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With the help of a small flashlight from his bag Arthur began methodically mentally cataloging every wire, tube, motor, and component he could see.

He was impressed at the organization of her complex internal architecture. Thousands of wires were bundled together and routed in, around, and in some cases through a skeleton composed mostly of what Arthur guessed was a mix of titanium and carbon fiber. The wire bundles were neatly tucked away from stacks of circuit-boards and several servo-motors that governed the motion of her lower back. He saw several hundred LEDs. Not one blinked. They were all dim from a lack of power.

A small analog gauge caught his eye. He shined his light and squinted to discover it was volumetric. The needle read roughly 3000 mL out of 5000 mL capacity. He traced it back to it's source where he immediately made out the complex design of an internal fluid reservoir.

Arthur quickly grew excited at the idea of what functionalities the surprisingly large reservoir supplied. He realized in that moment that he had subconsciously pivoted himself such that his groin now rested between the robot's rubbery bottom. With a greedy hand he grabbed a cheek through the pleated, thin material of her skirt. Her softness felt good in his hands. Arthur craned his head downwards, curious to see the what internal systems operated between her legs. However, he found that her battery, a slender matte black block, obstructed his view. With a small grin he chuckled, "Now that you have me all turned on, let's see if we can get you turned on!"

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