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The Haunted Manor

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The yellow-dressed Marie drew the back of her hand to her forehead and turned her crestfallen face upward. “W-why d-doeszzzzzzz-“ her voice caught as a red-hot glow appeared at her throat, electricity crackling across her body. A gout of sparks surged from her neck and her eyes strayed wildly, her face contorting into a strange grimace. He heard something explode within her as her yellow dress billowed up to expose the black stockings and white bloomers of her quivering, knock-kneed legs. “W-woe be-be-be-betide meeeee-“ she moaned, her face suddenly snapping forward cross-eyed, as if staring at something startling at the end of her upturned nose. A moment later her blushing face was blown to pieces, the animatronic tangle of machinery and electronics beneath whirring and buzzing furiously as the faceless automaton swayed and then collapsed.

“Why are you all exploding!?”

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