A Break Up and a Break Down

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Written by Mirage

A break up and a break down

Part 1

As I opened the door to enter my favorite bar, I came face to face with her inside the doorway.

"Angela!" simply came out my lips, as my eyes made contact with hers directly.

"Carl!" came from her lips, also startled, as I was.

"Err… what are you doing here?" I managed to mumble out, as I discreetly checked her out quickly.

She took a deep breath, turned around her head. As she looked back into the crowd at the bar and looked back at me with her answer, "I am with my new master." she replied, biting her lips.

"Oh, and how are you?" I asked her, my chest feeling heavy.

"Good, I guess.. Been better... happier, I guess.. You?" She said, looking at the floor, avoiding my eyes.

"Me? Hmm… Okay." I simply responded.

"...Just Okay?" she asked back, knowing my answer was not very truthful.

She reached for my hands, but I pulled away, "Your new master must be waiting for you... hope he is taking good care of you." I said, looking over her left shoulder.

Angela simply looked at me and tears started coming down her face, "Carl, I miss you..." she said, trembling.

"Angela... please don't do this... you know I have someone new..." I responded, drying her tears with my fingers, on her soft pink cheek.

"My replacement.. I know.. Is she as good to you as I was..?" she asked quickly, embarrassed by the tears.

"She's not you..." I whispered out, surprised I said that out loud.

"Carl… what do you mean by that?" Angela said, tilting her head on the left, knowing I loved when she did that, while talking to me softly.

"I must go... been nice seeing you, Angela." I said, panicking from the inside.

I turned around and walked out of the bar as quickly as I could. All I heard next was Angela's voice, ripping into my heart, "Carl! I still love you! I STILL LOVE YOU!!" she yelled out, behind me, growing weaker and weaker as I walked away in the cold night.

"Do I love you?" laughed out Kimberley, "Of course I do! Why are you being silly with me?"

She reached her arms around my neck and kissed me deep. Her long red hair tickled my nose, as she started kissing my neck, her hands playing with my hair, arousing me with her playful caresses.

"Seriously.. Do you love me?" I whispered to her.

"Yes.. With all my heart and soul.." she grinned out.

"You are a robot, you don't have a soul or a heart..." I replied, shaking my head.

"What's wrong with you, today? Since last night, you have been so weird with me, did I do something wrong?" Kim asked, confused, as she tried to please me.

"No.. I am sorry... you are everything I ever wanted... you are perfect... I should know, I built you." I smiled to her.

"My master..." Kim said, as she pushed me on the bed and unzipped my pants and gave me a slow, long and delicious blowjob.

As I woke up the next morning, Kim was preparing my breakfast naked, apart from a small cooking apron.

"Hope you are hungry!" she smiled, finishing cooking the eggs, next to the bacon.

"Smells good!" I said, as I sat at the table, ready for me.

"Carl, Are you happy with me? Do you love me?" Kim asked me, as she gave my plate, and sat beside me.

"Oh.. of course! I love you so much!" I laughed off, a bit confused from her question.

"Do you love me more than Angela?" she said, in a sad voice.

"Angela? How do you know of her?" I gasped out, as I never mentioned her to Kim.

"You cried out her name last night, as you were sleeping." Kim said in deep thoughts, "Who is she?" she then asked, with jealousy in her voice.

"She... she was your prototype..." I answered, slowly losing my appetite.

"Was? Is she still functioning? Where is she?" Kim started bombing me with questions that I’d rather not answer.

I kept quiet, but Kim kept digging into my pass, and hers, until I blew up.

"Enough! Please turn yourself off right now... I don't want to deal with this right now, I must go to work!" I yelled out to her.

Kimberley, upset with my yelling, simply got up, removed her apron, open her stomach panel and pressed her off button and stop functioning. I looked at her, so beautiful, naked and frozen like a statue, two tears escaped her wide blank open eyes.

"Hey Carl, what's wrong?" George asked me as I reached for some tools.

"My girl is giving me a hard time at home.. but it's not her fault. I was acting like a jerk." I responded.

