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“Hi, my name is Scarlett, you must be our new tech. I need you to set a new supervisor code for me before we can do anything else” she then gave a quick wink to Andy.

“uhm, ok... 33751207.”

Scarlet smiled for a second then said “Data stored, new supervisor code accepted. What can I do for you today?”

“Well, I would like to get a baseline on all you girls, remove yourself from the list of online girls for the night and lie down in the chair. I'll also need to connect to your data port please.”

“Supervisor code please.”

Andy sighed, personality or not, some things never changed. “33751207”

“confirmed, data port open”

Scarlet swung herself onto the chair in the center of the room and held out her left arm. Just below the wrist a small patch of skin had lifted up slightly to reveal a rather standard looking USB port. Andy tapped the space bar on the laptop to start it up and then plugged a USB cable into the computer and into Scarlet's data port. The android management application automatically started on the laptop and after a few seconds displayed a readout of Scarlet's current software and firmware versions, late service date, fluid levels, and a small wire-framed graphic of her body. Andy wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly so her started running a full diagnostics sweep, “can't be too careful” he thought to himself. He also noticed that her saline solution and lubricant levels were not topped off, not that she needed them but Andy liked to have everything running in prime condition, besides he had time to kill, the scan would take an hour or two at least.

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