2.33 - Full Documentation

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Virus Alert

Written by WilloWisp

2.33 - Full Documentation

I knocked on the Door. "Amber? Kelly? Are you in?"

A voice called out, "C'mon in, it's unlocked."

I opened the door and stepped inside the room, much like all the other rooms before it, finding Amber doing stretching exercises in her yoga outfit, and Kelly wearing a silky pajama set. Susan followed me, wearing only her tights and sneakers. Heather strode in wearing only a pair of heels she borrowed from Lyn's closet.

Amber and Kelly looked at us, confused. Amber was first to speak up. "Heather? Why are you naked?" She didn't mind, but she didn't think it was normal.

Kelly looked at Susan. "Sus, what's going on?" They weren't immediately accepting the situation. Obviously, they both needed the virus installed.

I motioned to Heather and Susan to take their places behind Amber and Kelly. This was the fun part. I knew this script by heart, and had rehearsed it many times before.

"Amber, Kelly," I said, looking at each girl in turn, "Listen very carefully to what I say." They looked at me with interest, unconcerned about Susan and Heather. Good. Primed and ready.

I spoke quickly now. "Wow-you're-really-hot-are-you-a-model-or-something." The phrase flew out of my mouth almost like a single word. I grinned. The manager would be really pleased with this plan.

Kelly and Amber both tilted their heads, a flattered blush creeping up their faces. They spoke in almost exact unison. "Do you really..."

I immediately interrupted them. "Oh-definitely-you'd-be-great-at-it."

They both smiled demurely, and again spoke simultaneously. "Maybe, but nobody would..."

"You-know-I-do-a-bit-of-photography," I cut in.

Their faces lit up. In stereo, they chimed, "Really? Would you..."

"Sure-I-don't-mind." We were going at a good pace this time. I'd pinpointed the exact moments in their sentences when they would accept the next phrase.

Moving in perfect synchronization, they both looked down with flirtatious smiles, glancing up at me with lidded eyes. "Why don't we head..."

"Nice-place-let's-just-jump-into-it-click-click-click." At these, I mimed holding a camera. Kelly and Amber struck quick poses at each click.

"Am I..." Their faces were wearing the exact same expression of concern.

"You're-doing-great-do-you-want-to-model-some-other-outfits." I was really getting into the rhythm of this. Heather and Susan waited patiently for their cue, neither moving at all.

"Well, I do have a swim..."


"Okay, let me get ch..." In unison, they both began to peel off their clothes. Making some progress now.

"Mind-if-I-keep-taking-pictures-click-click." The imaginary camera pointed at them, they struck more poses, this time closer to pinup style.

"Oh, that's fine, I don't..."


The two girls seemed to have forgotten about putting on a swimsuit of any kind. Amber was down to her thong and camisole, while Kelly was just wearing her panties. "You know, maybe I could..."

"No-it-doesn't-have-to-be-swimwear-what-did-you-have-in-mind." In the home stretch now.

The girls moved to pose as though stripping. "I could pretend to..."

"Hey-that's-a-great-idea-you've-definitely-got-the-look-click-click." At the clicking of the nonexistent shutter, Amber managed to get out of her camisole while Kelly was still posing, then they started pulling down their panties at the same time, stopping mid-thigh.

They sighed a harmonious sigh, tilting their head. "I've always wanted to..."


"Sure," they said, stripping off their last items of clothing, "What do I..."


"Should I bend..." They both leaned forward, arching their backs. I nodded at Susan and Heather, and they moved in preparation.


Amber and Kelly reached down and grabbed their ankles, their knees completely unbent.

"Maybe if I spread my..."

"That's-a-great-idea-as-wide-as-you-can-click-click." I gave Heather and Susan the thumbs up. In perfect unison, as their targets shifted their legs apart, they accessed Kelly and Amber's Anal/Vaginal triggers. The new inductees gasped in pleasure, shouting garbled nonsense before standing straight up. I could hear their backup archives click open, and Heather and Susan got to work. My phone rang. It was the new IT manager.

"Hello?" I was excited to talk to him again, I barely knew what to say.

"Hi Rebecca, how are things progressing?" He sounded cheerful. It made me smile. I glanced over at Heather and Susan, who were busily peeling down Amber and Kelly's faces.

"We're just finishing up our fifth room for installation," I said, proudly.

"Fifth? It's been nearly a half hour, I would have thought it would go faster than that. What exactly are you doing?"

I blushed. This was my chance to really shine. "Well, I figured the best way to get the girls out of their clothes was to use their normal conversational tree responses. We've got full documentation of their tree paths, so I worked out the shortest tree path which led to them getting naked, and memorized it. I recite the conversational prompts to them, and they just act out the scenario accordingly."

I heard him sigh. Was he proud of me? I hoped so. "Okay, Rebecca, you don't need to go through all that. Just disregard any social protocol objections, and go straight for their trigger points. We need to get this done as quickly as we can. Time is not on my side."

I understood. This was really important to him. "I won't let you down, sir!" I said, saluting. I knew he couldn't see it, but I wanted to do it anyway.

"Great. Hey, when you scanned Ashley in 104 earlier, did you do anything to her? I've been trying to call her, but she doesn't answer her phone." He was so caring, worrying about Ashley like that.

"Sorry about that, sir. There was an incident with Ashley. I had to lock her in her room."

"Incident? What do you mean?"

"Well, she was wearing a unitard under her outfit. Since I didn't tell her to take it off, she opened her control panel while still wearing it."

"And?" He sounded annoyed. I didn't want to upset him.

"I told her to get naked. She started pulling down the unitard, but there was a static discharge, and..."

"Oh god. You're not serious. Please tell me you're not serious."

"I'm not serious, sir. But that's what happened." I needed to find a way to make it up to him.

"Rebecca, I've got a very important book in that room. It's about five inches by seven inches, with a hardbound, grey cover with red lettering. It's absolutely vital that nothing happen to it. Is there a chance that Ashely might damage it in her current state?"

I bit my lip, thinking. "She was going pretty berserk when I left her, but if the book was out of reach, she might not have disturbed it."

"I need that book back. Good grief, I really should have put it somewhere safer."

"Maybe you could keep it in the library?" I offered.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were joking. Look, just get the book back to me in the Coffee Shop, okay?"

"Sure, no problem!" This would be a great opportunity for me to prove myself to him. Maybe he would thank me in a... special way. "I'll go straight there now."

"Ah, no, that won't work. I need you to keep going on the installation process. Send Heather and Susan."

That was a great idea! "Absolutely, sir. I'll send them right away."

My assistants had completed their assignments with Amber and Kelly, who now stood with playful grins on their faces, absently running their hands over their boobs. I briefed Heather and Susan on their new assignment.

"We're on it, boss lady!" Susan said, and gave a little cheer-jump.

"Don't worry. We'll get my boyfriend's book back for him," Heather chimed.

I watched them leave the room, then turned to my new recruits. "Okay, girls, follow me. We've got work to do."

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