an energy drain while she and her huband visited us. I remember we were speakless as Nina suddenly was sitting motionless in her chair, eyes wide open. We looked in shock as her husband Donnie opened her blouse and connected an AC adapter to a panel inside her chest. After an hour of quick reload she had enough power to return safe home. We should have been suspicious why Nina never wanted anything to eat or to drink, but she was very well programmed to avoid these things. Cindy and I talked for days about what we had seen, but we promised to keep it our secret.

Cindy was absolutely fascinated by Nina's beauty and behavior, she asked her all about her transformation. After a couple of weeks she decided to become a robot too. So she went to a company in Japan for more than eight weeks, where she finally was converted to a machine by taking her mind via nanobots into a robotic body. Finally a postman delivered a crate with my new wife in it. It was an wonderful erotic experience to unbox her, put her main parts together, load her battery and finally turn her on for the first time. Her former human body was copied so exactly, that all of friends do not recognize that they talk to a machine now.

Cindy trusted me to add some wishes for her modification, but I just added some size to her titts and made her hourglass form a bit more sexy. She always was such a cutie in her human form, I didn't want to change much. She had such a cute face and a very adorable body. But I think I've gone a bit to far with her sexual programming. Back in her human life she was a casual girl, even a bit shy, but after her conversion to a robot she became a 24hour fuck machine that sometimes needed to be switched off manually.

When I do watch her, enjoying her new existence, I often think about doing a robot conversion to myself, but you loose all you human senses when you become a machine, so I think it doesn't make sense having sex with another machine without feeling any stimulation. Cindy didn't care about that, she was always a very logic type of person and didn't care much about sexuality. Now she's programmed to all my deepest sexual wishes and she's happy when she pleases me. She said to me, that she just regrets having no chocolate and coffee anymore. But the chance to spend the rest of her existence not to age, without any pain and illness made it easy for her to accept that new life. Well, actually you can't say life as she never was alive in that robot body, so she also can't die. This sounds odd, but she often ensured me that she's fine. Well, that also might be programmed, as many of her expressions and reactions, but I believe her.

She looked at me with her lovely blue eyes. "This is so unfair", she said slightly provocative." You can do whatever you want and I need to stay here and wait for hours."

"Sweetheart, you need these weekly updates to prevent you from computer viruses and to keep your system up to date. In a couple of hours, after the backup you can do whatever you want."

She smiled at me while she touched her plastic vaginal unit." All I want?" She asked provoking.

I sat up and pulled down my pants. At the moment she saw my bald member, her automatic sexual programming took over. She looked forward with a cold empty stare and started to speak, "Detected sexual male companion", she said with a cold computer voice while she automatically spread her legs.

Now I could see her delicious hairless vagina and I felt my dick swelling, good I love this cold empty stare on her sweet face. A small beep was heard from inside her and I noticed the sound of a starting fan inside her. Her body was in full sex mode now, the blue glowing display under her titts showed columns of data, then it suddenly stopped. "reverting command GDC45, unit LR3391 will return to backup mode...full stop..." she said cold, closed here legs as her main programming took over to return to the system backup routine. Then another beep from within her body and she spread her legs again,"engaging sex mode, random program GDF73" I understood that she was caught in a dilemma between two major orders, so I put my hard member back in my shorts.

Cindy returned to her human emulation mode. "Oh, I'm sorry honey, my system doesn't work well...please wait...checking system...I recognize an error at address le00332...I need some repair...oh no, not yet...ignore that! Come here, lick my plastic pussy..fuck me...fuck my tight little plastic pussy."

I couldn't stand it anymore, she was looking so sweet and sexy lying there. I'm normally into any fetish, she would do a Playboy bunny costume, a french maid or any other type of sexy fetish costume for me, but seeing her naked lying before me on the sofa, her big titts pointing straight up in the air, begging for sex, I didn't care for any errors anymore. I knew it was a preprogrammed sex routine that she just executed automatically and it could damage her seriously when I fuck her now, but in the end she always could be repaired.

I pulled out my hard member again and typed a code into the numeric pad under her display while licking and kissing her gorgeous plastic titts. Then I said to her, "Unit LR3391, code 9943, confirm."

"Unit LR3391, accepting command 9943, overriding backup, she said while we kissed each other deeply. She smelled so good, so clean, and sexy but also technical in an erotic way, like a new clean computer out of the box.

"Oh good, I love you so much", I said overwhelmed by her amazing beauty.

"I love you too", she said slightly robotic gently grabbing my hips, guiding me closer.

"Can machines love?", I thought for a brief moment, but that idea vanished quickly. "I have the most beautiful robot wife and she will be beautiful forever", I said to myself. "Oh yes come inside me when you are ready" she said with a sultry voice as she rubbed my now very hard member with her perfect soft and slender hands. Then she invitingly spread her legs.

"I'm ready for you", she said alluring. I kneeled on the sofa and pushed my member slow and gently into her juicy rubber lovehole.

