A Huge Add-On

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It was on a dark night, in a small empty sterile room, as a woman in long black hair and pale skin, wearing a black bra and panties, as she was relaxing in a small chair. The woman was relaxing, as another woman with short black hair and fair skin, wearing nothing, showing her bare perky breasts. She then kneeled down and lied right by the woman with long black hair. The woman noticed her and was surprised.

“Huh? Melanie?” She asked, “Is that you?”

Melanie smiled, “Oh, hello, Arianna. How has it been?”

“The same. Not how I was, after I had a night with a hot guy.”

She stood up and asked, “So, why are you naked?”

Melanie said, “Well, I thought we’d have a fun time… some quality time together, using a supportive I got from an ex-girlfriend.”

Arianna asked, “Who?”

Melanie replied, “Her. I thought we’d share a sex time, just us two…”

She pulled out a flesh colored dick and replied, “This used to belong to Sonya… but she broke down. It’s detachable and operative, as we can replace our vaginal area for it.”

“Oh, was she a gynoid, like us?”

“Well, yes. In fact, it works on any hip panel.”

She removed her pussy and attached her huge ten inch cock onto where her pussy was. It started to move, as Melanie giggled, “See? Of course, we cannot do a BJ yet, until it is ready. It needs to warm up, before I can have fun with it…”

Arianna asked, “Why not? I am programmed to do a hand job.”

Melanie said, “Well, this thing broke Sonya down… It’s a sad story… but I should tell you.”

“Was she your ex?”

“Yes. This would be nice to say it. Here’s how it went…”

It happened, months ago. Melanie was relaxing in bed, as she visited by a woman with huge breasts and long brown hair. It was Sonya. She was wearing pink and white lingerie, as she went to bed with her. She then kissed her lips and said, “Hello, darling. Want to make out?”

Melanie and Sonya started to kiss, as they took off their underwear, leaving them naked. Sonya caressed her left breast and licked her face. Melanie giggled, “Oh, come now. That tickles.”

Sonya then said, “You haven’t anything yet. I wanted to try this out. This used to belong to my boyfriend, but he was outdated.”

She instructed, “After all, I am made to please my fellow lovers, including the robots, like you.”

Melanie asked, “Then… Can I try it on?”


“Why not?”

“I don’t think you’d function, seeing that it may make you cum, continuously. I need to detach my pussy and attach it.”


She showed her a huge erect ten inch dick and said, “Here. It’s still erect, but feel it.”

Melanie felt it and laughed, “OH! It’s like a strap-on dildo!”

“Sort of. It’s usually a screw-on.”

Sonya removed her pussy, from her hip, showing her chrome parts from her panel, with a small hole, covered a little bit in dry white gunk. Melanie gasped, “Wow… It must be damaged…”

“Not really. All I have to do is--.”

She beeped, as she froze, “ERROR! Sexual device removed… Please attach vaginal apparatus…”

Melanie attached her dick onto her hip, as Sonya moved again. She then processed her huge add-on and beeped, “Recognized… Ten inch… Frontal hip dildo found…”

She moaned and said, “Sorry. I’m not used to this device. I tried to, myself, but they always fix me up, reattaching my pussy.”

Melanie said, “That’s fine. Hey, since it’s warming up, how about I play with it?”

Sonya moaned, as she rubbed up her right breast, “Oh… I don’t know… I DO feel horny… But…”

She smiled, as she lied down, “Okay. Remember to not go all the way, once it is functioning. This thing will stay erect, even if I am not horny.”

Melanie beeped, as she held her erect add-on, “Acknowledged. Now, shall I suck you dry?”

She then started to feel fazed, staring at her tip of her dildo, as she started to feel hypnotized. She then said, “Shall I fuck you, master?”

Sonya asked, “I said yes, didn’t I?”

Melanie continued to suck her dick, as she closed her eyes and kissed and licked her small tip. She then blushed and clamped on. She licked the tip of her dick, as she was moaning. Sonya moaned, as Melanie inhaled her whole mouth, sucking her entire cock, whole. Melanie felt aroused that she couldn’t stop. Her dick erected up and was stiff, as she licked it. She crawled over to Sonya and moaned, “Was it good enough, Master?”

