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The first thing that grabbed my attention was a girl lying inside with her eyes closed. I looked at her for a moment before doing anything else. She was dressed in a white jumpsuit. The top was short sleeved and left her midriff bare. The bottom was a pair of shorts that hugged her curves and went down to her knees.

Her hair was black, her skin was a healthy-looking pink. Her breasts were large, but not ridiculously so. She had a cute face.

Somewhere in there, I looked at the other, seemingly less important, contents of the crate. The next thing to grab my attention was what looked like an extra-large wristwatch.

On top were large letters: Put this on first.

A slightly smaller diagram under the letters showed that the screen goes on the inside of the wrist. I strapped the screen on.

The moment it was secured, another hologram appeared. "Hello! You have just strapped on the remote control and manual for your Companion Android. Please take the time to review the instructions later on. For now, we are going to run the startup procedure for your android."

The image disappeared to be replaced by an image of the android.

"The android is controlled by pressing various parts of her body. For now, press the center of her chest."

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