Her lubrication system detected my dick and released a few drops of good smelling fluid. She started to moan, switching automatically beween some preprogrammed audio files. I looked close into her sweet mouth and for a brief moment saw the loudspeaker deep inside her cavity. Every aspect that reminded me of her robotic existence was a big turn on for me. I sometimes can't believe that my wife is a highly advanced precious robotic sex toy now.

Suddenly Cindy's programming took over. She softly pushed me back, stood up, and gently placed me on the sofa. Then she slowly sat down on me. I recognized again how petite she was, she was light like a feather. She took my highly erected member with her hand and slowly guided me deep inside her lovely rubber pussy. She smiled at me and started to move her hips slowly as I noticed her pussy servo systems penetrating my member. She opened another panel above her titts to vent some fresh cool air. I looked fascinated at all here complex electronic and mechanic systems. All those hydraulics working hard, fans buzzing fast, lights blinking frantically, all working synchronized to simulate a living person, to make me believe that she's a real woman pleasing me. That gave me an additional turn on and I was just seconds away from my orgasm. Her programming recognized my growing erection, so she eased off a little bit. Oh good, she was masterful adapting and stimulating my sexual desire to give me long hours of sexual enjoyment. Suddenly I could smell electric burning and I saw 2 red LED's inside her belly panel. I little wisp of smoke was coming from her lovely mouth.

"Cindy, are you O.K.?", I said slightly concerned. "Don't worry", she said with a sweet voice, I can be repaired". She took my member out from her pussy and guided it carefully into her tight rubber anus.

"Oh my good Cindy", I said in ecstasy, you are so tight...Uh, it feels so good."

Her anus panel wasn't equipped with stimulation hydraulics, but it was so tight, it was hard to hold back the orgasm. Cindy smiled, as a small click was heard from her fake abdomen. Her pussy panel did slip forward an inch as she grabbed it with one hand and pulled it out of the crotch socket. She put the plastic pussy unit carefully on the sofa. Now I did see her secret AC and USB connecting panel inside her crouch, blinking red and yellow.

"Isn't that what you wanted to see", she said with a seductive smile. I watched fascinated into her most delicate parts as my arousal lovely climbed again. Suddenly a small bang from inside her chest, followed by a little spark.

"Uhh, no... damage on human emulation circuit...cir...cir...warning...oh fuck...please not yet...oh fuck!"Cindy randomly started to malfunction, her voice switching between human and robotic.

"Danny, I am malfunctioning...ning...malfuc...fuck...you wanna fuck?...Error...uhh, this is bad. Don't worry, I can fix that...fix that...I need repair"

Cindy raised her left arm to her face as she advanced the speed of her penetrations. Her face panel released with a soft click, she took it off and put it on the sofa beside me. I was now looking into a mass of cabling, servo systems and her speaker deep inside her aluminum skull. The speaker sounded now more like a broken little radio as she produced more and more useless words. I felt so sorry for the broken robot, but the same I got hotter. My member was near to explode, it was almost impossible to hold it back now. Cindy was now caught in a total loop, unable to return to her human emulation mode.

"Fuck my plastic...plas...unit...I am unit unit....I am a unit...LR3391...Serial Number 00365c...LR...replica...rep...build...to please..please...men...me...pleasing men...please...help...I need...repair...error at unit nw-c442j...memory...error...warning...this unit needs...oh fuck"

Again she increased her thrust. Her first priority was now to make me cum, even if it went beyond repair. "Fuck...fuck me Danny...Dan, ohhh, so goood...help me...meee...please...I'm Cindy...Cin...Cindy McLaughlin...Mc...I'm programmed to fuck...a fucking machine....I'm just...a machine...Cindy....Unit LR3391...I was made to fuck..to fuck.I... do not want...want...to shutdow...Danny...help...help meeee...down..me..do..noooot...want toooo...shuuuut..fuuuck...robooot....rooooboooot.. "

That was too much for me. I finally let it out inside the robot's tight rubber anus panel. The penetrations got slower as more smoke came from within the chassis. I pulled my member out and put the lovely but out of control robot on the sofa. I located the master switch and pulled it off, but it didn't work. The cassis still spoke skewed words and moved the hips like I was still inside the pussy panel.

Then LR3391 stood up and walked straight through the room right into the wall. Both arms were pulled out of the sockets by the impact and fell on the floor. LR3391 turned 180 degree and crashed into the other wall. Dozens of sparks came from within the whole chassis. Then it felt backwards on the floor as I could hear the sound like a winding down motor still emitting words from the rasping speaker,

Fuck...fuck...please help meeee...do not turn meeee off...I can fix that....fuck my plastic...pussy...Uhh, it feels goooood....I looove...you...do you wanna fuck? Fuck...fucking machine...I am LR3391...Cindy...dy...McLoughlin...fuck...I am just...a...machiiiiiiiine.....

Then LR3391 was lying motionless, still emerging small sparks and wisps of smoke. It was nothing more then a melting piece of highly advanced hardware junk now. I took it up and lay the poor robot, or what was left of it on the large kitchen table. I hoped LR3391 could be repaired and asked myself if she really could feel love...

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