Sonya asked, “Master?! Why are you talking funny?”

“I don’t know… But I never give up on a man’s Johnson, real or artificial, and have a way with it…”

“Yes, but--.”

They kissed and moaned, as Sonya’s dick went inside Melanie’s pussy. She started humping, as Melanie kissed and licked her face. Sonya held her tight and rubbed her butt, while she was humping. Sonya moaned, as Melanie continued to kiss. She started to heave and moan, “NO… No… I’m going to… Master, I’m cumming… I’m…”

She collapsed onto Sonya and fainted. Her eyes were still open, as she was motionless. Sonya held her and lied her straight down, with her huge dick still inside her. Melanie started to beep.

“Rebooting… Rebooting…”

She moved and smiled at her, saying, “Fuck me…”

Sonya smiled and removed her dick from her hip. She turned her around and began to hump her butt, sticking it inside her. Melanie moaned and groaned, as she started to scream in arousal.

“YES! YEA! More! More! Yes… More! Ah, fuck me, Master… Fuck me…”

Sonya continued humping, as she was starting to groan, “No… I cannot… continue… I’m cumming… No! My cock… isn’t for…”

She beeped and said, “Ah! Yes… Fuck yes… Fuck yes…”

They continued to have sex, as Sonya started to climax a bit. White stuff spouted from her dildo, as Melanie giggled, “Aah… AH! Ah… Yes…”

Sonya removed her dick and said, as she was leaking, “Have a taste?”

Melanie got up, held her dick, and sucked on it, with her mouth. Sonya moaned, as she was resisting. Melanie laughed and said, “It won’t stop. You are like a fountain…”

Sonya then beeped, “Ha… Ha… Climax malfunction… Ha… Ha… Ha… Operational function damaged…”

She bent upward and started to twitch and shake, holding her huge right breast, all while still leaking from her dick, continuously. Melanie turned around and grabbed her dick and sucked on it. Sonya moaned in pain, “AH! AH! Ah! AAAH! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh!”

Melanie continued, as Sonya started to smoke from her body. She started to wail in a high-pitched voice, as her nipples became erect and hard as rocks. Melanie stopped, as Sonya’s dildo stopped leaking.

Melanie whispered, “You’re so hot, Sonya… I love you…”

Sonya stopped in place and slurred. Her body froze, as her eyes went cross-eyed. Melanie cuddled in between her breasts and kissed her. She rebooted and started to make out with Melanie. They continued to kiss, as Sonya’s huge dick was still erect. They stopped kissing, as Sonya asked her, “Mel… Was it good enough?”

“Yes, it was…”

“Well, it was simply a bad idea.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I’m not programmed for this. Every time I have this, my body becomes a bit horny, yet very shaken.”

Melanie looked down her huge dick and said, “That’s fine. I can remove it and put back your soft nest…”

Sonya smiled, as she rubbed her huge right breast and said, “Please do. There’s no need to go on. I should return to the factory and have a maintenance check on me.”

Melanie started to massage her huge shaft, as she felt aroused. Sonya moaned, as she asked her, “Uh… Melanie, what are you doing?”

Melanie beeped, “I need to remove the excess cum in you.”

Sonya said, “That’s the problem… If I have this on, I never stop cumming… Ah… I never stop… Never stop…”

Melanie licked the tip of her dick and said, “More, Master?”

She was mesmerized again, by her huge shaft. She inhaled her whole mouth and started to suck on it again.

“Okay, Melanie… I’m getting tired…”

She clasped onto it and moaned, while sucking it.


She pulled on it, a bit, and wanted more.

“Ouch! Please, give me back my vaginal processor!”

Melanie moaned, with her mouth full of dick, “A little more, Master…”

“Ah… Melanie… Stop!”

Sonya’s dick was still pulled on…


…as Melanie continued to suck and tug her erect and wet dick…


…but then, as Melanie closed her eyes and feel completely aroused, while Sonya’s breasts were hard and erect, with her nipples rock hard…


Melanie tugged tightly, and suddenly pulled her dick out, without use of detaching it.