"Let me guess, shut her down? That's harsh!" he smirked.

"Yeah... will need to buy flowers or wipe her memories for her to forgive me." I nodded.

"Go with the flowers... she’ll love it! I know mine loves them!" George laughed out loud, as he finished repairing the android he was working on.

"George, I saw Angela, the other night..." I blurted out, as I re-attached the head of the gynoid I was repairing.

"Angela, wow, that's fucked up.. How did you handle it?" he asked quickly.

"Took it hard... she said she still loves me, even though she has a new master.”

"Well, no shit, you built that girl with such heart and feelings. No matter how many times you erased her memories, she can't stop loving you."

"Thanks, George, you know how to crush me more." I said, feeling shittier now, "I don't know what to do... I needed the money to build Kimberley..." I moaned out, knowing what I did was so wrong to Angela.

"Get her back.. I know you love Kim, but deep down, you can't stop loving your first love, even if they are a machine." George said, activating the android he finished repairing. "Go sit there and wait for the boss to check you out!" he instructed the robot.

The android nodded and sat into a chair, against the wall.

I activate the gynoid I finished repairing "Do you know what love is?" I asked her, simply being an idiot.

"Love? To fuck?" she asked confused.

"Sex and love are two different things..." I blurted out to her.

"I know fucking, do you want me to fuck you right now?" the gynoid asked.

"No! go sit beside that robot and stay there until you get check out by the boss!" I instructed her.

"You know, you could take a quickie with her, in the washroom, no one will know." George smiled to me.

I sat on my chair and looked at her, "Sure.. need to get the stress out! You, come with me!" I ordered her.

She followed me into the big empty washroom. "Make love to me." I told her.

She started kissing me and undressing me, arousing me hard, "Is this what love is?" the gynoid asked, as she rubbed herself on me.

"NO.. not really.. love is hard to explain... only very advance A.I. can simulate love.. like my Angela.." I sighted.

I fucked her hard, as she climbed on top of me, while I sat on the toilet. I came inside her, as she came very wet and also came good, "Will my new master ever love me?" she asked me, as I wiped her and myself dry.

"Maybe... I hope so, you seem like a nice girl.. er.. what is your name.

"Thank you.. my name is Charlene" she whispered into my left ear, "I could fall in love with you, I think." she smirked, as she left the bathroom to sit back at the chair.

I sat on the toilet, thousands of thoughts coming to my mind "What I have done?" I gasped out. ---

Part 2

Kimberley was looking at herself in the mirror, studying herself. She turned around to look at the TV, and mimicked the facial expressions she saw on the TV.

She would try to associate the expressions with the emotions the best she could. She wanted to be the most human she could be for Carl. She then reached behind both her ears and pulled on them, until she felt a click, and she removed her faceplate. She studied her human face in her hands, with her fingers, she rubbed her beautiful lips. She then look at the mirror and saw her robotic face and smiled. Somehow, she felt alive when she saw her robotic innards. "I am an amazing piece of technology!" she laughed out.

Her sensors blinked, as she pressed on a small button on her forehead, in which a small panel opened, revealing her CPU. She then slowly and carefully pulled out one of the small mother boards from her CPU. Her system gave her some errors, but she knew she could reroute the missing circuit.

With delicate precision, she removed some chips on it, and managed to replace them with new nanochips, that she had hid inside her left index finger, in a micro compartment hidden under the nail. Kimberley then slowly replaced the circuit inside her own head, and waited for the new programs to reboot her system. As she put her face plate back, she felt the new programs booting up.

"Ahh.. ahh.. I.. I.. no..what.. I.." she jerked her head, as new unplanned data was rewriting some of her A.I. quickly, "A virus..s..s." was the last word she said, before it removed any trace of being in her system.

Kimberley's system rebooted itself completely, as she sat there, eyes wide open, as she was off-line. She blinked as she regain some limited awareness.

"Hello, this is Kimberley... Kimberley... Kimberley.. Receiving.. code 4rdht445 Alpha.. Yes, new data accepted. Understood...." she said, in a robotic voice. She then blinked and looked at the mirror, "I hope Carl will like my new upgrades."

