A.D.P.I. Case 3: Transformation Of A Butterfly

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Written by Mirage

A.D.P.I. Case 3: Transformation Of A Butterfly

Part 1

“Careful where you step, sir, you might get some blood on you." the policeman told me.

“Welcome Detective O'Conner, we have a nice one for you this night." the same old police Captain whose name eludes me all the time said.

"Momika, what do you think?" I asked my partner.

"Stewart.... analyzing this crime scene.... Definitely looks like the work of a female boomer." she said, looking at the bloodied room.

I nodded and went to see the bodies which were all killed very violently.

“And where is the boomer?” I asked.

“This way... the AD police had a tough time taking it down. It reacted very strangely, not like most boomer patterns.” the young policeman told me.

Momika came and looked at it. She got up quickly and look at me strangely, “It’s not a boomer....” she paused.

“What?” I asked confused.

“It’s.. It was human...” She mumbled out.

“Fuck ...” I whispered. Grabbing my hat, I knew this case would be different. “Transformation.... Never seen it before... Nasty shit...” I mumbled out.

“Erica Koshy. Age 24. Worked as a bank receptionist.” Momika told me the info out loud.

“Great, what else.” I said, looking at my shoes, touching the dirty floor of the cold morgue of AD police.

“She had a cybernetic arm... that’s how she was infected by these nanoprobes.” the morticians yelled to me, looking at a microscope.

“I hate this nano shit stuff... scare the hell out of me... Glad that nano-technology was banned by the UN many years ago.” I said, looking at the dead girl’s body.

“But sadly, some scientists still want to play God with nanotech...” Momika said, looking at the reports.

“It seems the nanos got in her artificial limbs and then transformed themselves to match her DNA and infected her blood, slowly changing her body and DNA to metal and plastic, turning her into a living boomer.” Momika continued.

“Arrgh! I hate this! Forced transformation.... it’s so wrong!... Being a cyborg myself... I am so scare of losing my humanity to technology.....” I groaned out.

I looked at Momika, who’s a boomer herself, look at me in some way sad from my rants. “Sorry... I didn’t mean it... It’s just ...” I mumbled out.

“I understand... don’t worry..” she smiled.

I sat down, not sure what to do “She’s the first of many...I just know it..” I mumbled out, distressed.

Sadly, I was right, in one week, same thing happened to four other women, all changed into boomers and went AWOL.

Part 2

“So, can we calculate how quickly the nanos do the final changes?” I asked Momika who was looking at the data from the scientists who were helping us.

“About 48 hours... The brain is the last to go, and due to rejections, that is when the victim goes crazy and does max damage.” She said with a serious tone.

“So, what is the purpose to this?” I asked confused.

“Well, the scientist doing this is an expert in nanotech, that is for sure. The only link we have with all victims are that they are between 20-30 years old and have at least one artificial limb to infect the nanos into them.” Momika continued.

“And the nanos, what are they made off?” I quizzed my partner.

“Strangely, some sort of liquid metal like mercury.” she answered.

I looked at her, “Who would have this means of doing technology like this...” I mumbled out.

Momika look at me and smiled, “Genom..?”

I nodded and grabbed my coat.

“Here is his file... Doctor Makazoki.. He was fired about two years ago. We discovered he was secretly trying to make nanoprobes in secret. Due to its illegal and dangerous issues, we destroyed all of his work and fired him. That is all we can tell you.” The long tall man in a suit said to me.

I looked at the picture, “He’s pretty young...and handsome.” I notice out loud.

“I guess so...” Momika smiled.

“He was somewhat of a skirt chaser... Many female workers reported being sexually harassed by him.” the man smiled.

Getting jealous of Momika staring at the picture, I folded the picture and thanked the Genom VIP.

Sitting in the car, I thought for a second. “Arrogant... that what I think he is..” I mumbled out.

Momika let out a light laugh, “Why do you say that?”

“All the victims, all pretty women... he could have meet them in bars... Maybe he’s turning them into androids so he can have total control over them... Mind and body...” I said quickly.

Momika didn’t like this, but agreed it might be the motive.

“At least we have a face now.... let’s try to find him.” I smiled, feeling the hunt is now on.

Sadly, he was nowhere to be found. So, me and Momika, we went bar to bar showing his picture around.

“If I seen that guy? Sure, he’s right there!” a barman pointed to him, talking to a girl.

I grabbed my gun and walked to him. He looked up and saw me coming. He panicked and grabbed the girl as a hostage.

“Don’t come closer!” he yelled out to me and Momika.

The girl was drunk and laughing, thinking it was a joke. He then reached in his coat pocket and took out a vial.

“Let me escape and I don’t throw this on the floor and infect the entire bar!” he yelled out more.

“Let her go!” I screamed at him, targeting his forehead.

“NOW!” he screamed back.

People started to panic and run out of the bar.

“GO!” I screamed back, putting my gun away.

Momika was looking at me, not sure what to do. The man hid the vial and ran out with other people panicking. I sat there, angry. Momika called in the cops to try to follow him.

“We lost him...” Momika reported to me.

I sat at my desk, steamed.

“And the girl he was holding... she’s been infected already... The scientist are doing the best they can...but... it’s likely she’ll change in 40 hours.. The nanos are all in her blood stream.” Momika said, looking at me sad.

“Would you kill me if I was infected?” I asked her.

“Of course not! I would never!” she barked out.

“But if I would asked you too.. Would you?” I continued.

“I can’t! Never! It’s against my programming. I have commands in my CPU just in case.” she said sharply.

“Turn around.” I commanded her.

