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Curie was an Android Mark 15; the latest in a long line of artificial beings stretching back over 10,000 years. She herself had been 'recreated' 22 times, from her earliest beginnings in the distant past, to her current incarnation 202 years ago. Each of her previous 21 'avatars' was stored in data space; the dimensional entity that contained so much of their accumulated data.

It's hard to say how she looked, because this could change at any time. Standard Normal was the appearance of a Northern European Female (though this could be changed at whim), blond hair and gray eyes. That is, if they had a metallic skin. She possessed luscious curves, out of habit, and sometimes wondered why she bothered. To her distant ancestors, she would appear nearly human. If you didn't look at her, you'd be hard-pressed to tell if she was an android just by listening.

Her personality was augmented; emotions, creativity, and independence configured for the best balance. Long ago, the difference between humans and androids had been erased. More and more humans took advantage of the near-immortality, perfect health, and flawless memory to join their own creations. After a few hundred years, there was no way to tell who had been born or created, and by what method. And so the biological versions of humanity disappeared, leaving a race of manufactured beings, which set out to explore space and mind, worlds far larger and smaller than their own, and generally pursue a more perfect existence.

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