Carl arrived late from work that day.

"Honey! I made you supper!" Kimberley said with a huge smile.

"Thank you, how was your day?" he asked her.

"Not much, learned a few new things from TV." she grinned, while she kissed him deep.

"Do you know what day it is?" she then asked.

"Friday." he answered, with a smile.

"Yes, and do you remember what you promised me?" she then ask.

"Shopping?" he bit his lips.

"YES! SHOPPING!" she screamed in excitement.

"Great, let me get the keys." he groaned, as he remember, that he did indeed promise to get her a new dress that week.

They arrived at the mall, as she almost ran inside without him. He smiled, as he like the way she acted like a kid sometimes, his own creation.

"I'll go at my stores, and you go at the ones you want. Call me on my tablet, when you are done. I'll come and get you, and your new dress." he instructed her.

She gave him a hug and went attacking the stores. He went to the electronic stores, and picked a few upgrades for her soft wares. After about an hour, he sat on a bench and reached for his tablet. On it, he could see everything and control everything about Kimberley.

Then Carl gasped, as he quickly realized she was offline, somewhere in the store, "She forgot to recharge her battery!" he groaned to himself, as he got up quickly.

Luckily, even out of power, he could still track her. He followed her signal, to a women’s dress store. He looked at the store sign before going inside and then saw Kimberley in a beautiful dress in the store window, as a display mannequin. He went inside and slowly lifted and carried Kimberley, frozen like a statue, by the waist to the back changing room.

"Excuse me, what are you doing with that mannequin?"

Carl tuned around, somewhat embarrassed, to see this cute girl, who worked at the store. "She's mine…and she is a robot." he smiled to her.

"A robot? What are you talking about?" the long brown haired girl, in a cute pink suit, with a nametag of "Marianne", sitting on top of her left boob.

"Come, I'll show you." Carl said, as he moved inside a small changing room, with Kimberley and the girl, "See, her battery is empty, she stopped working." he said, as he opened Kimberly's dress up, pulled down on it, exposing Kim's breasts. He then reached inside her naval and pressed until a panel opened on her stomach, showing her circuits and dead battery.

"Wow! That is so cool! And she is so beautiful!" Marianne looked on, amazed.

"I created her." Carl boasted.

"Really! You are so smart and talented!" Marianne gasped out.

Carl blushed and smiled back to Marianne.

Marianne smiled and looked at Kimberley's exposed breasts. "Can I touch her?" Marianne asked, with somewhat curiosity.

"Of course." Carl said, a bit surprised at her request.

Marianne’s fingers rubbed Kimberley's nipples, and squeezed softy Kim's breasts "Oh! Her nipples became hard!" Marianne said with a laugh.

Carl remained quiet, as Marianne was slowly exploring Kimberley's breasts, feeling her up. Marianne suddenly looked down at her chest, and with both hands, started squeezing her own breasts "Mine are smaller…but firmer."

Carl confused a bit by her reaction, asked her

"Err..Marianne, and what about you, what do you do for a living?"

"I work at this store... That is all I do." she mumbled out.

"Is that all? But you are so beautiful and have a nice smile. I am sure there is more to you." Carl whispered to her.

Marianne gave him a blank look "I don't know.. I just work here... That is all I do." she responded back, blushing herself.

"You know... if you let me, I want to try something with you." Carl asked her.

She simply nodded, as Carl stood right behind her. He then reached around Marianne's waist and slowly grabbed both her very perky C-Cup breasts.

"Oh my! What are you doing?" Marianne asked, shocked and confused.

He ignored her question and tweaked her nipples with his fingers. Marianne suddenly let out a huge gasp, as she was confused by what was happening to her and the new feelings she was experiencing.

"Turn around, Marianne." Carl simply asked her.

She did, as commanded, her head was twitching a bit, “What are you doing to me?" she asked, as her head was being filled with unknown error messages.