Sonya screamed, as she moaned, “AAH!!! Oh, I’m cumming… Ah… Ah… Ahh… aaaahh…”

Her hole from below her waist, from where her dick and/or pussy was, started to pour out a small stream of white goo. Melanie continued to suck on the detached dildo, without noticing.

Melanie beeped, as she froze, “Rebooting… Must… suck… dry…”

She froze, as she lifted her left arm, a slight bit up, as her right arm held the dildo. Sonya moaned, as she opened her eyes, “Oh… I am cumming… so much… so…”

She then beeped, “Error! ERROR! Vaginal Apparatus removed… WARNING! Fluid Tank increasingly low… Melanie! What did you do???”

She whirred a bit, as her huge boobs bounced a bit, while her long brown hair waved around, with a bit of sweat in it. She shook and beeped, as her frontal hip continued to pour out the goo.


She started to malfunction, as the pussy-less fembot fell to the floor, twitching and shaking.

“Error!! Vaginal Processor… Sexual Device… Cum! Cum! CUM! Cum! Cum! CUUUUU-!”

She whirred her legs up and down, as she continued to shake and smoke.

“Cu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u--! WARNING! WARNNING!!! FLUID COUNT LOW! Sexual Device damaged…”

Sonya started screaming in high-pitched moans, as her body stopped moving, while wires were sticking out of her vaginal area, with two wires, frayed up. She sparked from her hip, and continued to moan, malfunctioning in a mess. Her hip continued to spew out a portion of white stuff. Melanie fell down, with her dildo in her mouth, and fell, face first, onto a puddle of Sonya’s white fluid. Sonya then stopped screaming and moaned in a high-pitched voice, while it slows down.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-aah! AAAAA!!! AAA!!! AAA!!!”

A cracking sound was made, inside her chest, as she wound down, with her breasts still erect, her hair wet, and her hole leaking out the last of her fluid.


She climaxed and broke down, with her eyes blank and her body motionless. Her hole stopped leaking and produced smoke. Melanie rebooted herself and got up, with her face and hair sopped up in white goo. She then held Sonya’s dildo and moaned, “Aah… It’s dry… I don’t think it doesn’t work, Sonya.”

She crawled to her broken-down lover, “Sonya?”

She stopped and saw her face, curled up and blank. Sonya beeped, as she was speaking in a distorted tone.

“Ucmid oubciska opdnwuc wniabdev…”

Melanie cringed, “Sonya… Oh, Son…”

She froze and without hesitation, she held up her huge dildo and said, “Sonya… Oh, my darling… Sonya…”

She kissed her on the lips, all wet in her face. And as she continued to kiss quietly, she stuck the dildo in her butt and whispered, “I can remove this for you, but you must be fixed… I’m so sorry that it happened. Curse my functions of sucking hogs…”

She beeped, “Oh. I feel. Aroused. Again. Master. Sleep well.”

She got up and started to leave, leaving her friend in a smoking and contorted mess. She turned out the lights and left Sonya’s room.

“When I returned,” she said to Arianna, “The creators said that Sonya broke down, and cannot be fixed. As it turns out, her huge add-on was the cause of it. It is said that fembots like her cannot attach this thing, since it may damage your body. They sent her away and was scrapped.”

Arianna said, “How sad. And you never saw her again?”

“Of course. It’s like she’s in my C-Drive. With her huge cock in me, I can function well, and remember Sonya, after she was damaged.”

Her dick was stiff, as Melanie smiled, “It’s ready.”

Arianna moaned, as she looked at Melanie’s erect dildo. She held it and said, “Now, shall I suck you dry, Melanie.”

Melanie smiled and said, “Go ahead. I’ve always wanted to try it out.”

Arianna started, as Melanie moaned, “Ooh… Sonya… Ah… Forgive me…”

She said, as Arianna continued to BJ her, “Arianna, you and I are going to--.”

She froze in place and was powered down, while Arianna continued on.

“WARNING! Ten inch… frontal dildo… recognized… found… Not a proper attachment… Please update… Please updat--.”

She froze and was motionless. Arianna then moaned, “Was it good enough, Melanie? Shall I continue to suck? Please do not respond.”

She didn’t speak. Arianna continued to suck on the gynoid’s huge dildo, all night long. Melanie, however, never moved for a long while, but her new dick remained stiff and long.

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