A Conversation With Dr. Dyson

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(We see a tall, lovely woman in her early forties, impeccably-dressed, with dark auburn hair. She is sitting comfortably in a large leather-upholstered chair, facing the camera. The voice of an interviewer is heard from offscreen.)

*"...I think we had gotten onto the subject of the Institute's beginnings, your early developments in female android robotics, and your own path to becoming an android... "*

Well, I started out in my early, pre-Dyson, career as a specialist design engineer working in the nuclear power sector. I was engaged in a prolonged project to develop new hardware and software for the insertion and removal of control rods and fuel rods to/from reactors. I was exposed to aspects of artificial intelligence, electromechanical systems, fuzzy logic, high integrity, high reliability systems and a host of other complex hardware and software systems. Of course, initially, I was simply behaving like any other professional engineer in the design team... solving problems, developing new code and mechanical systems and so on. But, then, one day it struck me. For weeks I had been feeling a lot of pressure, mostly from an older male colleague. His increasingly loudly voiced view to the management team was that my aspect of the project was slipping, not technically, but getting too much over on budget and time. No mention, of course, of - if I may say so - of the very effective design of the new fuel and rod management system.

This pressure, combined with the negative impact on my relationship with my husband at home, seemed to trigger something in me... I.... I... well, something clicked in me. There I was, working flat out to make a complex system the best it could be... the most reliable, the most efficient, the most utterly dependent. Whilst I, I myself, I was suffering the limitations and effects of, well, being imperfect, less reliable... simply, human.

One night, after fairly mediocre sex, whilst Michael rolled off to sleep, I sat at my desk in the home office, and began to sketch out the very first high level schematic for what would - eventually - evolve into a replacement android body, designed from day one to act as a "host" for the existing woman. And I make no apology for saying, woman - from day one, this was about women overcoming all, and I mean all, the challenges we face. I feel I know you well enough to admit, if admit is the word, that the very idea of "becoming" a machine, triggered a very erotic response in my psyche. Indeed, truth be told, even in the early days, I ended up masturbating quite intensely as the concepts developed.

This utterly potent mental blend of technical challenge, desire to be better, and sexual subtext, drove me forward towards the most productive period of my life. You can appreciate the value to a woman of feeling herself to be the best possible woman she can be, and all that goes with that feeling... better looks, better mind, better body, better sex... everything. Within months I had, what I felt at the time, to be the basis of a rudimentary design for a female android chassis. But, make no mistake, I saw more gaps the more work I did. The next step, actually, was what made the difference.

I knew that without a small, highly focused team of like-minded people, with very select skills, this project, this dream would remain just that, a dream. I thought very long about how to approach some girls I knew. Girls with the kind of knowledge I needed, but who could, I gauged, be trusted with my dream... trusted to feel the rush I had been feeling for months now. Within weeks, I had gained the support - the very, very willing support, of three very dear female friends, themselves eminent in the fields of neurology, physiology and, crucially, materials science. I had taken some time to prepare a presentation of sorts, blending humor, technology, even sexual politics, and of course hard core technology, to convey the design and more importantly, the idea behind the design. Getting this core team to work was the foundation on which today's Dyson is built. Very early on, we all agreed that truly functional female android bodies, offering a viable alternative to flesh, would for many women, present a fabulous life choice. That drove us forward.

And look where it has taken us... (At this point, Dr. Dyson stands up) Look... years of work, years of passionate belief has led me, and thousands like me to this... (slowly unbuttons her white silk blouse, and unclips a perfectly shaped bra, revealing simply magnificent breasts, falling in perfect poise. With a faint, subtle smile, Dr Elaine Dyson lifts her chin slightly as a faint seam appears, bisecting her upper thorax, between the perfectly toned, balanced breasts, transecting horizontally above and below. The soft hiss of pressurized nitrogen, slightly warmed by dint of bathing a complex package of electronics, is audible as she cups her breasts, and peels open each half of her thorax cavity). This, quite simply, is who I am. This (points with a perfectly shaped finger and nail at a small module to the left of centre) is the very core of me. My digital essence.