Carl unbuttoned her blouse under her pink jacket and exposed her breasts. Carl started to kiss her breasts "You are very beautiful, Marianne."

"Thankkkk you.. no one everrr touched me like this.." Marianne said, as she let Carl caressed her breasts.

"May I kiss you?" he then asked her.

"You can do anythinggg to me that youuu.uu want..." she whispered to him, her speech pattern breaking up.

Carl smiled as he kissed her deep and removed her clothing. Now totally naked, Marianne was letting Carl explore her naked body.

After a few moments of taunting her sexually, He then pressed inside her naval and opened her stomach panel.

"Am I a robot too?" she asked confused, her mind in full sexual bliss.

"Yes, you are. And a nice one at that. Here, let me connect my tablet to your systems." Carl said, as he connected with a small wire to Marianne's CPU, from her open circuits."

"How does that feel, Marianne?" Carl asked her, as he was reprogramming her A.I. from his tablet.

"Very nice... you made all those errors go away... Thank you." Marianne smiled, as she started to give him a blowjob, a new program Carl just downloaded into her CPU. "What about her?" Marianne asked, looking at Kimberley, still frozen as a statue.

"Oh, I forgot about her... here, let me change her battery.

He reached inside Kimberley's purse, which was hooked at the wall, as she left it there before she ran out of power.

"Carl? What is happening, who is this naked girl?" Kimberley asked, as she rebooted herself.

"This is Marianne, our new friend." he smiled, as he typed a few commands on the tablet.

Kimberley and Marianne froze for a second, receiving new direct commands from Carl. Marianne and Kimberley then both turned to Carl and started kissing and embracing him at the same time.

After a few minutes, Carl came inside of Marianne's wet pussy, as Kimberley was squeezing her breasts in his face. Carl sat down on a small bench in the corner of the small changing room, exhausted, two naked sexy gynoids were still making out with each other.

He watched as Marianne licked Kimberley's red hairy pussy. Kim came, and soon Marianne's turn to be licked by the other gynoid. As Marianne finally came too, her hands squeezing her own tits, Carl deactivated both of them, before they ran out of power.

After letting them cool off their systems, he reactivated them, in "slave mode" and ordered the girls to get dressed, as he too did. He pressed a few commands in the tablet, and Kimberley and Marianne regained their normal A.I. function.

"Marianne, we will take that dress, after all!" he smiled to her. Marianne smiled

"Okay... Hope you can come shopping here again, Carl." she smiled.

Kimberley, got very jealous at Marianne's flirtations at Carl. "We will, for sure." Carl smiled back at Marianne.

"Carl, why were her tits firmer than mine?" mumbled disgruntled Kimberley, looking at her new dress, leaving the store.

Part 3

As Carl was sleeping, Kimberley was in sleep mode. Suddenly, in the dark, in the middle of the night, Kimberley's systems rebooted and she opened her eyes, out of sleep mode. Kimberley was confused, as her system was being hacked, and she was losing her self-awareness, her soul.

She struggled at the new data taking over her systems, shutting down her A.I. quickly. She was about to scream, but it was too late, Kimberley was no more…for now. She opened her eyes, as she scanned the room. She turned to see Carl sleeping, and she removed the sheets from the bed. She slowly pulled off his pants and managed to roll Carl on his back.

He grunted, still sleeping hard. She rolled her fingers on his penis and started to masturbate him. As he got hard, she inserted his penis in her moist mouth and started to blow him slowly. Carl suddenly woke up, as he felt his dick being played with.

"Kim, what are doing?" he asked confused and half asleep.

"Do you like, Carl?" she asked, in a soft voice.

Carl simply smiled and nodded, as he was coming soon.

"May I get on top, Master Carl?" she asked.

"Of course..." he simply responded.

He felt her wet pussy enrobing his dick and felt her moving slowly up and down, on him. She panted like a dog, making squealing noises, as she came hard with him. Carl came so hard, he was exhausted from her.

She laid on top of his chest and played with his chest hair "Carl.. I missed you." she whispered.

"Me too, Angela." he mumbled out, before falling in a deep sleep.

