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..."Why am I here?" Tina asked out loud. Lori peeked out from the other side of a status monitor. "I was about to ask you the same thing."

Lori walked over toward the workbench. Unlike Tina, Lori used to be human. She was a natural tinkerer who loved her work as a robot mechanic. Lori built her first fembot at the age of 14. At 18, she had herself converted into a fembot of her own design: she shunned lightweight composites and artificial flesh in favor of a wrought-steel frame with chrome highlights and painted-on flames. Tina often joked that Lori looked more like a motorcycle than a fembot. Not coincidentally, even though Lori was only 5-foot-6 and a medium build, her garish robot body weighed three hundred pounds.

"Some bozo dumped you off at my front door. Most of your circuits were toast! It took me two days to turn you on, and it will be two more days until you're good to go. What the hell did you do, grab a power line?" Tina's memory-recovery protocols were already hard at work, piecing together the events of Saturday night...

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