Of course, I didn't quite start like this, with this level of technical finesse, but the principles in the design of the machine standing here in front of you are basically the same as those enshrined in the AX500 chassis which I, and my core team of founders, entered all those years ago.

(As she reveals the most intimate details of her history, and her inner workings, one can notice the small movements within some of the components packed into her heavily populated thorax. Her natural movements, graceful and full of poise, are matched by twitching, bouncing, jumping movements in high pressure hydraulic fluid hoses passing through various pathways within the open thorax. Her words are mixed erotically with the faint whirr and hum of actuators, the flashing of small, blue and yellow status LEDs, the brief running of small fans hidden somewhere in the lower segment of the thorax.)

*"I see... so the other women in your team were just as eager to become machines?"*

Yes, the co-founders very quickly became excited and passionate about the very concept of becoming machines. I was also pleased, and relieved, and of course even more aroused, when it became clear that they too were affected by the sense of sexual arousal I experienced. We quickly realized that the whole sexual dimension of becoming machines was in fact a key tenet of what Dyson would become. I guess it's close to every woman's heart, and what could be more attractive than becoming a machine capable of consistent and satisfying sexual performance, for you yourself and of course your partner?

Before long we recognized the fundamental importance of the unit's sexual hardware and software, for many reasons, not least because of the complex issues of how to digitally manage the torrent of data produced and how that torrent should flow into and be handled by the sensory and emotional nodes within the digitized consciousness cortex. Forgive my candor , but, all of us were deeply turned on by becoming fuck machines, in every sense of the phrase. I mean, what greater a challenge could you have, converting friction between a penis and an tube of silicone, essentially, into the fulfilling, satisfying sense a woman has of being well fucked?

*"Oh, indeed... a very significant challenge... though one that has been met and overcome spectacularly!"*

(Dr. Dyson smiles broadly, and in a most provocative manner, cups her leather clad sex in her hand, slowly running it up from sex to the open thorax) Yes, I think I have to agree with you there! I still have to pinch myself sometimes, after deeply satisfying sex - as my Syngina package quietly removes fluids from within my sex and leaves me ready for the next session of intercourse - to remind me that all that pleasure is the result of nothing more than machinery and software.

*"Not to jump ahead of things too much, but I would love to know more about your becoming a machine... about actually making that same transition. What an amazing experience that must have been!"*

Oh, indeed it was incredible ... the tension, the excitement, the arousal, and to be honest, the fear! For months we had assembled a host of Elaine Dyson body parts... heads, pelvic modules, limbs and so on. All had been tested, refined, re-tested, dismantled, scrapped and built again. Seeing all this I could scarcely cope with the emotional and sexual onslaught.

Seeing my potential new head, for example... one day its face would be smiling, frowning, laughing, before suddenly taking on a grotesque, "inhuman" contortion as a driver or piece of facial actuation hardware failed. My legs and pelvis walking, running, jumping along the test bed, with a torrent of proprioception and telemetry data flooding back to analysis terminals... many episodes of sudden, spasmodic failures in systems, with the horrifying - yet deeply erotic - spectacle of the legs and pelvis racing off, tearing data and power lines, before smashing into the wall, then falling to the floor, twitching and writhing. Although these displays were of technical difficulty, I found them massively erotic and masturbated frequently from the observation booth, feeling ever more confident that we would overcome the problems and that I would soon be "becoming" that assembly of machinery. And of course, seeing my 'new' head being used sexually, in ways that I had never previously countenanced... things like deep throating and performing oral sex on a female pelvis... well, that was too much very often.

*"I don't doubt it... and I have to wonder, if I might go so far as to ask, if the other ladies in your team found the displays equally arousing... if sometimes that led to some of you seeking routes of sexual release together, rather than individually... or was that perhaps something that would only come into play once you had become machines?"*

That's a great question! I think, truth be told, that each of us thought about engaging in lesbian sex or at least some kind of assisted masturbation as we looked on at some of the more erotic testing work. However, after we came online, that's when the fireworks truly began. It was amazing how unbridled we all became once we became machines.