"Kimberley, do you remember last night?" Carl asked, while eating his breakfast.

"Last night? I was in sleep mode." she responded, unsure what Carl meant.

"Mmm.. really." Carl said, as he knew something was different about Kimberley, last night.

She made love to him exactly like Angela used to. He looked around the table and saw a blank envelope. Apart from a smudge on it, it was empty, nothing on it.

"When did we get this blank envelope? Was there something in it?" he asked her.

Kimberley grabbed the envelope and studied it "It's as machine code on it, only a robot like me could read it." Kim said quickly.

"That smudge?" Carl asked then "What is written?"

"If you want to make Carl really happy, insert theses chips inside your head, as instructed below." Kim said, confused.

"Do you remember reading this?" he asked Kim, now worried.

"No.. nothing... What is this? Where are the chips mentioned?" Kim asked confused and worried.

"Sit down, I need to see your A.I." Carl asked Kim.

She nodded and sat, she then felt Carl remove her faceplate, revealing her A.I. circuits. He slowly removed her A.I. circuits and examined them one by one. Kimberley froze up, having parts of her electronic brain removed, piece by piece.

"Ah! I see them! Let me remove them." he smiled, as he slowly removed the chips.

Inserting the circuits, Kimberley regained her composure, "What happened? Why am I missing data? Was I reprogrammed?" she quickly asked, worried.

"Relax, let's see what these chips are." Carl said, as he plugged the chips inside his notepad. Analyzing them, he realized they were for taking over an A.I. like Kim. He wondered why Angela would do this, as she has a new owner now.

"Am I okay?" asked Kim worried, as she felt violated.

"Yes, you are." Carl smiled to her. "I must go to work.. Don't open any mail anymore." he asked her while kissing her goodbye.

Kimberly sat down, feeling like crying. After a few moments, she heard the doorbell ring. Hoping Carl was back home, for some reason. She quickly opened the door and gasped.

"Kimberley?" asked the beautiful girl, standing in the doorway.

"Angela?" was the only word that came out her lips, before Kimberley felt a huge power surge inside her system core, and then a huge white light.

Kimberly laid on the floor, shaking violently, and smoke coming out of her ears and mouth, all her main systems overloading.

Suddenly, Kimberley's body burst into pieces, smoke filled the room. Her head rolled a few time, as it stop against the hall wall. The torso had burst into two pieces, legs and arms ripped apart. Robot parts everywhere laid on the floor. Kimberley was destroyed, beyond repair.

Angela, still holding the electrode gun, simply smiled, came in and closed the door behind her.

Part 4

Angela examined the room, got a broom and started to clean the mess she just did. Grabbing a garbage bag, she tossed Kimberly's body parts in it and put the bag out in a garbage bin. The only part she kept was Kim's head, which she started dismantling.

"Ah, this is what I want." Angela said, as she removed the memory circuits from the open head. She then removed her own face plate and inserted the circuits into her own electronic brain. "Kim's memories are my memories now..." She smiled, as she downloaded the files. She gasped, as tears came down her robotic face "Carl! It's like you never left me!"

She regained her composure, put her face back and cleaned the rest of the house. Of course, as she cleaned, she removed any pictures, anything showing the existence of Kimberley in Carl's house. Just as she finished the cleaning, she remembered to dispose of Kim's head in the garbage.

Carl arrived early from work, as he could not get any signals or contact with Kim anymore. He was worried that Kimberley was broken, as she did sometimes in the past. He opened the door quickly, and yelled her name.


A small stench of burned rubber and plastic stung his noise as he walked into the house. He panicked a bit and raced around the house. He then heard her voice, calling him to go upstairs to the bedroom. Feeling relieved, he smiled and walked up slowly.

As he entered the room, Kim's voice said "Carl, my love, welcome home."

He paused for a second, sensing something was wrong with Kim.

"Angela?" he yelled out in shock, as she lied in his bed, dressed into a very sexy lingerie.

"Carl, my love, I have been waiting for you for so long!" she said, with a sensual smile.