She didn’t refuse my command even though she knew what I was going to do to her CPU. Pressing a small bump in her neck, a small panel opened in the back of her skull, showing her main CPU processors.

“Don’t... Please..” she begged.

Pressing a small red button, I gave her a direct command overriding her A.I. and programming “If I ever become infected with the nanos, you are to kill me!” I programmed her to accept this command.

“Command accepted.” she said in a cold robotic voice.

I closed her up and she looked at me, tears rolling down, “Please never be infected.” she begged.

I kissed her deeply, “I promise.” I whispered to her.

Part 3

I went to see the girl who was infected by the nanos from the bar. The scientist managed to sedate her before she could realized what was happening to her.

"Anything you can do for her?" I asked the lead scientist working to save her.

"Sadly, nothing, she is already 63% infected." he moaned out in despair.

I looked at her and grabbed my gun.

"BLAM!" the sound of my gun was heard on the entire lab.

Scientists gasped in horror at my action.

"You killed her!" someone yelled in horror.

I said nothing and left the lab. Knowing shooting her in the brain was probably the only real way to kill her before full transformation.

"Burn her body, completely." was my last phrase to them while I entered the elevator.

Leaving my office, I left for the night. Momika stayed the night at the office in case something would happen about the case. Seating in my car, I closed my eyes, not trying to think of the girl I just mercy killed. Suddenly, I felt a gun barrel right on my left temple of my skull.

“Drive to this location, Detective." my captor instructed me.

“How are you, Doctor Zen Makazoki?" I asked him.

“Shut up, lab rat! Drive!" he laughed out.

“You like to be in power, don't you?" I asked him.

“Yes....Having total control over someone is a rush.... Makes you feel you are invincible, in some way." He laughed out more.

“That is why the nanos?" I quizzed him.

“Yes, smart guy. I am close to truly changing a human to an android and have full control over it..." he gloated.

“Why? Boomers can be programmed to be total obedient... Why humans?" I asked somewhat very curious of his answer.

“Human flaws, of course... Boomers are perfect in mental, physical, almost every aspect. Human females have ... flavor to it... None are the same, each are unique... and to be my slave...no greater joy to me..my willing slaves.." he snickered.

“But why change them to androids?" I continued. "Flesh is weak! I want my girls for ever to be my slaves!" he sneered. "We are here, get out!" he commanded me, the gun still to my head.

I walked into an old complex and entered a lab full of computers everywhere. "Nice crazy laboratory" I told him.

Sadly, next, everything went black, he knocked me out. Waking up with a huge headache, I look around and notice I was tied up to a table. Doctor Makazoki was running around laughing, doing something.

“Hey, weirdo! Want to die now?" I screamed at him.

“My partner is already on her way, I have sent her an emergency signal in one of my molars, that when pressed three times with my tongue, sent a signal to her to find me." I told him out loud.

Laughing, he turned around with a small capsule in his hand.

“What's that? A Tylenol for my headache?" I asked him panicking a bit.

“No... here, please swallow this, my lab rat." he snickered.

Trying my best not to swallow the capsule, he blocked my nose and I had to open my mouth were he dropped the capsule in. He then hit me in the stomach, making me gulp down the capsule.

“Tada! Now, you have my nanos inside you!" he smiled.

Good thing, he stop smiling quickly when he received five bullets in the head by Momika, who was in the doorway. Bad thing, she was late by one minute and I was infected by the nanos.

“You been infected???" She screamed in horror, releasing me from the table.

"I...I..." I stuttered, panicking and then nodding yes.

“Yes.... Oh no!!!!! I....must..kill you!!!! I MUST KILL YOU!!!!!" she screamed in agony. “WHY DID YOU PROGRAM ME TO KILL YOU!!!!!!! I...I...LOVE YOU!!!!!!" she screamed at me, aiming for my head.

“Momika...don't... not yet!!!! PLEASE!!!! I KNOW A WAY!!!!" I begged her.

“ERRORRRRR.....must kill you.u...direct coommmanndd...errorrr.." she mumbled out, pointing the gun away and back to me, fighting her programming.

“Is there a dollar store close to here?" I asked her.

“Error...kill you...yes... up the street...error..." she mumbled again, tears in her eyes, trying to fight the commands I gave her to kill me.

I ran out the door and reached the dollar store which was close.

Momika ran after me, malfunctioning. "Killll yyoouuu...Muusssttt kiilll youu..." she screamed at me, shooting me in the left arm.

I ignored the pain and crashed in the window and into the store. I looked up and saw what I needed. Momika was right behind me, taking another shot, but missing me this time.

Grabbing some refrigerator magnets from a display, I broke the small plastic toy attached to it and swallowed the magnets. Momika looked at me, crying and understanding what I was doing, quickly reached behind her neck and pressed her emergency shut off button.

She collapsed on the floor hard, completely deactivated. One after another, I swallowed hard more magnets. I looked at Momika and smiled, “I hope my plan worked." I said, while I passed out from my blood loss.

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Momika smiled to me, opening the window blinds, letting the sun in the room.

“Hey...." I moaned out.

“Don't move! You are still full of stitches from removing all those magnets you swallowed.”

“I guesses it worked." I smiled.

“Yup... that was a smart move, knowing the nanos were made of metal and the magnets would captured them before they infected you completely. Smart guy!" she kissed me on the forehead.

“Momika... thanks for not killing me..." I whispered to her.

Tears in her eyes, she smiled, “You are lucky I am not your complete slave!" she laughed out gently.

“Ya..... Thanks again..." I said, looking out the window, enjoying the sun for another day.

The end

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