*"Was that merely a development that came about on its own, or if perhaps it was something, shall we say, software-assisted?"*

The very basic impulse developed on its own, organically, as it were! However, as machines, we quickly realized that the obvious opportunity existed to write and install new software and drivers to allow us to explore more fully each others bodies sexually. It was around that time also that we developed the plan to capture and digitize a vast database of female sexual experience, if possible from hot late teen sex through to the seasoned fucking of experienced wives and prostitutes.

*"Were you the first of the core group to undergo the transition?"*

Yes, indeed. I felt obliged to take the risk, having dragged my friends into this enterprise, even though they were now more than willing. I can remember it very clearly. The new me, finally assembled and tested to the extent that I felt I could risk my life. The sense that we were ready to digitize me safely and reliably, the sense that the new body could perform effectively... whether talking, walking, or fucking... all these feelings were there.

I stood in front of AX501, its paplexus open, its thorax open, its eyes gleaming solid black. Imagine the rush I felt when the unit was energised... "Unit AX501, Dr Elaine Dyson.... initiating...." all in my voice.

But, rather cleverly it has to be said, my colleagues had programmed the unit to look right at me and say, "Hello Elaine, I am AX501 - Elaine, I am the new you". Honestly, my heart leapt, my pelvis throbbed with arousal... I actually had the erotic fantasy of being slowly strangled by the new me, almost climaxing at the idea of expiring as the black, gleaming eyes of the new me looked into the flushed face of the organic it would replace. Strange and wonderful how one reacts to these things.

Seeing my excited state, the girls hugged me, calmed me and got me relaxed into the transfer chamber. I was nervous, but excited... this was it, the point of no return. I kept reminding myself of the competence of the team, the meticulous testing, refining and re-testing. But above all, it dawned on me just how much I wanted this, and that by doing it, I would be best placed to convince others to join me... to give up all they know, and become machines.

Before long the drugs entered my bloodstream and the scanner whirred into life around my head... then, seeing the reassuring faces of my friends, I slipped into blackness... I have no way to gauge how long elapsed, but the next fragment of recollection is of seeing the window into the chamber, rather than the ceiling which had been my perspective previously. The image flickered, a number of times, and contrast and brightness levels varied, sometimes suddenly. I immediately noticed that my sense of head-centredness had gone, and I became aware of information and graphical data appearing, with instant meaning, in my field of view.

Then, I could see the girls in front of me... "Elaine, can you hear us, Elaine?"

I could immediately recognize the look of concern, tempered with technical professionalism on the faces. My response came naturally, calmly, without hesitation... "Yes, ladies... standby... Dr Elaine Dyson, AX501 - status online, data structures intact, systems normal." This was met with smiles all around, followed by hugs, and it was amazing to see how the girls approached me in a way such as to avoid the cables emerging from my opened paplexus. I felt hands on my shoulder turning me to face a full length mirror, and there it was, open for me to see... my paplexus, the gateway to my new life as a machine That was the zero moment for me, the moment I knew beyond doubt, that I had, finally, become a machine.

*"It must have been truly incredible. I presume that, following some necessary testing and calibration, things were set in train for the other ladies to follow suit as soon as practical?"*

Absolutely, yes. But the testing of my systems was extensive. By definition, I almost had to be tested to destruction.

*"That in itself must have been fascinating to undergo... and then to be repaired, even rebuilt, each time... and each time, being made better than the last... debugged, flaws corrected, systems running more smoothly... each time becoming more perfect, on the course to not merely being a machine but a perfect machine, a perfect android woman... a perfect Dr. Elaine Dyson... it must have been an amazingly intense introduction to the sheer eroticism of actually being an android!*"

Oh God yes!

(more to come...?)

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