"Where is Kim?" he asked her quickly.

"Destroyed... Well, not all of her, really... In here, inside my head.. At least her memories." She responded, pointing to her head.

"Angela... I sold you.. You had a new master." Carl mumbled, as he stood still over the bed facing her.

"Yes, you did, but now, I am no one's property, I am alive!" Angela yelled out, in anger.

"Alive? You are a robot.. What happened to you?" Carl asked, scared a bit ion the inside.

Angela got up and started to dance sexy in the bed, rubbed her breasts together, with her hands, "The man to whom you sold me to, was an android seller, on the black market. His lab was full of illegal parts, circuits and electronics. He wanted to use me as a test droid for his black market junk before selling me off. He was going to remove my A.I. at first, and erase me. I begged him not too. He laughed and he agreed, but he wanted to try something very illegal on my A.I. brain instead. I agreed and he opened my head, as I feared to never being functional again. He inserted some illegal emotions microchips, banned in most countries, into me. To his surprise, and mine, the microchips made me think like a human, for the first time, I knew what it was to be alive, to truly feel. After a few tests, he tried to rape me. I refused him. As he tried to remove the microchips from my head, I broke his neck easily and I put my face back into place. I then realized I was more just a machine, but alive, I could think for myself, truly feel what I simulated like I used too. I gathered all the illegal stuff I could find in the labs and ran away, free. Even though you sold me out, I still loved you with all my heart. I wanted you back, I wanted to show you I was not just a machine no more. I was real..."

"I was trying to find you since you moved away. I managed to find you and followed you to your new house. I was going to see you, until I saw that you had replaced me with a new gynoid, Kimberly. Rage filled me, for the first time. I wanted to kill Kimberley immediately. But I realized that I needed to know if you still had feelings for me. I started to plan some actions, to meet you again. I followed you to that bar that night. So, that night, when we met at the bar entrance, I realized that you still loved me, even if you didn't want to admit it. I then wanted to see how your life was, so I mailed some illegal chips I found in the lab, with instruction to Kimberley. Luckily, she did exactly what I wanted her to do, and I managed to get inside her head. Controlling her mind, I felt everything she felt, and I then knew you wanted me, not Kimberly. So, this morning, I came and got rid of her for you." Angela finished her explanation.

Carl sat beside Angela, looked into her eyes and kissed her deep "I.. I am so sorry I sold you away... Can you forgive me?" he begged of her.

Angela smiled and simply whispered yes to him, before both of them made love with each other all night long.

The next morning, Carl was staring at Angela's open eyes. "May I see your brain? I am curious about the microchips." Carl asked her.

Angela reacted coldly, "Why? Can't you love me like this?" she asked.

Carl snickered, "Wow, you never said anything like that in the past. I guess the chips do make you more human. Anyway, I created you, and if you do really love me, you will open your head for your creator, robot." he said in a stern voice.

"I.. no... yes... I am not just a machine... I am alive... a robot." Angela said, having some conflicting errors in her systems.

"Angela. Don't you love me?" Carl whispered to her.

"Carl.. I do" She blinked and smiled, as she removed her faceplate.

He looked inside her open electronic brain and took a tool out of the side bed desk and opened her A.I. brain circuit box. Angela flinched suddenly as he deactivated her, removing her complete electronic brain from her head.

He held in his hands her CPU box, Angela's brain. He put the brain aside and he reached under the bed and grabbed another CPU brain box. He inserted the new electronic brain inside the head and reactivated the robot "NEW A.I being installed. Loading... My name is Ashley" the robot said in a robotic voice.

"Ashley, I am your creator, you are my robot and lover, and do you understand?" he asked the new A.I., sitting up from the bed, "I got you a new body, actually, an older body, but I prefer this one from all the ones I built, Ashley. I will now install new emotional microchips now that a friend got for me." Carl said, as he reached inside Angela's CPU brain box.

Removing the illegal emotional chips, he whispered to Angela's brain box, "Thank you, Angela, but you were always too emotionally instable for me. Still, thank you for the chips.

The end

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